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Doris Norton / personal computer / LP

personal computer

Doris Norton


personal computer / LP

80's - Minimal Electro // 80's - Italo Disco / Cosmic Disco / Hi-NRG

34th anniversary reissue edition ! Doris Norton was Apple's 1st music "endorsement" and Roland affiliate, and is one of the most important female pioneers in the use of synths and in the early electro computer music field. 'Personal Computer' showcases some computer game-style workouts along with some really canny cuts in the tricksy metrics of "Caution Radiation Norton" and the psychedelic wig-out "A.D.A. Converter".. In 1980, Norton began her solo career by recording at Fontana Studio 7, the Milan studio of the composer and musician Tito Fontana, resulting in the electronic opera 'Under Ground'. Norton became more prolific, continuing her adventures in experimental electronics and computer music with 'Parapsycho' (1981), 'Raptus' (1981), 'Nortoncomputerforpeace' (1983), 'PC' (1984) (whose album cover prominently features Apple's colored logo) and 'Artificial Intelligence' (1985). While the beat-oriented style of Norton's music aligns her with such global fellow-travelers as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk, her championing of the personal computer as a tool for self-sufficient musical creativity also connects her to more artsy musicians such as Pietro Grossi, Laurie Spiegel and the League Of Automatic Music Composers. Norton's predilection for the bright, glossy timbres of early digital instruments also recalls Hubert Bognermayr and Harald Zuschrader's bizarre 1982 one-off Erdenklang. Later, her talent and expertise attracted the attention of IBM, who in 1986 named her as an official consultant. Already the reigning queen of the Italian electronic scene, she recorded 2 CDs for IBM: 'Automatic Feeling' and 'The Double Side Of The Science'. Influenced by her son, the musician and producer Rexanthony, Norton brought her fascination with the early days of techno into the 90's, when she released 3 volumes of 'Techno Shock' on Italian trance/hardcore label Sound Of The Bomb. While her music remains largely out of print and inaccessible, Norton's early records have recently begun to receive the inevitable rediscovery treatment.

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  • Personal Computer
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