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perfido incanto


Artist : Federico Leocata 

Label : WeMe Records 

perfido incanto / 12"

Italian audio/visual artist Federico Leocata, born in 1987, releases here his 1st ep on WéMè in the WeMe313 series. Inspired and sponsored by Heinrich Mueller (aka Arpanet, Der Zyklus, Dopplereffekt), he creates an uncluttered and cold electro, totally honest and whole-hearted, flawless. Each song has a well defined role in the structure, leaning on a square rhythm, opppresive bass, frightening tunes, giving a futuristic and fantastic music as a result. This first record suggests a prolific future for this young artist. Tip !

the man from another place


Artist : Federico Leocata 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the man from another place / 12"

This exceedingly creative and talented recording artist from Italy now presents his 1st release for Last Known Trajectory with a stunning 5-track EP of stark, cinematic, ice-cold electronix, sounding as if created from deep within the science laboratories of space. Stunning work from this upcoming and clearly gifted and artistic individual. Limited pressing. Be Fast ;)

teenage tapes


Artist : Felix Kubin 

Label : Minimal Wave 

teenage tapes / LP

Selections from the early tape archives of Felix Kubin. The recordings span his adolescent years, when he was between 11 and 15 years old. He actually began playing music at 8 years old, when he studied piano, organ, and glockenspiel. In 1980, he acquired a Korg MS-20 synthesizer and his recordings took off from there. He began experimenting and recording a variety of tracks, adding his own bizarre lyrics to them. In 1982, he formed a band with Stefan Mohn called Die Egozentrischen 2. In 1984, they played a legendary live show at the Möbel Perdú in Hamburg, a small multifunctional gallery founded in the early 80's by a.o. Claudia Schneider-Esleben, who happened to be the sister of Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk). They were only 15 years old. Although Alfred Hilsberg of the notorious ZickZack label (Palais Schaumburg, Die Toedliche Doris, Einstuerzende Neubauten) had planned to release Felix Kubin's early music in 1985, it took another 20 years until the French label SKIPP and the German label A-Musik put out a selection of tracks for the 1st time. The press was raving about Felix's music which gave rise to an increase in his popularity: Who could fail to be impressed by the mostly unheard cassette rebellion of this slightly nerdy looking pre-teen, nicely dressed by his mum with not a safety pin in sight, the only difference between his and a 100 other synthetic pre-pubescent bedroom outbursts that must have been occurring right across Europe is two words 'mad' and 'genius'. Pressed on 180gr black vinyl, printed on a heavy matte sleeve and presented with an innersleeve of drawings and lyrics in both German and English text. 6 of the 12 tracks on this album have never been released before. Hand numbered edition of 999. Must-Have!

prag attack


Artist : Femme Fatale 

Label : Genetic Music 

prag attack / 7"

Excellent electro-wave 7" on Genetic Music. Femme Fatale is also active by the names of Bastards of Love and Der Kunstliche Dilettant. A-side : "Prag Attack" is a piece of noisy minimal electro that seems just to be discovered on an old demo-tape from 1980. Squeaking and grumbling sounds like found on many early recordings of bands trying to create noise with a cheap second-hand synth or maybe even self-made machine. B-side : "Velours" is more of a dance tunes in comparison with the A-side. But, still in a distorted and minimal kind of way. This single is pure nostalgia for all fans of minimal electronic underground.

double invitation


Artist : Femminielli 

Label : Desire Records 

double invitation / LP

Femminielli's new cosmic opera 'Double Invitation' is a glacial glimpse into the master's mind. With the perfect mix of dancefloor grooves & celestial soundscapes, these nocturnal expeditions will be an easy escape into your dreams. Filled with sensual & mysterious spanish poetry that lead the listener through a maze of sonic delights. Textured tapestries drape the decor and set the mood for the on-going voyage into the void. Prohibited love affairs of the soul. Let it burn ! After a series of cassette releases only, Femminielli is releasing his 1st full album on Desire. 6 tracks of pure cosmic disco beats and psychedelic ambiences. Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl with 12" double-sided insert..

maquinismo operatorio 1984-1986


Artist : Fernando Gallego 

Label : Domestica 

maquinismo operatorio 1984-1986 / LP

Fernando Gallego is not a music band which we can define as 'common', on the contrary. This group from Burriana, successor of Funeraria Vergara, started its history back in the early 1984 (after Juan Luis Montoliu left), and it ended in 1986 with the emergence of the project Decúbito Supino. Their usage of some synthesizers, amongst other gadgets, keyboards and large petrol cans, was the distinctive feature as regards to their predecessor band; such an echo defined a much more industrial and electronic sound, closer to early EBM. As it happened with Funeraria Vergara, the disconnection or isolation towards something which might be classified as 'local scene' or similarity, which was the most common thing, given the circumstances.. Castellón, in those times, did not have many ways to let people know his music, and even less that one made by other groups similar to FG, either in style or musically speaking. This fact helped to define a unique and original identity, even more if possible, taking into account the personality and character of each of its members. F.G. didn't get to publish anything at all until 2012, when one of his songs (Almuerzo Desnudo) appeared in the compilation 'Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987'. Edition of 300 copies with DIN A3-sized poster printed double sided and free download code with exclusive digital bonus track..

telecom classics


Artist : Fiendish Fib 

Label : Angström 

telecom classics / 10"

What else happens to sound once it's been abused, neglected and mistreated? Well in the case of Telecom Classics, recycling lost voices and torn beats form the basis of this nostalgic sample infested 10" release. A sound criticism on current telecommunication overdose taking as bases the compositions carried out by Michel Legrand for "France Telecom". With sounds that hail telephone companies, computer systems and failing transistors, Fiendish Fib somehow rips sources from every angle and presents them in a style that Coldcut might enjoy relaxing to. With each track ranging from 1-2 minutes in length Telecom Classics samples from a variety of frequencies to produce a disjointed manifest that could be left responsible for the disturbance of phone networks and internet disconnections. Approach with caution!

down in the mine


Artist : Fiendish Fib 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

down in the mine / LP

The beginning of the 2010's. 3 years after the 'Nervous Split', Fiendish Fib return to TuT/RuR with a retrospective Lp, the outcome of a long search into the depths of the Franco-German duo's secret tape-archives. Here are 22 songs of DiY subterranean post-punk, dada lo-fi art-rock, state of the art tape industrial, home-made teen-horror-movie soundtracks, potlatch drinking symphonies, darkly alienated proto-techno and sheer bat'n'roll insanity. A 50 minutes trip down Fiendish Fib's memory mine, which takes us back to the days of tape-overdub abuse, radios turned guitar effects, MS 10 bleepadelica and vintage beat box worshipping. Enough to send shivers of delight down the spine of every Insane Music or Ptôse aficionado. "Et en avant la musique.."

the nervous split


Artist : Fiendish Fib / Wermut 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

the nervous split / 10"

Toulouse-based duet Fiendish Fib appears here with unreleased material from the late 80s / early 90s, restored from the original demo-tape: seven post-punk industrial anthems, between Coil, Pseudo Code, The Residents and early Die Form. For their Teutonic response and homage to these tunes from the past, Wermut choose to reveal the electro-punk side of their versatile personality, with dance-floor orientated songs in the vein of the “Hoffnung” LP. Limited edition of 317 copies.

blinde kuh / gemein sein


Artist : Fiese Art 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

blinde kuh / gemein sein / 7"

Great duo from Western-Germany.. when NDW meets minimal synth! Limited to 150 copies & including small info sheet.

lesson one


Artist : Figure Study 

Label : Dark Entries 

lesson one / 7"

Debut 7" of Figure Study, a contemporary band from New York. Figure Study is the Manhattan duo of Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara, who share writing and production duties, while April handles the vocals. They began the project in 2009, after meeting one another through the Wierd Records weekly party, where they would play their 1st concert soon after. For their debut single "Lesson One" they utilized small, simple analog synthesizer set up of all vintage Roland analog synths and drum machine. Figure Study's sound includes influences from early minimal synth music such as Kirlian Camera, Nine Circles, and The Actor. Each 7" is housed in a specially designed jacket by N. Antolik and includes a postcard sized insert of all lyrics.



Artist : Figure Study 

Label : Dark Entries 

untitled / LP

Debut album by Figure Study, a contemporary band from New York. Figure Study is the Manhattan-based duo of Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara. They formed in 2009, after meeting through the Wierd Records weekly party, where they would play their 1st concert soon after. While their debut 7″ contained 2 songs recorded in 2009, this full length contains all new material recorded throughout the past year. For their debut self-titled album, Figure Study utilizes a carefully tailored set up of vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines. Figure Study creates a lush sound where haunting vocals echo over dark melodies that reflect an isolated and disintegrating world. Songs flux between dissonant dance numbers and more sparse, somber compositions, each carrying a sense of urgency and modernism. Figure Study's sound includes influences from such early underground artists as Kirlian Camera, Nine Circles, and The Actor. The album was recorded in their small Chinatown studio using a sparse set-up of analog synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers. Each LP is packaged in a specially designed jacket and includes an insert with lyrics. Figure Study draw their own model using shapes and forms from the synthetic landscape. Tip !!

never ending dream


Artist : Film Noir 

Label : Eirkti 

never ending dream / LP+7"

A romantic work endowed with a cinematically delivered ambivalence.. A collective of obscure sound maneuvers accompanying sculptured figures as those do perpetually induce imagery, sentimental vigilance and movement.. It is somewhere within this low-lighting scene, that Film Noir appear.. It is somewhere within this sweet melancholic ambience that Film Noir denote their musical existence. Born in the mid 80's, out of seminal dark-wave acts Final Sense and Hands Of Cain, Film Noir positioned themselves in a special manner within the Greek underground musical milieu. Playing a mixture of dreamlike new-wave and dark wave, the group not only appealed to the audience but it also demonstrated the strong musical impetus of the relevant national scene. 'Never Ending Dream' was the group's 1st work (originally released in 1986). In fact, including six artfully delivered syntheses, this mini-album was soon to become an absolute rarity, sought after by fans and collectors. Not so strange might one think judging those syntheses' fullness, considering those songs' dynamics in terms of coherence and inspiration. Finally, this re-release is accompanied by a 7" single including 2 previously unreleased tracks. Strongly limited edition of 500 copies, so act fast!



Artist : Filter Fedde 

Label : Bunker 

3 / LP

Third chapter with more obcurities; comes with some edgy Chicago flavoured house bits and more... a black ritual death trip like 808 STATE's "newbuild" compilation released on Rephlex, but then made in The Hague in '95...



Artist : Filter Fedde 

Label : Bunker 

2 / LP

The 2nd full length album with four deep raw edged acid house trax from The Hague. The return to the old Acid Planet... Dark minimal dirty acid smack... like the Dirty Criminals from Chicago (dj Traxx and Hieroglyphic Being), but then made in The Hague in '95...

the demonic charge ep


Artist : Final Dream 

Label : Audio Illusion 

the demonic charge ep / 12"

Dark acidic techno-electro, horror films heavily influence this style. Here is Bass Junkie's description of audio concept developed under its Final Dream alter ego. A quite exact definition although Battle Trax mastermind voluntarily forgot to mention rudeness of sounds experimented on one of his most secret electronic projects ! For this 3rd production taken from "The Future Is Dark" 2001 album, moves away from Phil Klein's latest works to bring closer into hard, instinctive and vicious style. On A-side, "The Power Of Evil" introduces a corrosive music enhanced by old school unhealthy strings that find in hypnotic version of "The Future Is Dark" a frightening echo. At last, scary killer "Soul Poison" will immerge you into a never-ending nightmare. Demoniac...

robots, rockets, radiation


Artist : Final Program 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

robots, rockets, radiation / LP

Final Program was a pioneering Scottish minimal synth band, formed in Stirling in 1978. The 1st version of the band consisted of Richie Program and Anne Droid who went fully electronic when EDP launched their first affordable synth, the Wasp, and guitars were ditched. In 1981 they released the instrumental 7"ep 'Protect And Survive' which was also played by John Peel causing it to sell out rather quickly. When Anne left the band, Kennie J. Young was added as a vocalist and Al Robertson joined for a while but went on to form 100% man made fibre. Richie and Kennie toured around Scotland and recorded a 12 track vocal demo album which as other efforts did not lead to signing a deal with a record company. Richie joined forces with Sean Kelly and John Sharp from Those French Girls and they formed Sean Novak who released one 12" in 1984 when Final Program eventually disbanded. Richie still records today under the Helm Of Awe moniker and runs Voltage Control (manufacturer of t-shirts, hoodies, record bags, wallets and mugs featuring graphic images of vintage synthesisers and original designs). This LP entitled 'Robots, Rockets, Radiation' is comprised of all 12 demo tracks and the original 7"ep tracks, making this a rather comprehensive work. Pure and raw, yet playful analogue synth bliss including the hits "Phase One", "Automaton", "Mechanic Dancing", finally a vocal version of "Protect And Survive", as well as a cover version of The Stranglers' "Hanging Around" and an interpretation of Burt Bacharach's "Raindrops (keep falling on my head)". Limited edition on 140gr black vinyl, printed on the grey reversed side of the board (Hansaboard), digitized and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst, artwork by Steve Lippert.

noise, lust & fun


Artist : Finitribe 

Label : Finiflex 

noise, lust & fun / LP

Finitribe was a dance music band Finitribe was a dance music band from Edinburgh (Scotland). The name of the band was taken from finny tribe, a term used by the Rosicrucians to describe the fishes. They began in the mid 80's as Gallery Macabre, an experimental guitar band, before moving into a sample based dance style, setting up their independent Finiflex label, playing live and recording as funds allowed. Following a period on Chicago's Wax Trax, and the limited release of 2 12" singles, the band restructured with the departure of some band members and migration of vocalist Chris Connelly to join the Ministry/Revolting Cocks crew. Based on the dancefloor success of the track "Detestimony" from the 1986 "Let the Tribe Grow" ep, the remaining members became a more dance-oriented act signing to One Little Indian. Here is one of their really good albums from 1988..

high fashion


Artist : Finns Det Asarum Sa Finns Det Augerum 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

high fashion / 7"

Incredible psychedelic electronix released in limited copies !!! We fell in love... Highly recommended. Just Listen !

the streets of miami


Artist : First Patrol 

Label : ZYX 

the streets of miami / 12"

First Patrol (aka Willi Großmann, Thomas Gesell & Ramon Zenker) was a band specialised in tv & movie soundtracks italo-disco covers such as Rambo or here Miami Vice with their 12" "The Streets Of Miami" released on Zyx in 1986.. Funny and still playable !



Artist : Five O'Clock Traffic 

Label : Skiboy 

untitled / LP

Here is the 1st record released in 2002 of this Swedish guy on his own label. The sound is really fresh an poppy, and if you like Lowfish, Solvent or Skanfrom productions this record is for you, you won't be disappointed ! Limited to 300 copies.

nar ska du skaffa dig lite riktiga.... instrument


Artist : Five O'Clock Traffic 

Label : Skiboy 

nar ska du skaffa dig lite riktiga.... instrument / LP

Second release of this talented swedish guy again on his own label. The sound is always pure analog synth music, but weirder and more spaced-out sounds than his first LP. We like it a lot, highly recommended !Limited to 300 copies.

aside from dreams and hallucinations


Artist : Five O'Clock Traffic 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

aside from dreams and hallucinations / LP

This is Daniel Wendlers 3rd solo album but the first to come out on Djuring Phonogram. This is real analog electro-pop for all of us that just can't get enough of it ! This is a very great album all made by analog equipment. Some songs are just full point hits and some are more minimal and simple... Limited edition of 300 copies. Top album ;)

let us leave to the machine what belongs to the machines


Artist : Five O'Clock Traffic 

Label : Borft 

let us leave to the machine what belongs to the machines / 12"

6 brand new post-techno-pop tracks produced by Daniel Wendler (Gos Mongo Alliance, Inyurmania). Five O'Clock Traffic continues to sequence his monotonous melody driven music, in search for a sublime expedition into the heart of synthesizers and drum machines. This is the 4th album by Five O'Clock Traffic and the most dance oriented so far. Limited edition of 600 copies !

smile with the eyes


Artist : Five Times Of Dust 

Label : Minimal Wave 

smile with the eyes / 2x12"

Double LP of selections of unreleased material from the prolific outsider / underground duo Five Times Of Dust. Formed in 1980 in Bristol, the duo of Mark Phillips & Robert Lawrence came together with a shared passion for krautrock, industrial electronics and the burgeoning Diy tape scene as well as being influence by the dadaist movement and the works of Burroughs and Ballard. Unconventional and quirky, yet at times melancholic and romantic their music was a perfect escape from the urban decay of early 80's Bristol and Cardiff, the 2 cities they travelled between at weekends to recored. Although unashamedly electronic, the sound of Five Time Of Dust is far harder to pin down, in part perhaps due to their location. Both Phillips & Lawrence produced music that owed little to any scene happening in London, Manchester or Sheffield at the time. As a result, the majority of their output are perfectly formed electronic curiosities. The material on 'Smile With The Eyes' spans recordings Lawrence and Phillips made between 1982-1986. As a follow up to 'The Dadacomputer', their debut cassette release as a duo which we reissued earlier this year, 'Smile With The Eyes' remains lo-fi but is musically more complex. The recordings are catchy, curious and emotionally rich. Whereas 'The Dadacomputer' could be compared with the early output of Robert Rental, 'Smile With The Eyes' is a collection of works that stands all on its own. Pressed on 180gr black vinyl and housed in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve. Limited edition to 500 numbered copies.



Artist : Five Times Of Dust 

Label : Domestica 

5xod / 10"

5X0D has always been Mark Phillips and Rob Lawrence since it began in 1981 in Bristol UK. Early influences were many going back to pop, prog and krautrock bands of the early 70's, through punk and new-wave to industrial, then later Japanese techno-pop like YMO. We made our tapes one by one directly copying from the master reel to reel tape and we distributed them through the cassette scene postal network of the early 80's. We definitely were only interested in sounding original though we had influences like Art of Noise, YMO, Der Plan and Yello. We weren't very interested in UK synth-pop, maybe only Caberet Voltaire early on. We did much solo recording during the 80's, most of which is on the Soundcloud site. We do still like to make music, but just for fun. We've always been attracted to electronic and modified sounds, but have tried to write interesting songs to use the sounds in. We have lived through an era of technological advancement, and we felt positive about that whilst recognising the dehumanising potential of all machines. Edition of 350 copies presented in a handmade silk-screened sleeve.

the floor mixes


Artist : Five Times Of Dust / Unovidual & Tara Cross 

Label : Minimal Wave 

the floor mixes / 12"

2 classic Minimal Wave tracks which have been on heavy rotation for years now, "Computer Bank" and "Like I Am, Comme Je Suis" remixed by The Floor (aka Veronica Vasicka & Karl O'Connor). Five Times Of Dust was formed in Bristol (UK) in 1981 by Mark Phillips & Rob Lawrence. Mark had answered an advert that Rob had placed in a local record shop and later that year they went on to record and release their 1st tape, 'The Dadacomputer'. A standout track from that tape, "Computer Bank" is a seminal, 'proto-techno banger'. The Floor remixed it a while ago to Dj it out and since then have been receiving many requests about where it could be purchased. The flip side features Unovidual & Tara Cross' "Like I Am / Comme Je Suis". It appeared on MW 1st compilation entitled 'The Lost Tapes' LP, released in 2006. Unovidual was a Belgian producer involved with the Micrart Group (Autumn, Linear Movement, Twilight Ritual) and Tara Cross, a 'long lost girl from Brooklyn' who used to play in small NYC downlown clubs alongside Madonna during the early 80's when she was still an unknown. Unovidual & Tara collaborated on several tracks through the mail during this time as well as in the studio. "Like I Am / Comme Je Suis" was recorded in a studio in Ghent (Belgium), in 1985. We find both of these tracks prime examples of innovative and pioneering synth wave tracks that work on and off the dancefloor. And through these mixes, The Floor aim to stay true to the artists' original intentions whilst making the songs more dancefloor oriented. Featured alongside these remixes, are 2 unreleased tracks. Rob Lawrence's "Armoured Car" which at one point was released on a compilation CD as Robert (not to be confused with Rob Doran from Hard Corps) and Unovidual's "Imponative", a beautiful minimal synth track which has remained unreleased to this day. The Five Times Of Dust / Unovidual & Tara Cross ep is pressed on standard weight royal blue clear vinyl and housed in a hand stamped disco sleeve. Limited to 600 numbered copies..!



Artist : Flash Cero 

Label : Mecanica 

1988 / LP

Flash Cero started in Madrid back in 1986 by Logytself (synths) and Fan Dl Kaox (vocals & synths). With only a Roland Juno 60, one Casio 5000, a Simmons electronic drum machine, some effects and basic equipment they started to work. Fran Null (keyboards) and Javier Cruz (percussions) joined the band few weeks later. In 1987 Flash Cero recorded a demo with 6 tracks and started to play shows and look for a record company. Months later the band finally got a contract with a spanish label to record and release their debut album '1988'. 27 years later this influential and cult techno-pop album is back to life. '1988' has been remastered from the original tapes and a new artwork has been created with graphic material from band private archives. Limited to 350 copies. Includes insert with photos and liner notes.



Artist : Flash Zero 

Label : Mecanica 

conspiracy / LP

Repress of the 2nd album by this Spanish act originally released in 1989. After their debut '1988' the band experienced some changes in their name, line-up, language and tendencies. Flash Zero moved from techno-pop to EBM influenced by Front 242 and the Belgian music explosion of the late 80's. Vinyl limited to 250 copies on clear green color including all tracks from the original version and a download code with lot of extra tracks. All tracks have been carefully restored and remastered.



Artist : Flashbacks 

Label : Eins:Zwei:Acht 

untitled / LP

Flashbacks was first called into existence in the year 2006 by Dekay aka Dirk Torben Klein, with the complicity of Tobi Margaux (Femme Fatale, Bastards Of Love, Der Künstliche Dilettant) and the mysterious Frl Marie. The idea was to depart from the angst and minimalism of Dirk's 2 main projects Echo West and Silent Signals, and to create real pop songs, in good old 80's new-wave style, using not only electronic equipment but guitars and drums as well. The present album, the 1st ever Flashbacks release, was conceived and recorded between 2006 and 2008, and reveals to the world 8 hitherto unheard dance-floor fillers between synth-pop and coldwave. Limited edition of 303 hand numbered copies in seashell vinyl and heavy board cover..



Artist : Flesh Golem 

Label : PDSW 

untitled / 7"

Brand new 7" on brand new label PDSW (sub-label of WSDP). 4 tracks from a Greek minimal-synth outfit out of Athens. Dark and gloomy minimal-synth. This is what we called a very good entrance ! Listen



Artist : Flesh Graey Display 

Label : SDM 

untitled / 7"

Staccato du Mal from Miami (USA) under his another solo project called Flesh Graey Display. Two short but intense darkwave tracks in the vein of Silent Signal and Martial Canterel. Listen !



Artist : Flying 

Label : Dark Entries 

marilyn / 12"

Flying was the italo-disco project of Marzio Benelli and Andrea Venturoli from Firenze, Italy. Marzio specialized in sound engineering at various recording studios in Milan throughout the early 80's. He opened Emme Studio where we worked with major national and international artists as Claudio Baglioni, Renato Zero, Venditti, Marco Masini, Pieces, Mia Martini, Litfiba, Mick Ronson. In 1984 he met Andrea, a sound programmer who knew his way around analog synthesizers. Their 1st collaboration was that same year on the song "Computer Sourire" for Alexander Robotnick debut album. In 1985 the duo recorded "Marilyn", the debut single for the project Flying that was released the same year on Sound Of Italy. Their basic set up for recording was a PPG Wave 2.3 synthesizer, Elka Synthex, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland TB-808 and TR-909 and a Gibson Les Paul guitar. They recruited producer Nicola Serena to program the DMX Oberheim drum machine. On vocals was Stefano 'Fly' Matteoli, a Dj at discoteques Concorde and Sombrero in Tuscany. Backup Vocals were sisters Antonella Bianchi (Plustwo, Belen Thomas) and Marina Bianchi (Plustwo, Sue Sadlow), who was Marzio's wife. Stefano confidently sings a haunting love story, full of tragic doubts and cruel dreams. Hand played percussion leads the song complemented by the keyboards that complete the infectious melody, with catchy hooks, and 4/4 beats that clock in at 100 beats per minute. On the B-side, the dubbed out 8 minute "Remix Version" makes use of the Publison Infernal Machine, an innovative multi-FX processor that was the 1st sampler to change the speed of a song without affecting pitch. Each record comes in a full color sleeve featuring the original iconic cover with misspelling of the title art plus a postcard with lyrics and with notes.



Artist : Flying Bodies 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

Flying Bodies are Beta Evers & Charles Kent. They produced only 3 tracks together of which only one was released on vinyl before. Here are the other 2 tracks.. One a dancefloor smasher and the other one perfect for night drives on the highway. Dark, minimal electro to energize and sooth you :D

la cienega (after dark)


Artist : Fonteyn & Mobb Rule 

Label : Beautycase 

la cienega (after dark) / 10"

This is the 1st release from the partnership of Fonteyn and producer Mobb Rule, and is inspired by days spent on la cienega boulevard in L.A.: the cars, the surgically enhanced denizens, the neon & chrome. The record is a mixture of hi-nrg, italo and electronic disco, glamour and strong melody. Vocals are provided by Marika Gauci, singer of london band, Hotel Motel. Remix is supplied by acclaimed duo Polygamy Boys (aka Fancyman & Sneak Thief). For the floor ;)

ère nucléaire / t'attends la prochaine guerre


Artist : Force De Frappe 

Label : Black Sun / FONO 

ère nucléaire / t'attends la prochaine guerre / 7"

Force De Frappe is a rare French cold-wave nugget, from whom we found the last original copies of their single 'Ere Nucléaire / T'Attends La Prochaine Guerre' from 1981. Quite sought-after and self-produced, the talented musician Serge Lafosse was also behind the 'Secret' LP released under his alias Serge Ramsès. Due to a very small success, Serge is now far away from music and is almost impossible to contact. Here is your only chance to get this gem ;)

europe (réveille-toi) / pas satisfait


Artist : Force De Frappe 

Label : Black Sun / FONO 

europe (réveille-toi) / pas satisfait / 7"

Force De Frappe is a rare French cold-wave nugget, from whom we found the last original copies of their single 'Europe (Reveille-Toi) / Pas Satisfait' from 1981. Quite sought-after and self-produced, the talented musician Serge Lafosse was also behind the 'Secret' LP released under his alias Serge Ramsès. Due to a very small success, Serge is now far away from music and is almost impossible to contact. Here is your only chance to get this gem ;)

in silence


Artist : Fra Lippo Lippi 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

in silence / LP

Reissue of 'In Silence' the gloomy 1981 debut LP from this Norwegian gothic post-punk band founded in 1978. Band members were Rune Kristoffersen (guitar, bass, keyboards, piano), Per Oystein Sorensen (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards) and Morten Sjoberg (drums, keyboards). Their sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Cure. In 1981 the band recorded and released 'In Silence', a hard to grasp, dark album with ominous bass lines, death-march percussion, pensive keyboards, and sinister, indecipherable vocals. The band had installed a semi-professional 4-track recording studio in a small basement. The recording of the album started in june 1981 and was not completed until 4 months later. Rune Kristoffersen: "It took a long time. Our compositions were based on the drums and the bass, which we coloured with guitars, voices and keyboards. The sound was completely natural, both concrete and abstract". On the record it was difficult to hear the vocals, as it was mixed far behind the instruments. So it was made impossible to understand the lyrics. 'In Silence' has a more unrefined sound and should have any fan of Joy Division wishing they'd heard of this band sooner. If I were to review Closer or Unknown Pleasures today, they'd obviously receive 5/5. Therefore, since Fra Lippo Lippi is so strangely similar, and 'In Silence' is almost like having a new Joy Division/New Order album, I'd be hard pressed to give it a anything less than a near perfect score. Find out for yourself what you've missed out on for the past 20 years. Wow! Released in an edition of 500.

love beyond synth saga


Artist : Frak 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

love beyond synth saga / LP

Material previously unreleased from the era Frak sounded dreamy sometimes psychedelic and very electro blip blop. Everything is recorded 1991 at Studio Styrka (which is still active).Now when almost all the old tapereleases by Frak is gone this is a good chance to hear their past... Limited to 300 copies.

hope to swim


Artist : Frak 

Label : Råsynth I Blekinge 

hope to swim / 7"

Classic previously unreleased electro-pop material recorded in 1990 by Frak. Very limited edition of 100 copies.. Be fast !!!



Artist : Frak 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

herkules / 7"

Frak is one of the key bands in the Swedish electronic scene. They have been releasing music and playing live since 1987 in a few different line-ups. The first "new" material by Frak since 2003... This 7" contains 2 tracks classic Frak-style electro-pop. This is like a lo-fi techno / proto-techno style of music but done with a synth-pop mindset . It will appeal to fans of Kord and Monster Apparat for sure. Something wild and weird you just need to love ! Material recorded 2007-2008 by original setup & limited to 250 copies only..! (standard black copies)

deep twist


Artist : Frak 

Label : Borft 

deep twist / 12"

Mental 6-track mini album by the notorious Frak from Sweden. 'Deep Twist' contains 2 sides of Frak. The more synth-pop oriented sound (still Frak weirdness) on side A, (recorded at the same session as Kontra Musik realease 'Triffid Gossip') but for some reason don't sounding the same at all. Side B is a little bit more serious heavy electronic dance. Limited edition of 250!

sudden haircut


Artist : Frak 

Label : Dark Entries 

sudden haircut / 12"

Frak are Björn Isgren, Johan Sturesson and Jan Svensson, a trio of synthesizer lovers from Sweden. The band was formed when Svensson and Isgren's older sisters were best friends and they introduced their little brothers to each other. Inspired by Severed Heads, DAF, Human League, Devo, Skinny Puppy, the boys began collecting analog equipment and started Studio Styrka. While the band were still in their early teens they released the 1st Frak cassette album in 1987 on their own record label Börft. Almost 30 years later, Frak continue to release their bizarre brand of Scandinavian techno with their debut release on Dark Entries. "Sudden Haircut" was recorded in 2015, a 10-minute brooding, heavy hitting acid attack full of 808 drum claps aimed at the dancefloor. The 3 remaining songs come from a studio tape the band found in their archives named "FRAK 'After The Silence' 2001-2010" "Synthgök" and "Synthfrilla" were recorded in 2010 and originally released on the 'Börft' ep by Sex Tags Mania in 2012. Utilizing a 808, 303, 101 and MS-10, both are supreme cuts of electro-leaning acid techno that perfectly fit the dancefloor's sweatiest moments. The deliciously rugged final track "First Glimt I Ögat" is a vintage unreleased Frak song from 2001. Designer Eloise Leigh has created a playful DiY jacket based on a mysterious black and white photo of the band in their classic tin foil masks. Each copy comes with a black and white postcard featuring a distorted back stage photo of Frak in their teens.



Artist : Frak / Der Angriff 

Label : Borft 

untitled / 7"

First vinyl release from Börft Records with a split 7" single recorded in 1989 containing 3 tracks by two swedish bands Frak & Der Angriff. Indusctrial and new beat sounds. For collectors !

split lp


Artist : Frak / Smea 

Label : Börft Records 

split lp / LP

New TE Records & Börft Records coproduction delivering wicked, minimal, dark & funky electronic dance stuff from these 2 homemade Börft artists on a split lp. Handmade cover. Limited edition of 300 copies. Nice !!

grand tour


Artist : France 

Label : Rectangle Astral 

grand tour / 12"

It all started as a joke at a party. How would it be to create a French-singing, French-themed band called France ? Music-wise, it would have to be 80's of course. With Telex and Kraftwerk as ultimate references.. Well, there will always be people who can't take a joke. People like Henning Specht (Fiendish Fib, Hypnolove), François Remigi (Abberline) and Pierre Gastou (Fiendish Fib). Together, they decided to turn this unlikely project into solid reality. The result is a unique mixture of pulsating italo-disco, revisited French touch and synth-driven chanson, where romanticism and dry wit collide. A 1st tour de France, which is also a 'tour de force', with 4 mind blowing dancefloor killers. Surprising !!



Artist : France 

Label : Les Disques Anonymes 

moderne / LP

It is still in its unique and crazy world that the French group France stands out with the adaptation of his new album 'Modern' on vinyl. A real master stroke of the Toulouse trio who claims membership in electronic music, imbued with the italo-disco style. And trends for Kraftwerkomoderien style (a mix of electro inspired by the German band Kraftwerk, and disco). With their unique and modern musicality, and an electronic and synthetic instrumental (mixer, synthesizer), Francis Remigni (Abberline), Pierre Gastou (Friendish Fib) & Henning Specht (Hypnolove) attracts a certain audience on the dancefloor. Ace !

suoni dalle ombre oltre


Artist : Francesco Clemente 

Label : Crème Organization 

suoni dalle ombre oltre / 12"

Great early 80's electronic soundtrack by Francesco Clemente (aka David Kristian from Canada) released in 2004, sounding a bit like early John Carpenter work but more twisted and dark. A crickety drum machine provides a thin, synthetic backdrop for both lush and sharp eerie dark room synth tones. Massive gloomy and imposing atmosphere. Highly recommended !

made in clermond-ferrand


Artist : Franck Sarrio 

Label : Bunker 

made in clermond-ferrand / 12"

One sided 12" release with 2 killer minimalistic/dark electro-esque tracks on Bunker, dating back from 2003 !

secret industry


Artist : Franck Sarrio 

Label : FSS 

secret industry / 12"

Franck Sarrio (Bunker Records) on his own label. 4 excellent apocalyptic dark-wave electro tracks! Must Have for fans of Bunker, Kommando 6, Stilleben... 2017 repress version !

robotic invasion


Artist : Franck Sarrio 

Label : Radio Mars 

robotic invasion / 12"

A masterpiece release produced by Franck Sarrio, Ultradyne and Luke Eargoggle. The original version by Sarrio (Bunker) is a nice dirty electro floorfiller. Ultradyne represent their own unique merciless take on Detroit techno with a monsterous funky industrial/wave remix, while Luke Eargoggle brings a subtile minimal Doppler-style take on the original. Experimenting with funky, industrial and minimal beat. 2017 repress version !

the brutal wave


Artist : Frank (just Frank) 

Label : Wierd Records 

the brutal wave / LP

Debut album from Frank (just Frank) from Paris entitled "The Brutal Wave". It draws from many rich traditions of US and UK guitar driven wave, minimal synth, early black metal and new indie rock from Brooklyn respectively. Equally of disparate origins are the band members themselves, Chris was born in New Jersey and grew up with half-Indian Kirti in the South of France, although both were schooled in London. Despite such varied influences and backgrounds, Frank (just Frank) indeed proudly embrace the French pop musical tradition and present a freshly recontextualized version of the French cold-wave sound. The album presents a carefully crafted set of 9 tracks in which shiver-inducing swathes of guitars, restrained and mournful, battle alongside and often it seems directly against bitingly insistent vocals, that effortlessly switch between French and English. No lyrical themes are off limits for the apparently fearless young band, as the poetically flowing voice espouses tales ranging from provocatively 'centrist' takes on international politics to vulnerably personal epics of heartbreak and addiction, and these tensions between right and left, darkness and light, and private versus public consistently replay themselves throughout the record, both in the lyrical content and the musical dynamics at work. This powerfully emotional record is made with simultaneous confrontation and restraint, as well as viscerally sensitized homemade diy intimacy and feverishly swaggering aggression, and it is this balancing act and interplay of extremes that Frank (just Frank) harnesses to carve out "The Brutal Wave" ..!



Artist : Frank (just Frank) / Soviet Soviet 

Label : Mannequin 

split / 12"

Freely inspired split album between Frank (just Frank) and Soviet Soviet, which gathers materials from 2 original musical personalities who made a name into vintage cold-wave synthesised sonic excursions, post-punk’s freaked out damaged epics. The A-Side of the split is devoted to the ultra-minimal electro chilled out rhythm spaces of the French based band Frank (just Frank). Each track involves into electronic pop music territories, providing a solid mixture between pretty much metronomic-icy repetition, efficient catchy melodies for semi-goth like guitar and pleasantly pop-ish vocals. A delicate melancholic-moody atmosphere is floating upon the compositions. The B-Side offers the post-punk agitated songs of Soviet Soviet, from Italy, based on raw-nervous guitars and utterly nihilistic ambiences, bringing the post-punk genre to its limits, sometimes overflowing on epic convoluted dark wave epics. Ignoring timestamps and geographic restrictions, SS assimilate the explosive retro sounds of the UK and Italian 80's (Killing Joke, Wire, C.C.C.P.), assembling a specimen uniquely theirs; from the frenetic opening gallop to the frayed-string finish. Tip !!



Artist : Frank Alpine 

Label : Wierd Records 

untitled / CD

Here is Frank Alpine (aka Rich Moreno)'s eponymous debut LP for Wierd Records is L.A. noir at its finest: a frenzy of claustrophobic, danceable dread that skirts the line between outer-directed nihilistic aggression and fragrant introversion. Nocturnal synthesizers, isolated, frenetic, and monotonous, plot a destination either to somewhere new and uncertain, or perhaps to nowhere at all. While many contemporary electronic artists' sound hints, however heavily or slightly, towards a European sensibility, Frank Alpine lives more in the realm of David Lynch's disturbed Americana, or the sinister aggression of no-wave. Somewhere between the warped intensity of the former and the acidic straightforwardness of the latter, Alpine has carved out his distinctive space: an eccentric loner squealing from inside the decay, making noise with a pulse that's paranoid and mechanical, yet unmistakably human. Tip !!



Artist : Frank Alpine 

Label : Wierd Records 

untitled / LP

Here is Frank Alpine (aka Rich Moreno)'s eponymous debut LP for Wierd Records is L.A. noir at its finest: a frenzy of claustrophobic, danceable dread that skirts the line between outer-directed nihilistic aggression and fragrant introversion. Nocturnal synthesizers, isolated, frenetic, and monotonous, plot a destination either to somewhere new and uncertain, or perhaps to nowhere at all. While many contemporary electronic artists' sound hints, however heavily or slightly, towards a European sensibility, Frank Alpine lives more in the realm of David Lynch's disturbed Americana, or the sinister aggression of no-wave. Somewhere between the warped intensity of the former and the acidic straightforwardness of the latter, Alpine has carved out his distinctive space: an eccentric loner squealing from inside the decay, making noise with a pulse that's paranoid and mechanical, yet unmistakably human. Tip !!

la décadence


Artist : Frank Dirkx 

Label : Feedback 

la décadence / 10"

This is the most sleazy minimal electro & cabaret music you have heard !!! Think Porn.Darsteller going to the maximum or Soft Cell being really dirty... All material is from 1985... A highlight of obscure Dutch 80's music. Limited to 150 copies...

blau und grau


Artist : Frauen Von Avignon 

Label : WSDP 

blau und grau / 7"

7 minimal-synth blasts on 7" vynil taken from their "Blau Und Grau" tape, originally released on the obscure legendary Diskret label from Cologne in 1982. Limited edition of 200 copies

symphony electrique


Artist : Freak Electrique 

Label : Viewlexx 

symphony electrique / 12"

The music could easily have been the soundtrack to sci-fi epic about a dystopian future... A massive, long and very hypnotic track that sounds like Moroder in a big way. All done with a tasty selection of vintage synth sounds and even a smattering of Acid... truly excellent.

mr psycho


Artist : Freak Electrique 

Label : Viewlexx 

mr psycho / 12"

Limited to 250 test copies… Already cult epic track on the Viewlexx sublabel : Test Series



Artist : Frederic Mirage 

Label : Private Records 

timemachine / LP

This album is an intergalactic journey through time and space. Starting point to travel with itchy feet to infinite distances and not a place of arrival. With our spaceship we visit new galaxies and alien worlds. Needless to say, without any fear. Planets passing by and in distance stars are glittering bright (ready to be explored one day). I'm thinking about ambivalent human inventions, for example the computer which brought us not only blessings. In "Back To 1960" you can feel the melancholic desire that everything should be as in the good old days. There's a conflict in my feelings which started in the time of early electronic music. I managed this by combining synthesizers with acoustic instruments. Nearly 35 years after this music was 1st produced, the lost album has been published. 300 copies !



Artist : Frederking Ist Strahler 

Label : Placid 

lkw / 12"

The finest and highly recomended minimal electro (6 track-ep) classics with a distinctive German voice, musicality, warmth and emotion, a good mixture between Grauzone, Kraftwerk and Andreas Dorau… A record that deserve your attention ;-)

party has begun / it's automatic


Artist : Freestyle 

Label : Jam Packed 

party has begun / it's automatic / 12"

Dope oldschool electro jams by Freestyle (aka Pretty Tony & Sherman Nealy). Recorded in 1985 but the party has only just began ! Jam on it ;)

don't stop the rock


Artist : Freestyle 

Label : Jam Packed 

don't stop the rock / 12"

First time we have this pressing in stock of this incredible oldschoolish electro hit ! Instrumental and vocal version. Tip !!!

data sink


Artist : Freezie Freekie 

Label : Satamile 

data sink / 12"

Excellent 12" released under the typical darkstyle club action of the Satamile new-york based label. The first track "Flow" has a hard hitting crunchy break beat accompanied by a great sensibility for melodies, deep, rich and new-wave influences. The second track "Slow Decay" delivers dreamy spacy melodies that sound warm glowing and iterweaving. Dope !

promise of technology


Artist : Freezie Freekie 

Label : Satamile 

promise of technology / 12"

Here we go with another stunning ep from the brooklyn NY sensation Freezie Freekie. Having had his first ep "Datasink" chart around the world, this is his follow up ep in typical full flavor. Innovatively presented. This is electro-break ! Drone bass, combined with strangely melancholic melodies and sexy grindenden electrical break. The flip is no less packing and intense : each track becomes alive also here freely, as the bass rolls and the synths ride... Tip !

back from the box


Artist : Freezy Freeze / Swayze Dub 

Label : Blocky Diamond Discs 

back from the box / 12"

New series from Stilleben called Blocky Diamond Disc. First release (2003) by Freezy Freeze and Swayze Dub (aka Luke Eargoggle) with 4 ice cold electro cuts in a downtempo Model 500 style, mixed with kinda weird Egyptian Lover style vocals. Strange as fark. Limited to 400 copies... Don't Miss !

the cock (the original demotape 1980)


Artist : Frigidaire Tango 

Label : Synthetic Shadows 

the cock (the original demotape 1980) / LP

July 1977: Carlo Casale and Stefano Dal Col begin a musical collaboration and found the Outkids, one of the 1st Italian Punk Rock combos. After a series of local concerts, the training expands with the arrival of Marco Brenda, keyboardist. Marco gave to the young band a sound more personal that, scrambling their background, shortly becomes one of the most appreaciated new-wave bands of the peninsula. With the name of Frigidaire Tango, in 1980 the band recorded their 1st full-lenght LP 'The Cock', a small masterpiece of Italian music that was inserted in september 2010 between 100 foundamental least-known rock LPs by the French magazine Tsugi. In early '83, with the addition of a 2nd keyboardist, F.T. returned to the studio releasing a self-produced mini-LP titled 'Russian Dolls', become one of the classics of the new Italian rock of the period. At the same time the band was on tour with The Sound in Italy. In mid-'86, on the top of their popularity and after being invited for a series of gigs at the Biennale in Barcelona, the band split-up. This unique collection contains unreleased sessions from the period of 'The Cock', a great opportunity to know the best Italian new-wave band of the 80's !



Artist : Froe Char 

Label : Spielzeug Muzak 

fossils / LP

Froe Char is also known as half of the duo Illustration Sonore who has an amazing LP being released by the fantastic Medical Records label. There have been a pair of previous Froe Char releases of dark beautiful ambiance but with 'Fossils' she takes the distorted haze and murk of her prior work and uses it as a texture amid percolating synths and minimalist rhythms. 'Fossils' (released in a collaborative effort between Spielzeug Muzak & Modern Tapes labels) is the sultry minimal synth record for the experimental crowd or the noisy bleak record for the coldwave kids. I once heard someone say 'you can't dance to pain' but this record really proves otherwise !!

im luftschutzkeller, im büro, in der fabrik und zu hause


Artist : Frohliche Eiszeit 

Label : Kernkrach 

im luftschutzkeller, im büro, in der fabrik und zu hause / LP

Once again Kernkrach has published new shots from Fröhliche Eiszeit recorded between 1979 to 1983 and released on vinyl. 14 wonderful minimal electro-NDW tracks, strictly limited to 300 copies.

tragedy >for you<


Artist : Front 242 

Label : Polydor 

tragedy >for you< / 12"

Front 242's 1991 release "Tragedy >For You<" is that most precious of gems; the album you must have and can never get rid of. Though some fans of industrial music and Front 242 in particular do not rank it at the top of the list, for us this album is a monument. Every track is carefully crafted and Jean-Luc DeMeyer's lyrical talents and deep Belgian voice are coming into their prime. The dark vocals, the agressive synths, the heavy percussion, it just ate it's way into our brains and refused to leave. It is an impressive work from Industrial music's most important group in which it is really easy to get lost..



Artist : Front 242 

Label : Animalized 

interception / 12"

"Quite Unusual" is considered by many 80's techno fans (aka EBM, aggrepo, or industrial techno) as one of the better classics from that decade. This is one of Front 242's best songs ever and an essential track to represent the mid-80's post new wave underground, progressive, hard-edged electronic dance scene. "Aggressiva" is another good industrial techno track, perhaps more underground, and makes the 2 tracks record a decent value because the songs are different yet both enjoyable. Archive !



Artist : Frozen Ducks 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

untitled / LP

Frozen Ducks were the 2 brothers Hans & Lex Grauwen. The short-lived duo had Hans doing vocals, and Lex playing synths and doing the production of the tracks. The 9 electro / new wave songs sound a lot like the Tranquil Eyes 'Walks' album and this release can in many ways be seen as the accompanying release to the 'Walks' album. In fact: the Tranquil Eyes song "Television" started out as a Frozen Ducks track. The line-up of the bands is almost the same, the bass and the overall production is just as deep, rich and poignant; only this time the drum patterns are more apparent and the atmosphere is much darker with lyrics about a troubling childhood and a vague view on what the future will bring. During the mid-80's Hans & Lex recorded well over 50 tracks of early electro / new wave for Frozen Ducks, about 15 could be rescued and remastered. "Beginnings" and "Lost Freedom" were released on the legendary Dutch experimental compilations Contactdisc 4 and Contactdisc 5. Which included bands like X-Ray Pop, Twilight Ritual, Tranquil Eyes, Kapotte Muziek, De Fabriek. All other tracks on this album are previously unreleased and come from the vaults of Lex Grauwen. With much dedication and joy these tracks have been unearthed and compiled into this posthumous album. A true pleasure to listen to and a must for every minimal synth, new wave and lo-fi Italo disco fan. Limited edition of 500 copies with double-sided insert..

full of sorrow


Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

full of sorrow / 12"

Powerful, potent songs yield a brutal post-punk sound. Just imagine WARSAW meet WIRE meet the FALL and you will already have a good idea of their musical universe. Add to their explosive cocktail the tension of retained violence and madness, a real singer who knows his craft, agitated spasmodic drums that make the drummer of ESG look like Christian Vander of Magma, and degenerate keyboards that will leave your head aching. TIP !



Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

relax / LP

French band Frustration is not a new band but "Relax" is their 1st album therefore, and this is an excellent one. Heavy influences here; we're drop into cold-wave with harsh guitars, real drums disguised in rythm box, a bass that builds the melodies and a synth that brings some colour to that quite dark music. The sound is rude and the guitar is pointed up as if the strings were replaced by barbed wire. This lp with its powerful but mature lyrics can be described as excellent…A safe value ;)

midlife crisis


Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

midlife crisis / 7"

New single with 2 new tracks by your favorite French rebel punks. While the A-side is pretty punk... even for Frustration standards the B-side is in the best tradition of Screamers but mixed with that special Frustration mix of punk / oi / synth-punk, whatever... a hit for sure on the dancefloors !



Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

uncivilized / LP+7"

Frustrations's 2nd LP will prove itself to be one of the most important French records released in the past years. First, because 'Uncivilized' is better than anything the band has done so far. The beat is cold, cruel and static, the bass player plays as if he had been paid twice, every track tastes like those glasses you drink down before paying your dues to the human race and Fabrice Gilbert's voice drips down on the whole thing with the heart and gusto of a guy who would have been taken out of bed in the middle of the night to clean the vomit of a dog. In other words: shit is brutal. Fifty tons of black terror throwing ice shards on the streets of dead cities. But there's something else. Frustration is just not your average indie/punk/post-whatever unit, especially in France. Despite little to no press and virtually no support from the manistream media, this Parisian gang plays sold out shows all over the country and acheived to sell over 10,000 copies of their previous record. The reason is quite simple : in 7 years, Frustration grew an audience that is as diverse (punks, clubbers, skinheads, rock dads, workers, new wave amazons, temporary secretaries, fashionistas, you name it) as it is loyal (you will see most of their crowd at every damn show) and massive. An audience attracted by intense, sincere and bullshit-free records played by a bunch of intense, sincere and bullshit-free dudes. And that's about it. No mystical soup, no boring deals. Frustration is a band as strong and good-hearted as a bunch of shirtless kids running in the Cambodia jungle to fight with panthers. And with a record as good as 'Uncivilized', you'll have no choice but to join them.

bourbon sounds


Artist : Funckarma 

Label : Delikatessen Records 

bourbon sounds / 10"

Review to come..!

después de un dia antes


Artist : Funeraria Vergara 

Label : Domestica 

después de un dia antes / LP

A while ago, the town of Burriana saw the appearance of some strange guys who had some strange albums, who went on some strange excursions to the local graveyard, whose lead singer wore a strange scapular, who wielded a strange 3 string bass guitar and who called themselves Radioactivos Neurosos. They recorded strange demos in large quantities which were broadcast on the right local radio programme, Extraños en la Noche (Strangers in the Night), together with most bands from the area. One day, the name changed into the current one, Funeraria Vergara. Apocaliptic gigs in remote places. A few more tones of strange demos. A new term was being coined, a new style (!?) was filtering around the orange groves and nearby beaches: necro-pop. Coffin shaped pinewood guitar cases, smiles through clenched teeth, prayer books and prints of the most colourful saints, virgins and little angels, exercises in healthy sound sarcasm, music between absurd folly and lyricism, between laughter and a grin, between Transylvania and Burriana... Anyway, between cheap booze and the most select cava. Lately, in a display of cheeky bravery and in order to get fame, money, glory, lots of women, success, wealth and hit parades in the civilised world in a fast, brilliant and overwhelming way, they have come up with a song "El Difunto" (The Deceased), wich portrays the commercial, danceable, marketable, chewable and colourful side of a genre in black and white: necro-pop. Wich is here, and nobody knows how. Edition of 350 copies. 180gr vinyl. LP presented in a special die-cut jacket which shows through the cut. Includes inner sleeve.

dance on the groove (and do the funk)


Artist : Funk Machine 

Label : Rams Horn 

dance on the groove (and do the funk) / 12"

This is a rare single from Rams Horn released in 1982. Behind Funk Machine is the well known producer Romano Trevisani (aka Max Him, Midnight Passion, Tabù D'Apache, Cruisin' Gang..), who is not only as a producer helped but as a songwriter too (Studio H / Fools Fall In Love / Little Boy). Slow progressive and hypnotic disco hit !



Artist : Funk Machine 

Label : Neige Records 

dadada / 12"

1st cult release by Funk Machine (aka Patrizio Squeglia & Dario Tofano) from 1982 on the Canadian Neige Records label, which (re)pressed quite a few synth-pop and early electronica classics from the 80's. "Dadada" is a cover of the original version from the German Trio. Really minimalistic but efficient. This record has been mixed by Mario Tremblay who were Dj in 1985 at the "Disco Premier Choix" and also by André Meunier who worked in 1981 at "Brasserie La Rasade" in Montréal and who released several bootlegs under bizarre alias.. Classic !

decidedly so / not unknown


Artist : Further Reductions 

Label : Captured Tracks 

decidedly so / not unknown / 7"

Outstanding debut 7" from Further Reductions for their Brooklyn buddies at Captured Tracks. Both songs are as good as anything we've heard from this label over their prolific last 12 months, adding to the canon of contemporary coldwave with a uniform yet individual sound. From what we can discern "Decidedly So" locates itself in that parallel dream-pop nether zone where Suburban Knight lives in Belgium and produces Diy synth bands, while the exquisite "Not Unknown" has glimpses of Kate Bush magic in Katie Rose's ghoulish vocals and a beautifully learned feel for baroque synth pop arrangement. This is a total must-have for fans of Altar Eagle !



Artist : Further Reductions 

Label : Cititrax 

woodwork / LP

Full length LP by Brooklyn duo Further Reductions. Shawn O'Sullivan & Katie Rose formed Further Reductions in 2008 as an outlet for their shared passion of electronic dance music. O'Sullivan, known for his recent techno releases as Vapauteen on L.I.E.S., 400PPM on Avian and Civil Duty (with Beau Wanzer of Streetwalker) on The Corner has been quite active lately blurring the lines between techno and noise music. With Further Reductions, O'Sullivan's rhythmic sensibility is fused with Rose's pop leanings to create super lush and atmospheric tracks that work both on and off the dancefloor. Informed by the sounds of classic techno and early house, they subtly substitute the structure of functional club music with a more primal absorption based in their unique collaboration. Seductive vocals coupled with organically evolving sequences create a complex narrative that penetrates the subconscious in a way that conventional club music rarely threatens to. 'Woodwork' is an edition of 999 copies pressed on 160gr clear vinyl with purple and silver splatter, presented in a high gloss printed LP jacket.

disparate elements


Artist : Further Reductions 

Label : Knekelhuis 

disparate elements / 12"

Further Reductions is the live project of husband and wife Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Led Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka Rose E Kross, ppG), based in New York City. Back in 2014 they released their gorgeous debut album on Cititrax Records. The album is an adventurous trip where they pushed forward a very unique sound. After all those years there will be a follow up by this ep on Knekelhuis. Expect a fusion of different sounds, being grimy and pretty at the same time..!

forward / deluge


Artist : Futility 

Label : FlexiWave 

forward / deluge / 7"

Futility is a minimal synth-wave project from Portland with Mr. Lacey & Mr. Frank and with occasional help from Mr. Nicolai. They debuted their ragged synth-pop sound at New York City's legendary Wierd party in August of 2009. Here is their 1st release. 2 tracks of non-stop synth toughness. Rough and yeat very clean, with an edge that is something you dont see very often. A 2nd single for FlexiWave and subsequent ep are planned.. ;)

zero sum


Artist : Futility 

Label : FlexiWave 

zero sum / 7"

Portland based Futility returns to FlexiWave with a new 7" after their now sold out debut 'Forward/Deluge' (Flexi002). This time with the very much sought after synth-pop-wave banger track "Zero Sum" as the title tune and the instrumental up-beat track Gaz and spike for the B-side.

player piano


Artist : Futurisk 

Label : Minimal Wave 

player piano / LP

Here is the long awaited 30th anniversary release by Futurisk. Originally from Florida, Futurisk was a pioneering electro-punk group that recorded and performed in the pre-midi era of the early 80's. They had 2 vinyl releases on 7" : "The Sound Of Futurism 1980 / Army Now" and the "Player Piano ep". They played a legendary live show and had some TV appearances, but for a number of reasons by 1984 Futurisk was history. The "Player Piano" lp culls material they recorded between 1980 & 1982, featuring all the tracks from their two 7" releases as well as some early 4 track tapes and rare studio recordings. The record is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, comes in a matte printed innersleeve (with old photos and press) and orange matte outer jacket.. Very nice, as usual on MW !!

lonely streets remixes


Artist : Futurisk 

Label : Cititrax 

lonely streets remixes / 12"

Minimal Wave's sublabel Cititrax takes an old sound in a new direction entirely, giving electro-punk band Futurisk's classic "Lonely Streets", a modern shake-up through a remix package from current artists. The 1st remix by synth legend Chris Carter (aka Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey), whose version is one that we would have dreamed of doing back in 1982. DFA artist Prince Language's version captures the feel of the song nicely with the use of all the stems, especially the real drum tracks that were part of Futurisk's signature sound, stirring up the no-wave styles that also influenced the band at the time. It is also a pleasure to hear Tom Furse's (aka The Horrors) Moroder-esque electro-punk take, sounding like a missing track from a late 70′s sci-fi flick. Finally UK Complexxion's track with the feel and approach of Arthur Baker, Martin Rushent, Daniel Miller and Kraftwerk of course, all of which were big influences on the members of Futurisk. Lovely surprise ;)

the 21st door


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

the 21st door / 2x12"

Excellent album released in 2003 by GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik) on the US Interdimensional Transmission label of Ectomorph. Lots of 80’s throwbacksappear referenced next to dirty ass electro. Here Gerhard turns his hands to what has influenced him, the dark and very spooky "My Guiding Ghost" and the distorted but melodious "New Definition" are the best examples. Underrated sundry album that deserves our respect !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

superamerica / 12"

Second ep-single from the album "Submission" released in 1999 on the uk Breakin' Records label (led by Dmx Krew). Electronic pop with 80's influences, plus a more experimental unreleased track and an instrumental version of "Airforce One". Check !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

submission / LP

Cracking album from Gerhard Potuznik. Electronic pop tribute to New Order's real songs, though the vocals veer into Ian Curtis territory. Eclectic and pure at the sametime !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Suction 

vendetta / 12"

Vendetta is a vocal 5-track ep from GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik from Vienna - Austria). Electro-pop music that would not sound at home on the International DJ Gigolos label (this is not techno music dressed in black leather and florescent pink gloves, no). Timeless variety electronic music. Here GD Luxxe takes the sound of classic-era New Order as a starting point, and makes his own statement for 2002. Honest, memorable, and sincere tracks for the home and for the dancefloor !

21st door rmxd


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

21st door rmxd / 12"

One of GD Luxxe's (aka Gehrard Potuznik) best albums gets a special remix treatment. Cool...

airforce one


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

airforce one / 12"

Debut Breakin' release from Gerhard Potuznik. New Order influenced electro-pop from Vienna (Austria), with 2 remixes from DMX Krew on the B-Side. Classic !

the 20th door


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

the 20th door / 12"

Hard pounding (Joy Division influended) electro wave 6 tracker by Gerhard Potuznik. Great record !!!

between zero and eternity


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

between zero and eternity / LP

Produced by Gerhard Potuznik, Ramon Bauer & Electronicat, GD Luxxe's latest incarnation, this time for Ersatz Audio, seems a million miles removed from Potuznik's previous outings, especially for those made for Mego. It's a nasty, trashy, highway speedfreak drive through punky trash beat craving and plastic pop; a post electroclash beast of a record that won't go down lightly. Check...

galaxy toobin


Artist : Galaxy Toobin' Gang 

Label : Creme Organization 

galaxy toobin' / LP

The cold and beautiful synths of Galaxy Toobin' Gang are transmitted through the same feeric wave-spaces as those of Laurie Spiegel, Terry Riley or Tangerine Dream and convey perfectly the sensation of simultaneous wonder and alienation that the members of the Peabody expedition must have felt when flying between the abnormally regular shapes of a monstrous mountain range hidden deep into the heart of a eternal screaming whiteness. Galaxy Toobin' Gang's debut album is a truly timeless sounding piece of work created by Elliot Lip and Speculator. Tip !!!

split lp series #4


Artist : Garçon Taupe / Legowelt 

Label : Narrominded 

split lp series #4 / 12"

Side one brings Garçon Taupe, "Wittenburg" ep with some Commodore, amiga influenced electonica with a touch of acid. Split side is for Legowelt, "Land Rovers In Astrophysics" ep. 4 tracks in the well known Legowelt style... West Coast disco, electro jack shizzle. Not to be missed..

the white spider


Artist : Garcon Taupe 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

the white spider / 12"

Here is another best kept secret from The Netherlands: Garçon Taupe. This musician has been around for quite some time but released only a few tracks yet; mostly on Dutch label Narrominded, and these released tracks are quite elektro orientated. This 4-track ep is all about acid, techno and elektro beats go hand in hand to make up party music pur sang ;) This is simply a great piece of acid music which will appeal to fans of Ceephax Acid Crew and acid trax in general.. Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !

original soundtrack


Artist : Gary Blanchard 

Label : Domestica 

original soundtrack / LP

Official reissue of the extremely hard to find 'Original Soundtrack' album by Gary Blanchard. Less than 500 copies of this analog keyboard solo effort were originally pressed, and less than 200 still exist. The album was written, produced and distributed in Gary's hometown Baltimore between 1986 & 1987. Gary Blanchard began playing guitar in the late 60's and soon became a regular on Baltimore's folk circuit. Then on April 19 1986, Gary came home from a peace benefit show, turned on the TV, and saw Laurie Anderson on Saturday Night Live. After 20 years, Gary decided he wanted to do something different. He bought a $100 Yamaha PSR keyboard, complete with autochord and drum machine, and began to experiment with writing in new ways. Rather than having conventional song structure, the music was more open. The words were sometimes spoken, and sometimes sung. Gary also began writing poems and vignettes to include in his performances. While these songs were not as overtly political as his folk-style songs, they commented on life in the 80's with a uniquely cynical Baltimore view. (Many thought Gary was influenced by Baltimore filmmaker John Waters, especially given Gary's love of pink flamingos, but Waters was not an influence on the music.) Gary began to search out other performers to help him bring this material to the stage; at the same time he started working with producer Erik Steensen to create a recording of the music along with some of the spoken word pieces. The album 'Original Soundtrack' was released about the time Gary did his 1st performance with The Generic Art Ensemble. Since the program was called, generically, SHOW, Gary decided to name the soundtrack album, 'Original Soundtrack'. The very 1st performance at Baltimore's 8x10 Club was a 2 person program with dancer Joan Mosca. Soon the Ensemble also featured Cynthia Gaver on keyboard, Stephanie Waters, a talented sculptor, as a performer and 2nd dancer, and Renee Zorn, who joined right before the ultimate performance of SHOW as sound technician; she later worked as a performer with Gary on the programs 'Experiments In Low Budget Technology' and 'Natural State'. After a break from performing while getting belated college degrees, Gary returned to performing in the early 21st century, back to the singer/songwriter style of his past. Gary feels that the 'Generic Art Ensemble/Original Soundtrack' days gave him an ability to open up his writing. His recent albums feature guitar, but many songs do have keyboards added to give them a fuller, less folky sound. This reissue includes numbered insert with complete biography and track-by-track notes by Gary Blanchard himself. Front cover artwork hand pasted on sleeve..

I am a vocoder


Artist : Gay Cat Park 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

I am a vocoder / 12"

Highly sought after italo classic, originally released on Il Discotto Productions in 1982. Fantastic song about what being a vocoder is like. One of the funniest & sneakiest but best italo-disco records ever now in the rebound on the Clone Classic Cuts !

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