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Luke Eargoggle / Faceless Mind / snow in june / data bara / 2x12"

snow in june / data bara

Luke Eargoggle / Faceless Mind

Fundamental Records

snow in june / data bara / 2x12"

Nu - Doppler Electro

'Snow In June' was mostly written and produced in 2014 in Greece on the Crete island. Since Luke is not the biggest fan of the sun all day long he brought a mini studio to the hotel where he could escape the hot weather after the beach and put the the air condition on the max. Machines were all in sync and the journey began... Also after having some nice conversations with Mr Alek Stark they planned and exchanged some thoughts around this record and it became this paradox double album. The music speaks for itself. It has alot of Eargoggle's sound in it but also a lot of other influences never heard before. Like all his music, this album is a tribute to machines and feelings to create a new world. To be able to express and combine them.. Travelling is always mysterious and interesting.. Hope you can travel with it! Use the Eargoggles ;) On the 2nd album from Faceless Mind (aka Johan Inkinen & Luke Eargoggle), 'Data Bara' is about experiment and a lot of red wine. They have a sound that they don't want to challenge to much but still go deeper in what they do and discover on during the path. This album compiles tracks from the last 2 years even if most of them are made pretty recent. All in all, this one is HUGE !!

Listen snow in june / data bara
  • Luke Eargoggle - Polivoks 808
  • Luke Eargoggle - Faceless Minds
  • Luke Eargoggle - Ice Climber
  • Luke Eargoggle - Hydraulic Sunset
  • Luke Eargoggle - From A Clear Sky
  • Luke Eargoggle - Auqua Sko Nto X
  • Luke Eargoggle - Master Plan
  • Luke Eargoggle - White Dreams
  • Faceless Mind - Addicted To News
  • Faceless Mind - False Alarm
  • Faceless Mind - Data Bara
  • Faceless Mind - Fernsehen Uberwacht
  • Faceless Mind - Robotboy Svensson
  • Faceless Mind - Saab9-3
  • Faceless Mind - 16 Steps At Byfogde O
  • Faceless Mind - Into The Tube
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