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feminine squared


Artist : Algebra Suicide 

Label : Dark Entries 

feminine squared / LP+CD

Algebra Suicide was the married couple Lydia Tomkiw (lyrics/vocals) and Don Hedeker (guitars/keyboards). They formed in Chicago in 1982, and their 1st 4-song ep, 'True Romance At The World's Fair', was self-released that year. It featured a 60's Vox Guitar Organ, a precursor to the synthesizer guitar, and a Multivox Rhythm Ace drum machine. In 1984 they released a second 4-song ep, 'An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows', ditching the guitar organ but adding the Casiotone MT-40. The 'Big Skin' cassette was released in 1986 and featured 13 new compositions with more complex arrangements. A compilation album, 'The Secret Like Crazy', was released in 1988. It collected 20 tracks picked from the 1st 2 eps and the Big Skin cassette, plus unreleased songs. 'Feminine Squared' is an 18-track compilation that collects all 8 songs from the 1st 2 eps, 4 songs from the Big Skin cassette, 4 songs from 'The Secret Like Crazy', a song from the 'Pas De Deux' compilation, and a previously unreleased song. Lydia and Don call their approach 'avant-garage' citing inspiration from Patti Smith, Frank O'Hara, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. Don plays guitar in a hauntingly stark style like Glenn Branca, Tom Verlaine, or Vini Reilly. He then adds Casio keyboards and minimal electronic percussion, creating a moody, atmospheric backdrop for Lydia's poems. Lydia's words span a broad range of twisted real-life observations, and are delivered in a deadpan fashion with her distinct Midwestern accent. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy black and white jacket featuring the cut up faces of Don and Lydia from 'An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows' ep. Each LP includes a newsprint zine with lyrics, photos, liner notes, and clippings. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 12-song Algebra Suicide concert from 1984, recorded at the Noise Factory in Chicago. Though Lydia passed away in 2007, her genius lives on in these recordings. Respect her decadence..!

nobody dies twice


Artist : Alien Skull Paint 

Label : Genetic Music 

nobody dies twice / 12"

12" released in 2004 on the german label Genetic Music with two tracks ("Imagine", "Electric") wich appeared on a CD later. Highlight goes to "Nobody Dies Twice" wich is a good 80's inspired electro-wave production a la Fad Gadget or The Normal. Very cool !

modern failures


Artist : All Your Sisters 

Label : Weyrd Son Records 

modern failures / LP

All Your Sisters take on the post-punk paradigm is decidedly non-retro. The basic building blocks are there: heavy drum machine rhythms, pumping melodic bass lines, swaths of atmospheric guitars and cold synth melodies, but where many bands are content to wallow in the shadows of their influences, All Your Sisters sounds like the future. "One thing is for sure: their sound is pretty unique and I'm even doubting if post-punk is a good description as post-gothic or post-wave could make it too. The voice is a bit special, indeed sounds like as if recorded in a cold cave, a dreaming cold synth sound and sometimes reminding me of The Cure vs. Siglo XX & old school Clan Of Xymox. We only get 10 tracks, lasting about 35 minutes. I wanted more but that's it. Keep track of them, they will be back (maybe even on stage)".. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on 140gr black vinyl. 300gr deluxe cardboard sleeve with silver finish inside printing. T I P !!!



Artist : Alles 

Label : Mecanica 

post / LP

Debut album of this minimal electro-pop project from Łódź (Poland). Transparent vinyl limited to 500 copies. Lyrics insert. Includes new mastering and one new song "Fala". Postmodernizm, postpunk, postkomunizm, wielki Post!



Artist : Alles 

Label : Mecanica 

union / 7"

2 nice & new compositions from this minimal-synth duo from the post-industrial city of Łódź (Poland). Limited and numbered to 320 copies on black vinyl. Fold over sleeve with ultra-violet coating. Includes download code.



Artist : Alliance 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

zinner / 10"

Recorded in Karlskrona 1983. Everything played by hand, no sequencer used! Alliance plays wonderful synth-pop, the true sound of the early 80's. For fans of of Depeche Mode and the great Swedish band Voister Litz. 7 catchy hits on a black 10". Limited to 200 copies!



Artist : Aloa 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Reissue of one of Germany's most interesting records. The German duo Aloa only made one album in 1982, but it is one of the most peculiar and innovative records of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement. Long out of print, somewhat obscure, and very expensive, this record is due for an official reissue. The duo consisting of Al Kanz & Matthias Brendel both grew up in Kassel, Germany. Though both had different tastes of music, they fused influences and injected them into their own unique blend when they purchased Roland 606 and 808 drum machines plus a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. After much development and evolution, the Aloa project came to life. The album explores a whole spectrum of textures, moods, and atmospheres. Ranging from dark complex synthed-out tracks to diverse instrumentation-laced almost krautrock motifs, this album is definitely one of a kind. This is a very sultry record as well evidenced by the band's constant obsession with sexy women who occupied their time. Sadly the record was overlooked and misunderstood by the press and radio stations alike likely due to it's obvious unorthodox and experimental interpretation of synth-pop. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight green vinyl. Features bonus LP insert with liner notes and interview by Dave Segal. Limited edition.

fossilized in concrete 1995-2006


Artist : Alone 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

fossilized in concrete 1995-2006 / LP

Created as an attempt to document an alternative history (or shall we say another dimension) of popular electronic music, Alone from Belgrade have been active both as a performing and recording project since 1994 and already have to their credit numerous tape and CD-r releases, including 5 full-length albums. Their style, eluding any pre-conceived categorisation, is a unique brand of high-tech electro-wave, allying the pathos and weirdness of Kirchohmfeld, the complexity and killing beat-programming of Lassigue Bendthaus and the unpredictability of Pierre Normal. This lp is a selection of 9 tracks spanning a period of almost 12 years, from the first demos down to the latest album. Definitely pop but never easy, futurist and neo-romantic at times, Alone’s music remains through the years as unfamiliar and utterly compelling as the post-apocalyptic landscapes it tells us about. Like a voice from the outer world, Alone takes us to the nexus in time and space where each may find their Golden Path. Limited to 318 copies !

an unread note


Artist : Alone 

Label : Echoplay 

an unread note / 7"

Alone is the project of Nikola Vitkovic from Serbia, who is also known for his project Ilegalne Emocije. Alone was founded in 1994 and is active in the wide fields of (dark) electronic music. The project released a fantastic LP on our Treue um Treue in 2009. These 2 tracks here are taken from the CD-r album 'Spomenik Neznanom Umetniku', which was released in a very small edition in 2010. The music is heavily inspired by early 80's electro-wave and synth-pop and has a certain OMD-feeling (but with totally different singing). It is perfect for everyone who likes early Depeche Mode, B.Movie, Images In Vogue, Secession and bands like these. Try it !!



Artist : Alone 

Label : Spielzeug Muzak 

coast / LP

Alone is a project from Belgrade run by Nikola Vitković (also member of Konvoj Bonton Bajkera, Alone in heaven..). Hiding away from public sight, Alone spends his years in his mono utopia, reinventing the alternative history of industrial and melancholic synth-pop. His melody is gentle but dark, his beats are slow but hard, his synthesizer is foggy but sharp. Over last 20 years, he has released 6 albums on N.A.U.K., Treue Um Treue and Cold trinity. This new LP on Spielzeug Muzak delivers a collection of 8 gloomy synthetic lullabyes and scientific love songs from a coast / limit / end of the world, a misty place where all boundaries melt: land, sea and air, inner and outer world, self and non-self. This is the most sleepy and foggiest Alone album thus far, emotionally calm but sonically colourful as ever. It introduces the lead vocals by Igor Petrušić and Draginja Marić mixed with the familiar voice of Nikola. Limited to 300 copies !

computer controlled


Artist : Alpha 606 

Label : Dopamine 

computer controlled / 12"

Alpha 606 is another Miami operative - friend to the Schematic possee, Push Button Object, Phoenecia et al, here delivering his first ep for his own Dopamine imprint. What you get for your money are 3 tracks of dense, squashed electro in fresh Miami stylee, plus a killer Phoenecia remix - their finest work for quite some time, deployed firmly for the floor. Sort of halfway between the legendary Soul Oddity material and the more spacious electro that Andrea Parker loves so dearly. Good stuff !

axial equilibrium lp


Artist : Alpha Sequenz 

Label : Secondhand Daylight 

axial equilibrium lp / LP

Alpha Sequenz is the solo project of Rigeck Rodgers from France, who is also running the Secondhand Daylight Records (SHDR) label, and was started in late 2001 as an all-analogue synth project. Rigeck tries to reflect nature and transform his feelings into musical ideas and landscapes. Therefore most songs are instrumental, some dark and reminiscent of Sleep Museum and November Növelet, some more poppy like the highlight track “Mehr Licht”. All tracks were recorded between 2001 and 2004. Delightful record limited to 500 copies.



Artist : Altres 

Label : Dark Entries 

archives / LP

Altres are a band from Dundee, Scotland who originally formed in 1983. They were playing mostly instrumental, improvised electronic music at a time when very few bands, if any, were making this type of music in the UK. The Altres' initial line-up was Jeremy Bryning (synths), Joseph Donnelly (synths), Kevin L. Guthrie (synths, sequencer, drum machine), Brian Hutton (synths, sequencer, vocoder), Mike Nelson (guitar) and Maurice Richardson (synths, sequencer, polysynth, drum machine). The band's influences included Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Philip Glass, Throbbing Gristle, Faust and many others, but their sound is clearly their own. After a few months of recording the band had a lot of material on tape, so they decided to release their 1st cassette 'Rise' in 1984. Within that year the band managed to release 4 more cassettes: 'Live At The Tayside Bar', 'Archive One', 'Archive 2' and 'Angel Chords & Devil Chords'. The 'best' tracks from each of the cassettes have been chosen for this special 7 song compilation album entitled 'Archives'. Most Altres compositions begin with a sequence and a drum pattern. These wrap around arpeggiated synth pulses, and are accompanied by shrill feedback. Instruments used on the recordings include Casio MT40 Moog Prodigy, EDP Wasp, Roland SH-101, Casio VL-Tone, Korg MS20, MS50, SQ10 Poly-61, Ibanez guitar and vocoder. All of the instruments are fed through various effects and echo units. Everything is played and recorded live – there are no overdubs. The vinyl comes housed in a neon green jacket featuring the original design from the 'Rise' cassette by Mike Nelson. Each LP includes a photocopied clear acetate with notes from the band for each song. Prepare to get lost in the majestic, melancholic and melodic world of Altres.



Artist : Alvi & The Alviettes 

Label : 46 Records 

untitled / 7"

Alvi & the Alviettes released in 1983 this minimalistic wave single 7". Rather turned to avant-garde, quiet and melancholic recorded in the miraculous studios in Limburg (Germany). Last copies without sleeve !

le désordre et la nuit


Artist : Amato 

Label : Cititrax 

le désordre et la nuit / 12"

4-song debut ep by The Hacker's new project called Amato. Influenced by early EBM, German techno and new-wave, Michel Amato (aka The Hacker) began producing tracks under his new moniker Amato in 2014. The 1st one to be released, called 'Physique', came out in 2015 on the Cititrax 'Tracks Volume 1' ep and was a dancefloor success. On this EP entitled 'Le Désordre Et La Nuit', Amato integrates his love of the new-wave to form 4 EBM tinged techno funk hits. Very dancefloor friendly, these tracks take pop elements reminiscent of Belgian body music and bring them to the present day. Amato shines as a producer here, as he has so many times before. It's an absolute honor for us to release this debut project. Artwork is sourced from photographs taken in NYC in the 80's with layout by Veronica Vasicka. Limited to 999 copies pressed on 160gr silver vinyl and accompanied by jackets printed on a matte heavyweight cardstock printed sleeve.

spanish boomerang


Artist : Ambrose 

Label : Visage Musique 

spanish boomerang / 12"

Montreal's Ambrose released their debut single "Hourglass Sands" back in October 2013, and now it's finally time for a debut ep from the duo. It's fitting that some time has passed, as the ep deals with seasons, the passing of time, and the inevitable change of interpersonal relationships, all to the sound of beautifully executed keyboard electronics. It starts with "Hourglass Sands", which expresses the ephemeral nature of time in a staircase melody. 'Sifting through my hands, the hourglass sands on the distant beach', sings Sonia Thomson, voice warm and full. 'I thought my grip was firm and I held it in my palm, but I woke and the dream was gone'. You might think that you have a control of time, but it never fails to get away. The summery beach imagery transitions into some more weather imagery. "Winters" has a slower driving pace, and is set in the stark cold of February, and depicts a cold and distant love. "Citadel Passage" represents June, though the kind of early summer month where winter's cold breath lingers. The mood is mournful as the narrator realizes that her partner was more in love with the feeling of being loved than with her as a person, resulting in a sound like the wistful hope of spring compromised by an icy lack of compassion. The album does end on a sunny note with "End Of The Cold Days", light and heartfelt like the 1st appearance of the sun from some heavy clouds. Ambrose seem to have perfected the art of emotional synth pop: accessible, well-executed, and emotionally relatable..



Artist : Ame De Boue 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

l'inconfort nécessaire / LP

Debut album and 1st ever release by Ame De Boue, the solo project of Dasz, one of the 2 men-behind-the-machines in the Franco-Belgian outfit Dolina. If the familly resemblance cannot be denied (especially in the nag for sweeping, synth-driven cold-wave anthems), Ame De Boue's music is also more personal and intimate, with a raw edge and an urgency which command the listener's emotional involvement on each track, from the dancefloor orientated electro songs to the eerie 3rd wave ballads and the more introspective, angst-laden waltzes. A distant sense of threat and a definite claustrophobic mood pervade the album, relieved here and there by touches of black humour, echoes of 80's new-wave and electro-punk surges. Welcome to the Saturday night's ball on the isolation ward!



Artist : Ame De Boue 

Label : Spielzeug Muzak 

finitudes / LP

4 years after 'L'Inconfort Nécessaire', released on esoteric-tronic label Treue Um Treue, here is the 2nd LP of this one man+machines project driven by Dasz (also involved in Dolina and Illustration Sonore). It's a collaboration between the prolific post-punk label Danger Records & Spielzeug Muzak, propagators of dirty sounds over the years. As expected, this album brings another bunch of tormented urban electronic songs. Still oscillating between aerial cold waves and warm intimist electro darkness, between organic analog (un)purity and bad-fidelity digital fragility, between urgency and detachment.. Again, we are invited to a lame dance on pendulum-like sequences, when city sleeps.. The words used are simple. Sung in different languages, they're describing slices of frustrated lives, post-modern diseases and common anguish, sometimes with a touch of black humour, to underline the absurdity of it all. Finiteness in its various definitions is the link between the songs. But it has nothing to do with our apocalyptic times.. Or has it ?

essential trax


Artist : Amin-Peck 

Label : Democratic DanceBeat Records 

essential trax / LP

Like most 80's electronic bands, Amin-Peck walked a fine line between disco and minimal-wave throughout the course of the early 80's, oftentimes incorporating shameless pop melodies and avant-garde leanings. Amin-Peck were an Italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production). Incredible but true, Amin-Peck started as hard rock guitar band in the 70's... You can also find some tracks on YouTube before they turned into one of the best examples of italo-disco. Well, finally a record that features all their best tracks for your italo party! If you like minimal wave or italo-disco then this record is a Must !



Artist : An-i 

Label : Cititrax 

kino-i / 12"

An-i is the latest musical moniker for Berlin based former New Yorker Doug Lee. Doug has been Djing and producing records for the last decade under various aliases and collaborations. The Cititrax ep Kino-i will be the debut release and home for An-I, a showcase of his love affair with machines. It fronts a hard hitting sound beyond category, moving from techno to jack to punk and to noise. It suggests an anything goes attitude perhaps dictated more by the will of machines themselves then any author..



Artist : An-i 

Label : Cititrax 

gutz / 12"

Follow-up to An-i's 'Kino-i' debut 12", released in February 2014. An-i continues his love affair with electronics offering us 3 distinct slabs of throbbing machine funk. The opening track "Gutz" is a dense mutant high energy number, modern yet timeless. "Rut", the 1st track An-i recorded whilst still living in New York and the 1st one to catch our attention, opens the B side with a massive dose of syncopated teutonic mayhem, spacier and sparser than the rest. "Save Us" completes the release with an anthem of dirty warehouse techno. The record is pressed on 160gr fluorescent magenta orange vinyl and housed in a high gloss grey Pantone sleeve..

jugend forscht


Artist : Analogue Audio Association & Strahler 

Label : Placid 

jugend forscht / 12"

Ambientish floating IDM to groovy spaced out electro cutz with freaky vocal samples... Check !!!

game over


Artist : Andrea Parker & David Morley 

Label : Touchin' Bass 

game over / 12"

At long last Ms Parker and Mr Morley re-unite to follow up on the genius that was their simply mighty “Angular Art” ep from a few years back - a true Pneck classic ! Fresh and fat the A-Side "Game Over" comes in strong and minimal with every noise and drum given its own space and arranged almost to perfection, the opening dark drums come complete with massive reverb and set the stage for the serious subbass and 808 drums that drop in perfect sync, the creepy atmosphere that permeates the track is complimented by sonar sounds and detuned synth samples on show, a serious electro excursion that’ll wake a few heads up to Touchin’ Bass. Flip over for "Uninvited" machine samples and an almost stuttered feel to the beat which enhances the groove of the track, 808 drums grace the track, with orchestral string samples and pitched effects flipping in over the top, and a sample that sounds suspiciously like the sliding doors from Star Trek, all this is joined by some heavy subbass and very subtle notes added to orchestral samples building the track up and to it flow that little bit more generously. Lastly "Early Days" is exactly what it says on the tin, 80’s electro drums with that tinny reverb reproduced superbly with nearly the whole array of early Roland drums used for good measure, I can hear the 808 toms and conga’s over the layered claps and snares, joined by what sounds like the 626 percussion, which will be a lesson to anyone who isn't aware of early electro productions, with a little acid line that appears wrapping the track and 12” up. Check this outstanding release !!!



Artist : Andreas Dorau 

Label : Ata Tak 

demokratie / 7"

Andreas Dorau (leader of Die Doraus Und Die Marinas) Und Die Bruderschaft Der Kleinen Sorgen released this one shot single on the legendary German Ata Tak imprint : "Demokratie" released in 1988. Pure NDW in a extreme simplist synth-pop genre... bizarre

ego & psycho


Artist : Andreas Herz 

Label : MinimalRome 

ego & psycho / LP

Spooky, soundtrack electro, full of creeped-out synths and dystopian sound designs, from MinimalRome. Andreas Herz is up there with zombi as far a scorer for imaginary 80's horror films, coming up with some evocatively old-school synth lines on "Ecole Des Cadavres", while "Rebis" dips into kitsch with what sounds like an alternative take on the theme tune from "Knightrider". The appropriately titled "Sinister" is a hefty, pounding track, with serrated-edge synths, horrifyingly unpleasant vocoders (think Davros with a chest infection) and a 4/4 drum pattern that's tantamount to being walloped over the head for four minutes. Repress without sleeve. Be Fast...

this not is to game


Artist : Andreuccio Torelli 

Label : Baran Records 

this not is to game / 7"

Andreuccio Torelli is a previously unknown Italian producer who was discovered by Baran Records recently and it's his 1st release on this newborn label. 2 songs that are presented on this record were made in the late 80's and deal mostly with synth-pop, proto-electro and acid. This edition is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies only.. Don't sleep ;)

void / lacerated


Artist : Anesthetic 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

void / lacerated / 7"

Killer 7" from this new Russian band ! Limited to 150 copies on transparent red vinyl, silk-screened gold, hand numbered and insert.. Great one ;)

sleeper in metropolis


Artist : Anne Clark 

Label : Rough Trade 

sleeper in metropolis / 12"

Originally released on the "Changing Places" album in 1984. This is the extended remix 4-track-maxi, also including two spoken poems on the B side. Rock the floor DJs!

pressure points


Artist : Anne Clark 

Label : 10 Records 

pressure points / LP

Year 1985 saw the release of this album in collaboration with John Foxx, the founder of Ultravox. Very similar to early 80's Depeche Mode or Front 242 musically, but with the nice voice and lyrics of Anne Clark.



Artist : Anne Clark 

Label : 10 Records 

untitled / 7"

No need to describe these 2 absolute synth-wave masterpieces. Simply essential…

drum in peace


Artist : Anonymous Unknown 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

drum in peace / 12"

Automatik-Datamatik is a label based in western Germany and founded in 2008 by Adalbert C. Kupietz. He wanted to present us this tribute release to his late father Leszek J. Kupietz. He was passionate drummer in the 70's/80's and is said to have toured intensively with his band all over the world. Although they never had the opportunity to collaborate directly. Adalbert had access to some of his recorded drum skills on this record. Electronically packed with analog synths accompanied by Leszek's Sonor drums. Used extensively on the album were PPG Wave 2.2, Fender Rhodes, Rhodes CHROMA, Hohner Clavinet, Yamaha CS-50VP-330 diverse ARPs, Korg and Roland Synths. Standard black vinyl version !

drum in peace


Artist : Anonymous Unknown 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

drum in peace / 12"

Automatik-Datamatik is a label based in western Germany and founded in 2008 by Adalbert C. Kupietz. He wanted to present us this tribute release to his late father Leszek J. Kupietz. He was passionate drummer in the 70's/80's and is said to have toured intensively with his band all over the world. Although they never had the opportunity to collaborate directly. Adalbert had access to some of his recorded drum skills on this record. Electronically packed with analog synths accompanied by Leszek's Sonor drums. Used extensively on the album were PPG Wave 2.2, Fender Rhodes, Rhodes CHROMA, Hohner Clavinet, Yamaha CS-50VP-330 diverse ARPs, Korg and Roland Synths. Gold vinyl version !

the miles without you


Artist : Anthiliawaters 

Label : KONDI 

the miles without you / 2x12"

Anthiliawaters has set out to explore the cold and almost isolated unknown with their stunningly lush Detroit-influenced album. Warm, jazzy synth pads supplying a melodic counterpart to the softly crunching, electro-tinged beats. A solid home listening fare for the living room that draws parallels to the beautiful and mysterious world of Drexciya and almost continues the journey of the highly popular The Other People Place 'Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe'. Being an almost unseen digital only release since 2008, the time couldn't be more perfect for a reissue for the vinyl lovers. Anthiliawaters will take you with them on their soundtrack to life. Making moments, not music for moments. Anthiliawaters is Gosub.



Artist : ANTI... 

Label : Eirkti 

untitled / LP

Quite probably there hasn't existed any other group within the Greek underground scene that represented the synth-punk genre better than Anti... In fact, considering the band's uniquely performed sound-delirium as well as its straightforward anarchistic and generally rebellious versification, we would argue that it's unfortunate (though their members would consider it as fortunate) that Anti... has heretofore been unknown to the wide public and consequently, not regarded as one of the finest exemplars of minimalistic electronic punk in the international scene. Formed in 1981, Anti... presented their work for the 1st time in 1985, playing live in Pegasus (a well-known Athenian musical stage). The band, composed of 3 members (2 synthesizers & a bass) and a drum machine, performed an innovative mixture of punk and electronic music accompanied by corresponding socially, economically, politically and culturally wakeful lines. It was this idiosyncratic combination of a frantic sound performance and lyrics seething with an absolute rebellion ranging from the purely adolescent to the desperately mature plus the use of the Greek language rather than a foreign one, which reserved a special place for the group within the Greek underground music firmament. Anti... released 2 self-produced cassettes, a split album and participated in some compilations. Apparently, it needed 25 long years since the appearance of their original work (1986) until a full-work of the band could be released in vinyl. Basically, here is the re-release of Anti's 1st tape and the previously unreleased track "Last Beer" which was kept in the group's archive patiently waiting to see the light of day for more than 2 decades. All in all, 11 arousing compositions of a straightforward electronic punk idiom properly dressed with informative, remindful and overall riotous words. The only thing left now is to live this musical experience (limited to 500 numbered vinyl copies) hoping that you will enjoy it as strongly as we do ;)

give and take


Artist : Antlers Mulm 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

give and take / 7"

Antlers Mulm has been sending his melancholy songs and soundscapes into the world for many years now. Some years ago one song was featured on the 'Radio Resistencia' compilation (ET001) and finally there is this 7" on Enfant Terrible. The 2 tracks are coming from the last album 'Touring The Moon Bog' which was released on CD and tape earlier this year. Both tunes featured on vinyl here are the most up-tempo and rhythm driven ones from that album. Recommended for fans of Solitude FX but also those who are into New Order. It is all melancholy, dreamy and catchy. What else could you wish for? Limited to 250 copies !

mater proditus


Artist : Antoni Maiovvi 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

mater proditus / 12"

In the last couple of years the italo-horror influenced producer Antoni Maiovvi focused his efforts on 12"s and ep's and also created his own label Giallo Disco Records along with Gianni Vercetti Balopitas (aka Vercetti Technicolor). At the moment they released a split ep and 2 solo ep's. Anyway, Maiovvi switches from italo-disco influenced catchy tunes to Carpenter influenced synth horror atmospheres. This new ep released by the Italian label J.A.M. Traxx contains 3 versions of "The War Of Self Defence" (the original version plus 2 remixes), "Music Makes A Good Pet" and "Theme From Maiovvowitz ('88 Redux)". The original version of "The War Of Self Defence" is a good upbeat dance electro tune with melodic hooks while the Against Dave remix is more influenced by house and it has also a TB-303 acid bass line here and there. The Drvg Cvltvre remix, instead, is a dilated electro version which filter the vocal line with echo and delay and is focused on the arpeggios and the drums. "Music Makes A Good Pet" sounds more 70s and creates a nice tension thanks to the distorted vocals which play with the synth arpeggios. "Theme From Maiovvowitz ('88 Redux)" recalls us the late 70's/early 80's horror movies soundtracks you found at the end titles. Strong !!

8 fores / ligo prin to telos


Artist : Anypoforoi 

Label : Eirkti 

8 fores / ligo prin to telos / 7"

While being one of the 1st punk band to emerge from the Greek underground scene, Anypoforoi never managed to make any official releases up until now. Thus, almost 3 decades after and for the 1st time ever, here is a chance to enjoy 2 authentic and straightforward minimal-synth punk compositions overall representative of this act’s powerful sound. Essential archive !



Artist : Appareil 

Label : Datapop 

nightvision / 7"

Swedish hard-rockin' synth-pop from 2003. Great 80´s nostalgia with cool updated style. Check !!!

gloomy detail ep


Artist : AratkiLo 

Label : Technician Records 

gloomy detail ep / 12"

After his succesfull Makina Girgir project on Das Drehmoment Records, it's now time to check out the story behind the main man from Toulouse : AratkiLo. These recordings were made during his escape from the agency up north after selling a cracked well-guarded chemical code to other parties. He takes you on a trip where conspiracy, confrontation, paranoia, suspicion, sabotage, sweaty palms and even murder are the daily facts. Packed with 4 dangerous tracks this ep makes you feel you were there too. You better be friends with this one before they check up on you ;)



Artist : Arnaud Lazlaud 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / 7"

Arnaud Lazlaud (aka Xavier Paradis) from Montréal (btw/ where Rational Youth came from…), is also known from being a member of Echo Kitty and Automelodi. The tracks here are pure and danceable electro-pop with a slight melancholic touch and French vocals, and though dating from 1998-99 they actually sound like being from 1984. Simply beautiful... In our opinion, one of the most catchy Hertz-Schrittmacher releases :-o



Artist : Aroma Di Amore 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

ongehoord / LP

Aroma Di Amore returns on vinyl. 10 previously unreleased tracks on a dark red LP. Elvis Peeters, Fred Angst & Lo Meulen have selected 9 tracks from their archives and added one new song. "Hartslag" was recorded at Trixx in February 2010 and is a cover of "Heartbeat" by the post-punk band Wire. Most of the unreleased tracks ("Snoep Voor Jou", "Bewegende Beelden",..) were recorded during rehearsels and are excellent examples of their potential as new wave band & songcrafters. There are also some alternate version of well-known Aroma songs on "Ongehoord". The track "Moeder Gaat Neer" is the version they played on the Rock Rally competition way before it was released on "De Sfeer Van Grote Dagen". Comes with a doublesided insert & limited to 550 copies...

are you wireless?


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

are you wireless? / 12"

2 electro tracks taken from the kult album "Wireless Internet" recorded on the french label Record Makers in 2002 and repressed here in 2008. Warm, hypnotic, deep, with sci-fi narratives produced by one of the most talented artist of Detroit from today and we hope for long time again... Must Have !

wireless internet


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

wireless internet / 2x12"

Arpanet aka Dopplereffekt drop the bomb !! 9 tracks made of the usual killer strings, electro suss, heavy drop blitzkreig blasts and underwater weirdness. With it being Detroit based it's also a concept album, it's devoted to the revolutionary technologies of Japan's leading telecommunication company NTT DoCoMo, which will soon change our day-to-day lives so that's alright then. Repressed dope from 2006...

inertial frame


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

inertial frame / 2x12"

Linked with both Drexcyian and Dopplereffekt camps, no one really knows for sure who Arpanet is. Following on from their mighty "Wireless Internet" lp on Record Makers set a couple of years back and 2nd "Quantum Transposition" lp on Rephlex in 2005, this album for Record Makers develops their conceptual electronic fragmentation into yet another evocative and mysterious strand of sub-marine electro. Inertial Frame takes the listener into derivative reflections on quantic physics and pays tribute to the works of 20th century great scientists. Highly recommended !!!

reference frame


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

reference frame / 12"

Arpanet drops 4 tracks of Kraftwerkian melodics and machine beats direct from the Dataphysix labs. We're not quite sure what the concept is here (previous ideas have centred around wireless communications, the advancement of the internet and biometric identification) but the sounds are textbook Arpanet/Dopplereffekt, less fractured than his Rephlex output. "Infinite Density" revolves around a languid square bass and electro rhythm with a cold robotic glaze. The rigid wonk of "No Boundry Condition" accelerates to an Ultradyne level of dystopia before the 2 versions of "Event Horizon" (instru. & vox) decrease to sludgy currents of machine information with spooked out accompaniment. A thoroughly squashed package; Very good indeed ;)

and the seasons changed


Artist : Art Fact 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

and the seasons changed / 2x12"

Art Fact played their own kind of synth-pop, but always sad and dark; but always with a nice melody. Famous from the legendary 'Memento Materia' collections 'Illuminative' & 'Autumn Leaves'. And also from the CD edition of 'Hidden Tapes' (released on Minimal Wave) collection! This is a collection of tracks taken from their 3 cassettes: 'In Fact', 'Nowadays' & 'The Nuclear Princess'. One of the massive album of 2012 in a limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies ;)

dark silence


Artist : Art Fine 

Label : Dark Entries 

dark silence / 12"

Art Fine was the duo of Fabrice Bellini (electronics, vocals) and Rush Blakemann (guitar, synthesizer) from Tuin, Italy. They met in art school and became friends, inspired by new-wave, dance and electronic music. They recorded their only single "Dark Silence" in november of 1984, which was released by Discomagic in 1985. Fabrice programmed the electronic drums using SCI Drumtraks and added extra tracks on the Simmons SDSV. Rush played electric guitar and the Yamaha piano notes at the start of the song. Guest musicians Silvano Borgatta and Riccardo Rosa do the 'da da da da da' voice effect was done by engineer Gigi Guerrieri, who cut and spliced a tape rather than using a sampler, which was too expensive at the time. "Dark Silence" tells the love story of beautiful girl who Fabrice saw many times but could not reach. He called her 'Dark Silence', for her dark hair and eyes and the silence unwanted between them. The B-side features a remixed version with extended breaks and dubbed out bass lines and vocals. The vinyl is housed in the original jacket featuring a photo of the duo and that Art Fine logo in puzzle pieces. Each copy includes a double sided postcard insert with lyrics and liner notes by Fabrice Bellini. So actual !

agit' pop


Artist : Artefact 

Label : Celluloid 

agit' pop / LP

Artefact was the band of French writer Maurice Dantec (now a sci-fi writer). They made this only album "Agit' Pop" in 1981 in collaboration with Claude Arto (Mathématiques Modernes). It includes great minimal-synth gemms such as "Sex Computer", "Be Bop Logic" or "Mae Brigades Interferences".

sex computer


Artist : Artefact 

Label : Dorian 

sex computer / 12"

Artefact was the band of French writer Maurice Dantec (now a sci-fi writer). Before releasing their 1st "Agit' Pop" LP in 1981, they previously recorded this unique 12" together with Claude Arto (Mathématiques Modernes) including their very 3 first minimal-synth hit singles "Sex Computer", "Be Bop Logic" and "M.A.E." ... Made in 1979 on the French Dorian imprint. Rare piece...

m.a.e. / be. bop. logic


Artist : Artefact 

Label : Celluloid 

m.a.e. / be. bop. logic / 7"

French band Artefact (aka Maurice Dantec, Marc L'Azou, Jean-Paul Ruard, Jean Ternisien & Eric Vennettilli) released their 1st 7" single together with their cult 12" "Sex Computer". It includes their very first funky minimal-synth hit singles "Be Bop Logic" and "M.A.E.". Made in 1979 on the legendary Celluloid imprint. Rare collector item ;)

I sell my blood ep


Artist : Artifecal 

Label : Hex Grammofoonplaten 

I sell my blood ep / 7"

From Spain comes Artifecal to spice up your acid party. In an unheard raw way Artifecal brings together 60's psych pop-rock and 80's lo-fi electronic tunes. In doing this the act creates trashy songs that sound like Crystal Stilts on a casiotone trip. This is stuff that if made in the 1960's would have made it to the Pebbles / Nuggets series. It has the same lo-fi garage feel but adds the cheap electronic instruments from the 80's. A rather nice & wild mix!

memento mori


Artist : Artificial Organs 

Label : Domestica 

memento mori / LP

Artificial Organs evolved out of the Melbourne music scene in 80's. They played at venues like Melbourne University and The Organ Factory; a creative incubator for various 'little bands' whose avant-garde music focused on electronic and synthetic sound. Artificial Organs explored the potentials of innovative consumer tools for music. The 'Memento Mori' album was influenced by the zen elegance of rhythm-tracker Laurie McRae; the badboy-punk ethos of Ian Forrest, the driving bass of Nick Seymour (later superstar of Crowded House); the pop lyricism of Trisha Viggiano and Stephen Charlesworth. Vocalist Lisa Dethridge organized a techno-chic video studio shoot with fellow students, making the band pioneers in the art of music video. Forrest sent a copy of the album to German band Kraftwerk who met with Artificial Organs members when Kraftwerk visited Melbourne in 1981. This meeting confirmed Artificial Organs as talented early exponents in the history of techno-electronica. Former members currently work across the digital arts in fields of music, performance, robotics and information technology. Limited to 400 copies on 180gr vinyl. Beautiful !



Artist : Artist Unknown 

Label : Disko B 

errorist / 12"

Artist Unknown are back. After their highly appreciated Disko B debut "Future", the unknowns from Berlin are coming up with a new ep called "Errorist" and smashing remixes from some songs of the "Future" material. Artist Unknown invited a drop dead cool line up: ED DMX (creator of what we call electro-step), Märtini Brös feat. Melissa (Chicks On Speed) and Jan Schade (pushing "Control" to a completely different level), Highfisch & Diringer (simply the coolest Dj's of Berlin, seriously shaking the dancefloor with "The Hole / Das Loch" where they translated the English lyrics into Japanese and than back into German....). Not to be missed ;)

kwai systeme / betty boop


Artist : Arto 

Label : Celluloid 

kwai systeme / betty boop / 7"

Rare mint original & superb 7" only, released in 1980 on the French label Celluloid with on it an acid electro pop version of "The Bridge On The River Kwaï" theme from Mathématiques Modernes leader Claude Arto. Few copies, be fast on this one !

solar lifestyle ep


Artist : AS1 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

solar lifestyle ep / 12"

Pure and sexy electro from one of the finest guys on the electro scene right now, AS1 emerges from the shadows for his 2nd vinyl ep on Last Known Trajectory. Including a selction of Transient Force favourites, the vibes here are futuristic, dystopian, often desolate and intense, but every step of the way is pure electro soul! Strictly limited edition...

novi ronde


Artist : Asja Auf Capri 

Label : Difficult Fun 

novi ronde / LP

London-based German-British Duo with their debut album. Their sound harcks back to the early 80's NDW times of lo-fi DIY sounds, complete with killer female german vocals that reminds us of DAF, punk-funk rythms and warped avent electronic. A superb album !

lies and logic


Artist : Asmodaeus 

Label : Walhalla Records 

lies and logic / LP

Walhalla's minimal synth treasure! Legendary and much sought after recordings dating from 1984/1985 of one of the members of the Belgian industrial noise collective OB Minimax. Previously only available on cassette and now remastered on 180gr quality vinyl limited to 500 copies! Simply Wonderful..

do it again


Artist : Asso 

Label : Private Records 

do it again / LP

Official release of the previously unreleased album of the famous 12" classic. Asso the alter ego of Italian producer Victorio Pezzolla is something like a italo-disco one hit wonder. "The Do It Again / Don't Stop" 12" has originaly been released in 1983 and is meanwhile one of the most sought after 12" releases from Italy. Unfortunately the related album hasen't been brought to the market back in the 80's. Victorio Pezzolla and Private Records rediscovered the original analog master tape some months ago in an archive of an Italian publisher. The absurdity that the music has never been commercially released leads to the fact that this masterpiece, a complete unreleased original 80's album, will be brought to you fresh and unspent in 2012. italo-disco, space funk and balearic grooves are combining to an unique release. Limited to 300 copies only!!

noblesse oblige


Artist : Atelier Du Mal 

Label : Mannequin 

noblesse oblige / LP

Brilliant comet of the Italian new-wave scene, Atelier Du Mal were formed in Florence in 1983 by Lapo Pistelli (synths, electronic drums), Iacopo Ficai Veltroni (bass, synth) & Ignazio Matteini (drum programming, percussions). Recorded in 1984, 'Noblesse Oblige' was the 1st and subsequently the only demo tape by the group, self-released using classic gear like Korg MS-20, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-808, Roland Juno 60, Roland TB-303. For fans of John Foxx, Tuxedomoon, Ultravox, Oppenheimer Analysis, Central Unit.. Limited edition of 400 copies..



Artist : Atmosphere 0 

Label : Minox 

untitled / 12"

Cool five-track ep made in 2003 by this contemporary minimal electro act from Italy. Remind us something like John Foxx, Gary Numan and stuff like that. Limited edition to 500 copies.

anthology 2003-2006


Artist : Atmosphere 0 

Label : Minox 

anthology 2003-2006 / CD

The first full-time album from Atmosphere 0 compiling their output from 2003 to 2006. Pure minimal electro with virtual analogue synthesizers. Remind us something like John Foxx, Gary Numan and stuff like that. Listen !

strike zone


Artist : Atole 

Label : Community Library 

strike zone / 7"

Portland’s hometown heroes Atole join Community Library with their 7" single debut, "Strike Zone". This single is a perfect slice of Atole’s intense and wonderful contradiction: tightly wound uptempo synth-punk subverted by founder Manny Reyes' spazzified bilingual exclamations. The band has been having tremendous momentum as Portland sound/scene/dance makers, and this single is a perfect snapshot of their live intensity and future direction. We’ve seen Atole evolve through many formats and costumes and collaborators to the definitive 'band' lineup on this 7". Reyes' life partner Tim Ferrell plays on synths and laptop, Marius Libman (aka Copy) playing bass guitar, and the inspirational energy of Mike Conroy on drums. Atole began mysteriously in Las Vegas as a tape release and sound art solo project, later relocating to Portland. Try it ;)



Artist : Atom Cristal & Satellite 

Label : Serendip 

1979-1985 / LP

Atom Cristal is one of these bands that have been completely forgotten by the whole history of electronic music. Its adventure started out in 1974, in the town of Puteaux, where they attended the birth of La Défense, the archetype of the modern Parisian districts. As a fan of kraut and psych rock, Jean-Pierre Chatté bought one of the 1st EMS synthesizers for sale in Paris, and met soon after the sound engineer Michel Goujon. This is how their long friendship and musical affinity was born. During the 70's, they played in Paris and in the rest of France, notably sharing the stage with Richard Pinhas (Heldon) and Didier Malherbe (Gong). Chatté & Bernard Filipetti (Camizole, Art & Technique) founded the A.M.E group, but like nearly all the underground French bands of these days, they could not release any record. Atom Cristal, which was to become Satellite, was a bunch of pals keen on jamming in Chatté's cellar, and who gravitated around the association "Défense Musique". Michel Alonso (guitar), Jean-Yves Brenner (guitar, keyboards), Didier Duriez (saxophone), Hughes and Bertrand Gratton (guitar and drums, drum machine), Serge Lafosse (keyboards), Marc Puzio (bass), and Jean-Luc Simonet (guitar), all of whom had various musical influences, brought some emulation and an eclecticism that developed into several bands throughout the years: Force de Frappe, Guignolos, XXe siècle...flexible and instable groupings whose music evolved from psych-rock to synth-wave. It is only in the early 80's that they released their 1st 2 cassettes and a maxi vinyl, as well as a track on the compilation 'Paris-Tokyo'. At the origin of these three issues was the cassette label Tago Mago, directed by an old friend of Chatté, Pascal Bussy. In relation with the underground scene of the decade, they released a cover of Ptôse's "Boule", rubbed shoulders with The Legendary Pink Dots, Ding Dong Tapes, toured in Holland and figured on one of Mark Lane's compilations (Onslaught magazine n°6). The group split in 1994, only to resurrect in 2012 at the instigation of Bertrand Gratton. 40 years later, it is high time to pay homage to these overly humble pioneers.!

a desparate dream


Artist : Atomic Neon 

Label : Plastic Frog Records 

a desparate dream / 7"

Atomic Neon is one of the most impressing cold-wave bands of our time. With their unique and brillant way of combining the melancholy of wave music from the 80's and the feeling of getting lost in our modern society of the new millenium. Beautiful 7" !

crazy for your love


Artist : Attack 

Label : ZYX 

crazy for your love / 12"

Attack (aka Michiel Van Der Kuy & Erik Van Vliet who were also members of Laserdance) produced this very 1st single way back in 1985. Quality italo-disco ;)



Artist : Audio Riot 

Label : KONDI 

weltschmerz / 12"

In 2004, Ryan Brogan & Christian Bloch delivered 5 tracks of a mixture of Dopplereffekt-like electro and 80's vocoder electro-disco. Hit!

electro bass ep


Artist : Audio Sonic Crew 

Label : City Beat Records 

electro bass ep / 12"

This is an ep of old sounding electro grooves and although they're really one of the best quality we've ever heard. There's certainly a lot of enthusiasm on here. Limited to 300 copies. See what you think..!



Artist : Audio Sonic Crew / Electrodefender 

Label : City Beat Records 

untitled / 12"

Phat old school vocoder electro from Germany ! Classic and timeless release from the Audiosonic Crew and Electrodefender. Rare nowadays..!

zukunft / erlösung


Artist : Audiodakt 

Label : NLW 

zukunft / erlösung / 7"

NLW label discovered and publishes the first 2-track single of this mysterious project Audiodakt from Germany. Twice magnifying glass-pure minimal electro sound, how one knows it from the early 80's and loves.

humble beginnings


Artist : Audiowerk 

Label : Elektrolux 

humble beginnings / 12"

Review to come..!



Artist : Ausgang Verboten 

Label : Genetic Music 

entertainment / LP

Forgotten beauty from the past released on Genetic Music label twenty years after the original tape-release in '84. The music is a mixture between Kraftwerk, Suicide Commando and Absolute Body Control. An analogue dry pure synthetic dance. Buy or die !

threat / lost soul


Artist : Ausschwitss 

Label : Eirkti 

threat / lost soul / 7"

Punk / new-wave band formed in 1981 in Patissia, Athens, Greece. On 13/2/1982 they performed live for their 1st time at Aretousa Club (Athens) along with Stress & Guillotine. With a number of live gigs (mainly at Sophita (Athens) where they played their own songs (lyrics mainly in Greek) and a number of The Clash, Damned, The Ramones covers. They recorded only a few live recordings and a demo with 2 songs released here on Eirkti. In 1983 they became The Hands Of Cain.



Artist : Autobot-1000 

Label : Hoodwink 

ab-1k / 12"

Released in 2001 on the electro US label Hoodwink this five-tracks EP is a combination of old school Detroit electro in a modern Aux 88 style. Dope !

the techno robotic ep


Artist : Autobot-1000 

Label : Hoodwink 

the techno robotic ep / 12"

Released in 2001 on the electro US label Hoodwink, this 5-track EP is a combination of old school Detroit electro in a modern Aux 88 style. Dope !

alias modifié ep


Artist : Automat 

Label : Sounds Around 

alias modifié ep / 12"

Review to come..!

les composants


Artist : Automat / Two Lines 

Label : Leitmotiv 

les composants / 12"

This compilation features "Lesson One" which is the huge debut track from Franch artist Automat (aka Raphael Vendramini) taken from the maxi ep "Les Composants" released in 2002 on Stephanovitch's Leitmotiv imprint. You can't help shaking your head with this extremely lively track in a pure dope electro vein. "Computer Revenge" is more Detroit techno orientated. The last track from Two Lines (aka Hessian & Robot95) is a kind of breaking electro with an acidic touch. Terrible ;)



Artist : Automelodi 

Label : Wierd Records 

untitled / LP

Self-titled debut lp from Montreal's Automelodi (aka Xavier Paradis) who has long garnered a cult underground following with his solo minimal synth project Arnaud Lazlaud active in Canada since the late 90's. Automelodi (formed in 2006) combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines to create a truly idiosyncratic, cerebrally sophisticated, and elegantly composed album of modern minimal electronic music.. Highly unique for a North American band in 2010, Automelodi proudly embraces the infinitely rich ground of French pop musical influences, classic French cold-wave & minimal synth, and early UK new-wave. The album carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo pop trax with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably melancholic downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the mix, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French. As is often the case within French literature, poetry, and pop musical history the freely associative, intuitive and often dreamlike play of language and the voice is of prime importance to the band. And indeed for the English-speaking listener in particular, the vocals function as an additional flowing and soaring instrument in the mix as well as a mysteriously mediating force that provocatively obscure the lyrical narratives at work, while carefully playing off of both the icily detached guitars and the warmly, organic electronics. An amazing balancing act it is, and negociating this plethora of conflicting forces within the record is quite an exciting sonic event to experience... welcome to the world of Automelodi ;)

surlendemains acides


Artist : Automelodi 

Label : Electric Voice Records 

surlendemains acides / LP

'Surlendemains Acides' is the 2nd full length from Xavier Paradis' project Automelodi. As with Automelodi's past efforts, this sophomore LP does offer a nod to obscure 80/90's European electronic music—artists such as Trisomie 21 and Grauzone among others—but the main focus of the arrangements, melodies and production on 'Surlendemains Acides' is to frame and carry the album's very dense and personal lyrical universe: a bittersweet, angular path, haunted by shades of anxiety and disenchantment. These themes translate especially well through Paradis' cold, yet shimmering French vocals, to create a listening experience with both unusual depth and levity. As Paradis clearly moves towards straightforward songcraft on this latest effort, the Automelodi project is elevated beyond a brilliant work of post modern electronic music to become a true stand-out within the broader context of popular music.



Artist : Automelodi / Xarah Dion 

Label : Visage Musique 

split / 7"

Last 7" in a serie of 4 split releases. Here the Montreal based label Visage Musique gets together with 2 of their home artists : producer, composer, songwriter Xarah Dion works on the verge of minimal wave. Dion's well-received first LP 'Le Mal Nécessaire' (2014) brought her to widely tour Europe. The Automelodi project is elevated beyond a brilliant work of post modern electronic music to become a true stand-out within the broader context of popular music. Limited edition of 150 !



Artist : Autumn 

Label : Minimal Wave 

synthesize / LP

The 27th release on Minimal Wave is Autumn's 'Synthesize' LP, selections from the band's best material. Autumn was the legendary project of Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens, 2 Belgian teenagers who started experimenting with the potentials of analog synthesizers during the late 70's and formed a band together soon after in 1980, quickly becoming one of the most truly visionary groups to emerge from the synth scene in Europe. The album is titled after their "Synthesize" single which was recorded along with its b-side "The Third Autumn" in 1981 in a professional 24 track studio in only 7 hours. Both songs became modest summer hits in Belgian dance clubs in 1982, and the release been highly sought after ever since. Considering how young Autumn were when they recorded these songs, the production is very impressive. These multi-layered synth-pop gems are catchy, danceable and definitely ahead of their time. "I Say You Hello" has been described as an amazing piece of synth music with insanely catchy vocals, an incredible bass line and some mind-melting analog patterns. Essential 2014 repress in translucent green vinyl !

il grillo e la formica


Artist : Avida 

Label : Creme Organization 

il grillo e la formica / 12"

The Avida project was conceived by Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) in 1981. Avida's music can be described as cabaret-dance, the structures were intentionally primitive, often made on cheap electronics. The vocals , inspired on early 60's italian singers such as Edoardo Vianello, had an appealing mix of trash and humour. Listen !

ferienzeit / traurige delfine


Artist : AvonRim 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

ferienzeit / traurige delfine / 7"

Here is another release in the great series of F.K.K.-Musik. Basically if you are looking for some contemporary minimal electro / minimal-synth / whatever do not look further as this series. And even in between all the other nice releases already released in this series AvonRim 7" is super!

feel it right (pt.2)


Artist : Axodry 

Label : Westside 

feel it right (pt.2) / 12"

Synth-pop duo from germany this is a second version of their kult track from '85. Original copies.

feel it right


Artist : Axodry 

Label : Westside 

feel it right / 12"

Axodry (aka Ralf Heinrich & Andreas Tomalla also member of Micro Cheap League & Two Of China) released in 1984 this classic italo / synth-pop gem. Rock don't stop ;)



Artist : Axodry 

Label : Dark Entries 

you / 12"

Axodry was the duo of Andreas 'Talla 2XLC' Tomalla and Ralf 'Ra/Hen' Henrich formed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1982. The 2 met at City Music record store where Talla 2XLC worked and supplied the local Dj scene with dance 12"s. From 1984 to 1991 they released 6 maxi 12" singles. Both members were leading figures in the European electronic scene during the 80's and 90's, forming bands like Bigod 20, Tribantura, Micro Chip League, Moskwa TV, Pluuto and Robotiko Rejekto. In 1988 they released the maxi 12" single "You" on ZYX Records/Combeat. Influenced by Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and John Foxx, the duo crafted their own brand of industrial, synth-pop and EBM. Their basic set up for recording songs at RaHen's home studio was a Moog Rouge, Roland SH-101, Teisco synthesizer, Linn Drum and Fricke sequencer. Ra/Hen tackles vocal duties and sings about longing for a lost love. Included on this reissue are the 'Beauty & The Beat Mix' and 'Beasty Dub Mix' from the 1988 single. On the flip is the slightly sped up 'Razormaid Remix', performed by Art Maharg and Joseph Watt, that originally appeared on the 'Welcome To The Technodrome' compilation in 1989. Also included is "Mechanic", originally released in 1991 as the B-side for their final single "Losing You". The record comes in a sleeve featuring the original black and blue cover art with hand-painted typography by Dr. Draw, The Gruesome Grapholoic. Each copy includes a postcard with with notes. What Else Is There To Say?

novels for the moons


Artist : Axxess 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

novels for the moons / LP

Reissue of the essential 'Novels For The Moons' by Axxess. Originally released in 1983, Axxess is the brainchild of French multimedia artist Patrick Mimran. Heavily influenced by German electronic pioneers Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk, Mr. Mimran commissioned the German engineer Andreas Bahrdt to build a custom complex synthesizer which eventually materialized into a 16 voice analog synthesizer of genius proportions. Andreas had previously designed a less elaborate prototype for Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream fame. What then came to life as the product of Patrick's imagination and this unique machine is a spectacular array of 15 sequenced instrumentals. The opener "When The Lips Fly High" sets the stage for the labyrinthine polyrhythms that will enchant and enrapture the listener for the duration of the album. While most tracks have an upbeat driving vibe, others have a synth-heavy low-key subdued aspect as well. The album has been described in some circles as having cosmic qualities. Occasional resemblances to 70's horror synth soundtracks could also be appreciated but with a more intricate song structure of layered intertwining sequenced patterns (such as in the track "Dancing Shadows"). This long out of print beautiful artifact features original reproduction sleeve art featuring the mysterious and eye-dazzling original painting that donned the original Lp. Included is a 2-sided insert featuring an interview and profile of Axxess by Dave Segal and color photos of the infamous 'Le Bart' synth used to create this masterpiece. High-quality 180gr. yellow vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies.

winny on tour / in der gruft


Artist : AY! 

Label : Kernkrach 

winny on tour / in der gruft / 7"

Originaly recorded and 1st released in 1989 on Sid Records. Pure minimal-synth at its best with Roland SH-101, Yamaha CS-90, Yamaha CS-15, Roland TR-808, Roland MC-202, ARP Axxe, Casio CZ 500. Comes in hand-made sleeve with an info sheet glued on the back. Limited to 150 numbered copies only..!

la noche (the night)


Artist : Azul Y Negro 

Label : Mercury 

la noche (the night) / 12"

Azul y Negro founded in 1981 by Carlos G. Vaso (a multi instrumentalist,songwriter and producer) & Joaquin Montoya from Spain, released in 1982 their major hit "The Night (La Noche)". Nice original electro italo-synth ;)

beyond the dreams there


Artist : Azure Blue 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

beyond the dreams there's infinite doubt / rule of thirds / 2x12"

Azure Blue's debut album 'Rule Of Thirds' is special because different from the usual early 80's or contemporary minimal-synth or coldwave related releases sold there. This album is simply so special, so utterly beautiful, soft, sublime, emotional and touching. A warm melange of electro-pop, new-wave, shoegaze, or maybe simply termed dream pop as some like to call it, with incredibly strong, catchy yet deep pop songs throughout the album with no drop outs at all... When suddenly the follow-up album 'Beyonds The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt' was announced, with its 1st single "The Road I Know", what a masterpiece of melancholic synth/dream pop so Anna Logue Records couldn't do otherwise than officially expressing their wish to release this on quality vinyl, adding the debut album for a vinyl premiere. So, Azure Blue is the retro-modern synthpop project from Tobias Isaksson (Irene, Laurel Music and Hybris record label), from Stockholm, Sweden, co-produced by studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist Claes Björklund (playing with Travis and who's recorded everyone from A-Ha to Ron Sexsmith). There is hardly a person with a beating heart that would not love Azure Blue, so do yourself a favour and get this high quality double vinyl package with beautiful high quality music, limited to 500 copies.

early years 1979-1984


Artist : B-Movie 

Label : New Romantic Records 

early years 1979-1984 / 2x12"

Fantastic 17 track double album of early material from this "futuristic" new-wave band that was immortalized on the 1981 'Some Bizarre' album. In this double blue vinyl collection are the early works of B-Movie containing the best songs from the Dead Good Tapes plus many tracks only in existence from BBC Sessions. The early version of "Remembrance Day", "Nowhere Girl", "Aeroplanes & Mountains" give a great insight to how the band later reworked these songs. Also included on this is the full version of the "Marilyn Dreams", "Moles", "All Fall Down". Most of these songs have not been available on vinyl and lot of them never been part of any compilation or album. This is a great snapshot into a band that worked tirelessly cutting through the cheeky UK pop scene of the 80's. Early alternative holy grail !

rock the world


Artist : B.O.S.E. 

Label : Rock Well 

rock the world / LP

Classic oldschool electro killer album from Miami producers B.O.S.E. with cool samples and vocoder (Kraftwerk "Tour de France", Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock"). Limited essential release !

life in a goldfish bowl


Artist : Baard 

Label : Genetic Music 

life in a goldfish bowl / 7"

30 years anniversary reissue of this cult-classic minimal synth killin 7" from Sweden. Baard began his musical career in 1982 with the single "Life In A Goldfish Bowl" released under the name Baard, a synth-punk fusion project he had formed together with 2 female striptease dancers. He has since claimed that he spent the Baard years living as a male prostitute in Amsterdam. Baard later had some minor success as Barbie, which saw Baard in drag singing dance-oriented pop. After abandoning work on a 2nd Barbie album, he formed Army Of Lovers with 2 of Barbie's entourage, Jean-Pierre Barda and La Camilla. Army Of Lovers had over 20 Pan-European hits, the biggest being "Crucified", "Obsession" and "Sexual Revolution", while their presence in the US and the UK was limited to repeated club chart successes. They released 5 studio albums, made over 20 music videos, and became phenomenally successful across Eastern Europe, before Baard disbanded the group in 1996. Army Of Lovers have later earned a widespread iconic status in the gay culture, often referred to as a perfect example of the postmodern take on the ideals of camp. Tip !!!



Artist : Babel 17 

Label : Lively Art 

shades / 10"

Hard-edged French coldwave act Babel 17, who officially formed in 1989. Members of the band had been playing together under various names since 1983, scrapping, rewriting, and experimenting with songs and ideas before settling upon their official name and sound. The first incarnation's drummer would go on to join Little Nemo, who helped the newly formed Babel 17 land a record contract with the prestigious Lively Art label. The band released 2 albums and a series of singles before splitting in 1993, just as their peers were folding and Lively Art closed its doors. The band was rumored to have a 3rd album all ready for release before Lively Art folded. Fluctuating between batcave vocals and sometimes rythmic and swinging coldwave in a Cocteau Twins style. Tip !

celeano fragments


Artist : Babel 17 

Label : Desire Records 

celeano fragments / LP

Hard-edged French coldwave act Babel 17 officially formed in 1989. Members of the band had been playing together under various names since 1983, scrapping, rewriting, and experimenting with songs and ideas before settling upon their official name and sound. The first incarnation's drummer would go on to join Little Nemo, who helped the newly formed Babel 17 land a record contract with the prestigious Lively Art label (And Also The Trees, Little Nemo, Asylum Party..). The band 2 albums and a series of singles before splitting in 1993, just as their peers were folding and Lively Art closed its doors. Released in 1990, 'Celeano Fragments' is now reissued on vinyl for the 1st time. For fans of Clan Of Xymox, The Danse Society, New Order, Trisomie 21, Asylum Party.. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

early recordings


Artist : Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

early recordings / 2xCD

Retrospective double CD featuring Roger Semsroth (aka Skanfrom) on synthesisers. The CD's feature tracks from the "First Demo" tape, 1996 (not on label), from "Scheintod Gaswaffen" tape, 1997 (A.D.S.R.), from "Sleepless" CD-r, 1998 (White Head Records), from "A.D.S.R. 007" lp, 1999 (A.D.S.R.), from "A.D.S.R. 002" tape (lim. 20), 1997 (A.D.S.R.) as well as 15 previously unreleased tracks. In their early days, they were pretty much influenced by industrial music (like bands such as De Fabriek, Dive, The Klinik), and, of course, there’s also tracks already leading to where Roger released alone as Skanfrom. The booklet includes liner notes by Genetic Music and both Uwe and Roger. Complete Masterpiece...

in grief


Artist : Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

in grief / 12"

Absolute fantastic new release by Bakterielle Infektion. Like Le Syndicat Electronique on a early Front 242 trip... Dark but poppy... industrial but catchy... simply some of the best contemporary electro releases of 2011..!



Artist : Bal Pare 

Label : Minimal Wave 

untitled / 7"

4 song 7"ep by legendary German band Bal Paré. The band was formed in 1980 by Kirsten Klemm, Manfred Asmus and Matthias Schuster. Schuster, the brainchild behind the band, is also known for these projects : Geisterfahrer, Im Namen Des Volkes, Jeanette Und Das Land Z and Das Institut. The 4 songs were recorded between 1981 and 1984 and are all previously unreleased. The songs range from really original, danceable dark synth with an early industrial feel to warmer synth-pop. On colored vinyl with a hand silk screened heavy card stock jacket, a beautiful release, limited to 600 numbered copies...



Artist : Bal Pare 

Label : NLW 

sommerwind / 10"

Bal Paré was originally active between 1980 and 1989 (if even under aliases) and founded in Hamburg by Matthias Schuster (aka Im Namen Des Volkes & Geisterfahrer), Kirsten Klemm and Jan T. Krahn. They created some of the most beautiful analogue electro-pop songs ever (“Palais d’Amour”, “Les Mots”, “Rien Ne Va plus”) and now Matthias has revived the project (if only solo) and fortunately (and also incredible) he was 100% able to capture the original sound and atmosphere while concentrating on the catchy side of things, thus creating the perfect Bal Paré record with 6 of his wonderful tracks ever ! To cut the short : perfect analogue electro-pop with most beautiful synth sounds and melodies and drum machine. A Must Have for everyone, limited to 500 copies !

early recordings


Artist : Bal Pare 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

early recordings / LP

Medical Records presents a hand-picked selection of the early recordings of Germany's Bal Paré. The band started as Jeanette & Das Land Z in 1981 with a 7" on Konkurrenz Rec./ Phonogram which included 2 cover versions ("Raumpatrouille" soundtrack from a weird science fiction TV series and 60's Grand Prix Eurovision number one hit, "Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son" by France Gall.). The 7" became an underground hit. Members were Kirsten Klemm (vocals), Jan T. Krahn (synthesizer) & Matthias Schuster (synthesizer, beatbox). The band changed their name to Bal Paré and begin recording independently. In addition, drummer Jürgen Weiss joined the band. The band name was based on the song "Es War Beim Bal Paré" from the German chansonette Hildegard Knef, which was a musical influence beside bands like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo, etc. The 1st Bal Paré LP 'Hamburg-Paris-Catania' was released in 1982 on Konkurrenz Records. The members performed under witty pseudonyms for that record. Since they had a large fanbase in Sweden, the 2nd release ('Metamorphose') came out in Stockholm on the Krautrock label. Around this time, a new member Manfred Asmus joined on keyboards and programming and Jan T. Krahn and Jürgen Weiss had left the band. There were many tracks produced during this time that ended up unreleased. Much of the material from this selection of tracks were culled from unreleased sessions from the 80's with Manfred Asmus (and subsequently also collected on the 'Best Of' CD only release in 1996 on Tatra Records). Interestingly there was only one gig by Bal Paré in Hamburg with Apoptygma Berzerk and Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. Due to requests since 2000, Matthias Schuster has reformed Bal Paré and has released several new records with much success. The original 2 LP's are long out of print and demand very high prices on the collectors market. This is the 1st time this collection has been reissued on vinyl. The opening track "Rien" is a perfect display of what synth-pop is modeled after. Rich lead synth textures, male/female interplayed vocals, and electronic percussion. Though the entire record flows with ease and captivates the listener from beginning to end, other standout tracks include "Palais D'Amour", "Die Idioten" and "Meilleur Du Monde". This collection is absolutely crucial for fans of early new-wave such as Deux, Moderne, Performance and other similar acts of the genre. The tracks have been lovingly restored by Matthias Schuster. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight red/clear vinyl.

premature ejaculation


Artist : Bangkok Impact 

Label : Crème Organization 

premature ejaculation / 12"

Bangkok Impact back on Creme and in style with a belter of a nu-disco track. "Premature Ejaculation" reminds of french 70's space disco but with signature Bangkok Impact production. Flip for "You Are Rubber I Am Glue" slightly laidback but will sound equally massive on a big system. Best Bangkok Impact release on Creme since the Masters Of The Universe ep... Choose it eyes wide shut :-D

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