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N.O.I.A. / a.i.o.n. / LP



J.A.M. Traxx

a.i.o.n. / LP

Nu - Minimal Electro // Nu - Electro Wave / Minimal Synth / Post-Punk // 80's - Minimal Synth / Cold Wave / Indus. / Angst-Pop // 80's - Minimal Electro

'A.I.O.N.', in the tradition of Greek cosmology, was the personification of Time with the more famous Kronos corresponding to Saturn Latin. Revered as 'Lord Of Light', Aeon (AION) represented eternity, infinite time, as well as the succession of eras. Just time talking this new vinyl published by J.A.M. Traxx: somehow it shows how the same song, born in a given context in time and space (a marginal Italy of the late 70's sets in a still immature europe) can be re-interpreted 30 years later with a new spirit, remaining in part what it was originally, but also becoming another completely new thing (that didn't exist before)... The statue of the boxer from the Roman stadium of the marbles, pictured on the cover, is just Aion represented as an athlete who fights between light and shadow, past and future, divided in half just like in the inner label of this precious vinyl, in sharp contrasts and games of symmetries used in the graphics. Special edition on white vinyl limited to 200 copies and containing 4 reworkes original N.O.I.A.'s tracks from 1980 and 4 exlusive remixes !!

Listen a.i.o.n.
  • Change Faster (rework)
  • Europe (rework)
  • Korova Milk Bar (rework)
  • No Mistakes (rework)
  • Change Faster (Potochkine rmx)
  • Europe (L.A.S.'s Crime rmx)
  • Korova Milk Bar (The Hacker rmx)
  • No Mistakes (Hard Ton rmx)
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