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the age of consent


Artist : Bronski Beat 

Label : Barclay 

the age of consent / LP

Jimmy Sommerville (the voice behind Bronski Beat) is one of the most unique and extraordinary vocalists of 80's. Their 1984 debut release of "The Age of Consent" was pivotal for many reasons, the first being, it was a truly remarkable piece of synth-pop dance music. But more than just dance music, it actually had substantive content, setting the Bronskis apart from mindless techno and disco music. An archive record to have in your collection ;-)



Artist : Bronze 

Label : Hex Grammofoonplaten 

untitled / 7"

Bronze is a relatively new band from the US west coast scene. But members include experienced musicians from Vanishing (who performed at the Hex nights) and Spector Protector. Originally Bronze were planned to appear on the "Radio Resistencia" compilation but in the end this 7” was imagined and realized. This new combo brings you some crazy and twisted synth / post-punk sounds. They really push genre boundaries far beyond their normal restrictions and come up with neo psychedelic dada-istic lounge and exotic cabaret tunes. 2 perfect tunes for your private acid tests !

pocket rocket ep


Artist : Brothers Plonk 

Label : Black Label 

pocket rocket ep / 12"

Deep & dirty analogue sounds. Born and raised in an era where a synth still was a synth and Vst did not mean shit. With their self build analogue synth they spend long, sweaty nights filled with beer and cigarettes in their self build analogue studio. After some long nights they were prepared for their debut on BlackLabel Records… Acid collective Bros Plonk are Rimer Veeman (member of Comtron) and Martijn Sinke, both known for their work as studio artists.

end of symptom dump / meosta


Artist : Brume / La Nomenklatur 

Label : La Légende Des Voix 

end of symptom dump / meosta / LP

Released in 1989. According to us, one of the coolest record in the field of gloomy industrial stuff. La Nomenklatur (aka Philippe Escartin) & Brume (aka Christian Renou who lives in the same little town of us) is a prolific French musique concrete composer/sound organizer who has been releasing cd's and cassettes worldwide. Renou is remarkable because he engages in elaborate concrete compositions without the academic pretension that surrounds much of the work in this style. Hard !



Artist : Brusque Twins 

Label : Visage Musique 

trashbag / 12"

Formed in 2010, Brusque Twins is Hollie Hensman & Derek Evan George. 'Trashbag' (their 3rd ep) is a statement of personal anxiety, sexual tension, crude emotions, frustration and loss of love. Abandoning their prior creative process of writing in the studio, these tracks developed primarily through live performances, failing and succeeding on stage for everyone to see. It's experimental. It's analog and digital. It's industrial. It's techno. It's their most realized artistic statement to date. Pressed on clear with black smoke vinyl in PVC sleeve with 12x12 full color insert. Limited edition of 300



Artist : Brusque Twins / Kontravoid 

Label : Visage Musique 

split / 7"

3rd in a serie of 4 split 7" releases featuring a Visage Musique artist alongside a guest of their choice. For this installment, Montreal's Brusque Twins is pairing with Toronto's Kontravoid. Brusque Twins have been producing dark minimal synth music in the vein of bands like Linear Movement for some time now. Their latest endeavour is a more modern nod to the sublimely repetitious but infectiously danceable factory floor. In "Game Of Desire", Derek George's hypnotic groove is partnered beautifully with Hollie Hensman's airy, ethereal vocals increases that hypnotism ten-fold. Despite making music that sounds like the musings of teenage vampire bat that's crazy into Bauhaus, Kontravoid stoic grimness is quite human, which makes tracks like "Impurities" so unsettling. It starts up flickering like the electronics in an abandoned mall, and gets even more funereal, the bassy synths glugging away through muttering vocals and horrified choirs, like a tour of burnt-out night clubs that are somehow still being used. Despite the bleakness, it's hard not to dance ;)



Artist : Bruta Non Calculant 

Label : Disorder 

untitled / 7"

Bruta Non Calculant is a musical project of the French duo Alaxis Andreas G. and V-Y. The eclectic musical journeyman Alaxis Andreas G. (also known as Holy X, RU.) has been weaving in and out of the underground for nearly 20 years. He is known as a precursor for his unique analog electronics songs, his minimal synth music and his esoteric industrial folk projects such as: Le Syndicat Electronique, La Séduction Des Innocents, Charles De Frontanel, Shiny Black Mater. V-Y, his blood brother (also known as Dr. E) is the man behind: Swesor Bhrater, Fancy Pants, Age. His 1st official works were in 2004 for Charles De Frontanel. Superb come-back ;)

world in a tear


Artist : Bruta Non Calculant 

Label : Cititrax 

world in a tear / LP

New project by Alaxis Andreas G, the mastermind behind Le Syndicat Electronique and numerous other analog electronic, experimental and esoteric industrial folk projects. Alaxis formed Bruta Non Calculant in 2006 along with his brother Victor-Yann (De Frontanel). Their debut album, 'World In A Tear', presents 10 tracks drenched in a dark european atmosphere complete with a sound fully formed and heroically executed. Themes of death, lust and unrequited love are all bound in this brown book-esque collection. The songs occupy their own space and communicate in their own language and as such almost seem to have the ability to alter time once the listener has succumbed to their discordant beauty. An unsurprisingly impressive comeback, Bruta Non Calculant's debut album blends new wave elements with folkloric balladry impeccably, and approaches this with a modern sensibility. 'World In A Tear' is an elegant collection of seductive songs. Vinyl pressed on ultra clear 160gr housed in a matte full color printed sleeve limited to 999 copies..

la que sabe


Artist : Bruta Non Calculant 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

la que sabe / LP

After the wonderful 'World In A Tear' LP released earlier this year on Cititrax, Treue Um Treue presents the 2nd album by Bruta Non Calculant, thus resuming their collaboration with the French duo of Alaxis Andreas G. (once known as Le Syndicat Electronique and mastermind of Invasion Planète) and his blood brother V-Y (Age, Swesor Bhrater, De Frontanel). From Iosophis to Shiny Black Mater, many eclectic projects have charmed and surprised us since Alaxis Andreas G. made his discreet reappearance on the musical scene. But none has had the fullness, maturity and deeply unique musical voice of Bruta Non Calculant, which appears as a sublimation of all that has come before, like the completion of an alchemical great work. Leaving behind the folk elements present in 'World In A Tear', this new album blends with instinctive ease hypnotic 3rd wave rhythm box beats, big muff fuzz and esoteric lyrics into a masterpiece which is both lyrical and intensely ritual, drenched in this aura of mystery characteristic of the brothers’ recent works. Thematically inspired by the myth of the wolf-woman, 'La Que Sabe' ('The One Who Knows') is an album about initiatory death, the passage through the wolf's cave leading up to spiritual rebirth and Liberation. It proves Alaxis Andreas G. to be one of the few contemporary artists capable of constant renewal, each new step on the musical path as thrilling as ever. Huge !!

bubble gum


Artist : Bubble Gum 

Label : Bazooka Joe 

bubble gum / 7"

7" pink clear vinyl. 3 electronic Kraftwerkish italo-electro pop tunes from a new spanish project with female vocals. Splendid !

kennedy / el american dream !


Artist : Buzz 

Label : Danceteria 

kennedy / el american dream ! / 12"

Limited to 1000 copies, this maxi ep from 1988 is one of our favorite record and "Kennedy" the best single release by this cult French minimal synth / coldwave act. Bloody and authentic… Simply essential !

see you sioux


Artist : Buzz 

Label : Dark Entries 

see you sioux / LP

'See You Sioux' cassette by Buzz for the 1st time ever on vinyl. Buzz began as the brainchild of J-C Van Thienen in Lille (France). He released 1 album in 1985, the highly limited demo cassette 'See You Sioux'. In the late 70's and early 80's J-C witnessed the punk explosion while studying and working abroad in England. He regularly attended concerts by Adam and the Antz, The Sound, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ski Patrol, Spizzenergi, The Cure, interviewing the bands for a fanzine. Returning to France, and feeling inspired, J-C bought a Soundmaster drum machine and 2 2nd-hand synthesizers in 1983. He started composing songs applying the Diy punk ethos akin to Cabaret Voltaire and Fad Gadget, who like him were eccentrics in a pop-rock world. Borrowing a 4-track Portastudio from a friend, J-C recorded 7 songs that would become the skeletons for this album recorded in one take. Buzz combined new-wave dancefloor appeal with the abrasive textures and irreverent attitude of post-punk. The overall sound fits nicely beside their French contemporaries: Opera Multi Steel, Norma Loy, Little Nemo, Taxi Girl, but is more aligned with their Belgian neighbors the Neon Judgement and Trisomie 21. The success of 'See You Sioux' landed Buzz a deal with Danceteria Records, who would release 4 maxi 12" singles from 1986-1989. Around 1990 Buzz took a break, eventually restarting in 2005 with the release of a career spanning compilation and remix album. J-C continues to write and release music today with his project Vuduvox. Each Lp includes a fold-out, double-sided insert with photos, lyrics and liner notes by Anne Clark. 27 years later these demos provide a glimpse of the bleak post-industrial European wasteland as seen from the bedroom window during the French coldwave scene..



Artist : Buzz Kull 

Label : Fabrika Records 

untitled / 7"

Buzz Kull is a dark electronic duo based in Sydney. This is their 1st vinyl release, a limited to 330 already sold out by Fabrika records, 7", including their club-hit "I Disappear" and the cover track "Goodbye Horses". TIP!!



Artist : Bytecon 

Label : Satamile 

t-wrex / 12"

Electro with a new different edge. Big production and fat breaks combined with raw analog sounds pushing this record in a fresh full out direction in electro.

watch yourself


Artist : C-34 

Label : MinimalRome 

watch yourself / 12"

New MinimalRome release by C-34 with remixes Mick Wills (International Deejay Gigolo), Heinrich Dressel, Feedback and a C-34 vs. Andreas manipulation.. Check !

made in russia


Artist : C.C.C.P. 

Label : Amnesia Records 

made in russia / 7"

Here a track from a German synth-pop band called C.C.C.P. A favorite of club Dj's throughout the '80s. Hit !

orient express


Artist : C.C.C.P. 

Label : Amnesia Records 

orient express / 12"

Great title by the German duo C.C.C.P. (aka Stanislav Weslov and Svenja Meradin). A bit more obscure than their very first hit single "Made In Russia". Put an ear on this one ;-)



Artist : C.O.M.A. 

Label : Danger 

untitled / LP

C.O.M.A. (aka Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik) is the pre-Charles De Goal project. Here is the official reissue and legitimate French avant-garde / weird synth punk masterpiece. Leaded by Patrick Blain, singer/former of legendary 80's coldwave band Charles De Goal. 1st and only self-titled, originally released in 1979. For fans of Métal Urbain, Residents.. Tip !!

skies in the mirror


Artist : Cabaret Du Ciel 

Label : Hybride Sentimento 

skies in the mirror / LP

Hybride Sentimento introduces you to this lost masterpiece from Treviso, Italia, composed in 1992 by Andrea Desiderà & Luigi Morosin. Saulk & Tryphème decided together to give life back to this magnificient album. 'Skies In The Mirror' explores through deep waves, different themes... Language variations, spatiality & human dimensions. Cabaret Du Ciel was an electronic research project based on atmospheric ambient and harmonic textures. Luigi Morosin explores electric guitar soundscapes while Andrea Desiderà, fascinated by synthesizers, navigates into melancholic notes. Fantastic vinyl reissue of the original tape released on Ionisation Tapes (except "Raintears" which does not appear on the vinyl due to lack of space).



Artist : Cabaret Voltaire 

Label : Rough Trade 

2x45 / 2x12"

On this date in 1982, Cabaret Voltaire released their 9th album, "2x45". It was a unique offering in that this album was actually two 12 inch 45 rpm ep's. One of the songs, "Yeshar" was released separately as a single. The album made the #1 spot on the UK indie album chart. The album was re-released on CD in 1990 and re-titled "The Grey Area". The Sheffield, England post-punk, experimental band disbanded in 1995. Archive ;)

horizons of suburbia


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

horizons of suburbia / LP

Fantastic LP recently released on the German Anna Logue Records label (led by Marc Shaffer aka Solitude Fx) with recordings from 1983. The music is quite catchy, synthie-pop / new-wave, but also interesting for minimal electro fans. We don't hit on to who it reminds us, but for those who like Mark Lane, the early 90's band Trinity Mania or the American band I:Satellite, cannot do something wrong here. Actually every song is a potential hit ! Really Exciting !

strange faces


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

strange faces / 7"

For the second releases on Anna logue Records a new 7" containing two unreleased tracks by this great synth-pop band from UK. We considered that "Moving The Mercury" is one of their best production ever made. Limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies.

live in hannover 8-10-2005


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

live in hannover 8-10-2005 / LP+7"

After the release of "Horizons of Suburbia" in summer 2005, Camera Obscura definitely wanted to enter the stage again after more than 20 years of stage absence. They were invited to play at a small minimal electro festival called "Alles In Einem" ("All In One") in Hannover (Oct 8th 2005), together with the German projects Sickdoll and Solitude FX. Peter and Nigel performed a fully professional set with lots of love, enthusiasm and fun. 8 tracks from this show were chosen to be released on this vinyl album for those who were there and for those who were not. "Vincent Van Gogh" and "Fever Pitch" are yet unheard newly recorded versions. Performing the then totally unknown "Moving The Mercury" eventually led to the release of the 7". This live album has captured some of the great moments of the party. Limited to 400 copies !

the great commandment


Artist : Camouflage 

Label : Metronome 

the great commandment / 12"

Camouflage was formed by vocalist Heiko Maile and keyboardists Marcus Meyn and Oliver Kreyssig in Germany in 1984. "The Great Commandment" (the first single of the band) cracked the German charts and spread word of the band to the UK and the USA, where the track began receiving club play. Their heavily influenced by Depeche Mode brand of synthpop was, overall, quite popular in Europe while it was around but never really caught on that much overseas. This single featured all the trademarks of Depeche Mode : a strong melody and uncannily similar vocals.

side by side


Artist : Candidate 

Label : Desire Records 

side by side / LP

Kas Produkt was a key figure in the French scene at the beginning 80's. They proved it was possible to sing in English and have success in other countries as well as being responsible for the birth of an electronic-pop scene. From Nancy (the home-town of both Kas Produkt and Oto) Candidate emerged in 1983. The boy/girl duo (the same formula as Kas Produkt) released their 1st cassette in 1984 on Permis De Construire (Nox, Geinst Naït, Muslimgauze, Zero Kama..) to be shortly followed by a split 7" with Gangrène. In 1987 they released their debut and only album for local label Dum Dum Records. 'Side By Side' was really well received and the band played a lot of gigs to support it in France, Belgium, Switzerland and even Poland; more than 100 concerts during their career. 'Side By Side' is now reissued for the 1st time and has been entirely remastered by Anders Post. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

split dimension 3


Artist : Captain Now / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 3 / 12"

Captain Now (aka Hans Biorn Blian) & Infinity Night (aka Frederic Bergamaschi) team up to release this 3rd chapter in the 'Split Dimension' serie. Clearly inspired by 80's American synthetic moods sounding like Jan Hammer or Giorgio Moroder. In the vein of tv soundtracks such as 'Miami Vice' or 'Scareface'. the 6 tracks have been made thanks to Sequencial Circuit Prophet-5 , Yamaha DX7 , Roland Juno 60. Huge!!!

join the car crash set


Artist : Car Crash Set 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

join the car crash set / LP

Car Crash Set were one of the very few electro-pop acts coming out of New Zealand and have released several vinyls nationally between 1983 and 1986. Basically, the band consisted of synthesists composers David Bulog and Nigel Russell and guitarist producer Trevor Reekie, and was formed in late 1981. They created such outstanding electro-pop songs with a Roland TR-606/808 and such lovely sequencing, that it is indeed a shame that they didn’t receive more attention. Anyway, their 1983 12” "Two Songs" (including “Outsider” and “Fall From Grace”) and the V/A "We’ll do our best" lp are at least highly collectible items amongst electro-pop connoisseurs and many people will be happy to see these tracks being available again as well as four previously unavailable demos from both their earliest and later days. David and Nigel are said to be recording again together with only the original Roland gear, TR-606, Jupiter-4, MC-4, System 100m modular and System 104 sequencer as well as Nigel’s Korg MS20… Limited pressing of 400 copies only !

toys are terrific


Artist : Car Skid And Crash 

Label : Mekano Records 

toys are terrific / 10"

Car Skid And Crash is a duo from Sweden and they released this 10" in 1986. Five eclectic tracks between synth-pop, industrial, ambient. Highlight goes to the sci-fi inspired track "Arizona" with his epic synth rises. Superb !

dirty songs


Artist : Carlos Peron 

Label : Dark Entries 

dirty songs / 12"

4-track ep by Swiss musician Carlos Perón, founding member of Yello. Carlos was born in 1952 in Zurich and began collecting music at a young age. Inspired after attending a concert of Karlheinz Stockhausen in the 60's, he began to compose Musique Concrete pieces using a 4-track reel to reel and found sounds. In 1979 Perón founded the trio Yello with musician Boris Blank and vocalist Dieter Meier. Yello released their 1st album in 1980 and the following year Carlos released his 1st solo album 'Impersonator'. In 1983 Carlos left Yello in order to pursue a solo career and released the soundtrack to 'Die Schwarze Spinne' and 1984 his 2nd solo album 'Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted'. In 1988, Belgian label LD Records released a 4-song ep of instrumental tracks from 1984 that predated, influenced and became staples in the New Beat scene. 'Dirty Songs' is a collection of songs from Carlos Perón recorded between 1980 and 1986. The recordings were made with the core set up of an ARP 2600, Roland's Drumatix, TB-303 and TR-808. "Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted (Instrumental)" recorded in 1984 is a slow burner with dark, gloomy atmospherics, presented here in an extended version with a bonus intro. The song was inspired by William S. Borroughs' 'Naked Lunch' and paints a bleak futuristic landscape. "Breaking In (Instrumental)", from 1984, is a crossover of electronic body music and pitched down Chicago acid house featuring overplayed snares by hand though an Ovomaltine Box. Originally featured on the soundtrack for 'Die Schwarze Spinne', the song is about breaking into a large pharmaceutical company to steal drugs. On the B-side is "A Dirty Song (Instrumental)", originally recorded in 1986 and released by Play It Again Sam in 1988. The song uses one of the earliest Roland SH synthesizers, the SH-1 A, as a solo instrument and is strikingly aggressive with percussive rhythms. "Et" was recorded in 1980 on a 4-track and later and remixed to 8-tracks in 1984 for the 'Frigorex' ep, which is where this extended version comes from. Featuring eerie, cut up vocals and Dadaist lyrics by Isa Nogara atop a proto-techno beat. The jacket features a never before seen black and white photo of Carlos taken in 1988. Each album includes an double-sided postcard featuring the cover art from the 'Frigorex' ep. Prepare to make your own movie to the Swiss John Carpenter soundtrack vibes of Carlos Perón.

a better spider


Artist : Carmody 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

a better spider / CD

Carmody (aka Andrea Lesmo & Alberto Ramella) came from Torino (Italy), and were mates of Monuments and Chromagain, also following a similar musical path with predominant synthesisers and drum machines along with some sparse guitars here and there. They recorded from 1981 to 1985 and issued 3 incredibly rare demo tapes. “A Better Spider” compiles the best tracks from those tapes, bringing you some of the best electro-pop / wave music ever coming out of Italy. Carmody would have so deserved to reach a wider audience, especially the later stage tracks have had much potential to become small hits, and then “Messengers Of Love” is definitely one most wonderful tracks ever recorded. There is no chance you shall miss out on this one if you are into stuff. Limited to 1000 copies in a pretty digipack including a signed photo ;-D

cybernetic love


Artist : Casco 

Label : Radius 

cybernetic love / 12"

Radius brings us the ultimate italo love potion. Dating back to 1983, Salvatore 'Casco' Cusato’s very 1st track still hasn't lost its electronic seductive power. The bald professor from Clone and Klakson gave it his own personal spin, a most efficient timebomb that will make every dancefloor tremble in pure cyber-orgasm...

shoreham harbour blues (Ali Renault rmx)


Artist : Casionova 

Label : Dissident 

shoreham harbour blues (Ali Renault rmx) / 12"

Brighton's Casionova joins the Dissident gang aided and abetted by his good friend Ali Renault on remix duties. Stunning slo-mo italo is the order of the day here. Tthe Dissident electronic sleaze revival is now well underway and there's plenty more where this came from...Tip !

don't exercise the bird


Artist : Catnip 

Label : Kentaurracing 

don't exercise the bird / 12"

Third release (2003) of this duo-project composed of Legowelt (nl) and Luke Eargoggle (sw). 4 powerfull electro-disco tracks. Intelligent and creative melodies in their own style with their own touch : sometimes joyfull sometimes more obscure. Future Classic Hit. Get it now or never !

romance is the panter


Artist : Catnip 

Label : Stilleben 

romance is the panter / 12"

2 classic sleazy and fat electro dancefloor filler released by Catnip (aka Legowelt and Luke Eargoggle) in 2002 on the best Swedish modern electro label Stilleben. "Romance Is The Panter" is a really massive hit, clearly electro-italo-disco orientated with the cheazy shitty lyrics and voices of its creators. "Mr Catch Ghetto" is in the same powerfull vein but a bit more obsessional. A Must Have !



Artist : Catnip 

Label : Stilleben 

catacombus / 12"

5th and last release of the Catnip's (aka Legowelt & Luke Eargoggle) serie. Italo-electro monster killer.. Stalkers rmx on the flip, dark freaked out electr.. Big Tip !!



Artist : CC Dust 

Label : Night School 

untitled / 12"

CC Dust is a new duo from Olympia, Washington featuring Maryjane Dunphe & David Jaques. Channeling an elemental life-force hewn straight from the heart, Dunphe's voice bursts into every melodic line, a cracked, soulful instrument powered by conviction, duetting, duelling and dancing with Jaques' crisp production. A light that casts shadow, CC Dust is doomed, romantic music anchored by Jaques' live bass and the powerful performance values Dunphe has honed both in her punk group Vexx and in various film and performance projects. Musically, CC Dust's precedents might be considered the European synth-pop originators of the early 80's, there's also an abundance of low-end hooks played on baritone and bass guitars that teases the ear like early New Order productions, but in Dunphe's passionate vocal performances there's a close-to-the-bone reality that bypasses cool detachment. Limited to 300 copies..

shinkansen no. 1 / new ways


Artist : CC Dust 

Label : Night School 

shinkansen no. 1 / new ways / 7"

One of our favourite artists operating, Olympia duo CC Dust, have a new 7" out on Night School. "Shinkansen No.1", backed with "New Ways", is now available. "New Ways" in particular is a life-enhancing pop moment.

lonesome berlin


Artist : Cccandy 

Label : Avant! 

lonesome berlin / LP

"Lonesome Berlin" is the long time coming first lp from this German guy solo project Cccandy. After the debut 7" on Eat! and the tape on Neue Strassen, we now have a proper full-length featuring 12 dark minimal synth-pop songs. This is the sounds of the old Europe during the 80's, when the Berlin wall was still real : cold & catchy at once, minimal yet groovy. Greyscale bedroom electronics. Fans of early synth stuff such as The Normal, R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day, French cold-wave bands (Charles de Goal, Trop Tard, Asylum Party) as well as of FactoryMen and Nice Face, take note ! Comes in a very nice edition : white vinyl, hand-silkscreend sleeves, insert with lyrics & artwork printed on thick paper sheet. Limited to 300 copies. Don't sleep !!!

the last time


Artist : Ceci N'Est Pas 

Label : Electronic Emergencies 

the last time / 7"

Electronic Emergencies is proud to introduce Ceci N'Est Pas, a synth-wave project from New York consisting of Nico Nightingale, Pierre Klein & Jorge Socarras. Nico Nightingale is the man behind Neud Photo and earlier worked with Pierre Klein as Neud. Jorge Socarras was singer with synth maestro Patrick Cowley in the 70's duo 'Catholic', and with 80's cult band Indoor Life. Together, they started Ceci N'Est Pas in 2014, and this 7" 'The Last Time' is their 1st release. The title track on the A-side is an irrestisibly melancholic and romantic synth-wave pop song, while B-side "The Stranger" has a mysterious and yearning feel.

loving machinery ep


Artist : Central Unit 

Label : Mannequin 

loving machinery ep / 12"

30th Anniversary edition of the 12"ep 'Loving Machinery' from Central Unit, the cult new-wave band based in Bologna. Formed in 1981, they were among the 1st in Italy to manipulate synths, drum machines and other electronic devices to create atmospheric soundscapes and they were considered the Italian answer to Tuxedomoon, who spawned a whole school in the Italian underground. After the 1st live appareances as opening act to bands like Spandau Ballet and Monochrome Set in their Italian tours, Central Unit published in march 1982, this 12"ep with 4 tracks, including a cover of "What Use?" from Tuxedomoon. The ep 1st entered Belgian and German charts with the single "Saturday Nite", thanks to its skeletal electronic beats and minimal synth atmospheres, combined with mechanical basslines and relentless bass guitar meanderings, with slothy saxophone murmurs peeping out here and there. Limited edition of 300 copies on clear vinyl..!

the absence of a canary v1.1


Artist : Ceramic Hello 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

the absence of a canary v1.1 / 2x12"

Re-released of the original masterpiece album The Absence of a Canary including demos and unreleased songs recorded between 1981 and 1984 by this great synth-pop duo. No need to say more a must have !

the absence of a canary


Artist : Ceramic Hello 

Label : Suction 

the absence of a canary / LP

Suction Records reissued Ceramic Hello's seminal 1981 LP, 'The Absence Of A Canary'. A long-time cult favorite among fans of obscure 80's synth-pop, this LP remains a highly sought-after by minimal-synth vinyl collectors. The LP has been painstakingly remastered, transferred from perhaps the last sealed copy of this LP in existence. Although this won't be the 1st official reissue of the LP, it is the 1st time it will be reissued in its original single-LP format, with the original artwork. Must-Have !!

dancing brave ep


Artist : Cha Boom Cha 

Label : Dead Wax Records 

dancing brave ep / 12"

The 1st recordings by Cha Boom Cha are a mixture of minimalistic, analogue synth pop with a touch of guitar. Some people might say 'hey, this sounds a bit like The Cure's 'Japanese Whispers' era!', but definitely a different story. From the 4 songs recorded in 1986 only the song "Dancing Brave" made it to a couple of compilations, namely 1987's 'The Jamboree Bag' (Primitive Records, vinyl only) and 1988's 'The Trance Compilation' (Being Cut / Primitive Records, cassette only), but in a shortened, more guitar orientated remix. These early Cha Boom Cha recordings are great synth-pop songs that deserved to be rescued and finally available together as 'Dancing Brave' ep, just like it should have been done in 1986. The songs have been transferred and carefully remastered from the original 1/4" reel tape by Nicolás Zúñiga. The 'Dancing Brave' ep is presented in a limited, hand numbered edition of 260 copies, housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with wonderful artwork by David Lanna and includes an insert. By the way... Dancing Brave (1983-1999) was an American-bred, British-trained racehorse that became quite famous in 1986 :o)

french synth wave - st etienne - 1981


Artist : Cha Cha Guitri 

Label : Born Bad 

french synth wave - st etienne - 1981 / LP

Unless you are a monomaniacal specialist of the 80s, there is very little chance that Cha Cha Guitry will ring any bell. And yet this band, buried away in Saint-Etienne (at the very heart of France) could have rivalled easily with Elli & Jacno or Telex. Emblematic of that French touch which tinged new-wave with a bit of sunshine, their electro, retro-futuristic songs have that slight sweet and sour flavour between casualness and sophistication. The birth of Cha Cha Guitry in 1981 was a landmark for its members, Serge, Dominique, Charly and Marie. High-school friendships and love stories helping, it is in a most spontaneous way that these art lovers formed their band. Once their hippie phase was over, the guitar, sax and flute were abandoned in the closet while machines took over: an EMS AKS synth, a Roland SH101, a Roland TR808 rhythm-box. The 2 couples met in the congenial atmosphere of their 'home studio' to record their songs. The boys composed and sang, the girls sang and designed minimal costumes, the elegance of which was enhanced by some Diy touches: no need for fabric, paper will perfectly do. As deceivingly offhanded stylists, the Cha Cha crew carefully crafted a music that was both studied and charmingly quirky, making collages of pop raw materials and avant-garde stuff. Scissors in hand, they took what they wanted from the Bauhaus, Moholy Nagy, or Sonia Delaunay's dresses, taping these iconic bits onto the sounds of Kraftwerk and what remained of pop culture (comics, movies, songs of the 30's or easy listening). Cha Cha Guitry, wisely ingenious, modelled tropical landscapes out of cellophane, thus elaborating its own synthetic surrealism. We'll offer as evidence the title "Les Yeux Ouverts Sur Les Beautés D'Aujourd’hui", borrowed from a handbook about mechanics. The adventure would not last more than a few years, just long enough to record 2 cassettes on Kronchtadt Tapes (a local label central to the underground scene that was more into punk) and give 3 concerts. As isolated as they were in Saint-Etienne, they got nevertheless noticed by Alain Maneval who programmed them regularly on Europe 1 Radio, and they could even be heard on Radio Gay. So they went to Paris to meet a manager from Virgin, but they never got the luck, rare in those days, to release a vinyl. Their arty, pop style was also too Diy for Agnès B's freshly opened shop: their 2nd cassette, though wonderfully packed in a Plexiglas case resembling an icicle, was not to the brand's taste. Serge has been living in the same flat since 1975 and never got rid of his synthesizer. The studio where Cha Cha would record its songs has not changed a bit. Everything has been kept, ordered, archived, from the piles of magnetic tapes to the hundreds of Polaroid shots. We are happy to offer you a selection of them. Greetings from Synth-Etienne :)

some aspects


Artist : Chain Of Command 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

some aspects / 7"

Strong record again from Anna Logue Records with a 7" includes four previously unreleased songs recorded in '82 by a great small UK band called Chain of Command. Synth-pop at its best, run on it !

oh what a feeling


Artist : Change 

Label : Cooltempo 

oh what a feeling / 12"

This single is definately a winner. Combining the Change Roland 808 sound with Paul Hardcastle's characteristic electronic keyboard sound, like they were meant for each other. "Oh What A Feeling" sure brings on a feeling. A feeling to get on the dancefloor and party like it's 1985..



Artist : Channel One 

Label : Metroplex 

technicolor / 12"

Back in ! Classic Juan Atkins electro masterpiece... Both instrumental & vocal versions of "Technicolor". Cybotron style early electro. Simply a Must Have ;)

gamma quadrant


Artist : Chaotic State 

Label : Touchin' Bass 

gamma quadrant / 12"

Review to come..!

ici l'ombre


Artist : Charles De Goal 

Label : New Rose 

ici l'ombre / LP

This is the second full LP album (released in 1982) of this (still very active) cult French post-punk producer (aka Patrick Blain). Probably the best one..



Artist : Charles De Goal 

Label : Self-Control 

restructuration / LP

More than 20 years after his last official named album "Double Face", Charles de Goal is coming back in a new form with a brand new album. Mature, serious and full of obscure thought but still keeping the 80's touch in his deep soul by its lyrical confusions. The singing is still very direct, convinced and catchy to the ears. The music, updated to our century do not allow the 80's minimalism touch to vanish : the drum machines are here combined to drums, synths fields are bunkerized by computers, guitars are rythmed, totally in fire. All of that probably means Charles de Goal's ready at all in a case of a potential offensive !



Artist : Charles De Goal 

Label : Danger 

algorythmes / LP

Originally released on New Rose in 1980, here is the official reissue of the 1st legendary LP of Charles De Goal who was one of the leaders of the French 80's coldwave scene. This album is a definition of synth-punk. A must-have limited to 1000 copies on black wax ;)

weisse augen


Artist : Charles Kent 

Label : Roulette Rekordz 

weisse augen / 12"

Founder of Welt Am Draht Radio and Kommando 6 artist Charles Kent delivers a 5 track-ep where sharp beats blend perfectly with melodic lines, enhanced by eerie vocals with some pop accents. Including a remix of Beta Ever's "Don't Be Afraid". 300 copies available in a white marbled vinyl ! Beautiful

nix los


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : NLW 

nix los / 7"

Minimal-Electro/NDW von Carol Stecker und Haiko Herden aus den Jahren 1983. raw and rare !

mal glucken, ob's klappt...


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

mal glucken, ob's klappt... / 7"

Another nice little record from Schallplatten Aus Lurup, the side label from NLW. Although these songs were recorded live in 2007 at the Kernkrach Festival they are originally from the 80's. These live recordings show the great lo-fi electronic diy attitude of this act. Maybe the singing is out of tune at times but it is simply excellent dada synth-pop. Tip ;)

maerchenliebe (einmal die prinzessin sein)


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

maerchenliebe (einmal die prinzessin sein) / 7"

Brand new single by Charles Lindbergh N.E.V.! Once a fine synth-pop track with female vocals and once a fragile minimal electro instrumental track (a re-recording from 1983). Limited to 150 copies on red vinyl with a photo insert..!

spacer woman


Artist : Charlie 

Label : Dark Entries 

spacer woman / 12"

Italo-disco dance classic "Spacer Woman" by Charlie. Formed in 1983 as an experiment to break the mold of the classic disco dance sound, Charlie was the vehicle for musician and producer Maurizio Cavalieri who had found fame with Italian disco group Firefly. Cavalieri had been listening to the new crop of UK synth-pop and new-wave like Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 and wanted to create a more electronic, futuristic sound. He recruited his friend Giorgio Stefani to help write the song and compose lyrics. "Spacer Woman" was recorded in Vicenza, Italy and released by Cavalieri's own Mr. Disc Organization in 1983. The track features the signature italo Linn drum machine as well as the Roland TR-808 and a Yamaha DX7 for the arpeggiated synthesizer melody. "Spacer Woman" spans over 7-minutes and features the spaced-out vocals of Stefani's wife, who sings through a vocoder. The single has become a cult revival track since its appearance on the legendary I-f mix CD 'Mixed Up In The Hague' in 2001. This reissue also features the sought after instrumental mix where the sharp synthesized bassline really comes to the forefront. For the 1st time ever, the 12" is housed in a silver, metallic picture sleeve with an android female model drawing, taken from the original 7" jacket. Each copy includes a 2-sided post card insert with lyrics. Eerie and unforgettable more than 30 years later, "Spacer Woman" is the ideal robotic space-age love song..

mein zeichen


Artist : Charly Kent 

Label : Kommando 6 

mein zeichen / LP

When you are familiar with the dark and mostly distorted electro sounds from the Kommando 6 label, you will need some time to get accustomed to this record. The sound of Mein Zeichen by Charly Kent is in comparison with the other Kommando 6 releases quite light. Besides that the recognizable minimal electro sound is also not very present. His music is still minimal. The beats go on in the same rhythms during the greatest parts of the tracks and the melodies and sound are kept subtle and simple, like in "Tod der Fliege". But don’t expect the dark and distorted, almost industrial sounding electro like Manasyt and Ra-X produce it. Anyway, this record deserves to be heard. This album just needs some time to grow on you. Devotees of the dark and harsh K6 sounds will most likely not appreciate this release. But this record is recommended to people who are open to explore some new sounds within the dark electro spectrum...

land after life


Artist : Cheiron 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

land after life / LP

Does the treasure chest of Lex Grauwen have a bottomless pit? After the re-discovery of Tranquil Eyes 'Walks' cassette a few years back and more recently the Frozen Ducks legacy, it's time for another dazzling project originating from the man's brain. Cheiron is Lex Grauwen, he plays all the instruments & produced all the music and José Van Waveren, who sings distinctively. The album 'Land After Life' aims for the dancefloor with it's high energy minimal synth and electro stylings. In the mid-80's Lex Grauwen was asked to participate in the 'Pas de Deux’ compilation album, a legendary new-wave compilation album featuring Bene Gesserit, Algebra Suicide & Psyclones. Lex asked high school sweetheart José Van Waveren to join up for a few songs. 'Land After Life' was chosen for the vinyl and began to lead it's own life for many years on the internet. "Serenity World", recorded during the same sessions is of an equal spellbinding beauty. It got released on the Top Tape label cassette called 'L'Embrasse' in an edited mix. The 3rd song recorded "Finally Free Four" is a José only composition, previously unreleased till now. José and Lex had been making music before though, one of those older tracks is "No Trace", from 81-82. Shortly after 'Pas de Deux', they tried to record some more tracks, but the demo's were never really finished. A while later Lex asked Paul Oosterbaan of Tranquil Eyes and Ruud Braumuller of Beatnik Love Affair to help finish these tracks. The results are "Your Life Your Body", also a José solo-piece and "Ping Pong", the last recorded track. Today José is a singer-songwriter, performing in French.. Limited to 500 copies !

heute: kühl


Artist : Chemische Ameisen Scheisse 

Label : WSDP 

heute: kühl / 12"

Finally a new release is born out of the WSDP womb...the 12"maxi by Chemische Ameisen Scheisse. Originaly born as a Cassette-Only release in 1981 on Kommt Noch Schlimmer Tapes. The baby features the complete 6 song Cassette and comes with handstamped labels and a silkscreened cover including a booklet, so you can all singalong. The band was featured on the “anz Einfach”ome years ago. As WSDP is going back too the roots, the record is limited to 200 copies and will not be repressed. Buy now or cry later......

pinco / roboterwerke


Artist : China / Loud-E 

Label : Magick Kuts 

pinco / roboterwerke / 12"

Wow, nice one. 2 extremely obscure electronic synth disco tracks. First one is a twisted umtempo space track, sounds like early German electronics. 2nd track is more 80's electro wave influenced, in a Chris & Cosey style ! Recommended..

songs of love & lust


Artist : Chris & Cosey 

Label : Wax Trax! 

songs of love & lust / LP

Aaah, the last great album by Chris & Cosey. Truly inspired stuff with some tracks made for eternity. This album has a distinctively icy sound, with precise, percussive synths not very far to the left of Depeche Mode. Cosey's cold, distant voice, paying only passing attention to intonation at times, fits in perfectly amidst the machines. Masterpiece...!

techno primitiv


Artist : Chris & Cosey 

Label : Wax Trax! 

techno primitiv / LP

Rising in the very early '80s from the corpse of Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (aka CTI, the Creative Technology Institute) infuse their electronic mantras with the beat of the factory to create a desolate industrial vision. Techno Primitiv is interchangeable with Songs of Love and Lust, dominated by unchallenging, mechanical electro-pop. Tempos and textures vary, but each track has an air of familiarity... One of the best album of the band ;)



Artist : Chris & Cosey 

Label : Wax Trax! 

reflection / LP

The Reflection compilation from Chris & Cosey contains 2 selections each from the duo's 4 Rough Trade lp's. The earlier work is refreshing to hear, as it serves to remind that Chris and Cosey have produced a variety of quality material over the years. Essential...

the spaces between


Artist : Chris Carter 

Label : Optimo Music 

the spaces between / LP

Originally recorded between 1974 & 1978 at Industrial Records studio in London, 'The Space Between' album was 1st released as a 90 minutes cassette in 1980 on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records label. This album has never been available on vinyl until now. This new edition on Optimo Music retitled 'The Spaces Between', doesn't include all the tracks of the original album but has been enhanced and remastered from the original 2-track master tapes and has new cover artwork especially for this release. All tracks have been remastered by Chris Carter in 2009 for this release. Musically, it's an electronic soundtrack for a sleazy sci-fi movie, with moments of uplifting beauty combined with bits of claustrophobic mania. Amazing stuff !!



Artist : Chris Carter 

Label : Optimo Music 

moonlight / 12"

Following last year's essential 'The Space Between' reissue, Optimo Music delves again into the spotless back catalogue of Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter and gives 'Moonlight', originally found on 1985's 'Mondo Beat' LP, a remastered 12" pressing. This synth-wave whip-cracker is a bit of an underground dance classic already - a bootleg version was caned by Belgian new-beat and Italian cosmic djs back in day; but this is really the definitive edition, cut nice and loud for eternal club impact. Neurotic Drum Band tease out the dark italo energy of the source material - but it's the immensely addictive and forward-thinking original that just completely destroys us every time. An absolutely essential 12" !



Artist : Chris Lunch & Frieder Butzmann 

Label : Mauerstadtmusik 

untitled / 7"

2 minimal synth tracks from 1980. Music recorded by Chris Lunch with his EMS Synthi A, drum machine and a guitar (we suppose), and weird lyrics added by Frieder Butzmann. Quite cool stuff and pure minimalism galore !



Artist : Chrisma 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

hibernation / LP

'Hibernation' is the spectacular follow-up to the 'Chinese Restaurant' lp. It was recorded in 1978 and originally released in 1979 on Polydor. This record has not been available on vinyl for over 30 years and tends to fetch rather high prices on the collector's market. The songs are restrained, yet explorative and passionate. The opening track "Calling" takes the listener down a quirky new-wave path riddled with angular guitars and random bits of analog beeps. The stand out track is certainly "Gott Gott Electron" which is an intoxicating dancefloor slow cosmic jam which will leave a permanent involuntary imprint to the lucky who hear it. As a whole, the record is reflective of the passion between Maurizio and Christina and is a new-wave masterpiece on many levels. "Aurora B" and "Lover" further display the intense emotional interplay. This high quality 180gm black vinyl reissue was licensed directly from the artist. Hand-numbered limited 2nd edition of 500 copies. Essential..

chinese restaurant


Artist : Chrisma 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

chinese restaurant / LP

A seminal album by Italian new-wave duo Chrisma, the absolutely essential 'Chinese Restaurant' lp has not been available on vinyl format in over 30 years. Chrisma is husband and wife team Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser. The record was 1st recorded in 1977 and originally released that same year on Polydor. It was produced, arranged, and contains musical contributions by Niko Papathanassiou (brother of the famous Vangelis). 'Chinese Restaurant' is a very unique record blending the best elements of synth-punk, Neu!-esque prog jams, and new-wave into a hybrid of sheer perfection. From the post-punk energy of the single, "Black Silk Stocking" to the jagged hooks of "What For" and the analog warbling synths of "Mandoia", this futuristic slab of wax is a classic. This high-quality 180gm black vinyl reissue was licensed directly from the artists. Hand-numbered limited 2nd edition of 500 copies. Really nice ;)

captain future - original motion picture soundtrack


Artist : Christian Bruhn 

Label : Private Records 

captain future - original motion picture soundtrack / LP

Captain Future was an animated series that was broadcast in Japan during the late 70's. It was soon distributed to a number of different countries including Germany where the decision was made to create a new soundtrack from scratch. Christian Bruhn was charged with the task of creating the score and the results have reached cult status with animation and soundtrack fans along with Dj's. The music is mixture of electro funk, space disco, jazz and Bruton-esque library grooves which certainly speaks of the time it was recorded but there are also a handful of funky nuggets scattered thoughout. Recorded at Barbarossa Tonstudio München, 1980. Deluxe collector edition repress with improved high quality cover, new label design compared to the 2010 edition. Features PVC inner sleeves, large foldout poster, black vinyl version. Limited to 250 copies.

capitan futuro


Artist : Christian Bruhn 

Label : SpaceDisco Craftworx Inc. 

capitan futuro / 12"

The matrix number on the record is scratched away. This is an unofficial picture disc release by Erkrankung Durch Musique on their sublabel SpaceDisco Craftworx Inc.. All the 5 songs are taken from the original soundtrack CD. Wrong song titles! But the sound remain timeless cosmic disco funk masterpiece. Must-Have !

erde 80


Artist : Christof Glowalla 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

erde 80 / 10"

In 1979, armed with a Korg MS-10 synthesiser and a very simple rhythm box, Christof Glowalla began experimenting with a tape recorder and a few Diy sound generators. Influenced by outfits such as Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and Fad Gadget, Glowalla eventually put his creation to tape at the West Berlin 'Musiclab' which was a small 8-track studio in the Kreuzberg district. What resulted in 1980 was the self-released now excruciatingly rare "Erde 80" 7" single. Glowalla also collaborated in a band called Exobit in 1981 with Ingolf Kurkowski and Frank Landgraf, but it was a brief existence. Also in 1981, Glowalla recorded 3 more tracks with Kurkowski which were presented to various record labels, but they unfortunately were never released at the time. Though relatively obscure in the early 80's, the 'Erde 80' 7" release slowly became an underground hit with collectors with subsequently rising prices that continue to rise today. Medical Records is proud to compile for the 1st time the 2 tracks from 'Erde 80' + the 3 tracks recorded in 1981. The tracks are culled from the carefully digitized now lost master tapes. The 1st track, "Erde 80" needs no introduction. Dense analog synth envelopes you in a blanket of warmth accented with processed German vocals. This track has also appeared on the 'New Deutsch' in 2003. The B-side of the original 7" ("Technik") is a dark, brooding synth piece with acoustic guitar passages. Included as well are the above mentioned 3 tracks recorded in 1981. The only one officially released was "Science Fiction" (released by Genetic Music in 2001 on a split 7" with Bakterielle Infektion). It is a an upbeat ditty with sharp hooks and flanged vocals with snappy synth overtones and filter sweeps. "Smog In Der Stadt" is a catchy synth-punk styled number with various shifts. The final track "Der Böse" is a very interesting track with wafting peaceful guitar overlying analog synth with an almost dark-folk texture. For lovers of cold, synth-heavy pop with a darker feel. This collection is released on high-quality 10" opaque mustard colored vinyl in a limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies. Not to be missed !!



Artist : Christof Glowalla / Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

split / 7"

Early and Rare (ltd to 499) split 7" released on the essential German Genetic Music label in 2001. A-Side : "Science Fiction" by Christof Glowalla, recorded in 1981, is a classic electro synth pop with German lyrics track (NDW). Raw singing synth for a powerfull and crazy robotic dance. B-Side : "Past Future" is one the best track of Bakterielle Infektion (composed by Skanfrom), very uptempo with deep space analog electro sounds combined perfectly together for maximum emotional energy. The all punctuate by the denunciatory lyrics of Uwe Marx (singer). Essential electronic music gem !

any colour we liked


Artist : Chromagain 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

any colour we liked / LP

Chromagain were Luca Pastore, Silvio Ferrero and Davide Bassino from Torino (Italy), and was formed in 1982. They started as a post-punk outfit, then evolving to one of the top-notch Italian electronic dark wave bands. The influence of Joy Division is inevitable, the playful and melodic bass and lots of synthesisers form the backbone to their songs. In 1985 they released their only vinyl mini-Lp "Any Colour You Like", now highly sought-after. This vinyl version of 'Any Colour We Liked' includes the complete and remastered mini-Lp "Any Colour You Like", plus "Wake Up", "Ethnicbox" from the 'Tracce' Lp compilation released in 1984, plus a previously unreleased Dub Instrumental version of "Season Of Steel". Surely a true classic and not be missed !

multiplayer ep


Artist : Chromatix 

Label : World Electric 

multiplayer ep / 12"

Super cool ep of pure electro grooves from the wicked Worl Electric imprint. Not too hectic but with a few moments of upbeat retro stylings. If you like electro, you'll absolutely love this ;)



Artist : Chromatron 

Label : NLW 

untitled / 7"

Contemporary minimal elektro tunes with a punky attitude is what Chromatron serves us on this 7". The songs are catchy and will bring some action to the dancefloor as well. And... this is a really nice designed collectors item. Limited to 300 copies in grey vinyl.

no futuro


Artist : Cielo 

Label : Fabrika Records 

no futuro / LP

One of the most representative bands of the international electronic and experimental pop scene, founded by 2 Peruvians living in Madrid and Valencia, Mario and Cocó Silvania. The tragic death of Cocó Silvania, in 2008, put an end to the band's intense career. This record is an homage to the art of this influential cult combo, a compilation of the most popular and some unreleased tracks, limited to 500 copies, including innersleeve.

adam & eve


Artist : Circa Tapes 

Label : Romance Moderne 

adam & eve / LP

Adam Killing was a member of the Chicago band Kill Memory Crash, and recently he started his own musical project under the Circa Tapes moniker. As far as we know, even if he has on his soundcloud page more than 20 tracks, 'Adam & Eve' is his 1st LP release. Present also with the main track on the Romance Moderne vinyl compilation, Circa Tapes with 'Adam & Eve' is offering to the lovers of electronic wave 10 convincing tracks which mix finely cold atmospheres, dry drum machine beats, cool bleeping synth sounds and some pounding bass guitar lines. Vocals play hide and seek with the robotic scenario created sounding like an haunting ghost. Post-punk atmospheres, new-wave aesthetics and some dance intuitions make of this album one of the best of this year 2014. Limited to 300 copies !!



Artist : Circa Tapes 

Label : DKA Records 

kolektique / LP

DKA Records is excited to present the 2nd LP from Chicago's Circa Tapes, 'Kolektique'. The solo project of Kill Memory Crash's Adam Killing, Circa Tapes explores a minimal and subliminal form of songwriting and production, blending influences from a slew of genres including post-punk, techno, EBM/industrial, and italo to create lush, driving palettes for his bleak yet catchy songs. These 10 tracks run through a wide array of moods, tempos, and themes, yet when presented together feel completely unified due to the unique sensibilities of their creator. Edition of 350 copies with printed jackets and insert !

video boys


Artist : Circuit 7 

Label : Minimal Wave 

video boys / LP

Full length lp by UK band Circuit 7 (aka Martyn Good & Andy Partington), who made essential new wave; releasing two 7" singles "Video Boys" & "Modern Story" followed by the release of two songs on a highly sought after compilation called "The Offering Of Isca". The lp features both previously released and unreleased tracks (including the single version of "Video Boys" as well as an unreleased studio version), is pressed on neon green 180 gram vinyl and comes in an inner sleeve printed with all their lyrics as well as a heavy weight outer jacket. Huge One :-O

plastic flowers


Artist : Civil Defence Programme / Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

plastic flowers / 7"

Split 7" featuring 2 different projects of Roger Semsroth who is widely known for his big variety of musical output under several monikers. The 2 tracks on this 7" have once been put up on Youtube for a short while and since then they have been wandering around and people have asked for them to be released on vinyl. Here they are now, the EBM/industrial influenced Civil Defence Programme track "Plastic Flowers" and the KR-55 and guitar driven Television Set track "Drayton Park" on this little hand stamped single...



Artist : Clan Of Xymox 

Label : 4AD 

untitled / LP

What could we say about this LP from 1985 ? Just FANTASTIC ! Clan Of Xymox gives us what we can call a definition of pure new-wave. A trip between deep sounds and powerfull surroundings. Real musicians for intense emotion emphasized with Ronny Mooring's voice which in a way reminds us Robert Smith. Including cult hits : "Stranger" and "a Day"



Artist : Clan Of Xymox 

Label : 4AD 

medusa / LP

After their brilliant first album, Clan of Xymox confirmed the shot with this "Medusa" which settled definitively (with good reasons) their reputation. Melancolic and entrancing, it explores once again the elements which build the sound specificity of the band at that time, sad atmospheric syth fog waves, deep guitares, but in a more sensual way than in the first opus. An album sounding like its cover : sweet and tortured. A Must Have !

night people


Artist : Classix Nouveaux 

Label : Liberty 

night people / LP

Interesting New-Wave goth band from UK. This LP from 1980 contains some great songs but also some we do let you judge for yourself. The tracks "No Sympathie No Violin" & "Inside Outside" are deeply inspired by New-Wave and minimal synth. "623" is an efficient surprising minimal electro synth pop piece. "Or a Movie" has a more decadent italo feeling. "The Protector of Night" is a good New-Wave evolutive and melancolic ending track. Check !



Artist : Claus Fovea 

Label : Kaften 

€urotrash / 7"

2nd 7" on KäfTen is dark energic synth tones from Claus Fovea that will make you dance your socks off. This release, this artist; just something special! Analog, raw but real good sound, especially for being a 7" release... Highly Recommended!

new dream


Artist : Clay Pedrini 

Label : Dark Entries 

new dream / 12"

Clay Pedrini is a musician and singer from Milan. He released his only single, "New Dream" in 1984 on Sensation Records. Despite his limited output, Pedrini proved himself to be a shining star of the italo scene. Unfortunately, his career was cut short by a severe case of whiplash, but his fusion of analog keyboards and electronic trickery has stood the test of time. Clay had the idea for "New Dream" during a summer vacation. When he returned home and met up with his friend and fellow musician Manlio Cangelli, things began to develop. Influenced by Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk, together they wrote and recorded "New Dream" at B3 Studio in Milan in 1983. Arpeggios soar amidst cutting edge electronic percussion, but Clay's strong vocals take the lead on this tale of lost love and summer's end. The E-mu Drumulator, a sample-based drum-machine similar to the famous Linn Drum, was featured prominently. Additional electronic drums and keyboards were played by Massimo Costa, and backing vocals were done by Fulvio Monieri. The infectious chorus was sung by Lorella Ghilardi, the vocalist for Blue Russell, B. Rose, and Ella Morris. On the B-side there is an instrumental version with a mid-song breakdown and dubbed out chorus. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket with original photo of Clay playing a synthesizer framed by a television screen with block typography by Filippo Maniscalco of a female model lying on the floor grabbing the leg of a mannequin. Each copy includes 2-sided postcard with lyrics, photos and notes designed by Eloise Leigh. TIP !!

mismatched frequencies


Artist : Clone Theory 

Label : Electrolab 

mismatched frequencies / 12"

Review to come..!



Artist : Closedunruh 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

treffer / 10"

10" released on the 90’s and now side sub-label of Kernkrach. Closedunruh from Hannover (Germany) has a history that goes back into the 1980’s. The material on this record is all from the 90’s, except for one track from 2005 ("20 Städte"). Globally, the songs have got a different kind of production. "Tödliche Strahlen" is rather into the dark-wave side than the minimal one such as "Kriminelle Energie" wich is the track to get for all minimal-synth fetishist. Limited record to 330 copies.

clown / white cells


Artist : Clown 

Label : Eirkti 

clown / white cells / 7"

More than an artistic point of view, Clown was one of the most important band of the 80's underground greek music scene. Nice intelligent combination between alternative post-punk & strange lyrics creating a mysterious feeling that still deserve interest. You'll find it in the unique repress, 3 decades after the original release..

instruments of attraction (II. sociale hygiëne)


Artist : Club Moral 

Label : No Basement Is Deep Enough 

instruments of attraction (II. sociale hygiëne) / 10"

After the release of "Instruments Of Attraction I - Cerebrale Pathologie" on the Kapellmeister label, a 2nd Club Moral archive in the form of a 10" is presented by No Basement Is Deep Enough. These 7 steps away from social hypochondria were culled from the large body of Club Moral live recordings along some rare compilation tracks, all dating from the 80's. Comes in a pro-printed sleeve; liner notes on the front, "AMVK+DDV being socially hygienic on an Antwerp tram" pic on the back; and with a repress of the 12 page booklet that also accompanied the first 10" and that includes the band history in the form of an essay by Jan Landuyt, archival photographs and a bunch of literary quotes. This album has been compiled from original recordings of varying quality and condition. Most of the sound of damage have been removed without removing or distorting the natural sound of the music. In some cases there is still some extraneous noise, but the power of the performances transcends these imperfections. One time pressing limited edition of 520 copies..

ctne (rmx)


Artist : Club Telex Noise Ensemble 

Label : Delta B 

ctne (rmx) / 12"

The four tracks featured here are taken from a 17-track compilation CD based on tracks which documented the few live gigs of Club Telex Noise Ensemble a Finnish 'electro-primitivist' band. All the remixes cover the different modern electro sides we like as the Legowelt's disco-Italo-flavoured, Eargoggle's electro-funk, to the dark-electro of Andrew Duke.

the derelict


Artist : CN 

Label : WeMe Records 

the derelict / LP

Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik returns with his 3rd full length album as CN with 'The Derelict'. The sequel to his 2011 concept album 'The Expedition Beyond' (Wil-Ru Records), 'The Derelic't unravels a new chapter in the story of a space traveller wandering the galaxy in his starship only to crash-land on a foreign planet and encounter new lifeforms. The shuffle of crisp airy high hats and punchy robotic rhythms lay down the framework for CN's signature cosmic sound. Beautiful hardware based electronic sounds paint a colorful soundscape with blissful arpeggios and soothing washed out synth pads over groovy moving bass-lines, creating lush atmospheric listen that is as chill as it is suitable for the dance foor. 10 new tracks of highly melodic motivating braindance music to get utterly lost in... This limited edition LP features cover art by Adam Burke and design by Eric Adrian Lee. Limited to 500 copies, here on black vinyl !

slime pride


Artist : Cocamoto Exclusivo 

Label : Must 

slime pride / 12"

More disco edits from the bizarre Must label. This time both tracks are based on Lime's "Angel Eyes", with A-Side just being a straight down edit (better look out for the original dub version). The B-Side on the other hand is more creative with "Angel Eyes" beats topped off with some jacking acid sounds. Quality record...

a skeleton / cupboard situation


Artist : Colin Potter 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

a skeleton / cupboard situation / LP+7"

Colin Potter has been involved within the world of underground music since the late 70's. He founded one of the earliest minimal synth cassette labels in the UK (ICR). VOD released here his early 80's tape-compilation material plus his early 80's tape-works including minimal-synth hits like "I Am Your Shadow" or "We are So Glad". Limited edition of 500 copies !

ctrl 5 / ctrl 3


Artist : Collateral 

Label : Desire Records 

ctrl 5 / ctrl 3 / 12"

Collateral is a mixed Parisian trio, polarised between synthetic hints and electric inspirations. Qualified experts in melancholic dance music (majoring in suburbian Minimal Wave and Italians Do It Better productions), they have remixed artists such as Keren Ann, Arnaud 'Blackstrobe' Rebotini, Chad Valley or Tanlines, and recorded a couple of ep's in association with the blazing producer Villeneuve (collaborator of M83, Anoraak, Team Ghost...). Performing live, they can rely on their monomaniac friend Roland(e), devoted rhythm machine. 'Ctrl 5 / Ctrl 3' is their 1st single and will be released on a sexy white vinyl housed in a white on white printed sleeve. Cool..

amor y néon


Artist : Colouroid 

Label : FlexiWave 

amor y néon / 7"

Very 1st release by the Swedish synth-wave duo Colouroïd, creators of the label and club night FlexiWave, based in Stockholm. Mastered by Andreas Tilliander. Great Northern synth-pop!

long play


Artist : Colouroid 

Label : FlexiWave 

long play / LP

FlexiWave present us the debut album by Swedish duo who also started off the label, Colouroïd. 8 tracks of contemporary dark synth-wave electro-pop that has been hand picked after being played at their many live shows. Future classic ;)

the prats


Artist : Come 

Label : Fanaticks 

the prats / 7"

Real weird minimal synth / noise record by this UK band Come (aka William Bennett, Paul Reuter & Peter McKay). Highlight goes to A-side "The Prats" : minimal synth mixed with cool guitar riff and harsh lyrics. B-side is a kind of experimental noise recorded live. Beware of this real rare obscure record. For mature ears only. Brrrr

time beats


Artist : Commando M. Pigg 

Label : Fuego 

time beats / LP

1986 was a good year for Swedish music, and this is one of the very best albums to come out that particular year. With a base in post punk and new-wave, and leanings toward the RIO scene and Beefheartian dada rock, this is about as intriguing as music gets. At the same time the album never leaves the borders of popular music, and can be appreciated by a rather wide audience. Highly recommended !

dance remotion


Artist : Company Of State 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

dance remotion / LP

Belgian new wave & Diy minimal synth duo that started out experimenting with a rhythm box and post-punk guitars in the vein of early Cabaret Voltaire. Rudolf Hecke explains the origin of the band: “By the end of the 70's we were both living in small towns near Leuven. I had been playing in bands since 1973 and was still living with my parents in Veltem-Beisem where the garage was my rehearsal-room. One day he showed up, he was looking for a songwriter, he'd be the singer. He rode a bike.” The group debuted in 1983 on their own label with an incredible 7" (Dark/Discipline - Dance Remotion/Here as I Am). Rudolf Hecke provided screeching guitarplay with different forms of feedback and distortion, Paul Taes expressed his mood through his singing and the rhythm box did what it had to do, it rumbled along. It made sense for COS to join the Anything But Records label run by Ludo Camberlin (A Blaze Colour), where they shared the roster with bands like Neon Judgement, Poésie Noire, Aimless Device, Men 2nd.. On stage they always delivered a spectacle to the public. “Well, we very much liked to mess up things. Most of the time there was blood, I broke my nose once and ended up at the hospital when I cut my left arm with a razor blade on stage. We had some medieval weapons we'd like to throw around while the strobo's were lit.” On this retrospective LP release the emphasis lies on the 1st few years of the band including their first 7" and demo recordings from that period. When the experiments were still rough, the spirit high and the results chaotic and surprisingly dynamic. Edition of 500 copies !

roma aeterna


Artist : Composite Profuse 

Label : Bunker 

roma aeterna / 12"

Composite Profuse is one of the new talents heading out of italy's electro city. The material here is prime Dopplereffekt-style prototype electro with wicked synths and chord progressions. Pure analogue production. Excellent ! Limited to 400 copies.

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