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dawn of the dead


Artist : Various 

Label : Trunk 

dawn of the dead / LP

George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead is still one of the most celebrated zombie movies of all time. It featured a score by the Italian prog rockers Goblin. However, there was other music in the film which has remained unreleased until now. Trunk Records have brought out this compilation featuring the best of the rest, including this piece by the composer Herbert Chappell. 14 tracks of crazed deep crate digging, insane music from a insane movie. Essential album ! Limited to 500 copies.

new deutsch


Artist : Various 

Label : Gigolo 

new deutsch / 2x12"

"New Deutsch" is compiled by Thomas Bar and DJ Hell, and documents the variety of the first explosion of synthetic music from Germany in the early 80's, from the small production editions of indie singles beside big chart hits. Treasure trove of long out-of-print gems from Christof Glowalla, Der Plan, Stratis, Weltklang, No More, Pyrolator, Za Za, Echowest and more. Classic !

artists anonymous


Artist : Various 

Label : Bunker 

artists anonymous / 12"

Bunker Robot Dystopia! Dark electro compilation "Artists Anonymous #1" with Komplexi (vocal version of porno tampere) from Finland, MAS 2008 from Germany, Composite Profuse from Roma and 2 anonymous artists from Den Haag related to Marsian Arts soundsystem. Get it now or never !

global surveyor phase 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Dominance Electricity 

global surveyor phase 2 / 2x12"

Great various compilation released in 2004 on Dominance Records german electro label specialist (third volume is coming up on late 2007). A fine round up of all electro featuring tracks from Mandroid, Mas 2008, Sbassship, Dagobert, gab.gato and more... A compilation to get for all robot fans of good electro sounds !

das drehmoment 5th anniversary compilation vol.2


Artist : Various 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

das drehmoment 5th anniversary compilation vol.2 / LP

The 5th anniversary of this Berliner label devoted to electro 80's inspired had been celebrated by 2 samplers in 2006. This is the volume two and like the first volume it offers different angle of the 80's electronics with the electro-pop side of Electrosexual on "Trapped Inside (Edit)" or "Cold Eyes" from Divider, to the more dark and quiet mood of Silent Signal with his fabulous "Waiting For Reaction". Essential compilation!

electric nights vol. 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Kommando 6 

electric nights vol. 2 / 12"

Second part in the series delivering raw quality electro from all over the world by Weltwirschaft (Othello Rec.), Polygamy Boys (Bunker, Beautycase Rec.), Erikoismies, Moon Disco, Manasyt, Alex Norihn. Limited to 400 copies.

broken pots hill vol.3


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

broken pots hill vol.3 / 12"

The LP Volume 3 is the MinimalRome's 5th release and features seven different producers and styles ranging from electro to acid techno to ebm and nu disco, all glued by the rough sound of analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Dope !

artificial material ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

artificial material ep / 12"

Vinyl sampler with four artists and four higlights of the CD longplayer. Sounds is typical electro retro style with throbbing bassline and freaky chords we love. Dope!

florida electro artists ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Frajile 

florida electro artists ep / 12"

Three highly-energetic, to-be-played-loud, dancefloor-geared electro numbers from, you guessed it, Florida. Scratch-D is an alias for David Noller, one of the founders of Dynamix II. Nothing short of classic on this one !



Artist : Various 

Label : Science City 

variations / 2x12"

Interesting 2xLP various compilation released in 1998 on the German electro specialist label Science City. A "who's who" of what we called minimal electro with excellent track by Ectomorph, Le Car, S-Max, Lowtec. Check !

prenez soins de votre corps en musique


Artist : Various 

Label : Aerobic Audio 

prenez soins de votre corps en musique / 12"

Second release on the small Belgian Aerobic Audio label. Great compilation of slow dark electro-wave by Klement, Poladroid, Frigobox, Noirfluo. Original and well done !

le monde cruel de katja


Artist : Various 

Label : Grahn Geen-Yol 

le monde cruel de katja / 3x7"

First and only release of Invasion Planete sub-label Grahn Geen-yol. Porn. Darsteller, De Frontanel , It & My Computer each composed a soundtrack inspired on horror / erotic B, X or Z movies. A 7" for each artist with original painted covers, including an ultra gore Pulp mag. Limited to 526 copies.

cassettencombinat west-berlin 1980-81


Artist : Various 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

cassettencombinat west-berlin 1980-81 / 3x12"+7"

Kiddy of sprung is compiling the ultimate box with lots of material of his legendary early eighties cassettencombinat-label from berlin. incl. sprung aus den wolken, a.v.borsig/sentimentale jugend, leben und arbeiten and many more. Triple LP of the early 80s German underground creativity in heavy duty box, totally state-of-the-art presentation from VOD. TIP : Including 7"

hoera! een hex voor thuis!


Artist : Various 

Label : Hex Grammofoonplaten 

hoera! een hex voor thuis! / LP

Since 2004, DJs M. (owner of Enfant Terrible) and KRAMP have been organising the HEX party at the OCCII in Amsterdam, a relatively small but very successful night which has welcomed some of the most promising bands of the neo-new wave movement of the past couple of years, many of which even made their live debut there. To celebrate the party's third anniversary, Enfant Terrible's side-label presents "A Hex for at home", in other words, 12 tracks from Hex bands (10 of which exclusive) to let the Hex spirit live on your turntable. Cream of the new crop between bat-cave, post-punk, minimal electro, new French chanson and neo-NDW.



Artist : Various 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

doppelhertz / 2x12"

Here’s the new compilation on Hertzschrittmacher with 25 international artists and a focus of giving the more unknown projects a chance to get some promotion and some music on vinyl. The music is quite versatile ranging from minimal electronics to electro-pop, from italo to dark synth and EBM to rhythmic industrial, … The packaging is brilliant as always and limited to 500 copies.

zeux, das sein muss


Artist : Various 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

zeux, das sein muss / 7"

First release on NLW's brand new vinyl-only sub-label, this exciting and dangerously addictive little record presents 4 minimal-trash-electro-wave tracks from today (2007) and yesterday ('84, '86), from 4 projects by or with Haiko Erden. All 4 are equally effective "earworms" and each listening to this record carries a 12-hour-good-mood-gaurantee. Definitely a thrilling debut!

synthesize me


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthesize me / LP

Really cool first compilation album on previous web download-only label Radio Cosmos based in Toulouse (Fr) specialising in electro, synth-pop, italo disco and wave. 9 new tracks by Antilles, Makina Girgir, Lasertanz, Keen K & Doriane, Welwirschaft, Alkali Tanz, Divier, Aldo Bergamachine, Orbitfighters. Limited to 500, handnumbered, comes with special artwork by well known comic artist Gil Formosa. Check !

the found tapes


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Wave 

the found tapes / LP

Last compilation from Minimal Wave ! This one is focalised on North American Minimal Wave '81-'87. It features previously released, rare tracks, as well as some unreleased tracks from Futurisk, Iron Curtain, Deo Toy, Experimental Products, Mark Lane, Ohama, Crash Course In Science, Dark Day, Craig Sibley, and Tara Cross. Top class selection !



Artist : Various 

Label : Acido Records 

untitled / 12"

Exploring the fields bewteen oldschool Chicago house & italo disco. $tinkworks: "Provo", Luke Eargoggle: "Lovers Love To Ride", Dynamo Dreesen: "Optimoq", Acidboychair: "Doctor Please", 100 Records: "Murks Is Dead". Eclectic and complete ;)

resistor unit 1


Artist : Various 

Label : Simulacron 

resistor unit 1 / 10"

The 1st vinyl release of the Simulacron Network is a compilation with 6 tracks from 6 European artists, who had points of contact with the ex-Kommando 6 circle. The compilation called 'Resistor Unit 1' presents a variety of electro and electronics. It was compiled during 2007 with material involvement of all artists. Coool...

mein bester freund ist tot


Artist : Various 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

mein bester freund ist tot / 7"

This is a special edition release and a tribute to Dr Kernkrach’s beloved late dog Bärbel. 4 friends who remain anonymous to date recorded a song each exclusively for this purpose. They are Philippe & Phluffie (“Daisy May”) with an irresistible dancy electro-pop track with female vocals and great instrumental chorus, No-Bell-Preis (“Dein Körbchen ist leer”) with a balladesque ode to late Bärbel, Treue Seelen (“Ein Leben lang”) with an instrumental track leaving room for own thoughts and Nacktmüll 1 (“Automatik Hund”) with a great noisy casio-pop track finishing this versatile ep.. Limited to 220 copies..

music from rock machine


Artist : Various 

Label : Rock Machine Records 

music from rock machine / LP

Really excellent compilation from this Toulouse based label (France) run by Electrosexual. From modern italo hits to more synth wave powerful hymns. All titles derserve attention... One of our fave !

echoes from our past


Artist : Various 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

echoes from our past / LP+7"

This is the first compilation on Anna Logue Records bringing you electronic pop music from international artists dating back to 1979 to 1984 : the analog years ! Most tracks are heard for the very first time, so just listen..!

ivg vol.1 - futur antérieur, France 75/85


Artist : Various 

Label : Poutre Apparente 

ivg vol.1 - futur antérieur, France 75/85 / LP

Here are the roots of 80's French electro-postpunk. Some Minimal dancefloor tunes, somme funny jokes and some wicked music. A essential overview on the birth of this wild stream... A Must Have !

contre 02


Artist : Various 

Label : Contre Cœur 

contre 02 / LP

A superb compilation of electroclash / electro-indus / electro-punk... Something dancefloor and fresh, breeding with the oldschool electro. An anthologik record for all open minded people. Banger...Highly Recomended !!!

this is an insane insane world


Artist : Various 

Label : WSDP 

this is an insane insane world / LP

Interesting release as usual on the German label WSDP with a compilation of 11 songs recorded by Belgian artists from the early 80's. Sometimes weird and avantgardish this compilation also contains unreleased productions and also some nice minimal-synth tracks like "Nostalgien" by Human Flesh or "Ivanovitch" by Bene Gesserit. Limited to 300 copies.

a wonderful world of feedback


Artist : Various 

Label : Feedback 

a wonderful world of feedback / LP

A great compilation on the obscure Dutch Feedback Records label. On this LP you will find only Dutch artists. Both contemporary and 80's material is featured on the album. A variety of minimal electronic sounds is presented by Kompleta, Zimmerman, LGM45, Commando Cauldron, Tjaco van Cromvoirt, Frank Dirkx and Roel. In our favorit box !

retours d'acide - a new beat acid house flashback


Artist : Various 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

retours d'acide - a new beat acid house flashback / LP

20 years after the birth of the New Beat genre, the world seems plunged in a new kind of Cold War, time has come to pay tribute to the sound of an era. For the second volume in the tribute-sampler series, Treue Um Treue invited 8 artists from the European minimal electro, post-industrial and techno scene to shamelessly leap back in time and create their own new beat & acid house tracks. The result is a versatile album featuring EBM influenced tracks in early new beat fashion, classical new beat anthems, hypnotic acid house loops as well as more pop influenced, neo-new beat performances. Massive Impact limited to 320 copies !

trumpett days


Artist : Various 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

trumpett days / LP

After the highly acclaimed and already long time sold out Trumpett Sounds compilation Enfant Terrible presents the second (and last) collection of sounds from the legendary Dutch 80's tape label Trumpett. With acts once again displaying their cult genius being The Actor, Ende Shneafliet, Doxa Sinistra, Andre De Koning & A Von Garde, amongst others, it's truly a bent widescreen voyage trawling through exhilarating tunes such as these. . Essential wild retro electro and allready sold out, get your copie now !

festival der genialen dissidenten


Artist : Various 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

festival der genialen dissidenten / LP+7"

2 years ago Enfant Terrible released the ""Electronic Renaissance"" compilation LP. A record that is now considered a cult item. This record functioned as a reflection on the contemporary state of electro-wave and as an impuls for new talents in the field of independent electronic music. With ""Festival der Genialen Dissidenten"" Enfant Terrible releases a new compilation with again only contemporary artists. The variety of sounds and moods is broader as on the previous compilation. Vulcanoid is proud to present you this new gathering of musicians who are all independent, open minded and full of passion about their work. Experience our dissident electronic music: electronic sounds not fitting everyday elektro and pop music definitions. They do it like nobody else does it or dares it...

shadows in the dark


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

shadows in the dark / LP

Dirk Ivens (aka Klinik, Absolute Body Control..) and Minimal-Maximal label has produced yet another, soon to be infamous, top-notch Belgian electro vinyl. Strictly limited to 500 copies, ánd moreover strictly limited to Belgian electro talents, beautifully united on this heavy-vinyl picture edition. Coming from the land of beer and chocolates, this selection of very promising discoveries in the interesting Belgian electro scene, all carefully hand-picked by electro-pioneer Dirk Ivens himself, will surely get you back on track with what's moving and moreover what's coming ;)

stilleben 045


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 045 / 12"

After some quiet years Stilleben Records is back. This Various 12" goes on in exactly the same style as earlier records from Stilleben. A mix between electro and electro disco. Many records are planned and in the making right now for the future to be heard. This 12" has a nice mix from E.R.P's more 4/4 and harmonic melodies to more stiff electro-funk from up north. Here we go...

electro databahn


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

electro databahn / CD

Another pure doppler electro release, but in a cd package from Gothenburg's Stilleben label. All tracks are exclusive and never released before. Limited to 150 copies only… Essential !

gothenburg electro city 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

gothenburg electro city 2 / 12"

New Stilleben electro killer compilation with 6 frsh tracks, all produced in Gothenburg (Sweden) at Luke Eargoggle's kingdome. Pure tracks in the vein of Dopplereffekt produced by artists from the Databahn area. Badabooom..

des jeunes gens mödernes


Artist : Various 

Label : Born Bad 

des jeunes gens mödernes / LP

A compilation with French cult hits and obscurities from 1978 to 1983, released in relation to an exhibition about French subculture in that era. Featured on the LP are Tokow Boys, Guerre Froide, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Ruth, Henriette Coulouvrat, Kas Product, Ice, Mathematiques Modernes, Metal Boys, Visible, Mecanique Rythmique and Charles de Goal. A great collection and a true archive document on repress !

venus noir


Artist : Various 

Label : Simulacron 

venus noir / 12"

Excellent compilation with some uber-dark electro tracks by with Nancy Fortune (Viewlexx) & Beta Evers (Kommando 6), The Isolators (Viewlexx), Private Entertainment (Wierd usa), Black Spider Clan... Huge Record limited to 250 copies... Be fast on this one ;)

wierd compilation vol.II


Artist : Various 

Label : Wierd Records 

wierd compilation vol.II / 4x12"

This second compilation is a true art piece. It comes adorned with one of founder and venerated New York artist Pieter Schoolwerth’s paintings and includes a lengthy, full-size booklet that captures images of the bands and patrons of Wierd. Just as tantalizing to the eye as it is to the ear, fans of the abstract and the post-modern, early synth and contemporary noise should surely take note. Even if you’re miles away from the Lower East Side, you can still experience the very rare in the cold, dark confines of your home. Simply Enormous !

rückwärts im uhrzeigersinn


Artist : Various 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

rückwärts im uhrzeigersinn / 2x12"

New Das Drehmoment compilation. From cosmic disco to planet EBM, with a short stop on space station electro, flying across soundtrack like sci-fi tunes and visiting our home planet earth for a nip of pop-rock ! With exclusive tracks on quality double vinyl, colour printed cover with added silkscreen. Highly Recommended !



Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthstation / LP

Follow up to the "Synthesize Me" compilation, here is the 2nd compilation with a selection of talented artists producing 9 fine synth-disco sometimes more wavy pieces ! This album is limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl and with another stylish sleeve-design by Gil Formosa. Really good work ;)

analoges russland - musik aus der zukunft


Artist : Various 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

analoges russland - musik aus der zukunft / LP

Here’s a fantastic new compilation on Hertz-Schrittmacher, this time presenting contemporary minimal electro-pop bands from the Russian Federation only. There is no drop out on this record, all tracks are great, really ! While surely not everything is made on 100% analogue equipment here, the direction and sound is always right. The tracks are mostly very danceable, with, of course, lots of early 80’s atmospheres. Some of the bands present here were already known from the previous Doppelhertz compilation. Come with info-sheet and limited to 333 copies only. Get it, you won’t regret it...

la forme lente 1


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

la forme lente 1 / LP

The first lp of the French new La Forme Lente label, released in january 2009, is a mix of 10 bands from France and Belgium, mastered by Franck A (ex-guitar player of Corpus Delicti, currently in Press Gang Metropol, Curl, who has also worked for Gary Marx from Sisters Of Mercy & Helsinky, the drummer of Cranes) at Marylin Studio (Cagnes Sur Mer, south of France). All the titles are unpublished & recently composed except "Je Mourrai" (lyrics by Boris Vian) which has just been published on the Belgian Pneu label. A-Side is more instrumental new-wave / rock orientated whereas B-side is much more electronic with minimal wavy moods... Very Good one !

safety copy 06


Artist : Various 

Label : Safety Copy 

safety copy 06 / 12"

Here is a selection of 4 soughtafter italo-disco tracks from the 80's that will cost you a lot of time and money if you had the intention to get them one by one separately. Rare 'cause essential alltime dancefloor hits. Limited to 333 copies as usual on Safety Copy ;)

2 hemden & 2 hosen vol.6


Artist : Various 

Label : Kernkrach 

2 hemden & 2 hosen vol.6 / 7"

Already the 6th in this series, this time some more known from the early 80’s are presented : the wonderful Heute are featured with the fantastic “Schon Lange” from 1984 which should have given them more success. Sütterlin presents the rough, cool and also fantastic “Frohe Kunde” from 1981, recorded with a Korg MS-10 and real drums, and very much in the vein of D.A.F. The B-side brings us the lovely and previously unreleased track “Inside Outside” from 1983 by well-known Canadian artist Lou Champagne System. The last track is “Ende” by Plastiktanz. 7”ep's come in stitched up outer sleeve with insert and limited to 300 copies only. Fat so be fast !

radio resistencia


Artist : Various 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

radio resistencia / CD

With the compilations "Electronic Renaissance" and "Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten", Enfant Terrible gave an overview of contemporary independent electronic music. With "Radio Resistencia", the label give another overview of independent music as we see it... and this time not strictly limited to electronic music. For those familiar with Enfant Terrible there will be some bands you have heard before, but there are also many new bands and sounds to be found on this cd. 18 bands from around the world, from Sweden to Australia and from Turkey to the USA. All selected with care to present this mix of sounds and moods. Jump into this universe...Tip Top !

zero one


Artist : Various 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

zero one / 12"

Automatik-Datamatik presents its 1st drop-out, a one-sided electro compilation, equipped with 3 lost quality electro trax... Limited edition of 123 numbered copies only !

artificial material


Artist : Various 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

artificial material / CD

Nice electro mixture with some exclusive tracks from different artists from the Electronic Corporation crew. Hers is the non-stop mix CD version. Serious 80's influenced stuff; from EBM through pop and punk to electro-funk. Compared to the 12" version, here you'll find some more gems hidden underground !

casino suicide


Artist : Various 

Label : Roulette Rekordz 

casino suicide / 12"

3rd compilation from this excellent Belgian label marked by the appearance of a plethora of new talents. If contested Djzleite stays true to miami bass spirit, Restless Legs Syndrome, Klement, Natan Vance & Noirfluo bring the ep back to Detroit. At last MANASYt delivers with "Like You Said" a powerful and controlled hit. No doubt one of Casino Suicide climax. Tip...

young sick & beautiful


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

young sick & beautiful / 10"

An ep of re-edits by Ivan Smagghe of Black Strobe fame with an unreleased Rub'n'Tug mix of the Beastie Boys "New York City" based around Steve Miller's "Macho City". Get in there while you can, particular fans of the Arthur Russel school of Disco. One for the comsic disco-heads out there. This will get you jumping across the dancefloor all night. Ace !

nekromantik (original motion picture soundtrack)


Artist : Various 

Label : Mauerstadtmusik 

nekromantik (original motion picture soundtrack) / LP

Soundtrack of the 2 cult horror films from Jorge Buttgereit (from 1987 & 1991). Features music by NDW artists like Hermann Kopp, Monica M, Buttgereit and others..Modern classical & avant-garde tracks. Classic record limited to 500 copies !

machine gum vol.01


Artist : Various 

Label : Kaugummi 

machine gum vol.01 / 12"

Designed to produce recordings and organize events related to electronic music, Kaugummi is an independentstructure based in Paris (France), created in 2007. Kaugummi’s world is kaleidoscopic, playing with reminiscences of electro from the 80's, recollections of new-wave or pop… On the occasion of these 2 first productions. they have chosen to line up both born out artists, Rude 66, Kitbuilders, O.Lamm, Women Affair and more straighting out artists, La Veuve Electro, Blackskirt, Ashley, Imiafan… Made up of tracks driving up these different asperities, "Machine Gum" vol 01 bear witness of Kaugummi’s very special spirit of foundations. Limited edition of 400 copies...

machine gum vol.02


Artist : Various 

Label : Kaugummi 

machine gum vol.02 / 12"

Designed to produce recordings and organize events related to electronic music, Kaugummi is an independentstructure based in Paris (France), created in 2007. Kaugummi’s world is kaleidoscopic, playing with reminiscences of electro from the 80's, recollections of new-wave or pop… On the occasion of these 2 first productions. they have chosen to line up both born out artists, Rude 66, Kitbuilders, O.Lamm, Women Affair and more straighting out artists, La Veuve Electro, Blackskirt, Ashley, Imiafan… Made up of tracks driving up these different asperities, "Machine Gum" vol 02 bear witness of Kaugummi’s very special spirit of foundations. Limited edition of 400 copies...

synthetic memento


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthetic memento / 2x12"

Finally the third in the series of Radio Cosmos typical compilations and the good news first : nothing changed, for good, of course ! Like before we are being served wonderful danceable, dreamy and melodic electro-space-pop and italo disco tracks for your ecstatic dance trips through space. Already now another classic of the genre ! Be Fast ;)

expositions - a tribute to Charles De Goal


Artist : Various 

Label : Brouillard Définitif 

expositions - a tribute to Charles De Goal / CD

"Expositions - A Tribute to Charles de Goal" features 22 tracks covered by 21 international bands, some of which, such as Guerre Froide, Trouble Fait', Femme Fatale, No Tears or Dorcel, were to be expected on such a compilation, whereas others present us with surprising contributions, like the Dutch ambient band Sophya, featuring the great Dirk Polak from the mythic Mecano band ! Also present are the 2 German projects Synapscape and The Rorschach Garden... Tip !

artificial material v2.0


Artist : Various 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

artificial material v2.0 / 12"

After 2 years, Electronic Corporation is re-animating the transmitting systems with the 2nd chapter of the "Artificial Material ep". v2.0 is featuring 4 electro-trax by 3 different artists, running straight electro-trax made by the power of real synthesizers and drummachines. Compared to chapter one from 2003, the labelheads decided to go more underground without any popular attitude (just with electro), the real shit..!

electro endeavours - volume 1


Artist : Various 

Label : Bass Frequency Productions 

electro endeavours - volume 1 / 12"

Michael Spencer promises a series of exceptional compilations to be released on his very young label Bass Frequency Productions. And considering the quality of the 1st output, we can fully trust him! Featuring artists of Monotone USA Records and Nu Illusion, "Electro Endeavours Volume 1" delivers 4 sonic explosions, in the forefront of electro-bass. Taken from the "Evolve" CD album, delightful "Clarity", awaited for more than 5 years in its vinyl version, opens the A side of the 12". Written by Larry McCormick (aka Exzakt), this bomb with subtle Detroit influences, first liberates a powerful bass line, emphasized by well placed claps, then introduces an anthologic string that comes to blow everything. No doubt the most emotional cut ever done by the Boynton Beach located producer in Florida. In a more industrial register, Rob Real alternates on robotic "Not Human Nor Cyborg" distorted saturations and sci-fi effects for an explosive final result. On an apocalyptic rhythm a la Jackal & Hyde, Cryotron on the reverse offers a devastating "Obey My Master". Combining with skill futuristic vocoder, dark sonorities and mental break, this nasty cut is made for optimal damages on the dancefloors. Remixed by Mekanizm and Urban J, the original looses in aggressivity but wins more oldschool digressions. Heavy, sharped, vital, a real shaking ep..!

taken from electric pop #2


Artist : Various 

Label : MOFA Schallplatten 

taken from electric pop #2 / 12"

Beautiful underrated forgotten compilation of clashy electro disco on the now defunct MOFA Schallplatten electro-pop label. Highlight goes to Kid Vicious & Savas Pascalidis "Beyond The Clouds" in a perfect Legowelt stylee !!

urbi et orbi II


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

urbi et orbi II / 12"

After 3 years the second chapter of the various artists compilation Urbi et Orbi ! This time with the Romans Composite Profuse and Fdbk, and 2 great tracks from Rude 66 and Mick Wills. Don’t miss this one !

the new preskriptions of Dr. Lektroluv


Artist : Various 

Label : 541 

the new preskriptions of Dr. Lektroluv / 7"

This charming 7" in psychedelic attire features a completely mashed up kind of kraut-edelweiss in the form of "Fred Vom Jupiter" flipped by an even more arousing English charmer "Lucida Obscura". B-Side is presumably licensed straight outta Gigolo's back catalogue; nonetheless a delightful pleasure for the freakier-inclined trainspotters...



Artist : Various 

Label : Cosmic Club 

six / 12"

For this 6th release on Cosmic Club, you get the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax once again. First (on A1), comes up an edit from the Mascara Dj's, they took up Stevo Armani cult track "(Don't Say) It's Over", a pure cosmic italo-boogie Chicago gem, a track very rare to find and sought after, they turned it into a techno monster during 3 minutes to finally drop out the italo beat. Essential ! On A2, we get their edit of Electric Disco Boogie Band "Disco Baba & the 40 Thieves", for a great job once again, easy to drop in any Dj mix. On the B side (lucky guys!), we get 2 original italo classic : Electric Disco Boogie Band "Disco Baba & the 40 Thieves" & Cellophane "Music Colors (part 3)". Both tracks are very very rare to find, sought after (we only bring you the cream as usual !), both tracks have been played by the big Daniele Baldelli for years now and obviously all the italo cosmic disco freaks on this planet ! A Must Have in every Dj's collection ! For those tracks, it has been done a complete new mastering be careful, it is a very limited edition of 300 copies ;)



Artist : Various 

Label : Cosmic Club 

five / 12"

Cosmic Club is a label focused on releasing original obscure dance classic. For this 5th release, we give you the opportunity to grab 2 fantastic trax once again, brand image “Are You Loving?” a pure cosmic italo-disco gem, a track very rare to find and sought after in its full instrumental version, it made us think about an italo-disco version of chk chk chk !!! And as a bonus we put also on the B-Side, another italo cult classic from ‘Lectric Workers “The Garden”, both tracks have been played by the big Daniele Baldelli for years now and obviously all the italo cosmic disco freaks on this planet ! Both tracks have received the Cosmic Club mastercuts treatment, but no one knows really whatever the quality is here and we don’t need to know more about it ! A Must Have in every djs collection !!!

a factory sample


Artist : Various 

Label : Factory 

a factory sample / 2x7"

Re-issue of the long out of print and extremely collectable 'A Factory Sample' which is a 7" double sampler ep originally released by UK Factory Records, and was the 1st vinyl recording to be released by the label. A faithful replica including poster & inserts. A new-wave / punk Must-Have !

safety copy 07


Artist : Various 

Label : Safety Copy 

safety copy 07 / 12"

Nice re-issue of long out of print 2 cult italo-disco gems from the 80's (on A2 & B2), and also 2 rare minimal synth-pop classics (on A1 & B1)...Limited to 333 copies. As usual, be fast with Safety Copy...

opening night at ford


Artist : Various 

Label : Molotov 

opening night at ford's theater / LP

The one record only Molotov label (from USA) droped us a 7 tracker with such italo-electro luminaries. Legowelt delivered a stand-out track with his discofied arpeggiator version of John Carpenter's "Assault On Precinct 13", a fresh take on an old classic that sits alongside the Luke Eargoggle track perfectly. Luke drops "Motivated Nation"; a straight up electro bomb, crisp beats, warbling analog strings and a dark and sparse atmosphere all contribute to a class Eargoggle cut. An excellent compilation of future thinking electro from Ohio's Molotov label. Cuts from Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, It & My Computer, Luke Eargoggle, Bangkok Impact, Mesu Kasumai, Helen Keller and Thee Eyewitness. Rare because Top record...

electropolis chapter 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Electropolis 

electropolis chapter 2 / 12"

Both remixes are given a heavier backbeat. The Nitzer Ebb remix adds additional keyboards, with some drum claps from Depeche Mode "Strangelove (Pain Mix)" throughout. The Soft Cell remix includes samples and keyboard rhythms from Berlin "Sex". This Soft Cell remix by Peter Black is absolutly irresistible. Cool black standard vinyl repress from 2006 ;)

cool as ice (the be music productions)


Artist : Various 

Label : LTM 

cool as ice (the be music productions) / 2x12"

"Cool As Ice" is a compilation of classic old school 80's electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music, the tag used by all four members of New Order between 1983 and 1985, and originally released on Factory Records. As with New Order / Factory's legendary club the Hacienda, these tunes are heavily influenced by the early 80's nyc club scene, where many were massive hits being picked up by the likes of Arthur Baker and Jellybean Benitez. Several of these tracks, including Quando Quango's (Mike Pickering), "Love Tempo", Section 25's "Looking From a Hilltop", Marcel King's "Reach For Love" and 52nd Street's "Cool As Ice", remain influential club classics and though largely unavaible for nearly 2 decades have been extensively sampled and bootlegged over the years. Includes the extremely rare New Order track "Theme" under their Be Music guise. Double vinyl strictly limited to 1000 copies. All tracks are full length versions, digitally remastered for this release. Clean !

aktion mekanik


Artist : Various 

Label : Music Man 

aktion mekanik / 2x12"

Aktion Mekanik brings together long lost forgotten classics from the 80's Belgian nu-beat & EBM scene, whilst highlighting their influence on modern electronic composition. All tracks have been selected by Terence Fixmer. Huge 2x12" compilation…

so young but so cold


Artist : Various 

Label : Tigersushi 

so young but so cold / 12"

Fantastic compilation of 80's gems remixed. On A-side : with an even icier take on the cold ambient ramblings of musician-philosopher Richard Pinhas, Volga Select show a mastery command of cold-wave groove. Twiddling with space echoes and vintage synths, they create yet another classic. This is progressive with good tastes and glow-sticks barred. On B1-side : an electro-rock take on this absolute classic that prolongates Avril's latest productions on F.Com. Here Avril plays "Superpitcher" to a tale of woe, spy games and resistance during the second world war. On B2-side : a cool crash, with 20 years of music interspersed, between 2 egotistic punketts. On the one hand Nini Raviolette, the darling of the 80's and on remixing duties Sir Alice, the contemporary hoodlum with a mission to rock the 21st century. Check..

a tribute to Robert Moog 3


Artist : Various 

Label : Crème Organization 

a tribute to Robert Moog 3 / 12"

Rude 66, Beta Evers & Cosmic Force paying hommage to the late Bob Moog with 3 raw & rockin' analogue electro-wave tracks. According to us, the best record of the serie ;)

bestcase beautycase


Artist : Various 

Label : Beautycase 

bestcase beautycase / 12"

Beautycase compilation with a clashy electro take on Iggy Pop's "Passenger" by the Replicant feat Princess Julia and an awfully poppy track by Hotel Motel, not exactly our thing. But let's forget about those because the nice part of this record is the great Sneak-Thief track "Aurient X'Press". Another top electro disco track and that's the one and only reason you should buy this record ;-)

broken branch ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Pyramid Transmissions 

broken branch ep / 12"

Another corking transmission from the London underground electro crew. From the sunset atmosphere of Pathic’s "Broken Branch", with its crystal pure beats and aggressive sock-splitting bass, and Ossacip’s snare fuelled "It Doesn’t Matter", which jacks like "Funky Drumer" under mind control, the ep glides to a hault with another of ADJ’s trademark tracks, tough and spacious and full of bubbling analogues. Music for dreaming androids...

disco not disco


Artist : Various 

Label : New York Underground Disco 

disco not disco / 12"

Wicked 4 tracks 12" of classic & rare original quirky New York disco tunes. Highly recommended !

from our hoodz to yourz…


Artist : Various 

Label : Angelmaker 

from our hoodz to yourz… / 12"

A 6 track ep with music of some talented guys. Dan Curtin (Peacefrog, Methamorphic) with a great rolling techno house techno, the obscure Cane (Warp, Skam) with rocking acid electro, The Syncom Data guys from Rotterdam and the Hague with their minimal dark techno electro and the Finnish talent Inkinen with sublime analogue Bunker style electro. All tracks inspired by their hometowns and neighbourhoods. Deep electro-funk from all over the globe.

tele : port


Artist : Various 

Label : Chair Recordings 

tele : port / 12"

Last realease on the now defunct Toronto based label founded by Daniel Lui (aka Blackout Theory), released in 2001. Quite pleasant compilation with Canadian artists only...It goes from straight 4x4 electro to more abstract deep minimal electro... According to us, the highlight goes to the Lowfish track for sure... Check !

the men you'll never see


Artist : Various 

Label : Clone 

the men you'll never see / 2x12"

Limited vinyl version of the cd and slightly different.. with Adult., Dexter, Alden Tyrell, Pametex, Duplex, Perspects, Drexciya, D.I.E., The Other People Place and more.. Some tracks were only pressed as limited Clone X test releases...Massive one ;)

you bet we've got something personal against you!


Artist : Various 

Label : Crème Organization 

you bet we've got something personal against you! / 2x12"

Crème compilation double lp with lots of out of print stuff, and exclusive new tracks ! Tip...

various acid


Artist : Various 

Label : WeMe Records 

various acid / 2x12"

Massive doublepack from the WéMè crew featuring various Rehplex stalwarts alongside new 303 twiddlers. Notable contributions from Chris Moss acid, Ed Dmx, Todd Osborn, Ceephax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert and more... Aceeed !

is this fischerspooner ? ... no, it's shock !


Artist : Various 

Label : Memory Boy 

is this fischerspooner ? ... no, it's shock ! / 12"

This is a really nice release on John Selway's Memory Boy Records. None of the music is by Fischerspooner, their name is just on the label, presumably to draw people's attention to it. All 4 tracks are from the late 70's-early 80's, and definitely deserve this re-release. The first cut is a mix of 2 different tracks by Shock. The "Magnifique" track is already cult and the 2 tracks on the B-side, by Gay Cat Park and E.T.M.S., are both amazing classics. All in all, a really nice package... Rare one...



Artist : Various 

Label : Musicsystem 

electric / 2x12"

Having last been spotted with his "Police Beatbox" release for Patrick Pulsinger’s ever-eccentric Cheap label, August Engkilde returns with the first release on his homegrown Danish Musicsystem label. This is nothing short of hammering essentialness, a compilation of truly different, original, and downright inspirational electroid tronix from the likes of Le Car, Patrick Pulsinger, Jeans Team, Engkilde himself and many others. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just another electro compilation, the material here bares little comparison to the genre as we know it, finding itself a niche somewhere between and beyond electro-pop campishness and destroyed advanced new electro. Funklectric’s devestating "64k$" takes oldschool hip-hop electro, adds several layers of squashed beats, strings and depth and leaves behind it a mellowed-out trail of boogie down bronx devestation. Kitty Yo’s Jeans Team dive towards 8-bit constructions with a catchy little casiopop number, before the truly once in a lifetime collaboration between Le Car, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan takes off where Herbie Hancock’s "Rockit" left off and turns things decidedly dark. This is undeniably addictive future music with a twisted funk mentality that’s new to these ears. Pulsinger returns again on "png 11-40", this time round demonstrating his intuitive knack for blissful atmospherics and deep funk aesthetics, all rolled into one huge percussive flex. Awesome. Kiss goodbye with Tue Track’s killer "Trak-Tron Strikes", taking the sugarplum fairy to the land of the robots and the spacious beat. Immense...



Artist : Various 

Label : Cosmic Club 

three / 12"

Cosmic Club is a label focused on releasing original obscure dance classic. For this 3rd release, we give you the opportunity to grab 3 fantastic trax once again. First, Video Club “Lost Time”, a pure cosmic italo-disco gem, a track very very rare to find and sought after (as usual, we only bring you the best) in its full instrumental version, still easy to drop in any dj set today. 2nd, Automat "Droid" an amazing dance electro breakbeat track done in 1978 !!! Obviously you won’t find it anywhere else.. This has been a must for all the cbs & I-f fans who really know their job and what they’re talking about. 3rd, Decadance "On & On (Fears Keep On)" also in it’s full instrumental version, originally released on Proto Records, this is funny as this track is obvisouly so proto new-wave, electro, cosmic, italo. Grab it before it’s sold out !!!

safety copy 08


Artist : Various 

Label : Safety Copy 

safety copy 08 / 12"

Limited edition on clear vinyl , pressed only 333 copies !! This is your chance to own a few of the most hard to find rockin' underground classic italo-disco gems. All tracks kick your ass…!



Artist : Various 

Label : Cosmic Club 

nine / 12"

4 classic italo-disco tracks reissued on Cosmic Club. First (on A1), comes up the great Cheaps "Moliendo Café" in its purest form (i.e. instrumental version), obviously very rare to find & sought after (as all the tracks on this really special release). Try to buy it today anywhere on the net, it will cost you a leg ! On A2, we have the amazing Diana Est "Tenax" (Tony Carrasco instrumental dub mix). On B1, we get Esavu "Breakin’Up" & B2 Bo Boss "Tequila" originally released on Il Discotto Records.. Tip !!!

tangent 2002: disco nouveau


Artist : Various 

Label : Ghostly International 

tangent 2002: disco nouveau / 12"

The first installment in a compendium of the "robot disco" sound, seen through the eyes of 4 talented contemporary electronic musicians. True definition of what is called nu-disco.. Tip !

bunte bezüge


Artist : Various 

Label : E-Klageto 

bunte bezüge / LP

Multicoloured relations (connections), a sampler whose name is a program ! 12 artists whom only one connects, the enjoyment in the music.The pieces are, although all electronically, experimentally and minimal, so differently, how the artists themselves. Music : screechy, nervous, deep, coloured, strange, distorts... In one word : bizarre !!!

electric dreams


Artist : Various 

Label : Virgin 

electric dreams / LP

2 of the most memorable music tracks in this film were written and performed by Jeff Lynne. Although Lynne is most recognized as the founder and sound of the band E.L.O., in fact Jeff has been one of the most prolific song and soundtrack writers, not to mention producer. Jeff Lynne was the man behind Roy Orbison's big comeback. Although Giorgio Moroder has the major credits for the music in this film, Jeff Lynne gave us the upbeat, danceable and memorable tracks. In fact, "Let It Run", was originally written in 1980 and was used in part in the movie musical "Xanadu". It can be heard as a background track in the movie, but was not listed in any of the credits for the film. The movie uses many other fabulous artists songs, including 2 from Culture Club, "Love Is Love", which is one of the best songs of 1984 and "The Dream", which is just like "Alice in Wonderland". Also, Culture Club's some-time backing singer Helen Terry gets her own opportunity to shine under the production of Georgio Moroder, with "Now Your Mine". Another classic that Moroder produced is the worldwide #1 single "Together In Electric Dreams" sung by the Human League's Phil Oakey. Simply great !

electro juice


Artist : Various 

Label : Sabotage 

electro juice / 2x12"

Vienna's Sabotage Records compiled this set of retro futurist electro, with 12 exclusive tracks from Detroiters Ultradyne, Ectomorph and Le Car plus Austrians Patrick Pulsinger and Erdam Tunakan, and a few Germans as well. Rare quality compilation ;)

misery loves company


Artist : Various 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

misery loves company / 2x12"

Back in stock !! New on Adult's Ersatz Audio label with exclusive tracks from the likes of Solvent, Skanfrom, DMX Krew, Lowfish, Gold Chains, GD Luxxe, Adult. Magas, and much more ! Magas brings the mad funk of "Shakedown" : a 4/4 inflected monster with little vocals playing around the distorted synths and beats, wicked. Adult's "Paranoid Vision" is an arpeggiated roller with crazy lyrics over the rolling electro beat, blips, squeaks and dark synths helping the track along with little cut-up edits over the percussion work that make for classic Adult. Goldchains feat Zeek Sheck is an amazing slice of hip-hop electro, complete with old-school strings and de-tuned drums all over the beat, killer. Shitloads more on offer, intelligently varied and hedonistically enjoyable beat-business from this much loved label. Excellent...

rhythmus ist kommerz


Artist : Various 

Label : Multi National Disaster 

rhythmus ist kommerz / 7"

Sought after and hard to find 80's & contemporary collection of noisy experimental, rhythmic electronic and bizarre rock. Handmade Foldout Sleeve with 2 inserts. Highlight goes to the A² track. Limited to 300 copies. Really wierd...

are we too late for the trend ?


Artist : Various 

Label : Creme Organization 

are we too late for the trend ? / 12"

Featuring: Monkey Chop,Lolita Sträp,Beta Evers,Mr Clavio,Red White Rose and Bangkok Impact. Top Compilation !

danza meccanica - italian synth wave 1982 - 1987


Artist : Various 

Label : Mannequin 

danza meccanica - italian synth wave 1982 - 1987 / LP

After an exhausting work of archeological musical searches, the Mannequin label delivers us here a massive minimal synth-wave compilation with lots of rare and sought after tracks from the 80's. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies including 2 inserts. Simply essential :-P

a fresh selection


Artist : Various 

Label : Fresh Records 

a fresh selection / LP

The seeds of Fresh Records were sown in Alex Howe's Wretched Records stall in London's soho market in 1978. Alex also ran a mailorder service, and demand from other shops for the Buzzcock's "Spiral Scratch" ep led him to start Fresh Distribution. Bands such as the Art Attacks, Second Layer, UK Decay and Manufactured Romance came to the stall looking for an outlet for their records. Alan Hauser joined Alex in 1979 bringing his Parole Records label with Family Fodder, Cuddly Toys, The Wall and Bernie Torme to set up the Fresh Records label, and the roster quickly took shape. Here you have the best representation of what was done at that time by this small independent label. Original copy !

the minimal wave tapes - volume 1


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Wave 

the minimal wave tapes - volume 1 / 2x12"

This is the 1st official volume of Minimal Wave music from Europe and North America recorded in the 80's. Most of the songs were originally released on limited edition cassettes or vinyl by the artists themselves, and only a handful of people knew about them. Now, they've been remastered from their analog source tapes for your listening pleasure. Brought to you by Veronica Vasicka and peanut Butter Wolf. Tip !!

modernes et electroniques


Artist : Various 

Label : Falco Invernale Records 

modernes et electroniques / 12"

Beautiful compilation of wave influenced electro-disco tracks by Blumenfall & Club Amour, Plastic Machine, Cold Colors. Limited to 297 hand numbered copies. No repress !

cold waves + minimal electronics volume one


Artist : Various 

Label : Angular Recording Corporation 

cold waves + minimal electronics volume one / 2x12"

The album chronicles the secret underground cult genres of cold wave and minimal wave, which mostly originated from continental Europe between the years 1981-1985. Containing songs that have only been available up to now on ultra rare 7"s, lost radio sessions and cassette tapes , as well as never before seen photos and extensive sleeve notes about the genre. "Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol.1" is finally here to teach us all a thing or two about the history of electronic music the world over... Essential !

playin' roulette with an automatik gun


Artist : Various 

Label : Roulette Rekordz 

playin' roulette with an automatik gun / 12"

Great compilation of 7 Belgian artists. From quality minimal doppler electro to more dark wavy electro. Limited to 300 copies. Real good !

on/off music : electro developers conference


Artist : Various 

Label : TRUST 

on/off music : electro developers conference / 12"

Features 4 electro files by Dj Glow, Dan Lodig, Epy and Scape One. No 80's, no booty, just forward-minded raw quality electro broken beats..

future soundscapes


Artist : Various 

Label : Release Records 

future soundscapes / 12"

Limited vinyl release with Anthony Rother, Exzakt, Transparant Sound and Asem Shama..

from beyond (volume 3 in a series of 4)


Artist : Various 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

from beyond (volume 3 in a series of 4) / 12"

Minimal deep & dope Detroit electro-tracks from 1997 clearly Dopplereffekt inspired. A great compilation that has not aged a day. Mastered at National Sound Corporation, Detroit. Black vinyl pressing.

circuit d'actes


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

circuit d'actes / 12"

3rd release on La Forme Lente.. 2nd compilation.. Maxi format was chosen this time to emphasize these 4 synth-wave pearls.. A pop-wave debut for Bonjour Tristesse and Automelodi and a more cold-wave orientated B-side for Dolina and Frank (just Frank). Really active acts with concerts, LP's to come.. The sleeve has been created by Svet_9 (already known for his work with Brouillard Définitif). One of the best record of 2010 ;)

mogul ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Themes For Great Cities 

mogul ep / 12"

Krautkamerad, Shapeshifter and Cheops deliver the goods for this 1st release on this new German label called Themes For Great Cities. Hailing from the western area of Germany, inspired by the local heritage of early electronics and krautrock ! Limited edition of 310 records.. Don't sleep ;)

kamp holland


Artist : Various 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

kamp holland / 2x12"

"Kamp Holland" is an overview of the current independent electronic music scene from Holland. Some of the artists on this compilation have been inspired by minimal electronics, proto-electro, avant-garde pop & experimental pop music from the late 70’s and early 80's. Others are inspiring Enfant Terrible in its current development. Always furthur they go... This is the Royal Dutch underground !!!

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