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Jackie Ransom / Luster & Beta Evers / secrets of the world / 7"

secrets of the world

Jackie Ransom / Luster & Beta Evers

Zerohour Doom & Glamour

secrets of the world / 7"

Nu - Electro Wave / Minimal Synth / Post-Punk

Moving right along, Ransom's side "The Killer Inside" is a murderous fantasy delivered over a haunting and simple synth melody with some decidedly cheeky and retro Casio drumbeats that evoke, at least for me, when MIDI got a resurgence earlier this century for homebody musicians and locally to the great work put forth by Jeremy Kolosine and Futurisk. In any case, this is solid minimal wave with an almost gothic undertone. No stranger to Germany's always burgeoning electronic music scene, Beta Evers teams up with Luster to produce an equally haunting but perhaps cheerier take on undying love for their half of the wax. Although her side is certainly more up the alley of darkwave and/or post new-wave, it's still, like the counterpart, a song that sticks with you. Although most split 7"ers are made to 'save' money on behalf of the bands and labels involved, it is nice to see one where the music showcased is of a complementary nature. Overall, this is a well-executed project and an excellent introduction to both of these artists and to the vinyl-challenged. BIG Tip !!

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  • Jackie Ransom - The Killer Inside
  • Luster & Beta Evers - Eternal
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