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back for a day


Artist : Sixth June 

Label : Mannequin 

back for a day / 12"

Serbian duo Sixth June (aka Laslo Antal & Lidija Andonov) rising from the mostly unknown music scene in Belgrade but nowdays re-based in the analog paradise called Berlin. Sixth June started their musical adventure back in 2007 and in their tracks you can let your heart listen their deep influence for everything that has a synthesizer sound and found its origin in the 80's. The duo represents perfectly the 2 sides of the same coin, in fact while Laslo is producing obscure but expressive, powerful and danceable textures, on the back side the voice of Lidija is living the shape to a wobbling atmosphere you won't escape from. Fantastic record ;)



Artist : Sixth June 

Label : Mannequin 

pleasure / 12"

Serbian duo Sixth June (aka Laszlo Antal & Lidija Andonov) come with a fresh new 5 tracks 12"ep 'Pleasure'. They play minimal, industrial synthesized music, digging into the colder corners of the synthetic 80's for inspiration (Gary Numan, John Foxx, Depeche Mode). Sixth June started their musical adventure back in 2007 and they are considered as one of the purest talents in the minimal synth new scene. Rising from the obscure music scene in Belgrade, they re-based some years ago in the analog synthesizers paradise called Berlin. Their debut album, 'Everytime' released back in march 2010 by the German label Genetic Music and the previous ep on Mannequin, 'Back For A Day' were bringing the band to play to most of Europe. The duo represents perfectly the 2 sides of the same coin, in fact while Laszlo is producing obscure but expressive, powerful and danceable textures, on the back side the voice of Lidija is living the shape to a wobbling atmosphere you won't escape from. Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl..

u zemlji čuda with lost Data tracks


Artist : Sizike 

Label : Discom 

u zemlji čuda with lost Data tracks / LP

Story about 80's electronic scene in Belgrade wouldn't be complete without considering Zoran Jevtic and Zoran Vracevic's work in group Data, Šizike & Master Scratch Band. Along with group Beograd they pioneered total electronic concept in former Yugoslavia, bringing to home country new genres and new sounds. Early 80's were a time of late analog and early digital synthesizers and sequencers, vocadors, Roland TR rhythm machines, electronic drum kits etc... and since both Jevtic and Vracevic had one of the largest collection of synths and gears in Belgrade, they appeared as collaborators in numerous projects for many musicians in that time: Sladjana Milosevic, Bebi Dol, Aska, U Skripcu, Beograd, Max&Intro, Kornelije Kovac, Massimo Savic etc... As a group Data, Jevtic & Vracevic were making a very attractive synth-pop songs, but they released just one ep. Their work is mostly notable as Šizike with their extremely rare album 'U Zemlji Cuda' LP from 1984. In project Šizike, they developed original Data concept: minimal electronic sound influenced by early Yello and TR-808 in combination of 3 female vocalist, making very interesting girly electronica close to early Tom Tom Club and Bananarama. For both Vracevic & Jevtic is very characteristic usage of noise sound effects, electronic tom samples from Roland's rhythm machines, vocoder, along with vintage 80's synths and sound of Roland MC4 analog sequencer. Fantastic electro-pop

hand-picked fragments


Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : Suction 

hand-picked fragments / LP

WHAO ! Deep pure minimal electro at its best by the German Skanfrom (member of Bakterielle Infektion). This synth maestro delivers us an amazing LP released in 2002 on the Canadian Suction label. One of our favorite artist. No artificial show, just intense emotional synth melodies. Sometimes slow, but also fast tempo. Unique Style. Very Very cool. We Support It !

soothing sounds for robots


Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : A.D.S.R. 

soothing sounds for robots / LP

Minimal electro masterpiece by Skanfrom released on his own label A.D.S.R. Rare LP from 2002 (limited to 800). Futurist electro. Skanfrom creates new musical landscapes. He shows us his diversity, his universe ans also his technical instrumental control. Between experimental, electronica, IDM and minimal analog electro. Simple but so perfect ! Excellent mix between strength, softness, purity and deepness. Inimitable sounds ! Absolute essential album !

are you alone ?


Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : The All-Clear 

are you alone ? / 7"

The return of Mr. Skanfrom :) Brand new 7" including 3 tracks recorded in spring 2009. Skanfrom and his friend the sh-101 synth did it again and serve us nice pop tunes and simple catchy melodies. And the little Talking Translator does the vocals. A Must Have !



Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : Suction 

postcards / LP

New full-length album by Skanfrom (his 1st album since 2002). Skanfrom is Roger Semsroth from Berlin, best known for his purist minimal techno project Sleeparchive. Before Sleeparchive, there was Skanfrom.. Skanfrom 1st appeared in the late 90's, releasing limited edition 7"s on his own A.D.S.R. label, part of a small movement of Diy labels influenced by the melodic, experimental electronica output of labels like Rephlex, Skam, and Warp. Skanfrom's music displayed a particular affinity for the lush, melodic electro of Bochum Welt, an early signing to Aphex Twin's Rephlex label; you could practically call Bochum Welt the blueprint for Skanfrom's sound. But there was something a little different about Skanfrom.. Unlike Bochum Welt, who claimed influence from big shiny 80's producers like Trevor Horn and Thomas Dolby, Skanfrom was also listening to a lot of raw synth-wave music; the influence of early Depeche Mode ("Speak And Spell"), Kraftwerk ("Radioactivity"), and obscure bands like Vice Versa and Ceramic Hello clearly set Skanfrom apart from his idm contemporaries. Skanfrom found a likeminded home in Suction Records, who were releasing records by Solvent and Lowfish with many of the same musical references. In 2002, Skanfrom released his debut album on Suction Records, 'Hand Picked Fragments'. A lot has changed since 2002, but in Skanfrom world, 2014 is very much the same. 'Postcards' is full of the same pure and melodic electro(pop) that made Skanfrom so special to us from the start. As it was in the beginning, Skanfrom produced 'Postcards' using little more than his beloved Roland SH-101; this classic vintage monosynth, with it's minimal layout and pure analogue tone, remains the ideal instrument for Skanfrom's enduring, synthetic sound. Hallelujah !!!



Artist : Skanfrom / Brioche Kretzaal 

Label : Awkward Silence 

split / 7"

In four tracks Skanfrom manages to give you a brief history in the art of electronic pop 1979-1980 without all the nasty beats of the that time. A real fusion of bleeps and modular orgasms. Thanks to Skanfrom, Kraftwerk met Jean-Michel Jarre, pre-dare Human League, Gary Numan to such a high standard on "Track 47" and "Confused Machines" that one can only assume that daleks everywhere are enjoying a disco of delights. "Out" is vaguely reminiscent of the more darker pop tones of early Depeche Mode. All in all, perfect for a spot of tic and toc robot dancing, in the dark of course when everyone's asleep, and the curtains are closed. ...exterminate. Brioche Kretzaal's "Fukwit", nice title by the way, is a warmer proposition, strangely groovy, and as hypnotic as a snakecharmers pipe thingy.

skateboarding was a cime (in 1989)


Artist : Skatebård 

Label : Tellektro 

skateboarding was a cime (in 1989) / LP

Skatebård's "Skateboarding Was A Crime (In 1989)" was released on Tellektro in 2002, and the key track on that album was "Sgnelkab," which was played and loved to death by Djs like Sven Väth, Michael Mayer and Pascal Feos. It instantly became a classic and always remained a secret weapon. "Sgnelkab" is finally available on a full vinyl side, remastered and remixed by Mental Overdrive, who turned the track into an insanely hot disco rave remix. Artwork by another Scandinavian legend : Sähkö's Tommi Grönlund. Nice high-in-demand minimal electro dubby disco record ;)

versions of a life (recordings 1979-1981)


Artist : Ski Patrol 

Label : Dark Entries 

versions of a life (recordings 1979-1981) / LP

'Versions Of A Life' is a collection of recorded works by London post-punk band Ski Patrol. Formed in 1979 by singer Ian Lowery and guitarist Nick Clift, the band played moody, epic, angular music. Active until late 1981, Ski Patrol's musical and lyrical output mirrored the dub-reggae influences of their Brixton and Ladbroke Grove home-bases, the civil unrest of post-punk Britain and the freedom to push aside the rock rulebook as had been done by their peers PiL and Gang Of Four. They self-released their 1st single in early 1980 with the help of Rough Trade and came to the attention of Malicious Damage, a label & management operation, formed to release the early works of Killing Joke. This association produced the band's biggest success, the 1980 indie chart hit "Agent Orange" (featuring Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman on synth). 'Versions Of A Life' collects Ski Patrol's recorded output in one place for the 1st time. This anthology also shines a light on the darkly comic, paranoid, often elegiac gutter poetry of the late Ian Lowery, who passed away in 2001. Including the band's 1st 2 singles, previously unreleased mixes of their third single and three unreleased songs from their last studio session. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with an unreleased photo of the band. Each copy includes a reproduction of a promotional poster with lyrics from 1981 designed by Mike Coles, the Malicious Damage house artist responsible for the label's iconic album and single covers.

ofrivilliga rörelser


Artist : Skitungen 

Label : Kaften 

ofrivilliga rörelser / 7"

Sweet little gem from towLie's KäfTen labeL , the 1st out in the black & white 7" series with a killer minimal synth-pop track and a super sad remix from the great Swedish minimal synth-wave act Facit (aka Joakim Karlsson & Mai Nestor). Recommended to all those looking for a fusion of minimal wave & DFA-style. Repetetive & hypnotizing !

violon contest


Artist : Sky / Model Z 

Label : Marasm 

violon contest / 12"

This nice looking white marble 12" vynil contains 5 fresh electro tracks. A-side : 2 dark but energetic titles from Sky (coming from Toulouse). B-side : 3 more captivating creations from Model Z; the 2 first ones in a minimalistic cold analog electro style and the last one "Shopping" in a more electroclash dancefloor twist.. Nice One ;)



Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : BloodLust! 

street / 7"

This may be the 7" single that throws everyone off of the scent. This is true minimal synth music, but probably not the type of thing that most people would think of. This is not M.B. style synth drone, or other noise and industrial peripherals like that. Sleep Museum is a NY based project that specializes in rhythmic, darkly melodic synth music, which feels utterly contemporary, yet also reminiscent of certain early 80's cold music, or even the pre-folk electronic era of Death in June. Not to be missed...

dream of waking


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

dream of waking / LP

Third release for this very interesting new German label run by Marc Schaffer (a Solitude Fx member). Here you can find a surprising album by a new comer into the list of brilliant electronic producers of the moment such as Martial Canterel or Echo West... Sleep Museum (aka Robert Anthony) is a dark New York-based minimal synth project. He already produced under a different alias : After The Snow, who appears on the Electronic Renaissance compilation (Enfant Terrible). This first album is really convincing with a nice use of early 80's vintage electronic equipment. His dramatic way of singing makes his music very personal and quite unique. In one word : Excellent ! Limited to 400 copies !

mysterium organum


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

mysterium organum / 7"

Robert is working hard on pressing ahead with Sleep Museum (and his side project After The Snow) and has recorded many new tracks since the release of the “Dream of Waking” album. A bit darker then his debut LP. Three deep minimal electronics pieces for your body and soul...Anna Logue has picked out the ones she liked the most to put together this great 7”ep. All tracks are new material written and performed by Sleep Museum.

white like summer sutures


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

white like summer sutures / LP

After the renowned and out-of-print 2006 album 'Dream Of Waking', this autumn brings us Sleep Museum's 2nd vinyl album on Anna Logue Records, 'White Like Summer Sutures'. While Sleep Museum's (aka Robert Anthony) output has been quite genre-breaking over the last years 'White Like Summer Sutures' combines some of their more rhythmic, sequencer-driven dark minimal electro tracks, recorded between 2009 and 2012. Musical references range from early Front 242 to Portion Control and Skinny Puppy, yet it is always clearly just Sleep Museum. Limited edition of 400 copies on 180gr black vinyl with full-colour gatefold sleeve, DIN A2 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with further drawings, handwriting and layout by Paul Takahashi. Tip !

back to burnsley


Artist : Sluik 

Label : Minimal Wave 

back to burnsley / 7"

Originaly taken from a various artists cassette, Ron Sluik from Holland recorded these tracks in his friend Mental's bedroom studio in 1981. Raw distorted guitars, cheap echo-voice rendering, and minimal-synth at its best ! Just great ! Limited to 300 copies with special postcard insert.



Artist : Smea 

Label : Te 

flower / 7"

Released in 2003 by a Swedish guy from the suburbs of Goteborg. In the vein of the old classic Bunker 3000 series with their dirty techno, and acid trip.

detta är burt


Artist : Smea 

Label : Te 

detta är burt / 7"

This very cool release reminds us the old classic Bunker 3000 series with their dirty techno, and acid trip. Purple vinyl limited to 200 copies.

3 bangs


Artist : Smersh 

Label : Borft 

3 bangs / 7"

Smersh was Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard. From 1981 until 1994 they released far too many cassette tapes. You can recognize on this 7" a cool edit of the cult "Kiss" Prince's song. Check !

cassette pets


Artist : Smersh 

Label : Dark Entries 

cassette pets / 2x12"

Dark Entries has dug deep in the New Jersey basement of Smersh to release the 2xLP compilation 'Cassette Pets'. Smersh was the duo of Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard, who started writing music together in the late 70's. They were uninterested in traditional notions of songwriting or live performance. Everything they needed was in Piscataway NJ: a basement full of musical toys and instruments, novelty space microphones, a TR-606, a SH-09, and a couple of tape recorders. Most Monday nights, they would write a new song from scratch. A couple hours later, the song was recorded, never to be performed again. By 1981, this dedication to spontaneous creativity had already produced countless recordings, and the duo began releasing cassettes as Smersh via their own Atlas King label. A definitive Smersh discography may not even be possible, but one lists more than 30 Atlas King cassettes. As these tapes traded their way across continents, Smersh developed a devoted following in places far beyond Piscataway, leading to releases on dozens of other labels from around the globe. For 'Cassette Pets' 17 songs have been selected, featuring some of the many highlights from Smersh's vast discography, spanning 1981-1994. Smersh's sound is a lush hybrid of techno, industrial, dance, and experimental. Sometimes easy, sometime not. Most songs revolve around driving EBM style beats, intricate industrial noise manipulation and synth melodies. The Smersh sound has so many faces it doesn't fall into any one category. The vinyl comes housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket with original drawings by Mike Mangino, lyrics and photos. 'Cassette Pets' is a sneak peak into the subversive world of New Jersey's isolated, prolific legends of the cassette underground. Fat!!

m appeal


Artist : Smersh 

Label : Knekelhuis 

m appeal / 12"

Smersh was the much revered project of New Jersey duo Mike Mangino & Chris Shepard. Together they recorded more than 30 albums throughout the 80's and early 90's. Their vision: rehearsal at monday night, record their improvisations, no live performances, only albums. 'M Appeal' compiled archive tracks certainly recorded in the mid 80's. Nieuwegein's most warped mind Parrish Smith, on remix duty.. TIP!

zmaj ep


Artist : Sneak-Thief 

Label : Lunar Disko 

zmaj ep / 12"

Lunar Disko Records from Dublin hits the streets with an ep from Berlin based producer Sneak-Thief. 2 space-disco tracks to warm your heart and move your feet ! The Hague's Mr Pauli is on remix duties with his trademark basslines and sweeping analogue synth sounds. The Hague's disco-master delivers another masterpiece to set the dancefloor on fire ! only 500 copies available. Be Fast ;)

powerless ep


Artist : Sneak-Thief 

Label : Beautycase 

powerless ep / 12"

Sneak-Thief (one-half of the Polygamy Boys), who also released on Bunker Records, delivers a fine italo inspired electro-disco 4 tracker. Superb deep electro disco cuts from the highest quality. Best Beautycase release to date ? Yessiree Bob !

hollow land


Artist : Sneak-Thief 

Label : Crème Organization 

hollow land / 12"

Sneak Thief of the Polygamy Boys drops a bass heavy italo disco-noir epic here with a huge analogue feel. Extremely dancefloor friendly, its another Creme 12" that fits perfectly in the mix with all those rocking nu-school disco and electro releases.....Aye.

g-string orchestra


Artist : Sneak-Thief 

Label : Klakson 

g-string orchestra / 12"

At long last a new Klakson to keep us busy, and once again Dexter displays his impeccable selection skills for this ace 12" from Sneak-Thief. The brief here is pure feelgood, the A-Side killer "My Sullen Mistress" displaying all the emotional dexterity and beat savvy of classic New York disco-funk, complete with vintage synths, tom toms and that priceless feelgood vibe that just cant be faked; pure joy. "G-String Orchestra" on the flipside keeps the momentum with another effortless homage, the instrumentation is so perfectly judged here that you would never believe this is a 21st century production. Briliant record...

open the door


Artist : Sneak-Thief & Lindsay J. 

Label : Mighty Robot 

open the door / 12"

The Canadian husband and wife team, now based in Berlin, deliver a stunning little funked-up ode to love. It’s also one of the first tracks in a while to feature an electric flute. For the rmxs Sneak Thief teams up with his fellow Polygamist Dj Gitano and the Boys apply their renowned nu-disco skills. Glasgow’s Truffle Club gets glitch 'n' bass, Finnish electro experts Imatran Voima wheel out the dirty big guns and Manchester new boy English Electric makes his debut by teching it up with washing synths, a spitting bassline and a shuffling rhythm reminiscent of late 80’s Weatherall productions. Sweeeeet!!

cold ways


Artist : Sneak-Thief & Lindsay J. 

Label : Lasergun 

cold ways / 12"

Since 1997, Sneak-Thief has released a dozen 12" and performed live at hundreds of parties worldwide with his non-stop, all-synthesizer show. Here, Sneak-Thief (member of Polygamy Boys) drops a rude mix of stomping electro-funk, electronic body music and italo-disco. Tip...



Artist : Snowy Red 

Label : Dirty Dance 

untitled / LP

Snowy Red is an experience of Micky Mike (ex-Chainsaw, 1st Belgian punk band) started in october 1980 trying to proove it was possible to release a full album with some synths, a 12/2 mixing console, a 2 tracks recorder and some basic effects. Experience achieved, 1st excellent album from Snowy Red was released in 1981 and got good critics from Belgian and abroad press... This record belongs to pantheon of minimal-synth music.. Here is the obscure repress from 2009.. Very few copies..

the right to die


Artist : Snowy Red 

Label : Dirty Dance 

the right to die / LP

Snowy Red was mainly a one-man minimal wave outfit from Belgium, active throughout the 80's. Snowy Red was primarily an outlet for Micky Mike (aka Marcel Thiel), who released 4 records (and 2 cover records under his proper name) before seemingly disappearing from the music scene in the early 90's. Though each of Snowy Red's 4 records are synth cult classics, here is probably our favorite one from 1982 "The Right To Die", which has a darker atmosphere and heavier synthetics than some of the other material.. Very few copies of this absolute Must-Have repress (especially when you see the prices of the original copies on ebay :-S) MASSIVE...

the ultimate edition 1980-1984


Artist : Snowy Red 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

the ultimate edition 1980-1984 / 5x12"

Tremendous 5xLP box by one of the highest acclaimed minimal synth bands from the 80's. The Snowy Red project started as a one-man band by Micky Mike. With a few synthesizers, a 12/2 mixing desk and a 2-track reel to reel recorder he created repetitive synth masterpieces in the vein of Suicide and Polyphonic Size. These black synthetic pearls were spread over 2 albums: the self-titled 'Snowy Red' and 'The Right To Die', both are included in this box, officially remastered, and with original artwork. Only a few months ago, when the project was nearing completion, Michael Thiel (the son of Micky) made a great discovery: demo tracks of the 1st album!! Besides proto-versions of "Blood Blood Blood", "Maud Is Dead" and Deep Desire", the main discovery is the 22 minutes version of The Wild Boys: an electronic trip you do not want to end! And there's more... Underground club hit "Breakdown" was released throughout the 80's in several different versions. Included in this box are the 12" & the 7" versions, both featuring the beautiful Carol on vocals. Further down the line on disc four we find Micky Mike's solo version of the track which was 1st released on "Walking After Midnight" in 1980. This is an absolutely raw and honest version. Also included are the unreleased tracks "Lies In Your Eyes" and "Red Skies", both excellent additions to the Snowy Red puzzle, and 3 stripped down demo's made for the 'Vision' album. Very different from the 1st two releases, the 'Vision' album was Micky's most ambitious effort. In short this 5xLP box is essential stuff for anyone interested in the history of the Belgian minimal synth god Snowy Red. Limted to 500 copies with a 24p booklet with unseen photos and extensive background information. Nice collector item ;)

say hello wave goodbye


Artist : Soft Cell 

Label : Vertigo 

say hello wave goodbye / 12"

No need to say more about the "Say Hello wave Goodbye" cult track taken from the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret album, a masterpiece of finest electro-pop. The other non LP singles "Fun city" brings the smell of decadence and the darkside of the city in a way that touches you right in the heart... This one is our favorite.

non-stop erotic cabaret


Artist : Soft Cell 

Label : Vertigo 

non-stop erotic cabaret / LP

Original Soft Cell's first album from 1981 with kult hits as Tainted Love, or Say Hello Wave Goodbye ok... but if you don't know the others it's time to discover them. Our favorite ones are Sex Dwarf and Chips On My Shoulder which are two crazy synth-pop songs dedicated to burn the floor :)

fiction prediction


Artist : Soft Riot 

Label : Other Voices Records 

fiction prediction / LP

Jack Duckworth, the man behind Soft Riot, creates sci-fi stories through psychedelic electro wonder work, that for some might take a few listens to comprehend, but nevertheless the album embodies a bizarre inner beauty. In so far as this 1st album is a musical piece, after the 10th listen you discover a still groundbreaking and innovative sound structure.. Certainly a real talent deserving to be recognized, here on white vinyl ;)

disco power play


Artist : Soft Rocks 

Label : Soft Rocks Recordings 

disco power play / 12"

A new sister label from Soft Rocks is underway here exploring the weirder side of disco and beyond. This first release sees some deep electronic disco shenanigans in 'Welcome To Our World'' a seriously insane slice of funky balearica on ''The Crazy Frog'' plus the quirky electronic cod reggae of ''Futura''.



Artist : Solenoid / Metatron 

Label : Outward Music Company 

split / 12"

It's a long long time since we've heard anything by Solenoid and it's good to see that he's remaining true to his original sound. From mutant electro vibes right through to some very spacy acidic vibes; he never really puts a foot wrong. Perky, lively and full of deepness even on the flip side, this is one great 12". Check it now..



Artist : Solitairen Effekten 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

untitled / 10"

Mini LP by Solitairen Effekten which contributed an amazing track to the highly acclaimed Electronic Renaissance LP on the Dutch Enfant Terrible label. The musicians serve neo-romantic minimal wave tunes with NDW touches, a melancholy mood and irresistible rhythms. This is truely music to dance to and to listen to ! Here you will find only analogue electronic pop music brought back to its essence. No midi and computers were used in these recordings. Solitairen Effekten stands for authentic and real craftmanship...Dope...



Artist : Solitary Dancer 

Label : Dark Entries 

dualism / 12"

'Dualism', the sophomore ep from contemporary Montreal-based duo, Solitary Dancer. They released an eponymously titled debut ep on Midland's label Graded in late 2016 after their track "Desire & Apathy" was featured in his Essential Mix. They are known for their elegant, richly-sculpted sound design and knack for propulsive club rhythms that eschew rigid 4/4 drum patterns. 'Dualism' opens with "Anything", equal parts Drexciya and Dopplereffekt; full of low-end bass stabs, blipping synths; swelling and washing to a cinematic close. For the 1st time on a Solitary Dancer record, vocals make an appearance in the guise of a male companion who's lamenting a lost lover. "Losing Touch" takes a classic electro beat, and through the use of elegiac pad washes, distorted bass and menacing vocals, morphs into persistently engaging shapes. The B-side's "Emails 2 Myself" is a suspenseful corralling of intriguing sonic elements. Its fractured 707 beats combine with melancholic strings and features vocals by Marie Davidson, another core member of Montreal's creative electronic scene. "I can't turn off my brain", she delivers with deadpan accuracy about head games in the age of computer communication, before harmonizing octaves into majestic elegance. Also included is the instrumental version of "Emails", accentuating the bass drum, snare, hi-hat and melodic synth tones, sailing into the subdued evening sun of the future. The record is housed in a custom made jacket designed by Eloise Leigh, featuring photographs by Scott Pilgrim, which explores themes of duality, an individual looking into a mirror, conjuring the image of a mannequin. A juxtaposition highlighting the ideal as the female self. Each copy includes a double-sided postcard with notes.

demos 1-2-3


Artist : Solitude FX 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

demos 1-2-3 / 7"

Limited to only 200 copies with a carefully prepared cover and 2 extra info pages. There are especially 3 titles selected with love by Heinz and Jörg (2 members of the label). A-side : "Return to Utopia" dips us in a pure early 80's cold wave atmosphere with bewitching flights. B-side : "Liebe im Original" is a minimal electro pearl inescapable in this genre. Finally "By my Side" brings us back to rather wave sounds capable of making dancing night birds. In summary 3 tracks, 3 hits and a future collector item !



Artist : Solitude FX 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

sfx / LP

Back in 2007 ET released a 10" mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of Solitairen Effekten featuring only German sung minimal elektro tracks with a slight hint of NDW. "sfx" i another collection of songs by the German duo, this time much more new-wave orientated and even more melancholy as before but it is not only sadness and solitude these songs have to offer; there is also romance and devotion streaming through them. The minimal and lo-fi character of the production only serves the songs in being authenthic and straight from the heart. Less is more proves again to be quite true. For the artwork Dutch visual artist Hans de Wolf photographed some of his wood sculptures which fit amazingly well to the mood and feeling of the music.

total loss


Artist : Sololust 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

total loss / 7"

Here is a 7" by Sololust, one of the projects from the 'Kamp Holland' compilation released on Enfant Terrible. On this compilation, Sololust presented a somewhat EBM influenced dark elektro track. On this 7" he shows a different side of the project. Sololust is equally good in creating pounding dark electro, as techno influenced minimal electronic tracks as in truly excellent synth-pop. This is simply superb synth-pop of the highest possible level. "Total Loss" is a moody electronic pop song in a style the artist himself calls emotronics. It has that special Wolfsheim kind of quality, but it's darker then Wolfsheim has ever sounded. "Sight Shuffle" fits perfect with the A side, only it is an instrumental piece which gives the track an ambient touch. This is an excellent track for playing in your car while driving at night. To make short, Sololust sounds like a bastard love child of Jim Morrison jamming with Porn.Darsteller and backed by the band of Q Lazarus on electronic instruments. Limited to 250 copies on purple clear vinyl ;)



Artist : Sololust 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

A coherent but diverse 12" with 6 tracks in the typical Sololust style. Dark and moody but also spacious and full of emotion. An eclectic electronic music mix with influences ranging from EBM to electro to old school house and ambient. Perfect for early morning dancefloors and private afterparties...

the sleeper must awake


Artist : Sololust 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

the sleeper must awake / 7"

After the bit eclectic and 'dance music' orientated ep on Gooiland Elektro, Sololust now returns to synth-pop with this new 7" and even though all of his music is moody in the end. He surpassed himself this time in creating 2 excellent melancholy pieces. And, as we all know, synth-pop can also be perfectly suitable as dance music. The title track proves this once again and should be played at all specialized dancefloors around the world! On the flip side of this record is just simply a superb and intense melancholy minimal synth tune. What else do you need in the middle of the night ?! Edition of 200 numbered copies..

radio ga ga pt.2


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Ghostly International 

radio ga ga pt.2 / 12"

Extended version of this great melancholic track with fragile, organic and subtile inflected robot intonations. It includes a crazy interesting Legowelt's remix. Released in 2004 : it's time to get it. Quality Release!!!

solvent city


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Morr Music 

solvent city / LP

Canada's Jason Amm has been developing his music for robots for some time now, assembling his array of analogue synths and beatboxes and re-arranging them for a sound that hasn't quite been heard before. Yes, this is electro-pop, but there is a sensibility here that is entirely fresh. The emphasis on melody here is second only to the loving attention to the beat and how it plays its part in charming you into submission. Not quite as camp as Fischerspooner, not quite as acidic as Adult and not quite as lo-fi as Skanfrom, Solvent look to a sci-fi future that isn't dominated by dark lights and menacing cyborgs, but to one where friendly robots sit beside you eating ice cream and asking you for a bodypop. Come with a killer Skanfrom remix of the "Frozen Food" track that appeared on the compilation "Cashier Escape Route". Addictive to the last drop of pop, this is another blinding release on the ever wonderful Morr Music label. Simply essential !!!

radio ga ga pt.1


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Ghostly International 

radio ga ga pt.1 / 12"

Part 1 of a 2 part set. Solvent (aka Jason Amm), has been making his inimitable brand of robot-pop since the mid 90's, simultaneously co-running the revered Suction label since 1997. One of the few real classics from the new synth era, Solvent's "My Radio" originally appeared on Ghostly's standard-setting "Disco Nouveau" collection, and is released here with remixes across 2 discs, along with new single "For You" and attendant versions. All mixes extend to full re-interpretations, with each artist encouraged to add elements of their own to the original sound source. Schneider TM added electric guitar and new lyrics, while Interdimensional/Clone mainstays Perspects do their electro cut up thing with glee. Also included is the extended version of "My Radio". Contemporary classic !

rdjcs5 ep


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

rdjcs5 ep / 12"

'RDJCS5' is a new 4-track 12" ep by Solvent. Each and every sound on this record came from RDJ's old CS5, painstakingly programmed and multi-tracked by Solvent over the course of several months. The limited capabilities and sound palette of this humble little synth provided quite a challenge, but ultimately the results are not merely an exercise in technical synthnerdery; 'RDJCS5' speaks more of Solvent's musical kinship to thee Analord. Opening track "Curtains" bears similarity to early Rephlex signing Bochum Welt, while "Radiator", "Mould" and "Tassels" each contain hallmarks of the classic AFX sound. At the same time, each track also sounds distinctly and unmistakably 'Solvent'. The 12" vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies, in brown chipboard sleeve with sticker, and also contains an additional noise-drone piece at the end of side B. Entitled "Sandpaper", this cut will be individually hand-etched by Solvent, for a 1-of-a-kind cut/click/loop experience. Nice ;)

latch, fasten, secure


Artist : Solvent 

Label : MinimalRome 

latch, fasten, secure / 12"

'Latch, Fasten, Secure' is a new 3-track 12" by Canada's Solvent, known for his melodic electro and vocoder pop releases on Ghostly, Morr Music, and his own Suction Records. For MinimalRome, Solvent debuts a new approach, so please don't expect any sweet Solvent melodies this time; in fact, don't expect any melodies at all. Here Solvent delivers 3 tracks of pure Bunker/Rephlex-style acid, monotonous and pounding. "Fasten" is the most straight-up acid track present, nothing but 707/606 percussion + x0xb0x squelch. "Latch" and "Secure" are more dark, abstract, dirty. "Secure" is epic madness, clocking in at over 16 minutes; at times slow and prodding, elsewhere growling furiously in sheets of distortion. Every track has been edited down from hour+ long hardware studio jams, with the computer acting strictly as a multi-track audio recorder. Solvent's customized acid box, a heavily modified x0xb0x, features heavily on every track, alongside classic techno boxes like the 808, 101, and Pro One. Limited to 250 copies only..!

subject to shift


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Ghostly International 

subject to shift / 2x12"

So, 6 years down the line from 'Apples & Synthesizers' Solvent presents another beautifully built album of creamy synth-pop and warm robot music for Ghostly International. Lead single "Loss For Words" affirmed that he was back on form and the rest of the LP doesn't disappoint. "Formulate" toys with camp hi-nrg bassline and vocoders and "Don't Forget To Phone" continues a long running comms theme with bendy triplet rhythms and shuddering vocals. "Panoramic" contains the lushest synthlines, which is surely the reason you check this guy anyway, and finally the redux of "Formulate" gives it a queer slow spin reminding of a darker Junior Boys. Lovely stuff.

loss for words


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Ghostly International 

loss for words / 7"

Hard to believe it's been 6 years since Solvent's 'Apples & Synthesizers', the immaculately composed synth-pop opus whose Toronto-based producer came to define the early Ghostly aesthetic. And yet, here we are, listening to Jason Amm's new single as Solvent, "Loss For Words" (the 1st taste of Solvent's upcoming full-length 'Subject To Shift', and a sterling example of what happens when classic pop songwriting meets analogue circuitry. Buzzing synths, crisply understated drum programming, and an air of gentle melancholy—it's as if no time has passed at all. And yet, "Loss For Words" is also a significant step forward for Amm, as his singing has matured into a clear, organic tenor and sweet orchestral sings dominate the song's climax. This single 7" is a robotic ballad with a human heart. Comes packaged with 2 remixes: Solvent's 'CompuRhythm Rmx', which pares the song's starry haze down to a minimalist series of blips and clicks; and Berlin producer Vector Lovers take, which busies up "Loss For Words" synthetic swirl into a club-ready electro track...

new ways - music from the documentary


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

new ways - music from the documentary 'I dream of wires' / 2x12"+7"

Solvent's 6th full-length LP, 'New Ways: Music From the Documentary I Dream of Wires'. Solvent is the venerable recording alias of Toronto's Jason Amm, and after more than a decade of releasing music through esteemed labels Ghostly International and Morr Music, 'New Ways' marks the return of Solvent to his own Suction Records label, his 1st album for the label since 1999.

For the past 3 years, Solvent's obsession with synthesizers and electronic music has taken him on a new path, a journey deep into the world of modular synthesizers. Serving as producer, co-writer and interviewer for 'I Dream of Wires', a documentary about the history, demise and resurgence of the modular synthesizer, Solvent's Jason Amm has played a pivotal role in creating one of the most talked-about and revered electronic music documentaries in recent years. Currently making the rounds (on Blu-Ray/DVD) is the 4-hour hardcore edition cut, with the theatrical cut of 'I Dream of Wires' set to premiere in the spring.
Before he came on board as producer, Solvent was commissioned by 'I Dream of Wires' director to create an original soundtrack for the film. At the time, Solvent's relationship with modular synthesizers was conflicted. Of course, he had long been lured by these elusive, esoteric machines, but was also weary; he wondered if these instruments would be a step away from music making, towards a lifetime of expensive, obsessive tinkering. So many electronic musicians have fallen into the modular "black hole", never to be heard from again... Solvent took on the soundtrack LP as a challenge; determined to expand his synthesis palette with the new possibilities of modular, but with a firm focus on completing a body of work. The result is 'New Ways', heard prominently throughout the film, and created, programmed and composed entirely on modular synthesizer systems. Through some generous loans, Solvent was given access to several large-format modulars during the course of the album, including a classic vintage Moog System 15. But the real revelation came from his own newly-acquired, contemporary Eurorack system; for the 1st time in many years, Solvent found himself thinking outside the "vintage synth" box. The album title is not only a continuation of 'I Dream of Wires' nod to Numan. 'New Ways' also pertains to Solvent's all-new modular synthesizer toolkit, introducing many new forms of synthesis to his arsenal of electronic sound. In many ways, the modular synthesizer caused an artistic reset, bringing Solvent's sound full-circle; as on his late 90's Suction Records albums, 'New Ways' doesn't revel in the classicist synthpop motifs or vocoder-pop of Solvent's Ghostly catalog, but instead on focusses on making strange sounds sing. 'New Ways' is Solvent's return to instrumental, headphone electronica. From the harsh, idm/hip-hop hybrid of "Burn The Tables", to the radiophonic menace of "Sender", Solvent showcases the modular synthesizer as perhaps the ultimate tool for noisy, alien soundscapes. Alternately, Solvent's penchant for sweet, heartbreaking melodies can be heard clearly alongside the intricate modular sound design on standout cuts "King Vincent", "Pattern Recognition", and "LPGs Over Hawaii". 'New Ways' also includes 'I Dream of Wires' theme song, "Themogene", a soaring piece of epic synthesizer minimalism already heard by the 250,000+ people who have seen the documentary trailer to date. Essential !!

new ways remixed


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

new ways remixed / 12"

'New Ways Remixed' - 4 songs from Solvent's soundtrack album for the acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary "I Dream Of Wires", remixed by 4 artists that were interviewed for the film: Chris Carter, Orphx, Bronze Teeth & Martial Canterel. Industrial music legend Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Chris & Cosey) turns in a suitably industrial-strength techno monster that wouldn't sound out of place in a set by Perc or AnD. Canadian duo Orphx (Sonic Groove Records) augments their signature dark techno sound, building to an acidic crescendo, while newly minted duo Bronze Teeth (Diagonal Records), featuring ex-Factory Floor member Dominic Butler, continues the acid with biting squelches that pop from abstract clanging percussion. Although widely regarded as the kingpin of the modern minimal synth scene, Martial Canterel (Dais Records / one-half of Xeno & Oaklander) delivers an uncharacteristic slice of brooding electronica, more 'artificial intelligence' than 'minimal wave'. Nice plate !

power failure


Artist : Solvent vs Lowfish 

Label : Vynalogica 

power failure / 12"

The Canadian minimal electro-pop duo from Suction records camps up 2 days at Vynalogica studio (C.E.M. in Amsterdam) in 2004. The result is 3 brand new compositions, and 2 dramatic re-workings of some of their classic tracks. Sounding more raw and freaked than usual for these 2 synth genius. Very Nice !

shake your molecules


Artist : Soma Holiday 

Label : Minimal Wave 

shake your molecules / 12"

Remastered reissue of Soma Holiday's cult classic, "Shake Your Molecules". Soma Holiday was a Franco-American duo consisting of Jean-Marc Vallod (FR) and Jane Honicker (US), based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn back in the early 80's. They recorded "Shake Your Molecules" along with "Too Many People" and "Art Dimension" in 1984, at Unique Studios in Manhattan. The studio was known for being the 1st NYC studio with MIDI capabilities. With the help of Eric Dufaure, they had their 12" released on Cachalot Records in the US, and later a further pressing was made by Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier in France. Whilst in NYC, they worked with Jay Burnett, a protégé of Arthur Baker, who was active in the synth-pop, hip-hop and electro scenes. He engineered their 24 track recording sessions at Unique and later went on to collaborate with Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys on a 12" for Def Jam as well as doing a mix of the cult classic I.O.U. by Freeez. That quintessential NYC electro / hop-hop sound infused with the French new-wave sensibility is what ended up making "Shake Your Molecules" such a unique dancefloor hit. Here are the 4 beautifully remastered tracks by Soma Holiday: the original "Shake Your Molecules" mix, the unreleased dub version and 2 other unreleased outtakes of "Too Many People" and "Art Dimension", all from their 1984 studio recordings at Unique Recording Studios. Pressed on 180gr oxblood vinyl and limited to 999 copies. Full color gloss sleeve with 2 sided insert featuring photograph of Soma Holiday in front of their home in Brooklyn and full liner notes with text by Jean-Marc Vallod.

artificial heart / frenzy


Artist : Soma Sema 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

artificial heart / frenzy / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Some Bizarre 

Label : Dark Entries 

don't be afraid / 12"

Some Bizarre are a trio formed in Bergamo, Italy in 1983. The line-up is Marino Scarabelli (music, producer), Tiberio 'Tyber' Scarfone (arrangement, producer) and Stefano Brignoli (lyrics, vocals). Tiberio was a Dj at a local discotheque, where he met Marino. Initially they considered calling themselves Funny Marvin, but settled on Some Bizarre after recruiting Stefano, whose initials mirror the name. "Don't Be Afraid" was their 1st composition, recorded in Milan in 1983 and released on Il Discotto the same year. Stefano, sitting on a sofa in the studio, wrote lyrics while Marino composed the music. They developed their sound with a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer, and Linn Drum. Stefano sings of a romantic night with a lover, dancing into a dream world. Heavy percussion serves as counterpoint to the infectious melodies, which were inspired by Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Backup vocalist Enrica Danesi adds a powerful call-and-response for the chorus, elevating the dramatic tension. The B-side features an instrumental version. The record comes housed in a newly designed jacket by Eloise Leigh, inspired by the song's themes of liquid love, heartbreak, and moonlight against a Rococo column. Each copy includes a double-side postcard insert with lyrics and notes set against a disco parquet floor.

withered land


Artist : Somnambulist 

Label : Walhalla Records 

withered land / LP

Somnambulist along with M.Bryo are the product of the same person, Mark Burghgraeve. A Belgian artist active in a scene that included Klinik and Absolute Body Control. Burghgraeve's vocals standing solemnly against the most minimal of synth pulses, a study in repression and the beauty that can arise from such situations. Raw distorted guitars, cheap echo-voice rendering, and minimal-synth at its best ! Originally released on Central Tapes. Live recording Paradox Antwerpen 31 october 1983. Limited to 500 copies. Check..



Artist : Somnambulist / M. Bryo 

Label : Minimal Wave 

split / 7"

A split 7" between Somnambulist and M. Bryo. Described as "one-man, new wave synth" bands, these projects were a part of the emerging new music scene in Belgium in the early 80's. Other related bands from that era include: Absolute Body Control, The Klinik, OB Minimax, Quality-T and Vita Noctis. All three tracks were created spontaneously; resulting in beautiful, minimal, analog synth recordings. Thanks to Central Tapes (BE) for the initial impetus to release these. Limited to 500 copies with insert.

the collapse of ancient funk (vol.1)


Artist : Son Of Sam 

Label : Domestica 

the collapse of ancient funk (vol.1) / 12"

Music at this time was largely devoted to guitar-oriented production, but the unwitting advantage these people had was the band's mistrust of the fretboard. Then electro happened, they got an 808, and the Son Of Sam was born when Chris Bishop needed a nasty name to scribble on a cassette. As time went on, Razors and Mr Cheese fleshed his meanderings out into a "real band", they played a few dates around Europe, brought out some vinyl on Rouska and then logically destroyed themselves when techno arrived. 'The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (Vol.1)' is a record which gathers all the vocal songs included in the cassette-album 'The Collapse of Ancient Funk', originally edited by Final Image label in 1985. Edition of 350 numbered copies, including printed DIN A4 sheet with biography and download code with exclusive digital bonus track: "Carnal Knowledge (Jack Plug's Sex Dub)" a new mix by Chris Bishop. Tip !!

the collapse of ancient funk (vol.2)


Artist : Son Of Sam 

Label : Domestica 

the collapse of ancient funk (vol.2) / 12"

We all have been dancing for some time now to this 2nd release by mid-80's West Yorkshire industrial disco act Son Of Sam, an album consisting of all the instrumental tracks on the very rare cassette released by Final Image in 1985, 'The Collapse Of Ancient Funk' (1984-85 A.D.). Among others, you will find here for the 1st time ever on vinyl gems such as the futuristic 1985 remix of "Not A Second Wasted", inspired by Holger Czukay's experimentalism, and the early-electro sounding hit "Playground", along with the latest offering from the band, the previously unreleased track "You Got Me". Limited to 350 copies with hand stamped numbered insert and MP3 download code..

komm, wir gehn nach hollywood


Artist : Sonnenbrandt 

Label : NLW 

komm, wir gehn nach hollywood / 7"

A teaser for the upcoming album: two tracks that will not appear in this version on the expected debut LP. Neo Synthie Deutsche Welle mixed with elektro pop for the dancefloor.



Artist : Sonnenbrandt 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

gestern / LP

This "Getsern" album is a co-production between the 3 labels : Anna Logue Records, Hertz-Schrittmacher and NLW, joining forces to help Sonnenbrandt finding their way onto the road to success, just because there's only few other contemporary act that deserves a wider audience than they do ! The band hails from Hamburg (Germany), was founded in 2003, and consists of Stefan Bornhorst (from The Silicon Scientist), Jojo Brandt (from Liquid Dreams) and his wife Sonja "Sonne" Brandt for lyrics & vocals. They perform the perfect mixture of early 80’s electro-pop and NDW, paired with German lyrics being entertaining in a funny way. The tunes are very catchy, melodic though with some darker melancholic undertones. “Gestern” closes a first chapter being a flashback compiling five years of recording songs. There’s no future without a past. On this album every song is a hit, made for you to sing along , and dance to. Also worth mentioning is a slight participation of Alain Seghir from Martin Dupont. Limited pressing of 500 copies...

milk, milk, limonade


Artist : Sons Of Slough 

Label : Electrix 

milk, milk, limonade / 2x12"

An excellent sounding and very varied full album project from The Sons Of Slough (aka Duncan Gray & Ian Weatherall). It's heavily baised towards electro (which is not surprising) but adds in techno, house and even a tiny wee bit of punky funky-ness. Solid, strong and very playable indeed ;)

ready to rok


Artist : Sort Joey 

Label : Börft Records 

ready to rok / 12"

Fresh electro record from Sweden with a scientist mixes of Legowelt's disco touch and Solvent's electronix. Nice ! Limited to 300 copies.

electric deaf


Artist : Sote 

Label : Warp 

electric deaf / 12"

The best way to describe "Electric Deaf" is this : splattering chunks of acid noise held together by chaotic rhythms and disemboweling bass frequencies. Overdriven squelches and electronic death rattles leave a grisly mess in their wake, to say nothing of the massive aneurysm it will induce in your speakers. B-side, "Subconscious", takes a short step away from the bloodbath. Here, playful oldschool arpeggios dance around bludgeoning breaks and otherworldly vocal snippets. During the breakdown, there is a certain calm as airy pads and the aforementioned arpeggios fill the space as best they can. It's a welcome, albeit temporary, relief for hemorhaging ears. With Warp's increasingly shoddy output of late, it's nice to see that they can still pump out some hardcore eviscerating shit..



Artist : Soundburger 

Label : Kollaps Records 

brown / LP+CD

Debut album from Soundburger, it breaths both nostalgia and futurism. 10 tracks that will grow on you, electrorock'n'roll and devo-pop. Soundburger are Mats Wigerdahl & Per Thorsell. Mats famous from Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons, Ubangi & Oven and Stove för att nämnato name a few… Per is known from bands like The Hi-Winders & Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks. The color 'Brown' relates to quality in everything : a comfortable home, the best food and drink and loyal companionship. It is a colour of physical comfort, simplicity and quality. From a negative perspective it can also give the impression of cheapness and stinginess in certain circumstances. Includes a CD-version of the album featuring 2 extra tracks. Limited to 300 copies !



Artist : Soundlego 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

draußen / LP

There's not much information out there about Soundlego, but their music more than speaks for itself as touches of italo, coldwave and electro get distilled down into bright and brash constructs brimming with playful creativity. At times it gets feisty and downright bonkers (see the rollercoaster ride of Philly strings and liquid funk "Die Grosse Ruhe"), and in other places a more house influenced focus comes into play (as on the eminently bouncy "Meisterstucke"). Through the myriad styles touched upon by Soundlego, there is undoubtedly something to inspire any electronic music-attuned head on 'Draußen'. Recorded and sampled between 2004-2014. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on colored 180gr vinyl. Includes 6 high quality prints in 15x15cm..

summer, jesus


Artist : Soviet Soviet 

Label : Mannequin 

summer, jesus / LP

'Summer, Jesus' is a marvel of post-punk more than goth rock; if the catchy rhythmics evoke The Chameleons, a light halo of freshness move them closer to Joy Division's debuts whithout copying them. We also feel the musicians on a wide musical horizon that lead them to alternate passages felt in the limits of punk, of brief moments of shoegaze guitar, blazing attacks, and a light touch of coolness but never totally disembodied seen the sincerity of the singing which puts a lot into the atmosphere of the pieces. Tip!!

the best of


Artist : Space 

Label : Vogue 

the best of / LP

Space was a French group originally derided for their bizarre UK disco hit in 1977, "Magic Fly"; then began to release obscure underground disco, like "My Love Is Music". This is their Best-Of and a classic one !

nous savons tout / mélodie moderne


Artist : Space Art 

Label : Dark Entries 

nous savons tout / mélodie moderne / 12"

Space Art was the French electronic duo of Dominique Perrier (keyboards, vocoder) and Roger Rizzitelli (drums, percussion). Between 1977 and 1981, they released 3 albums of comsic synth-pop, in which they laid much groundwork for French electronic music to follow. After their 3rd album in 1981, they toured around the world with Jean Michel Jarre in support for his 'Concerts In China' album. Space Art's 3rd single "Nous Savons Tout" was released in 1978 on IF Records. Their sound was similar to Jarre's early analog albums, but with the addition of real drums. Dominique plays an ARP Odyssey, Clavinet, Eminent, and Minimoog, maximizing their warm textures. Roger plays the drums in an intricate fashion, influenced subtly by jazz fusion. "Nous Savons Tout" features an early prototype of the Vocoder, which the band used to create the chorus. On the flip is the slower "Melodie Moderne", an electronic take on progressive 70's rock. Both tracks were recorded at Studio Ferber Paris in June 1978. Like Richard Pinhas/Heldon and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Space Art created their own brand of dark space disco, paving the way for bands like Air and Mellow. The record comes in a sleeve featuring the original cover art of a firefighter crossing a burnt landscape, painted by Gilles Lacombe. Each LP includes a postcard with liner notes by surviving member Dominique Perrier. The sounds here evoke a Parisian noir thriller set in a discotheque circa '78. Steamy & dark, equal parts erotic and existentialist.



Artist : Space Knight 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

untitled / 7"

New ruff kinda electro, hard to place.. Produced by Stefan Horscht & Milo Allezo in 2015. Limited edition of 300 copies.

beyond the zero


Artist : Spatial Relation 

Label : Peripheral Minimal 

beyond the zero / LP

Highly anticipated debut album by Brooklyn-based duo Spatial Relation. Through word of mouth, the band has built up an international fan base in the past few years. Spatial Relation's cassette ep 'Thoughtcrime' also was released last year by Infravox Records (Peru), and this was preceded by a split 7" single with the artist Xiu on Peripheral Minimal in 2013. The 8 songs that make up 'Beyond The Zero' were produced, recorded and mixed in the band's home studio from 2012 to 2014. In addition to new titles such as the stand-out singles "Tacit Knowledge" and "Phantoms Of The Future", the album includes the cult hit "Contour Lines", which helped launch Spatial Relation to public attention, and closes with the minimalist favorite "Mysteries Of Chance". All tracks have been mastered with care by the famed Dutch producer and engineer Alden Tyrell. With influences ranging from 80's minimal synth to Skam-styled IDM, Spatial Relation's music draws equally from the early pop work of Depeche Mode and the later electro sounds of Dopplereffekt. Emphasizing hard beats, thick basslines, and hypnotic arpeggios, the minimalist arrangements on 'Beyond The Zero' are geared for maximum effect. Created with a carefully chosen selection of analog electronic instruments, the album pairs the overtly synthetic sounds of hardware with human vocal experimentation. Highlighting deep interests in history and the arts, Lissette's darkly romantic vocals touch on themes of disillusionment and alienation in the post-modern world. With references to geometry, precision, chaos and probability, the lyrics expose a mysterious universe of parallel and intersecting ideas. At times the vocal work is atmospheric, draped loosely over electronic soundscapes; other songs reveal a harder spoken-word style, with staccato rhymes delivered in lockstep with crisp drum-machine rhythms. For fans of experimental dance music, the album is avant-garde yet infectiously catchy, perfectly straddling the line between underground minimal synth and pop-structured new-wave. Limited to 300 copies.

archaeology ep


Artist : Spesimen 

Label : Pomelo 

archaeology ep / 12"

Review to come..!

the party


Artist : Spions Inc. 

Label : Dorian 

the party / 12"

Wonderful, jittery and frequently gripping French minimal synth-pop from a collaboration between Artefact & Gregor Dawidow released in 1979, with zipping and zapping synthification, occasional forays into mutant funk and, on some tracks, a decided akin to Tuxedomoon. Authentic archive...!

digitalis ambigua, gold and poison


Artist : SPK 

Label : Nettwerk 

digitalis ambigua, gold and poison / LP

Oh dear, oh dear.  SPK gave us some of the darkest, bleakest, ultra serious and frightening records of the 80's. SPK stands for industrial music and to innovate music and rediscover it. "Gold And Poison" is a step further down the commercial dancelane, the same time one can find a few very melancholic non-easy sound/songs from the impressive "Zamia Lehmanni" album. What we understood from "Gold And Poison" was, that this record had become a selection to enter the American market. Therefore it became a bit of a mix up, which you start to get used to, but as such is a strange combination... Really strange !



Artist : Spoon Fazer 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

bam-boo / 7"

Spöön Fazer is the early 80's solo project of Simon Patterson from UK who got his name from his band mates when playing in some in avant-garde punk bands in Devon and London. Being originally a drummer, fortunately Simon found interest in working with synthesisers and drum machines. On stage he used to play his electronic drums with guess what … spoons, of course ! Spöön Fazer released the "Music 2 Dance 2" 7"ep (Project Records in 1980), "Sunset" 12"ep (Illuminated Records in 1982). Spöön Fazer recorded 2 tapes entitled "Bam Boo" and "Just Another Man-In-Sect". "Bam Boo" was the musical expression of Simon's obsession with Japan which you will clearly hear throughout the tracks presented here. Limited pressing of 333 copies...

unknown patterns vol.1


Artist : Sprawl 

Label : Plasmek 

unknown patterns vol.1 / 12"

Dj, musician, producer, label owner of Plasmek, divulgator of the "electronic message", Sprawl (aka Andrea Benedetti) is one of the most outstanding figures in the Roman electronic scene. Involved in the most important realities coming out from Rome since the very early days ('80s), he has played a crucial role in shaping and developing the so called "Sound Of Rome", try it this acidic electro from 2000..

night of the illuminati


Artist : Squadra Blanco 

Label : Holosynthesis 

night of the illuminati / 2x12"

Reissue of this classic from 2002, the already valuable Holosynthesis 1. Herr Wolfers (aka Legowelt), hiding under his Squadra Blanco moniker, audio nods Claudio Simonetti and John Carpenter on this amazing ride through the land of late 70's b-flick horrors. Considered by some as his best work... Highly Recommended !

a voice / sister


Artist : Ssleeping Desiress 

Label : FlexiWave 

a voice / sister / 7"

Flexi004 is here. FlexiWave is proud to announce San Fransisco based producer Ssleeping Desiress debut release. 2 tracks of dark / cold / synth / wave, keeping the FlexiWave reputation on top!



Artist : Ssleeping Desiress 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

untitled / LP

Debut album by San Francisco based producer Gabriel Ramos. While the band has gone through some lineup changes Ssleeping Desiress has essentially remained the sole recorded output of Gabriel Ramos, who has been the only constant member. The album runs the boundaries between minimal synth, coldwave, and electro with lyrical themes spanning gentrification to coping with loss. Ssleeping Desiress has certainly become a gem in the electronic underground with the only official release so far being the great 'A Voice / Sister' 7" on FlexiWave in 2012 and a handful of other songs appearing on numerous new wave compilations. The self-titled album presented here takes the project to the next level, kicking off with an echoing caterwauling drone over repetitive drums and outbursts of synths & guitars, and slowly moving towards a more darkwave sound on the 2nd half. Gabriel Ramos started making solo recordings while living in Portland, Oregon around 2005. He was inspired by the Diy drive of the city, hosting live shows at his house, (which frequently would consist of friends' bands from San Francisco) and his growing fascination and voracious consumption of music: "I can trace it back to the 1st time Spector Protector played at my house and getting a tour cassette afterwards from one of the two members, Eric Davis. That and being freshly exposed to groups like Suicide and Arthur Russell were very inspirational to begin recording music on my own, which was something I had been doing, though fairly aimlessly up to that point. In terms of sonic influences, I try and change my process as much as I can (usually through collaboration) and vary the instrumentation. My visions of songs usually end up as a clunky homage to late 70's punk rock, a marriage of dub and krautrock repetition and cavernous space". Limited to 300 copies !

europe calls


Artist : Störung 

Label : Minimal Wave 

europe calls / 7"

Störung were Eugenius and Arian Brunwin from the Netherlands who formed the band in 1981. In 1982, they released the “Dreadful Dance” 7” and the “This is Future” LP, both recorded and produced by Ton Willekes from Ensemble Pittoresque. “Europe Calls” is great and danceable minimal dark electropop track, very simple with TR-808, sequencer driven synth and female vocals reminiscent of X-mal Deutschland or Malaria, so perfect for your dark wave disco dancefloors. “Radio Lines” is also very minimal, dark, slow, threatening, with guitar and vocal experimentation... Limited to 500 copies and come with a photo from 1985. Unmissable.

this is future


Artist : Störung 

Label : Clogsontronics 

this is future / LP+CD

Clogsontronics from Den Haag now puts out a re-release of the Störung (aka Eugenius & Arian Brunwin) cult album "This Is Future" originally released in 1982, gifted us their unique style of experimental minimal wave. Including 2 oldschool stickers and the CD album version. Limited to 700 hand stamped copies...



Artist : Staatseinde 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

eindplaneet / 7"

This is the official debut (limited to 300 copies) of Staatseinde that was already present on the "Kamp Holland" compilation with their track "Ruimtevaart Vooruit". Featuring on A-side, 2 cabaret influenced tracks and on B-side, a smashing remix of "Ruimtevaart Vooruit" by Dutch electro-acid veteran Rude66. Staatseinde is one of the most promising electro-pop acts from Holland ;)

ende der zukunft


Artist : Staatseinde 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

ende der zukunft / 7"

After a hiatus of some years Staatseinde is back with a new 7" which features a changed line-up and a slightly different sound. On the 'Kamp Holland' compilation and their 1st 7" Staatseinde was more like an electro-rock band, mixing electronics and traditional rock instruments like drums and bass guitar... now the sound has changed to a more dominant electronic one... what remains is the playfulness; and what is added is extra pinch and energy... This is Neue Holländische Welle 2.0! Edition of 200 numbered copies !

neue zyklus


Artist : Staatseinde 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

neue zyklus / 12"

Dutch synth duo Staatseinde finally releases their debut ep on vinyl. After two 7"s on Enfant Terrible they present this 6-track ep. Stripped down through the years from a band to a duo the sound also changed. The songs on this ep are more up-tempo, louder, more beat orientated. And also darker as before mostly.. and.. for sure more dancefloor minded. Expect some classic minimal synth tunes in line with El Aviador Dro and Welle: Erdball for example but also more punchy tracks with EBM influences. Staatseinde 2.0 has arrived! Edition of 250 copies, risopgraph printed sleeve !

foto sin fin / l


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

foto sin fin / l'armée des ombres / 7"

2 short but intense darkwave tracks by this new Miami producer Staccato du Mal who appeared on the excellent Weird compilations 3xLP. Closely similar to Silent Signal or Martial Canterel stuff. Recommended !



Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : Wierd Records 

desespero / 7"

1st single "Desespero" from Staccato Du Mal's forthcoming debut album "Sin Destino". S.D.M. is the solo project of Ramiro Jeancarlo from Miami, who has long been a beloved member of the Wierd Records family (performing as a member of both Opus Finis and Flesh Graey Display and appearing on both of the Wierd compilation collections). Staccato Du Mal summons the hot and dirty post-coital Miami sun, performing on entirely homemade and modified analogue gear, to produce a menacingly nihilistic, sinister sound seething with wild confrontational energy. Sung almost entirely in Spanish, the forthcoming debut album is informed by Jeancarlo's half Chilean, half Venezuelan background. Pervasive throughout the LP is an aura of dread and claustrophobia that is no doubt a product of living within the mini-mall infested suburbs that sprawl across the dry, lonely landscape of South Florida. Despite this disorienting feeling, there are inspired moments of resolution where warm, delicately sensitized melodies and sparkling psychedelic soundscapes counter the bleakness. On "Desepero", Jeancarlo’s please to "let me in, I want in" are frighteningly forward but made inviting against a danceable and very accessibly inviting synth-pop background. Tip !!

sin destino


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : Wierd Records 

sin destino / LP

New Lp by Staccato du Mal. Freezing out the heat-seeking Miami scene with his cold minimal-synth for the past decade, Ramiro Jeancarlo (half of the industrial outfit Opus Finis) offers up 10 tracks of analogue darkness. Sung in both English and Spanish, the LP is an aura of dread and claustrophobia that without a doubt evokes the brutally hot, dry, lonely landscape of suburban South Florida. But beyond the dismal swamplands, it's possible to detect the mournful ambiance of cultures plagued for centuries by colonization, civil war and political turmoil. Whether Jeancarlo means to offer "Salvation Through Suffering" as an alternative to everything from catholicism to revolutions-turned-tyrannies is not explicit, but the distinctive mood of dread conjures something more monolithic than plain nihilism. Therein lies the fascinating duality: "Lost Image" could as easily land in a soundtrack to a film about a lonesome teen in desolate suburbia as it could a film about Pinochet's Caravan of Death. Despite the disorienting feeling of so much of the album, Staccato's own 'coup d'état' comes in the moments of resolution where warm melodies and nearly psychedelic soundscapes counter the bleakness. While this album could be described as Wierd Records' least commercial release so far, Staccato Du Mal's music is rich with sonic feeling that makes for infinitely rewarding listening. Working within the confines of the minimal-synth genre, Jeancarlo manages to include elements of pop, noise, and industrial that slink to the surface with each eerie listen. Tip !!

sin destino


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : Wierd Records 

sin destino / CD

New CD by Staccato du Mal. Freezing out the heat-seeking Miami scene with his cold minimal-synth for the past decade, Ramiro Jeancarlo (half of the industrial outfit Opus Finis) offers us 12 tracks of analogue darkness. Sung in both English and Spanish, the CD is an aura of dread and claustrophobia that without a doubt evokes the brutally hot, dry, lonely landscape of suburban South Florida. But beyond the dismal swamplands, it's possible to detect the mournful ambiance of cultures plagued for centuries by colonization, civil war and political turmoil. Whether Jeancarlo means to offer "Salvation Through Suffering" as an alternative to everything from catholicism to revolutions-turned-tyrannies is not explicit, but the distinctive mood of dread conjures something more monolithic than plain nihilism. Therein lies the fascinating duality: "Lost Image" could as easily land in a soundtrack to a film about a lonesome teen in desolate suburbia as it could a film about Pinochet's Caravan of Death. Despite the disorienting feeling of so much of the album, Staccato's own 'coup d'état' comes in the moments of resolution where warm melodies and nearly psychedelic soundscapes counter the bleakness. While this album could be described as Wierd Records' least commercial release so far, Staccato Du Mal's music is rich with sonic feeling that makes for infinitely rewarding listening. Working within the confines of the minimal-synth genre, Jeancarlo manages to include elements of pop, noise, and industrial that slink to the surface with each eerie listen. Tip !!

el mago en ti


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : Nostilevo 

el mago en ti / LP

Ramiro Jeancarlo's solo project has only been active for a few years, but with these releases the Miami artist has refined his own insular version of electronic music with the assistance of a sprawling vintage synth collection. This album captures his 2 primary styles: weird electronic experiments and catchy, song-like pop outings. Even though the overall feel may be different, Jeancarlo manages to tie them together to result in a diverse, yet unified sounding album. With a nice balance between experimental miniatures on one half and conventional songs on the other (and an appropriate amount of crossover), 'El Mago En Ti' is a strong piece of eclectic electronic music. With just enough hooks to grab my pop loving side, but a wide berth of experimentation and eccentric sounds, the stylistic balance is very strong and pulls the record together extremely well. Limited to 300 copies !

labios trémulos


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

labios trémulos / LP+7"

Release after release, each new soundtrack is even better than the previous one. Whole of the new tracks from this album count amongst his most minimalist, analogue dark and emotional works. Side 1 and most of Side 2 + the 7" are absolutely stellar. A must-have for any electronic music enthusiasts who like to have some Tangerine Dream / Lustmord / John Carpenter and a bit of reproduction era Human League in their collection. The track "One Night" the only piece with vocals on the release sounds like an un-credited guest appearance by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel). Real masterpiece of modern futurism.. 2nd edition repress limited to 100 copies on black vinyl !!!

les amants


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

les amants / LP

Live studio recordings on 1 stereo track (additional synth on "Cold Stare") using the following self made / modified 70's-80's analog machines: Logan string Melody II, Korg770(3), Korg800DV(2), Multivox-8100(2), Staccato-1 sequencer, Kr55, Roland Cr68, Cr5000, Tr66, Jx3p, EML-101, 200, Boss Dr55, Lem-10 tape delay. Studio Staccato 2007-2015. Sketch by Kelly Blorstad. Limited to 300 copies only !!

utanförskap / sliter


Artist : Staltrad 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

utanförskap / sliter / 7"

Ståltråd is Mattias, born and raised on Öland in Sweden, and one of the founders of the new and excellent Dödsdans label. The musical is minimal and lofi, relying on synths and vocals in best Kernkrach / FKK tradition. Tip!



Artist : Staltrad 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / LP

New killer LP from minimal/synth act Ståltråd based in Stockholm. Limited edition 270 copies rusty-silk-screen-printed, 180gr black vinyl, insert, art, hand-numbered. Tip !

love crusader ep


Artist : Starlight Boyz 

Label : Disco Praline 

love crusader ep / 12"

Second release by the Starlight Boyz, following up to their excellent debut release "Starlight ep" on Disco Praline. This time exploring new terrains and taking it a bit further into nu-disco and electro landscapes, they deliver 4 top quality all analogue tracks with their unique blend of italo-disco and electro influences. Limited to 500 copies... Check !



Artist : Starter 

Label : Dark Entries 

untitled / LP

Starter was a minimal electronic/synth-pop group from Switzerland, formed in 1980 by vocalist and fashion designer Francis Foss, Claudine Chirac (from fellow Swiss wave group Grauzone) and Jet Harbour. Originally the band also included Stephan Eicher who co-wrote 2 songs but departed before the band recorded their debut album. Starter began in the city of Bern when Francis, Claudine and Jet decided to create their own brand of new-wave music inspired by Gary Numan and Kraftwerk. They released their debut, self-titled album in the summer of 1981, making this summer the 30th anniversary of this long out-of-print and extremely hard to find Lp. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley in 2011. Each Lp includes a lyrics sheet with unreleased photos and a Starter badge/button. Not to be missed ;)

30th anniversary edition


Artist : Statues In Motion 

Label : Geheimnis Records 

30th anniversary edition / LP

Reissue of this dark synth-pop masterpiece + a bonus track never been issued before ! Statues In Motion were Vasilis Paleokostas (Billy Knight), George Dalambiras (Alvin Dean) and Ilias Mitsakis (Elli Kane). Billy Knight creates the band during the summer of 1981. He is already acquainted with George (Alvin Dean), because George was the lead singer of another historical and very short lived band, called Homicide (along with Costas Pothoulakis, ex Parthenogenesis member, later member of The Reporters and Villa 21). Homicide was the support act of some of the Parthenogenesis' live gigs, shortly before the band's final concert in christmas 1980. With Elli Kane & Tracey West (backing vocals) he met at a club called Snowball around that time. Tracey was a close friend to Billy's girlfriend and a regular at this club. Elli wrote most of their lyrics and became the manager of the band. Their 1st live gig took place at Lycabettus theatre, at a music festival where they were awarded 1st place. They play alongside bands such as Mousikes Taksiarhies, Apocalypsis, Vavoura Band and others, performing 3 songs, "Man In Black", "Statues" and "Pinky Complex". "Pinky Complex" was and still is one of Billy's favorite songs and that's why he wanted to re–record it and include it in this 30th anniversary edition. It was properly recorded back in 1982, with Alvin Dean on vocals, but it was "Virginia Clemm" that had been included in the original edition instead of it. The original version is probably lost. By the summer of 1982 the album was ready. Vasos Tsimidopoulos (producer) had listened to them, while they were rehearsing at ERA studios, he liked them and suggested them to follow him to Minos–EMI. After several financial arguments, the record was finally released in christmas 1983 and found its way to the record stores in the early days of 1984, although recording had already finished by mid–1982.. Billy was so disappointed by this situation that, long before the album's release date, he had the band break up (in particular in november 1983) and left Greece to follow his destiny abroad. Limited to 325 hand-numbered copies.. Tip !!

spliet noise boys


Artist : Stephan Eicher 

Label : Born Bad 

spliet noise boys / LP

Great surprise from the Born Bad crew (Paris) with this excellent mini-lp repress of the 1st ever Stephan Eicher release (originally released on 7") when he was 20 years old. All tracks were recorded 16 & 17 september 1980 at spex Bern (Switzerland) with a simple tape recorder. Absolute dada minimal synth..Tip !!

somewhere in the night


Artist : Stereo 

Label : Minimal Wave 

somewhere in the night / LP

The 15th release on Minimal Wave is Stereo's "Somewhere In The Night" lp. 2 of the tracks : "Somewhere In The Night" and "No More" first appeared on their 12" releases in 1982 and 1983 respectively, and are now highly sought after. Both tracks became cult dancefloor hits, and received radio airplay in Europe and the US throughout the 80's until now. The rest of the lp brings together the French band's best studio recordings from 1982-1985. The lp includes a large heavy card insert with photos of the band. Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies... Killer record !



Artist : Sternrekorder 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

weissensee / 12"

With his beautiful melodies and sweet harmonies, Leipzig-based Sternrekorder takes you back to the era of the late 70's and early 80's when electronic music was still so playful and innocent. 180gr red vinyl in a funky-ass picture sleeve, limited to 250 copies. Nice ;)

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