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junge dame remixes (arctic version)


Artist : Bangkok Impact 

Label : Creme Organization 

junge dame remixes (arctic version) / 12"

Five rubber-burning reworks of the Bangkok Impact disco-tech bomb ! A haunting 9 minutes Legowelt remix, plus edits by Bangkok Impact, and fellow Crème travellers Kassen, Orgue Electronique and James White. Tip !



Artist : Bangkok Impact 

Label : Crème Organization 

traveller / 2x12"

Amazing debut album by Bangkok Impact full of smooth funky electro and disco action. Perfect crossover between house and electro.. Already a classic Must-Have !!!

colour over taste


Artist : Bangkok Impact 

Label : Vynalogica 

colour over taste / 12"

The 3rd installment in Clone's excellent Vynalogica series brings us 4 tracks of 70's influenced new school italo-disco from Bangkok Impact. Analog synths clash with drum machines and that vintage vibe that permeates most of their releases stands out best on "Bounce Baby" with its synths displaying classic moog-led disco vibes, bubbling synths and lo-fi beats polished off perfectly. Flip over for the vocal led "Hide" which takes a leaf from Donna Summers "I Feel Love" with its arpeggiated bassline leading the music while Kassen sings over the top, ace analog action from the flare wearing afro sporting Bangkok Impact. Tip !

masters of the universe ep


Artist : Bangkok Impact 

Label : Crème Organization 

masters of the universe ep / 12"

"Masters Of The Universe" is an epic 9 minute housy disco track with playful vocoders and dark basslines, including the much in demand ultrasleazy cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin". A Bomb !

auxilled ep


Artist : Bannlust 

Label : Craft Records 

auxilled ep / 12"

Ever get an uncontrollable hankering for wayward high-excitement electronic weirdness that still wants to be your friend ? Leipzig's Bannlust (aka Marco Fischer) could well be your man. Bannlust takes another ride into hyperactive dark electro, deep embryonic techstep and brained drill'n bass. 6 tracks to accompany the rain washing all the scum away. Shagging your brain with an electronic smile :)

digital tensions


Artist : Bannlust 

Label : Craft Records 

digital tensions / 12"

Bannlust was Marco Fischer, who also recorded as Krok on the Science City label. This release is filled with downtempo squelchy electro, dark haunting ominous synth chords, melodic synths, disjointed vocal samples, quirky distorted electro noises, and groovy hip-hop percussion. A good release for Bannlust, that fans of quality electro-tinged IDM would check out & should really enjoy..

bass control ep


Artist : Bass Junkie 

Label : Control Tower 

bass control ep / 12"

Bass Junkie pulls out all the stops on this new 12", a fearsome devil of a track with the opener "The Wierding Module", a ravetastic slice of war of the worlds electro with the ramin style noises and hoover basslines spattered with the almost random samples and craziness that Bass Junkie has a habit of injecting into his tracks, a no holds barred destroyer of a track. Flip for 2 more excursions into the twisted mind, the winner being "Energy + Matter = Chaos", a severly frantic bleeped out mash up that stays true to the obvious insanity of the man. Ace...

comply ep1


Artist : Bass Junkie 

Label : Battle Trax 

comply ep1 / 12"

The first of 2 ep's from the long awaited Bass Junkie album "Comply", featuring 3 cuts chosen by you the listener. Side-A is dedicated to an extralong version of the Detroit flavoured electro-tek cut "Infiltrator" with frenetic beats, soaring arpeggios, sweeping pads and a deep pitched/v coded vocal to command you to the dancefloor. Side-B kicks off with "Sub-Mission", thee first official street sounds electro chart nu-school no.1, soon to be featured on the "street sounds nu electro 1" album. This track has been getting major play on all electro shows worldwide since its release and is sure to please the vinyl junkies with its release on wax, as is "Jammin' The Box". A retro styled vocoder jam with fat synth bassines, booming 808 and cuts and scratches from the Junkie himself. Whaoh..!



Artist : Bastards Of Love 

Label : Privatvergnügen 

1 / 12"

Very first release on the small sublabel belonging to We Rock Like Crazy : Privatvergnugen. Crazy and raw minimal electro/wave - punk tracks created by Bastards Of Love (aka Femme Fatale, Der Kunstliche Dilettant). These are fresh recoveries of dusty forgotten 80's tracks originally released by Tears For Fears, Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire...Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.



Artist : Bastards Of Love 

Label : Privatvergnügen 

2 / 12"

Second Bastards of Love EP released in 2005 on the Privatvergnügen imprint from the We Rock Like Crazy label wich closed its activity since few days.. :'-( Dirty distorted electro punk by this talended artist as usual but with a new wave and minimal twist at times. Like their 1st EP, there are some cover songs to be found. This time among others from bands like The Cure and Sixth Comm. Futur classic release for sure !



Artist : Bastards Of Love 

Label : We Rock Like Crazy 

rituals / 12"

Bastards Of Love getting the remix treatment by Andreas Sippel (Second Decay), Lj Kruzer (Uncharted Audio), Popshop (Raygun, Poetenpop) and an awesome rocking version by Rude 66 (Viewlexx, Bunker, Crème Organization). Recommended !

darling please


Artist : Bastards Of Love 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

darling please / 12"

A nice and slimmering journey trough over 2 decades of electronic music is represented by this Electronic Corporation release by “Bastards of Love” (aka Der kunstliche dilettant, Femme Fatale). 5 track slightly less punk and more EBM than their previous productions but still rocking !



Artist : Bastards Of Love / Genevieve Pasquier 

Label : Petting Zoo 

split / 10"

In a bizarre twist on the old "Boy Meets Girl" the Bastards of Love gets all cozy with Mrs Thorofon in a stunning mix of EBM-styled minimal electro tracks with a healthy dose of noise thrown into the mix. Limited to 500 copies. Very Good one !!!

the drop deal


Artist : Bazz 

Label : DiKi Records 

the drop deal / 12"

A gem for any oldschool lover, and anyone interested in the history of techno. Released early in 1989, it was among the first real blasts that pushed New-Beat into Hard Beat, that was to give birth later to techno-house. Very Belgian, indeed, and it was really feeling just like "Acid Drill" from Edward & Armani, "Acid Rock" from Rhythm Device, or "Snack Attack" on R&S, among many other classics of this period. Monster bass, urgent beat, and mad synth now and there. Sure, it was a bit repetitive, but, what a sound !

this city


Artist : Beat The Drum 

Label : Metronome 

this city / 12"

Not much infos on this little new-wave / synth-pop band from the 80's. "This City" has been released in 1984 and is really hard rockin'.. Very electrobotic in a way ;)

once upon a time


Artist : Belaboris 

Label : Dark Entries 

once upon a time / LP

Belaboris was born in 1982 as the brainchild of Finnish producer Kimmo Miettinen. What Malcolm McLaren had been to The Sex Pistols, Miettinen was to Belaboris. He would put together an all-girl band that looked great in photographs but were backed by professional musicians. The 1st line-up was Vilma Vainikainen on main vocals, Sisko Vainikainen and Rita on back-up plus Jake and Mari who did not sing at all. The backing band behind Belaboris was a local new-wave group called Tyhjät Patterit (which translates to Empty Batteries). The main songwriter was Esa Ijäs (guitar, synthesizer) along with his bandmates Ari Ijäs (bass) and Martti Jalonen (drums). Belaboris' debut 12" single 'Kuolleet Peilit' was released in November 1982. It was followed by the 'Odotus' 7″ single in February 1983. The B-side was a cover of the Serge Gainsbourg song "Baby Pop". The band broke up and posthumously released a mini-LP called 'Olipa Kerran' in 1984. Within a few months, an all new Belaboris line-up was put together. This version was a trio consisting of Saara Soisalo (lead vocals), Sallamaari Muhonen (backing vocals) and Minna Soisalo ('moral support'). They released a 7″ single 'Rakkauden Jälkeen', an atmospheric electronic version of 60's Scandinavian pop hit by Carola. Shortly thereafter this line-up was quietly shelved and no further efforts were made. 'Once Upon A Time' collects songs from all 3 ep releases and the 'Olipa Kerran' mini-LP as well as 2 unreleased demos never before on vinyl. In Finland the synthetic futurist/new romantic pop was simply called "futu". Belaboris were in their own peculiar, undefinable no-woman's-land, in between the Finnish futu and gothic scenes. Between 1982 and 1984 Belaboris crafted catchy, melodic synth-pop with the occasional guitar. Their lyrics were stylistically 'kitchen sink melodramas' with occasional gothic elements inspired by movies. The name Belaboris, is a combination of the horror actors Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. The vinyl comes housed in a full color jacket and includes an insert with liner notes, lyrics and photos. 3 decades on, Belaboris have grown a considerable posthumous cult reputation that has spread also outside their native country, even defying the language barrier. Maybe Miettinen's idea worked, after all.

the second benefit


Artist : Bene Gesserit 

Label : EE Tapes 

the second benefit / 7"

'BeNeFiT' ep for Belgium's no.1 synth-pop duo BeNe GeSSeRiT, cult! BeNe GeSSeRiT are the husband and wife duo of Alain Neffe & Nadine Bal (Insane Music). Born in 1981 but still active, it's high time to renew their recording equipment! All proceeds will go to the band enabling them to continue their musical adventures. Limited 7" ep with 1 'new' side (3 unpublished tracks) and 1 'old' side (3 rare 80's K7 gems, 1st time on vinyl). Also including 1 original BeNe GeSSeRiT drawing with official InSaNE stamp, each one different+ 1 BG photograph (9 versions). Thanks for supporting ;)

half-unreleased madness


Artist : Bene Gesserit 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

half-unreleased madness / LP

Very cool compilation of partially released, partially unreleased Bene Gesserit tracks. The husband & wife duo of Alain Neffe and Nadine Bal counted as one of the most frivolous and surprising live acts around during the 80's. On top of a catchy but minimal synth basis created by B GHoLa (Alain Neffe) runs the strange, and playfull voice by BeNeDiCT G (Nadine Bal). This is Belgian minimal synth-pop for the crazy ones among us, but aren't we all a bit mad?



Artist : Benoit Hutin 

Label : Camisole Records 

electronic / LP

Camisole Records celebrates its 10th release with the reissue of 'Electronic', 1st Benoit Hutin's LP. This promo album only send to radio and TV in 1980 is now regarded as one of the best cosmic library LP of this period. From the disco tinged of "Test" and "Spot" to the ambient and kosmische landscapes of "Spectre" or "Synchronisme" you can easily see why. The 5 original tracks are completed by 4 edits made by italo australian master Hysteric, Britanny edit wizard Shelter and Camisole boss Atton. Limited to 300 copies !



Artist : Beograd 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

t.v. / 7"

Beograd was an electronic pop outfit founded by Dejan Stanisavljevic along with Aleksandar Rodic & Lubodrag Bubalo in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1982 they released their one & only 7" single, the classic and highly sought-after minimal electro smasher "T.V. / Sanjas Li U Boji?", with its wonderful Roland CR-78 drum machine, manually played bass synth and high note sequences, lovely harmonies and Serbian vocals. Then in 1983, their only LP 'Remek Depo' was released. Anna Logue Records has now put together a nice 7"ep including both the original 7" tracks plus the superior track from the album "Mrak", as well as 2 very rough and pretty horrible sounding short instrumental demo recordings of "T.V." and "Mrak', included here for the sakes of obscurity, rareness and fun. Definitely a must-have for all into minimal electro, synth-wave, coldwave or whatever you wanna call it. Limited black vinyl edition including UV varnished sleeve & double-sided postcard with lyrics (both Serbian & English)..

sound of danger


Artist : Beranek 

Label : Dark Entries 

sound of danger / LP

Espen Beranek Holm is a Norwegian musician and comedian, born 1960 and began his music career as a clarinetist. Inspired by early synthesizer bands Kraftwerk and The Residents, he began making experimental pop music. His debut single "Dra Te' Hælvete" was released in 1981 and was immediately banned by national TV/radio channel NRK due to explicit lyrics. This gave the young artist tons of publicity, helping the single spend almost 6 months on the national charts. Beranek returned to the Starholm Studios in Oslo from june to september 1981 to record 9 new compositions. His debut album, 'Sound Of Danger', was released on Mind Expanding Records in november 1981. Nowhere near as accessible as the previous single, the album fared poorly commercially. Withdrawing from the single's fun, kitsch pop, the album is cool and static, driven by thin rhythm boxes, cold synths and glacial guitars. Taking heavy cues from David Bowie, all of the songs are sung in a nasally English accent, a rare occurrence in Norway at the time. The lyrics are melancholic, but tinged with paranoia. There are also upbeat tracks that evoke a prog or glam sensibility a la King Crimson, Alan Parsons, or Roxy Music. Housed in the original jacket featuring red, black and white lines that evoke a visualized Richter Scale designed by Monica Moltzau. Each copy includes a 2-sided 8x11" insert with lyrics and an autographed press photo of Beranek.

dark nights compilation volume: one


Artist : Berliner 6 Bahn 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

dark nights compilation volume: one / LP

1st LP from Berliner 6 Bahn. Hailing from the 90's they drawed inspiration from the old Berlin electro-punk / NDW acts, mainly Malaria and Mania D. They stood outside the normal swedish synth scene, as this was a band who didn't care about perfection or didn't refuse the use the basguitar and saxophone. These tracks are dark, pulsating pieces of the harsh life in the suburbs. Did we mention that this is Peter Fristedt famous from Agent Side Grinder? And that the album is remastered by Henrik Sunbring also from Agent Side Grinder. Hope you like it, we love it. The album is presented on 180gr vinyl, 250 handnumbered copies. Included is a photo and a rstory from the band.



Artist : Bernard Fevre 

Label : Alter K 

suspense / LP

'Suspense' is the 1st electronic album by Bernard Fèvre aka Black Devil Disco Club, a library Lp of cinematic, proto-electro vignettes tied together with tense, dramatic melodies befitting of its title. Conceived in 1975's Paris, 'Suspense' soundtracks an eerie motion picture that would never be made. We're proud to sell this legendary work on the 40th anniversary of its creation, remastered from the original tapes by Fèvre.

cosmos 2043


Artist : Bernard Fevre 

Label : Alter K 

cosmos 2043 / CD

'Cosmos 2043' is a wild, science fiction-themed library Lp by French synthesizer wizard Bernard Fèvre. Released in 1977, Fèvre imagines a far future populated by space-age electronics and lush, vivid melody. This edition has also been treated to a remaster from the original tapes by Fèvre. The seminal track "Earth Message" was sampled by The Chemical Brothers on "Got Glint" (from Surrender in 1999)..

orbit ceremony 77


Artist : Bernard Fevre 

Label : Alter K 

orbit ceremony 77 / LP

Lost LP from 1977, rebuilt from original tapes, by the creator of Black Devil Disco Club. The French electronic music pioneer behind Black Devil Disco Club, released 3 seminal library albums in the 70's: 'Suspense' (1975), 'Cosmos 2043' (1977) and 'The Strange World of Bernard Fèvre' (1977). A 4th album called 'Orbit Ceremony', produced just a few months after remained in his home studio and never saw the light; sentenced to almost 40 years in the devil's vault. By chance, while working on the re-issues, Bernard Fèvre recently found the original lost tapes of 'Orbit Ceremony', including the multi-tracks, which he remixed and remastered himself. Spacy moogs, weird clavinet, and cosmic analog drum machines: it's all here. The quirky, cosmic library music found on this long-deleted 70's science-fiction-themed album is full of burbling synths and off-kilter melodies. There's only one man on this planet able to produce such a crazy sound. As soon as you press play you know you've embarked on a special and unique 'back to the future' trip. Don't worry, fasten your seat belt and relax. Captain Fèvre is taking care of everything ;)

cosmos 2043


Artist : Bernard Fevre 

Label : Alter K 

cosmos 2043 / LP

'Cosmos 2043' is a wild, science fiction-themed library Lp by French synthesizer wizard Bernard Fèvre. Released in 1977, Fèvre imagines a far future populated by space-age electronics and lush, vivid melody. This edition has also been treated to a remaster from the original tapes by Fèvre. The seminal track "Earth Message" was sampled by The Chemical Brothers on "Got Glint" (from Surrender in 1999). 40th anniversary re-issue, remastered from the original tapes. Includes free MP3 download code.



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Kommando 6 

eruption / 12"

Here is the third release of Beta Evers, the second on her own label Kommando 6. She has always fused her dark elektro music with classic EBM and acid influences. This is still present on this new EP : bouncing electro tracks with analog synths and dark sweaty bassment style music. A-1 : "Don't be afraid" is a down tempo EBM track and the vocals are very much done in an 80's tradition. This track is a good example of how modern EBM can still sound authentic. A-2 : "Move in my Body Rhythm" is more acid influenced, and features dark and pounding beats with some vocals by XNDL. B-1 : "Eruptive" is a rather slick and poppy track, somewhat in the futurepop style. B-2 : "Destination Lost" is a very deep dark and slow moody track. Recommended !



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Kommando 6 

passion / 12"

This is the rare (330 copies) and first release of the Kommando 6 owner's label : Beta Evers, the spider's queen from Germany. In spite of the lack of knowledge and practice of its instruments, this records from 2001 give us a really fresh and pure feelings. We can easily recognize his typical slowed down tempo EBM with his acid bass lines between hundreds. We love it with passion, don't miss this gem !



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Crème Organization 

confusion / 12"

Third release on the Crème Eclipse serie and in our oppinion the best until now. This "Confusion" EP by Beta Evers is a little bit different from the other records she already produced. The music is still dark and minimal but there are also evident acid influences on it. An essential record for dark electronic fans, but also people who like underground acid sounds.



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Nation 

transient / 12"

Excellent diabolic but seductive wave-EBM tracks by Beta Evers (Kommando 6). Put on your bat-suit and start dancin'...almost sounding like it could have dropped on Celluloid back in the 80's..! The “Transient” ep is Beta Evers’ 4th ep production on the US Nation label; and for this project Beta was driven by thoughts about the short time and lifespan of many things. “Transient” is about life, death, being in interstates....Highly limited. Tip !



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Sonic Groove Experiments 

eruption / 12"

The sub label of Sonic Groove, 'Sonic Groove Experiments', returns after a 4 year hiatus with a stellar re-release of the electro-wave classic 'Eruption' by Beta Evers. Originally released in 2005 on Beta’s own Kommando 6 label which is quite in demand nowadays. For the 1st time in a dozen years this release is available on vinyl in its original running order but with very sleak new artwork for the normal asking price of a new store bought 12".



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Bodyvolt 

delusion / LP

After some excellent ep's, this is the 1st Beta Evers album. This vinyl release on Bodyvolt Records (Germany) comes with 8 tracks. All tracks were recorded between 2006-2016. All tracks mastered by Eric van Wonterghem at Prodam Berlin. Artwork by Aaron VIII. Beta rocks !!!

walking the labyrinth


Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Falco Invernale Records 

walking the labyrinth / LP

'Walking The Labyrinth' will be the last solo ep/LP from Beta Evers for a while on the excellent French F.I.R. label run by Makina Girgir. She will dedicate herself to collaborative work and private home experiments (not to be released) in 2018. 300 handnumbered copies on black vinyl. Black & white matte varnish artwork designed by Aaron VIII. No Repress !!



Artist : Beta Evers / Spatial Relation 

Label : Peripheral Minimal 

split / 12"

6-track 12"ep splited between Beta Evers & Spatial Relation that also features, Heinrich Mueller from Dopplereffekt. 6 tracks containing the coldest of minimal synth and technoid darkness, underpinned by a melancholic sentiment. Brigitte Enzler aka Beta Evers, grew up with the new-wave and experimental electronics scenes of the late 70's and early 80's. In her teenage years she founded a girl-band and started her 1st record label at the age of 16, to independently release and distribute the music of her project. During the early 90's Brigitte started to arrange gatherings / parties, (electronic music) for local underground clubs in her home city of Augsburg, Germany. In year 2000 she founded the electro collective Kommando 6, and in 2001 she decided to run a label again, under the same name, Kommando 6. Finally, in the same year, she started to compose and produce her own tracks independently. Besides her solo-project, Brigitte collaborates in a side-project with Dystronic called, Black Spider Clan, which began life in 2002. Furthermore she is involved in, Flying Bodies and Radikale Analog Fraktion. In 2006 she closed the Kommando 6 label after it had released 20 records. More recently she started 2 new labels called Bodyvolt and Venus Noir. Married NY based couple, Lissette & Jacob Schoenly founded Spatial Relation several years ago and have sporadically released classic technoid synthwave / minimal wave, akin to fellow US act, ADULT' who are also a major influence. Their 1st full length LP has been critically acclaimed, and the 3 tracks herein continue their twisted electro sounds. 12" limited to 300 copies..!



Artist : Bezier 

Label : Dark Entries 

ensconced / 12"

Debut vinyl ep from Bézier entitled 'Ensconced'. Bézier is the moniker of all-live-analog electronic wizard Robert Yang from San Francisco. Enchanted by the Cybernetic Broadcasting System (CBS), Robert started Djing as Robot Hustle, joining the Honey Soundsystem collective in 2007. Robert writes hooks, patterns and melodies in an automatic, stream of consciousness fashion. Memory and nostalgia play a big part in constructing his music. 'Ensconced' is the follow up to Bezier's debut cassette, released in 2012 on Break-Up records. The tile relates to themes of comfort and safety as well as complacency and entrapment. Influences range from the futuristic landscape of Syd Mead to the melodic energy of Patrick Cowley and the subdued, hidden motifs of My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless". Bézier blends elements of hi-nrg and dark dance to drive the mysterious underwater instrumentals of 'Ensconced'. Bezier's studio set up includes a variety of vintage Roland and Korg synthesizers as well as the italo disco favorite LinnDrum. These 6 tracks were written, produced and mixed by Bézier at his home studio in San Francisco between 2009 and 2013. The vinyl comes housed in jacket featuring a Bézier line drawing illustration by our in-house designer Eloise Leigh. Each LP includes indivual postcards with drawings and liner notes. Let Bézier take you on an enchanted dance journey while heavily under the influence of Diy electronics.



Artist : Bezier 

Label : Dark Entries 

telomeres / 12"

Sophomore ep from Bézier entitled 'Telomeres'. Bézier is the moniker of San Francisco musician Robert Yang, who also is part of the illustrious Honey Soundsystem crew. 'Telomeres' is the follow up to Bézier's debut ep 'Ensconced', released in 2013. The title relates to themes of time, science, analytics and procedures. Bézier integrates the refrains of Spanish new-wave and italo-disco with the attitude and aggression of underground styles like synth-punk and industrial. These 6 tracks were written, produced and mixed by Bézier at his home studio in San Francisco between 2014 and 2015, and feature the debut of his own vocals. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket featuring an illustration by in-house designer Eloise Leigh riffing on early 80's computer graphics. The matted sleeve is meant to resemble the side panels of early computing instruments like Macintoshes or the Commodore 64. Each ep includes a postcard with a photograph of actual telomeres captured by a microscope camera by the Blackburn Lab at UCSF. 'Telomeres' are life's building blocks, changing the lengths of chromosomes to determine lifespan. This music is an investigation of a future in which time elongates as well as contracts. Great follow-up ;)

皆 (mina)


Artist : Bezier 

Label : Honey Soundsystem Records 

皆 (mina) / 12"

Honey Soundsystem is proud to present on their revitalized music label a new 12" from their resident Dj, Robert Yang, who also produces under the name Bézier. Over the past years Robert has seen releases under the Dark Entries Records imprint with the most recent 'Telomeres' ep. The title track 皆 or pronounced "Mina" (translates from Japanese to "Everyone"). "Mina" is a journey through space with the initial ascent marked by a moody window of time in which uncertainty dominates the mindset of the passengers. Once they break through the atmosphere and are proceeding as planned they land on the final destination, an interplanetary discoteque. "Mina" was recorded this year with Mark Pistel on the helms for mixing and features SF drummer Kevin Woodruff of Tussle fame providing live drumming for the last portion of the track. Along with the title track the B-side includes tracks previously released on compilations but appear here for maximum record playing enjoyment. "Serengeti Drive" which appeared on Honey Soundsystem's earlier HNYTRX compilation of queer dancefloor artists is the slow burner of the group. "Mysteries Of The Deep" which appeared in the Jacktone cassette compilation of Bay Area electronic stars is the soundtrack to an underwater expedition. Both tracks were recorded, produced and mixed by Robert in his home SF studio in 2009.



Artist : Bezier 

Label : Dark Entries 

primes / 12"

Latest offering from Bézier, a 3-track ep titled 'Primes'. Bézier is the moniker of San Francisco based musician Robert Yang, who is also part of the Honey Soundsystem crew. A multi-instrumentalist, Robert planted his roots in San Francisco in 2005. Over the years in SF he has built an impressive analog synth-based studio, which also serves as the creative hub for his riveting live performances. 'Primes' represents the theme of primordial origins and creation with 3 tracks that explore disparate, sonic environments in each song. The title track flows and ebbs like currents in an oil slick. Out of something messy (like primordial ooze) arises organized chaos. "Stranger" is a moody dark electro/wave track for a sweaty night cruising on the west coast of Holland. Set against an underwater sound canvas the song features seductive guest vocals and lyrics by Nicole Ginelli. Doc Sleep of Jacktone Records provides additional production duties. The final track, "Imperial Tranz Am", is an airy, ethereal slow burner clocking in at over 13 minutes. It originally appeared as the soundtrack to an experimental queer fantasy film of the same name by SF film maker Aron Kantor. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket featuring a Quadtone pastel earthtone of pixelated celluar ooze designed by Eloise Leigh. Each ep includes a postcard with an image still from the 'Imperial Tranz-Am' movie. "Do I hear what I see, is it real or just a feeling, a vibration of N-R-G".

cosmologist ep


Artist : Bezier 

Label : Honey Soundsystem Records 

cosmologist ep / 12"

'Cosmologist', the latest offering from our resident Dj: Robert Yang aka Bézier. A multi-instrumentalist, Robert was trained in saxophone starting at age 10, before moving onto a Fender Telecaster after high school. After being exposed to Southern California rave culture in the late 90's, he moved onto Djing and collecting records. By the time he planted his roots in San Francisco in 2005, Robert had built an impressive analog synth-based studio, which also serves as the creative hub for his riveting live performances. 'Cosmologist' explores Robert's personal universe with 3 tracks that connect his varied musical lineages. "Cosmos", a celebration of the late 80's/early 90's KIIS FM universe, is built around an infectious freestyle hook that morphs into a 7 minute tour of intersecting styles. "Ether" begins as gothic night-driving electro, but breaks into fantasy-scapes inspired by italo and 80's Japanese anime theme songs. The final track, "d. Quelle", clocks in at over 11 minutes, incorporating bebop jazz solos drawn from his early exposure to improvisation techniques by Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, and Stan Getz.

midnight lover


Artist : Bianca 

Label : Hi-Tension 

midnight lover / 12"

Bianca's follow-on release to her disco hit "One More Time". Original copies from 1988 and produced by Rofo… Nice italo-disco !

tarzan loves the summer nights


Artist : Big Ben Tribe 

Label : Dark Entries 

tarzan loves the summer nights / 12"

Hard to find italo-disco club hit. Big Ben Tribe are a trio formed in Trieste, Italy in 1983. The line-up is Ricky Persi (bass), Stefano Previsti (computers and drum machine), Renato Posani (guitar & dj). Their name is taken from the disco club Big Ben in Trieste, the place where Renato Posani worked every night. "Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights" was recorded in Milan in the spring of 1983 and released on Gong Records in 1984. The band created their signature sound using a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, LinnDrum, Alembic Bass and Fender Stratocaster. Guest vocalist Clara Moroni softly sings about a romantic jungle dream adventure where she is living with the handsome and brave Tarzan. Strong LinnDrum percussion serves as a counterpoint to the infectious vocal melody and catchy synth hooks. The B-side features an instrumental version with extended breaks and dubbed out bass lines. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original artwork of a female model lying on the floor grabbing the leg of a mannequin. Each copy includes an insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes by Ricky Persi. "Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights" will transport you to a fantasy world full where you can find your own muscle man to love ;)

radius 004


Artist : Bijou 

Label : Radius 

radius 004 / 12"

For their fourth release, Radius Records (who previously brought us a fine selection of Italo disco nuggets) deliver a dancefloor electro four tracker! Side A's "Robodisco" delves into Kraftwerk-esque beats with old school stabs, vocoder voice snippets and a terrific 80s melody - an anthem in the making dare we say? On the B-side Bijou serves you a lush 70s space disco track "Styll'o Jaune" with "Styll'o Rouge", Jaune's evil twin and it's bone-crushing electro b-line and lush overtones make this an absolute party stormer! You've been warned!!

switch ep


Artist : Binaural 

Label : Scsi-Av 

switch ep / 12"

The low end on ''Enilder'' here is almost architecturally conceived. ''Roto 145'' is rolling funky business ripe for bouncing the floor and jacking the wall. The vocodered elements and hyperspeed melodies which unfold on ''Re'' are destined for some hammer on the outdoor soundsystems. ''Smoked'' again dips into pure electro bodyfunk, massive percussive drive and a twisted melody. Huge slabs of bottom end offset by microscopic urban detail on ''Shoreham'', made for furtive nocturnal activity in a giant warehouse space. Nice !



Artist : Bioconstructor 

Label : Baran Records 

untitled / 7"

Techno romantic songs from 1987 taken from archive tapes by godfathers of Russian synth-pop. Limited 7" vynil edition of 320 copies only..

die kinder aus dem park


Artist : Bionda E Lupo 

Label : Charlois 

die kinder aus dem park / 12"

Bionda E Lupo are like little you'll have heard before, a boy/girl band like no other. Synth-wave is fed a line of modern alienation, delusory disco to a disdainful drum beat, house emptied and ridiculed. Rhythms are stark, melodies are as mechanical as the lyrics. "Zug Der Vogel" is sparse, vocals intertwine in an empty embrace whilst bars sparkle. "Twoi Glasza" is more playful. Bright words shimmer against sweeping strings. The past is parodied across the ep but nowhere more so than in "Die Kinder Aus Dem Park". A former classic dug out before being peppered by machine gun percussion. The stilted rhyme of "Eckstein" closes, a ballad of bittersweet images and lost hopes.



Artist : Blablarism 

Label : Fabrika Records 

agnostodynis / LP

Blablarism is Oksana Zmorovytch from Kiev. She creates a music elixir based on shoegazy ghosts and drone labyrinths. This is her 1st full LP and contains some older songs blended with new ethereal stories. The fact that she is from Kiev, affects her music, adding endless landscapes of grey, tradition blended with new modern ways and intriguing mythology. There is something mystical about Blablarism's music. It sometimes appears as common as an old shoegaze record you have played one millions times on your teenage room, then suddenly turns to a cold wave anthem with incomprehensible almost pagan vocals and gloomy, fustian synths. Blablarism can also be described as experimental electronic, although the synthesis is somehow wisely structured and moderated with caution. The stories on this album are all like a personal diary written, not with words but with noises. And this private pieces of her are accompanied with romantic visuals and associative aesthetics in order to guide you into her heart. If you are searching for pureness and crystal clear sensitivity in an artist, then you will love this record. Dark electronica with reverberating guitars, gloomy synthetic sounds and blackened bass themes. Released in 500 hand-numbered limited copies, including download link..

memories of light


Artist : Black Chair 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

memories of light / 12"

Great tracks made by Erik (aka Kinder aus Asbest) and with beautiful lyrics written and sung by Fabio. A common interest in human culture, behaviour and inner feelings brought these 2 guys together. In the cheapest bars in Uppsala city they discussed everything from teenage idols to ego death. It didn't take long before they found out that they shared a past as fans of dark wave music. Fabio had been singing with band in Brazil and Italy. Erik had been producing tracks as Kinder aus Asbest. After the resurrection of Kinder aus Asbest and the release of 'Inside 12?' on Dödsdans Rekords the idea of playing together became solid and untamed. During a visit to his family in Brazil, Fabio wrote lyrics for a few tracks that Erik was working on and by the autumn 6 tracks were recorder in one single afternoon. Tip!!

disco club (rmx)


Artist : Black Devil 

Label : Rephlex 

disco club (rmx) / 12"

Originally released on Out Records way back in 1978, Black Devil's "Disco Club" is an extremely rare disco masterpiece, nearly imossible to get on an original pressing. 2nd part in the quest to gather all the parts of the "Disco Club" masterpiece, but slightly different with a Karrier District remix of "Timing, Forget The Timing" that was not included on the previous release (Rephlex 146), "Follow Me" instrumental and "No Regrets". Essential..!!

disco club


Artist : Black Devil 

Label : Alter K 

disco club / LP

'Disco Club' is a groundbreaking 1978 ep of experimental electronic disco created by Bernard Fèvre and his collaborator under their tongue-in-cheek aliases Joachim Sherylee and Junior Claristidge. The Aphex Twin-backed Rephlex label notably reworked a handful of Disco Club tracks in 2004, however this is the 1st ever reissue of the ep in its complete, originally intended sequence. So synonymous is Fèvre's career with this release, he continues to perform internationally as Black Devil Disco Club today. An impossibly rare piece, this edition has been treated to a remaster from the original tapes by Fèvre himself. HUGE !!

28 after


Artist : Black Devil Disco Club 

Label : Lo Recordings 

28 after / LP

When the Black Devil Disco Club "Timing, Forget the Timing" 12" was unearthed by Rephlex many doubted it's authenticity. Apparently found at a car boot sale by Rephlex's PP Roy, the 12" was notable for it's similarity to Luke Vibert's productions, only it was made in 1978. Not bad going really, and it's obvious that people would be suspicious, especially as Rephlex had obtained the rights to re-release, but this new mini-album should set the rumour-mongers to rest as it collects six additional tracks from the last surviving member of the band Bernard Fevre. It's not really known whether Fevre produced these tunes at the same time as the originals or whether he's fired up his Moogs since but to be honest it hardly matters. Analogue sounds bubble and throb like the 80's never happened and the disco sound soars as you never believed it could. This is disco, yes indeed, but without the bad hair, bad shirts and mental images of your parents pulling wonky moves on a well polished dancefloor. The first few tracks are more obvious skits on "Timing, Forget the Timing" with cooing vocals and neon-drenched synth stabs dangerously urging you to ask that sultry lady for a dance. A soundtrack to your seedy night-time adventures, Bernard Fevre has just managed to make yet another essential selection of dancefloor anthems. Let's hope the next one doesn't take another 28 years eh..?



Artist : Black Devil Disco Club 

Label : Lo Recordings 

circus / CD

Ladies & Gentleman roll up roll up for what has to be one of the strangest albums you are likely to encounter this or any other year. Usually an exclusive club of one Bernard Fèvre (aka Black Devil Disco Club) has now opened the doors and invited others to join, surrounding himself with an array of talented and eclectic singers to create a dazzling disco pop opus. Full of deep, dark delicious thrills, his unique electronic sound once described as being 'like Joy Division produced by Giorgio Moroder' pulses through 10 tales from the underworld, 10 performances in a 'Circus' like no other with Black Devil as ringmaster. Featuring: Nancy Sinatra, Jon Spencer, Afrika Bombaataa, Faris Badwan (The Horrors), Yatch and other unlikely collaborations.. ;)

max stroke / bamboo disco


Artist : Black Devil Disco Club / Yellow Peril Disco Group 

Label : Fresh Up Records 

max stroke / bamboo disco / 7"

Fresh Up specialise in strictly limited edition 45rpm singles showcasing the finest in library funk, Moog disco and vocoder boogie sounds. Black Devil Disco Club founder Bernard Fèvre blesses Fresh Up with the unreleased 1975 Moog gem "Max Stroke". On a similar tip to his highly sought-after library LP 'The Strange World Of Bernard Fèvre', this track combines a driving rhythm with pulsing Dr Who bass and soaring Moog melodies. Yellow Peril Disco Group bring us the yellow magic sounds of "Bamboo Disco". Moroderish synth bass and disco drums from Japanese-born globetrotting artist Yuri Suzuki with synth and vocoder flourishes from Fresh Up founder Ed DMX. Nice ;)

legacy from a cold world


Artist : Black Egg 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

legacy from a cold world / LP+CD

Limited 2nd edition of 200 handnumbered copies, black vinyl, gatefold. The CD includes 7 additional bonus tracks.



Artist : Black Narcissus 

Label : WeMe Records 

varla / 2x12"

Released on Belgium based label WéMè, this new 2xLP from electro moniker Black Narcissus, otherwise known to Rephlex appreciators as Jodey Kendrick. This is a follow up on his promise a year ago laid out in mini album Black Narcissus X of going heavier and darker in on his beats compared to the electrofunk skewed output that came from the Jodey Kendrick named releases on Rephlex. 'Varla' is by no means an easily listening experience in a very good way, it's full of raw metallic tinged machinic power that you love Underground Resistance for. Without compromise. Brut, Faster, Sexy and with Drexciya influences. Will leave every one KO !!!



Artist : Black Narcissus 

Label : WeMe Records 

fatale / 2x12"

If the 1st Black Narcissus' album did not knock you out, this 2nd double LP could address the problem by being more precise where it hits..!

brain wash


Artist : Black People 

Label : FlexiWave 

brain wash / 7"

Black People is the legendary electronic producer Tobias Schmidt whom released plenty of records on classic labels such as Disko B, Tresor, Scandinavia and his own Nest imprint. As Black People, he makes live analogue synth jams and just as punky as you want it..

isle of the dead


Artist : Black People 

Label : FlexiWave 

isle of the dead / 12"

Black People is a moniker of Brigthon techno legend Tobias Schmidt (Disko B, Tresor, Scandinavia +++). He has previously appeared on FlexiWave by releasing the 7" 'Brain Wash' (Flexi003) and on the much acclaimed cassette 290.625" (Flexi005). Here he strikes again with a 6 tracker of dark melancholic synth/punk wave.



Artist : Black Pond 

Label : Bodyvolt 

chasms / 12"

Black Pond is a collaborative project between Beta Evers from South-Germany & Jeff Gallea (from Eleven Pond) from South-California. Both started their musical career in a very early age in the 80's. Not so very long ago they met via internet and decided to combine their talents for a contemporary wave/synth sound. The 4-song ep 'Chasms' is their debut ep. They both recorded synths and beats for all songs through a ping-pong system, means: one of them started with a song seed, the other one continued to work on it, back and forth until a song was finished. Also the vocals were done by both members. On the A side Black Pond presents "Touch", a melancholic slow song and the moving, occultish "The Lake". On the B side we can listen to an electrified, deep cover version of Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs" and the very danceable synth stomper "Shiver". A promising debut that whets our appetite for more!

deepest chasms


Artist : Black Pond 

Label : Electronic Emergencies 

deepest chasms / 12"

Killer electro-wave tracks by Black Pond. Black Pond is a collaboration of underground star Beta Evers and Jeff Galea from the legendary Eleven Pond. Known for her solo work as well as various collaborative projects, Beta Evers can be considered the godmother of German electro-wave. Her beats are strict while her voice is cool and deep. Jeff Galea, who founded Eleven Pond in the mid-80's, is the master of energizing basslines and emotional synth melodies. 'Deepest Chasms' reflects their shared darkness in 4 melodic and atmospheric synth-wave tracks that won't let go of you.



Artist : Black Spider Clan 

Label : Kommando 6 

underworlds / 12"

Black Spider Clan is the project by Beta Evers and Dystronic. Opening track "Living In A Twilight" is a rocking electro piece with some punk and NDW influences. The sensual singing of Beta Evers, the steady beat and the sleazy sound makes this track very attractive. Although this song is more classic electro orientated, it comes quite close to the electro-punk of the latest Vanishing album. "Broken mirror" and "Debiler Drang" are somewhat slower, but equally dark, or maybe even darker, then "Living In A Twilight". These 2 tracks are also more typical electro. "Keiner Kommt Hier Lebend Raus (da qui non esci vivo mix)" is another smashing and rocking electro song. This track was already on the "Dark Connections" compilation on Kommando 6 in a different version. The Italian vocals on this version makes this song very sexy. Even though Black Spider Clan has a dark sound, this ep is pretty catchy. A record you just have to love as an electro freak ;)



Artist : Black Spider Clan 

Label : Lynch Law Records 

metamorphosis / LP

A retrospective of 15 years Black Spider Clan (Dystronic & Beta Evers), a collaborative project that is strongly connected with defunct Kommando 6 Records. Lynch Law Records (from Belgium) got the music remastered by Simon Davey (London) and created a nice gatefold cover. Grey-marbled vinyl limited to 700 hand-numbered copies !

morgen über uns


Artist : Blackie 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

morgen über uns / LP

In 2012 No Emb Blanc stumbled across a Youtube video. According to the info this video contained music recorded in 1981 but the style of language did not match the year. No matter what, the song was good, but there was no information to find whatsoever about the band except a small note they were from Hamburg. Later it became clear 2 friends of Matthias Schuster (Bal Paré, Geisterfahrer etc.) were responsible for this electro/wave track. The other archive material was remastered also by Matthias Schuster. It's their debut album with some excellent EBM / synth-wave vibes. ;)



Artist : Blacklist 

Label : Wierd Records 

solidaire / CD

Inspired by groups such as The Comsat Angels, The Manic Street Preachers, Suede, The Sound, and For Against, Blacklist is simultaneously celebratory and melancholy, replacing the hysterical protest song of the 20th century with anthems for a new generation weaned on amusement and starved for confrontation. "Solidaire" is a warning shot ep featuring the propulsive cosmological love anthem, "Blue Shifted",the filthy, sexy ode to George Orwell and P.O.U.M., "Shock In The Hotel Falcon", and their version of one of the classic tracks of the French coldwave, "Pure Joy In My Heart". Cosmopolitan coldwave rock and roll, bridging the gap between the north of France and Budokan, from the pathologically mobilized world outside to the elusive human experience. Brrrr

inhaltsverzeichnis ep


Artist : Blackploid 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

inhaltsverzeichnis ep / 12"

Frustrated Funk unearth another great piece of electronic music from an unknown source. At first hearing the spirit of Dopplereffekt seems to dominate, but as the tracks develop over time it becomes clear that Blackploid have their own sound aesthetic, inspired by classic electro pioneers and aiming for the same status themselves. 4 stylish hard and sci-fi synthy electro tracks which should not be overlooked if you’ve ever been moved by DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League, Bobby O or the early Detroit school. Worth the price of entry alone for "Mystery Speaker", whose heavy bass signals and fierce drum boxes will destroy any electro-inclined crowd...

one more time


Artist : Blake Baxter 

Label : Tresor Archiv 

one more time / 12"

Blake Baxter's 1992 classic back again with the original 3MB mixes and the slamming 2002 redo crafted by 'Pump Da Bass' Baxter himself. The original "One More Time" versions appeared on Baxter's debut album "Dream Sequence" from 1992; that was soon after re-released via Logic with remixes by Berlin's 3MB (Thomas Fehlmann & Moritz von Oswald) : this is the 1st time the legendary mixes have ever appeared on Tresor proper. Track A2 is the exclusive Blake Baxter 2002 rework, pumped up even more and, with the release date coinciding the Berlin Love Parade 2002, it not only kept that summer guaranteed hot and wet for everyone but keeps infecting us over and over again... This cult release has no comments, be the first..!

irene & mavis


Artist : Blancmange 

Label : Minimal Wave 

irene & mavis / 10"

A 10" reissue of Blancmange's seminal debut ep 'Irene & Mavis'. Formed in the UK by Neil Arthur & Stephen Luscombe, Blancmange recorded the 6 songs on 'Irene & Mavis' in 1979 and released it as a 7"ep in 1980. 'Irene & Mavis', though not exactly representative of what Blancmange later went on to become, is a fascinating relic that captures the gestation period of the duo, fresh out of art school and keen to experiment. The Diy sound of the ep fits right in there with the early output of Soft Cell, the Human League, and Cabaret Voltaire; but what separates it from those like-minded releases of the time is that its even more distinctly English. In fact it was Daniel Miller, supporter and Mute boss himself who 1st recognized this when he proclaimed them 'the maiden aunts of electronic music'. The ep is simultaneously pioneering, provincial, and surreal in its down-to-earth playfulness and lack of artifice. It stands out as an important record, capturing the mundane with modern electronics and remains as an artifact representative of the band before they went on to reach pop chart success.

la justice des hommes - chapitre I


Artist : Blasterkorps 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

la justice des hommes - chapitre I / 7"

Blasterkorps is a strange and mysterious project from France. Their music is a cross-over between industrial noise and minimal electro. The project involves members from Dernière Volonté, I-C-K and Krom-Y. The music is extremely minimal and dark. Harsh repetitive rhythms, some weird sounds and screaming are the elements around which the tracks are built. Some of the tracks are a bit reminiscent of the older work of Haus Arfana. Fans of power electronics, industrial and noise will like these releases for sure. But also fans of minimal electro in the Invasion Planète style will probably find these recordings appealing. Limited to 300 copies grey vinyl. Only for the true hardcore fans of European dark electronics !

la justice des hommes - chapitre II


Artist : Blasterkorps 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

la justice des hommes - chapitre II / 10"

Review to come..!

human beyond


Artist : Blastromen 

Label : Dominance Electricity 

human beyond / 2x12"

The long awaited debut album by the finnish duo, known for their previous 2 ep's releases on X0X Records, is pure futuristic electro-funk madness in perfection! The 11 uniquely uplifting and boombastic produced tracks are packed with heroic synth melodies, haunting electro breakbeats and evil synthetic vocoder voices. Take us to battlenet! Limited white vinyls pressing..



Artist : Blipblop 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

untitled / LP

Swedish electronic pop act Blipblop. 12 tracks recorded between 1984 and 1987. Remastered and remixed in 2012. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl. Fat plate ;)



Artist : Bloodygrave & Die Lust! 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / 7"

Debut 7" ep by this German minimal electro act. 4 deep tracks to please the die hard fans of the genre but catchy enough to attract the attention of a broader audience. Also excellent packaging in the best Kernkrach tradition.. Excellent clear red vinyl ;)

I wanna fly away


Artist : Blue Russell 

Label : Dark Entries 

I wanna fly away / 12"

Blue Russell was the husband/wife duo of Manlio Cangelli & Lorella Ghilardi from Milan. Cangelli was a session musician and composer for many Italian singers, making music for commercial TV and working long days in the studio. He had a strong passion for the analog synthesizers of the time and discovered the latest drum machines. After appreciating a healthy dose of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, he set out to make dance music similar to the disco sounds of the late 70's. The duo would go on to write and produce many italo classics for artists such as B. Rose, Wish Key, Clay Pedrini, Jerry Moon, Scotch and more. "I Wanna Fly Away" was recorded in Milan in the spring of 1984 and released later that year on Disco Magic Records. The band created their signature sound using an Oberheim OB-X, Elka Synthex and Roland JX-3P as well as a cache of drum machines like the Oberheim DMX, Roland TR-808 and E-mu Drumulator. Cangelli uses double octaves, a technique where one hand plays the high notes of the chords on one synthesizer and at the same time another hand plays the bass notes of the same chords in a shorter time. This skillful alternation creates the unique arpeggios signature to Cangelli's stylized sound. Lorella's vocals are haunting and powerful. She oozes charisma as she sings about the loss of a lover and the sadness she feels, wishing she could escape this world. The B-side features an instrumental version with monolithic synth lines and throbbing drums. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket with original artwork of a Lorella standing in the cockpit of a plane, ready to fly away at any moment. Each copy includes 2-sided postcard with lyrics, photos and notes designed by Eloise Leigh.



Artist : Boban Petrovic 

Label : Disco Not Disco 

zora / LP

Type the name Boban Petrović into Discogs and you'll come across a Serbian producer and selector whose 1984 album 'Zora' racks up quite a pretty penny amongst the collectors community. Kudos then to Belgrade crew Disco Not Disco who have reissued the album with the official blessing of Boban himself for the interest of those partial to some Balkan disco but not at the premium prices the original pressing is listed at. Petrović's work is new to us and it may be new to you but fans of the weirder strains of disco will resonate immediately with this 8 track set with plenty of material. This remastered LP contains inner with Boban's interview and lyrics translated in English. Hot !!



Artist : Bobby Jimmy & The Critters 

Label : Rams Horn 

roaches / 12"

Even though Bobby Jimmy was known as a comedian in the early west coast rap/electro movement he still managed to cut a number of classic 12"s and set up the Rapsur label that dropped early classic by The Arabian Price and D.E.F. as featured on Street Sounds "New York vs LA Beats" album from 1985. This track was first issued in 1986, probably recorded in 1985 but only issued on this repress of a Dutch repress back in 1988. It's a hilarious but also killer cover of Timex Social Clubs 1985 hit "Rumurs". If the vocals don't do it then there's always the instrumental on the flip. Megacool...

I cry for you (rmx) / givin


Artist : Bobby O. 

Label : Unidisc 

I cry for you (rmx) / givin' up / she has a way / 12"

Classic early 80's electronic disco by Bobby 'king of the simple bassline' Orlando. His 3 more smashing hits on one original record from 1991. Huge !

musique électronique


Artist : Bocal 5 

Label : Dark Entries 

musique électronique / LP

Bocal 5 were a no-wave art group composed of Doc Pilot (synths, vocals), Zouka Dzaza (bass), Florian Guillou (synths), Mickey Lepron (electronic drums, bass) and Evy Tinguette (lead vocals). The project was born in november 1980 in Tours, France as the brain child of Doc Pilot. Between 1981 & 1986 Bocal 5 recorded one 7" single and a cassette-only album before taking a year off in 1984 to launch X-Ray Pop. Influenced by Erik Satie, Brigitte Bardot, Suicide and Young Marble Giants, they call their music 'minimum naïve new-wave'. 'Musique Electronique' is a 19-track compilation of songs recorded across 1983, most of which have never been released on vinyl before. 16 tracks appeared on the 'From Bocal 5 To X-Ray Pop' album originally released on cassette by Sound of Pig in 1984. Both tracks from their debut 7" originally released in MB5 1984 are included and show a progression in sound as a result of newer recording equipment and techniques. Also present is a song from the tape compilation 'Andreas N°3 L'Animal' released by Fraction Studio in 1984. Armed with a Korg 770, MS-10, Prophet Pro-One, Roland TR-707 and TB-808 they crafted their own brand of quirky synthesized electronic pop. Songs are short, concise and well structured; richly textured, moving at a quick speed with hardly a pause. Evy's pouting, tongue-in-cheek vocals (sung in French) come together for a catchy, sensuous, danceable, eccentric psychedelic ride. This collection shows the group's sense of humor, vitality and carefree playfulness. Each jacket displays a bright neon green collage of photos and ephemera from the band's archives designed by Eloise Leigh that exudes the project's DiY spirit. Each copy includes a 6-page xeroxed booklet with photos, original artwork and press clippings.

produkt eines langweiligen wochenendes


Artist : Bodenpersonal 

Label : WSDP 

produkt eines langweiligen wochenendes / LP

This is the legendary Bodenpersonal from Berlin. Those guys were part of the very very first Kassenttentäter (bootleg of German minimal synth stuff from 1979-1983) scene in Germany. This LP is featuring the complete C-20 Cassette they put out in the early 80's. 6 Songs including the classic "O-Ton" track. Killer ! Highly limited release, be fast !



Artist : Body 11 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

youth / LP

MR-023 is the release by Munich's Body 11. Body 11 is/was the one-man project of Tim Stickelbrucks. Inspired by the late 70's/early 80's icons such as OMD, Human League, and Cabaret Voltaire, Tim wrote and recorded 4 songs in 1987 in his apartment and self-released the 'Mind' 7" ep in 1988. Rather obscure at the time, the 7" gained cult status later in the 90's when collectors and word of mouth fans began seeking out copies of the record. Soon thereafter, the cost of obtaining an original skyrocketed on the collector's market. This reissue includes the 4 original songs along with unreleased recordings created at the same time. The unreleased tracks were songs that were distributed only on cassette (to friends, etc) at the time. The tracks have been transferred from cassette and have been remastered by Jacob Jacobsen for this reissue. The LP embodies the essence of the EBM subgenre that was prevalent in the late 80's. Though retaining a DiY/demo feel, the tracks have a warm synth-beat laced mood that will surprise and delight fans of this era who are not knowledgeable of Body 11. Fans of early Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, late 80's industrial (Wax Trax, Nettwerk) and even early Skinny Puppy will find this collection essential. This reissue/collection is presented on high-quality 180gr 'milky clear' vinyl. The jacket art was envisioned by Tim Stickelbrucks with inspiration from the original 'Mind' ep front cover art. Features bonus insert with liner notes by Kurt B. Reighley. Tip !!

nella gloria


Artist : Bohemien 

Label : Insomnia Art 

nella gloria / LP

30 years ago the Bohémien recorded the tape 'Sangue E Arena', making their debut on the Italian rock scene and quickly earned a place of respect in the goth scene with their original formula of a Mediterranean new-wave sung in Italian. Thanks to that tape, the Bohémien performed on stages such as the Piper in Rome, the Stadio Flaminio, the QBO of Bologna and the Palasport of Arezzo, where they were invited to attend the 1st edition of Arezzo Wave. Everything went very quickly, in just a little over a year, a time too short to arrive at the longed-for goal of the vinyl. Then a period of silence, only to reappear in 2002, with a reunion or perhaps a rebirth, which saw them among the leaders of the revival of the dark / gothic scene in Italy and around the world. This time the recordings had official seals, although on CD (which by then had replaced the beloved vinyl of their youth), with the publication of 'Danze Pagane' (2003), 'La Parata Del Circo' (2005) and the recent 'Bohémien' (2013). Over the years they have performed in a number of live gigs in Italy, Europe and the USA; one of their most recent appearances saw them opening the concert of Peter Murphy at the Orion in Ciampino (RM) in 2013, following the release of their latest, self titled CD in that year. 30 years after the debut the time has come at last for them to issue their 1st vinyl LP: on October 31 2015, for the label Insomnia Art, the Bohémien will publish 'Nella Gloria', on vinyl LP to preserve the analog sound of the tracks of the years 1985-86. The album contains 8 songs of this period, 4 per side, as in the best traditions of old vinyls. These are the original recordings of the new songs "Nella Gloria" and "I Nostri Cuori", never before published officially, and the 6 tracks on the tape debut. All tracks have been remastered and cleaned up. The cover of LP features the original photographs of the band of those years and contains an insert with the lyrics of the songs in Italian. Limited to 300 copies..

on not knowing who we are


Artist : Bonjour Tristesse 

Label : La Forme Lente 

on not knowing who we are / LP

You will probably remember Bonjour Tristesse from the 'Circuit d'Actes' compilation, to which they contributed the fabulous "Partners In Crime". The Swedish act is back with a 1st full-length album and 9 tracks of excellent synth-pop with italo undercurrents, showing a sequencing mastery worth the likes of David Harrow or Vince Clarke. The atmosphere oscillates between dreamy neo-romantic and pulsating dancefloor efficiency. The perfect music for a nightly drive along deserted suburbian streets. Recommended!!

ljubav je hladnija od smrti


Artist : Borghesia 

Label : Dark Entries 

ljubav je hladnija od smrti / LP

Borghesia is an electronic music group from Ljubljana (Slovenia), created in 1982 by Aldo Ivancic and Dario Seraval who were members of the alternative theater troupe FV-112/15. Along with Laibach, Borghesia is the most successful band from the territory of former Yugoslavia who launched the activist movement and managed to turn sexual freedom into an important political issue by creating the New Slovenian Art scene. After 2 cassette-only releases the band recorded their debut vinyl lp "Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti" ("Love Is Colder Than Death") during the winter of 1983-84. The band was eager to use early sampling techniques to construct tracks from cut up radio noises and movie dialogue. They developed their own brand of EBM that combined symphonic synthesizers (Korg PolySix), funky basslines, military drum beats (Roland TR-808) and harsh, crisp sequenced rhythms that repeat in trance-like loops (Roland TB-303). All songs are sung/recited in Croatian and use the imagery of the prohibited, tabooed and repressed. Equal parts Chris & Cosey, Cabaret Voltaire, Art of Noise and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. All tracks have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley. Pressed on blood red vinyl, each disc is manufactured with its own unique pattern: no 2 discs are identical. Each lp is housed in an exact replica of the original large 6-panel fold out poster with lyrics and photos. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies !



Artist : Borghesia 

Label : Dark Entries 

clones / LP

Borghesia is an electronic music group, founded in 1982 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The band was formed by 4 members of alternative theatrical group Theatre FV-112/15: Dario Seraval, Aldo Ivancic, Neven Korda and Zemira Alajbegovic. They established fv video to self-publish their video projects and fv založba (the 1st independent record label in ex-Yugoslavia). Aldo and Dario took care of songwriting, production and recording while Zemira and Neven handled the visuals. In the late 80's the band signed to PIAS and went on to release a string of successful albums and played world-wide tours. 'Clones' was Borghesia's 2nd album, self-released on cassette only in 1984. The band borrowed synthesizers (Roland SH-101, Casio VL-1, Korg Polysix) and a Roland 808 drum machine from friends. Every song was played live (no overdubs) and recorded to a cassette deck over a few nights at their club Disco FV during 1983-1984. The music on 'Clones' is meant to accompany various video installations and performances. All of the songs are instrumental and feature various cutting edge techniques for 1983. Hypnotic, proto-techno and acid rhythms and synth lines. Music on the A Side of the LP is faster and club oriented while the B Side offers a drugged out soundtrack to get lost in.

digital mind


Artist : Boris Divider 

Label : Satamile 

digital mind / 12"

Minmal bass break electro with cutting melodic interludes remeniscent of Rother or Kraftwerk. This ep is more on the jackin-beat edge with sharp snares and punchy fat bass kicks. Clean and fresh mind cleaner for the 4am set. Super consistent, oldschool, gritty electro sound by this Madrid native who has previously released music on the Spanish Drivecom imprint as well as Mark Brooms Pure Plastic Label, in addition to having material licensed by electro master, Anthony Rother !

promises & infatuation


Artist : Borusiade / The Sixteen Steps 

Label : Cititrax 

promises & infatuation / 12"

Split ep by 2 massive talents, Borusiade & The Sixteen Steps. Borusiade, originally from Bucharest (Romania) began as a Dj in the early 2000's and then started producing music in 2005. With a background in classical music, she combined her love of raw electronics, obscure themes and melodic lines to create her own signature sound. She has released on the Co?meme label as well as Corresepondent. "Infatuation" and "Confutation" are dark, moody and intense tracks that catch you upon 1st listen. The flip side of the 'Promises And Infatuation' ep features The Sixteen Steps, the brainchild of George Lanham who cut his musical teeth Djing and running events in the south of England. We have been listening to many of his tracks endlessly for a while now. They've also been a highlight of Veronica Vasicka's Dj sets as of late. "Signals From The South" and "Promises On The Run" are both immaculately produced, hypnotic, dancefloor killers. They are sparse EBM meets smoky warehouse techno, and offer a wonderful contrast to Borusiade's layered emotive tracks that reminisce of an East Village club in the 80's. Themes of infatuation, appearances, and anonymity appear throughout this ep from the music itself right through to the cover art. Limited edition vinyl pressing of 999 copies. Our copies are one of the first 500 pressed on black inside milky clear vinyl (each record is one of a kind), housed in a matte printed sleeve..! Nice !!

the spike


Artist : Bourbonese Qualk 

Label : Dossier 

the spike / LP

Recorded during 1985 while the band were involved in organising the Berlin Atonal festival. B-Side taken from the score of a Recloose dance performance at the Bloomsbury Theatre (London, 1985). Good Old Industrial...Note that the sleeve is a bit torn..

easy to move


Artist : Boys Say Go 

Label : Dead Wax Records 

easy to move / LP

Boys Say Go. Yes, the song that would become their name, by those British Depeche Mode, band which definitely influenced Anthony and Joe to go into another musical direction while still being Slow Children. But the future was coming and they were not being left behind. The 1st vinyl came in 1983, the "Joey And Maria" b/w "Love Is Dangerous" 7". Cheap drum machine, plastic Casio keyboard.. Dave Stempko played everything on it but the bass. Self-produced, recorded at Pyramid Studio by Larry Lessard and released on BSG's own label Gender Records. Only 300 copies pressed.. a minimal synth masterpiece impossible to find today. Later that year "Bang Bang De Boogie (Then We Dance)" was recorded at Newbury Sound but the song remained unreleased. Then "Easy To Move" was recorded at Joe Harvard's So-So-Sound studio in 1984, with Anthony on the lead vocal and toy synth drums. Meant to be included on Harvard's v/a compilation cassette entitled 'Buy American', the project was shelved and only a handful of cassette copies were given to friends. So we can consider it as unreleased. Later in 1984, "Do You Wanna Funk" and "Serious Cat" were featured on Gender Records' 'Hit The Floor'’ compilation, followed by the "Humanity" b/w "Holy War" 12" single in 1985. These last 2 songs feature backing vocals by Hank Fay who was on loan to BSG from another synth band called Minks. And that was it. 'Easy To Move' is presented in a limited, hand numbered edition of 200 copies, housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with double sided insert.

the working model


Artist : Boytronic 

Label : Mercury 

the working model / LP

"The Working Model" was the first, and by many considered the best, album by Holger Wobker and his gunmen released in 1983 . It spawned the biggest hit of Boytronic's career with "You". The naïve, but effective simplicity of "You" is also feeled on other standout tracks on the album like "Luna Square" or "My Baby Lost It's Way". This LP is simply a Synth-pop milestone. You can't live without it !

you (extended version)


Artist : Boytronic 

Label : Mercury 

you (extended version) / 12"

Originally founded by accident in 1983 by Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki in Hamburg, Germany. The original band name was Kapitän Sehnsucht (Captain Desire). The band intended to write and play heartjerking and melancholic electro-pop songs, sung in german. They already where known in certain scenes in Germany. Also some producers showed interest, but it was a difficult time, cause the new German wave had his best time behind and it wasn't so clever to sing in German anymore. So they went to a studio in Hamburg and recorded a track in English. It was a spontanious descision and more for fun. Then they became Boytronic. They recorded it 3 times, cause they weren't pleased with the results. When they finished they hadn't exactly a plan what to do with it. They gave it to some record companies and Mercury Records decided to give it a try. In the beginning the record didn't do so well. Apart from some clubs who played it every night. But then some miracle happened and for the first time, luck was on their side. For some reason Kim Wilde cancelled the famous Formula One Show (Germanys Top of The Pops), and Boytronic took place for her. It was a srange performance, and the boys where a little embarrassed to watch it a few days later. But the record was an instant hit. "You" (taken from their First Album »The working Model« went top ten in Germany and many european countries. Classic..!



Artist : Boytronic 

Label : Dark Entries 

bryllyant / 12"

Boytronic is a synth-pop group from Hamburg, Germany founded by Holger Wobker & Peter Sawatzki in 1982. The duo began composing music as the soundtrack to sex shows on Hamburg's famous 'Mile Of Sin'. Soon after, Holger started working in a local record shop where he played early Boytronic demos during his shifts. A representative from Mercury Records came to the shop, heard the songs and gave the band a contract. They would go to release many singles and 2 albums 'The Working Model' in 1983 and 'The Continental' in 1985. By 1986 the record company claimed rights to the band name and put together a completely different line-­up fronted by Hayo Lewerentz. This new incarnation continued to record under the Boytronic name until the mid-­90's. Influenced by Kraftwerk, The Human League, Visage and Depeche Mode, the band crafted their own brand of synth-pop. Their 1st single "You" was released by Mercury Records in 1983 and became a Top 10 club hit in many European charts. Inspired by New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle", the song in an openly gay love song, where the singer expresses his loneliness waiting the return of his adoration for another man. "Trigger Track" was released in 1984 as a B-­side of the 2nd Boytronic single "Diamonds And Loving Arms". It was originally planned as an A-side, but was declined by the record company. "Bryllyant" was originally released as a B­-side to the 86 remix of "You" on JDC Records, a label aimed at dancefloors and club Djs. A Belgian Dj played the song at 33rpm and convinced the band to release this slower speed version in 1988. It became the band's 2nd most successful release and a hit across Europe. This ep features both the 1986 US remix and 1988 33 1/3 plus 8 remix of "Bryllyant", as well as the original 1983 extended 12" version of "You" and a special edit of "Trigger Track" never before released on vinyl. Each ep comes in an jacket featuring neon green spot gloss lettering based on the 1988 "Bryllyant" single, and includes an 8.5x11 glossy press photo with liner notes, credits and lyrics, designed by Eloise Leigh. Classic !

fuscum subnigrum


Artist : Bran 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

fuscum subnigrum / 7"

Bran released 2 very limited artifacts on cd and in this tradition we now present the vinyl debut of this act. When it comes to the music Bran serves the fans of minimal synth for sure but don’t be surprised to come across some uncommon style elements too. This 7" is more of an artifact as a record as it comes with a booklet with drawings by the musician and hand printed covers with 2 different designs (also by the musician himself). Next to that the labels are hand stamped with self designed stamps. As this record is ultra limited to only 2 times 75 copies (75 copies of each cover design) it is bound to become a real collector piece very soon...

are you loving?


Artist : Brand Image 

Label : Dark Entries 

are you loving? / 12"

Brand Image is a trio formed in Bergamo, Italy in 1983. Created by the same group of musicians as their previous project Some Bizarre. The line-up is Marino Scarabelli (music, producer), Tiberio 'Tyber' Scarfone (arrangement, producer) and Stefano Brignoli (lyrics) and vocalist Mauro Farina. Originally, Stefano sang the song but his performance was too close to the brand new Some Bizarre single, so they recruited Mauro for distinction. "Are You Loving" was recorded at Regson Studio in Milan in 1983 and released on Il Discotto the same year. Similar in approach to Some Bizarre, the song's music was composed by Marino as lyrics were written by Stefano with sitting on the sofa in the studio. The band created their signature sound using a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, Linn Drum. Mauro's vocals are warm as he aggressively debates internally going out dancing or staying in and ordering take out. Where "Don't Be Afraid" ”was the trio's 1st experience at songwriting, "Are You Loving"” became a popular hit and gave the group strength and enthusiasm to continue this musical path. Tiberio was a fan of the Italian pop group Pooh” and their song "Non Siamo In Pericolo" ”had a solo break with an electric guitar and background bells that section inspired the guitar and claps solo in "Are You Loving". Enrica Danesi makes a return appearance with her signature call-and-response back up vocals during the chorus. On the B-side is the instrumental version with extended breaks, drum claps and dubbed out bass lines. The vinyl comes housed in an exact replica of the original 1983 edition with bright yellow and magenta line graphics against a black background. Each copy includes a double-side postcard insert with lyrics and notes.

wildes ding


Artist : Brandstifter 

Label : Epileptic 

wildes ding / 7"

Very Limited to 200 copies white 7´´ep, The sound is really really weird, minimal and harsh with German lyrics. Handmade wallpapper with photo cover + folded poster + 2 inserts. Rare release not to put on everyone's ears…

brennen ab das haus ep


Artist : Brandstifter 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

brennen ab das haus ep / 7"

Weird and hectic NDW music done in an extreme minimalistic way. Expect uptempo tracks with a good energy to them but also crazy industrial influences. And... the title track is an absolute hit. The record comes as a 7" picture disc. Limited to 500 copies ! Special one.



Artist : Braque 

Label : Vogue 

untitled / 7"

Top class 80's minimal synth electro-pop from France. Groovy drum machines, synths and munchkin vocals make this a classic of the genre. 2 superb rare tracks in the vein of Claude Arto, Jacno and all the French minimal synth-pop underground scene of that time. Check out the audio clips, you'll enjoy it ;)

what's that bass ?


Artist : Breakin' All Stars / DMX Krew 

Label : Breakin' Records 

what's that bass ? / 12"

Old piece of electro released in 1998 on the English label Breakin. Side A is a megamix featuring tons of tracks from the Breakin' back catalogue mixed by Ed DMX, and on the flip is a bonus DMX Krew track unvailable elsewhere. A piece of electro-funk revival !

escape from chinatown / east side


Artist : Brennan Green / Studio 

Label : Chinatown 

escape from chinatown / east side / 12"

Second limited release on Brennan Green's Chinatown label and it's been in demand since a few whites appeared on this a few months back. On one side is a Green track (with a little help from Daniel Wang), with an oriental almost ambient feel, a disco-fied Tangerine Dream in Shanghai perhaps ? On the flip, Studio's "West Side" gets given, the Brennan Green update as "East Side" (a 10 minutes balearic delight with lighting guitar subtly remixed ! A great remix package ;)

unmanned march


Artist : Brice Kelly 

Label : Frajile 

unmanned march / 12"

After a prolonged break, James Wolfe's well-respected Frajile label throws it's hat back into the arena with a storming debut 4-tracker from new artist Brice Kelly, and from the evidence of this release there should be plenty more to come from him in the future. Detailed yet crisp and open production, tight punchy bass, and classic spacey electro atmospheres permeate the whole 12", and of course there is no let-up from the obligatory 808 action. Good & solid electro..

regard extrême


Artist : Brigade Internationale 

Label : Eirkti 

regard extrême / LP

Brigade’s rare tape material released in vinyl for the first time. Exceptional cold-wave syntheses from 1984 by a French band which established its own, unique sound within the dark scene. Massive ;)



Artist : Broken English Club 

Label : Cititrax 

scars / 12"

4-song ep by Broken English Club. After the strong reception of the 'Violence & Divinity' split with Silent Servant as well as his solo ep for Jealous God, here Oliver Ho (also known for his Raudive alias) continues in a similar vein, delivering sparse vocals and shards of live instrumentation over heavy, stuttering beats and bleak synths. The tracks on this ep are rich and darkly atmospheric, pulsating loudly through a smog filled dancefloor. A subversive spin on dance music, the blank-stared, pin-point-focused electronics and layers of noise betray no/wave and post punk influences, dragging together industrial experimentation and pitch-black techno. Artwork designed by Veronica Vasicka and sourced from the archives of Silent Servant, the Broken English 'Scars' ep features a one of a kind vinyl pressing of white inside clear. Limited to 999 copies and housed in a matte printed sleeve.

suburban hunting


Artist : Broken English Club 

Label : Cititrax 

suburban hunting / 2x12"

Full length double album by key Cititrax artist Broken English Club. After the strong reception of his split ep with Silent Servant, solo work for both Cititrax and Jealous God, and recent feature on the Cititrax: 'Tracks Volume 1' ep, Oliver Ho (also known for his Raudive alias) expands upon the themes in his earlier output. Now though, he is presenting Broken English Club as the multifaceted project that it is. He fearlessly exposes a range of emotion through varying sound, texture and song structure. The result is a manifestation of his influences (post punk, noise, techno, grindcore) melded into his own unique vision and culminating in an album that sounds absolutely massive, both on and off the dancefloor. Pressed on 160gr splattered black and clear double vinyl limited to 999 copies, housed in a heavy weight high gloss sleeve, featuring art direction by Veronica Vasicka and Silent Servant, with photography by Corinne Schiavone.

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