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Artist : De Frontanel 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

grotesque / 10"

Charles de Frontanel (known as the boss of GRAHN GEEN-YOL Records, the 70's electro label which recently resumed his activities in collaboration with Invasion Planete) is back with a new masterpiece of electronic weirdness. "Grotesque" is a dark moral tale, a sweet & sour fantasy which subtly combines vintage electro sounds, acoustic instruments ("La Curieuse Parade") into nine minimal pieces of both picturesque and chilling quality. Highlights are "Elephantiasis", "Le Partenaire" and "Grotesque". The experience of this record is enriched by the great artwork, the gatefold sleeve in which it comes and the six inserts (cards with drawings fitting the theme). Limited record to 275 copies.

you spin me round (like a record)


Artist : Dead Or Alive 

Label : Epic 

you spin me round (like a record) / 12"

All time Classic ! "You Spin Me Round" released in 1984 on Epic label is the smash hit of the typical synth-pop UK band Dead Or Alive. 80's Hi-NRG disco at its decadent best. It's hardly a surprise why this has been revisited (officially and otherwise) again and again over the last 20 years. A Must Have !!!

what I want


Artist : Dead Or Alive 

Label : Epic 

what I want / 12"

"What I Want" written and recorded by UK new-wave / dance band Dead or Alive, was co-produced by the band and Zeus B. Held and released as the second single from Dead or Alive's album "Sophisticated Boom Boom". The song was not a huge success when released, peaking at number 88 in the UK singles chart. Underrated record ;)

lover come back to me


Artist : Dead Or Alive 

Label : Epic 

lover come back to me / 7"

One of the greatest single from 1985 of this mighty UK synth-pop band. Tip ;)

my heart goes bang (get me to the doctor)


Artist : Dead Or Alive 

Label : Epic 

my heart goes bang (get me to the doctor) / 7"

Nice 7" single from 1985; "My Heart Goes Bang" is a vicious electro-fuelled, six cylinder dance generator with some great rock guitar thrown in for good measure. While it does tend to sound dangerously disposable at moments, the key changes, pumping chorus, not to mention Pete Burns' flamboyant vocals, are its saving grace ;)



Artist : Deadly Nightshades / Guerre Eclair 

Label : Kernkrach 

split / 7"

2 lost tracks from 2 obscure bands from the early 80's. Deadly Nightshades delivers a weird and in a way haunting cabaresque new wave track. Guerre Eclair on the other hand is present with a great electronic pop song. Not a everyday pop song but still a pop song. As always with Kernkrach the packaging is handmade...

ethidium bromide


Artist : Death Domain 

Label : Dark Entries 

ethidium bromide / 7"

Death Domain (aka Adam Stroupe) is a science nerd from Baltimore and wears it as a badge of honor. His sound is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering, disorienting yet magnetic and infectious slices of downright bleak takes on synth-based dance music. A one man all-live-analogue electronic ice machine (who is also behind the likes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His sound is as cryptically raw as it gets; summoning the seminal industrial / EBM sounds of the likes of early Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, and The Normal. Repress edition. Tip !!!

vampyroteuthis infernalis


Artist : Death Domain 

Label : Army Of Bad Luck 

vampyroteuthis infernalis / 7"

The only other piece of Death Domain (aka Billy Ruben) vinyl available right now on Army of Bad Luck ! 3 more scientifically infected songs about parasites your cat can pass to you : "Toxoplasma Gondii", vampire squids from hell : "Vampyroteuthis Infernalis", and the dancefloor killer : "Watching From My Window". Black and white glow in the dark covers. Only 300 pressed ! Nu minimal-synth at its best ;)

no future


Artist : Deathday 

Label : Mannequin 

no future / 12"

Deathday (formerly Deathday Party) is a Los Angeles based experimental post-punk band, formed in Santa Ana, California in 2008 by brothers Alex Guillén & Giovanni Guillén. Previous incarnations of the group can be traced back to Santa Ana's Koo's scene of the late 90's. While the title-track is an unreleased one, instead "Dropped Into Obscurity" was already included in the Downwards compilation 'Click Heels' alongside with Tropic Of Cancer, Silent Servant, The KVB. On the B side Mannequin asked to the synth-master Legowelt to remix "After Dark". Seldom has the post-punk revival seemed as urgent as with Deathday, who match their guitar driven dirges with esoteric industrial soundscapes and tape manipulation. Their music is often as bleak as it is violent, with low end cacophony bludgeoning the listener into submission. Lyrically, Deathday often invoke the violent culture hidden beneath the media, as well as explore the crippling aftershocks of isolation and the mysticism of the occult. Comparisons, for those who prefer them, could easily be made to the likes of Throbbing Gristle and Suicide's uncompromising attitude and primal infrastructure, but the band has equal roots in forgotten post-punk favorites such as Nagamatzu, Venus In Furs, and Joy Of Life, creating a powerful hybrid exploring the darkest and most hypnotic corners of the spectrum..



Artist : Deathly Quiet! 

Label : Die Blinden Records 

untitled / 12"

Re-issue of a very wanted and almost impossible to find 7" wich has been released in 1986. Now re-issued on a 12" with some tracks that never have been pressed on vinyl before! Deathly Quiet! produces a very gloomy & dark sound wich will win the (cold) hearts of darkwave & minimal-synth lovers. Dark green coloured vinyl limited to 200 copies!

dark smile


Artist : Debasser 

Label : NovaMute 

dark smile / 12"

Debasser followed up his critically acclaimed debut "Fat Girls", with the UK Bass monster "Dark Smile", another genre busting, speaker rattling, release on NovaMute. Debasser continues to break established styles of dance music through innovative sound design crafted from scratch in his bass bunker. He has put himself at the forefront the fledgling UK bass scene, a response to the US ghetto-tech and booty-bass sound. Debasser claims "rather than impersonating or re-creating ghetto tech, I want to take its influences and give it my own sound". Just as the UK took reggae and hip-hop to make jungle, Debasser has taken ghetto-tech and booty to make UK bass, an amalgamation of electro, hip-hop, jungle & bass. "Dark Smile" is released alongside bass bending amp destroyers you should know, you're wrong & dirty names. The ep also contains bonus accapella tracks to be used as Dj tools. Badaboom !!

fat girls


Artist : Debasser 

Label : NovaMute 

fat girls / 12"

Electro with a slight, downtempo twisted flavour; bordering on breaks, but not quite. This 12" is definitelyone for the revitalists. Check !

bass re-generator


Artist : Debonaire / Breezy Beat MC 

Label : Debonaire 

bass re-generator / 12"

Debonaire Records is proud to present the new 12" vinyl single "Bass Re-Generator / Shake The Joint". These are not remixes : instead Debonaire re-delivers the classics injected with massive amounts of extreme ultra-concentrated testosterone... Boom Boom..



Artist : Deca 

Label : Synthetic Shadows 

modulectron / LP

Deca is a project of Federico De Caroli started in the early 80's. He moved from the spacey and melodic style influenced by Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Cosmic Couriers to experimental sounds, involving elements of industrial, noise, musique concrete and even dark ambient. His extensive discography (vinyls, tapes and CDs) is the representation of his creative genius that makes Deca one of most interesting musicians in the world of electronic music. 'Modulectron' is an anthology of unreleased material recorded between 1984-1986, a small jewel of Italian electronic music of the golden age. As he says: 'The artistic soul of a musician never dies, it hardly loses its spirit, actually, it is quite the contrary, and it can only grow with time: you can find new forms of inspiration, try new musical routes, mix new and old sounds together. The tracks of 'Modulectron' still feature the sound of my 1st pioneering tape recordings of 25 years ago'. Recorded, mixed and mastered between november 1984 and february 1986. Pressed on limited edition 400 copies with insert.

on and on (fears keep on)


Artist : Decadance 

Label : Mannequin 

on and on (fears keep on) / 12"

Official reissue of the original legendary Decadance, Rago & Farina production "On And On (Fears Keep On)", one of the most iconic & sought after italo-wave track ever. It has been released in a variety of coloured vinyls on the Archivio Fonografico Moderno label in association with Mannequin Records. Here is the rare limited silkscreen art edition of 120 handnumbered copies on black wax. Must-Have !!

burn from the inside - remix's


Artist : Decal 

Label : SatRx 

burn from the inside - remix's / 12"

Double dose of Satamile remixes. The pairing of Si Begg and Larry McCormick (aka Decal) of the estimable Monotone and Frajile labels out of Miami (home of his electro empire), is an inspired one. Tackling Decal's original proves quite a romp for the ever playful Begg, more a systematic dismantling than a conventional remix, this goes all out and gets there, in a slightly tipper-ish funky yet abstract style - big tune. Exzakt play it more classic, stripped breakin miami electro with big bouncing bass. LLLouDDD !

release through velocity


Artist : Decal 

Label : Satamile 

release through velocity / 2x12"

Usual impressive Irish made floor-burner, electro styles for the ever trusty Satamile label. Decal has released an impressive catalogue of music on a whole host of labels including Rotters Golf Club, Planet Mu, Ultramack, Trama Industries, Leaf, Law & Auder, Lo Recordings, D1 Recordings and many others. In 1998, Alan set up his Trama Industries label, primarily to focus Decal’s sound on the electro that had been a feature of the two Ultramack albums and the live shows. Decal garnered a whole new audience and set the scene for releases on RGC, Satamile and Mass Transit. With the dancefloor fully taken care of, Decal returned to the studio to work on what finally became "404 Not Found" : sequencers were shunned in favour of tape machines and guitars, percussion and vocals added to the synths and effects. Since the departure of Dennis Mc Nulty to pursue work in sound art, Alan has assumed the helm with impressive dedication. The new slimline Decal blew up with the critically acclaimed "Brightest Star" album on Rotters Golf Club, "Burn From The Inside" as the last release through Satamile and the "Static Tactics ep" as Decoy on his own D1 Recordings. "Release Through Velocity" album finally drops after a long wait, and will not disappoint adherents to the new wave of new wave electro...



Artist : Decal 

Label : Rotters Golf Club 

freekin' empires ep / 12"

Decal returns to jack on the dancefloor with this bruisin' 12" for the Swordsmen's Rotters Golf Club. The title track spans the whole of side A and is a fast-paced, crisp, crunchy, squelchy and surprisingly ethereal emission, floating around some dreamy synths and tough, uncompromising beats, its a broken juxtaposition that works brilliantly. "Uperscum" on the flip is probably best skipping past (ahem) with its grating distorted electro-pop stylings, but "Funkstop" ends the side off in style with a slower crunchy electro number, complete with some nifty LFO edits and simple appregiations that make for a wicked little track. Wicked...

rock music


Artist : Deeviem 

Label : Playmade 

rock music / 12"

Really nice record by Deeviem, a 12" that Andy, the lovely man at Irritant, has been shouting about to anyone that'll listen. And he's right. It's totally ace fucked up lo-fi analogue electro with some serious nods to The Streets on track 2 which is called "Picking At Scabs". Brilliant stuff indeed & bloody amusing. There's some scuffed & disturbed minds at work here ! The Rock Music 12" is on Playmade records. Ace ;)

missing / no more robots


Artist : Delos 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

missing / no more robots / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Delos 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

microcosmos / LP

Maybe you remember the debut 7" by Delos from some years ago? Now, at last, here is a full length debut album, and you get served synth music pur sang. Spacious minimal synth tunes, some to dance to but many to trip away on... Limited to 350 copies, hand-numbered, silver-black marbled vinyl, 180gr, comes with insert !

nouvelle bretagne


Artist : Denner 

Label : No Label 

nouvelle bretagne / LP

Fantastic debut LP from Denner "Nouvelle Bretagne" in stock ! Denner is the new cold guitar wave group masterminded by Gilles Le Guen from Rennes (France), with Adam Humphreys and Mike Pate from Brooklyn on guitar and bass respectively. Here is the true essence of the seminal spirit of cold-wave; the restrained, romantic sound of the frozen, expansive rocky, wind-blown cliffs and arid, wildly alive, icy fields that compose the landscape of the Brittany region of northwestern France. Inspired equally by the originary cult bands of the Rennes cold-wave scene in the early 80's: Marquis de Sade, Complot Bronswick, End of Data, Tanit etc... Denner presents an undeniably contemporary collection of 8 epic tracks one could only righty name as a new cold sound for an old cold world. Adam's richly textural, shimmering, soaring guitar textures alternatingly backed by both drum machine and a live high-end-heavy kit summoning the ghost of the great Martin Hannett provide a perfect backdrop for Gilles' echo-laden, affirmatively mournful voice, effortlessly switching between Frence and English and drowning in the massiveness of the world. This opus is perfectly balanced, ranging from downtempo, spaciously introspective tracks (the dramatic, chill-inducing opener "Nouvelle Bretagne", "I Sold My Bones", "In Limbo"); privately fragile, jewel-like love ballads("You Seem So Far Away"); to aggressively melodic, humanistic sing-a-long tracks for early morning bar brawls amongst friends("Antimeridian", "Cold in Rags") Denner do it all on this album... These will be gone in 5 minutes, hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to grab one before they are... Beautiful full-color jacket with 18"x24" fold out insert poster, complete with free download link to MP3s of the entire collection! Very Rare forever...

dreaming of me / ice machine


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

dreaming of me / ice machine / 7"

This is the first released single by the brilliant synthpop quartet Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Dave Gahan, together as Depeche Mode since 1980. Released in 1981, "Dreaming of Me", reminds us of the more innocent times of synthpop, specially because of the opening track with the same title, containing pure and efficient melodies. Performed with a harmonic four-note sequence, "Ice Machine" has a much more emotional and intense approach in a combination of many synthesizer melodies and interesting vocal chorus, puncturing the subconsciousness of the intense listeners with very special moments. Inescapable !!!

behind the wheel


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

behind the wheel / 12"

Another classic piece that have been sampled again and again. "Behind The Wheel" is one of the most popular single of Depeche Mode that has been released in 1987 on Mute and that no longer needs to be described. Listen and run to that plate if you haven't it yet ;-)

leave in silence


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

leave in silence / 12"

These are ones of the best Depeche Mode tracks released in 1982. Superb danceable mixture of synth-pop, new-wave and italo. Deep discoïd gem ! We strongly support it !!

black celebration


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

black celebration / LP

This LP released in 1986 shows Depeche Mode's turn into the dark side of the force. Here the band comes up to obscure and tortured new-wave. "Black Celebration" offers us a larger musical consistency which implies a stronger output in the climates. Once again Martin Gore shows us the accuracy of his script and his extraordinary creativity. The atmosphere is heavy and sometimes a bit ambiguous and illustrated by the very special voice of Dave Gahan. Tip !!!

a broken frame


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

a broken frame / LP

"A Broken Frame" (1982) is depressed romanticism...chock full of melancholy musings in word and music. An underrated and forgotten chapter of synth pop lying desolate and lonely in the barren field of forgotten music. This album enabled Depeche Mode and more particularly Martin L.Gore to find and build their future sound and lyrics signature. Including the hits "Leave In Silence", "See You", "The Sun and The Rainfall"...

clean / surrender


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

clean / surrender / 7"

US private import. Only 500 of this superb picture 7" record have been made showing awesome pictures of the band taken by Anton Corbijn. Truely a collector item to be framed. The "Clean" version is amazing... Don't miss out !



Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

violator / LP

UK bootleg picture disc, sold as a Mexican limited edition. Classic, probably the best album from Depeche Mode. Packaged in clear vinyl sleeve.. Tip !!

demos & alternate versions


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

demos & alternate versions / 2x12"

Not much infos on this unofficial release edited by an obscure japanese D.M. fan-club. Double LP with classic Depeche Mode hits but all in a completely different orchestration than the originals.. All these unplugged songs sounds new to the listener. Fantastic !

sag nein !


Artist : Der Kunstliche Dilettant 

Label : Invasion Planète 

sag nein ! / LP

Der Kunstliche Dilettant (aka Bastards Of Love) is a really pure minimal electro 80's retro sound artist. This album "Sag Nein" contains 9 minimalistic tracks in the vein of the early 80s tape scene and bands like Stratis, Weltklang and other legendary heroes of this music. Some tracks are more experimental, some are dancable with a little bit of DAF atmosphere. As always, this records is strictly limited, this time to 524 copies, so you should hurry up !!!

normalette surprise


Artist : Der Plan 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

normalette surprise / LP

'Normalette Surprise' is the equally important and ground-breaking follow-up album to 'Geri Reig' and was released in 1981. Here Der Plan further evolved their unique style of Neue Deutsche Welle into an ever-so-slightly more accessible record yet not abandoning their roots as evidenced by hints of experimental sound textures and their characteristic quirky yet undefinable sound collages and pre-industrial notions. 'Normalette Surprise' will appeal to devoted followers of this unique genre and fans of contemporary artists (DAF, Saal, Liaison Dangereuses, etc). This album is an essential document for any fan or collector of the fascinating NDW period. Lovingly presented on 180g. transparent blue vinyl in a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies. Tip !!

geri reig


Artist : Der Plan 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

geri reig / LP

Debut full length album originally released in 1980 on Der Plan’s own Warning (later known as Ata Tak) label. Der Plan is widely acknowledged as the pioneers of the NDW (New German Wave) movement which was the transformation of punk rock and new wave into an entity of distinct form and style. The movement spawned other notable acts as Grauzone, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, and X-Mal Deutschland. Der Plan originated from Düsseldorf and consisted of Moritz Reichelt, Frank Fenstermacher & Kurt Dahlke (aka Pyrolator) on this recording. 'Geri Reig' is a very diverse album consisting of tracks reminiscent of the early Der Plan avant-garde period contrasted with more musical and catchy songs geared more towards minimal synthetic pop and experimental minimal-synth. This masterpiece is presented on 180g. olive green colored vinyl in a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies. Beautiful ;)



Artist : Der Unsichtbare / Charly Kent 

Label : Kommando 6 

echtzeitreise / 12"

One of the last release of the German electro specialist label with an excellent track "Licht" by Charly Kent. Produced in the true Kommando 6 electro style : dark, minimal and raw. The industrial undertones and the vocals give it an original twist. Listen !

ein mann, ein ball / ein schuss, ein tor


Artist : Der Wahre Heino 

Label : Ata Tak 

ein mann, ein ball / ein schuss, ein tor / 7"

Second single from Der Wahre Heino (aka Norbert Hähnel) released in 1990 on the legendary German Ata Tak label (founded by Kurt Dahlke from Der Plan). German singer who caricatures the actual Schlager-performer Heino and performed as opener for Die Toten Hosen during the 80's. Crazy 7".. Jump on it !!!

biometric id


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone 

biometric id / 12"

Dopplereffekt's most mysterious alter ego deliver 2 tracks, each from the opposite end of the laboratory. "Biometric Systems" is the beat-driven number which almost seems to re-wire the 2 step genre on its swinging groove, and throws a superbly simple melody over the rough edged beats backed by a looped bassline to create an instant classic. The flipside takes things into the white lab with "Biometric ID" which is beatless until almost the close, coming close to the material on Dopplereffekt’s Linear Accelerator album, Sci-Fi soundscapes and eerie machine vox delivering a tense and deep excursion.

der tonimpulstest


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Gigolo 

der tonimpulstest / 12"

Absolutely legendary and corking first Der Zyklus (aka Dopplereffekt) 12" on Gigolo Records. "Der Dammerung Von Nanotech" is a classic cut, sharp arpeggiated blips and bleeps create a fine rhythm under the crisp and tight electro beats. "Der Tonimpulstest" has a harder edged winner with the title track, a tad darker, and heavier and you have a perfect compliment for this damn fine 12" !

cherenkov radiation


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

cherenkov radiation / 12"

Frustrated Funk is the chosen medium to release the next phase in Dataphysix's research and experimentation of electromagnetic radiation. 4 takes of electromagnetic waves that are constructed to travel through different sequences. This is the universe of Der Zyklus, the evolution and experimentation of electro physics that never seem to stop. Highly Recommended !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

untitled / 12"

Heinrich Mueller (aka Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Drexciya) with his best solo work after the legendary Dopplerfeffekt album. This is a re-release of 4 of our favorite Der Zyklus tracks which are already out of print for some time now. This ep includes the amazing drexciyan ''Mxyzptlk'', the ultra cool kraftwerkesque ''Formenverwandler''. This is what you would get when you put the best of Detroit electro and German avant-garde electro (Kraftwerk) together in one studio. Masterpiece !!!



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

biometry / 2x12"

Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00's (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future for everyone born before 1980. Techno was still about innovation, stepping into the future, going ahead, updated technologies, exploring the new.? Like previous releases Heinrich Mueller takes inspiration from latest technologies and developments. Must-Have !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : WeMe Records 

renormalon / 12"

Gerald Donald is back under the Der Zyklus alias for more futurist darkside electro experiments: his signature sound. Where the project's sound may have been more varied on previous releases, the 'Renormalon' LP goes more for the downbeat and sometimes completely beatless and it's really quite brilliant because of it. We really liked the intergalactic ambience of "Interference Pattern" (which would have sounded great on the Event Horizon soundtrack), the dramatic and isolated arpeggiation of "Photopolymer" (beautifully haunting!) and the evil wall of sound delay of "Optical Distortion" which reaches near psychedelic moments and capturing that ghost in the machine like only Donald can. Limited edition on clear vinyl..

elektronisches zeitecho


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

elektronisches zeitecho / 12"

Reissued from the cold, 2 classic Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt) top productions taken off 'Der Zyklus II' (2001). "Elektronisches Zeitecho" spills serpentine arpeggios and timeless Drexciyan melodies on a the A-side, and "Mathematische Modelle" makes robotic doe eyes at Kraftwerk on the B-side. Unmissable stuff finally available on vinyl again after being out of print for a long time..

fashion & seduction / premonition


Artist : Design 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

fashion & seduction / premonition / 7"

In the early 80’s Design (a duo from Belgium) released 2 tracks on Belgian vinyl compilations “Premonition” (recorded in 1982) on the sought after Topless Game lp from 1983. In the same session the previously unreleased track “Fashion & Seduction” was recorded but never made it to any further release. Anna Logue decided to reedit these two great tracks, the first one heard for the first time, the other one long deleted and now even remastered. All the 400 limited copies include signed black & white photo and are definitely not to be missed !

voyage voyage


Artist : Desireless 

Label : CBS 

voyage voyage / 12"

French singer Desireless (aka Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop) began a brief career as a fashion designer she finds her way into singing. She meets producer Jean Michel Rivat in 1984 and they begin to work together. In 1989, after the release of her first singles "Chercher l'Amour Fou" and "Qui Peut Savoir" as Air, the release of "Voyage, Voyage" as Desireless is determinant. The song reach high positions on European charts (even in Russia) and is an instant club hit. She still performs today and sing along with many collaborators, her styles ranging from electronica to bossa-nova and acoustic. Her hit "Voyage, Voyage" is always very much alive and was covered and sampled many times. Cult & timeless ;)

exterminators of the year 3000 (il giustiziere della strada)


Artist : Detto Mariano 

Label : Stella 

exterminators of the year 3000 (il giustiziere della strada) / 2x12"

Italian cinema production by Giuliano Carnimeo from 1983. Starring disco starlet Beryl Cunningham, male model Roberto Iannucci, Luca Venantini as Tommy (from Lucio Fulci's 'City Of The Living Dead' , Bud Spencer movie 'Aladin') and actors you'll remember from 'Mangiati Vivi!' (the 2nd soundtrack release by Stella Ed. Musicali). This 1983 soundtrack release is a limited Stella Edizioni Musicali Deluxe editon. It comes as 2LP set (70+ min running time) including 2 posters, gatefold cover and 3 promo inserts (written by Detto Mariano) telling the whole story about the production. Original 1st pressing (all tracks composed and conducted by Detto Mariano). 100% electronic instrumental music from italo-disco to ambient to experimtal electronics... If you like 80's electronic music you'll love ETOTY 3000.



Artist : Detto Mariano 

Label : Stella 

striker / LP

Are you in on this 80's jungle adventure survival trip? The album combining the unreleased soundtrack and audio effects of the Italian movie to an unique music experience. We call it 'Film Sonoro'. A highlight for soundtrack collectors but also an interesting item for italo-disco fans. Stella continuing the idea to invent something new. 'Striker' is an Italian mercenary movie from 1987. Located in Nicaragua the film starring Frank Zagarino as main actor in his 1st significant role. Music composed by Detto Mariano. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari and written by Umberto Lenzi (Eaten Alive!). Film Sonoro is a concept 'soundtrack' product capturing the audio sequences of the movie in the right order underlayed with decent sound effects of the movie. This is resulting in a deeper atmosphere and listening pleasure. Project by maestro Detto Mariano limited to 250 copies (here on black vinyl). High quality (DMM) vinyl pressing, with inserts (map of Nicaragua and poster)..

the city of stone


Artist : Deutsch Nepal 

Label : Hau Ruck! 

the city of stone / 10"

Former member of Swedish industrial cult band Njurmännen, Lina Baby Doll (aka Peter Andersson) set up his own musical project in 1991. Inspired by the classic Amon Düül II song of the same name, Deutsch Nepal started with a deep and fascinating industrial ambient sound, enriched by hypnotic rhythms, voice samples and repetitive structures. Through this 10", Deutsch Nepal has evolved his sound into a deep dark ambient music. Both tracks are quite similar, rather calm.. The sound here is more ethnic & organic than strictly industrial.. Nice one !

kalter lärm - weiße stille


Artist : Deutschdenck 

Label : WSDP 

kalter lärm - weiße stille / LP

Deutschdenck was one of the 1st cassette releases in Germany and originally released on the legenday Pure Freude label in 1980. Deutschdenck is featuring Ralf Dörper who also was in S.Y.P.H., Die Krupps and later on in the allmighty Propaganda. The music? We woud describe it as potential dangerous. If you listen to it too often it may causes mind diseases or probably opens a door to another dimension...

autopop (vinyl edition)


Artist : Deutsche Bank 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

autopop (vinyl edition) / LP

Deutsche Bank is a Swedish electro-pop project by Mats From! Cool, modern & stylish electronic music in the pure tradition of bands like Kraftwerk, Komputer or Vorsprung durch Technik! Only 300 copies. Numbered edition + poster. 180gr vinyl in mint-green!



Artist : Deutsche Wertarbeit 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Another superb reissue from Seattle's Medical Records, plucking Dorothea Raukes' 1981 album "Deutsche Wertarbeit" from krautrock obscurity and resissuing it on red vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies. Dorothea was in a tiny minority of German frauleins to work in krautrock circles, 1st with her Düsseldorf band Streetmark (she recorded 4 albums as their lead singerin between '76-'81) and later as a solo artist for Sky Records. She's responsible for all all the sounds on "Deutsche Wertarbeit", finding an endearing blend of sensibilities, from the rhythm driven pop of the NDW to the spacey textures and ambience of Klaus Schulze. Her canny melodic character shines through cheeseball keys of "Guten Abend, Leute", but doesn't shy away from darker tones like with "Unter Tage". Best of all is he proto-tranz glide of "Auf Engelsflügeln", which is pretty much worth the cost of entry alone, while the electric grey drama of "Intercity Rheingold" and "Der Gross Atem" seal the deal. Really feeling this..! REPRESS edition..



Artist : Deux 

Label : André Records 

europe / 7"

Deux is a French underrated duo base in Lyon. This is their second release from '85. Two great minimal synth-pop tracks. A real treasure from the past for all fans of this genre. Few copies be fast !



Artist : Deux 

Label : André Records 

felicita / 7"

Deux is a French underrated duo base in Lyon. This 7" is the re-edition from '85 of their first single originaly released in '83. It comes with a new cover and contains two great minimal synth-pop tracks. A real treasure from the past for all fans of this genre. Few copies be fast !



Artist : Deux 

Label : Minimal Wave 

decadence / LP

Full length lp by French duo Deux (aka Gérard Pelletier & Cati Tete), who formed after meeting in Lyon in 1981. Their music can be described as minimal-synth with stripped down rhythm compositions and suitably cold duets. Their influences are a perfect blend of Kraftwerk and French synth-pop. Between 1983 and 1992, they released a cassette and several rare singles. This "Decadence" lp features selections of their old material, newly remastered. 2017 hand numbered 3rd edition pressing. Reverse side of sleeve is lined in sky blue.. TIP !!!

golden dreams


Artist : Deux 

Label : Minimal Wave 

golden dreams / 12"

12"ep by the lovely French synth-wave duo known as Deux. Gérard Pelletier & Cati Tete formed Deux shortly after meeting in Lyon in 1981. Their music can be described as minimal-synth with stripped down rhythm compositions and suitably cold duets. A perfect blend of archetypal Kraftwerkian pop and French synth, these set of songs comprise their later years (1985) and stylistically sound like classic house combined with the romance of new-wave. This ep features previously unreleased newly remastered studio and demo tracks. Pressed on 180gr gold vinyl, limited to 999 hand-numbered copies..

I don't care


Artist : Dexter 

Label : Klakson 

I don't care / 12"

Dexter’s seminal 12", now re-pressed for what must be the millionth time after a good 18 months where its been almost impossible to catch a copy. The opening track is quite possibly the definitive Detroit-tinged electro-soul tracks of the last few years If you don’t already own this, what you waiting for ?



Artist : Dexter 

Label : Klakson 

intruder / 12"

Back in stock after a 2-year absence!!! Ace follow-up to "I Don’t Care" and even more spannered, incorporating elements of acid, Chicago jack and hip-hop in that inimitable Dexter electro stylee.. ;)



Artist : Dez Dickerson 

Label : Citinite 

modernaire / 12"

The only major song from Prince's classic film, "Purple Rain", to have never previously been released... Finally, after 25 years, comes Dez Dickerson's lost Minneapolis classic, "Modernaire", mastered from a newly discovered tape recording. Keeping the spirit and energy of the original alive, there are remixes by Hot Persuasion, DMX Krew and Faceless Mind, driven by the searing beats of the 808 and Linndrum. Backed by a disco-machine version by Complexxion. Very much recommended !

sock fluff


Artist : Dez Williams 

Label : Scsi-Av 

sock fluff / 12"

Yorkshire’s Scsi-Av collective return with another devestating electro crusher. Newcommer Dez Williams fetches his production skills to the fore with some real dark crunch action. The A-Side heads into a twisted horror soundtrack feel complete with darkist vocals Dez sets an atmosphere that leaves you on your toes for what’s to follow. "Sock Fluff" sounds better the louder you play it, made for a loud system with a rigid and crisp tweak of everything that’s good about electro. On "Nether Region" we find ace dubby effects doing the trick complete with body-piercing acid stabs used as percussive elements and swoops of analogue synths. Truly crushing creating waves, soon to be tsunami's. Catch the break...

demos 1982


Artist : Diaframma 

Label : Synthetic Shadows 

demos 1982 / LP

Diaframma were the best and the most famous Italian post-punk band of the 80's. They came from Florence, the city center of new-wave music of the period (bands such Litfiba, Pankow, Neon, Moda, Polyactive, Karnak and many others). In the wake of the English decadent dark-rock, strongly influenced by Joy Division, in 1982 they recorded their 1st single, "Pioggia/Illusione Ottica" (Italian Records). The beautiful lyrics of the poet/guitarist Federico Fiumani push Diaframma among the most popular bands of the Italian scene of the time. Followed the 7" split "Circuito Chiuso" (Free/Industrie Discografiche Lacerba-1982) and the mini-LP "Altrove" (Contempo Records-1983), which confirm the remarkable ability of the quartet (Gianni Cicchi on drums, Leandro Cicchi on bass, Federico Fiumani on guitar and Nicola Vannini on vocals). After several performances in the main Italian venues and clubs often together with their friends Litfiba, and the removal of Vannini (replaced by Miro Sassolini), Diaframma recorded 'Siberia' in 1984 for the independent label IRA, an album that sold 50,000 copies. A huge sales success for the band that continued to play with various styles and line-up changings until these days. This compilation contains entirely unreleased different studio versions of their most famous tracks of the early material. If you are a fan of early UK new-wave / post-punk, you will be suprised to listen this amazing Italian underground release !

fc den haag


Artist : Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew 

Label : Dumb Terminal 

fc den haag / 2x12"

Dickie is no longer prepared to stand idly by watching the current team failing to live up to the high standard set by the great Den Haag team of 75, how he longs for the anthem that is FC Den Haag to be on every city radio station celebrating the feats of the current team. Sadly though today’s team does not live up to dickie’s expectations, so much so in fact that Dickie brings us the anthem to try and induce self belief in the team, "FC Den Haag, we are the best", so upset is Dickie that he’s considering coming out of retirement and offering his services to the team. Following the anthemic opener, Morwyck blues resonates with the sadness that Dickie feels on matters close to his heart, while The Hague jam is the perfect track for driving from Den Haag to Scheveningen (or anywhere) at 3am. Full of his trade mark 808 beats, vocoded vocals and searing melodies, Dickie has produced tracks suitable to be played loudly on the cassette player of every bmw as it cruises around the city streets at night, searching for young souls to be evangelised to the ways of the 808 beat. Fantastic 2xlp ;)

peut etre qu


Artist : Die Bunker 

Label : Eirkti 

peut etre qu'il n'y a plus rien ? / LP

Oh beloved French melancholy ! Those Frenchies must be living in a parallel universe made up solely of sadness and melancholy. Like Clair Obscur and others, they just have their very own sound. Die Bunker was one of them, an artistic ensemble from Saint Mandé (France). They released a first self-titled cassette in 1983, followed by the vinyl lp “Dreams are not free” in 1988, the lp “Mother” in 1990 and appeared on several compilations. This new album reissues the original 1983 tape while adding one bonus track “In Den Letzten Zügen Lieben” from 1984. The sound is purely electronic, simple, very raw, very melancholic though melodic, and we have rarely heard such a cool rough drum machine; boy it rocks (in an electronic analogue way, of course !). Cult tape, therefore cult vinyl ! Limited to 500 copies. Buy or Die !

blumen und narzissen


Artist : Die Doraus Und Die Marinas 

Label : Ata Tak 

blumen und narzissen / LP

Best known for the brilliant single hit "Fred Vom Jupiter" this charming debut has much more to offer. This is a pioneer work of the so called Neue Deutsche Welle and offers the best sides of it; naive but thrilling lyrics, adventurous soundscapes from keyboards and synths that were state of the art that time, an amateur production you don´t wanna miss, cheering vocals and catchy tunes. Brilliant and outstanding lp from a period when German music was on its peak. All we can do is to share these lovely memories...

standing on mermaids


Artist : Die Fly Die 

Label : FlexiWave 

standing on mermaids / 12"

Scottish techno genius Neil Landstrumm's debut for FlexiWave. New project Die Fly Die where he showcases more synthwave orientated music, still with the typical Landstrumm punk feel to it. 6 tracks of obscure electronic master pieces..

die puppe


Artist : Die Form 

Label : Dark Entries 

die puppe / LP

Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977. Die Form is the primary project of electronic musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot. He began by recording a number of experimental cassette releases in the late 70's and formed the Bain Total label to release these early cassettes and various side projects including Krylon Hertz, Mental Code, Camera Obscura, Eva-Johanna Reichstag, Hurt and Fine Automatic. In 1982 Die Form released their debut vinyl album, 'Die Puppe' in a limited edition of 1000 copies. These are the 1st esoteric electronic experiments, often improvised, from what would become the sound of the project. Underlying themes of eroticism, death and other taboo subjects are apparent in both the music and the album artwork, which Philippe also produces. The album was recorded with entirely analog equipment (Roland MC4 Micro-Composer, TR-808 Rhythm Composer, ARP 2600, Kawai 60F, Revox B77). Songs range from hypnotic, minimalistic proto-IDM to pure, daring experimental sound manipulation. Unable to fit into any genre, 'Die Puppe' is in a class of music all its own. Each album includes 2 post cards with never before seen photos of Philippe with lyrics and liner notes by the band. Prepare to indulge your lustiest hedonistic fetishes...



Artist : Die Form 

Label : Dark Entries 

zoo / LP

Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977-1978. Die Form is the primary project of electronic musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot. He began by recording a number of experimental cassette releases in the late 1970s and formed the Bain Total label to release these early cassettes, as well as various side projects such as Krylon Hertz, Camera Obscura, Eva-Johanna Reichstag, Hurt and Fine Automatic. In 1982 Die Form released their debut vinyl album, 'Die Puppe' in a limited edition of 1000 copies. 'Zoo' is a compilation of 10 tracks recorded during the "Die Puppe" sessions from 1980-82. These were the 1st esoteric electronic experiments, often improvised. Underlying themes of eroticism, death, and other 'taboo' subjects become apparent in both the music and the album artwork, which Philippe also produced. The album was recorded with entirely analog equipment, including a Roland MC4 Micro-Composer, TR-808 Rhythm Composer, ARP 2600, and Kawai 60F recorded to a Revox B77 reel to reel tape machine. Songs range from hypnotic, minimalistic proto-IDM to daring experimental sound manipulation. 4 of these songs were featured as a bonus 7" to accompany the 1989 vinyl reissue of "Die Puppe" but remixed for the project. The remaining 6 songs were also remixed and released on CD in 2001. The front cover was designed by Eloise Leigh and features a black and white photograph by Philipe. Each album includes a double sided post card with liner notes and a rare photo of the band.

sonntag ist mein freier tag


Artist : Die Ganze Wahrheit 

Label : No Label 

sonntag ist mein freier tag / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Die Gesunden 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Wunderbar reissue of Berlin's Die Gesunden. Die Gesunden (translated to the Healthy Ones) was mostly the duo of Mabel Aschenneller & Eschi Rehm (who sadly passed away in 2008). They were also joined on drums by Thomas Wydler (who later became known for his membership in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds). Taking influences from Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, and ENO/Bowie, Die Gesunden was one of the 1st Neue Deutsche Welle outfits. The self-titled LP was released in 1982 on Innovative Communication which was the independent record label formed by Klaus Schulze in 1978 after Klaus became very interested in the earliest Berlin NDW bands. Mabel was very involved in the Berlin scene such as promoting local gigs for the early Einstürzende Neubauten in 1981 and shows at the Exxcess club which also inspired the birth of Die Gesunden. Die Gesunden did fairly well around Germany with one of the highlights being a tour in 1981 supporting DAF (Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft). The LP is a diverse collection of songs that display a jagged electronic quality showcased throughout with hints of power electronics mixed with synth pop. Overall, the record is a very diverse listen and will surely appeal to fans of early NDW (early Der Plan) as well as proto-industrial and experimental new-wave. At the same time, it is definitely one of a kind and has no record that it can be directly compared. This reissue is presented on high-quality 180gr opaque 'baby pink' vinyl. Features slight alteration and reinterpretation of the original front cover and redesigned back cover. Limited edition..



Artist : Die Klopferbande 

Label : WSDP 

barbarei / LP

This release features Klopferbande legendary tape (thanks to WSDP to make it available on vinyl support) which was released on the wellknown Datenverarbeitung label in '81-'82. Die Klopferbande sounds kinda like darkwave with synth-elements and is sometimes punky too. Highly limited to 200 copies in silkscreened jackets.



Artist : Die Selektion 

Label : Fabrika Records 

untitled / LP

In winter 2010, 3 young musicians calling their band Die Selektion, were rehearsing their new songs somewhere in Stuttgart. By that time, they would not have imagined that, just one year later Fabrika Records would release their 1st self-titled work in a limited edition of 300 copies. Combining dynamic vocals, melodic trumpets and dark dance synths, they fire-up their fanatic audience..

gottes wille


Artist : Die Selektion 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

gottes wille / 7"

Limited 2nd edtion of 200 handnumbered copies on black vinyl.

deine stimme ist der ursprung jeglicher gewalt


Artist : Die Selektion 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

deine stimme ist der ursprung jeglicher gewalt / LP

The trio from Stuttgart and Lucerne (Luca Gillian, Hannes Rief & Samuel Savenberg) Die Selektion released their 2nd album 'Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt'. Impressive production that appears on the Berlin label aufnahme + wiedergabe. These new tracks from Die Selektion are dark, wavy and full of bass and sharp synths. Sung in German and rather strict and serious. Sometimes industrial, sometimes new-wave, the arpeggios and programmed synth melodies give the drive into the songs and give an Electric Body Music flow. Variety and suspense are often provided by a trumpet that is used heroically over the sometimes aggressive beats. Massive LP !

don't tell me stories


Artist : Die Unbekannten 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

don't tell me stories / LP

Darkwave legendary bands formed in June 1981 by two ex-pat Brits living in Berlin. All songs on this lp are recorded between '81 and '83, taken from a long time out of print EP with some additional recordings. The sound is at times very post-punk, like on "Radio War" wich is available in a live version from the legendary "Konzert zur Einheit der Nation" (Concert for the Unity of Germany). On the other hand "Don’t Tell Me Stories" or "The Game" shows a more traditional coldwave / darkwave side of the band. Highly recommended !



Artist : Digable Rhythm 

Label : Science City 

mexico / LP

Digable Rhythm (aka Stoned Raider) released this strange, quite experimental album in 1998 on the German Science City imprint. Mix of dark abstract breakbeat with fragile string melodies or synth . Really nice minimal-core work, full of different emotions. Minimal for maximum ;)

alpha omega


Artist : Digital Shadow Empire 

Label : Sendertechnik 

alpha omega / 12"

Nice collaboration between Mik At Homa and Bannlust. Clear and deep minimal electro. Really emotional slow I.D.M. in the vein of of Solvent & Skanfrom. To us, one of the best release of the last months in that genre ;-)



Artist : Dilemma 

Label : Mauerstadtmusik 

untitled / 7"

Co-operation with WSDP label. The Flip-Side burns with "Dracula" from the legendary "Lautt-Ein Sampler Aus SüdWest" cassette compilation from 1983. On the Double-Flip we have 1 song from the "6 Richtige-Pforzheim Sampler" lp and 1 of the more than a classic tune from the Kassettentäter compilation cassette from 1982. Nice One limited to 300 numbered copies.

invisible noise hunters


Artist : Dilemma 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

invisible noise hunters / LP+7"

Dilemma was Klaus Hahn and Christoph Schaller, from Germany. Out of a deep admiration for rough early 80’s minimalistic electrobands like DAF, Portion Control or The Klinik they themselves started early to create some weird tracks with borrowed synthesisers, found metal parts and whatever did create some noise. Most tracks are taken off their cassette “Dismember your Body” (1988), as well as from “Pure Epitaxial Dilemma” (1987), plus adding three tracks from a 1988 live performance to the 7”. Dilemma’s music is pure raw electronic minimalism in the vein of DAF, but with a touch of the mid-80’s Belgian hard electro bands such as The Klinik or Vomito Negro. Limited to 500 copies

leave the planet


Artist : Dirty Hospital 

Label : Mighty Robot 

leave the planet / 12"

Ace 12" from Glasgow legends Dirty Hospital bringing a distinct flavour of their now legendary live sets, Dirty Hospital work in all manner of morphing tempo changes and wired electro switches to 4 tracks of plugged in dancefloor styles, sitting them somewhere between Modeselektor, Pendle Coven and Apparat for rhythmic drive and well crafted melodic stuntworks. Check title track "Leave The Planet" it's a proper killer !

the androids


Artist : Disco Dream & The Androids 

Label : Wake Up Records 

the androids / LP

Reissue of this highly sought after UK disco album from 1979. Co-produced by Adrian Wagner (designer of the Wasp synthesizer) and featuring Robert Calvert (poet and frontman of Hawkwind intermittently) as lead singer. Classic !

no motion


Artist : Disco Volante 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

no motion / 7"

For the 1st 7" record released by Medical Records, here is the reissue of the long lost & out of print 7" by Disco Volante. Disco Volante was essentially Terry Clarke (aka Terry Tanx) formed in London in 1982. Inspired by the early Bond films and their soundtracks (Disco Volante was a yacht in Thunderball), Tanx played live in a number or small clubs between 1982-1986. Using a small number of Roland instruments (TB 303, TR 606, MC-202, and SH-09), Disco Volante self released a cassette entitled 'Traction In Rehash' now which is sadly lost. In 1984, the 7" single "No Motion" with the same title as A side and "Click" and "Punishment Tank (Live)" as the B side on Catalyst Box Records. Terry recollects that the recording only took 2 days, and the engineer had no experience with this style of music. The end result has a very Diy aesthetic despite the use of a professional studio. Unfortunately, the single was not commercially popular and received no publicity due to music press strike at the time. The single began to gain cult underground popularity in the 90's and 00's with the resurgence of new-wave which resulted in a spike in prices for the long lost single. The track "No Motion" is a very catchy layered synth-pop hit that is quite unique yet capturing the essence of the early 80's new-wave sound very nicely. "Click" on the B-side is a march-like track with propulsive synthetic bass textures and monotonous analog drum beats. The final track "Punishment Tank Live!" is a track recorded live at the Red Box, London with a punk feel with intense delayed vocals, guitar and overlayed synth hooks. Beyond out of print and sure to appeal to lovers of the Diy coldwave and synth 7" revival and resurrection. Presented on high-quality black 7" vinyl in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies. Tip!!



Artist : Discodeath 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / LP

Brand new minimal-wave in a pure old-school style that sounds really fresh. Didscodeath come from Italy and remind us a mixture of the influential Italian electro bands from the 80's, such as Neon, Pankow and Limbo. Very dirty in your ear but also very danceable. This LP saw the light thanks to the collaboration of Hertz-Schrittmacher & No Emb Blanc labels. Green transparent vinyl limited to 300 copies ;)



Artist : Dissidenten 

Label : Fuzz Dance 

casablanca / 12"

Original '84 pressings on Alexander Robotnick's Fuzz Dance label ! Strange combination of italo with Arabian influences. Very disco on the A-Side, very Arabian on the B-Side. Definately one for the freaks.. Rare orange pressing…



Artist : Distant Drums 

Label : This Statement Records 

untitled / 12"

Distant Drums were active during 1980-'83 in the new-wave / post-punk scene of Colchester (eg. Modern English), and had given numerous concerts at the time (supporting The Passage etc). Their sole release was the nowadays extra-rare 'Perfect Eyes / Halloween' 7" single on Rhythmic Records, which is currently traded among collectors for pretty high prices in the second-hand vinyl market. 3 extra unreleased songs which were recorded in december 1981 in Octopus Studios (Transparent Illusion, The Adicts etc), were found & were carefully transferred from what appears to be the 'last cassette copy' that survived the test of time... Release is strictly limited to 303 hand-numbered copies, here on transparent blue 12" vinyl. Comes accompanied with an A4-sized double sided insert, containing an archival band photo & short bio documenting the Diy spirit of the era. Highly Recommended !!

mrok / regn


Artist : Distel 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

mrok / regn / 7"

Dutch angstpop (dark and slow synth-pop) act Distel (also active as drone - experimental act Hadewych) was already present on the compilation "Radio Resistencia". This is the real debut release. Moody and gloomy soundscapes and whispered vocals (sometimes in Dutch) draw you into the world of distel. The music is poetic, sophisticated and above all a very intense listening experience.. Try it ;)



Artist : Distel 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

puur / LP+7"

After several contributions to compilations and one 7" release, here is the long awaited debut album called 'Puur' by Dutch electronic project Distel. The sound of Distel is not easy to define.. Some might call this witch house while others would go for death disco or ritual electro.. But in the end it is electronic music with a background in industrial and minimal electronics with a magical and maybe even occult mood. When seeking for references you could say that Distel has all the originality and talent of Coil and the sound is like that of Autechre on a dark trip. At the same time it is maybe too a bit as Esben and The Witch but pure electronic and darker.. And it has links to the work of Haus Arafana/Növelet but is for sure richer and deeper in sound. What is evident is that the waiting for this album was worthwhile as it is one of the artistic highlights from the house of Enfant Terrible. It is beautiful and complex and grotesque on all levels !!

lies in your eyes


Artist : Dive 

Label : Pflichtkauf 

lies in your eyes / 12"

Rejoice all ye lovers of Dive, Dirk Ivens is back with another incisive sliver of spite. Dirk works with long time co-conspirator Eric Van Wontergrem of Insekt and Monolith fame on this one. This time around, Dirk has opted to go back to the sound of his earlier releases and it shows. Only this time around, he's attempting to re-create the disemboweled, manic schizophrenia that he achieved years ago with Marc Verhaeghen in the Klinik. In summation, this is no step forward but it is an enjoyably dark and demented 5-song ep limited to 600 copies; a totally assumed filiation for label Pflichtkauf, who organise the Machinenfest-ival..

dijital's revenge


Artist : Dj Dijital 

Label : Twilight 76 

dijital's revenge / 12"

Dj and member of Aux 88 since 1996, DJ Di'jital released a few 12", this is his last one on the legendary detroit-based label : Twilight 76. Essential for detroit music lovers !

super earth invasion


Artist : Dj Glow 

Label : TRUST 

super earth invasion / 12"

Finally back in... Stunning robot electro tracks from outer space.. Crazy funky 4 track ep.. Big Tip !

c-u later


Artist : Dj Godfather 

Label : Databass 

c-u later / 12"

xxx-rated ghetto tech tracks from 2001. Straight from the motor city.. Tip !

freak em


Artist : Dj Godfather 

Label : Databass 

freak em' down / 12"

Booty stuff from 2001 for your cracker ass.. Freak em' down !!!

trash bag ho


Artist : Dj Godfather 

Label : Databass 

trash bag ho / 12"

xxx-rated ghetto-tech tracks from the Databass front man...Dj Godfather (aka Brian Jeffries, member of Ectomorph). Made in Detroit in 2003. Boom !

the 50th release


Artist : Dj Godfather 

Label : Databass 

the 50th release / 12"

Detroit electro-techno-bass by the godfather of booty bass.. Nice anniversary bouncin' release. ;)

back to future ep


Artist : Dj Graeme 

Label : Nutone 

back to future ep / 12"

Pure bouncing electro tracks from 2002. The keyboard rift taken (or re-done) from "The Lion Sleeps Tonite" by Tight Fit. And after playing it a few times, you'll hear it really works well. Goes down well in a Dj set. Quite pleasing electro in the style of Anthony Rother ;)

from Detroit to the outback ep


Artist : Dj K-1 

Label : Southern Outpost 

from Detroit to the outback ep / 12"

This 5th release on the Australian Southern Outpost label sees the welcome return of one of Detroit’s most enigmatic producer, Dj K1 (aka Keith Tucker). This 6 track EP from 2002 incorporates intricate percussive rhythms, soulful strings and unrelenting bass frequencies and techno leads. A futuristic techno movie-score that will definitely appeal to the electro freaks, past, present and future.

trust me


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Murder Capital 

trust me / 12"

5 tracks wide. Shocking 12” from one of the most disturbed electro labels we know and love, possibly the finest 12” on the label to date. "The Terminator" kicks off proceedings with expected Tron darkness, a stripped down electro crunch tweaks alongside a rough vocoded narrative, sci-fi city with a twist of destruction. "Trust Me" is up next, shifting gears towards something altogether different. Detroit electro dictates the styling here, a kind of Dexter meets Drexciya assault overflowing with warm synths and underwater rumbles. "Dedication" on the flip sounds like a more squashed, faster version of Carl Finlow’s tightest electro, while the vocoded accompaniment imbues proceedings with a strong Kraftwerkian tinge that’s perfectly in keeping with the Old Skool meets Futurism vibe of the whole EP. Mastered by Alden Tyrell and produced with I-F. KILLER !!!

the beat


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Monotone 

the beat / 12"

What's the common point between N ovamen, Los Hombres Nova, Dream Disco, Get It Boyz, The Hasbeens and Los Muchachos Gruesos ? Dj Overdose of course ! having written since the mid of the 90's some of the best electro cuts made in Den Haag (Holland) on prestigious labels Murder Capital, Bunker, Das Drehmoment, Panama Racing, Viewlexx... A-side : stripped down bassline, “The Beat” slowly mutes into a relentless nasty rocking mayhem based upon breathing samples, synthetic voices, hip hop lyrics and top notch scratchin'. Genius. Next is melodious “Drift Away”, made of sharp analogue synth lines, this kraftwerkian ode serves a fresh oldschool-ish electro that will probably not seem to be outdated during the next 20 years. The flipside keeps the pressure with killer “It's Dj Overdose”, melting with success rough beats, brilliant 808 drum programming, b-boys samples, vintage tonalities and heady vocoder, this ghetto tech tune is a real tribute to Miami. As insane as “Kleun De Megamix”, the following cut which offers to the 12'' one of its hottest pieces ! Incredible tunes guarantying you to set fire to many dancefloors... Huge and Vital !!!

in for the kill


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Strange Life 

in for the kill / LP

After releasing numerous classics such as Novamen's "Lies" (with Mr.Pauli), The Hasbeen's "Make The World Go Away" (with Alden Tyrell) and Dreamdisco's "Take Me Home", the "Dose" is back with another haunting solo lp on Strange Life. And this might very well be Overdose's magnus opus so far. Beautifull filmic melodies and TR-808 beats tell us stories where Charles Bronson and John Carpenter deal with Soprano's mobstyle adventures somewhere in a cold war 70's timeframe. Tragic, defeatistic drama only Overdose can deliver...Very Nice ;)

2012 ep


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Lunar Disko 

2012 ep / 12"

Dj Overdose has been responsible for some of the finest electro to come out of Holland over the past decade, releasing on labels such as Murder Capital, Viewlexx, Bunker, Monotone, and more recently on Strange Life Records. This time Overdose returns with the 2012 ep on Dublin’s Lunar Disko Records, 4 killer electro cuts delivered in true Overdose style. Soon to be a Classic !!!

master control


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Viewlexx 

master control / 12"

After being returned from his abduction by aliens from the hidden planet Nibiru, Dj Overdose was given an alien synthesizer the 'HAEX-HRLL' as a thank you for all the cerebral research the aliens did on him. On returning back to Earth all Dj Overdose had to do was finish the 6 tracks the aliens had started to work on, which became this ep. Straight forward techno-hop electro-funk without any fancy-pants pretentious hooha. It's like a black and white movie which makes you think 'why the hell is there colors anyway?!' After completion, the only record label he could imagine being fit for such rawness would be Viewlexx... and so here it is.

bizarro world


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Creme Organization 

bizarro world / 2x12"

The bomb that should have dropped way back when. After a career spanning almost 2 decades Dj Overdose debuts on Crème with his 1st full length album, upon which we remark with carefully considered understatement: 'A veritable tour de resistance in film noir electronics, 'Bizarro World' is a dank and dark alley made flesh. Overdose's heavy soulful beats and soundscapes snatch your dreams right from under you like a shadowy kleptomaniac, masterfully pairing melancholy and ennui with fear and voyeuristic tiger-lurking-in-the-bushes paranoia. So lock up your future plans or you might very well find yourself without any'. For those who don't know, Dj Overdose is one of the OG's of the La Haya underground, one half of Novamen and the other half of The Hasbeens with classic and sought after releases on Bunker, Viewlexx, Murder Capital, Clone and Strange Life to name a few. In his spare time he doubles as a hand model for Bruce Willis :D

techno hop


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Neon Finger 

techno hop / LP

Synth-funk, boogie, hip-hop, electro-funk and simply freaky rythms on the new album by Dj Overdose 'Techno Hop'. Where the prolific artist from the Dutch west coast scene exhibits 8 new outstanding tracks filled with classy electro-funk and the freshest hip-hop manners. A sublime, intense and astonising piece of music, remarkable as an example of the finest electronic nowadays. Tip !

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