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Artist : System 56 

Label : Synthetic Shadows 

untitled / LP

System 56 was a band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed by Steve Simenic in 1981-82. The group drew much of its early inspiration from artists such as Ultravox, BeBop Deluxe, Simple Minds, Gary Numan and the Cars, featuring a stripped-down type of aesthetic, which blended edgy guitar riffs against a minimal-synth backdrop, fueled by a driving rhythm section. The band was committed primarily to crafting and recording their music in a small home studio setting, and in early 1982 released their st single "Metro-Metro b/w In The Old World". 2 live gigs followed, when shortly thereafter, the band had an internal split, leaving Vince Scafiti and Steve Simenic to carry on by themselves, in the interim. Later in that same year another release followed 'Beyond The Parade' (a 6-song ep), which garnered some critical acclaim as well as both college and commercial support on local Cleveland airwaves. Because the group had been reduced to just two-pieces, there were no live performances, with the band choosing instead to continue to recruit replacement members, and move forward with additional recording projects. In 1983, synthesist Paul Teagle joined the band shortly after they released their second single "Life On A Cool Curve b/w The Other Side of Science". The resulting music was both more accessible, as well as more layered and nuanced, further embellishing its minimal sophistication with guest saxophonist Phil Capone, providing a smoky ambiance on the more ethereal b-side. The single garnered extensive airplay on Cleveland airwaves, as well as a number of underground stations outside the local area, while positive reviews continued to roll in. As 1984 arrived, the band added a new bass player, Tom Lash, to its lineup, and restored the group to its original form. While the band continued to focus on recording and releasing its 3rd single "A Man Needs A Motor b/w Shapes Of Things" they now began rehearsing for some live performances. With the new single getting strong localy, the band made its Cleveland debut on september 28th at the Phantasy Theater, playing to a sellout 1000-seats venue. A 2nd synth player, Dennis Richie, also augmented the live line-up. 2 more shows followed later in that year at the Phantasy Niteclub, and shortly thereafter, the group dissolved. Pressed limited edition of 400 copies..



Artist : System Liliputt 

Label : Dark Entries 

harpa / LP

System Liliputt was the solo project of Geir Vasseng from the Stavanger area of Norway in the early 80's. He released one cassette, 'Harpa' a mini-album of 6 songs in feburary 1984 on his own label Geva Tapes & Studio that was limited to 150 copies. 27 years later Dark Entries has baked and transferred the original master tapes, adding 5 bonus tracks, restoring this lost piece of Norsk diy dark post-punk. 'Harpa', in its entirety and all the demos were recorded in Geir's home studio from November 1982 to September 1983. All tracks were written, produced, recorded and performed by Geir without the involvement of any others. Influenced by the darker/melodic post-punk bands Young Marble Giants, Fra Lippo Lippi and Seventeen Seconds/Faith era Cure, System Liliputt created rich atmospheres with intricate guitar work, ethereal synths and sombre vocals. Whereas the original 6 'Harpa' songs capture a brooding and downbeat feel the demos showcase Vasseng’s ability to write a catchy, wistful pop song with minimally treated instruments. Phewww.. All tracks have been carefully remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley for the first time on vinyl. The original cassette included six inlay cards with lyrics which are re-printed here along with English translations by Geir’s son! Another piece of Norway’s rich post-punk past is ready for your ears.



Artist : Szostek 

Label : Serotonin 

multiples / 12"

Jason Szostek's 4-track "Multiples" ep pays, according to Szostek, homage to a sametitled Yellow Magic Orchestra record and refers to the variety in the grooves. "We Are The Same" is a chunky bit of electro that provides a platform for a robovocal with a message. "Born Again Human" was recorded live at Liquid Sky Cologne and has more of a languid feel and balances the more beat-oriented material. With his partner John Selway, Serotonin continues to forge new experiments while retaining the funk... Nice one ;)

maquetas y demos 1983-1984


Artist : T.V. Sovietica 

Label : Atemporal 

maquetas y demos 1983-1984 / LP

T.V. Sovietica was an exploratory sound project from Valencia (Spain) developed in 1983 in the post-punk era of the early 80's which built on the work of 'Neonada Y Atentados'. From these beginnings evolved a brief, dark and unsettled trajectory based on sound effects inspired by electronic German music with influences from the artistic vanguard analogy (Satie, musique concrete and minimalism). The darkest, most introspective post-punk, radicalising with its experimentation, moving towards 'industrial', 'anti-music' styles. The essence of its sound combines the use of guitars and electric bass with electronic instruments (Yamaha CS-15, Korg MS-10, Boss DR-55..), acoustic percussion, mechanical elements and vocals. Confronting frequencies elaborated from improvised riffs with vocal expression. Of the same generation as bands such as Esplendor Geometrico and Aviador Dro. The lost model, now recovered in this work demonstrates the beginnings of Spanish synth-pop with "Contacto Telepatico". The influence of new-wave in "La Matanza De Los Bebes Foca", moving towards the conceptual project "Islandia" to which the majority of the themes belong, "Oxido En Tus Ojos” (1984) draws to a close a period of work for the band, probably in its most corrosive moment. Limited to 320 copies on black vinyl..

phased energy rectification


Artist : Tactical Systems 

Label : Roulette Rekordz 

phased energy rectification / 12"

For their first time, the Belgian Roulette Rek. label signed a foreigner in the name of Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One. The prolific British boy, here under a new pseudo Tactical Systems, relates us the story of Funk Electric wars at the end of the 21th century. This excellent EP has heavy Detroit influences. "Phased Energy Rectification" and "Prophecy 2082" are the absolute climax of this 12" and sound like coming from Aux 88 studios. Very good melodious work with lot of sci-fi tones ! Essential to understand what the Future is made of ;-)



Artist : Tamion 12 Inch 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

let's suffer / LP

Debut lp from Tamion 12 Inch, modern electro punk with industrial and wave influences. Fairly heavy on the ears ! Comes in a handstamped jacket…



Artist : Tangible 

Label : Point.One Recordings 

gameover / 12"

The Point.One crew stretch their hairy arms across the Atlantic and pluck out an electro gem from the back pocket of Detroit's electro surgeon, Tangible (aka Michael Hanlon), who rips a gaping wound into the current electro soundscape with "Gameover". Stuffed with five rocking cuts of freaky electro to make you sweat ! Laced with sounds of old video games and raw analogue instrumentation from gun to tape.. from the subsonic bass of "Relic Of Degrasse", picked over by Beverly Hills synth-beats and peppered with staccato electro bubbles, to the equally obscene, ass-slapping killer that is Interstellar's favourite track, "Trapezoid". Hardcore machinegun beats and pure tone squeaks of the lo-fi slammer "Mint", and the low down, glitchy stutter-hop of "Gameplayer" sit on either side of "Knuckleball", a bouncy, jibbering medley of abstracts breaks and bleeps, designed for maximum dance floor mayhem. This record is so brimful of hard electro hits and experimental nonsense that not until you see it leak off the plate..

blaskertel flakka


Artist : Tata Technikk 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

blaskertel flakka / 7"

Mystic stuff around this one.. Debut 7" with good classic synth-pop in the purest German style. Limited edition 300 hand numbered copies on black vinyl inluding insert & art. Tip !!

cherchez le garcon


Artist : Taxi-Girl 

Label : EMI 

cherchez le garcon / 7"

Smash Chart Hit ! Back in 1980, the French band Taxi-Girl led by Mirwais, released the song "Chercher le garcon", the first real French new-wave stuff of the year. Real musicians for a real easy story. Nice synth-lines. B-Side "Solitaire" uses only synth notes with the leading voice of the radio edit from A-Side ! Souvenir Souvenir...

gold in blei


Artist : Teatro Satanico 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

gold in blei / 7"

Here is the latest alchemical endeavour of Teatro Satanico, the cult Italian project whose devilish wit and magick electronics have been the talk of the post-industrial scene for the last 20 years. On "Gold in Blei", they chose to invoke 2 of the most infamous female figures of Germany’s recent past, 2 parallel destinies, 2 deep wounds of the German psyche: Ulrike Meinhof, the fallen angel & Ilse Koch, the uprising demon. Staged with all the flavour and cruel humour of a morbid nursery rhyme, this unseemly yin yang put to a post-revivalist technoid beat shows the duo as unpredictable and irreverent as ever. So, who is casper and who the devil? Don't expect them to tell you. The choice is yours between an EBM party at the Stammhein prison and a 6AM ecstasy overdose at the Lagerkommandantur! Deutsch-Italienische Freundschaft or hermetic electro Bunker musick at its best...

suburban playgrounds and concrete beaches


Artist : Techiques Berlin 

Label : Fabrika Records 

suburban playgrounds and concrete beaches / LP

Back to 1985, 2 guys started making music in a southern Ontario basement. Their 1st synth was a crappy, old Technics keyboard, which inspired half of the band's name. 1st they've done a 2 song demo and they were taking it around to the clubs, but they didn't have a name yet, and they needed one fast. One of the Djs who heard the demo said that they sounded very German and that's where the Berlin part came from. 27 years later Andreas started digging through a little red suitcase, which contained all of the master tapes for many years he thought they would remain there. Gradually he began to restore a lot of the tapes and found out that many of the recordings still sounded well enough to present to the public. Thanks to all the recent interest the band is finally able to release this collection of what they consider to be Techniques Berlin's best material. Fabrika Records feels honored to release these tracks for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies. A download link with some bonus tracks will be included. Must-Have!!

the brainiac ep


Artist : TecRoc 

Label : Kommando 6 

the brainiac ep / 12"

Due to a large demand and many requests this long sold-out ep by TecRoc was reprinted in the small ammount of 300 extra copies. TecRoc's electro style is dark and raw (like that of many Kommando 6 artists). His music has also some references to old-school black electro like that of Afrika Bambaataa and Cybotron. This is very evident in the tracks "Freeze" and "Syntopia ­Brianiac’s Theme". The vocals and basslines show some clear influences of that. TecRoc’s music is only mostly darker then that of these classic electro musicians. You won’t be dissapointed ;)

telegen ep


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

telegen ep / LP

An other band composed of the terrific Skanfrom. Pure and cool minimal electro wave. Romantic, sensual, beautiful artificial trip. Listening to this LP is like reading a book with a real catchy story. Television Set makes their machines singing. A true performance recorded in 2002 and released on the essential German Genetic Music label. According to us, one of today's leading minimal electro label. Pure Quality !

normal day


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

normal day / 12"

One of our favorite artist under his 80's alias project... Roger Semsroth (aka Skanfrom) delivers us 2 incredible tracks, full of power and energy. Must have !

moscow at midnight


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

moscow at midnight / LP

Bakterielle Infektion / Skanfrom production. 12 track lp, ranging from melodic 80's wave to more uptempo punky tracks with vocals. Includes the "Television Set" cover, originally by Depeche Mode. His best release to date ! Rare record..

consumer price index


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

consumer price index / 7"

Our little hit machine TV Set gave us a bunch of new great tracks and because he loves the 7" format, he made us pick 2 songs for a start, both superb synth pearls with great guitar hooklines ! A-side is a driving smasher & B-side a more dreamy wave hymn. One of our favourite artist.

november sessions


Artist : Television Set / Others In Conversation 

Label : Genetic Music 

november sessions / 7"

This 7" features 2 tracks out of a session recorded in Berlin in November 2008. All music written and produced by Semsroth & Steward. KR-55 and SH-101 by Roger Semsroth of Television Set & Skanfrom. Voice by Helena Roos and guitar by M. Steward of Others In Conversation... Beautiful rebirth for this fantastic label ;)

moskow diskow


Artist : Telex 

Label : JDC 

moskow diskow / 12"

Disco hit by our Belgian friends. 3 versions are featured on this 12": "original French version"', "original English version" and the "1985 version". This record still rocks !! Happy......Joy......

poseidon wave ep


Artist : Telkhin 

Label : Shipwrec 

poseidon wave ep / 12"

From the depths of the dark net come Telkhin, the latest addition to the Shipwrec roster. Following Earth Being Recycled on Detroit Underground, the Argentine project are debuting on vinyl with 5 tracks of off-world electronics. The chilling atmospherics of "Body Container" meet the needle before an electro iciness takes hold. Spiking snares and echoed radiowaves orbit the moody "Walk In", that same frosted futurism central to "Level Above Human". Telkhin melts man and machine, giving the computer age a humanoid form. Processors whirr in the bassy bleeps and residues of "Brithomber" before the final statement. Leaving the human world behind "Flight 19" is a fast and future funk driven piece of 2050 music. Forget the past, embrace the next step. Limited run of 150 coloured copies (blue/green).

la vida es como un gel


Artist : Terminal 

Label : Domestica 

la vida es como un gel / LP

In their 1st phase Terminal played a kind of music which some labelled as techno-pop, others called it techno-depressive, and beyond (in the capital of the Kingdom) it was defined as electro-techno-punk; probably, depending on the theme which they focused on most. At that moment, Terminal performed their music with the synthesizers Korg MS-20, an electric piano, an electric bass Ibanez Black Eagle, and an acoustic box Korg KR-55. Between april 1981 and february 1982 Terminal (1st stage) made 5 recordings in 4 sessions, all of them self-produced, with a total amount of 12 themes. Here is a collection of 8 previously unreleased demos recorded between 1981 and 1982, limited to 250 units, handmade stamped (each cover is different) and including a Din A3 size with lyrics and poster printed double sided..

the fire of love


Artist : Terminal Twilight 

Label : Infinite Soundtracks 

the fire of love / 7"

While in the process of setting up their new studio in Downtown Los Angeles, Terminal Twilight was given a record by rockabilly legend Jody Reynolds and were immediately mesmerized by the 'teardrop rock' masterpiece "The Fire Of Love". Using the instruments on hand; an analog monosynth, an italian organ, a telecaster; Terminal Twilight began recording their live-wire tribute. Previously covered by The Gun Club and MC5, Terminal Twilight's version evokes the cooler minimalist spirit of Reynolds' original 1958 recording, while playing loose with the arrangement, adding finger-snap percussion, static-charge synthesizers and stabbing tremolo guitar. Air picks up where "The Fire Of Love" leaves off with a pulsing bass synth laying the ground for a vocal duet that plays call and response with hand percussion, ping-pong synths, and shimmering guitars that conjure a hazy hollywood landscape in bleeding technicolor. This band is probably The revelation of 2011 !!

house of love


Artist : Terminal Twilight 

Label : Infinite Soundtracks 

house of love / LP

The debut full length album from Los Angeles duo Terminal Twilight. Recorded in their own studio, heavy with vintage synthesizers, analog processors, and teardrops, 'House Of Love' is an evolving soundtrack that gestures to synth-pop, deep house, lounge music, girl groups, and prog without ever settling into one genre. If OMD produced Virna Lindt playing Chrisma covers it might sound nothing like 'House of Love'. Tip !!

hidden secret space


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

hidden secret space / 12"

Minimal Rome latest release with a collaborative project "Teslasonic" paying homage to the inspired inventor Nikola Tesla who innovated in the realms of electricity and magnetism, an accolade based in image and sound. "Hidden Secret Space" moves from a number of points, from a dark minimalism with a slice of space to deep cerebral electronix. Great record !

the spark of prometheus


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

the spark of prometheus / 12"

This is the 2nd experiment from the Teslasonic lab. This time Teslasonic descends into the bowels of the globe to bring forth its hidden sounds and to unlock the imprisoned and immense energies. The task is to subdue the devastating "Spark Of Prometheus" and the thundering bolt of jove, annihilating time and space. From the dark depths of electro to the bright regions of the cosmic sounds. Intense !

electrical oscillator activity


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

electrical oscillator activity / 12"

3rd experiment from the Teslasonic lab. A 6-tracks journey through some of the most notable inventions of the Serbian genius. An electronic ode to electricity, its applications and its revolutionary place in the history of mankind. Limited to 300 copies! No repress!

future marker


Artist : Tetra Plok 

Label : Textolux 

future marker / 7"

Produced in 2003 by this belgian duo, "Flying Marker" track could easily became a "club favorites" during the early 80's. Stress frequencies and hysterical patterns defined the typical minimal-synth sounds we love. Highly recommended !

fear of a blind date


Artist : Tetra Plok 

Label : Textolux 

fear of a blind date / 10"

Electro-wave-punk four tracker by Rob 'n Zoopsie aka The Revolving Eyes from Belgium. More on the dark electro tip than their previous 7" from a couple of years ago. Kommando 6 and Minimal Wave lovers will like. Great !

covergirl ep


Artist : The Actor 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

covergirl ep / 10"

Early 80's synth-pop material (1982) including on the first side a new fresh version of the "Cover Girl" track by The Actor himself. The other side contains two excellent remixes by the leaders of the french "Invasion Planète" label.

unreal personality


Artist : The Actor 

Label : Minimal Wave 

unreal personality / 7"

The Actor is a well known but simultaneously quite obscure minimal wave project that emerged from the Dutch home taping scene of the early 80's. The duo was formed by Marcel Reimer (vocals, keyboards) and Sander Horsthuis (keyboards) in Breda, The Netherlands in late 1981. Influences were DAF, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget. Guitars were no option, "because the amplifiers would mar the stage". The Actor caught the attention of cult cassette label Trumpett through their powerful live act and were signed to the label in April 1982. Their 1st, self-produced album was released in September 1982 as 'Exploded View' (an exploded view of a cassette tape was featured on the sleeve): 10 quite simply arranged synth-pop tracks that were dynamic and danceable, with lyrics sung both in English and German, relating to the modern world, fashion, dancing, fame, appearance and self-image. The edition of 400 copies sold out within 6 months. The track featured on this flexi-disc, "Unreal Personality", is the opening track of 'Exploded View' and the archetypical The Actor song, with lyrics directly referring to the band's name. The song was recorded during the summer of 1982. The music and lyrics were written by Marcel Reimer. The song was played and produced by Marcel Reimer and Sander Horsthuis. The equipment they used was the Korg MS-20, Crumar Performer, Casio VL-Tone, and Soundmaster SR-88 drum machine. It has been remastered from its original analog source tape for best possible sound reproduction. Flexi printed on clear flexible vinyl with silver embossed ink, edition of 999 hand-numbered copies accompanied by matte printed postcard of 'August 1975' by Jennifer Griffiths.

exploded view


Artist : The Actor 

Label : Mannequin 

exploded view / LP

Reissue of one of the most important Dutch wave bands The Actor, with their seminal 1982 tape 'Exploded View'. "In the beginning of the 80's, a new phenomenon emerged: home taping. This way of recording resulted in a lot of noise. But that was less important then getting one's music out to the public. A well known label for cassette bands in those days was the dutch Trumpett Tapes. They were the 1st to publish the music of The Actor, who became their top selling cassette band in 1982 and 1983. The Actor's 1st release was 'Exploded View' in 1982. The songs (sung both in English and German) often related to fashion, modernism, dancing and appearence. This made The Actor quite fashionable". Remastered from the original tapes by Rude 66. Regular edition of 500 black vinyl copies.



Artist : The Actor / Absolute Body Control 

Label : A.D.S.R. 

split / 7"

Here is the last single (2002) of the dutch A.D.S.R. label owned by Skanfrom... and what a record ! No need to say more just listen... Limited record to 550 copies + insert

some vague desire


Artist : The Agnes Circle 

Label : Avant! 

some vague desire / LP

The Agnes Circle are a London based post-punk duo that consist of bassist Rachael Redfern and songwriter Florian Voytek. L.A. native Florian arrived in London in 2015 via Brooklyn. He instantly met Rachael and the 2 immediately began writing and recording together in a make shift home studio in North London. Drawing on elements of English post-punk and French coldwave, their 1st full length album 'Some Vague Desire' enhances the formula earlier displayed on the debut EP 'Modern Idea'. 8 new songs that combine angular guitars with lush and driven bass lines the 2 envelope their sound together with hypnotic rhythms and melodic croons. LP comes in printed innersleeve with lyrics.



Artist : The Aquanauts 

Label : Underground Resistance 

spawn / 12"

This 12" from The Aquanauts is the bomb. Featuring snazzy UR artwork and emotional inscriptions around the label, the 12" kicks off with a slice of 909 electro produced in the classic UR vein. Heavy stabbing bass synths, dark noises and seriously scary sound effects all conjoin to drop a heavy cut of Detroit electro complete with breakdowns, tone like synths and the catchy repetitive bassline that finds UR returning to form. Flip over for the very different "Relentless" a track with an air of vintage analogue tack, noodling synths over a quirky electro beat with plastic synths providing the filler for the bread and butter beats..

innovator / innovative life


Artist : The Arabian Prince feat. Dr. Dre 

Label : Lone Records 

innovator / innovative life / 12"

Repress of an obscure LA electro record (originaly released in 1985 by The Arabian Prince & The Sheiks), produced by the Arabian Prince aka Professor X... Additional vocals by Dr. Dre. This re-release features the bonus vocoder beats and a Dynamik Bass System remix. Think X-Men, Techno Kut, Techno Hop !!!

susan sleepwalking


Artist : The Arms Of Someone New 

Label : Dark Entries 

susan sleepwalking / 12"

The Arms Of Someone New was formed in 1983 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois by Mel Eberle and Steve Jones. Steve managed and helped record Mel's band The First Things; while in the studio to demo some of Mel's songs, they started collaborating. Both grew up around their families' pianos and got into psychedelic rock drawing inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, taking their name 'The Arms Of Someone New' from a line on a Beatle's X-Mas Fan Club Single. They modeled their sound after the melancholic side of Factory Records, The Cure's 'Faith' period and The Teardrop Explodes. Between 1983 and 1985 they released 4 cassettes, one 7", and one 12" ep. In september 1985, the duo self-released their debut full length 'Susan Sleepwalking' on Office Records. To They drafted locals for the album's recordings, including Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brenden Gamble and Joe Strell (all of the group Ack-Ack!) as well as Nick Rudd. Equipped with Casio keyboards, drum machines, and jangly guitars, The Arms Of Someone New provided an American take on English folk, ambient, and industrial music. Over the album's 10 tracks they paint pictures of stillness with sparse instrumentation and simple chord change. Psychedelic vocals add a dream-like veneer. The Arms of Someone New fearlessly mix genres without sacrificing the unity of their vision. 'Susan Sleepwalking' could as well be retitled 'Music For Interiors' (both architectural and of the mind - The Michigan Daily 1985). Housed in the original jacket featuring a blood red-tinted photograph with ghostly textures. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11" square insert with lyrics and press clippings from the band's archive.



Artist : The Base Of Subsoil 

Label : PVT Music 

relation / 7"

We are proud to proposed you some original and also mint copies of an unknown german punk band from the 80's (compiled on the Flexi-pop CD-R compilation). This is a hard to find record and a great treasure, believe us. Synth madness at it's best. Very few copies, so best fast !



Artist : The Beautiful Loosers 

Label : Genetic Music 

untitled / 12"

Review to come..!



Artist : The Buttons 

Label : Disko Obscura 

untitled / LP

The Button's self-titled 1st release opens with "Bright Lights", a trance inducing proto-disco hymn filled with sublime synthesizer harmonies and rolling sequences setting the tone for the rest of the album. "The Drift" continues with a rush of euphonic strings and vocoders, but possesses a more raw stripped-down feel reminiscent of early Depeche Mode tracks. With its catchy synth-pop refrain and haunting melodies, "Be My Creature" sounds as if it spawned from a dark disco dream deep in the bowels of L'Altromondo Studios. "I.R.M.", "Neuromance", and "Floating On" all impress with catchy hooks and serene electronics, the latter transporting us into a dream-like state with subdued sequences and ethereal keyboard melodies. Limited to 500 copies, pressed on translucent purple 180gr vinyl with thick 24 pt pocket jacket and custom insert. So Fresh !!



Artist : The Chicago Shags 

Label : Bunker 

untitled / 12"

Repress, after their sucessful releases on Creme Jak, Strange Life and an upcoming one on Amsterdam's M>O>S, for the 1st time in 6 years their debut is available again with original insert! The Chicago Shags with raw rocking Chicago tracks. Amazing stuff..

flamingo world


Artist : The Chicago Shags 

Label : Strange Life 

flamingo world / 12"

Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt, African Jet Set Band) and his long time buddy Orgue ELectronique tram up again for a new Chicago Shags release ! One of the rare vinyl releases on his own Strange Life label ! And what a release..phew !! You can't go wrong with this...

rock the casbah


Artist : The Clash 

Label : Epic 

rock the casbah / 12"

Classic disco-dub-punk from 1982 by the Clash, including the hit and its instrumental dub version called "Mustapha Dance". All-time essential ;)



Artist : The Clone Machine 

Label : Clone 

untitled / 12"

Egyptian Lover, Alden Tyrell, Dexter and Jamie Jupitor jamming together in Rotterdam and dropping a hot piece of rocking dance music on wax. "The Empire mix" is the west coast style old school mix in the style of Egyptian Lover's old works. Raw rolling 808 beats and dark synths. The original version is a raw uptempo mix with a deep dark bassline (Dexter style) and sharp edits and rolling beats. Very powerfull track that will create a stir everywhere its being played ! This is a kind of all star electro, disco collaboration and the result is what you might expect of these big names. Bouncing...



Artist : The Conservatives 

Label : Top Secret/Test Series 

loneliness / 12"

Hard rocking return of the Parallax Corporation in disguise, I-f & IG's Electronix epic made to fill a floor or two after crash testing it for more than a year on this one-sided 12” (made available again as a limited 2nd run of 500 copies). Original pressing was just 200 copies. Already a classic with the italo heads. Snap It Up!



Artist : The Conservatives 

Label : Viewlexx 

loneliness / 12"

Amazing re-release of TS008 (Top Secret/Test Series), a Viewlexx production by The Conservatives (aka I-f & Intergalatic Gary). A powerful epic disco track with a massive bassline and very intense strings from 2003 with the live version as bonus on the B side. Hybrid between italo-disco and classic I-f electro. Be fast !!

solve the system


Artist : The Consumer 

Label : KONDI 

solve the system / 12"

Amazing, cold and mysterious science-sounds is probably the first words to come, when listening to this new piece of art from the dark caves of Scandinavia. The Consumer has returned with the 3rd ep which is again slightly different from past productions; Your Soul For Access and Financial Advisory. Drawing parallels to both the world of Dopplereffekt and Arpanet it still manages to be very different and The Consumer has quite well establish his/her/their own sound based on different emotional feelings, techniques and creativity according to the use of analogue and digital expressions. Perfect!

financial advisory


Artist : The Consumer 

Label : KONDI 

financial advisory / 12"

The Consumer seems to bring up some "advisory" with a wide range of styles going from the simple and raw oldschool side of electro to the more fine and digital sound combined with a lot of mad and dark lyrics that brings each track a little higher. 6 very different tracks with a lot of surrealism and 3rd dimension and still you find some tracks with a simple structure - keeping it all down to earth. The Consumer sound can be described as a unique atmospheric, but yet very dry and sharp sound that includes a lot of small crazy elements. Tip !



Artist : The Coombe 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / 12"

The Coombe began as a soundtrack collaboration between Karen Sharkey and Samuel De La Rosa (Led Er Est) for some animated short films Karen was producing while living in Queens, NY. After their move to Texas in 2012, further experimenting resulted in longer songs, noise suites, and field recordings that later would represent the essence of this ep. The Coombe's debut ep is an astonishingly graceful and multifaceted creature that effortlessly synthesizes psych rock, minimal folk and electronica. Born and in part recorded in the desert, The Coombe is comprised of 6 mesmerizing gems that provide a rarefied glimpse into a touching and liquid soundscape. Limited edition of 300 copies with artwork by Giandomenico Carpentieri. Strongly recommended to fans of Five Or Six, Flaming Tunes, Led Er Est.. ;)

let's go to bed


Artist : The Cure 

Label : Fiction 

let's go to bed / 7"

"Lets go to bed" marked a shift in Robert Smith's songwriting, he wanted to move on from the gothic, dark side that was on his famous 3 first albums. This single was released in 1982 and most goth hardcore fans screamed Sellout !!! And it was a big step from the latest album "Pornography" to "Let's go to bed". This track will grow on you, regardless if you're a diehard gothic lover or a fan of the later releases.B-side is probably even better, "Just One Kiss", love those guitars and that driving bassline. Great songs !



Artist : The D-Lights 

Label : Private Records 

she's coming from mars! / LP

The highlight for your space disco party: every Dj and music fan is sometimes dreaming about finding a lost treasure 7" record or LP. A release with no information about on the web with the most beautiful music you can imagine. If you are digging for stuff like this check out the D-Lights! Their 7" release 'Listen To The Moonpig' from 1980 is so rare that is has 0 hits on Google! Pressed in very low quantity as promo for disco club in Germany it is an absolute secret weapon in the collector scene. First pressing on white vinyl with blue Private Records jojo which integrates visually into the sky artwork like an UFO. Limited edition of 100 copies!

demos vol. 1


Artist : The Danse Society 

Label : Dark Entries 

demos vol. 1 / LP

Dark Entries digs deep into the UK goth underground to unearth The Danse Society 'Demos Vol. 1'. The band formed in Barnsley (England) in 1980 from the remnants of local post-punk bands Y? and Lips-X. Between 1980 and 1982 the band released a handful of 7" and 12" ep's and the debut album 'Seduction' on their own independent label, Society Records. 1983 was The Danse Society’s year. Playing sold out tours and the success of 'Seduction' won them a recording contract with Arista Records. Spending their advance on new equipment the band recorded an album's worth of demos in one day at Greenhouse Studios, London in May 1983. The line-up for this session was Steve Rawlings (vocals), Paul Nash (guitar), Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards), Tim Wright (bass) and Paul Gilmartin (drums). Doom laden guitar riffs, swirling synthesizers, crushing drums, driving and disembodied vocals, characterize the distinctive Society sound. 'Demos Vol. 1' is the closest you'll get to The Danse Society live experience. You can almost taste the dry ice, feel the power coming through the monitors, and become entranced by the strobe-induced madness this album embodies. The Danse Society operate in a raw, atmospheric realm less campy than many of their goth rock peers, unconcerned with pop charts or commercial appeal. These aren't songs, they are commands. This 11 track collection includes an early version of the single "Wake Up", 5 demos that would make the cut for "Heaven Is Waiting", 3 songs that would later become B-sides and 2 unreleased instrumentals. Each LP includes a fold-out, double-sided newsprint poster with photos, lyrics and liner notes. 28 years later these demos capture a band at the height of their confident, powerful and haunting glory. Raw ;)

1000 lights in the sky (part 2)


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Bunker 

1000 lights in the sky (part 2) / 12"

Robotic, atmosferic, dark electro-techno as we have come to expect from The Exaltics. Reminiscent of old B12, Transmat and Dopplereffekt releases. This time with harder, more acidic tracks compared to part 1. Limited repressed stuff !



Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

irresistible / 12"

Look out guys! The Exaltics are back... and they are taking over the planet! Short, sharp, electro styles in the form of "Irresistible" and "Calculate" devised to strike the target head-on, while the brooding, soulful, even graceful, techno gloom of "Relentless" warns of impending doom... Dark times... dark vibes. Limited edition includes matte poster print. Really nice work !

we are not your friends...


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

we are not your friends... / 12"

Solar One Music's, The Exaltics, make their vinyl debut for Last Known Trajectory. Dastardly dark electro styles, a stark sci-fi fuelled edge and hard beats, all within wide, futuristic parameters. "The Hunch" is quite possibly the deepest, darkest soundtrack to space that we have heard in a long, long time. This track is a real mind-blower, a soundtrack that etches itself into your psyche. Introverted soundscapes lead in the more techno-orientated "The Clash Next Round", an awesome and dare I say it, epic piece of work, clocking in at almost 8 minutes. Gorgeously presented in futuristic packaging, this ep is sure to be a hit with the cult army of Solar One fans. Strictly limited edition of 200 copies only..!

1000 lights in the sky (part 3)


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Bunker 

1000 lights in the sky (part 3) / 12"

The best, hardest and darkest Exaltics so far, the last of the '1000 Lights' trilogy. Atmospheric dark electro/techno, the best in the business!

1000 lights in the sky (part 1)


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Bunker 

1000 lights in the sky (part 1) / 12"

The 1st part of the '1000 Lights' trilogy avalable again for a limited period! Robotic, atmosferic, dark electro and techno.. Caries on a proud tradition but in a league of its own!

they arrive


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Creme Organization 

they arrive / 12"

In the wake of their great Bunker and SOM releases, its time for The Exaltics to unleash their unique brand of brooding and dark electronix tech-fi onto Crème Eclipse (aka the living planet). It may sound scary at first but lucky for you it all ends in a crop circle rave! Very cool and dark sci-fi flavored release. Special white vynil edition of 90 copies ;)

we are not your friends... (annihilate the planet)


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

we are not your friends... (annihilate the planet) / 12"

The Exaltics return to planet Earth... This time deadlier than ever before, continuing to fight the negative effects of the human race on our hosting planet. This latest slab of black wax for Last Known Trajectory features "The Hunch", remixed into a totally blinding, otherworldly piece of ammunition straight from The Exaltics' universe, combining pounding beats, dastardly dark acid riffs with devastating 'end of the world' strings. The Exaltics also enrol the assistance of techno ally, Hadamard, who delivers a sweeping, yet quite beautiful track - disjointed acid, somewhat laid-back beats and not to mention the killer component – those immensely rich, dank and deadly deep subs. Intense! Very limited stock..

The Exaltics meets Elec Pt.1


Artist : The Exaltics / Elec Pt.1 

Label : Solar One Music 

The Exaltics meets Elec Pt.1 / 12"

3rd chapter of 'The Exaltics meets..' series. After Gosub and Morphology this time The Exaltics meets the mighty Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1, who is usually releasing his music on imprints like Bunker, Mathematics Recordings etc.. Both artists range their tracks from dark dramatic to souldriven acid. 4 uncompromising tracks for both scenarios. Smashing the dancefloor or simply your mind..

The Exaltics meets Gosub


Artist : The Exaltics / Gosub 

Label : Solar One Music 

The Exaltics meets Gosub / 12"

New split series 'The Exaltics meets...' ! The 1st one in the game beside The Exaltics is non other than the great Shad T. Scott aka Gosub, known for his unique style with low-slung basslines and melodies. The Exaltics return with their more melodic style on this record. Also this time with full printed cover artwork designed by Duncan Mattocks. Really good :)

The Exaltics meets Morphology


Artist : The Exaltics / Morphology 

Label : Solar One Music 

The Exaltics meets Morphology / 12"

Solar One Music presents the 2nd chapter of 'The Exaltics meets..' series. After Gosub, this time the Finnish electro duo Morphology are in the game. Both artists delivers deep, moody electro music with great melodies and beats. Perfect for your next trip to Mars with the curiosity. The record comes with full printed cover artwork designed by Duncan Mattocks a great oil paint artist from Australia.



Artist : The Exetix 

Label : 5th Floor Ent. 

untitled / LP+CD

The Exetix, play together since 1996, however they formed the band in 2009, due to the fact that all of them, are members of other projects as well. Their 1st, unexpected appearance, supporting No More (in 2009) made them known to a larger audience and they continued with other radical, all analogue performances. They use analogue synths and machines combined with drums, creating a strange, unusual result, which can be described as synth-punk. Here is their crazy debut lp...

10¢ a dance


Artist : The Flirts 

Label : Ariola 

10¢ a dance / LP

Hi-NRG/synth-pop group masterminded by Bobby Orlando from New York that truly knew how to make you get up and dance! Upbeat sound and fun lyrics that make you smile. This album contains the hit single "Passion" and "Calling All Boys". Classic !

made in america


Artist : The Flirts 

Label : Ariola 

made in america / LP

A Hi-NRG/synth-pop group masterminded by Bobby Orlando from New York that truly knew how to make you get up and dance! Upbeat sound and fun lyrics that make you smile. This album contains on of the most sexiest track ever made "Helpless (You Took My Love)". Run baby run !

danger / danger (rmx) / passion / calling all boys


Artist : The Flirts 

Label : Unidisc 

danger / danger (rmx) / passion / calling all boys / 12"

Classic Bobby 'O' production. Cool 80's electro cult disco tracks in an Hi-Nrg stylee.. Essential !

open your mind


Artist : The Freakazoids 

Label : Zoid Records 

open your mind / 12"

Review to come..!

time is just a memory


Artist : The Frozen Autumn 

Label : Dark Entries 

time is just a memory / LP

The Frozen Autumn is an Italian darkwave band, formed in may 1993 in Turin, Italy. Originally the solo project of singer, keyboardist and synth programmer Diego Merletto, guitarist Claudio Brosio joined on during early studio sessions and live performances. Together they recorded and released 2 albums, 'Pale Awakening' in 1995 and 'Fragments Of Memories' in 1997. In 1998, Claudio left the band and Diego recruited Arianna (aka Froxeanne) who sings, programs and composes. After 18 months of work, The Frozen Autumn's 3rd album, 'Emotional Screening Device', was released in april 2002. 'Time Is Just A Memory' is a 6-track overview of songs from The Frozen Autumn's 1st 3 albums. Characterized by a blend of melancholic vocals, atmospheric gothic-wave and 80's style electro-pop, the duo call their style 'frozen wave'. The Frozen Autumn have stated that labelmates Clan Of Xymox have been their main source of inspiration over the years. Other influences include Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, The Sisters of Mercy, X-Mal Deutschland, David Sylvian & Depeche Mode. These 6 tracks stand out for their rich melodies, from the guitar-laden early tracks "Dusk Is Like A Dagger", "Wait For Nothing", "There's No Time To Recall", and "This Time", to the electronic sheen on later songs "Is Everything Real?" and "Silence Is Talking". The release is housed in a custom-made jacket by Peer Lebrecht, from German electro/synth-pop band The Dust Of Basement, incorporating a photograph by Diego over a textured background that recalls early 4AD designs. Each copy comes with a double sided 11x11 insert with lyrics and notes.

circus minimus


Artist : The Games 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

circus minimus / LP

The Games were a pioneering 3-piece synth-pop outfit, formed in 1980 and consisting of Brendan Coyle (synthesisers, percussion, vocals), Colin Hughes (synthesisers, percussion, organ, vocals) and Steve Knott (synthesisers, guitar, vocals), from Wirral, UK. The same year, they self-released their 1st 7" single "First Law Of Games" followed by a contribution of the 2 tracks "Unrest In The Real World" and "The Song" to the 'Street To Street Volume Two' LP compilation on Liverpool's Open Eye Records in 1981. Then the band fell apart with Steve moving on under The Games moniker including new band members. Their 7" single 'Dance This Way / Love Canal' still saw its release in 1981. Brendan and Colin moved on as Zephyr In The Swamp, Brendan also played in Some Detergents, and Colin in Sense Of Vision. Dr Paul Skillen (himself of This Final Frame fame) says: "The Games were truly ahead of their time and quite unique in that they played credible well, crafted pop songs in a purely electronic style. They did not ride the wave of synth-pop, they were the early creators. The stories of the band waiting outside Hessy’s famous music store in Liverpool waiting for their orders of the Roland SH-09 to be delivered, emphasised that they were the zealots of the synthesiser phenomenon which was to change pop music forever." Looking back their commitment enthusiasm and industry was truly remarkable. Ironically the songs were not dry and mechanical. The crude monophonic synths and very early Dr. Rhythm drum machine were used creatively to produce memorable, dramatic and emotional pop songs. The Games truly were visionaries and pioneers. They never got the credit they deserved because they were not in the right place at the right time and lacked the contacts good management could have provided. This album is a must for all synth-pop enthusiasts and lovers of quality pop anthems. It earns its place as an historical masterpiece when you consider the dates when these songs were released and the timeless relevance of the songs to the world today. Limited edition of 400 copies !



Artist : The Hacker 

Label : MinimalRome 

haunted / 12"

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave ! Limited to 250 copies. The Hacker, l'homme de l'ombre, comes from a long way. "Haunted" is a Kraftwerk-style electro track, with an 808 punching pattern counterpointing a deep analogue bassline enveloped in rich, harmonic pads. Bringing cold atmospheres, in the mood of Dopplereffekt. On the B-side, the Feedback remix is an acid techno razorblade, coming straight from the sound of Rome traditional path. Also the Banda Banetti remix (a new MinimalRome open project) gyrates in the techno domain, with a deeply revised version of the original. A cluster of analogue sounds put together in a supercompact killer tune, designed for the sickest dancefloors.. Nice shot !

fadin'away remix


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : GoodLife 

fadin'away remix / 12"

Review to come..!

a strange day e.p.


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : UMF 

a strange day e.p. / 12"

Back in !!! 5 very danceable disco-electro tracks in the vein of Legowelt and Dopplereffekt, very nice..!

danse industria


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : Turbo 

danse industria / 12"

One of our favorite release from the no-need-to-present The Hacker. All tracks written and produced in Grenoble (France), in 2002. Nice & deep doppler electro tracks in the vein of Arpanet/Dopplereffekt mixed with more Detroit techno inspired tracks. Everything you need ;)

propagande ep


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : Stilleben 

propagande ep / 12"

Finally we can announce that The Hacker is onboard at the Stilleben ship with some amazing electro that lurks in the shades of Kraftwerk and other fine electronic acts, but with his own significant style and signature. 3 electro songs and one more italo/electro-disco that was hidden on a old hard disk. We are very happy to continue the electro journey on Eargoggles Stilleben with this strong and beautiful release... Let The Hacker guide you on a path...

the only sound


Artist : The Hands Of Cain 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the only sound / LP+7"

In 1983, the Hands Of Cain evolved from of one of the first groups of the Greek punk scene of the early 80’s called Ausschwitss when their music was gaining a darker shade and their lyrics were changing to English. Unlike their former group, the Hands Of Cain had very little public exposure, but built their reputation amongst the lively Athenian dark-wave / post-punk scene of the time with a few live gigs in clubs. Their tracks are pure mid 80’s despair and melancholy, typical of the goth dark-wave scene of the time. Prepare yourself for a milestone not only in Greek music history, but also in goth dark-wave history ! Limited to 500 copies

you and me


Artist : The Hasbeens 

Label : Clone West Coast Series 

you and me / 12"

Clone West Coast Series continues with more hot releases ! After Tyrell and Mr Pauli, it's The Hasbeens (aka Tyrell & Overdose) who deliver the Heat ! This is as big as you can get it ! We could do a lot of talking about the track and the daily struggle of human beings etc... but just listen ;) Top production leaning on classic italo but in a new modern jacket with sharp production... the Clone West Coast sound, simply irresistible !!!

keep fooling yourself


Artist : The Hasbeens 

Label : Clone 

keep fooling yourself / 12"

After the highly limited test pressing of "Make The World Go Away" (Clone X), here is the official release. Mechanical dark disco with a lot of energy. Great tune which rocked sets of many good dj's. New tracks are "Ain't the same as before"... a slower paced robotic disco track with melancholic vocoder vox and a great catchy them... More on the cosmic tip with its slower pace and nice pads and the works. Flip side give us a pure italo-disco theme that would rock every fun fair... Massive synths, catching melodies and rolling basslines and some massive production ! Check...



Artist : The Higher Primates 

Label : Tekno Tunes 

untitled / 7"

Fantastic original 7” by The Higher Primates from 1980 ! Sought after and brilliant minimal synth-wave pearl. 7” are new and come with the original sleeve (very few copies were also signed). Be fast on this rare one ;-)

the man master / drink with me


Artist : The Horrorist 

Label : FlexiWave 

the man master / drink with me / 7"

FlexiWave is very proud to present this new 7" with no-less than the legendary producer Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist. Here he presents 2-tracks of rough body-wave music. Play loud ;)

being boiled


Artist : The Human League 

Label : EMI 

being boiled / 12"

Originaly released in 1978 on a 7" in mono mode, you can get here the 12" stereo version of the very first productions from the UK synth-pop pionner "Human League". Great example of Electro in its post Kraftwerk era. Raw analogue bass line and tinny snares that made this two tracks what it is : minimal-synth at it's best. Must have !

interdit ce soir


Artist : The Isolators feat. Bébé 

Label : Viewlexx 

interdit ce soir / 12"

Beautiful nostalgic low-tempo disco track with female vocals by Bébé. On the flip the Freak Electrique remix. Enough said. Huge!

immaterial visions


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Cititrax 

immaterial visions / LP

New release by the UK duo known as The KVB on Cititrax. Combining shoegaze guitars, minimal synth melodies, hypnotic drum machine rhythms and reverb drenched vocals, The KVB was 1st formed in 2010 as the solo project of Klaus Von Barrel. He was later joined by his girlfriend Kat Day, who added synthesizers and abstract visual elements. Their sound can be described as dark, layered, complex and moody – an icy atmosphere juxtaposed by the warmth of distorted guitars. Aside from actively touring, they have had quite a few releases in this short time span, including a limited edition cassette on FLA Records ('The Black Sun'), a 10" vinyl ep on Downwards Records ('Into The Night') and 2 releases on Clan Destine Records ("Subjection/Subordination" and "Always The"). Inspired by what we heard on these releases along with the recent inclusion of Dayzed on Downward's So Click Heels Compilation, we felt the time was right to present a full length album of The KVB's latest material. The record is pressed on 180gr ultra clear vinyl, housed in a high gloss printed heavy sleeve, limited to 999 copies.

immaterial visions remixes


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Cititrax 

immaterial visions remixes / 12"

Limited edition vinyl release of remixes of select tracks from The KVB's highly acclaimed 'Immaterial Visions' LP. The 'Immaterial Visions Remixes' ep features versions by Regis (Karl O’Connor), Silent Servant, Shifted, In Aeternam Vale, and Worn. The ep is pressed on 160gr white vinyl and comes in a white hand stamped die-cut disco sleeve.

of desire


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Invada 

of desire / LP

'Of Desire' is The KVB's 2nd LP on the Portishead and BEAK> man's Invada Records and Barrow invited the band to record the album in his studio where they were free to raid his synth collection. On 1st listen to the record, all of that makes perfect sense. Having begun life in 2010 as a bedroom project for then Southampton-based Nicholas Wood to experiment with ideas around minimal electronica, he's now brought in partner and collaborator Kat Day and relocated to Berlin. The result is a more filled-in, more expansive sound. From their name and Berlin location, right through to the industrial 80's aesthetics, there's a moody cold war feel to the icy shards of synths that permeate each track. Opener "White Walls" spirals into a mesmerising motorik hymn though elsewhere it feels a little one paced and monotonal. It takes single "In Deep" to bring some propulsion to proceedings; it's the magnificent juggernaut of the record and only "V11393" comes close to packing that punch. Tip !!

cosmic starflight


Artist : The Man Behind The Screen 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

cosmic starflight / 12"

"Cosmic Starflight" released by The Man Behind The Screen (aka Interfunk on Electronic Corporation), is a journey through the galaxis of analog synthesis (moody arpeggios, deep pads and sequences played by a human on Roland synthesizers) Very limited edition of 77 one-sided 12'' vinyl copies, each copy has a handsprayed ''alpha'' and comes with a numbered info-sheet. New material already rare...

galactic evening


Artist : The Man Behind The Screen 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

galactic evening / 12"

This seems to be the very 1st material by T|M|T|B|S (aka The Man Behind The Screen) before he starts his "Cosmic Starflight" 2 years ago. Just 3 deep-space technoide particles could be rescued out of the black-box after we spotted the spaceship wreck on our radar. So far the pilot is disappeared... Blue marbled vinyl pressing of this limited to 99 copies !!

the ballad of the metronomes


Artist : The Metronomes 

Label : Mannequin 

the ballad of the metronomes / 2x12"+7"

High in demand re-release of both LP's "Multiple Choice" from 1980 & "Regular Guys" from 1985, plus the 2 singles on 7" "Saturday Night / Sunday Morning" & "A Circuit Like Me" from this legendary minimal synth band from Australia. The group was an integral part of the early electronic music scene in Australia and their releases have become a collector’s item in Europe, as they are mostly impossibile to find. The Metronomes first appeared in Melbourne in 1979. Their 1st 7" single "Saturday Night / Sunday Morning" came out in 1980, featuring a real metronome as rhythm section with instrumentals layered over, instead the second "A Circuit Like Me / Closed Circuit" from 1980 is addice more to experimentation with drum machines, rhytm sections for both sides were recorded using a borrowed Roland CR 78. It was the first time in their compositions that a vocal had been used, courtesy of a lady called Talking Judy. The 1st Lp 'Multiple Choice' was recorded in the winter of 1980, using Roland Strings, a mini-Korg, some Arp synthesizers and a Boss Dr-55, a drum machine that was intensivly used by many minimal synth bands during the 80's and by legendary bands like Sisters of Mercy or New Order in their first songs. The 2nd album 'Regular Guys', published in 1985, was recorded after a break in which all the members various lives and careers took left and right hand turns, surely more premeditated, as most of the songs arrived in studio already written. Each writer had creative contro lover their respective songs, a long-standing. Limited to 500 copies !!

eddy merckz


Artist : The Misz 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

eddy merckz / LP

Beside the usual noise & experimental projects there were also great new-wave bands like The Misz. "Eddy Merckz" is a good example for the extreme high quality of the 80's cassette culture scene. Their very catchy sound is comparable to early Virgin Prunes with some more pop-appeal; fine harmonies and male/female singer made this band to remarkable milestone in european new-wave, although they unfortunately never reached a bigger audience. And "Eddy Merckz" is in our eyes their best work : politics and music found together... Limited to 300 copies pressed on high quality vinyl (160gr.) ;)

the ee ep


Artist : The Misz 

Label : EE Tapes 

the ee ep / 7"

Straight from the 80's Belgian cassette culture scene, here comes The Misz. After the success of the "Eddy Merckz" re-release LP (on OnderStroom), EE Tapes present us this 4-track 7", containing the best of the 1984 "It Ain’t All Garbage" debut cassette. The Misz was one of those truly authentic 80's Diy bands, dealing with their life and the world through music, self-producing limited editions of tapes which they would send around the globe. With a few guitars, a drumcomputer and an old synth, they created strange minimal synth-electro-wave songs, with catchy melodies, fine male/female harmonics, and sometimes political, sometimes nonsensical lyrics. Some say : "reminiscent of Tuxedomoon, Trisomie 21, Pseudocode and Minimal Compact". Standard black vinyl edition. Highly recommended !

today is your lucky day


Artist : The Mobile Homes 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

today is your lucky day / LP

Dödsdans Rekords & Megahype Records presents the vinyl version of The Mobile Homes 2009 hit-album! Finally on vinyl and with a new version of killer synth-pop track "Close" and the new favorite song "Disappointment". The Mobile Homes started performing in the early 80's and is nowadays considered one of the biggest bands in the genre in Sweden. LP comes with white title strip (obi-stip) and printed inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies.

mission mass media


Artist : The Musickwreckers 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

mission mass media / LP

La Nouvelle Alliance from France presents the full-length picture lp from The Musicwreckers limited to 500 copies with A3 insert. 11 tracks of minimal electronics and cold industrial tunes. The sound of Angst pop. The sound is very well made and absolutely technically mastered...



Artist : The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

untitled / LP

LP compilation by this pioneering Sheffield synth-pop band featuring all their rare 7" on a-side ("Synthesizers The Story So Far", "Is All I Need?" "Front") and unreleased material on b-side. All tracks date back to '80 to '82, so this is pretty much a pioneering electropop work. Musically, they're more at the early Depeche Mode side of the fence. We like it a lot !



Artist : The Ne-21 

Label : Domestica 

untitled / 7"

2 killer minimal-synth pearls beautifully 80's inspired ! Presented in a hand-printed silkscreen cover sleeve. It includes a hand stamped leaflet and printed DIN-A3 sheet size. Edition of 300 units.

tv treated


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : LD Records 

tv treated / 12"

Released in the mid-80's, this 12" from the legendary belgian duo Neon Judgement contains their two best songs ever. A sound both warm and alienating. Simply a must have !

early tapes


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Dark Entries 

early tapes / LP

Dark Entries has dug deep into the early days of the Belgian cassette scene to release 2 tapes by The Neon Judgment in the form of a vinyl lp for the 1st time ever ! These pioneers of underground electronic music hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, and gave birth to the new-beat and EBM scenes worldwide in 1981-82 with the release of their 1st 2 cassettes–neatly compiled here as "Early Tapes". Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals), The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire.. Arriving just in time to celebrate The Neon Judgment’s 30th anniversary, "Early Tapes" showcases the band’s brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synth stabs and repetitive drum machine beats adding to this rhythmic discourse. The result is a combination of lo-fi technology and emotional sincerity to create a sound both warm yet alienating that has stood the test of time and 30 years later, still evokes the same magic. The 10 songs on this lp were remastered from the original cassette masters resulting in a cohesive, gritty, maniacal dance program that sounds more relevant today than ever. Each sleeve is hand numbered in a limited edition of 500 copies.. Grab it while you can ;)

we never said you


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

we never said you're no good / LP

The complete recording of a live session broadcasted directly in stereo on national radio in 1984 combined with 2 very rare tracks is available now for the 1st time on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal. Enter The Neon Judgement. Dirk Da Davo's and TB Frank's band certainly has been affected by this double time-effect. Although these Belgian Leuven-based musicians have often been considered the founding fathers of EBM, the high-tech genre form the early 80's, combining industrial and electro music, from which later originated new beat and techno.. About a quarter of a century after the 1st single "Factory Walk" (1982) The Neon Judgement appears to be overtaking time. The band's creative model (electronic music with a rock approach) now exists in many forms and varieties. Furthermore The Neon Judgement's music seems to have been rediscovered by a new and younger generation of hip musicians from all over the world. Today, renowned artists such as Dave Clarke, The Hacker en Tiga often emulate the bands early work. Although time seemed to have forgotten about The Neon Judgement, it also re-instated the band as a hot act. The rough 80's wave music inspires today's hip electropop. Finally the band is credited for its groundbreaking pioneering work, and even after 25 years the music is far from being outdated. Limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies, 180gr vinyl, no repress..



Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Dark Entries 

cockerill-sombre / 12"

The Neon Judgement hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, Belgium and gave birth to the new-beat and EBM scenes worldwide with the release of their 1st 2 cassettes 'Suffering' (1981) and 'TV Treated' (1982). Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals), The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, and the Deutsche Neue Welle. In 1983 they released the infamous 4-song 'Cockerill-Sombre' ep containing the dancefloor smash "The Fashion Party" on Anything But Records. Dirk Da Davo says, 'First we recorded and mixed the drum parts and effects on 4-track, then we bounced this mix to 2 tracks again what left us with 2 more channels to use for vocals and additional instruments'. Veering between minimalistic industrial drones, odd new-wave-ish synth-pop and dance music, underlain by cold, mechanical rhythms. The band combine brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synthesizer stabs and repetitive drum machine beats both aggressive and danceable. 'Cockerill-Sombre' was recorded in a small basement room under the watchful eyes of Ludo Camerberlin from A Blaze Colour. Housed in the original jacket featuring a black and white photo of the duo performing live. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11" square insert with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Dirk Da Davo.

t.v.o.d. / warm leatherette


Artist : The Normal 

Label : Mute 

t.v.o.d. / warm leatherette / 7"

The Normal is the name artist used by English film editor Daniel Miller, who is best known as the founder of Mute Records. He only released this 7" vinyl single in 1978 which became the starting point of the legendary Mute imprint. Both tracks are minimalist electronic songs using a Korg 700s and a Revox B-77e. This single was recorded in Daniel Miller's living room. Although it did not enter the Uk charts, the single was cult on the post-punk electronic music scene at the time. All Time Classic !

sunday night live at the laptop cafe


Artist : The Other People Place feat Mystic Tribe AI 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

sunday night live at the laptop cafe / 12"

One of the 2 The Other People Place releases (the Warp full length and this 12"). Drexciyan involvement in this classic release is obvious. One of the deepest and intense tracks with such a warm positive vibe. Flipside contains a track by Mystic Tribe (not very mystical of course for those who know the history of Detroit techno. Unique track from a unique project... and there are not many projects with Tribe in its name. Their release on Retroactive is one Detroit techno collector items). One of those records that get you through the day. Classic!!! Re-issue on the Clone Aqualung Series with new artwork.



Artist : The Pain Machinery 

Label : Complete Control Productions 

restart / LP

The Pain Machinery's latest album 'Restart' was released in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim. The Swedish duo trade in the more subtle aspects of classic EBM, building rock solid songs from a small but sturdy toolkit of sounds that reference acid, minimal electro and the golden age of sequencer-based synth music. Tip !

cocadisco pt.1


Artist : The Parallax Corporation 

Label : Viewlexx 

cocadisco pt.1 / 12"

This 3 tracker ep released in 2000 comes from the néo electro-disco cult lp "Cocadisco" produced by The Parallax Corporation (aka I-f and Intergalactic Gary). Perfect melodies with pure and cool sounds from The Haag crew inspired by the 70's movie "The Parallax View". A Must Have for all cosmic freaks !

1991-1993 (kicks from the past)


Artist : The Permanent Confusion 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

1991-1993 (kicks from the past) / LP

Although born in a different place –Germany in the wake of the 90's, the riot of The Permanent Confusion was very much like that of our beloved Lucie Cries. However their influences are actually more from the English scene, from bands such as The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy or Clan Of Xymox, which is rather unfortunate if we consider their numerous contemporaries who were unrelentingly and quite successfully releasing synthesized music that was meant to be danced to - admittedly not very daring! It has to be stressed even more that, within a short time, the band managed to leave behind those too marked influences inherited from their youth and created a more than original and very personal kind of wave, reaching beyond the limits of the genre! More tormented and romantic than their German colleagues –and going against the trend, the band unfortunately never went further than releasing confidential tapes, despite their name spreading outside their homeland. It was thanks to a few potential hits featured on various well-known CD samplers that people expected them to be signed on one of the then famous labels. As was often the case (and quite sadly) neither any contract nor official album came about, so the band kept composing discretely, releasing their works on tapes until death ensued... Brouillard Définitif compiled the best of this combo's remastered works, which (as with many others) were very close to getting official recognition and some more than deserved success. Limited to 300 copies,here on clear vinyl ;)

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