- Q4U - q1 deluxe edition 1980-1983 -

q1 deluxe edition 1980-1983


Artist : Q4U 

Label : Dark Entries 

Genre : 80's - Minimal Synth / Cold Wave / Indus. / Angst-Pop

q1 deluxe edition 1980-1983 / LP / DE-040

Q4U was born the winter of 1980-1981 in Reykjavík, inspired by the British punk movement. It's original members were Elínborg Halldórsdóttir (Ellý) (vocals), Berglind Garđarsdóttir (Linda) (vocals), Steinţór Stefánsson (guitar), Gunnţór Sigurđsson (bass), Helgi (drums) and Már (synthesizer). Helgi and Már soon left the band and Helgi was replaced by Kormákur Geirharđsson (Kommi) on the drums. By early 1982 they self-released a full length cassette, 'Skaf Í Dag' and appeared in the documentary Rokk í Reykjavík, which showcased the Icelandic punk scene. This version of the band ended and only 2 members continued on. In the summer of 1982 Ellý and Gunnţór recruited Óđinn Guđbrandsson (guitar) and Árni Daníel (synthesizer) from the band Taugadeildin. Their drummer was replaced by a Roland TR-808 drum machine they named Elísabet II, signaling a change in the group's sound toward synthesizer-driven post punk. In august 1983 Q4U reinstated Kormákur to record a final set of demos and then called it quits. This compilation collects 16 songs from 1980-1983. Side A features the original 6 songs from the 'Q1' ep, plus 2 songs from the 'Rokk Í Reykjavík' soundtrack. Side B collects 4 demos from 1982 and 4 demos from 1983, all presented on vinyl for the 1st time ever. Q4U began with a stylish, aggressive punk image before experimenting with drum machines and synthesizers, which almost nobody did in Reykjavík at the time. The later sound had gothic leanings,often compared with Siouxsie and the Banshees and Xmal Deutschland. Their body of work is united by the powerful vocals of Ellý, who mostly sings in Icelandic about controversial, political experiences, much like Ari Up of The Slits. The vinyl comes housed in a full color jacket using the original artwork from the 'Q1' ep. Each LP includes a double sized fold-out poster with lyrics, photos and drawings by the band plus a Q4U sticker! 30 years after their break-up Q4U are finally getting the vinyl reissue treatment they deserve, shedding a light on this pre-Riot grrrl act, more relevant today than ever..

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