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made in america


Artist : The Flirts 

Label : Ariola 

made in america / LP

A Hi-NRG/synth-pop group masterminded by Bobby Orlando from New York that truly knew how to make you get up and dance! Upbeat sound and fun lyrics that make you smile. This album contains on of the most sexiest track ever made "Helpless (You Took My Love)". Run baby run !

danger / danger (rmx) / passion / calling all boys


Artist : The Flirts 

Label : Unidisc 

danger / danger (rmx) / passion / calling all boys / 12"

Classic Bobby 'O' production. Cool 80's electro cult disco tracks in an Hi-Nrg stylee.. Essential !

open your mind


Artist : The Freakazoids 

Label : Zoid Records 

open your mind / 12"

Review to come..!

time is just a memory


Artist : The Frozen Autumn 

Label : Dark Entries 

time is just a memory / LP

The Frozen Autumn is an Italian darkwave band, formed in may 1993 in Turin, Italy. Originally the solo project of singer, keyboardist and synth programmer Diego Merletto, guitarist Claudio Brosio joined on during early studio sessions and live performances. Together they recorded and released 2 albums, 'Pale Awakening' in 1995 and 'Fragments Of Memories' in 1997. In 1998, Claudio left the band and Diego recruited Arianna (aka Froxeanne) who sings, programs and composes. After 18 months of work, The Frozen Autumn's 3rd album, 'Emotional Screening Device', was released in april 2002. 'Time Is Just A Memory' is a 6-track overview of songs from The Frozen Autumn's 1st 3 albums. Characterized by a blend of melancholic vocals, atmospheric gothic-wave and 80's style electro-pop, the duo call their style 'frozen wave'. The Frozen Autumn have stated that labelmates Clan Of Xymox have been their main source of inspiration over the years. Other influences include Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, The Sisters of Mercy, X-Mal Deutschland, David Sylvian & Depeche Mode. These 6 tracks stand out for their rich melodies, from the guitar-laden early tracks "Dusk Is Like A Dagger", "Wait For Nothing", "There's No Time To Recall", and "This Time", to the electronic sheen on later songs "Is Everything Real?" and "Silence Is Talking". The release is housed in a custom-made jacket by Peer Lebrecht, from German electro/synth-pop band The Dust Of Basement, incorporating a photograph by Diego over a textured background that recalls early 4AD designs. Each copy comes with a double sided 11x11 insert with lyrics and notes.

circus minimus


Artist : The Games 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

circus minimus / LP

The Games were a pioneering 3-piece synth-pop outfit, formed in 1980 and consisting of Brendan Coyle (synthesisers, percussion, vocals), Colin Hughes (synthesisers, percussion, organ, vocals) and Steve Knott (synthesisers, guitar, vocals), from Wirral, UK. The same year, they self-released their 1st 7" single "First Law Of Games" followed by a contribution of the 2 tracks "Unrest In The Real World" and "The Song" to the 'Street To Street Volume Two' LP compilation on Liverpool's Open Eye Records in 1981. Then the band fell apart with Steve moving on under The Games moniker including new band members. Their 7" single 'Dance This Way / Love Canal' still saw its release in 1981. Brendan and Colin moved on as Zephyr In The Swamp, Brendan also played in Some Detergents, and Colin in Sense Of Vision. Dr Paul Skillen (himself of This Final Frame fame) says: "The Games were truly ahead of their time and quite unique in that they played credible well, crafted pop songs in a purely electronic style. They did not ride the wave of synth-pop, they were the early creators. The stories of the band waiting outside Hessy’s famous music store in Liverpool waiting for their orders of the Roland SH-09 to be delivered, emphasised that they were the zealots of the synthesiser phenomenon which was to change pop music forever." Looking back their commitment enthusiasm and industry was truly remarkable. Ironically the songs were not dry and mechanical. The crude monophonic synths and very early Dr. Rhythm drum machine were used creatively to produce memorable, dramatic and emotional pop songs. The Games truly were visionaries and pioneers. They never got the credit they deserved because they were not in the right place at the right time and lacked the contacts good management could have provided. This album is a must for all synth-pop enthusiasts and lovers of quality pop anthems. It earns its place as an historical masterpiece when you consider the dates when these songs were released and the timeless relevance of the songs to the world today. Limited edition of 400 copies !



Artist : The Hacker 

Label : MinimalRome 

haunted / 12"

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave ! Limited to 250 copies. The Hacker, l'homme de l'ombre, comes from a long way. "Haunted" is a Kraftwerk-style electro track, with an 808 punching pattern counterpointing a deep analogue bassline enveloped in rich, harmonic pads. Bringing cold atmospheres, in the mood of Dopplereffekt. On the B-side, the Feedback remix is an acid techno razorblade, coming straight from the sound of Rome traditional path. Also the Banda Banetti remix (a new MinimalRome open project) gyrates in the techno domain, with a deeply revised version of the original. A cluster of analogue sounds put together in a supercompact killer tune, designed for the sickest dancefloors.. Nice shot !

fadin'away remix


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : GoodLife 

fadin'away remix / 12"

Review to come..!

a strange day e.p.


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : UMF 

a strange day e.p. / 12"

Back in !!! 5 very danceable disco-electro tracks in the vein of Legowelt and Dopplereffekt, very nice..!

danse industria


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : Turbo 

danse industria / 12"

One of our favorite release from the no-need-to-present The Hacker. All tracks written and produced in Grenoble (France), in 2002. Nice & deep doppler electro tracks in the vein of Arpanet/Dopplereffekt mixed with more Detroit techno inspired tracks. Everything you need ;)

propagande ep


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : Stilleben 

propagande ep / 12"

Finally we can announce that The Hacker is onboard at the Stilleben ship with some amazing electro that lurks in the shades of Kraftwerk and other fine electronic acts, but with his own significant style and signature. 3 electro songs and one more italo/electro-disco that was hidden on a old hard disk. We are very happy to continue the electro journey on Eargoggles Stilleben with this strong and beautiful release... Let The Hacker guide you on a path...

the only sound


Artist : The Hands Of Cain 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the only sound / LP+7"

In 1983, the Hands Of Cain evolved from of one of the first groups of the Greek punk scene of the early 80’s called Ausschwitss when their music was gaining a darker shade and their lyrics were changing to English. Unlike their former group, the Hands Of Cain had very little public exposure, but built their reputation amongst the lively Athenian dark-wave / post-punk scene of the time with a few live gigs in clubs. Their tracks are pure mid 80’s despair and melancholy, typical of the goth dark-wave scene of the time. Prepare yourself for a milestone not only in Greek music history, but also in goth dark-wave history ! Limited to 500 copies

you and me


Artist : The Hasbeens 

Label : Clone West Coast Series 

you and me / 12"

Clone West Coast Series continues with more hot releases ! After Tyrell and Mr Pauli, it's The Hasbeens (aka Tyrell & Overdose) who deliver the Heat ! This is as big as you can get it ! We could do a lot of talking about the track and the daily struggle of human beings etc... but just listen ;) Top production leaning on classic italo but in a new modern jacket with sharp production... the Clone West Coast sound, simply irresistible !!!

keep fooling yourself


Artist : The Hasbeens 

Label : Clone 

keep fooling yourself / 12"

After the highly limited test pressing of "Make The World Go Away" (Clone X), here is the official release. Mechanical dark disco with a lot of energy. Great tune which rocked sets of many good dj's. New tracks are "Ain't the same as before"... a slower paced robotic disco track with melancholic vocoder vox and a great catchy them... More on the cosmic tip with its slower pace and nice pads and the works. Flip side give us a pure italo-disco theme that would rock every fun fair... Massive synths, catching melodies and rolling basslines and some massive production ! Check...



Artist : The Higher Primates 

Label : Tekno Tunes 

untitled / 7"

Fantastic original 7” by The Higher Primates from 1980 ! Sought after and brilliant minimal synth-wave pearl. 7” are new and come with the original sleeve (very few copies were also signed). Be fast on this rare one ;-)

the man master / drink with me


Artist : The Horrorist 

Label : FlexiWave 

the man master / drink with me / 7"

FlexiWave is very proud to present this new 7" with no-less than the legendary producer Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist. Here he presents 2-tracks of rough body-wave music. Play loud ;)



Artist : The Horrorist 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

programmed / 12"

The Horrorist (aka Oliver Chesler) is a revolutionary, comedian and party monster in one. The New Yorker is still best known for his earliest work: tracks like the infamous "One Night In NYC", "Mission Extacy", "Metal Man" and his debut album 'Manic Panic'. But he's been continually kicking out records—with just as much clout—since the mid-90's. Gabber, hardcore, techno, EBM, electro and spoken word typically all find their way onto a single release. The Horrorist is most effective, though, when the production is militant, the beats are marching and the lyrics are simplistic. Sex, drugs and violence are some of the things he sings about. Sometimes it's silly, other times it's soberingly serious. "Programmed" for Philipp Strobel's aufnahme + wiedergabe label, is a reflection on life as a computer simulation. Like most of Chesler's music, it sounds vintage. It's an EBM track that could be filed next to Fixmer / McCarthy's revivalist style. Chesler's delivery is more deadpan than normal, which fits the severity of the track—this is definitely one of his more somber ones. Silent Servant highlights this with his remix, turning Chesler's monologue into a morbid drone behind anxious synth stabs. Thomas P. Heckmann ups the paranoia in his rushing remix, whilst Lado delivers a chugging techno version, simply using key words and warping them into grotty snarls. There's plenty here for Horrorist beginners to get acquainted with, but, for the rest of us, not enough from the man himself. The good news is that there's an album on the way, and this indeed serves as a solid primer. Limited edition of 500 copies !

being boiled


Artist : The Human League 

Label : EMI 

being boiled / 12"

Originaly released in 1978 on a 7" in mono mode, you can get here the 12" stereo version of the very first productions from the UK synth-pop pionner "Human League". Great example of Electro in its post Kraftwerk era. Raw analogue bass line and tinny snares that made this two tracks what it is : minimal-synth at it's best. Must have !

interdit ce soir


Artist : The Isolators feat. Bébé 

Label : Viewlexx 

interdit ce soir / 12"

Beautiful nostalgic low-tempo disco track with female vocals by Bébé. On the flip the Freak Electrique remix. Enough said. Huge!

immaterial visions


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Cititrax 

immaterial visions / LP

New release by the UK duo known as The KVB on Cititrax. Combining shoegaze guitars, minimal synth melodies, hypnotic drum machine rhythms and reverb drenched vocals, The KVB was 1st formed in 2010 as the solo project of Klaus Von Barrel. He was later joined by his girlfriend Kat Day, who added synthesizers and abstract visual elements. Their sound can be described as dark, layered, complex and moody – an icy atmosphere juxtaposed by the warmth of distorted guitars. Aside from actively touring, they have had quite a few releases in this short time span, including a limited edition cassette on FLA Records ('The Black Sun'), a 10" vinyl ep on Downwards Records ('Into The Night') and 2 releases on Clan Destine Records ("Subjection/Subordination" and "Always The"). Inspired by what we heard on these releases along with the recent inclusion of Dayzed on Downward's So Click Heels Compilation, we felt the time was right to present a full length album of The KVB's latest material. The record is pressed on 180gr ultra clear vinyl, housed in a high gloss printed heavy sleeve, limited to 999 copies.

immaterial visions remixes


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Cititrax 

immaterial visions remixes / 12"

Limited edition vinyl release of remixes of select tracks from The KVB's highly acclaimed 'Immaterial Visions' LP. The 'Immaterial Visions Remixes' ep features versions by Regis (Karl O’Connor), Silent Servant, Shifted, In Aeternam Vale, and Worn. The ep is pressed on 160gr white vinyl and comes in a white hand stamped die-cut disco sleeve.

of desire


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Invada 

of desire / LP

'Of Desire' is The KVB's 2nd LP on the Portishead and BEAK> man's Invada Records and Barrow invited the band to record the album in his studio where they were free to raid his synth collection. On 1st listen to the record, all of that makes perfect sense. Having begun life in 2010 as a bedroom project for then Southampton-based Nicholas Wood to experiment with ideas around minimal electronica, he's now brought in partner and collaborator Kat Day and relocated to Berlin. The result is a more filled-in, more expansive sound. From their name and Berlin location, right through to the industrial 80's aesthetics, there's a moody cold war feel to the icy shards of synths that permeate each track. Opener "White Walls" spirals into a mesmerising motorik hymn though elsewhere it feels a little one paced and monotonal. It takes single "In Deep" to bring some propulsion to proceedings; it's the magnificent juggernaut of the record and only "V11393" comes close to packing that punch. Tip !!

cosmic starflight


Artist : The Man Behind The Screen 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

cosmic starflight / 12"

"Cosmic Starflight" released by The Man Behind The Screen (aka Interfunk on Electronic Corporation), is a journey through the galaxis of analog synthesis (moody arpeggios, deep pads and sequences played by a human on Roland synthesizers) Very limited edition of 77 one-sided 12'' vinyl copies, each copy has a handsprayed ''alpha'' and comes with a numbered info-sheet. New material already rare...

galactic evening


Artist : The Man Behind The Screen 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

galactic evening / 12"

This seems to be the very 1st material by T|M|T|B|S (aka The Man Behind The Screen) before he starts his "Cosmic Starflight" 2 years ago. Just 3 deep-space technoide particles could be rescued out of the black-box after we spotted the spaceship wreck on our radar. So far the pilot is disappeared... Blue marbled vinyl pressing of this limited to 99 copies !!

the ballad of the metronomes


Artist : The Metronomes 

Label : Mannequin 

the ballad of the metronomes / 2x12"+7"

High in demand re-release of both LP's "Multiple Choice" from 1980 & "Regular Guys" from 1985, plus the 2 singles on 7" "Saturday Night / Sunday Morning" & "A Circuit Like Me" from this legendary minimal synth band from Australia. The group was an integral part of the early electronic music scene in Australia and their releases have become a collector’s item in Europe, as they are mostly impossibile to find. The Metronomes first appeared in Melbourne in 1979. Their 1st 7" single "Saturday Night / Sunday Morning" came out in 1980, featuring a real metronome as rhythm section with instrumentals layered over, instead the second "A Circuit Like Me / Closed Circuit" from 1980 is addice more to experimentation with drum machines, rhytm sections for both sides were recorded using a borrowed Roland CR 78. It was the first time in their compositions that a vocal had been used, courtesy of a lady called Talking Judy. The 1st Lp 'Multiple Choice' was recorded in the winter of 1980, using Roland Strings, a mini-Korg, some Arp synthesizers and a Boss Dr-55, a drum machine that was intensivly used by many minimal synth bands during the 80's and by legendary bands like Sisters of Mercy or New Order in their first songs. The 2nd album 'Regular Guys', published in 1985, was recorded after a break in which all the members various lives and careers took left and right hand turns, surely more premeditated, as most of the songs arrived in studio already written. Each writer had creative contro lover their respective songs, a long-standing. Limited to 500 copies !!

eddy merckz


Artist : The Misz 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

eddy merckz / LP

Beside the usual noise & experimental projects there were also great new-wave bands like The Misz. "Eddy Merckz" is a good example for the extreme high quality of the 80's cassette culture scene. Their very catchy sound is comparable to early Virgin Prunes with some more pop-appeal; fine harmonies and male/female singer made this band to remarkable milestone in european new-wave, although they unfortunately never reached a bigger audience. And "Eddy Merckz" is in our eyes their best work : politics and music found together... Limited to 300 copies pressed on high quality vinyl (160gr.) ;)

the ee ep


Artist : The Misz 

Label : EE Tapes 

the ee ep / 7"

Straight from the 80's Belgian cassette culture scene, here comes The Misz. After the success of the "Eddy Merckz" re-release LP (on OnderStroom), EE Tapes present us this 4-track 7", containing the best of the 1984 "It Ain’t All Garbage" debut cassette. The Misz was one of those truly authentic 80's Diy bands, dealing with their life and the world through music, self-producing limited editions of tapes which they would send around the globe. With a few guitars, a drumcomputer and an old synth, they created strange minimal synth-electro-wave songs, with catchy melodies, fine male/female harmonics, and sometimes political, sometimes nonsensical lyrics. Some say : "reminiscent of Tuxedomoon, Trisomie 21, Pseudocode and Minimal Compact". Standard black vinyl edition. Highly recommended !

today is your lucky day


Artist : The Mobile Homes 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

today is your lucky day / LP

Dödsdans Rekords & Megahype Records presents the vinyl version of The Mobile Homes 2009 hit-album! Finally on vinyl and with a new version of killer synth-pop track "Close" and the new favorite song "Disappointment". The Mobile Homes started performing in the early 80's and is nowadays considered one of the biggest bands in the genre in Sweden. LP comes with white title strip (obi-stip) and printed inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies.

mission mass media


Artist : The Musickwreckers 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

mission mass media / LP

La Nouvelle Alliance from France presents the full-length picture lp from The Musicwreckers limited to 500 copies with A3 insert. 11 tracks of minimal electronics and cold industrial tunes. The sound of Angst pop. The sound is very well made and absolutely technically mastered...



Artist : The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

untitled / LP

LP compilation by this pioneering Sheffield synth-pop band featuring all their rare 7" on a-side ("Synthesizers The Story So Far", "Is All I Need?" "Front") and unreleased material on b-side. All tracks date back to '80 to '82, so this is pretty much a pioneering electropop work. Musically, they're more at the early Depeche Mode side of the fence. We like it a lot !



Artist : The Ne-21 

Label : Domestica 

untitled / 7"

2 killer minimal-synth pearls beautifully 80's inspired ! Presented in a hand-printed silkscreen cover sleeve. It includes a hand stamped leaflet and printed DIN-A3 sheet size. Edition of 300 units.

tv treated


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : LD Records 

tv treated / 12"

Released in the mid-80's, this 12" from the legendary belgian duo Neon Judgement contains their two best songs ever. A sound both warm and alienating. Simply a must have !

early tapes


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Dark Entries 

early tapes / LP

Dark Entries has dug deep into the early days of the Belgian cassette scene to release 2 tapes by The Neon Judgment in the form of a vinyl lp for the 1st time ever ! These pioneers of underground electronic music hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, and gave birth to the new-beat and EBM scenes worldwide in 1981-82 with the release of their 1st 2 cassettes–neatly compiled here as "Early Tapes". Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals), The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire.. Arriving just in time to celebrate The Neon Judgment’s 30th anniversary, "Early Tapes" showcases the band’s brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synth stabs and repetitive drum machine beats adding to this rhythmic discourse. The result is a combination of lo-fi technology and emotional sincerity to create a sound both warm yet alienating that has stood the test of time and 30 years later, still evokes the same magic. The 10 songs on this lp were remastered from the original cassette masters resulting in a cohesive, gritty, maniacal dance program that sounds more relevant today than ever. Each sleeve is hand numbered in a limited edition of 500 copies.. Grab it while you can ;)

we never said you


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

we never said you're no good / LP

The complete recording of a live session broadcasted directly in stereo on national radio in 1984 combined with 2 very rare tracks is available now for the 1st time on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal. Enter The Neon Judgement. Dirk Da Davo's and TB Frank's band certainly has been affected by this double time-effect. Although these Belgian Leuven-based musicians have often been considered the founding fathers of EBM, the high-tech genre form the early 80's, combining industrial and electro music, from which later originated new beat and techno.. About a quarter of a century after the 1st single "Factory Walk" (1982) The Neon Judgement appears to be overtaking time. The band's creative model (electronic music with a rock approach) now exists in many forms and varieties. Furthermore The Neon Judgement's music seems to have been rediscovered by a new and younger generation of hip musicians from all over the world. Today, renowned artists such as Dave Clarke, The Hacker en Tiga often emulate the bands early work. Although time seemed to have forgotten about The Neon Judgement, it also re-instated the band as a hot act. The rough 80's wave music inspires today's hip electropop. Finally the band is credited for its groundbreaking pioneering work, and even after 25 years the music is far from being outdated. Limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies, 180gr vinyl, no repress..



Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Dark Entries 

cockerill-sombre / 12"

The Neon Judgement hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, Belgium and gave birth to the new-beat and EBM scenes worldwide with the release of their 1st 2 cassettes 'Suffering' (1981) and 'TV Treated' (1982). Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals), The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, and the Deutsche Neue Welle. In 1983 they released the infamous 4-song 'Cockerill-Sombre' ep containing the dancefloor smash "The Fashion Party" on Anything But Records. Dirk Da Davo says, 'First we recorded and mixed the drum parts and effects on 4-track, then we bounced this mix to 2 tracks again what left us with 2 more channels to use for vocals and additional instruments'. Veering between minimalistic industrial drones, odd new-wave-ish synth-pop and dance music, underlain by cold, mechanical rhythms. The band combine brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synthesizer stabs and repetitive drum machine beats both aggressive and danceable. 'Cockerill-Sombre' was recorded in a small basement room under the watchful eyes of Ludo Camerberlin from A Blaze Colour. Housed in the original jacket featuring a black and white photo of the duo performing live. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11" square insert with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Dirk Da Davo.

t.v.o.d. / warm leatherette


Artist : The Normal 

Label : Mute 

t.v.o.d. / warm leatherette / 7"

The Normal is the name artist used by English film editor Daniel Miller, who is best known as the founder of Mute Records. He only released this 7" vinyl single in 1978 which became the starting point of the legendary Mute imprint. Both tracks are minimalist electronic songs using a Korg 700s and a Revox B-77e. This single was recorded in Daniel Miller's living room. Although it did not enter the Uk charts, the single was cult on the post-punk electronic music scene at the time. All Time Classic !

sunday night live at the laptop cafe


Artist : The Other People Place feat Mystic Tribe AI 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

sunday night live at the laptop cafe / 12"

One of the 2 The Other People Place releases (the Warp full length and this 12"). Drexciyan involvement in this classic release is obvious. One of the deepest and intense tracks with such a warm positive vibe. Flipside contains a track by Mystic Tribe (not very mystical of course for those who know the history of Detroit techno. Unique track from a unique project... and there are not many projects with Tribe in its name. Their release on Retroactive is one Detroit techno collector items). One of those records that get you through the day. Classic!!! Re-issue on the Clone Aqualung Series with new artwork.



Artist : The Pain Machinery 

Label : Complete Control Productions 

restart / LP

The Pain Machinery's latest album 'Restart' was released in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim. The Swedish duo trade in the more subtle aspects of classic EBM, building rock solid songs from a small but sturdy toolkit of sounds that reference acid, minimal electro and the golden age of sequencer-based synth music. Tip !

cocadisco pt.1


Artist : The Parallax Corporation 

Label : Viewlexx 

cocadisco pt.1 / 12"

This 3 tracker ep released in 2000 comes from the néo electro-disco cult lp "Cocadisco" produced by The Parallax Corporation (aka I-f and Intergalactic Gary). Perfect melodies with pure and cool sounds from The Haag crew inspired by the 70's movie "The Parallax View". A Must Have for all cosmic freaks !

1991-1993 (kicks from the past)


Artist : The Permanent Confusion 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

1991-1993 (kicks from the past) / LP

Although born in a different place –Germany in the wake of the 90's, the riot of The Permanent Confusion was very much like that of our beloved Lucie Cries. However their influences are actually more from the English scene, from bands such as The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy or Clan Of Xymox, which is rather unfortunate if we consider their numerous contemporaries who were unrelentingly and quite successfully releasing synthesized music that was meant to be danced to - admittedly not very daring! It has to be stressed even more that, within a short time, the band managed to leave behind those too marked influences inherited from their youth and created a more than original and very personal kind of wave, reaching beyond the limits of the genre! More tormented and romantic than their German colleagues –and going against the trend, the band unfortunately never went further than releasing confidential tapes, despite their name spreading outside their homeland. It was thanks to a few potential hits featured on various well-known CD samplers that people expected them to be signed on one of the then famous labels. As was often the case (and quite sadly) neither any contract nor official album came about, so the band kept composing discretely, releasing their works on tapes until death ensued... Brouillard Définitif compiled the best of this combo's remastered works, which (as with many others) were very close to getting official recognition and some more than deserved success. Limited to 300 copies,here on clear vinyl ;)

discreet affair ep


Artist : The Phone 

Label : Attractive! 

discreet affair ep / 7"

The Phone is a minimal electro-pop project leads by Jonni Mogul (Bazooka Joe label). “Discreet Affair” released on the UK Attractive! label, sounds perfectly like Soft Cell anno 1980. “The Phone” comes along with familiar Casio VL-1 sounds and rhythms, and phone rings samples to keep your legs in motion ! And then there’s “Discreet Dub” which sounds like Einstürzende Neubauten on a weird minimal electro-C64 trip. All tracks are fueled with lots of analogue synth and percussion sounds, great effects, some familiar sounds and a cool male voice. Highly recommended…and limited to 300 copies only.

cabaret noir


Artist : The Phone 

Label : Attractive! 

cabaret noir / 7"

3rd release by Attractive! and 2nd release by The Phone, the retro-analogue synth project by Jonni Mogul paying homage to some of the old heroes namely Soft Cell, Kraftwerk and the likes but with a rather unique sound in the end. A1 opens with "Cabaret Noir", a powerful uptempo dancefloor filler with an almost anarchistic straight-forward punk drive, slogan-like lyrics from the new romantic era and ending in a short and minimalistic reprise of the main track including a small vocal appearance by Sharon Abbott from Poème Electronique (aka Twins Natalia). B2 is "Film In Slow Motion", a very short and weird rhythmic industrial synth inferno. B1 opens with "Scientist X", a wonderful analogue electro-pop track with lots of weird synth sounds, vocoder and room for some warm melodic synthetic strings. The vinyl ends far too soon with B2 "Dub Missile", a short and powerful electro reprise of "Cabaret Noir". With The Phone, Jonni proves that with some love and passion you can create some damn cool music with lots of great ideas and sounds actually put into a minimal length of a track. Limited to 300 copies only.. Ace..!

songs for this nuclear age


Artist : The Phone 

Label : Attractive! 

songs for this nuclear age / LP

Debut long player 'Songs For This Nuclear Age' on the Attractive! label. It is almost 4 years since the debut single 'Discreet Affair', which was the 1st release on Attractive!. Since then The Phone have appeared on the 'Attractive Too' 7" compilation ep and subsequent 7" 'Cabaret Noir', which featured Sharon Abbott from Poème Electronique on backing vocals. So yeah the LP has been a long time coming! The Phone's mainman is Jonni Mogul. As Mogul he released various lo-fi synth-pop records between '98-'06 on some pretty cool UK indie labels. Jonni sold the Mogul name in 2006 and started recording as Jonni Mogul, but nothing was released. Attractive! talked him into doing what he does best so he formed a band called The Phone, specifically with the 'Attractive!' sound in mind, which is all about synth stuff, especially modern bands who sound like they are living in 1981 (hence the 'cold war' theme of The Phone LP). So imagine it being 1981, and the very young Depeche Mode team up with Soft Cell to record this album, while John Foxx, The Human League and Vice Versa stop by and throw in bits from all their analogue synthesisers and rhythm boxes, Casio toy instruments, vocoders and EFX units. Tip!

dance it down / jamaica running


Artist : The Pool 

Label : Dark Entries 

dance it down / jamaica running / 12"

Patrick Keel is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and performer. The Pool was his solo project, the sum of 15 years of experience in live bands, studios, and home recording. Patrick was heavily influenced by the radio of the early and mid 60's in Dallas. The British bands and Black soul of the era gave him a distinct style, and shaped his musical attitude. The new-wave/punk/DiY attitudes of the late 70's inspired him to express himself in a new way. 1980 saw the release of 'Pool One', a 60-minute home-produced cassette. 'Pool Two' followed in 1981, which received much praise and little distribution. In 1982 he released a 5-song self-titled vinyl ep of tight, skeletal, synthetic dance music. In 1983, 'Dance It Down/Jamaica Running' 12" ep was released on Moment Productions. Based on response from Dj's in New York and the Bronx, Patrick went back in the studio and remixed 2 songs from the self-titled ep for rapping, scratching and break dancing. "Jamaica Resting" was sped-up, extended, and reconfigured as "Jamaica Running". The whirlpool synth-strut of "Dance It Down" came out of the studio as "Dance In Dub", with a heavier kick and extended dub outro. These spacious versions were optimal for Dj play, slotting regularly in sets at hip clubs like Danceteria. For this reissue we've added 2 bonus European remixes from the 1984 12" of 'Dance It Down/Jamaica Running', released on Nunk Records from Belgium. Both songs employ the use of a Boss DR-55, Korg MS-20, Korg PolySix, and a Prophet 5, and were mixed on a 16- track Ampex recorder. The Pool's spartan, self-assured songs are experiments you can dance to. The record comes housed in a newly designed jacket by Eloise Leigh, updating the magenta and blue grid and Pool logo of the Moment Productions release. Each copy includes a 12-page booklet with a never seen before photos, press clippings and notes.

loyal to a fault


Artist : The Present Moment 

Label : Desire Records 

loyal to a fault / LP

This new record is a collaborative effort between Scott Milton and Philipp Munch of The Rorschach Garden & Synapscape. It explores a relatively similar dynamic pop territory, still opened to new musical tendencies and new sonorities without loosing cohesion. Consequently this last effort promises a completely mesmeric musical odyssey made of eerie drones, addictive electro moves, propulsive batcave bass lines and captivating plaintive-melodic sections which culminate into a sort of ecstatic consuming reverie. Scott Milton's rich sense of composition gives to the arrangements a radical and unique feel, somewhere between the narcoleptic twist of The Sisters of Mercy, the regular addictive density of Front 242 and the touching goth dramatic sense of Colin Newman or Asylum Party. The Present Moment means a real sense of adventure towards music and a fair degree of passion for singular, creative and fugitive shared moments, against any procrastination. Prepare yourself for this transgressive, post-romantic electro adventure. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl. Wonderful !!

the high road


Artist : The Present Moment 

Label : Desire Records 

the high road / LP

In the heat of LA under his black hood, Scott Milton, member of bands Catalog and Moodorgan, made a mixture of electropop music sprinkled with dark glow under the name of The Present Moment. With influences ranging from the electro-glam sound of bands like Visage, Human League, Heaven 17 to the more industrial beats of Nine Inch Nails, COIL, Ministry and Throbbing Gristle with a haze of gothic rock (early Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend), The Present Moment released 'The High Road', his 1st full length album. 'The High Road' contains 10 tracks penned and produced by Scott Milton with the help of his longtime friend Phillip Muench (The Rorschach Garden, Synpscape) on the title track and "The Damage Is Loved". It also includes 2 great covers: Candy-O, originally written by Ric Ocasek for The Cars and Season Of The Witch written by the English psychedelic troubadour Donovan. Sexy picture disc edition limited to 300 copies only!

I can


Artist : The Primitive Calculators 

Label : Desire Records 

I can't stop it / 7"

Cult Melbourne band The Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before spliting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 (also reissued on Desire) and that was it. Those 2 tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa "Nag Nag Nag"), The Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals but the songs were standing on their own as the unplugged version of "Do That Dance" that appears on the 'Primitive Calculators And Friends 1979-82' could testify. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

alive again


Artist : The Product 

Label : Dark Entries 

alive again / LP

The Product were a duo from the small villages Kvistgaard and Espergaerde, in the north of Denmark. Dan Stielow Mortazavi wrote the lyrics and sang while Kenneth Neuhaus composed the music and played the instruments. They met in the autumn of 1982 and recorded their sole album 'Alive Again' over a weekend. It was self-released on cassette in 1983 and limited to 50 copies. 'Alive Again' features 11 songs recorded in 2 short live takes directly onto one cassette. The Product employed a basic set up of Micromoog, Roland JX-3P and TR-606 Drumatix. 9 of the songs employ only these 2 synthesizers and drum machine while 2 songs feature a guest bassist. With these 3 instruments they crafted melodic, icy electronic rhythms with detached vocals. They were influenced by UK post-punk bands Second Layer, This Heat, Wire, Gary Numan, Fad Gadget and most noticeably The Cure's 'Pornography' and 'Faith' albums. Lyrics revolve around growing up in broken homes, alienation and romance. The vinyl comes housed in a jacket with original cassette cover art by Jesper Rask as well as an insert with lyrics and photos. This the 1st time since the original cassette issues that the music of The Product is appearing on vinyl format . 'Alive Again' is a sneak peak into the world of Danish post punk bedroom cassettes.



Artist : The Proximate Force 

Label : Plastic Frog Records 

moon / 7"

Review to come..!

highway superstar


Artist : The R.I.P.ped Nancy's 

Label : Nancy Records 

highway superstar / 7"

1st release (recorded in 2017) from this fantastic minimal synth band from Barrie/ON (Canada). A-side has a rather punky feel to it, on the flip it gets much more melodic. This record is dedicated to all police officers with big balls. Limited to 222 copies, hand-numbered, comes with insert, different sleeve colours. Tip !!

breaking and entering


Artist : The Radio Crew 

Label : No Label 

breaking and entering / 12"

Incredibly rare soundtrack to the '83 cult documentary about the west-coast breakdance and music scene in L.A. Yes this is a bootleg but how else do you think you'd ever get hold of this ? (We don't see a reissue happening anytime soon). The music is what you can expect from a killer line-up like this (Ice-T, Egyptian Lover, Super AJ and Chris "the glove" Taylor). Crazy and innovative oldschool electro with most of the tracks being pretty minimal sounding like really (we mean Really) good bonus tracks. Get it now because this stock won't last for long!

bare hands / 30th anniversary edition


Artist : The Reporters 

Label : Geheimnis Records 

bare hands / 30th anniversary edition / 2x10"

Reissue of the classic 1983 album 'Bare Hands' by The Reporters, including the tracks from the 1982 7" single "Computer World / I Wanna Know", in a special limited edition release entitled 'Bare Hands / 30th Anniversary Edition'. This reissue is an emotionally charged one , because both the band's releases are among our all-time favorite releases to have come out from the Greek new-wave scene of the 80's and, apart from this, the album is the 1st LP release by the legendary label Creep Records. This year, we're celebrating the 30 years, since their 1st release back in 1982 on Creep Records. The band itself was a collaboration and coexistence of 5 very talented young musicians, that unfortunately split up just a year and a half after its 1st appearance. Nevertheless, they managed to leave us with 2 records of a very-well-constructed and formed new-wave / post-rock sound, that was, at once quite contemporary, but at the same time very unconventional and unexpected. All the instruments are in the right place, at the right time, abandoning though traditional tempo/form and refusing to become predictable and finally boring. The bass line of Solon Stathopoulos is dominant, the drums of George Roumanis are unmistakable and with depth, the guitar of Paraskevas Karamikes is as sharp as a surgical blade, the synthesizers of Chrisostomos Mouratoglou create all the stressed, anguished and sometimes vivid environment and of course, Costas Pothoulakis (also member of Parthenogenesis, Homicide, Villa 21) stays on the edge, adding his characteristic voice to the whole structure. We missed him so much and this reissue is an homage to his sudden loss. The result of their collaboration is a collection of 10 songs of sound-balancing frenzy, that you can't find easily, especially in groups of that period, all the more remarkable for a band which released only 2 records and then disappeared. Limited to 400 hand-numbered copies including its original insert & some rare photos of the band. Here on transparent orange double vinyls..

far from ice e.p.


Artist : The Revolving Eyes 

Label : Moderne Recordings 

far from ice e.p. / 12"

Third Revolving Eyes release on their own Moderne Records imprint. Excellent electro-disco tracks inspired by italo, dark euro-wave and cold fusion proto house with massive basslines and moody 80's melodies. Limited to 500 copies. Another big one…



Artist : The Rorschach Garden 

Label : Bazooka Joe 

motorcicle / 7"

7" yellow clear vinyl. Here are 4 catchy new pop tunes from the legendary project "The Rorschach Garden" full of intense nostalgic emotions with the magnificent voice of Philipp Münch. Here is a warm cold mix. We sincerely support everything from this artist who always kept his own musical identity despite his diversity. Top Artist !!

far away from paradise


Artist : The Rorschach Garden 

Label : Disorder 

far away from paradise / 7"

The German label Disorder Records is having a great start. The Rorschach Garden plays synth/electro wave in a way that is seldom heard anymore these days. On this EP there are nice mid tempo songs that are both good to dance to as pleasant to listen to. The overall feeling is moody but never depressing. Beats and basslines keep going on but on top of that are beautiful synth layers that are reminiscent of 80’s synth/wave music. "Far Away From Paradise" and "Focus" are both new songs by the band and have a melancholy feeling to them, like the better work of Depeche Mode and New Order has. "Desire" is an old song (1995) from the time the band only put out tape releases. But even now the song sounds great. A band to cherish. Limited to 400 copies. Check!

flow of life


Artist : The Rorschach Garden 

Label : Thrill Beat Construction 

flow of life / LP

Electro-synthi-minimal-electronica-wave remixed by Pandem and Beefcake. Comes in a limited packaging. No more words to describe it. Essential !

hardcore candlelight dinner


Artist : The Seducers 

Label : Musicsystem 

hardcore candlelight dinner / 12"

Debut ep from The Seducers (aka Charmy Dee and Gentle Kay). High voltage romance… The Seducers surprise us with their unique mixture of old & newschool electro. Their use of analogue machines (no sampler and no computers), gives their sound a very "live" and humanoid touch. Very nice debut!

down and out in a town of yardsales


Artist : The Short Wave Mystery 

Label : W|S Collective 

down and out in a town of yardsales / LP

The Shortwave Mystery (aka Gregory Windrum Scoggin and his friends Jason Wright, Tom Wright & Dave Skinner) saw the liht in 1983. Clearly influenced by D.A.F., Der Plan, O.M.D. or even Depeche Mode, but with more melancholy and melodies, that make those tracks so substantial and timeless. All tracks on this lp were recorded in 1983-84 and get remixed in 2009-10. Ultimate melancholic electro-pop songs with rich textures and beautiful vocals. One of the best record of 2010 for sure. Better get it while you can ;)

signals from afar


Artist : The Short Wave Mystery 

Label : W|S Collective 

signals from afar / CD

Out of the attic came faded boxes of Ampex 456 tape reels, dusted off and digitally encoded then remastered for the long awaited formal release of this mid-80's Central California synth outfit's material. This offering hallmarks some of the genre's most danceable yet melancholic, melodic dark-wave to surface in several decades and is testimony that solid songs and coupled with analog electronics will never go out of style. Must-Have!



Artist : The Short Wave Mystery 

Label : W|S Collective 

pilots / 12"

For the 1st time in more than 20 years, this highly coveted, extremely rare and (expensive) record has been given a new (re)lease on life. Better sounding than the original pressing, and mixed specifically by the Shortwave Mystery members themselves, It has been a labor of love to bring their freshman, self-titled ep, featuring the dark~wave classic 'Pilots' back into existence after almost 30 years out of print. The Short~Wave Mystery allowed the opportunity to repress 'Pilots' so there would be affordable copies available to their wonderful fans. Great synth classics (including poster) ;)

windows on the world


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

windows on the world / LP+7"

Here is a really beautiful new album by Stefan Bornhorst (member of Sonnenbrandt) from Bremen, north of Germany. This is his solo project recorded between 2005-2006 in a more melancholic path of Electropop, with analogue synthesizers and drum machines as usual. Closely near Rorschach Garden's production this album is a good start for the begining of this year. Comes with an exclusive 7" containing 2 more lovely songs. Highly Recommended !

poly / bookmarks II


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

poly / bookmarks II / LP+CD

With "Poly", The Silicon Scientist proves his continuous ability to write substantial and timeless melancholic electro-pop and electronic wave songs while most of the album's sounds have been generated on the wonderful Polymoog synthesisers, hence the title "Silicon Beach" shows the Polymoog's great versatility to even create lovely south American flute sounds along the all analogue warm and dark synth sounds. On "Meltdown", fans of The Cure's "Disintegration" album will almost get a heart attack from joy. The album versions of "Oceans of Green" and "Lost City" are reworked and remixed versions of the tracks previously released on the "Colourblind ep". This time, the label & artist added the cd "Bookmarks II" to all copies which is definitely more than just a bonus : it contains 72 minutes of outtakes from the "Poly" recording sessions, tracks from samplers, early mixes of tracks from the previous album and tracks from the very first The Silicon Scientist album "Inselwinter" which was never released. "Poly / Bookmarks II" is a masterpiece of melancholic electro-pop and can hardly be imagined that anyone out there will not love it ! Limited to 500 copies...

sinister street


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

sinister street / 7"

Stefan Bornhorst (aka The Silicon Scientist) is finally back and gives us a 1st peek into what is to become the 3rd The Silicon Scientist album 'Outside The Night' which shall be a bit more minimal and pop oriented. "Sinister Street" is actually taken from the album but presented as an exclusive single mix while "Sights" on the flip-side is absolutely exclusive to this 7" vinyl. Being a limited edition, grab your copy while you can!

outside the night


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

outside the night / 2x12"

Highly anticipated by fans and other musicians alike, The Silicon Scientist's 3rd full-length studio vocal album 'Outside The Night' was 5 years in the making. Complex melancholic synth-pop at its very best, so worth the long wait! Limited edition of 373 copies, audiophile 180gr black vinyl, download code with lots of bonus material (instrumental versions, outtakes, demos, etc.), gatefold sleeve, UV varnish on outer sleeve. Fantastic album !

1/2 mechanism 1/2 organism


Artist : The Spectrometers 

Label : No Label 

1/2 mechanism 1/2 organism / 10"

Cool follow-up to their 1st LP from 2008 by this French minimal electronics, old style industrial, post-punk band. Haunting soundscapes with industrial touches of Throbbing Gristle, psychedelic elements of Silver Apples and some repetitions of Suicide. Stylish but unpolished... really a perfect blending of elements and styles... You should not miss out on this one. Check ;)

dead soul music


Artist : The Spectrometers 

Label : Decasian Records 

dead soul music / LP

Amazing 16 song album from 2008 by this French enigmatic vintage band who seem more enticed by a theremin rather than the temptations of rock and roll. This LP brings you into an extremely surreal outplay of film noir, western, creepy surf and manic obscure electronic feedback. When The Shadows meets Throbbing Gristle.. Tip !

out of bounds


Artist : The Staff 

Label : Polydor 

out of bounds / LP

Not much information regarding this band. They released this great album in 1981 and it's a really nice synth-pop album containing underrated lost gems that you won't forget...

navigation lost


Artist : The Surreal Funfair 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

navigation lost / LP+CD

Based in Berlin, this solo-project was set up by Sascha Beyer. The Surreal Funfair claimed to be inspired by some famous musicians like The Residents and The Legendary Pink Dots. There for sure is a similar taste for minimalism. The sound is quite 80's inspired, which definitely appears on the debut song "Winnetou 1". The vocals are a little bit reminding us of Dirk Ivens, which is good a reference. "Mono" is one of the songs that got our curiosity. It's pure 80's vintage music. Other cuts are quite experimental and even moving on the edge of martial rhythms mixed with pop elements. Incluidng the CD version ;)

it's passion


Artist : The System 

Label : Mirage 

it's passion / 12"

"It’s Passion" was The System’s 1st single, getting the duo signed to Mirage records. Pre-fame Madonna was originally supposed to sing on the record, but she and David Frank (who was the sick producer and arranger) had creative differences. David then invited singer Mic Murphy over, and the magic began. This record is pure fire...

4 play ep


Artist : The Toy Shop 

Label : Attractive! 

4 play ep / 7"

After playing in punk/new-wave combo Psykik Volts, The Toy Shop was formed by Paul Klein in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK, to pursue his interests in electronic pop music. In 1981, Paul released his 1st 7" 'The Maze/Live Wires Kill', with the latter being an absolute cult hit in the minimal electronics/synth scene for its reference to Daniel Miller/The Normal's 'TVOD/Warm Leatherette' 7" (Paul used an EDP Wasp synth, Spider sequencer, Boss DR-55 bass drum, Wasp white noise snare). Only Paul didn't make it that big with the single, even if he was very close to stardom that time: "... even got me an audition for Depeche Mode way back when Vince Clarke left to form Yazoo – almost got the job too (ended up being between me and the guy they took on who 'could also play piano')". Paul moved to Sheffield where Phil Walsh was added to project while showcase gigs and record company meetings came and went (big names like Chrysalis and EMI at one time). Eventually they released another single 'Attack Decade/Never Trust A Stranger' in 1983 on a smaller label which went down right after. The Toy Shop was put to a rest in 1984 then, while Paul kept on making music ever since. Paul also mentioned he had a couple more songs along 'Live Wires Kill' lines, so let's see what the past still has to offer and what the future brings. Limited edition of 250 copies on black vinyl with full-colour sleeve and info sheet ;)

scratch motion


Artist : The Triple Threat Three 

Label : Saturn Records 

scratch motion / 12"

Killer oldschool electro hip-hop tune from 1984, very influential at the time. Rap version + instrumental scratch version. Original pressing. Pure Dope !!!

love system


Artist : The Twins 

Label : Hansa 

love system / 12"

The Twins (aka Sven Dohrow & Ronny Schreinzer) from Germany released in 1984 this powerfull hit "Love System". The perfect mix between italo & synth-pop. Tip !

together alone


Artist : The Tyrell Corporation 

Label : Clone West Coast Series 

together alone / 12"

The long overdue new Alden Tyrell 12". But it was worth the wait.. a daring release actually... not the sweet italo influenced disco as his recent releases... but a unique hybrid between electro, italo, wave and rock !! "Alone Together" is a massive electro-wave track that is just big and bombastic and has so much power ! A great track with a euphoric feeling !! This track got all hands in the air during his recent live shows ! B-side is a new unique blend of wave and rock... guitars, real drums and... Nicole Kuperus of Adult. doing vocals !! Agressive rocking tracks that throw out all anger and frustration. 3 tracks that will create a stir. A perfect start for the new Clone West Coast series !

black planet


Artist : The Valley & The Mountain 

Label : WeMe Records 

black planet / 12"

Wémè swiftly follow the amazing NRSB-11 album and that dark-as-hell 'Valhalla Rising' o.s.t. with The Valley And The Mountain's debut ep of greazy, cozmik electro boogie. The label's description of 'Marvin Gaye and Tangerine Dream together in an elevator in Detroit' may be pushing it a little, but there are some dapper grooves within, 3 each side ranging from space explorer boogie of "Manifest (The Landing)" to Aran Daniels' ruddy, revving bassline and Carpenter-esque chords on his "We Do So Should You" mix, and over to the weird, wobbly boogie of "Sweat And Honey" or the muggy bump of "Black Planet". Try it ;)

another portal


Artist : The Valley & The Mountain 

Label : WeMe Records 

another portal / 12"

A 2nd outing on Belgium's WeMe Records for the mysterious Valley and The Mountain project. Mystery is no barrier to quality though, as these 6 tracks offer variations on a simple theme of technological experimentation. Serenely beautiful techno abounds, particularly on "Bleed" a simple 4 bar riff being fed through simple modulations and permutations throughout the track's duration. "Echoes" is more staid, yet no less affective. "Post-American Music", with its looped vocal samples and syncopated kicks, dallies around the political without sacrificing groove, while "Time" is the most frenetic here, gurgling vocals and noodling solos meeting multi-octave repetitions. As if Marvin Gaye & Tangerine Dream together in an elevator in Detroit !



Artist : The Vyllies 

Label : Geheimnis Records 

untitled / 12"

Newly founded record label named Geheimnis Records from Greece, specializing in re-releasing on vinyl the lost & long sought-after records and tapes from the Greek 80's new-wave/darkwave genre. Their 1st choice went to the long sought-after 5-track, 'The Vyllies' ep from the legendary Greek independent label Creep Records. It's a limited 300 copies edition, fully remastered and restored from the original master tapes, including a double-sided record-size insert, with rare photos and extra credits about the band. Bravo!

daytime tv


Artist : The Weathermen 

Label : We Rock Like Crazy 

daytime tv / 12"

The Weathermen return to vinyl. It´s been twelve years already + they couldn´t have chosen a better time. Dancing among the ruins of a crumbling music industry they were picked for what will furthermore be know as We Rock Like Crazy's "danciest record so far".

shogun assassin (original motion picture soundtrack)


Artist : The Wonderland Philharmonic 

Label : Baby-Cart Productions 

shogun assassin (original motion picture soundtrack) / LP

This elusive and highly sought after OST was never officially released and only a very small amount were pressed as promotional copies by the Hollywood based production company that spliced the movie together from 2 cult jidaigeki films for the American market. The scarcity value is really only one very small part of this album's appeal however. The soundtrack counts many legendary figures among its creators. Composition was largely taken care of by W. Michael Lewis known to most of us as one half of God-like disco production team Rinder & Lewis whilst Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & The Raiders is on production duties. In addition to this the entire piece is an epic showcase for the Moog synthesizer. In the mid 90's, the music was brought back to life once more by Wu-Tang Clan member GZA for his debut solo LP 'Liquid Sword'. Widely considered to be one of the great hip-hop albums of all time the sample arsenal it relies on is dominated by the sounds of 'Shogun Assassin'. This re-issue sees crystal clear and faithful remastering of the original audio and careful recreation of the original artwork. This is a chance to own what has, up until now, been a several hundred pound acquisition..



Artist : The Workhouse / Souvaris 

Label : Awkward Silence 

split / 7"

The perfect paring of instrumental post-rock acts in the shape of The Workhouse and Souvaris. The Workhouse’s track "John Noakes" takes their established haunting sound to a whole new level – it starts out friendly enough, awash with stabs of gently picked guitar and rumbling bass but builds into a savage wall of feedback driven noise. "To behave like a guard dog and fit into a matchbox" is the title of the Souvaris cut, featuring sly guitars dropping in and out of the mix before a crescendo hits; it closes with a lengthy guitars-over-treated-loop outro. Limited to 500 copies !

desert fox


Artist : The X Act 

Label : JHC 

desert fox / 12"

With the X-Act, Johannes Heil takes the listener on a journey and into a big game, with us being the replaceable cheesmen. But we don't have to give up hope, because everybody who refects this is able to work on crating new rules...

bite the bullet (submission mix)


Artist : They Never Sleep 

Label : Contagious Records 

bite the bullet (submission mix) / 12"

They Never Sleep (aka Neves Silva, Asia Minor & Anvil Cobalt Atlas) from Canada released this magnificent 12" in 1987. It is a kind of dancing synth-pop mixed with a rolling italo twist. Killer release !

paradoxe / trip


Artist : Thierry Meyer 

Label : Camisole Records 

paradoxe / trip / 7"

Thierry Meyer begins to record music in 1980 in his own home studio. In 1981 he released the 'Paradoxe / Trip' 7" single with the financial help of his music teacher. The record earns a lot of local success and "Paradoxe" was featured in the local TV news program during almost a year. Nowadays this minimal electronic krautrock hidden gem change hands for hundreds of euros due to limited press at that time. So act fast if you want to grab one of the 100 numbered repressed copies (on transparent blue vinyl and including a photographic insert) for an affordable price !

3rd stone from the sun


Artist : Third Electric 

Label : Electrocord 

3rd stone from the sun / 12"

One of the best releases from this now defunct German label from Cologne. Very cool electro based rythms with deep warm atmospherics… Nice !

tele-funken / magneto phon


Artist : Third Electric 

Label : Electrocord 

tele-funken / magneto phon / 12"

Re-issue of the early electro sounds of duo Bolz Bolz (aka Andreas Bolz, boss of the World Electric label) & Rootpowder (aka Gregor Luttermann). Classic slammin' release.. This minimal electro-breaks at its best. Not to be missed ;)

private plane / international


Artist : Thomas Leer 

Label : Dark Entries 

private plane / international / 12"

Thomas Leer is an innovative electronic musician who was born in Port Glasgow, Scotland. He began singing for a local band at age 13, and was writing his own music by 18. By 1977, he had moved to London, where he fronted Pressure, a clash­-esque punk group with fellow experimental Scottish musician Robert Rental. After hearing Kraftwerk, Leer became interested in synthesizers – not long after, he was exploring the experimental techniques of Eno, Zappa, Beefheart, Faust, and Can. In 1978, Thomas released his 1st single, "Private Plane"/"International", on his own Oblique Records. Both songs were recorded in his small Finsbury Park flat over 3 days, using a TEAC A3440 4-­track recorder and an ALICE mixing board. The only effects used were a Watkins Copicat tape echo unit, Electo Harmonix DrQ filter, an old Roland drum machine, and a Stylophone. So as to not wake his sleeping girlfriend, Leer's vocals were nearly whispered, which lends them a textural, psychedelic quality. NME named "Private Plane" Single of the Week, and the hand-stamped first edition of 650 promptly sold out. For this expanded reissue, 2 bonus tracks have been added. "Kings Of Sham", from the 1981 Cherry Red Records sampler "Business As Usual", is perfect motorik trance, echoing Conny Plank's 1970's productions. "Saving Grace" is the extended instrumental version of Leer's 2nd single "All About You" from 1982, a slow­-burning cosmic work-out chock-full of anthemic synth riffs. The jacket is an exact replica of the 1978 handmade edition enlarged for the 12" format, featuring a cut and paste collage by Thomas. Each copy includes a two­-sided newsprint insert with never­-before­-seen photos, an interview, and liner notes by Professor Keith R. Laws. 37 years later this is fresh UK DiY post­-punk, compelling pop with a dark heart, vacillating between the pretty disturbing and the disturbingly pretty. Essential !!



Artist : Thomas Leer 

Label : Dark Entries 

1979 / 2x12"

Thomas Leer is an innovative electronic musician from Port Glasgow, Scotland. He began singing for a local band at age 13, and was writing his own music by 18. By 1977, he had moved to London, where he fronted Pressure, a Clash­-esque punk group with fellow experimental Scottish musician Robert Rental. After hearing Kraftwerk, Leer became interested in synthesizers; not long after, he was exploring the experimental techniques of Eno, Zappa, Beefheart, Faust, and Can. In 1978, Thomas released his 1st single, "Private Plane"/"International", on his own Oblique Records that we reissued in 2015. '1979' is a 14-song collection spread across 2 pieces of vinyl clocking in at 70 minutes. Leer says, "1979 was a great year for making music. The punk explosion 2 years earlier, cleansed the palate and opened up minds to new sonic possibilities. It was in this spirit I took to exploring electronics and set up my first little home studio. Bearing in mind this was before such luxuries as Portastudios or affordable multi-tracks, I decided sound quality was less important than experimentation and innovation, so I pressed on with the meager equipment I had. My tabletop studio in Crouch End, North London, consisted of two cassette machines, a copycat tape echo, some FX pedals, ring modulator, guitar, bass & Wasp synthesizer". Songs range from half serene atmospheres, to minimal rhythmic workouts, to tape loops layered behind distorted guitars, to cold layered singing, all with a psychedelic lo-fi attitude. The jacket features an industrial photo of a man standing on an overpass with a passing truck taken by Thomas' brother Andy Wishart in 1980. Each copy includes a 2­-sided black & white postcard with liner notes by Thomas. 38 years later this is fresh UK DiY post­-punk, compelling pop with a dark heart, vacillating between the pretty disturbing and the disturbingly pretty.

euch geht


Artist : Thorax Wach 

Label : Twisted Knister 

euch geht's ja noch viel zu gut / LP

Originaly recorded on tape by two Berlin's teenagers in their bedroom between 1979/81, Thorax-Wach build here simple electronic that alternate between abrasive "Throbbing Gristle" noise, synthetic noirish pop tunes matched with dueling absurd vocals. In fact this record defines very well the typical sound of the early 80's German's punk scene called "Neue Deutsche Welle". This is THE record to get for all minimal-synth freakouts !

electromagnetic pulse


Artist : Those Attractive Magnets 

Label : Dark Entries 

electromagnetic pulse / LP

Dark Entries celebrates its 1 year anniversary with this beautiful release. Those Attractive Magnets were created early 1980 in a town called Tamworth as a vehicle for Rikk Quay (keyboards) and Andy Baldwin (vocals). They self-released a super limited cassette ep, "Pictures On The Wall" in 1980 and the "Nightlife / Love Chimes" 7″ in 1983 and appeared on a futurist music compilation lp, "Synthetic Romance" in 1982. Their music travels beyond copycat synth-pop bands of the time into electronic realms of the 80's underground scene. There are some obvious parallels of the time (you can hear the commercial strains of The Human League, Soft Cell and Kraftwerk at times), but the band never wholly embraced commercialism as these tracks reveal. Although their sound takes a cue from the post-punk and early new romantic scenes, it still remains one step ahead in a unique futuristic world full of delicious dance beats ! "Electromagnetic Pulse" is the 1st ever compilation of a number of tapes produced during their 3 creative and prolific years of song writing, 1980-1983. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies with poster & insert of lyrics, photos and liner notes. Simply Essential ;)

20 jazz funk greats


Artist : Throbbing Gristle 

Label : Pass Records 

20 jazz funk greats / LP

Originally released in October 1979, T.G.'s 4th Lp leans more towards electronic and sequenced sounds and sheds a lot of the murky industrial mire of their earlier albums. The general sound is grainy, still far from top-notch, such is the character of the group. Tracks like the title track and "Hot On The Heels Of Love" are almost club friendly, the latter track serving as a preview to future T.G. splinter group Chris & Cosey's early material. Other tracks like "Walkabout" and "Persuasion" display an eerie primitive futurism that the band seemed to be leaning towards in their later years until their disbanding in 1981. Clear orange vinyl, (presumably) bootleg repress, comes with poster. Nice ;)

2nd annual report


Artist : Throbbing Gristle 

Label : Fetish Records 

2nd annual report / LP

This record was groundbreaking and stands in a row with releases as "Sgt. Peppers". Definitely the 1st industrial album ever, partially recorded in 1976, mostly live, this record founded a new style. It was not hailed at the time of it's release, mostly the contemporary critique and the public couldn't understand the enormous importance of it. T.G.'s famous 'Prostitution' show at the London ICA which took place in parallel to this album's release, caused a nation-wide scandal (including a debate on the British parlament) and formed the reputation of T.G. as the 'Wreckers of Civilisation' (as a newspaper named them). Beautiful recent UK reissue printed on green or red vinyl. Must-Have !



Artist : Tiga 

Label : Studio !K7 

dj-kicks / 12"

The housey tune "Man Hrdina" stands out as a result of its deep bass line ans its crystal clear melody that is simply irresistible. Nevertheless, the track has strong electro roots and the atmospheric string sounds mean "Man Hrdina" comes across like a musical postcard straight out of "Blade Runner". Tiga demonstrates his almost limitless self-confidence in the second track (a cover version of Nelly's worldwide hit "Hot In Herre"). For Tiga himself, this is the perfect party track, which has deserved to be covered for a long time. With an inspired flow, Tiga raps through the lyrics. The almost 7 minutes long dub version will no doubt be very well received by Djs who love good dub track. So, can you feel the heat ?



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Tonight Records 

27 / 12"

After the release of "Re-Animate Me", Tobias found his own label Tonight Records. A-side brings us "27", electronic dancy & powerful electro-italo oriented; this one’s for the dancefloor, simply a hit ! The remix from AbnormalVAG on B-side serve us a cool minimal electro track with an irresistible punchy drum pattern, but still some italo element left in there. Massive One limited to 500 copies...

neon love


Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Tonight Records 

neon love / 12"

"Neon Love" is Tobias latest release from 2007 and what a fantastic song this is ! Wonderful electro-pop 12"! Brilliant synths and irresistable chorus will make you wanna dance and sing along. Also we get some French spoken vocals by Miss Liz Wendelboo who we all know from being one half in Xeno & Oaklander. This 12" is already now a classic. Limited to 200 copies. Tippp !

midnight blue


Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Falco Invernale Records 

midnight blue / 12"

Tobias Bernstrup’s 4th 12” comes as the first release on newly founded French label Falco Invernale Records run by Makina Girgir & Frau G. Still, Tobias' music is so deeply rooted in the 80’s electro-pop with a strong italo influence, well produced and very catchy with many "oh I recall this sound moments", so perfect for those who like to reminisce about the old times while singing and dancing along. To cut the story short : lines up perfectly in your previous Bernstrup collection that you all call your own, no ? Blue transparent vinyl, limited to 325 copies only...



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

1984 / 12"

Swedish visual and performance artist Tobias Bernstrup looks like a 21st century Klaus Nomi. His visual work is presented at exhibitions world wide. Next to that he is a gifted musician. He is able to create extremely catchy synth / electro-pop tunes while never crossing the line of delivering overproduced tracks. The sound of his tracks is like a hybrid of the arty side of Klaus Nomi with the pop side of Pet Shop Boys. This 4 track ep is built around the theme (and title track) "1984". But this theme is extended and made up to date. The Orwellian theme of total state control in which civilians are constantly watched and reality is manipulated is probably more actual as ever. This central theme is given a more individual and neo-romantic touch with the track "Light Years Apart", while the hostile state aspect is getting more of a sci-fi interpretation in "Enemies Of The Earth". Closing track "Data Love" combines the Orwellian sentiments of loneliness with the more contemporary vision on modern mankind of Houellebecq. The cover sleeve consis of 2 paintings by Tobias himself and fits the central theme perfectly. Despite the rather serious theme of the record this ep features simply excellent decadent music for the dancefloor. It combines elements of classic synth pop, electro, EBM, italo-disco and laser dance. There is no escape... You will have to love it !!!

sing my body electric


Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Other Voices Records 

sing my body electric / LP

Tobias Bernstrup who works both as a visual artist and musician has been active for more than a decade and positioned him self as one of the leading re-inventors of italo-disco with his unique mix of italo, new-wave and gothic noir. He has created his own unmistakable stage persona wearing androgynous outfits of shiny latex and heavy make-up. The new album contains 11 smashing tracks, and some exciting guest vocal appearances. Among these Videodrome featuring vocals by Pascal Languirand of the legendary Trans-X. Other guests vocalists are Paola, Saralunden and finally; the Jan Hammer-like ballad "No Time To Die" where Bernstrup sings a duet with Miss Liz of 'Xeno & Oaklander'. Perfect balance between dance attitude and a strong and catchy songwriting on white vinyl!! Be fast on this one ;)



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

destruction / 12"

If there is a new-wave of italo-disco Tobias Bernstrup is among the top of that. For years he has been perfecting his sound. He mixes italo-disco elements with classic synth-pop/electro-pop touches. This new ep is filled with dancefloor hits for the neo-romantics among us. Italo-disco turned into future pop smashers... Future classic!



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

romanticism / 2x12"

Here is the 4th full length album by Tobias Bernstrup. Moving away a bit from the italo influenced sound of his previous releases this is much more produced as a state of the art contemporary synth-pop record. But don't be afraid, these are still tracks to dance away on in the dark of the night. Next to up to date dance music orientated pieces there are also tracks with a more classic approach, like EBM style rhythms and 80's influenced synth-pop tunes.. and throughout the album there is the typical Tobias Bernstrup touch of decadent and hedonistic moods.. Next to that this release features a remix by EBM and futurepop star Apoptygma Berzerk, giving the album just another future dancefloor favorite for sure! Limited to 300 copies..



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Dark Entries 

27 / 12"

Tobias Bernstrup is a contemporary musician and video artist born in 1970 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He received an MFA from Royal College University of Fine Arts Stockholm in 1998. Using the visual language of pop culture, video games, sci-fi, classicism and gothic noir, he has created a stage persona with notorious live performances. Dressed in elaborate costumes of skin-tight rubber suits and fetish gear, Tobias' external appearance is androgynous. He raises questions about representation of identity, the body and physical space in both virtual and non-virtual realities. Between 1997 and 1998 he self-released 2 limited CD-r ep's. In 2002 his debut album 'Re-Animate Me' was released by Tonight Records followed by 2 limited 12" singles for the song "27" and the Italian version "Ventisette". '27' is a 5-song ep collecting 4 different mixes of the title track plus one unreleased song from the 'Re-Animate Me' recording sessions. The material on this ep is closely connected with the world of computer games which Bernstrup also inhabits. Bernstrup's music is influenced by 80's italo-disco and synth-pop, reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Ken Lazlo. On the A-side is the original mix at 115bpm followed by the 'Laser mix' set to an faster beat and additional arpeggiations and heavier bass drum beats. Lyrically the song tells the story of a good looking 27-year old boy from a small town searching for love with any man who can spoil him. On the B-side are both the vocal and instrumental of "Ventisette", the Italian translation of the song "27". Both versions of "Ventisette" are stripped back compared to the A-side but keep the melodies in tact. Also released for the first time ever is the demo "Dirty Money" a Pet Shop Boys influenced song about male prostitutes ready for a night out working the streets. For the jacket Eloise Leigh transformed the original portrait of Tobias into a Warhol-like painted polaroid with a striking likeness to Liza Minelli with blue eye shadow and red lipstick. Each copy includes a photo postcard with lyrics and notes. "I would rather create alternative routes to experiencing and understanding the world, understanding what it means to be human today", says Bernstrup. "We are more artificial than we want to admit".

tecnodelia - tendencias (1980-1981)


Artist : TodoTodo 

Label : Domestica 

tecnodelia - tendencias (1980-1981) / LP

TodoTodo was a technorchestra which emerged on the music stage at the beginning of the 80's, just when techno movement was the dominant one in the European music framework. Although its influences were much wider, the 3 members in TT were absolutely committed to the contemporarity of techno music language and its possibilities. Every 3rd of the trio was, in itself, an open door towards creativity and each one was concerned with a different view of the same reality, to which, through different ways, they wanted to reach all together with every song they wrote. Francisco 'Paco' García, in an impossible get-together with Truman Capote, Andy Warhol and Erik Satie, translated into numbers the stave graphology, almost in a cabalistic way. Pedro 'Pequi' Vidal, between Nijinsky and Isadora Duncan learnt the discipline which gives pomp and circumstance to the mise-en-scène, the 'live'. Carmelo Hernández, not far from Debussy, spied with his binaculars, from a terrace in Montmartre, to 'The Queen Kelly'. Yes, they were three boys un peu compliqués. TT locked themselves in a top-floor flat of a building, which they gave the meaningful name of the Hyde's Lab. There, they worked feverishly for 5 months preparing their live performance and composing a completely original repertoire of which they left sonic witness in 2 rough cuts (7 songs in total, included in this LP), and a jingle for the radio programme, included in the sampler 'Non Plus Ultra', also edited by Domestica. TT generated a sonic wall which, at real time and without pre-recorded tapes, on 'strict live', left nobody indifferent. From the spectacular 'live' of TT there is an unpublished video of their last concert, recorded precisely in rock-ola. The band broke up after that concert, and the rehearsals of that concert have been exhumed in the documentary by Antonio de Prada. That wasn't their best concert as, little before the performance, Carmelo's Rickenbacker was dammaged and they couldn't find another one on time. However, that concert was one of the most glamorous ones; among the audience, there were Pedro Almodóvar, Fabio McNamara, Alaska, Nacho Canut, Carlos Berlanga, Paloma Chamorro and, basically, all the 'Movida' celebrating the new year. The rules of TT were simple: 'humans compose-programme, non-humans execute it'. There was not a bass guitarist: a computer executed the bass sounds. TT didn't have a drummer, either, as only a drum machine could follow those wretched patterns 'four-on-the-floor', between 120 and 150 bpm. TT probably broke up because they were not capable of overcoming the external pressure, riddled with interferences which harmed the trio's internal cohesion. Nevertheless, still nowadays, and without having been able to enter a recording studio yet, TT continues to be an unrepeatable, admired and valued group. Both muzak / megadeathextrème (2 3rds of TT), and also RT-1(the remaining 3rd) spread the original sound of TT in their brilliant recordings. However, for both proposals, TT has always been their failed subject, their origin and their raison d’être. Standard limited edition of 350 vinyl copies. One of the best Must-Have of 2012!!



Artist : Tom Ellard 

Label : Dark Entries 

80's cheesceake / LP

Tom Ellard is the creative force behind Australian post-punk band Severed Heads. In 1982 he self-released 2 cassettes of solo material, '80s Cheesecake' and 'Snappy Carrion'. These cassettes document the transitional period between the early experimental Severed Heads' albums 'Clean' and 'Blubberknife' before the start of something new with 'Since The Accident'. With the advent of the then new Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer, a machine synonymous with the acid house sound, Tom began to write more beat driven material. The rhythms are made by a TR-808 drum machine, Kawai S100F and SH-1 synthesizers, plus various televisions, radios, cassette decks and pedals. 2 songs from these cassettes would later appear on the B-side of the 'Dead Eyes Opened' single. Fast forward 30 years, Tom was horrified to find that a copy of the '80s Cheesecake' cassette was listed for an absurd amount of money on eBay. He immediately made all of the material available on CD and eventually digitally as well. There was much discussion over how to best sequence this LP. Most of the tracks from the original 2 c60 cassettes have been included, as well as some previously unreleased material, finally completed after having been left abandoned back in 1982. This has only become possible with recent digital tools, but every element you hear is from 30 years ago, trimmed, re-aligned, and assembled in the fashion that was originally intended. The jacket artwork incorporates the original '80s Cheesecake' cassette. Each copy includes a fold-out poster with a large photo of Tom Ellard on one side and liner notes and press clippings on the other. A long lost ancestor to the sounds of Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin and other Warp Records artists, '80's Cheesecake' is ripe for rediscovery. Tip !!

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