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mindstorms ep


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Craigie Knowes 

mindstorms ep / 12"

From his debut in production at the turn of the new millennium onto his most recent deeds on the likes of Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S., Dj Overdose (aka Jeroen Warmenhoven) has remained true to the sound legacy of the underground Dutch scene and its flagship imprints Bunker, Crème and Viewlexx - carving out a unique and consistently inspired body of work that keeps giving, one release after the other. Back on Glasgow-based Craigie Knowes, the Dutch producer steps up with the aptly-named 'Mindstorms' ep to dish out a masterclass in spacewalking electronics and Detroit-imbued electro grooves. This one has received huge praise in reviews from Les Yeux Orange and Inverted Audio, with the record also being tipped by Mixmag's electro writers and XLR8R magazine's Rebecca.

aqua team


Artist : Dj Stingray 

Label : WeMe Records 

aqua team / 12"

Of course best known as the Dj of most mysterious Drexciya, Sherard Ingram (aka Urban Tribe) has been a strong pawn in the resistance of underground music... Now, out of the shadow of Detroit's underground, one of the godfathers of the electronic scene joins forces with Belgium's underground label Méwè/Wémè. Immediately, the first track is confirming Dj Stingray's Drexciya's membership while the second track is a dive into the (un)known abyss. And further with robotic and futuristic anthems... Killer release !

aqua team 2


Artist : Dj Stingray 

Label : WeMe Records 

aqua team 2 / 2x12"

Advanced underwater electronics by Dj Stingray from Detroit. Known for his collaborations with Drexciya (as the official drexciyan dj), and also know for his works with Carl Craig (on Retroactive and Planet E as Urban Tribe) and his collabs with old time friends Moodymann and more of the Detroit house producers. This is some deep almost industrial electro techno from the motor city and Stingray presents another double pack (after his release on Richard James' Rephlex label recently) with some raw, no nonsens dark shit from a dark (and some say doomed) city.. Essential !

drexciyan connection


Artist : Dj Stingray / Heinrich Mueller 

Label : WéMè Records 

drexciyan connection / 12"

Two old time friends hook up for the new WéMè release. Some deep and dark advanced modern electro tracks from Detroit. Another step in the development of Detroit electro techno. Mental stuff for the Heads ! Pure dope ;)



Artist : Dj Stingray 313 

Label : WeMe Records 

f.t.n.w.o. / 2x12"

Double vinyl housed in wicked wraparound sleeve in poly jacket. A balaclaved Dj Stingray stares at you from the operating end of a rifle. The image that greets you on 'F.T.N.W.O.' (F*ck The New World Order?) primes the listener for fight or flight. Stick around and you're in for a proper taste of Detroit electro. Sherard Ingram ain't f**king around here. His follow-up to Uttu's 'Imping Is Easy' takes a harder, darker tack, setting the scene with paranoid vocal samples before launching a stream of highly efficient, uptempo dancefloor strikes, that urgent, adrenalizing sound he's capitalised over the last 15 years; body-bouncing bass, bone-splintering 15mm snare strikes and lacerating electro synths synched to exacting, urban-militant standards. Practically worth it for the solo techno mission "Remote Viewing" alone, but fans of that darker Drexciyan sound will not be disappointed elsewhere...

my beat is a monster


Artist : Dj Technician 

Label : Bunker 

my beat is a monster / 12"

Another part in the limited Bunker "robot dystopia". Blunt minimal '80's electro/miami bass funk from the notourius The Hague DJ Technician. Number 48 of the CBS top100 (2007). Limited to 300 copies so get it now !

bacterial infection ep


Artist : Dj Typhoid 

Label : Thorn Industries 

bacterial infection ep / 12"

Dj Typhoid (aka Blackmass Plastics) released this only one 12" record under this alaias in 2003. Typical UK dark electro monster beat.. It's like being on a ring in front of Mike Tyson without boxing gloves.. Beats & Breaks pierce you from all parts.. too late you're infected ;)

lucifer & lust


Artist : Dmitry Distant 

Label : Electronic Emergencies 

lucifer & lust / 10"

'Lucifer & Lust' is a 10" mini-album by Dmitry Distant, showcasing the diversity of his talent. The 6 tracks by the Russian-born artist who currently resides in Latvia reflect the atmosphere of the Baltic and the mystic sides of electronic music. Showing where his devotion lies, Dmitry experiments on the verge of techno, wave and industrial. On this mini-album, he grasps our attention with minimalistic trance-like rhythms covered in fluctuating painful melodies, using wonderful analogue sounds and exotic instruments such as the electric violin. TIP !!

touch me!


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

touch me! / 12"

Five electro-pop oriented tracks of the Uk prolific electro producer from London. Released in 2002 on the Detroit based label Ersatz Audio. This 12" is clearly 80's inspired. For example "Soul Miner" could easily be a track from Depeche mode. Just listen to it !

ionospheric exploration


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Kust Musik 

ionospheric exploration / 12"

7 atmospheric analog electro tracks by DMX Krew (aka 101 Force, Asylum Seekers, Computor Rockers, Ed DMX - EDMX). All with Drexciya, Dopplereffekt vibe with DMX Krew unique funkyness. One of the best electro dope of the moment… Really !

wave funk volume 1


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Rephlex 

wave funk volume 1 / 12"

Ed DMX returns to the Rephlex fold with "Wave Funk Volume 1" continuing his mission to tweak out every possible sequence of patterns and melodies from his banks of vintage analog equipment. DMX Krew has always, and unapologetically, sounded like the sum of his influences, but executed to a very respectable level. Here we have 7 tracks ranging from AFXian funk to Dopplereffekt style slow-electro, joining the dots in between with pulsing sequences and highly infectious melodies made with that ounce of wrongness and perfectly (mis)placed notes that makes this a total Rephlex release. Very Cool...

bongard problems


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Breakin' Records 

bongard problems / 12"

According to some legends DMX Krew actually invented electricity, while according to others he was the first person to imagine the word synthesizer. Either way, DMX Krew IS electro and he continues his adventures in silicon with the latest drop on his Breakin' records imprint. Title cut "Bongard Problems" strikes out first with an uptempo Dj Stingray styled rocker, while the excellent "Motion Studies" revisits the electro-funk style that he probably invented back in the 80's. B-side tracks "Pixel Wrap" and "Excalibur" take cues from AFX and Drexciya to make an authentically synthetic sound for people who do the robot and dance like it's 25 years ago. Nice Record ;)

that was harder than I expected


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Breakin' Records 

that was harder than I expected / 12"

Fine 4-tracker from the uncompromising DMX Krew aka Ed DMX for his home-brewed Breakin' imprint. Highlights are easily the lead cut "That Was Harder Than I Expected" with its curiously dissonant melodies, which kinda sounds like 2 Bochum Welt tracks playing at once, and equally the pastoral arcade glow of "Space Invaders Meets Darth Vader" with its zonked, zappy synth pads and padded bass pulses. Ed DMX reminds us all he's still number one when it comes to beautiful, esoteric electronic music. Still aimed squarely at the dancefloor, Ed provides us with a really strong and, as always, diverse package with something for everyone ;)

broken sd140 - part II


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : WeMe Records 

broken sd140 - part II / 12"

DMX Krew in effect. Manning his busted SD140, electro Ed follows up that demented 'Cerberus' 12" for Power Vacuum with a friendlier touch of Rephlexian melody and groove taking in the squirrely electro-boogie of 'Honeydew' and a vintage-sounding, '91 style breakbeat raver named 'Dramatic Exit' alongside the caustic window fashion of 'Spoookey' and the delicious techno-funk fantasy, 'Superficial Appearance'. Tip !

mini lp


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Stilleben 

mini lp / 12"

8 tracks of mastermind DMX Krew on Stilleben Records. Electro for the people! Love! Powerful white funk limited to 200 copies only. Be fast !

electro worm


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Synth Funk 

electro worm / 12"

The ever reliable Ed Upton (aka DMX Krew) returns with the st EP on Abstract Forms (Synth Funk series). The Rephlex Records veteran is a master of the electro genre, and this release doesn't disappoint. 3 tracks of synth funk and wigged-out oldschool electro aimed squarely at the dancefloor: this is the kind of release that has rightly cemented DMX Krew's reputation. A trusted and skilled producer, undoubtedly one of the best in the game. Also including a remix from the great Luke Eargoggle.

ram expansion


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

ram expansion / 12"

Debut ep on the quality Last Known Trajectory for DMX Krew, an artist which requires no introduction. "RAM Expansion" itself is a heady electro tune with a sunken load of synths at its disposal, while "Experiment 5" is classic DMX; mad modular-like patterns surrounded by menacing drums. You also got the weird and wonderful bleeps of "Quantum Computer" on the A-side, whereas the flip kicks off with a fiery techno punch in "Division By Zero", heads to more AFX tougher and abrasive territories via "Rubout", and ends on high-tec electro stroll of "Bad Vibes". This is no nonsense dance music at its finest. No sh**!

psychedelic desert


Artist : Doctor Mix & The Remix 

Label : Celluloid 

psychedelic desert / 12"

Doctor Mix And The Remix (aka Eric Débris, Hermann Schwartz & Pat Lüger who were the ex members of Métal Urbain) released this great new-wave / rock ep with little touches of cabaret and punk in 1980 on the rare French Celluloid imprint. Reminds us a bit of The Doors ;)



Artist : Dolina 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

untitled / LP

Long overdue debut album of the Franco-Belgian electronic trio, known for their contributions to various samplers ("Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten", "Radio Resistencia" on Enfant Terrible and "Circuit d'Actes" on La Forme Lente), as well as many live appearances since their creation in 2006. While their music undeniably carries the heritage of French cold-wave (think Die Bunker & Trisomie 21), their synth ethics are more akin to those of David Harrow or N.O.’s Gillian Gilbert. With their brothers in arms Pierre Normal they share a taste for carefully arranged lyrics and electronics, but if their take on French chanson is equally synth-driven, it is also far more sombre, flirting at times with angst-pop and even bat-cave. Powerful anthems, ghostly waltzes and chilling sweet-sour ballads, served by male and female vocals in French and English, haunt the grooves of this eponymous 1st lp, which reveals the band as one of the spearheads of the cold synth-wave renaissance. Limited to 320 copies only !

for cristal


Artist : Dolina 

Label : Spielzeug Muzak 

for cristal / 7"

Once upon a time... the French-Belgian trio is back again with 2 new songs. The sophisticated experience of "For Cristal" and the broken melancholy of "Lettre Posthume" are there to whisper the sounds of an endless story called: Dolina. Limited to 300 copies !

dance / to get out of here


Artist : Don Minx / Aldomir Zimmerman 

Label : Feedback 

dance / to get out of here / 7"

One of our favorite artists : Aldomir Zimmerman, puts into our hands 2 minimal synth-pop hits recorded with Don Minx in 1986. Unforgettable melodies within a kitsch atmosphere. For sure, an artist with his own unique sound only released on the Dutch Feedback label since 2002. Small 7" record with strong effects !

feels so good / up and down (beep!)


Artist : Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. / The Ring 

Label : Moxie 

feels so good / up and down (beep!) / 12"

We have been out in orbit all summer and coming down to earth with 2 special disco versions by 2 special friends from Brooklyn, NYC. Good ol' stomping music and were jumping the floor "Up And Down". "Feels So Good" is an edit of a track we all know, but we needed this edit.. Long and fierce.. We have come around !

scientist mixes


Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Gigolo 

scientist mixes / 10"

Originally released on the Detroit Dataphysix label in 1995, this is one of the most famous android pop track ever re-released, and a truly vintage Gigolo 10" record in its original. For Kraftwerk's fans : A Must Have !!!



Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

gesamtkunstwerk / 2x12"

One of the best and most influential electro albums finally available again on Clone Classic Cuts. Originally released tracks on the obscure Dataphysix Engineering records from Detroit in 1995 and later as the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' album on Gigolo records. Highly eclectic and unusual sounds together with scientific/sexual/political lyrics - a modern masterpiece. Must have !



Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Gigolo 

gesamtkunstwerk / 2x12"

One of the best and most influential electro albums. Originally released tracks on the obscure Detroit Dataphysix Engineering records from Detroit in 1995 and later as the "Gesamtkunstwerk" album here on Gigolo Records. Highly eclectic and unusual sounds together with scientific/sexual/political lyrics; a modern masterpiece. Must have !



Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Leisure System 

tetrahymena / 12"

Electronic music's most mysterious act briefly come in from the cold with their 1st new release since 2007. Leisure System have the honour of presenting the latest lab results from Heinrich Mueller and Michaela To-Nhan Bertel (aka Dopplereffekt): 3 tracks of selective electro engineering executed to exacting degrees. Their 1st new work since the incredible 'Calabi Yau Space' for Rephlex is typically iced-out and dazzling, scoping steppers' electro model, "Tetrahymena" with its free-floating sci-fi pads and body-prod rhythms alongside the elegant arpeggiated helixes of "Gene Splicing" and the wormholing pulses of "Zygote". It's as good as you'll get from the electro realm this year...

cellular automata


Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Leisure System 

cellular automata / LP

New album from Dopplereffekt (Rudolf Klorzeiger & To-Nhan), their 1st in 10 years since 2007’s 'Calabi Yau Space' on Rephlex. 'Cellular Automata' approaches mathematical growth and decay as an iterative process, with each data input considered individually relative to the overall model. The result represents one of the group's boldest creative endeavors, defying expectations while remaining unmistakably Dopplereffekt. 'Cellular Automata' is the 3rd Dopplereffekt release to come out via Leisure System, following 2013's 'Tetrahymena' and 2014's 'Hypnagogia'. Steel..

over mentality


Artist : Doric 

Label : Fabrika Records 

over mentality / LP

Doric is the solo side-project of Stathis Leontiadis, mostly known as the one half of the Human Puppets, as well as the Exetix and Plexiglas. Being involved in various avant-garde / new-wave music projects since 1996, intrigued by the all analogue mentality of the late 70's / early 80's music field , he passionately committed to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive and specific style and considered by many as 'specialist'. His live performances are all analogue by choice and are interestingly captivating as the sound is being built on stage, just like the old days. 'Over Mentality' is a record, full of minimal electro perfectionism and new-wave complex landscapes, performed with the agility and passion of a natural born purist. Doric's mentality, carries raw, passionate ,old school values filtered with the innovation of a musician that is cursed to live today. His subjects vary from unexpected loves, cursed lives, wasted, devoured dreams however, all of them cling under one thematic area: 'How memories fulfill us and keep us sane?'. The artwork of the record implies the handmade, oldschool ethos as well. Released in 500 hand-numbered limited black vinyl copies, including download link..

so far, so near


Artist : Doric 

Label : Domestica 

so far, so near / 10"

Doric is the alternate persona of the multitalented Stathis Leontiadis, mostly known as the one half of the Greek purists, Human Puppets. He is, without a doubt, one of the 1st Greek independant musicians in 00's, that treasured new wave synth music, using only hardware. Exactly as his ancestors. Being involved in various avant garde/new wave music projects since 1996, intrigued by the all analogue mentality of the late 70's / early 80's music field, he passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive and specific style and considered by many as 'specialist'. His releases on Fabrika Records gained excellent reviews and described as minimal electro perfectionism. This time, on this mini LP, Doric builts on his analogue rhythm box (the famous KR-55) a short story about alienation in six parts. All related and connected, these 6 songs describe a day of a daydreamer, forced to cope with routine and the vile, impersonal stage of socializing. This new age of 'impersonalization' connecting with others but never quite communicating our wishes and wills, sums up to the title 'So Far, So Near', a vast misinterprantion of other people's motives, as we are trapped inside our own havens; ourselves. This small personal nightmare, is synthesised with multilayered agility, using a Moog Rogue, a Sequential Circuits Pro One and the MacBeth Micromac-D. All this obsessive use of analogue equipment has only one purpose: delivering an accurate, minimal but not simple description of Life as a concrete, empty, business transaction, full of unique circuits and paths, noone sees. Overall, this mini LP refers to temper/personality, as an inevitable hideaway of oneself, but yet impossible to maintain, as long as we are bound to norms that regulate superficial relationships. We are far but yet, so near. All tracks written/performed/produced by Stathis Leontiadis, 2014-15 in Athens. Edition of 300 numbered copies. Hand silkscreened cover. It includes an insert (26,5x26,5cm) and free download code..

sleep of reason


Artist : Doric 

Label : Peripheral Minimal 

sleep of reason / 10"

Doric is the moniker of the purist Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Exetix, Plexiglas). Being involved in various avant-garde/new-wave music projects since 1996, intrigued by the 'all' analogue mentality of the late 70's/early 80's music field, he is passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive and specific style and considered by many as a 'specialist'. On this release, the main subject of the record is creative interplay. The 1st side (the 'Asleep' side), includes songs written by the artist alone, using sleep as a metaphor of loneliness and seclusion from the oppressive, everyday society that smothers anything unique under the struggle of daily routine. However, on the 2nd side, Doric mutes his skeptic, internal monologue for a bit and collaborates with 2 very talented and like-minded artists, Pascal & Valisia Odell. Pascal (Foucault, Noisetoy, Ludmilla) is an ingenius multi-instrumentalist and an old friend of Doric and Valisia Odell (Phoenix Catscratch, Strawberry Pills, Father Breath) is one of the most charismatic voices in Greece, with a very distinctive and enchanting vocal hue.This friendship results to the 2nd side (the 'Awaken' side), a critical view of what our society translates into artistic and life success in general. A simplified formula that often leads to bury our most creditable truths, in order to become a pattern, easily readable and understandable by the masses. The overall essence of this record however concludes to a rather optimistic dream of a utopian reality, where everyone can create unobscured. The value of each effort can only be appreciated through time. Limited to 300 black copies with the distincive Doric handmade artwork,a homage to the Diy. Ethos, an infusion from the past but a promise of a future. Strong !



Artist : Doris Norton 

Label : Durium 

nortoncomputerforpeace / LP

2010 re-issue on high-quality red vinyl with full insert..!

personal computer


Artist : Doris Norton 

Label : Durium 

personal computer / LP

2010 re-issue on high-quality yellow vinyl with full insert..!



Artist : Doris Norton 

Label : Black Widow Records 

raptus / LP

Doris Norton (pioneer in the early electronic/computer music) began her musical carrer playing avant-garde and progressive music. In december 1980 she recorded, at the Fontana Studio 7 (Milan), her first solo album entitled 'Under Ground'. Sponsored by Apple computer and the Roland Corporation music institut, she was more involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded the albums 'Parapsycho' (1981), 'Raptus' (1981), 'Nortoncomputerforpeace' (1983), 'Personal Computer' (1984), 'Artificial Intellingence' (1985). In 1986 she became an official consultant for IBM Computer Music, she was involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded, after 'Parapsycho' (1981), in the same year 'Raptus' with the help of Antonius Rex, Lorenz Schulze and Tullio De Piscopo. This is the 30th anniversary reissue edition. Doris Norton is really an Italian icon of experimental electronic music... A sort of Klaus Schulze in Italian land. Must-Have!!



Artist : Dos Mas 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

mentiroso / 12"

A project from Spain that was delayed for a long time. The duo seemed to have strong bonds with a Spanish clique of the notorious Central American gang MS-13. Sadly enough, the main producer is in lock-down for a crime committed in the us and therefore we never had the chance to finish this project. It will now be released (finally) as part of the limited ''When Insanity Slips In'' series with a handmade sleeve. The music is pure electronic chaos (think Ultradyne). Pure analog terror from a project that already ended before even getting signed. Dark at will ;)

street beat 79


Artist : Dottores Kranky Disco Band 

Label : SpaceDisco Craftworx Inc. 

street beat 79 / 12"

My my, what a fucked-up, beautiful record this is. Firstly, the lp is pressed up on one of the most original and odd picture disc's we've ever seen (basically the record looks like a normal piece of vinyl with a fly stuck to it, honestly i tried to shoo it off before listening to it before i realised it was part of the print), and the music ? Well, how about a Dutch-language version of "Under Pressure" in a post-punk, neo-disco stylee ? Or a casio-driven chick-pop track that sounds like ESG crossed with Yazoo ? Quite spectularly bizarre - uber-cool covers, originals and edits of tracks from the post-punk / new wave era on a mad limited picture disc. Get on it !



Artist : Doubledutch 

Label : Marguerita 

untitled / 12"

DoubleDutch is the sonic playground for 2 old friends (Cosmic Force and Dexter). Having built and pursued their own individual paths, turning heads and gaining notoriety in the process they have both been making dirty, funky body moving electro. Recounting personal victories and adventures they have once again created and shared their love of electro funk, bringing together the experiences and knowledge of 2 minds then melting them together into this awesome sound. Check It Out !

crystal arcade


Artist : Douglas Bregger 

Label : Only Records 

crystal arcade / LP

Original copies of this awesome outsider "real people" style, homemade synth lp from 1988. Edited to 300 copies, despite what it says on the cover, it is still in shrink but they've been opened to check for warpage. All recordings were done over roughly a 4 year period from 1984 to 1988. Generally speaking, the older ones used the Realistic Moog, and the newer ones used the Casio CZ 101. All songs were recorded on a four track cassette deck. This is not a garage recording, it is a basement recording ;)

conveyer belt


Artist : Doxa Sinistra 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

conveyer belt / LP

Doxa Sinistra was besides The Actor and Ende Shneafliet one of the more prominent acts on the Trumpett label in the 80's. Originally released in 1985 on cassette, "Conveyer Belt" is simply one of the best pieces of experimental and industrial music released in that era. Even today this music stands on its own and has lost nothing of it genius, originality and impact. Conveyer Belt is a haunting and crazy listening experience and a mind blowing sound trip. The music is beyond any rigid genre defintion: you may call it industrial free jazz, or wild electronics, or psychedelic angst pop, or noise paintings. After almost 25 years these tracks are still some of the most adventurous electronic sounds produced to date. Limited to 600 copies..

via del latte


Artist : Doxa Sinistra 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

via del latte / LP

Doxa Sinistra was all about pure minimal electronics, proto-electro and experimentation. Their 2nd tape 'Conveyer Belt' from 1985 was already released on vinyl by Enfant Terrible a few years ago. Now it is time to release their 1st tape 'Via Del Latte' from 1982 on vinyl for the 1st time. This is serious freaky stuff. Dissonant electronic sounds and weird tunes make up for a sort of sci-fi/horror B-movie soundtrack. This is not your every day easy listening, but a trip through a surreal Milky Way. Limited to 300 copies !



Artist : Doxa Sinistra 

Label : Trumpett 

newflashes / 2x12"

November 2011 sees the reissue on wax of the 3rd and final Doxa Sinistra album: 'Newsflashes', originally released on cassette in 1988. This fully remastered version comes as a double-12", in an edition of 350, on Trumpett itself. Having operated as a duo on the previous albums, for 'Newsflashes' Doxa Sinistra expanded to a 4 piece band, with the participation of the guitarists of Det Wiehl (Lebel Period/Staalplaat). As a result the sound was no longer merely industrial, and the compositions covered a much wider range than they had on 'Via Del Latte' and 'Conveyer Belt'. In a review, 23 years ago, 'Newsflashes' was described as: "Manicured noise with superior musicianship & ideal textures equal the leading edge of intelligent sound. Synthesizers and excellent guitar riffs team up with full-speed rhythm boxes and vocoder vocals! This is progressive industrial music with a unique bite."



Artist : Dr Break 

Label : Doctor Break 

1983 / 12"

Those of you around in the early 90's may remember a few particularly rare releases on Dutch label Shiver, run by Erik Van Den Broek and responsible for such pieces as the superb "Subsonic Soundscape" & "Will-O-the-Wisp". Well, now Shiver returns in 2005 with a stunning new ep, choc full of stylish synth action, robotic voices and 80's charm. A welcome and long overdue return, so jump aboard...

sounds interesting


Artist : Dr Lindh 

Label : Scsi-Av 

sounds interesting / 12"

Luke Eargoggle under his project called Dr Lindh. Bunker fans will recall Luke’s excellent "Audio Warriors" album for the label some years ago, we feel the Dr Lindh tunes here represents his best work since that high point. One of the many highlights here is "Look love, inside a screen" washing carpenter style synths. But in general the whole album transporting the listener to an indistinct moment in time, neither memory nor future, just right now. SCSI killer !

echo trip


Artist : Dr. C. Stein 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

echo trip / LP

Dr. C. Stein was involved in several Dutch electro projects of the 80's such as Thromboh, Doxa Sinistra and especially Ende Shneafliet, from which he was an original member. This LP contains a selection of unreleased analogue tracks from him and all dating back to the years 1983-1988. C. Stein’s crystalline music, cool and bright at the same time, will remind you of times long gone when pastels, Italian suits and studied casualness were hip. So close your eyes, picture yourself racing along the seashore in a white Testarossa on a soft summer evening and let the Doctor play for you... Limited to 300 copies.

liège in the spring


Artist : Dr. C. Stein 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

liège in the spring / 10"

Second chapter of Treue um Treue’s collaboration with synthesizer magician Dr C. Stein, Liège in the Spring presents a new selection of songs which, like the analogue gems released last year on Echo Trip, were all initially recorded between 1983 and 1988. But this time the mood is different, more versatile and adventurous. Here solemn and experimental, there playful and dance-floor orientated, this second vinyl appearance gives a fuller measure of the artist’s multiple talent...

la bombe plastique


Artist : Dr. C. Stein 

Label : Artificial Dance 

la bombe plastique / 12"

Great sliver of electro-pop audnuss from Belgium's Dr. C. Stein (aka Dutch minimal waver Hanjo Erkamp of Doxa Sinistra and Ende Shneafliet), whom you may remember from the Treue Um Treue releases released in 2006 and 2007. Interstellar Funk's Artificial Dance label is behind this one, giving both sides a super crisp 45rpm cut to best present their fine binds of stepping electro with slippery accordion (?) lines and mad vocoder in nervy, sprung dynamics. A-side's "La Bombe Plastique" (original) works at a clean-heeled 140bpm clip, balancing the speed with more romantic synth and vocal cadence, whereas B-side's edit is slower, working at 126bpm in a more spaciously timed and kerned rearrangement.

endless days


Artist : Dream Affair 

Label : Avant! 

endless days / LP

Dream Affair is a cold wave group based in Brooklyn, NY. Since the release of their sold-out ep 'All I Want', the band has expanded their initial references of UK post-punk and French cold wave to incorporate sounds of Wax Trax industrial and 4AD shoegaze. Comparisons have also been made with bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode. Their debut full-length album perfects the cold dichotomy: the conflict and balance between bleak indifference and struggling emotions. Romanticism in the vocals and guitars are vetted against the industrial chill of the rhythm section. The result is a testament of self-awareness, absurdity, and isolation. Tip!!

take me home


Artist : Dream Disco 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

take me home / 12"

Excellent new discoid electro release by Dream Disco aka by Dj Overdose on Das Drehmoment Records from Berlin. Alden Tyrell-ish chords and basslines with a macho male and a sexy female vocal. Including two excellent remix by New York producer Speculator and DJ Technician from Holland.

harnessed the storm


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Tresor 

harnessed the storm / 2x12"

There are moments from Drexciya's past, present and future on this album. There are also moments of clear oceanic beauty, and deadly sub-aquatic harshness. Beautiful clear synths descend into warm carribean waters to near perfect effect. Mighty stuff once again from the true source. Repressed Must Have !

3 - molecular enhancement


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Rephlex 

3 - molecular enhancement / 12"

Darkest Drexciya release, raw beats and chainsaw-like arpeggio basslines. Absolute analog tsunami !!! Masterpiece...

neptune's lair


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Tresor 

neptune's lair / 2x12"

The Bomb..! A real totem of the Drexciyan canon, "Neptune's Lair" originally emerged from the Lardossen sea in 1999 before it was released on Berlin's Tresor imprint. This is the first time it's been available on vinyl for ages and it's rightfully considered one of his best works, full of cryptically emotive synthwork set out with an explorative imagination to rival anything in the history of plugged-in music. Despite many attempts at imitation, this has never been bettered. Essential repress ;)

journey of the deep sea dweller I


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller I / 2x12"

1st part of the Drexciya re-issue series! Drexciya might need an introduction for some, for others it is the most influential techno project ever. Part of the heritage of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Drexciya explored techno music like no-one else before. Raw and uncompromising music that reflects the harsh environment of the city where Drexciya was conceived. The aesthetics and the mythical approach combined with the unique music made this one of the biggest cult projects in techno music. Drexciya arguably stands for the darker side of techno and electro, music not only made for the club scene, but a further development of the music as an expression and extension of the mind. 20 years after the release of 'Deep Sea Dweller' (their 1st release), and 10 years after 'Grava 4' (their last), we present 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller'. This series is an almost complete collection of their early works, and is remastered from the original master tapes. Since the original releases have such a strong character, appeal and stand on their own, this re-issue can never re-create the magic of those originals. So instead we stirred up the catalogue taking the tracks out of their original context, giving the 'in the know' listener a fresh experience and the new listener a document that is the best possible introduction to the aquatic world of Drexciya. ESSENTIAL!!

grava 4


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

grava 4 / 2x12"

Drexciya presents 'Grava 4'. Earth has finally discovered Utopia. (Drexciya Home Universe) Earth scientist discovered the home planet of Drexciya on 2-14-2002. Within moments Dr. Blowfin was given the orders to initiate the seven dimensional cloaking-spheres to hide the other three planets from earths view. The star chart is authentic; you will be able to find the star by using the coordinations on the star chart. The planet Drexciya can be found in the international star vault in Switzerland & recorded in the astronomical compendium. Tip!!

journey of the deep sea dweller IV


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller IV / 2x12"

The journey continues... Clone Records continue with the re-issue series of the early catalogue of one of the most groundbreaking and influential techno acts ever.. Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity that has always been the trademark of Drexciya. This is the 4th release in the series and contains arguably some of their rarest and most astonishing tracks such as "Black Sea", "Mantaray", "Hydro Cubes" and "Depressurization".

journey of the deep sea dweller III


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller III / 2x12"

The sheer depth of Drexciya's influence makes it surprising that it took this long (founder James Stinson died just over 10 years ago) for the Detroit pair's material, much of which was only previously available on limited-run, poorly pressed vinyl and crackling MP3 rips, to be re-mastered and reissued. The challenge has finally been taken up with gusto by Clone Records' Classic Cuts offshoot, with this the 3rd instalment of an exhaustive 4-part retrospective charting the shadowy duo's passage into electronic folklore. With all tracks re-mastered by Alden Tyrell from the original tapes, Clone have chosen to avoid straight-up record-by-record reissues, instead drawing highlights from across their catalogue and recasting them into a series of compilations, each of which (loosely speaking) sticks to one era of Drexciya's decade-long career. 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III' expands on the series' 2nd instalment by concentrating mainly on Stinson and partner Gerald Donald's prolific, mid-90's output on Underground Resistance & Submerge.

journey of the deep sea dweller II


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller II / 2x12"

Clone Classic Cuts continues their re-issues series for one of the most influential techno acts ever: Drexciya. The 2nd selection of tracks includes favorites such as "Bang-Bang", "Positron Island", "Anti Vapour Waves" and "Journey Home" complimented with some lesser or unknown tracks. Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity has been the trademark of Drexciya (and also from their original label Underground Resistance) and this album is another showcase of their talents. There is not much further background info we can give. All that can be revealed is already out there.

black devotion


Artist : DRIFT. 

Label : Avant! 

black devotion / 12"

'Black Devotion' is the debut release by new London-based act DRIFT. Already founding member of the synth/wave trio Phosphor and currently in the shoegaze duo Leave The Planet, young and talented Nathalia Bruno started her own solo project once the band split up after the 'Youth And Immortality' LP back in 2013. Listening to DRIFT one can tell now how much Nathalia influenced Phosphor back then and at the same time a personal evolution is clearly in full sight. Needless to say Depeche Mode and HTRK, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins exercise some influence here, but Nathalia is shaping her own way to those sounds that bands as Tropic Of Cancer and Northern Electronics' Född Död have also been pursuing. There's a brighter component to DRIFT's music visible both in shiny tracks like "Grave" and "Hard To Accept" as in the more ethereal "Dreams In Silkscreen" and "Say It Right". Featuring 6 songs, 'Black Devotion' marks the birth of what Nathalia herself calls devotional synth. Purity in drifting !!



Artist : DRIFT. 

Label : Avant! 

genderland / 12"

New 6-track EP by DRIFT. Musically, these new songs complement each other. Throbbing beats are punctuated with melodies, vocals floating in layers, their dreamy veil disguising a strong message. Strong and anything but stable. If 1st ep 'Black Devotion' was all about searching for a sound, her new recording signals a shift, a drift towards self-determination, a PVC-clad step into the murky mixed-message waters of 21st century gender politics.

subliminal / breakout


Artist : Drinking Electricity 

Label : Survival Records 

subliminal / breakout / 12"

2-track 12" vinyl single from this cult British minimal synth wave duo of the early 80's, featuring the brilliant Radical remix of "Subliminal" backed by the even more bonkers long version of "Breakout". A perfect mish-mash of post-punk and disco very popular with today's indie futurists! Both the glossy picture sleeve and vinyl from 1982 are Near Mint.. Tip!!



Artist : Drinking Electricity 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

overload+singles / 2x12"

1st in a series of unparalleled reissues originating from the crucial Survival Records imprint. Survival Records is a UK label now operating for over 30 years. Formed in 1981 by Anne-Marie Heighway and David Rome, early releases included such iconic releases as Tik & Tok, Play, Hard Corps, and Richard Bone. For the 1st release in this series, Medical Records has fittingly chosen to present the work of Drinking Electricity which is the project of label curators Anne-Marie and David. David Rome previously had worked with Martin Lloyd in the Analysis (later to be evolved into Oppenheimer Analysis). Drinking Electricity formed in 1980 and released 2 singles on Pop Aural before forming Survival which housed the rest of their output during their 2 years as a band. This double LP collection showcases Drinking Electricity's full LP 'Overload' as well as compiling the band's multiple singles. The 1st LP 'Overload' was released in 1982 and has been long out of print since its original pressing. The 2nd LP contains the singles released during the 1980-1982 period. The work of Drinking Electricity can best be described as a perfect fusion of minimal synth-based new-wave with poignant, angular and stylized guitar-driven post-punk. Touching on sociopolitical topics intertwined into catchy, synth-heavy tracks that are also danceable, this collection will appeal to fans of early Gang Of Four, OMD, Fad Gadget, and the like. This is the 1st time these tracks have been compiled into one collection, presented in a double gatefold jacket with custom Drinking Electricity inspired artwork on high-quality double 180gr. transparent colored vinyl in a limited edition of 650 hand-numbered copies. Tip!

star peace


Artist : Droids 

Label : No Label 

star peace / LP

The Droids beamed down to planet Earth in the year 1978. Yves Hayat (aka Droids), was a young label manager at the seminal French disco label Barclay in the 70's. "Star Peace", originally released in 1979, is his concept to the classic sci-fi movie Star Wars out that year. Featuring the French space synth classic "(Do You Have) The Force", in both parts, this lp goes from strength to strength with spaced out lullaby’s "Interspace" & "Tchoung Fou", before kicking back into the groove with "Be Happy" an assault to the senses with its manic synth lines running riot over heavy funk overtones. The flip kicks off with "Shanti Dance" parts 1 & 2, sleezy robot-funk work outs that are inter-joined to make a 6 minute continually evolving piece of music. The closing 8:30 minute "Renaissance De L’Amour" is a tour de force of cinematic synthscapes, bleeps, bloops and world rhythms, before dropping in the drums 6 minutes in to ignite any dancefloor. This is light years ahead of its time. Classic must-have ;)

do you have the force (parts 1 & 2) / ufos


Artist : Droids / Undisputed Truth 

Label : Supersound 

do you have the force (parts 1 & 2) / ufos / 12"

Parts 1 & 2 of the Droids' "Do You Have The Force" for the 1st time together on 12" with great sound quality. An essential for every italo freak. On the flip Undisputed Truth's "UFOs", a searing psychedelic funk from the genius hand of Norman Whitfield; finally rescued from a dull album pressing and spread loud and fierce across a 12"..

presents h-world: adapted gills


Artist : Drvg Cvltvre 

Label : Shipwrec 

presents h-world: adapted gills / 12"

1997: 'Drexciya don't have phone. They're too busy to do your remix'. Mad Mike's response was short and to the point, enough to put off some; but not Vincent Koreman. Addicted from an early age, the Dutch producer dug deeper and deeper into the mythology and mystery of James Stinson & Gerald Donald. The sounds, images and ideas conjured up by the Detroit electro duo pulled Koreman in, his fascination growing ever more intense as the underwater dwellers sonically prospered. Fast forward 20 years and that fascination has not diluted one drop, in fact the aquatic dream of the wavejumpers is the inspiration for 'Recolonization'. These tracks "would have never had existed", says Koreman, "if it wasn't for Stinson & Donald creating that great, energetic, abstract electronic music and coupled it with an original vision on the African diaspora, art and culture". This music is an homage to the enigma of Drexciya, a tribute to the machine marine men who pioneered electro and a vision. Drvg Cvltvre continues that vision, one of "an underwater race" that has reconquered Earth, overcoming "big business, corporate greed and water pollution" to reclaim the surface from man. Forget mankind. Our time is over, 'Recolonization' is here !!



Artist : Duo 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

untitled / 7"

Duo!!! was Kai A. Knipper (lyrics) and Matthias Klein (music) from Berlin, who recorded these lovely Casio-pop tunes in 1986-87, on a cassette recorder in their living room. As for Casio-pop, it is understood that this is not really synthesiser stuff, but made with these cheap little keyboards for kids with their very own, strangely enough, very melancholic sound. Duo!!!’s tracks are just wonderful, and for those who love this sound, the melancholy, the ultra diy and lo-fi sound and some weirdness, simply a must ! As a comparison, maybe think of Charles Lindbergh n.e.v. Come in lilac-brownish vinyl, with crazy photo and limited to 150 copies only.

lady ultimate


Artist : Duracel 

Label : SD Records 

lady ultimate / 2x12"

Where the previous parts of the magick edit series all reached a small cult status... We were able to get you a total new edition ! Exclusive edits of some known or maybe unknown tracks... but all done in a great way. The label copy doesn't give much info beside ''Editechnique Production''. 2 great New York disco tracks with an irresistible groove and one amazing electronic disco funk track. One of the best electro sounds released over the past few month. Limited Edition of 240 copies only.. Be Fast !



Artist : Duracel 

Label : Djak-Up-Bitch 

97ep / 12"

Great 6-track ep with minimal funky electro from the former Unit Moebius man, lots of playing with the rhythms and distorted noises. Very cool stuff..!



Artist : Dusk To Dawn 

Label : Atemporal 

remains / LP

German syntpop-darkwave band Dusk To Dawn's 'Remains' LP contains 10 remastered tracks from their 1991-95 period previously only available off very rare cassettes as well as some unreleased tracks/versions. It is now available in a limited edition of 320 vinyl copies for collectors..

feel it


Artist : Dust 

Label : Mannequin 

feel it / 12"

Dust is a contemporary ouroboros of acid house, combat techno, and late italo. A collective consisting of avant-garde Korean noise artist Greem Jellyfish, psych musician/model Angela Chambers, dungeon wizard/tech genius audio engineer Michael Sherburn, and Diy nightlife entrepreneur /Dj John Barclay, they are headquartered at infamous psychedelic/art/techno mansion trip house in the jungles of deep bushwick. Dust utilizes both vintage hardware (909, 303, Juno 60) and HD cinematic soundscapes to create a heavy, lavish experience. Strongly recommended to fans of Phuture, Cybotron, Gatekeeper, Legowelt, International Music System, Future Sound Of London. Limited edition 250 copies on clear vinyl ;)



Artist : Dylan Ettinger / Goldendust 

Label : DKA Records 

split / 7"

As an extension of DKA, Atlanta's sole proprietors of coldwave, goth, and left-field dance music, DKA Records has established a firm foothold in the ranks of DiY labels both within the city and beyond. This 7" bears heavy aesthetic resemblance to classic goth and post punk singles and tapes, with stark black-and-white imagery and xeroxed inserts creating a minimalist vibe with an utilitarian approach. The single pits 2 breakouts of the underground synth scene together for a split of forward-thinking, avant-garde pop, with Bloomington, IN's Dylan Ettinger and Iowa City, IA's Goldendust. Ettinger's offering, "The Pale Mare", is a tune that continues his recent retreat into shadowed, back-lit pop, following the starkly beautiful 'Lifetime Of Romance' LP and the gritty, haunted auras of the 'Crucify Your Love' ep. The slow and heavy rhythm is hypnotically foreboding, pounding out its pace with a towering posture. The synth chords reign in like a torrent of static, bearing as much weight on the scene as the deranged and unassuming melody. Ettinger's vocals resemble a deepened, delayed, and distorted version of Robert Smith's proto-goth howls, suggesting Pornography's most alienated moments. The B-side comes courtesy of frantically romantic post-punk duo Goldendust. "Truth", a near 7-minute breakup song that serenely maxes out the 7"s duration limit, perfects witching hour synth-pop with brisk beauty. The softly lysergic guitar drifts along, carrying an emotive and warped tide of sound. The melody and slow moving rhythms bring an air of nostalgia, ditching any real chorus for a cycle of verse after verse of melancholic pop. Goldendust strays from the song's direct course only twice to emphasize the sullen statement with brief interludes of austere meddling. Must-Have!



Artist : Dynamik Bass System 

Label : Monotone 

robotmachine / 12"

"Robotmachine" gets things started with heavy beat patterns while deeping things with nice layered strings and melodies but don't be fooled this track will get any ass shaking on the dancefloor anywheres on the planet. The inside cut gives you all the "Robotsequence" parts including the vocoder acapella. The B side does not let up for one second when the "Electronic Freakazoidz" comes to bat with some serious jaw shattering bass. Again this jam comes fully equiped with vocoder, bass, heavy beats, and deep melodies. Finally "Autobass" gets a little more old school on you with nice verses of electro funk that can’t be denied.. F**kkin' Good !

the mighty machine


Artist : Dynamik Bass System 

Label : Dominance Electricity 

the mighty machine / 2x12"+CD

The long awaited album from DBS rocks like no other of recent times. It's solid electro inspired by 1984 and memories of lugging around pieces of linoleum. It's not ground breaking, but it's very rare an artist is able to achieve this level of pure quality on a sound. Contains six new jams and remixes of the major hits. Whaoh.... Rare red vinyl version including a mighty mixed CD by DBS !!

pledge your allegiance to electro funk


Artist : Dynamix II 

Label : Monotone 

pledge your allegiance to electro funk / 12"

Formed way-back-when in 1985, the undisputed Kings of electro-funk Dynamix II have since entered the unofficial electro hall-of-fame. This 12" repress originally came out in very limited numbers is a futuristic full-on stormer featuring sick vocoder vocal loop insane analogue madness and incredible synth programming. Florida funkiness at it's best. Get it know !

bass generator / ignition


Artist : Dynamix II 

Label : Debonaire 

bass generator / ignition / 12"

Miami's legendary David Noller leader of Dynamix II, is among a very few of the first wave of American electro and bass music artists to have successfully translated their old-school credentials into new-school relevance. Here is one of their first classic roof-raiser single from 1990. Original Copy ;)

overland travelling


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Nature 

overland travelling / 2x12"

Whilst the electro-beast can often become dragged down in a quagmire of sonic tail-chasing, there remains a core of artists who still seem able to revive the flagging genre and make you realise why you were interested in the first place. Dynarec is thankfully one such candidate. A Gaelic vendor of atmospheric machine-music, Dynarec follows firmly in the footsteps of Drexciya and with this new lp (on Marco Passarani's Nature Records), he has managed to combine just the right amount of aquatic dub, tech-fuelled beats and grandstanding synth-action. Opening through the may-fly burst of "Solstice part 1", Dynarec really hits his stride on the shimmering electro of "Overland Traveling"; wherein all manner of minimal-electro beats, padded bass and glittering synths play themselves out in commendably epic fashion. Elsewhere, "Banta" gets extra-sinister through some throbbing squelches, "Her Sensation" sounds like a jovial Radioactive Man, whilst album closer "Solstice part 2" encroaches on Global Goon territory without losing any dignity... Rich album !

yellow trigger ep


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Southern Outpost 

yellow trigger ep / 12"

From the mysterious mind that brought you upfront electro on such labels as Delsin, Nature, Kondi & Vaporwave, Dynarec strikes again bringing straight up dark, robotic electro-techno to the human population. Check !!



Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Vaporwave 

lagomorph / 12"

Needs no more introduction... The 4th release on his own label, bringing us four tracks of hi-level & energetic Drexciyan electro. Excellent !



Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Vaporwave 

handjob / 12"

Model 500 and Drexciya mixed together gives Dynarec.. probably the most productive French guy in the electro-techno scene at this moment. Dropping one hot release after another... Must have for all fans of Model 500, Drexciya, Aux88 and Underground Resistance. Tip !

legendary days


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : KONDI 

legendary days / 12"

12" with tracks from this talent with strong parallels to the sound of Drexciya and Elecktroids. Without being a 100% copy of these classics Dynarec is able to fill in some very emotional and melodic workout that makes you wonder; how is he able to do that? Playing piano since he was 6 years old could be an answer to his performing skills. He created his own label with the more straight forward techno side of himself called Vaporwave. In fact Dynarec has never really been an electro freak. He just let things come and go. The 1st minute some soft and very melodic stuff, the other some real hard techno tracks with strong references to both Germany and Detroit. This ep is for sure an electro masterpiece that remind us of the aquatic world of Drexciya. Very nice and emotional tracks with an incredible use of bass, rhythm and pads that makes the tracks seem very simple, effective and still advanced enough to make them damn interesting ;)

rude tunes


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

rude tunes / 12"

The third 12" by Dystronic on the Kommando 6 label is a continuation of his typical style and sound : phat and distorted bass lines, spacey synth-sounds and dark male voice. Very unique piece of todays electro music. Dope !

raw deal


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

raw deal / 12"

Dystronic is a project that from the beginning has been part of the Kommando 6 circle, both as Dystronic, and as part of Radikale Analoge Fraktion. This ep features raw electro with clear beats, often sounding like coming from a drum kit, and acid like bass lines. "Getaway" and "Reanimation" are the more up-tempo tracks but still not quite suitable for the dancefloor. "Fallout" and "Raw Deal" are slower and due to that darker and more haunting. Rare nowadays..

rough reality


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

rough reality / 12"

1st Dystronic release on the now defunct Kommando 6 label. Dystronic is a one-man-project from Augsburg (Germany), delivers here 6 electro(nic) tracks with rhythmic, raw & powerful analogue electro; with influences from wave & punk to death metal ! Limited & now rare..



Artist : DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield 

Label : Minimal Wave 

lickin' / LP

Early 80's ritualistic minimal electronics by French duo DZ Lectric + Anthon Shield. The songs are selections from their 1985 cassette release, 'Confessions D’Un Masque'. Having been active in their respective projects, the duo came together naturally in 1981 and over the years began recording music together. They shared a similar philosophical outlook and love of music, from classic rock like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges, to the edgier, industrial and no wave stuff that was coming out at the time, bands like Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, and Tuxedomoon. They performed a number of times at special venues and festivals in Europe, creating intense and engaging live performances with minimum equipment and an abundance of spirit. They also released many tapes throughout the 80's. Their music is challenging and hypnotic. Brutal and aggressive at times, overall the message speaks more about human ritual than anything truly sinister. All the songs on the 'Lickin' LP have been remastered from their original reel to reel tapes. The vinyl is presented in a matte heavy printed sleeve featuring a documentary photograph of the duo performing live at the DMA2 Festival in 1986, with a matching printed inner sleeve featuring a more posed portrait. The record is pressed on 180gr black vinyl, and limited to 999 hand-numbered sleeves.

separate our hearts


Artist : E. Gold 

Label : Angular Recording Corporation 

separate our hearts / 10"

E. Gold feat. Alexis "Separate Our Hearts" is a one off collision between cryptic electronic duo E.Gold and Plus Ultra vocalist Alexis Mary. This perfect melancholic pop song began as an instrumental influenced by early house records, cold synth sounds, Bruton Library Music and other forgotten treasures. Feeling its pop tendencies, E.Gold asked Alexis Mary to provide a vocal, and together with legendary producer Youth the track became a classic slice of uplifting dance music. Tip !



Artist : E.M.M. 

Label : Motok 

untitled / LP

Electronic Minimal Music (short E.M.M. aka O.R.D.U.C.) produced this Lp in an edition of 29 copies, lathe cut by Peter King. We love lathe cut vinyls, and the music doesn't let us down either. The band name is the program of the music. 'Inspired by Silent E, a composition consisting of only one-note-an E', it says for the track that bears the band name. "Cubism" is a piece for the 'C', banged on a piano, and follows the same structure as an earlier piece by O.R.D.U.C. That's another nice thing about this record: things hark back to older work, like a fully updated version of "Crazy Computer", which sounds much better than the slightly naive 1980 version. E.M.M. plays really nice mood music. "Pearl" has nice ambient synth, swirling percussion with a bass synth playing a note every now and then and the result is a gorgeous piece of atmospheric music. Piano and synths plays the major tune on this album, all in a very minimal style. Music seems to be hardly progressing but that's only deceiving: it does change, but very gentle, very slowly and this music takes it time. So those who love the old heroes to re-surface we recommend keeping an eye and 2 ears open.; ;)

ancien light (hubble telescope series vol. II)


Artist : E.R.P. 

Label : Solar One Music 

ancien light (hubble telescope series vol. II) / 12"

E.R.P. aka Convextion returns and he take us back the 'Ancient Light" of deep electro/techno. The release includes also a massive Exaltics remix. This stunning ep is the 2nd part of Solar One Music's Hubble telescope series. As homage to the Hubble Telescope and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA each part of the series comes with a cover print picture taken by the Hubble Telescope. The series consists of 3 releases featuring E.R.P., Heinrich Mueller, Rudolf Klorzeiger, The Exaltics, Luxus Varta and more. Repress !

lunar ruins


Artist : E.R.P. 

Label : Harbour City Sorrow 

lunar ruins / 12"

After his critically acclaimed Frustrated Funk releases 'Alsoran' and 'Vox Automaton' in 2007, Gerard Hanson returns to la familia frustrada to drop yet another selection of his finest material. This time with Harbour City Sorrow. 'Lunar Ruins' shows his deeper side again with skillfully crafted tracks loaded with fragile moments of elegance and beauty. The title track is already known from his amazing live sets, and was recorded around the same period as 'Alsoran'. Typical E.R.P. basslines combined with tear jerkin strings. With "Into The Distance" Gerard shows his love for the early DMay sound and programming style. The final track "Mimosa Canopy" is an experimental minimalistic track with warm pads, clean production and lots of tweaking freakyness. Great release again from our humble Texan friend. 2017 Repress with alternate label-art !

charlotte ep


Artist : E.Stonji 

Label : Sendertechnik 

charlotte ep / 12"

New E.Stonji release on the German electronix Sendertechnik label. "Charlotte ep" is an interesting mix of what E.Stonji can blast out and the beautiful vocals of Berna Celik and Catriona shaw can smooth down, its a good blend of the two. Completely different but great style. Here you will find pop-vocals, high tech beats and dance tracks. Different record ;)*



Artist : E.U. 

Label : Delikatessen Records 

mandarines / 10"

Review to come..!

the apocalypse ep


Artist : E.V.A.C. 

Label : Muti Music 

the apocalypse ep / 12"

Wicked electro is the name of the game on this beauty. The programming on both tracks is tight and tasteful. "Ground Attack" is a full-on floor assault with its bubbly syncopation, incessant bass line and slick beats. Just when you thought it was safe to resume your wallflower status, "Contortion" hits with dark-step beats, mangled bass drops and a snare drum to rattle the fillings in your teeth. Tip !

techno city


Artist : E.V.I.A.N. & The Atlantis Posse 

Label : Techno Kut 

techno city / 12"

One-sided repress of the legendary & stunning 303 electro production by Andre Manuel (aka Dj Slip, X-Men, Unknown Dj). Great electro classic and sampled by many. Coming from the mid 80's and out of California region wich gave us already many great classics from producers like Egyptian Lover and alike !



Artist : East Wall 

Label : Dark Entries 

silence / 2x12"

East Wall was an Italian electronic dark wave band started by Fabrizio Chiari (ex-keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari in 1982. After a series of demos and live performances, the duo recruited Angelo Bergamini of Kirlian Camera to help with arrangement and synthesizers. They released their debut single "Eyes Of Glass" in 1985 which had huge success in Germany, leading to a deal with ZYX. By 1991 the band consisted of Fabrizio Chiari (synthesizer, electronics, keyboards), Tiziana Wells (vocals, synthesizer) and Angelo Bergamini (synthesizer, piano, arrangement). At the beginning of the year, they recorded their next batch of songs at Prominence Studio in Cremona and A Love Sound Studio in Piacenza. 'Silence' was self released by the band in 1991. The lead track "Silence" was a left-over song by Kirlian Camera recorded in 1985 with vocals by Simona Buja under the alias Lorenza Larini. It was recorded largely using a variety of now-classic Roland, Yamaha, and Oberheim synthesizers. The album displays East Wall's maturity and unique aesthetics, with instrumental pieces reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti' Twin Peaks score. Tiziana Wells sings with pure emotion, hypnotic at times, upbeat and carefree at others. Frankie Teardrop (of the Wierd party and the Systems of Romance blog) describes this album as 'possibly the closest thing to darkwave freestyle that exists'. We decided to expand the album, releasing it as a deluxe double LP cut louder at 45rpm. An unreleased extended version of "Ice Of Fire" has been included and the bonus track "Intro", found on the DAT tapes Fabrizio Chiari sent us. It is housed in the original jacket, featuring a dramatically lit photograph of the band by Andrea Gambetta. Each copy includes an 11x11 double-sided insert with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Intergalactic Gary, who's Despair Mix turned us onto to this album.

eyes of glass


Artist : East Wall 

Label : Dark Entries 

eyes of glass / 12"

East Wall was an Italian electronic dark wave band formed by Fabrizio Chiari (ex keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari in 1982. After a series of demos and live performances, the duo recruited Angelo Bergamini of Kirlian Camera to help with arrangement and synthesizers. In September 1984 they booked a recording time at Master Studio 33 in Cremona Italy. Working with produced Ray Masola, they recorded their debut single "Eyes Of Glass", which was released on No Comment in early 1985. The equipment set up was a PPG Wave 2, Roland ProMars, Roland Juno 60, Simmons drum, and an upright piano. "Eyes Of Glass" is an outstanding example of 80's italo-disco full of dark, moody atmosphere and depth. Wilma Notari's coy vocals cast a spell on the listener as she weaves a story about lost love and 'bitter tears'. Included here are the original extended 12" mix and instrumental version with mid-song breakdown and dubbed out chorus. Housed in the original jacket featuring a photo of a boy by Pushe 27. Each copy includes a 2-sided postcard with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Flemming Dalum.

shipbuilders volume 1


Artist : EAT 

Label : Diamonds & Pearls Music 

shipbuilders volume 1 / 12"

Really good stuff influenced by the likes of Moroder and Kraftwerk and coming on in a similary epic style as Viewlexx's Freak Electrique. This features 2 wonderfully dark and moody spacy electro-italo tracks. Amazingly dense and complex arrangements with an almost classical leaning at times... At once retro, yet right up to the minute, this is definitely recommended !!!



Artist : Echo West 

Label : Membrum Debile Propaganda 

signalisti / LP

Whaoh ! One of the most heavy massive dark depressive album we've ever eard. Threatening industrial and noisy landscapes break up with perfect minimal electro-wave bombs created by Echo West (aka Silent Signals and Intensive Care Unit). Very rare LP released in 2001 but which sounds a lot like 80's stuff, on the obscure German Membrum Debile Propaganda label. Cult!



Artist : Echo West 

Label : Membrum Debile Propaganda 

stars / 7"

Released just after his fantastic "Signalisti" LP , this is the second release (2001) of Echo West aka Silent Signals from Dortmund (Germany). Two cold-pop tracks filled of intense emotions. Great ! Limited to 400 copies.



Artist : Echo West 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

kreuze / 2x10"

Here is a collection of unreleased tracks by Echo West recorded between 2002 and 2006 on the german label Treue Um Treue. This original 2x10" takes the listener on a foreboding journey from catchy electro-wave anthems to cold longing requiems, a solemn and vibrant march from hopeful spring to desperate winter. Echo West puts the occidental martyr to music on his darkest record to date. Limited edition of 318 copies.



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

stark / 12"

Another classic piece of Detroit electro. Faster minimal electro. B1 is subtitled "Some Assembly Required" because it consists of ten locked groovy loops. Can't leave this one out of your collection!



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

dada / 12"

Electro bomb drops from Detroit’s Ectomorph released in 2002 on the ever consistent Interdimensional Transmissions label. Keeping the pressure on especially with "Dada", a fucking amazing bleepin' electro tracks . Dope !



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

breakthrough / 12"

Uptempo minimal electrofunk. Dope stuff. Detroit pressing !!



Artist : Ectomorph 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

abstraction / 12"

5 haunted funky electro tracks. Dope stuff. Detroit pressing !!



Artist : Edmünd Prinz 

Label : Ego Twister 

etw001!! / 10"

First realease for this young French label, which shows the work of Edmünd Prinz described as "electronic stupidosounds for completely desesperate people". Concretely it sounds a bit like Aphex Twin's Richard D. James album period but with a clearly more lo-fi IDM approach. The result is really satisfying ;)

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