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Flo & Andrew / take suicide / 12"

take suicide

Flo & Andrew


take suicide / 12"

80's - Minimal Synth / Cold Wave / Indus. / Angst-Pop

One of the holy grail of the minimal-synth and one of the most obscure musical projects ever produced in Italy. Finally reissued on Mannequin Records. Originally released in 1981 by Broadbean Records, a sub-label of LM Records, Flo & Andrew's only release 'Take Suicide' was home-recorded and home-mixed by the duo in Bologna, using early drum machines, analog synthesizers, guitar, saxophone, tape loops. Flo & Andrew's music is truly unique and exemplifies the fact that limitation can be the perfect source for creativity. The title-track "To Committ Suicide" travel through contort and nervous synth sounds and loops, taking somehow inspiration from the no-wave heroes, while "Japanese Girls" is nothing less than a beautiful minimal electronics track in the mythology of the futuristic rise of Japanse country. Recently (re)discovered, 'Take Suicide' is a milestone of the european minimal-synth singles and is not really a coincidence that a young generation of producers take it as inspiration. Another must have in your collection ! (Black vinyl)

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