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Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

dada / 12"

Electro bomb drops from Detroit’s Ectomorph released in 2002 on the ever consistent Interdimensional Transmissions label. Keeping the pressure on especially with "Dada", a fucking amazing bleepin' electro tracks . Dope !



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

breakthrough / 12"

Uptempo minimal electrofunk. Dope stuff. Detroit pressing !!



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

abstraction / 12"

5 haunted funky electro tracks. Dope stuff. Detroit pressing !!



Artist : Edmünd Prinz 

Label : Ego Twister 

etw001!! / 10"

First realease for this young French label, which shows the work of Edmünd Prinz described as "electronic stupidosounds for completely desesperate people". Concretely it sounds a bit like Aphex Twin's Richard D. James album period but with a clearly more lo-fi IDM approach. The result is really satisfying ;)

quantised universe


Artist : EDMX 

Label : Breakin' Records 

quantised universe / 12"

Breakin' boss Ed Dmx supplies 6 tracks of freaked-out modular synth madness mangled through the macintosh into some weird high-velocity electro-funk. Edmx is Ed's alias for the more hard and fast stuff, these tracks are experimental but with lots of sub-bass and high tempo beats with unusual grooves. Not to be missed !!!

mpc trax volume 10


Artist : EDMX & Disco D 

Label : Breakin' Records 

mpc trax volume 10 / 12"

Detroit ghetto-tech legend Dj Disco D (Detroit Ghetto label) teams up with Mr EDMX for a lesson in how the "MPC Trax" had been intended to be played..with an insane onslaught of scratching, cutting and even plain old beat-mixing ! "Don’t Stop" is a slightly less frenetically paced electro track with a Detroit-style bassline & some oldschool synths & strings underpinning a selection of scratches & sound effects, with a devastating breakdown at half-time. "Mo Money", meanwhile, is a proper Miami bass crowd-pleaser combining hyped-up beats with a call & response vocal over some funky lead and bass synth sounds. Check !

neon light


Artist : Edo 8 

Label : Marguerita 

neon light / 12"

Beautiful clear and precise modern electro from the recent Dutch Marguerita label. A1 : slow and minimal dreamy electro in the vein of Dopplereffekt, Drexciya… A nice obscure story. B1 and B2 are faster tempo. Quite repetitive but with a slow and intelligent evolution and breaks. Nice One. Pure electro !

cruise control


Artist : Edo 8 

Label : Marguerita 

cruise control / 12"

Edo 8 is a member of the Cosmic Force guys (owners of the dutch Marguerita Recordings), and this is his second EP released in 2002. A fast driving Model 500 influenced electro cuts. Two shorter darker driving cuts and two longer more conventional/traditional Detroit influenced tracks in the vein of the Direct Beat releases.



Artist : Edo 8 

Label : Marguerita 

squawk / 12"

A founding member of Cosmic Force now pursuing his own flight plan. It’s easy to hear in his music the clarity of his mind during his substance induced periods, even though he may be searching for beats from other parts of the human brain most of us rarely use, he doesn’t return with only a vague idea but with a fully realized and executed piece of music.



Artist : Eefje De Visser 

Label : FALA Records 

scheef / 7"

Packaged in a 7" format showing the talents of these fresh young artists. FALA is a new label from Amsterdam, a Knekelhuis sister label that will present you with some very delicate surprises in the near future. The kickoff will be a Dollkraut rework of the truly beautiful song "Scheef" by Eefje De Visser. Dollkraut captures the magical energy of Eefje De Visser's creation, turning it into a drum driven dancefloor-ready track. B-side will contain the original version of "Scheef", released before on her highly acclaimed album 'Nachtlicht'. Nice one ;)



Artist : Effetto Joule 

Label : Mannequin 

robespierre / 12"

Originally released in 1989 on Top Sound Records, rare dark italo 12" "Robespierre" by the italo-wave trio Effetto Joule. The reissue comes with extra demo tape material from their 'Ultraviolet' tapes and with a killer Flemming Dalum remix of the title track. Effetto Joule formed in Modena during the 2nd part of the 80's. The pulsating heart of the band were the brothers Flavio & Valerio Biagi with the collaboration of Valerio Tassinari. Deeply influenced by the British synth-pop heroes like Tubeway Army and Depeche Mode, the Biagi brothers were able to merge that kind of epic sounds with the more romantic Italian vision of the electronic dark wave. Mastering by Rude 66. Limited edition on black vinyl...

mechanic soldier


Artist : Effetto Joule 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

mechanic soldier / LP

Hailing from Bologna, Italy in the late 80's, Effetto Joule were brothers Flavio & Valero Biagi, Massimo Chericoni and Valerio Tassinari. Drawing on influences of the early 80's new-wave and synth-pop scene and armed with an arsenal of synthesizers (Korg Poly-800, Roland alpha juno-1 and juno-2, etc) from the mid 80's, Effetto Joule crafted their own sound. With the exception of the few of the tracks, almost all were home recorded during the years of 1988-1990. Effetto Joule self released a couple of cassettes entitled 'Ultraviolet' A and B as well as one 12" single in 1989 on Top Sound Record (recently reissued by Mannequin Records with bonus material). The rest of their music has been unreleased demos from which 3 tracks were hand selected. The tunes can best be described as densely new romantic with unquestionably catchy hooks and lovely vocals to boot. Standout tracks include "Active Ray" and "Stars Your Memory". Fans of Visage, early Depeche Mode and Dare era Human League will need this slab of wax in their collections to cherish. Presented on high quality 180gr colored vinyl. Limited edition. Remastered from cassette from the artist's archive by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK. Contains 4 digital bonus tracks!



Artist : Egotronic / Saalschutz 

Label : Audiolith 

luxus / 7"

Crazy electrified electro-punk from the German Audiolith label, "Luxus" and "Nein, Nein" (with Saalschutz from Switzerland) released in 2005 and mastered at Phonraum, Hamburg...

werk of art


Artist : Egypt Ear Werk 

Label : Kust Musik 

werk of art / 12"

A unique collaboration between 2 electro legends : Egyptian Lover & Luke Eargoggle. The master and pioneer of oldschool electro meets Swedens famous electro king for a dark'n'deep electro excursion into the land of booming 808's and analogue synths. 2 continents, 2 minds, 2 versions. Also bonus beats by The Lover, and a Faceless Mind reconstruction. Whaoh !



Artist : Egyptian Lover 

Label : Egyptian Empire 

freak-a-holic / 12"

"Freak-a-Holic" !!! Huge Hit by the father of electro and hip-hop fusion : Egyptian Lover (from L.A). More electro funk orientated track that brings your feet to the dancefloor. B1 : 7" version. B2 : extended and remixed version of the very first single of Egyptian Lover "On the Nile". Classic theme. Hurry Up !! Check It !



Artist : Egyptian Lover 

Label : Egyptian Empire 

1984 / 2x12"

12 brand new Egyptian Lover tracks that will take you right back to 1984. Back to the future!! This album was recorded the way they recorded back in 1984 with analog equipment and a real 808 drum machine in a professional studio. '1984' is an historic long awaited album made for the people who love music, the people who love The Egyptian Lover music. That pure old school electro. The kind of music that reaches deep down inside your soul and makes you move. Highly Recommended !



Artist : Ekman 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

nervous / 12"

Hailing from Holland Ekman has been haunting the dancefloors for some time now with his deformed acid influenced dark and nasty slow electro and techno tunes. His music is fitting in perfect in between drugged out techno and new beat / early techno stuff, and even some classic electro touches can be found. Simply excellent for not your average dance party; but who likes average anyway ??

radioactivo tour in Deutschland


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Metawave Music 

radioactivo tour in Deutschland / 7"

A very limited (300 copies) El Aviador Dro (sp) single for the Radiactivo Tour in Germany has been released in 2003 on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. 2 quite poppy minimal electro tracks to feed your brain !

la chica de plexiglás


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Munster Records 

la chica de plexiglás / 2x7"

A very special reissue of a milestone in Spanish music history. El Aviador Dro´s first two singles (1980 and 1981) on a deluxe repackage. Spain´s own Kraftwerk meets Devo meets The Residents. Munster label from Madrid releases their two first singles "La Chica de Plexiglas" and "La Vision" on a very special double single set (2X7") with two bonus tracks recorded in 1980 for a third single that never came out. Gatefold jacket, coloured vinyl, limited edition. Superb collector item !

sintesis : la produccion al poder


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : PIAS 

sintesis : la produccion al poder / 3x12"

"Síntesis" was El Aviador Dro 2nd album release and came as a box set in 1983, including the lp's "Tesis" and "Antisesis", an additional 7" plus a 50 pages booklet dealing with some of their social, ecomonic and futuristic reflections laid down in various manifests. Musically, after the acquisition of new drum machines and synths, they presented a more versatile mix of light electro-pop tunes, darker minimal electro-wave, industrial influenced tracks, everything in between. Also featured here is the great (and quite different) 12" version of "Selector De Frecuencias", the complete "Amor Industrial" 12" and "Vortex" 12". So, for all you vinyl junkies out there, no need no more to search for the expensive originals or compromise with the cd versions, here’s the one for heavy rotation on your turntable ! 3LP massive box sets, limited to 500 copies...

alas sobre el mundo


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : PIAS 

alas sobre el mundo / 2x12"

That collective of various individuals surrounding master mind Servando Carballar from Madrid (Spain), were the masters of minimal electro pop & techno pop ! No wonder that out of this collective also the cult rhythmic industrial group Esplendor Geometrico did evolve. Anyway, Aviador Dro was incredible synth sound and ideas, most brilliant drum machine programming and those beautiful and melodic Spanish male vocals. This newly issued 2lp rerelease features their output from 1982 which were most probably best records : the "Alas Sobre El Mundo" lp, the "Nuclear, Sí" 7", and the "Programa En Espiral" 12". No doubt : this music belongs to any music collection. Must-have limited to 500 copies !

cromosomas salvajes


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Mecanica 

cromosomas salvajes / LP

One of the most influential Spanish techno-pop bands from the 80's is finally taking back to life one of their most successful albums. Originally released in 1985, 'Cromosomas Salvajes' marked a big step forward on the career of El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados. While keeping their message in support of the working class, nuclear energy and futuristic vision, this work had a top production, more dynamic compositions and included some of the fans favorites: "Himno Aéreo", "La Ciudad En Movimiento" and "El Color De Tus Ojos Al Bailar". This new pressing has been restored and remastered from the original tapes. This beautiful LP edition comes in yellow vinyl with gatefold jacket with an exclusive postcard, one sticker and includes all tracks from the original issue plus the B-side "Tejidos" and the unreleased track "Europa Arde En Mi Interior" that was originally composed for the famous Eurovision song contest. Limited to 400 copies !



Artist : El Guerrillero Rojo 

Label : Atemporal 

manifesto / LP

In 1983 the Spanish musician L.G. Aleman involved in rock bands like Arquitran & Cebras with Domingo (Neonada Y Atentados & T.V. Sovietica) decides to work only with synths in the projects El Guerrillero Rojo, Fluido Vital & H_C, the same year appears the cassette 'El Guerrillero Rojo' in the fanzine 'La Razon De La Discordia' now remastered for this vinyl edition including unreleased material. Minimal synth from Valencia (Spain) limited edition of 105 copies on red vinyl ;)



Artist : El Ultimo Vecino 

Label : Domestica 

untitled / LP

For Gerard Alegre Dòria, true music had always been in the black piece of furniture in his parents' home, in those shining vynils and those silver and black cds of the 90's. In 2011 he decided that he wanted to make true songs, so he was carried along, with no complexes, by the greatest sounds and romanticism that he had ever heard. The crystalline electric guitars, full of spatial effects, shameless synthesizers and the voices in a huge cave became key elements to make El Último Vecino. Limited edition of 500 copies..



Artist : Elec Pt.1 

Label : Bunker 

fuckin' face / 12"

Mo' better blues still on blue vinyl & still limited to 200 copies!

nothing is real


Artist : Elec Pt.1 

Label : Bunker 

nothing is real / 12"

Sinister acidic techno pressed on blue vinyl & limited to 200 copies only..!



Artist : Electro Music Specialists 

Label : Satamile 

colonized / 12"

Our favourite New York label, at the forefront of the electro scene, distills us 4 track bass-heavy beat cutter from E.M.S. This artist builds his machines from the transistors up, drums and modular synths sounding distinct from the sound of a thousand lesser talents. Make sure you check out this latest nifty slice of late night dancefloor carnage !

seid bereit !


Artist : Electronic Corporation 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

seid bereit ! / 12"

With this release, René Kirchner and Ive Müller (aka Electronic Corporation) are giving a clear statement to their EBM and industrial roots beside the poppic 80's sound. "Seid Bereit !" includes 4 energetic electro tracks with hard sequences and basslines. Rare retro style but far away from the ordinary vinyl retro style. Raw and agressiv like the idols, but fat beats and groovin basslines known from the EC catalog. Underrated gem !



Artist : Electronome 

Label : Nu Vorm 

4+10=12 / 12"

3 tracks with pounding electro as we thought only could be made in Detroit. A must for all dj's and fans of rocking uptempo electro… Limited press…

music telex


Artist : Electronome 

Label : Murder Capital 

music telex / 12"

V-001/M-005. Remastered 2016 repress. This is electro... Bloody good piece of pure electro sounds, dirty and psychedelic... 135bpm of dancefloor pumpin' low-fi style ! Old School !



Artist : Electronome 

Label : Murder Capital 

untitled / 12"

2016 remastered re-release of this essential Dutch westcoast electro-techno classic, aka Interr-Fered Communications HM1202. Great analogue electro, the best around ;)

mathematical theory of communication


Artist : Elektra-Entertainment 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

mathematical theory of communication / 12"

Transmitted via : Tr-808, Sh-101, Sh-09, System-100m, Promars Mrs-2, Jupiter-4, Jupiter-6. Uploaded, transfered & interfunked somewhere outside Japan by the Elektra-Entertainment @ 8-Bit (Dortmund 2009). Very limited edition of 99 vinyl copies. Black edition...

swiss invader


Artist : Elektrosmog 

Label : Djax-Up-Beats 

swiss invader / 12"

Review to come..!

east side of heaven


Artist : Element 104 

Label : Kernkrach 

east side of heaven / 7"

If you thought that synth-pop was dead nowadays then Element 104 are surely the ones to lift the genre from its supposed grave. Busting their meandering electro-vocal charms out on Kernkrach (Heinz Stelte's long-running imprint), the trio offer 2 driving dancefloor cuts with utterly memorable lyrics and one hell of a guitar riff, the former sounding like it's come straight out of an 80's pulp B-movie, and the latter heading down more psychedelic territories in the company of metallic drum machines and that neo-romantic swagger. Lovely stuff from this cult American 80's band for the 1st time on vinyl. Rocking synth-pop / electronic new-wave limited to 250 hand numbered copies..

bas relief


Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Dark Entries 

bas relief / LP

Re-issue of the debut album by Eleven Pond. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single lp in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound (a merging of post punk’s dark dance and synthpop’s melodic arrangements), reflected the originality of gifted songwriters who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records. The recordings on this release comprise the band’s entire recorded output and the lp includes an original insert including photos, lyrics and liner notes. Eleven Pond officially parted ways in 1987 but nearly a quarter-century later these recordings prove how vital they remain. Must Have Repress edition !!!

watching trees


Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Angular Recording Corporation 

watching trees / 12"

Eleven Pond's "Watching Trees" provided one of the poppiest moments on Angular's 2010 compilation 'Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics', bringing them to the fore of the renewed interest in coldwave after 25 years in the wilderness. The band formed in Rochester, CA in 1986, and self released their only LP 'Bas Relief' the following year. 2 & a half decades later "Watching Trees" has taken on a life of it's own, having been wholeheartedly embraced by a new generation of synth-pop kids and sounding fresher on the dancefloor than most electronic body music today. Unmissable!!



Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Dark Entries 

assemblage / LP

Here is the long lost sophomore album by Eleven Pond. The band formed during the mid-80's in Rochester, NY, while attending art school, and were brought together by their shared love of 4AD and Factory Records. They released their debut LP 'Bas Relief' in 1986. Before breaking up in October 1987, the band recorded 8 songs that would sit in abandoned storage containers for over 25 years. 'Assemblege' collects these multi-track recordings, which were originally made between march 1987 and july 1987. The lineup for this period was James Tabbi (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jeff Gallea (bass, drum programs, vocals, synthesizer), Jack Schaefer (electric guitar), Dan Brumley (sequences, samples, vocoder) and new member Tim Masick (electronic drums). 'Assemblage' is a logical progression from "Bas Relief" and will satisfy listeners who were left wanting more. The songs are driven by strong melodic basslines, atmospheric synth washes, and textural guitars. James' signature new-wave vocals sound more British than American, recalling the best of New Order or Depeche Mode. Tim Masick's drum programs add an electro element to Eleven Pond's Diy sound. Their primary influences were Joy Division, Fad Gadget and Echo & The Bunnymen, as well another obscure American college rock band, For Against. The vinyl comes housed in silk-screened jacket designed by Jeff Gallea. Each LP includes a double sided 11x11 cardstock insert with lyrics and photos. 25 years later we can finally enjoy this set of songs rescued from obscurity.

mirror men ep


Artist : Elitechnique 

Label : Clone 

mirror men ep / 12"

Great follow-up on the finger food ep. On A-Side, a smooth grooving disco affair they are known for. Working the floor with some great melodic disco that sounds impressive on a big system. On B-Side, 2 amazing tracks... "Mirror Men" is a totally unexpected electronic disco-funk track with some wave influences. Very classy and masculine track ! "Autumn Abyss" is a sweet and soulful track we would expect on a Kool & the Gang album, think summer madness style, with its incredibly warm sounding instruments. Man... this gives you shivers going down your spine ! No samples used.. All real instruments, like back in the days. We are sure that if this track was old, Air would probably sample it for their last album... Great versatile release from the Elitechnique boys. Highly Recommended ;-)

everything fades


Artist : Elyzium For The Sleepless Souls 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

everything fades / LP

A wave band from Luxembourg you say? Where the hell is that? Indeed, even that small country of Europe contributed fine sounds to that movement known worldwide as new-wave. Elyzium For The Sleepless Souls, a classical singer/synths duo, were a short lived yet very talented band that quickly became a local legend. Brouillard Définitif presents us the album 'Everything Fades', originally a self-released tape from 1995, for the 1st time on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl !



Artist : End Of Your Garden / De Ma Vaere Belgiere 

Label : Dark Entries 

split / LP

This split lp combines 2 7″s from the Danish bands End Of Your Garden and De Må Være Belgiere originally released on the Replik Muzick record label in 1981/83. End Of Your Garden were a trio from Haderslev who took their name from the Joy Division song "Eternal". Inspired after reading an NME review of the 1st Young Marble Giants release, the band formed in late 1980. Using a Diy mentality, they employed a sparse, simple sound built around synthesizer, rhythm box, bass, guitar and violin, which set them apart from their contemporaries. The recording for the "Celebration" 7″ took place during one weekend in the summer of 1981 with producer Ingolf Brown of Danish synth-pop band Moral. The 4 songs on the "Celebration" 7″ showed the diverse range this band covered during their short life. After recording the "Test" 7″ in 1982 the band broke up and members went on to form Tristan T. De Må Være Belgiere were a 4-piece from Aarhus formed in 1982. Their sole release was a 7″ recorded in february 1983 and the music was a product of the Factory Records post-punk sound conveying a melancholic and mournful mood. The band played guitar, bass, drums, sang in their native language of Danish and shared a love for Echo and the Bunnymen, Josef K., The Cure and Joy Division. Sadly the group broke up in 1984 after a handful of live shows. All songs were remastered from the original reel to reel tapes by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each lp includes a lyric sheet with unreleased photos of each band and is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies..!

twistin' on the tombstones


Artist : Ende Shneafliet 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

twistin' on the tombstones / 2x12"

Double LP with on it 22 tracks (of which 20 were never released on vinyl before) by the fantastic dutch duo Ende Shneafliet. All material on this album was recorded in the period 1981 - 1983 and is taken from the various cassette albums the band released on Trumpett. A lost treasure from the past brings back up to the day's light by Enfant Terrible. Limited to 500 copies so get it now or never...

synthimental love songs


Artist : Ende Shneafliet 

Label : Trumpett 

synthimental love songs / LP

Here is another vinyl on Trumpett to celebrate the 30 years of activities. This Ende Shneafliet record is a companion to the 2xLP released by Enfant Terrible. So accordingly the sides are titled E & F (as the A,B,C and D sides can be found on Enfant05). But, it is also a collection tracks standing on its own... sequenced for you by Enfant Terrible. 11 tracks to satisfy your hunger for authentic 80's synth / minimal music...



Artist : Ende Shneafliet / Solitude FX 

Label : Trumpett / Sensible Chaos 

split / 7"

Extremely limited split 7" record (288 ex) on the Trumpett archive label released in 2001. A-side : "Look At The Flightscreen" by one of the pioneer of 80's minimal electro sound Ende Shneafliet, is a slow and massive minimal electro masterpiece. Heavy dark atmosphere with deep light olschool synth notes, human and vocoder lyrics. B-Side :"Solitude" by the still active 80's German minimal electro band Solitude FX (composed by Mark Schaffer) is a beautiful deep trippin' minimal new-wave track. Intensively cool and melancolic moment far away from earthling reality.

taming textures


Artist : Endorphins 

Label : Vynalogica 

taming textures / 12"

Classic analog instruments comes courtesy of Endorphins who deliver this 4 tracker. The opener and also our favorite track is "Superperson" a subtle metallic synth and percussion joined by a tight electro beat while a rumbling synth bass stabs underneath, a quality analog electro track with a hint of depth. The production is superb across the 3 others, more experimental as the last cut will prove, "To Breathe Smoke" starts with its sub bass kicking off proceedings, resonant percussion joins as the metronome. A top slice of analog goodness from the increasingly good Vynalogica series !



Artist : Endorphins 

Label : Eat This Records 

discipline / 12"

The latest gem from the long dormant Endorphins crew gives up the beats in yo C-64 stylee! The 12" comes with a free floppy disk formatted just for Commodore 64's, and 7 tracks on the vinyl. The opener "Mammon" is ace, fat and crunchy distorted beats delivering a crushing groove while analogue synths and melodies fill in the gaps, retaining the old skool 8-bit feel but keeping it pretty fresh. Also head for "Ephigo" on the flip for its cracked-up melodies and pure analogue modulation on the synths that delivers a class electronic vibe while showcasing the other side of Endorphins 'Discipline'. Last up the absolute madness of "Discipline" deserves a mention, all manner of tweaking and analogue noises are played out across a sometimes subtle, sometimes insane track, complete with crazy vocal samples too. Cool 12"!

fwd: dedication


Artist : Endorphins 

Label : Eat This Records 

fwd: dedication / 12"+CD

Nice ep (including a CD-r) with raw electronix with the most beautiful sounds and relaxed atmosphere. Various modern electronix with cool danceable tracks to more moody advanced stuff. Nice one again for the Dutch Eat This label!

auto beam ep


Artist : English Electric 

Label : Mighty Robot 

auto beam ep / 12"

English Electric’s first full release, the Auto Beam ep, which follows his outstanding rmx work for the label on Lindsay-J and Sneak Thief’s "Open The Door". Those who have been lucky enough to catch English Electric’s live shows will have heard first hand his epic soundscapes, welding pounding beats to John Carpenter synths; ideal for tearing down the autobahn at 245 kph in your 911. With Dicky Trisco of boogie corporation, deep freeze jacking it up on rmx duties this record will devastate both headz and feet. Don't sleep !

posable flotsam ep


Artist : English Electric 

Label : Dumb Terminal 

posable flotsam ep / 12"

Maximised electro from English Electric, succeeding his previous 12" for Mighty Robot records with a similar blend of Moroder italo debted pomp and soundtracky electro massively boosted by some incredibly large impact production that will sound immense over a big soundsystem. Tip !

participer à une observation


Artist : Enid Fleurette Et Poussiere 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

participer à une observation / 7"

Enid Fleurette Et Poussière is the 1st musical endeavour of a man who, without being a musician himself, has dedicated most of his life to music; a man whose perspective until now has been that of an indefatigable seeker of lost musical treasures, and whose work has been instrumental in the revival of the 804s electronic underground: Jörg Steinmeyer, better known in minimal electro circles as Dr Kernkrach. Aided by Joachim Saleina on guitar, he delivers on this debut 7" 2 tracks of pure 80's reminiscence: side A swings between early 80's Diy industrial à la Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide-like no-wave neurosis, while side B is all murky weirdo batcave in best Trop Tard style. 'Participer A Une Observation' is conceived as the soundtrack to a series of black and white photographs, taken by Jörg both at home and abroad along the years and presented here in a 16-page booklet. True 80's music from a true 80's man!

the art of being


Artist : Ensemble Pittoresque 

Label : Minimal Wave 

the art of being / LP

NYC's own synth reissue label, Minimal Wave, knocks another one out of the park with this great release of unissued material by Ensemble Pittoresque. E.P. were formed in 1979 and immediately began recording in their house in coastal Holland. This LP presents recordings from 1982 they submitted as a cassette to Polydor, who of course found the material "too uncommercial." Most songs feature layers and layers of keyboard harmonies and excellent drum machine programming. The vocals have that classic "detached" sound we've all come to expect and love from this kind of music. Highly recommended !

for this is past


Artist : Ensemble Pittoresque 

Label : Clogsontronics 

for this is past / LP+CD

The legendary 1st album by Dutch experimental electronic pop band Ensemble Pittoresque finally re-issued on lp and cd. Originally released in 1983 and now a cult and collector's item. A great piece of Dutch experimental new-wave and minimal electronics. This re-issue features a heavy weight high quality vinyl record in printed innersleeve, a cd, 2 stickers and all inside a nice (slighlty adjusted from the original) outersleeve. You must have this masterpiece in your collection... Limited to 700 copies !

dark matter


Artist : Enzo Kreft 

Label : Walhalla Records 

dark matter / LP

Enzo Kreft is the pseudonym of Eric Vandamme, a Belgian visual artist and musician, living in Mechelen, between Antwerp and Brussels. He released 2 obscure but widely acclaimed minimal synth cassette albums in the early 80's, creating a dark and atmospheric sound, using lo-fi overdubbing techniques with a Korg MS-10, a monophonic Yamaha synth, a Crumar Trilogy keyboard, a Sound Master SR-88 rhtyhm box, a Roland TR-606 drum machine, tapeloops and an electric guitar. His debut album 'Me Is' (1983) has become a worldwide collector's item, containing his best-known tracks "Beauty Queen" and "Erotic Fantaseesz". On his 2nd album 'Cicatrice' (1984), Kreft evokes images of an apocalyptic society full of fear, paranoia and destruction. 'Dark Matter'” offers all key tracks of those both cassettes, now for the very 1st time on vinyl ! Another minimal synth gem brought to you by Walhalla Records !

kein paradies


Artist : Epic Dreams 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

kein paradies / 7"

In 2008 Epic Dreams was refounded by Götz Langenbruch and Joa Saleina and later Andreas Koch under this new name. Declared goal of „Epic Dreams“ is to revive the flair and sound of the early coldwave 80's. Here is their 2nd 7" release in a pure emotive cold atmosphere.. Limited 1st 150 hand-numbered copies pressed on black vinyl (no.001-150) with small center hole.



Artist : Epy 

Label : TRUST 

zentrum / 12"

Epy are back, once again playing it by their own rules : bleepy funk and advanced sound design meet powerful 808 beats. 4 kicking tracks to inspire your ears, engage your feet and take electro one big step beyond the usual. Nice ;)

astros prometidos


Artist : Equinoxious 

Label : Sincronica 

astros prometidos / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Equinoxious 

Label : Sincronica 

cosmódromo / LP

'Cosmódromo' is the 2nd vinyl project, and LP debut of Mexican Rogelio Serrano. An album totally based on electronic old born in the late 70's to middle of 80's, staying true to the sound created by analog synthesizers mainly influenced by projects as Jean Michel Jarre, Aviador Dro, Klaus Schulze, The Cure, Kaftwerk, The Human League, Martial Canterel, Das Ding, among various other groups and genres, from electro minimal to synth-pop or coldwave. A project inspired by the artistic currents of Futurism, Science Fiction, Creationism, and the Space Program of the Ancient Soviet Union, which will transport the listener to the nostalgic sound electronic of the most underground stage of the 70's and 80's. Limited edition LP pressed in 140gr vinyl of 320 hand numered copies. Reverse cardboard sleeve, includes picture insert 12"x12" with biography and lyrics and black paper bag and download coupon.

zeitgerät / haunebu paradox


Artist : Erwin Eiswürfel 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

zeitgerät / haunebu paradox / 7"

And yet another very nice little FKK release! In the artist's own words: 'Erwin Eiswürfel stands for extremely relaxed and continuously easy. This is the secret of my success'. 2 very laid-back electronic pieces by the new king of Cool.. Tip!



Artist : ESG 

Label : 99 Records 

esg / 12"

This bootleg is the debut self-titled EP in '81 that featured three live and three studio songs from this cult band composed by four sisters from the South Bronx, New York, USA. The claustrophobic sound made of tight bass, heavy drums and sparse hysteric vocals can be easily defined as the nexus between No Wave and funk. Simply a must-have !

I never meant to make you cry


Artist : Espionage 

Label : A&M Records 

I never meant to make you cry / 7"

Great single released in 1983 by this unknown band Espionage from UK. Cheezy lyrics with interesting evolutive synth lines. An Artist to discover !

nuit de noce


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

nuit de noce / LP

Essaie Pas (aka Marie Davidson & husband Pierre Guerineau) 1st LP 'Nuit De Noce' released through Teenage Menopause Records is a similar collage of dark synths, sequencers, bilingual spoken word, and minimalist structure, but with an addition of twangy guitar and a greater tendency toward pastiche. "Carcajou" establishes the pace with Esquivellian offbeat block hits and a YMO-worthy synth lead. 3 minutes into the song, the coarse bass line shrinks to a short pulse, and a menacing synth drone begins to wail; Marie's voice begins to flake off into fibers of delay; the bass mutates into a grinding burst. A gloomy void has opened in the midst of the loungey structure that they started out with. In a Belgian interview back in November, Pierre & Marie explained their name as a reference to Charles Bukowski's epitaph, 'Don't Try' describing how while it at 1st glance seems negative, but under scrutiny it reveals an encouraging meaning. "It means 'Do it!' 'Have no fear!'" The anecdote shows a fascination with the coinciding moments of optimism and gloom that manifest themselves inversely during the course of the album. The songs on 'Nuit De Noce' pull from a set of upbeat italo-disco and syrupy film score references to wring out an underlying sense of anxious tension and brooding melancholia. Essaie Pas tap into the sinister undercurrent of Giorgio Moroder's basslines. Even when Moroder's bass lines are smothered in guitar solo cheese and cloying synth timbres, they still retains a sense primal metaphysical dread and an uncanny valley quality to the synthetic timbre. For those of us who are coming around to Essaie Pas post Davidson familiarity, 'Nuit De Noce' is an absorbing counterpoint to her solo material; it's groovier, more disparate, but equally captivated by the paradoxical connection between dark fantasy and life affirmation. Limited to 500 copies !

danse sociale


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

danse sociale / 7"

New 7" single from the Canadian duo. Millimetric freezy synth-pop. Comes in an eyestabbing artwork plastic cover. Let's slide the record in its sleeve !! Limited edition of 500 ex. Includes unlimited streaming of "Danse Sociale" via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

demain est une autre nuit


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : DFA 

demain est une autre nuit / LP

Marie Davidson & Pierre Guerineau started working together as Essaie Pas in 2010 and they've dropped a handful of eps, mostly self-released or via small labels. Their 1st album comes via DFA, which is their biggest platform yet. Davidson is a prolific artist known for her darkwave-tinted synth music, while Guerineau is an engineer and producer who has worked with the likes of Dirty Beaches and Femminielli. Work on 'Demain Est Une Autre Nuit' started when the duo came back home to Montreal from a European tour and found that they had been evicted from their studio and apartment. Unable to find another place, they settled on a practice space whose many corridors and big empty rooms inspired Davidson & Guerineau. "This environment influenced our music", explained Guerineau. "The sounds are more clear and open, the production has more depth, on a full frequency range". The label says that the LP was influenced by EBM, disco, techno and film soundtracks, with "sensually-delivered lyrics exploring the themes of fantasies, obsessions, and the feeling of 'the void'". "The title comes from a joke we made when going to bed one morning, talking about our plans for the next evening", says Guerineau. "Night is a place of freedom, a place where fantasies and obsessions are not tied by moral constraints. It's also a time where the feeling of loneliness is stronger and when emotions and memories arise, whether you are facing it or running away from it. I think the tension and sense of urgency on the record comes from that dichotomy". Black standard vinyl including high-quality digital download.. Essential !!

die runde sache


Artist : Eurocheque 

Label : Kernkrach 

die runde sache / LP

This LP compilation contains unreleased tracks from this band of the early 80's. The music can be sorted easily between NDW, minimal electro and Synthie Pop. All songs are very light, poppy and real party music. Top hits : "Apocalypse", "Handarbeit", "Plastik" and "Sternchen". Comes in a handnumbered sandpaper cover + booklet.



Artist : Europ Europ 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

mellowharsher / 10"

This Norwegian band is around since 1996, making noise since 1996. But never noise in an average way or a predictable manner. This is industrial music as it should sound, never becoming dark in a gothic kind of way, never becoming weak dance music in a new school kind of way, and without getting lost in noise just for the sake of noise. The music is ritual and tribal and performed like an occult rite. And yet it is also contemporary experimental pop music, maybe.. Limited to 200 numbered copies including insert & an hand enhanced sleeve ;)

repeating mistakes


Artist : Europ Europ 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

repeating mistakes / LP

While the 'Mellowharsher' mini LP (2012) was subtle on every level this new full length album by Europ Europ might be called subtle noise... 'Repeating Mistakes' shows a slightly different side of the Norwegian band... they are back to being a duo and back to basics in a way... The album is noisy but without being a simple drone. The band serves you lo-fi industrial soundscapes presented as songs, sometimes haunting and disturbing but the next minute soothing and hypnotic. 'Repeating Mistakes' is not an easy listening album but a piece of music you need to discover by listening to it over and over again... peeling away layers and uncovering the true nature of the songs by doing this. This is simply minimal electronics as it should sound; limited to 200 copies !

much more ordinary


Artist : Europ Europ 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

much more ordinary / 7"

Europ Europ have become a steady partner in crime. Together the band and Enfant Terrible like to treat the world with some new tasty, freaky and noisy sounds once in a while. Here is a new 7" on which the band sounds more rhythmic as they ever did before, without forgetting their noisy post-industrial background Europ Europ has come up with 2 major cultish weird post-industrial disco tracks. This is all any minimal devotee could ask for: simply true minimal electronics as they should sound. Raw, unpolished and free-spirited. Edition of 200 numbered copies !

la ùltima emoción


Artist : Europa 

Label : Dark Entries 

la ùltima emoción / LP

Europa was a short-lived synth-pop group from Valencia, Spain formed in 1980 by Julio 'Nexus' Pastor (synthesizers), Alfonso Aguado (vocals, guitar), Lino Oviaño (vocals, drum machine), and José Luis Macias (synthesizers). The quartet championed the use of synthesizers, drum machines and other polyphonic gadgets in a city that was stuck in the throws of progressive rock. They recorded and released their only album 'La Última Emoción' in 1981 on cassette, released by DAI (Division Avanzada Independiente) a label interested in bands "capable of building electronic sounds from drum machines, sequencers, synths and effects, rather than conventional instruments like guitars and basses". The original issue of 'La Última Emoción' was limited to 500 copies. As part of the Spanish techno-pop movement of the 80's, Europa's songs featured arpeggiated synthesizers and upbeat drum machines that flashback to the sound of Vince Clarke's Depeche Mode days. Comparisons could be made to other Spanish techno-pop bands like Aviador Dro, Vocoder or Metal y Ca but Europa weaved a unique style of driving, energetic rhythms, bouncy keyboards and soaring vocals perfect for dancing or speeding into outer space. In 2010 the original Europa line-up reformed to play a few select live shows celebrating the re-issue of their 1984 cassette 'Máquinas Románticas' on Turia Records. Their sound remains clean, rhythmic and futuristically strange, transporting crowds to another dimension. Each LP includes an 8-page booklet originally housed in the 1981 cassette long-box complete with bi-lingual liner notes, lyrics and photos. 30 years later the futuristic sounds of Europa are ready to usher in another new wave. Just thank you!

sexcrime (1984)


Artist : Eurythmics 

Label : Virgin 

sexcrime (1984) / 7"

No need to present you this duo composed by Annie Lennox (vocal) and Dave Stewart (instruments). "Sexcrime" is the major single taken from the origial movie soundtrack "1984" (by Michael Radford). According to us, the best track released by Eurythmics. Catchy electro synth-pop with vocoder. Big Hit !



Artist : Exces Nocturne 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

l'echo des silences / 12"

This 4-track ep features new versions of already famous tracks from the French cold-wave band: "Mémoire", "Le Soleil s'est Noyé" and "La Vie Peut Etre Cruelle", recently re-recorded, rearranged and remixed. The 4th song, "Moi dans le Silence", is a totally new, previously unreleased track. Excès Nocturne, finally on vinyl again after many years... This is the "customised" edition with a redecorated sleeve by Corine (the singer); each sleeve is unique, turning these records into true collector's items !



Artist : Executive Slacks 

Label : Dark Entries 

untitled / 12"

Executive Slacks was spawned in Philadelphia by 3 restless art students : Matt Marello, John Young & Albert Ganss in the early 80's. Starting out with performance art in subways, they soon took their angst-ridden act to galleries and night clubs. They recorded 4 songs in the fall of 1982 that became their self-titled ep released by local independent label Red Records in 1983. On their debut ep Matt Marello roars and churns out white-hot shards of guitar while John Young's short-circuited noise machines and Albert Ganss's industrial metal drums create dramatic body rhythms. The Slacks drew their influences from contemporaries like Cabaret Voltaire and Tuxedomoon, as well as disco and dadaism. The tracks were created with the use of heavily modified synthesizers and noisemakers, industrial steel drums, metal rods and plates. Dripping in nihilism, the song's lyrics tackle the existential dread of the late 20th century. Executive Slacks' unique brew of primitive electronics, harsh guitars and aggressive vocals inspired many bands like Ministry, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy. Housed in the original jacket featuring a painting by Albert Ganss. Each copy includes an 8-page booklet on industrial gray and blood red paper with lyrics, photos and press clippings from the band's archives. As James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem said of "The Bus", 'I always wanted to make a song that sounded like that'.

life with you...


Artist : Expansives 

Label : Dark Entries 

life with you... / 12"

Gianluigi 'Gigi' Farina and Francesco Rago are to be counted among italo-disco's true originators. Operating as a duo under many monikers, they brought us masterpieces such as Wanexa's "The Man From Colours", 'Lectric Workers "Robot Is Systematic", and Decadance's "On And On". Their sound is propulsive and ethereal in equal measure; dense, psychedelic, and tinged with melancholy. Their 1st composition was under the name Expansives. "Life With You" was recorded in Milan in 1981 and released on Leader Records in 1982, and features then 16-year old Xenia Monneret on lyric-writing duties. They wanted to incorporate a more electronic sound to break the classic disco mold, and in the process, they created an early, raw example of what would come to be known as italo-disco. A thumping bass synth and processed drums set the groove, while Francesco sings of his loneliness. Tension is released when he later breaks into a Bee Gees-esque falsetto, but in the context of such an unusual song, the uncanny becomes familiar, the familiar becomes uncanny. Unfortunately they were not able to afford a professional recording studio and had to re-record each take over the same reel of tape. This caused a subtle surface noise buzz that adds to the warm analog feel of the song. On the B-side is the instrumental version with extended breaks, drum claps and dubbed out bass lines. The record comes housed in a newly designed die-cut jacket by Eloise Leigh, updating the orange and green color scheme of the original. Each copy includes a double-side postcard insert with lyrics, notes, and a never seen before photo from a fashion show.



Artist : Experiment Nnord 

Label : NLW 

untitled / 7"

These 2 tracks shows the more poppy side of this German band with some minimal-electro influences. They are not too close to the good old typical new-wave sound of the band and so seemed to be the perfect choice for a release on Hamburg-based NLW label. Intelligent German lyrics and male/female vocals, combined with gorgeous melodies show Experiment Nnord as an outstanding act. "Neue Welt" is a one of the greatest singable song ever !

glowing in the dark


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Gigolo 

glowing in the dark / 12"

Reissue of this superb track by Experimental Products, a two member synthesizer group from Philadelphia founded in 1982. Founding members Mark Wilde and Michael Gross are pioneers of analogue synthesizers and drum machines. The original version of "Glowing in the Dark" is on here + an obnoxious remix by Play Paul which is best to be ignored. A truly timeless slice of electro-wave... not to be missed !

prototype ----- plus garage tracks


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

prototype ----- plus garage tracks / 2x12"

Experimental Products (aka Mark Wilde & Michael Gross), is a synth duo from Philadelphia. In 1984 they released the 3 song 12" ep "Glowing In The Dark", considered today as a classic synth record. 2 years before this hit single, they released a lp titled "Prototype" (300 copies), which became later an obscure minimal synth collector record. VOD has made a high quality re-issue of this cult lp. A-side contains 5 unreleased songs from 1985, all synth-drum machine, again produced with 8-track gear this time in a band spare bedroom. B-side contains 6 songs from a 1983 live performance. Last copies !

tracks to glow in the dark


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

tracks to glow in the dark / 2x12"

This double-lp is the 2nd lp of Experimental Products on V-O-D Records. It contains all their previous official vinyl releases on lp #1 plus more ultra-rare or unreleased minimal-synth and dance-classics on lp #2, plus a live in the Studio performance from 1985.. Essential archive !

e.t. boogie


Artist : Extra T's 

Label : Sunnyview 

e.t. boogie / 12"

Sunnyview, USA, 1982... Contains main and instrumental versions of this classic ultra funky sci-fi electro by the Extra T's. Original pressing !

musik is the drug (rmxs)


Artist : Exzakt 

Label : Monotone 

musik is the drug (rmxs) / 12"

Second Monotone's release from US with three remixes of the big hit "Musik is the drug" by Exzakt aka Larry McCormick. Remixed by BLIM, Uprock & Kinesthetic. This one rocks. Great Sci-Fi sleeve !

second wave remix


Artist : Exzakt 

Label : SatRx 

second wave remix'd / 12"

Four remix's from 4 corners of the world. Tipper, Uprokk, EMS and an excellent raw electro funk version by Finnish Imatran Voima mixing it up for the Satamile sub-label. Ace !



Artist : Exzakt 

Label : Monotone 

repressed / 12"

This could be considered Exzakt's original 'greatest hits' with 4 classics released as a limited clear vinyl 1000 unit release.. Great dark electro bass!

cocktail mexico


Artist : Eye 

Label : Knekelhuis 

cocktail mexico / 10"

Laurène Exposito is back with a follow up to her well received debut album from last year on Knekelhuis. This new record turned out to be very personal. Life changes and love's stranges are central themes in all its shapes, sizes and colors. Still, hope takes centerstage. All tracks have been recorded at Laurène's home in the French Alps, using analog gear. Take a 'Cocktail Mexico' and immerse yourself into her liberating new trip. This 10" comes with intimate inlay. Nice Work ;)



Artist : Fünf Blonde Schwestern 

Label : Heimat 

untitled / 12"

Really unknown but beautiful ep by the German Fünf Blonde Schwestern band. Released in 1988 on Heimat records. High quality mixture of dark-wave and new-wave with nice instrumental melodies.

city of the living dead (paura nella citta dei morti viventi)


Artist : Fabio Frizzi 

Label : Stella 

city of the living dead (paura nella citta dei morti viventi) / LP

'City Of The Living Dead' (aka 'Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi'). Limited collectors edition of the original motion picture soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi for the Lucio Fulci zombie cult movie from 1980. High quality reissue including 7 previously unreleased tracks. All tracks are original versions, dubbed from the original analog master tapes! Limited edition on clear vinyl copies including 2 posters. Enjoy!

data cat


Artist : Faceless Mind 

Label : Strange Life 

data cat / 12"

Here is the first record of a new collaboration between swedish guys from Gothenburg Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen, released on the Legowelt label Strange Life. Hot futuristic afroscandinavian electro trax from the computerwelt. DopplerEfect inspired ! Solid limited 12" to 500 copies.



Artist : Faceless Mind 

Label : Breakin' Records 

drakskeppet / 12"

Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen (aka Faceless Mind) bring you stiff white funk from Gothenburg. This will be their 3rd release together following successes on Dutch labels Creme Organization and Strange Life. Try and imagine if vikings had analogue synths, or Ddopplereffekt were obsessed with norse mythology instead of particle physics... Nice Shot...

glasriket ep


Artist : Faceless Mind 

Label : Lunar Disko 

glasriket ep / 12"

Dublin - gothenburg connection 2009... luke eargoggle and johan inkinen aka faceless mind return on lunar disko records with more futuristic drexciyan/dopplereffekt style jams ! The dynamic swedish duo deliver four ice-cold electro tracks for the freakz only ! Once again, this ep shows us the amazing production skills of these swedish electro professors. "Visions Fade Away" is simply a stunning piece of electronic music; probably the best Faceless Mind track to date...a bomb of a track that will rock down any club ! Killer 808 beats, raw analogue basslines, and classic synth melodies in true Faceless Mind style. An outstanding ep, future classics limited to 500 copies...



Artist : Faceless Mind 

Label : Creme Organization 

faceless / 12"

Luke Eargoggle & Inkinen on the Creme sublabel Creme Eclipse, with classic Dopplereffekt icecold robotic electro tracks. Unmissable ;)

mat at duvorna


Artist : Facit 

Label : Cititrax 

mat at duvorna / 12"

Facit is the brainchild of Joakim Karlsson hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, who also released under Jocke & Elliot back in 2010. Featuring both Karlsson and the lovely Mai Nestor on vocals, Facit is quintessential melancholic Swedish wave at its finest. Exquisitely produced, the 'Mat Åt Duvorna' ep is a minimal synth wave gem, drawing some inspiration from French Chanson as well. The ep is pressed here on 160gr milky clear vinyl. Limited to 999 copies.

måndag mon amour


Artist : Facit 

Label : Waving Hands Records 

måndag mon amour / 12"

Hailing from Gothenburg, Facit is the project of Joakim Karlsson. For almost a decade, he has been producing tearful synthesizer music under various aliases, often teaming up with compatriot Mai Nestor on vocals. Smartly drawing a line between Swedish chanson and minimal-synth, 'Måndag Mon Amour' is Facit's 2nd ep after having stopped at Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax in late 2013 with 'Mat Åt Duvorna' (Food For Pigeons). Limited edition of 300 copies, hand-numbered insert included. Big Tip !



Artist : Facit 

Label : Kaften 

vaxdockan / 7"

On A-side: beautiful Swedish song cover from the film Vaxdockan (from 1962, written by Lars Forssell & Ulrik Neumannon), about a man growing up still playing with his dolls. Beautiful naif nursery rhyme style set to beautifully bittersweet synth. B-side is its cold, wipe clean inverse, placing blunt repetitive intonation against stepping cold wave groove. A dark helping hand, trying to reach out..

one man's meat


Artist : Fad Gadget 

Label : Mute 

one man's meat / 7"

Another great release by the obscure and prolific artist Fad Gadget in 1984. A 7" single with 2 great songs that remind us the best of The Doors atmosphere combined with primitive and authentic electronic notes, especially "Sleep". All Fad's releases are essential poetic melodies ! We greatly support his works.

ricky's hand


Artist : Fad Gadget 

Label : Mute 

ricky's hand / 7"

Absolute Classic Fad Gadget first hit : "Rickie's hand" released in 1980 on the UK pioneer Mute label. Extreme uptempo minimal-synth coldwave featuring Frank Tovey (r.i.p.). Very avant-gardiste for that time ! "Handshake" is a more experimental version of "Rickie's hand". BIG ONE ! Very few copies in stock.

the Fad Gadget singles


Artist : Fad Gadget 

Label : Mute 

the Fad Gadget singles / LP

The Fad Gadget Singles is the '86 collection of singles by British musician Fad Gadget. The album versions of these songs are not only of differing lengths, they were also often alternative mixes. The songs span the career of Fad Gadget from "Back to Nature" / "The Box" (their first single, double A side) all the way to "One Man's Meat", their final single before Frank Tovey reverted to the name of Frank Tovey. Essential record !

collapsing new people


Artist : Fad Gadget 

Label : Vogue 

collapsing new people / 12"

As the first act signed to Daniel Miller’s Mute Records, Fad Gadget was one of electronic pop’s first cult heroes. Here’s one of Fad Gadget’s best "commercial" moments, "Collapsing New People" which was released as a single in 1984. Plucked from "Gag", Fad Gadget’s final album; "Collapsing New People" also features German industrial pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten, who contribute percussion to the track. Unforgettable..

turn it up!


Artist : Fahrenheit 451 

Label : Rogue Records 

turn it up! / LP

Not much information on this US punk rock band called Fahrenheit 451.. but this "Turn It Up!" lp from 1986 is a really great piece of true rock music !

vienna calling


Artist : Falco 

Label : GiG Records 

vienna calling / 7"

First released in 1985, this Falco track is pretty much nonsense about women/girls in Vienna, Toronto, and Tucson. But the melody and the arrangement make it work !!



Artist : Fall Of Saigon 

Label : Dark Entries 

untitled / 12"

Re-issue the debut ep by Fall Of Saigon. The band was born in 1981 when Florence Berthon (Vocals), Pascal Comelade (Organ, Synthesizer) and Thierry Den (Guitar, Vocals) met at a concert in Montpellier, France. They chose to the name the project Fall Of Saigon after a song by UK post-punk act This Heat. They self-released their debut ep in 1983 citing Nico & The Velvet Underground, Suicide and James Joyce as influences. At the time the band formed, Pascal Comelade was an accomplished musician with instrumental sketches composed for the trio. The 6 songs on the ep were recorded in 2 stages. "She Leaves Me All Alone" and "On The Beach At Fontana" were sung by Thierry and recorded at Pascal's home on a Revox 2-track in one shot. The 4 songs sung by Florence ("Visions", "Blue Eyes", "So Long" and "The Swimmer") were recorded and mixed at the Montpellier Languedoc Video Animation Center by Jean Alain Sidi on 2 ReVox A77 reel to reels and a small mixer. On "Visions", "Blue Eyes" and "So Long", the group employed a drum machine that could only play 4 or 5 rhythms with a single slider to increase or decrease the tempo. The songs were minimal: verse, chorus, no bridge, no intro. Built on a simple spine, they create a feeling of space with just a voice and an organ or synthesizer melody. Full of class and inventiveness, Fall Of Saigon are often compared to Young Marble Giants due to the fragile, ephemeral quality of the songs. The vinyl comes housed in a full color jacket using the original artwork from the ep and includes an insert with lyrics and photos. Through 2 years of existence, Fall Of Saigon only released one ep and 30 years later their subtle sound is an essential guidepost in post-punk history.

misereality - ep


Artist : Fallen Apart 

Label : No Label 

misereality - ep / 12"

Fallen Apart was a German gothic-wave band founded in 1994 out of the ashes of a band called Funeral Address. It was the initial project of Echo West (aka Silent Signals). Recorded 5.1999 in Gelsenkirchen and released in 2000. Label stolen from Currey Beardsley, ca. 1897. Cover stolen from Koloman Moser, 1899. Background vocals "Great King" A.D. 1297. This release comes in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered, here on white vinyl. Includes a 12"x12" sized lyric-sheet. Be fast !

love inside


Artist : Fan Of '83 

Label : No Label 

love inside / 7"

The first Fan of '83 single saw the light in 1991 with Fan of '83 still being a one man project. Kinda Chicago House bass mixed together with dancing synthie-pop. Really old school but still very refreshing..

chinese eyes


Artist : Fancy 

Label : Jonathan 

chinese eyes / 12"

Great German electronic-disco sounding like a Bobby O production. Classic italo by Fancy (aka Manfred Alois Segieth) from 1985. Original copy ;)

it all makes sense


Artist : Fantome 

Label : Lynch Law Records 

it all makes sense / LP

The exciting new electro post-punk side project from Atari Teenage Riot's Hanin Elias and Die Krupp's Marcel Zürcher! Fantôme showcases Elias's more melodic and sultry side but retains her trademark fearlessness and fierce energy; just listen to the album's singles "Love" and "Song For God" and you'll be hooked! Stunning music videos for for both singles have already been created and are generating intense interest! Includes 3 bonus remixes..

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