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Artist : Philippe Laurent 

Label : Serendip 

cassettes / LP

Reissue from the French electronic wizard, Philipppe Laurent alias Hot Bip. Media artist Philippe Laurent is a pioneer of electronic music, a French Kraftwerk who recently stepped into the limelight thanks to Minimal Wave's re-issue of his music. He now grants us with an album in the same vein. As indicated in the title, the tracks were gathered from rare tapes released between 1980 and 1985. You will find here all that makes the charm of his music: ethereal synthetic tunes, syncopated rhythm boxes, minimal but lively TB303 basslines that sound poetically futuristic and herald techno music, acid and IDM. Vinyl edition limited to 500 copies.



Artist : Philippe Laurent 

Label : Peripheral Minimal 

mithra / 12"

While a newcomer to the label, Laurent is an established multi-media artist well-known for his work in fields ranging from plastic arts and music to graphic and digital codes. He has been active in the electronic music scene for decades, first emerging from the French underground in the early 80's. However, in recent years, his music has been discovered by a whole new audience of appreciative listeners. This is due in large part to key reissues and new releases of Laurent's archival material, beginning with his popular 2011 full-length vinyl LP on US label Minimal Wave, which was followed by releases around the globe on labels such as Electric Voice, Girouette and Serendip. While Laurent historically has executed much of his musical production under the pseudonym Hot-Bip (a name also used as the title of a 1983 cassette release), the 'Mithra' ep is presented instead under his given name. The 4-song release, which is comprised entirely of new material from the present day, includes 2 different versions of the title track as well as 2 versions of "La Tentation De Saint Antoine". Defying genre-specific categorization, these songs incorporate influences from techno, electro and synth-pop while sounding starkly contemporary and capturing a beautiful subtlety of sound. Philippe's general approach to art is one of research, specifically in addressing perception of signs and symbols. In conjunction with this research, he has always remained open to new technologies, whether composing musical works or creating graphic designs. This tendency is on full display in the 'Mithra' ep, where complex electronic sound design creates a densely synthesized backdrop for hard-hitting, dancefloor-friendly beats. All of this is accompanied by unusual vocal additions (both human and otherworldly) that range from ethereal whispers to robotic, Kraftwerk-styled enunciations. With the 'Mithra' ep, Philippe Laurent has created resolutely original electronic music for modern times. Indeed, the ep reveals an artist with an incredible history working at the height of his impressive skills. Limited edition of 500 copies on grey solid-colored vinyl, with a sleeve designed by Laurent himself & Oleg Galay.



Artist : Philippe Laurent 

Label : Peripheral Minimal 

phoenix / 12"

New 12" by the French electronic pioneer Philippe Laurent entitled 'Phoenix'. A 3-track ep featuring 2 brand new tracks on A-side "Phoenix" and "Agapao". Meanwhile over on B-side, we have the 13-minute electronic opus and highly representative of his early work "Exposition 4", a never before released track from Philippe's extensive archive, and recorded in 1982. The ep is representative of Philippe's latest forays into contemporary synth music, but still with a retro futurist edge and influenced partly by German pioneers Kraftwerk / late 70's kosmische and electro / synthwave acts, fitting into the current enthusiasm for early 80's synth pop and minimal wave. The ep is presented on white vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

considérations inactuelles


Artist : Philippe Laurent / Airworld 

Label : Schwerkraft Records 

considérations inactuelles / LP

This album is a tribute to the world of Richard Pinhas / Heldon with 2 distinct visions. Performed by Philippe Laurent, one of the pioneers of electronic music in France since the late 70's, the 1st side is a long piece of deep and ambient techno, while Airworld, on the 2nd side, fly over larger territories between krautrock, repetitive electronic and ambient landscape. Enter the tale, and fly in these desert parts.



Artist : Philippe Laurent / HNN 

Label : Electric Voice Records 

split / 12"

Multi-media artist Philippe Laurent, well known for his 'Hot-Bip' project excavated by Minimal Wave in 2011, is paired with contemporary minimal electronic mastermind HNN on this maxi 12" split single. Laurent's side was originally released in 1982 on the rare K7 Kunstaustellung which has seen a meticulous remaster from our mastering house Polyphasic Studios. "Exposition 1" translates Laurent's precision with his design work into a symmetrical and well balanced sound for his time. Another French composer, Gregg Anthe, is featured on the flip side with a collaboration with Electric Voice artists' and friends Jeff & Jane Hudson. They offer an invaluable musical score to the politics of the world we live in. Limited to 500 copies..

exposition 3


Artist : Philippe Laurent / Xeno & Oaklander 

Label : Girouette Records 

exposition 3 / 12"

Girouette Records presents tracks selected from the early works of the French electronic music pioneer Philippe Laurent: "Exposition 3" & "Rapide 1", these 2 gems from 1982 are out for the very 1st time on vinyl, after being remastered from the original tapes by the talented label Minimal Wave. The major cold-wave New Yorker duet Xeno & Oaklander brings a 2nd heart to this record, with a wild and breathless cover version of "Exposition 3" taking us with a night driving analogue bass and a surgical 8 o' 8 beat to intriguing cinematographic landscapes. Limited to 500 copies on 180gr transparent vinyl..

youth and immortality


Artist : Phosphor 

Label : Desire Records 

youth and immortality / LP

Phosphor were formed in London in 2011, originally consisting of Nathalie Bruno on vocals and synth, Jake Ambridge on guitar, the duo then later teamed up with Hélčne de Thoury who now is on synth and backing vocals. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Sixth June, Fever Ray, HTRK, Linear Movement, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Phosphor have written and produced 3 eps in the past few years. Self releasing 'Blossom / Cold Hearted', a broody, shoe-gaze soaked ep produced by Ryan Ambridge, and 'To Never Love Again', which was self produced and reminiscent of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins, and 'Fear', which was voted one of the top 20 eps of 2012 by Burning Flame. Along side the eps Phosphor have also produced 2 slow and haunting singles, "Numb" and "Influx". Their debut album 'Youth And Immortality', released by Desire, was inspired by the confusion and desolation of living in the city, constant battles with the troubled mind and an obsession with beautifully dark sounding music. Creating a bitter, melancholy atmosphere whilst morphing menacing synths into something of great pop beauty.. 2nd pressing on black vinyl and download coupon. Big Tip !!

star gazing


Artist : Pixelated Vision 

Label : Scsi-Av 

star gazing / 12"

This is one sizeable mini-album, 8 tracks spanning a palette of bassy electro-funk comparable to Carl Craig, Pamétex and MMM. An irresistible package of ready and extremely tuff club joints.. Don't pass this one ;)

att lämna allt för inget


Artist : Planet 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

att lämna allt för inget / LP

Dödsdans Rekords present the debut vinyl of Planet. After a secret gig at Kollaps Records early in 2014, where the debut cassette quickly sold out, there has been a lot of talk about this magical minimal synth-pop outfit. Now the vinyl is ready gathering 7 new tracks into a real killer album. Limited edition of 250 copies.

I didn't know I loved you (till I saw you rock & roll)


Artist : Planet Patrol 

Label : Electro Nation 

I didn't know I loved you (till I saw you rock & roll) / 12"

Produced and organized by early hip-hop impresarios Arthur Baker and John Robie, Planet Patrol walked an intriguing line between electro and the classic Motown sound. The quintet of vocalists (led by Herb Jackson) only produced few tracks, but this one belongs to the few classic anthem of the oldschool electro-funk era.

the end


Artist : Plastic Dolls 

Label : Eirkti 

the end / 2x7"

Talking about artfully existent sound-labyrinths within restlessly, inspired artistic minds. Inspired artistic minds which based on their deviation, properly exemplify the ambience of an era that was once under progress. Inspired minds that via their work leave an imprinted mark of a musical scene that was once under-formulation while it has long been established now. Plastic Dolls stood for one of those musical minds. They formed a discreetly significant group that substantially contributed to the Greek 80's underground new-wave sound. The original 7" single was released in 1984 through their own Violent Crime Records label; Plastic Dolls were an important act with a strong live appearance. Beautiful moments of an intense youth, when inspiration frequently occurred during a live show when the band played absolutely songs never to be re-performed and ultimately recorded. Fortunately for all music aficionados out there, apart from the new romantic electronic track "Don't Forget Me" and the intense dark wave song titled "The End" (both songs included in the foregoing sole release of the group and which re-appear in the present edition), there were additional musical syntheses included in a long-forgotten tape that was recorded almost 3 decades ago. "Feel Me Now" and "It's Just A Romantic Sound", 2 clearly straightforward new-wave romantic songs, suddenly see the light of day and reveal the direction to which the group was headed before it finally disbanded. 2 additional unreleased tracks which we hope that you'll enjoy as much as we do. Comes in a strong gatefold cover and in 500 hand-written copies. WTF** !!

hard working people


Artist : Plastic Planet 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

hard working people / LP

Dödsdans Rekords is very proud to present this album by the fantastic Plastic Planet hailing from the south of Sweden. The Lp is called 'Hard Working People' and the songs were recorded between 1992-2002. This is a true masterpiece, for us a record as good as: Rational Youth or Experimental Products, yes really that good..!

message from machines


Artist : Plastic Sleeves 

Label : Down Low Music 

message from machines / 12"

Superb modern minimal wave electro 12" by Plastic Sleeves. Powerfull synth lines with dark energizing melodies. Strongly minimal. Put your earphones and have a nice flight ! Killer Creativity. The future is defined here. Get it quick ! For Robots Only !!!

red movies


Artist : Play 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

red movies / LP

Singles collection by UK's Play as the 2nd in a series of crucial reissues from the Survival Records imprint. Play was made up of Wayne Kennedy & David Rome, and all of their output was released on Survival (home to Drinking Electricity, Hard Corps, and Richard Bone). David Rome previously had worked with the recently passed Martin Lloyd in the group Analysis (later evolved into Oppenheimer Analysis) as well as was the founding member of Drinking Electricity along with Anne-Marie Heighway. Play released 3 singles between 1982-1984, and a compilation LP 'Red Movies' in 1985 (which compiled a majority of the singles but not all). All of these singles are now out of print and collectable. The Medical Records reissue of 'Red Movies' is complete with 2 extra tracks not featured on the 1985 compilation LP including 3 remixes. Play can be best described as perfect moody synth-pop. The songs exude excellent synth work by both members as well as the sprinkled in jagged/angular guitar work by David Rome (so well illustrated on the Drinking Electricity output) reminiscent of UK post-punk. The songs also tend to lean towards new romantic at times but are more sparse yet dynamic. The LP features preserved original front cover art (of the UK version as the Japanese version was slightly different). Back cover art is slightly modified to include updated credits and additional photos of Wayne Kennedy. Pressed on high quality 180gr 'half & half' colored vinyl (blue and red) in a limited edition. Pffffeeewww!



Artist : Pleasure Symbols 

Label : Avant! 

untitled / 12"

Pleasure Symbols from Brisbane, Australia is the post punk/synth duo project of Phoebe Paradise & Jasmine Dunn. Desolate but not devoid, Pleasure Symbols engulf honest pop music under a sea of slowed, cold synth and bass. Ritualistic vocals perpetually conveying a sense of desperation, but not without fortitude, the bands unembellished restraint continually on show. This self-titled 4-song debut 12" ep is limited to 500 copies !



Artist : Plexiglas 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / 7"

3 crazy minimal analogue songs by this obscure 80's German trios. The highlight goes to "Tanz!" wich is simply a hit ! Extremely strong, dancable, modern and at the same time minimalistic. Superb !

februari - april '81


Artist : Plus Instruments 

Label : Poutre Apparente 

februari - april '81 / LP

What an amazing album this is ! Plus Instruments on this debut LP from 1981 is Truus de Groot from Holland with the drummer from Rhys Chatman's band and Lee Ranaldo, who played in the ensemble of Glenn Branca back then and a little later joined Sonic Youth. Musically this is minimal music but turned pop without loosing the edgy side of things. Maybe the missing link between Silver Apples and DAF ? True Classic!!

world invaders


Artist : Pluton & Humanoids 

Label : Private Records 

world invaders / 12"

One of the highlights in electronic disco! Produced by 2 Canadians (Michel Bibeau & P. Perpall) back in 1981 this record sounds still fresh as 30 years ago! Unfortunately the repress is only a small batch of 372 copies, and its not sure if we'll ever gonna get a repress. Be fast ;)

pity for the self or we'll teach you to dance


Artist : Poésie Noire 

Label : Antler Records 

pity for the self or we'll teach you to dance / 12"

Controversial electro-wave band of the 80's. One of Belgiums most disputed groups, who are characterized by a huge productivity and a constant urge for change. Their intellectualist "wave" music (how else could you describe a group who names their Best Of "Existential Despair, Metaphysical Distress, Onthological Ungludation and Cosmic Meltdown") ensured them a small but stable following. Later on they evolved into more electronic and dance-oriented music, influenced by the underground success of the pioneer-band Front 242. Nice mini-album, EBM and new-beat orientated. Take some time to listen to it ;)

taste of candy


Artist : Poésie Noire 

Label : Antler-Subway 

taste of candy / 7"

Poésie Noire was a great Belgian band. They won the Belgian rock contest Breekend in 1985. In the next year the group played support to Dead Can Dance and the Sisters of Mercy and also a lot of gigs on their own. From that point the saga continued... Originally the Poésie Noire had 7 members, but soon there were only 3, Johan Casters, Marianne Valvekens & Herman Gillis. On this 7", the band delivered us an imaginative stroll through cinematic music, where the keyboards gently peck at you and the rhythm flutters its eyelids...

the echoes fade


Artist : Poeme Electronique 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the echoes fade / 7"

This fantastic little 7" is not a mere reissue of Počme Electronique's one and only vinyl release from 1982: Anna Logue Records managed to track down the band's composer, who entirely remixed both songs, infusing them with new life and power... Neo-romantic-electronic-pop at its best. Highly recommended !

the echoes fade


Artist : Poeme Electronique 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the echoes fade / 2x12"

Poeme Electronique was Dave Hewson (synthesisers, production), Sharon Abbott (lyrics, lead and backing vocals), Julie Ruler (backing vocals) and Les Hewson (bass), formed in 1980 by Dave Hewson in South London, UK, in 1980. This deluxe 2xlp vinyl album comprises 16 tracks of which 14 have never been published before. "The Echoes Fade" and "Voice" are the original versions taken off their original 7" from 1982. The album cannot be described other than being a masterpiece and one of the best-ever early 80's electro-pop records ever, and it surely has to be lined up with Rational Youth or Experimental Products’ cult albums. Truly, they had deserved to go on the successful path like Depeche Mode, OMD or Soft Cell, but fate was against them as it seems. Here you will find minimal electro-pop super hits like "Rendezvous", "She’s An Image", "Fragile", or "Dilemma"; hauntingly beautiful melancholic tracks like "A Mourner’s Lament", "This Night" or "It’s In The Atmosphere"; darkest minimal electronics on "Inside His Head"; and even more poppier tracks like "Follow". This record will hopefully be loved by any electronic music lover. So now it's up to you to give the band their final glory. Limited to 500 essential copies !



Artist : Poeme Electronique 

Label : Attractive! 

she's an image / 7"

Počme Electronique is Dave Hewson (synthesisers, production), Sharon Abbott (lyrics, lead and backing vocals), Julie Ruler (backing vocals), formed in 1980 in South London, UK. Dave was studying music and as a rare kind of student species he had a deep fascination for new-wave and electronic music thus also playing and recording electronic music ever since the late. For this latest 7" single release on the Attractive! label, Dave has remixed "She's An Image", which was originally featured on the album, here giving it a bit more 'drive' for optimal performance on the dancefloor. Lyrics-wise Sharon depicts how it felt like being a punk girl in the early 80's and the social problems arising from just trying to be different. On the flipside we find "Rubber Dollies", a previously unreleased track from their extensive early 80's archives that deals with sleazy sex shop/toys topics and comes along as a powerful electro-pop tune with a disco touch. Limited edition of 500 solid pink vinyl. Not to be missed!



Artist : Poetica Grotesque 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

untitled / LP

This is a collection of old tape-hits from the Falun synth poets Poetica Grotesque (later known as Blipp!). Falun the town that raised the famous Arvid Tuba (a friend of the band). This is good old synth-pop mixed with some heavier rhythmic body music! Limited edition of 200 copies. Tip!!

russian milk at the bowling


Artist : Poladroid / Iko 

Label : Data Records 

russian milk at the bowling / LP

Data Records was founded in 2001 in Belgium to provide the basic support for young and promising electronic music artists. The 1st release here, started when 2 cold front agents arose. 2 units who had devoted their potential to the development of sonic insinuations. Poladroďd (aka Vladimir Volkoff) and Ikko (aka Nicolas Ledoux),(also founders of Roulette Rekordz), delivered 7 dark raw electro tracks with each there own distinctive style. Quality electronic music ;)

music for fireworks


Artist : Polar Praxis 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

music for fireworks / LP

In 1978, Philippe Genion started creating bands with all the friends that he was meeting in the train from Charleroi to Brussels, on the way to the rock concerts he went to several times per week. Many bands were created, among which Los Casios, The Presocratic Umbrellas, JTB, Confite Sonar... In the meantime, parallel to being involved in bands with other people, Genion, who had become S3 Evets, created 3 solo projects : A Finger Society, for pop electronic songs; The Penultimate Infinity, for arty projects, not only music but also painting, poems, writing and performances, and Polar Praxis for more serious and also industrial music. The only project that became prolific was Polar Praxis. In 1985, Polar Praxis released 'Musiques Pour Feux D'Artifice" on PIAS's Scarface sub-label, a 2 side/2 songs LP containing rythmic dance-like electronic music, which pre-figured the Dj's of the end of the 90's ! Later, Polar Praxis released a 2nd, and last, mini-album 'Fireworks', a collection of songs all titles "Music For Fireworks", repetitive music in the style and inspiration of Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Both were actually used as music for professional fireworks in Belgium and Europe. Fantastic re-issue limited to 500 copies..!

winter in polarius


Artist : Polarius 

Label : Crème Organization 

winter in polarius / 12"

6 tracker of old school sounds and simple yet effective grooves from Polarius (aka Legowelt), the opener "Nemo Airfield" has the classic nu groove synth stabs that have been used by everyone from Joey Beltram to Kenny Dope, creating a smooth reminder of the early days of house. The tracks all border either on the italo-disco tip favoured by Creme Organization or old-shool tributes, but the standouts are the lush Detroit style "On The Seaside" which is reminiscent of the brilliant Other People Place 12” on Clone with its deep and flowing pads and subtle almost trance like keys fading in and out, and the pure early New York vibe of "Up North" with its minimal yet intriguing melodies and simplified chords that play together in sync over the classic 909-esque beat. Check !

talking smack


Artist : Polarius 

Label : Bunker 

talking smack / LP

Sticking with the italo-disco flavour plus a tad of acid and some bass heavy 808 drums the 8 tracks compile the minimal yet varied work of Polarius. Check the opening acid gambit “Cash Money Boy" which dispenses with melody for a romp through the halcyon days of dance music, using just the essential ingredients to bring the old vibe out, strange voice samples and lo-fi production, vintage. "Bend The Bitch" rocks the floor as well, the semi distorted drums and lo-fi vibe is enhanced and used as part of the music, giving it an old feel, Ace Bunker !!!

jams in the key of smack


Artist : Polarius 

Label : Bunker 

jams in the key of smack / 12"

Fucked-up trax, raw, minimalistic and crazy produced by Legowelt. Filthy dirty oldskool Chicago tracks straight from the sewers of The Hague city.. Amazing..

the new coliseum (expanded)


Artist : Polaroid Kiss 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

the new coliseum (expanded) / LP+CD

New-wave electro-pop project by Brandun Reed, Ian Pickering and Sarah Blackwood (ex-Client, Dubstar). 'The New Coliseum (Expanded)', is a brand new 10 track compilation album & a prelude to the much anticipated full-length album 'Weakness Of The Beautiful Souls'. Collaborators & guest artists appearing on this album include Perry Bamonte (The Cure), Noah Warner (Film Composer), Martin Sköld (Kent) and Craig Grant (Union Of Knives). Including CD ;)

n'en parlons plus / un monde sans évasion possible


Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

n'en parlons plus / un monde sans évasion possible / 7"

Police Des Moeurs is a synth-pop band formed in 2010 in Montreal by Francis. Other members are Anouk (vocals) and Fred (analog synth geek). They play cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment toward a post technological and post ecological world. The world after the future. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. Nice, as usual on this Kernkrach sublabel ;)



Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Visage Musique 

untitled / 7"

Police Des Moeurs may be Alphaville's greatest export since Lemmy Caution and Anna Karina. The duo intuitively know when to let sequencers speak for themselves, when to chime in, and when to command their drum machines to play another remorseless fill. Best experienced while observing brutalist architecture, a worn existential paperback in your pocket. Limited edition of 200 on white vinyl ;)



Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / LP

Police Des Moeurs is a minimal synth-pop band formed in Montreal in 2010 and they give the francophone perspective on what Black Marble, Lust For Youth and Cold Showers did in English in 2012, as well as fitting in with the output of Lescop. Their debut full-length, after some quicky old out singles, is permeated by a cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment between the end of utopia and the final ecological disaster. The world after the future. Police Des Moeurs main influences and interests are underground aestheticisms (1979-1981), industrial transformations and the process of electrification, norms and deviance, nuclear and environmental anxiety as well as paranoia, secret agents, spies and political extremists. Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl !

ceux qui restent


Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Mannequin 

ceux qui restent / 2x12"

Montréal synth-punk quartet Police Des Moeurs returns on Mannequin Records with a brand new full length entitled 'Ceux Qui Restent', the most dynamic and incendiary record of the group's career, following the highly-acclaimed self-titled release from 2013. While the 1st effort was mostly about how we're all separate from each others, the 2nd one is all about to getting over it and trying to fight it. As vocalist and synth player Francis Dugas explains: 'most of the new LP is about links, love and caring (in PDM style, obviously). The title is 'Ceux qui restent', which means 'Those Who Stay' or something like that. Ceux qui vivent la tempęte jusqu'au bout.' Still raw, but more direct and minimal than the 1st LP, 2 tracks feature Pete from Dekoder on bass guitar. Double LP edition (limited to 250 copies) with the add of the 'Punk Tape' LP, previously released on cassette by Runstate. The 2nd LP contains covers of Chron Gen, Reagan Youth, The Headcoatees, Trotskids, Antisect, Anti-Cimex, Rudimentari Peni and Ludwig Von 88. Only 1 copy available !!!



Artist : Police Des Moeurs / Essaie Pas 

Label : Atelier Ciseaux 

split / 12"

The French label Atelier Ciseaux has released an awesome new split 12" that brings together Montreal's Police Des Moeurs, with the duet Essaie Pas, and fans of early European electronic music, coldwave, post-punk, etc., will find much to love here! Police Des Moeurs was formed in 2010 by Francis Dugas, and what began as a 'studio only' solo project quickly expanded when he added his friend Anouk to help with vocals. Since then, Police Des Moeurs has gone on to become a 4-piece, releasing ep's and split 7"'s on labels like Visage Musique and Atelier Ciseaux, before putting out a self-titled debut LP in 2013 via Mannequin. For their tracks, "Corps Invisible", "Je Te Montrerai", and "Ombre", the group essentializes the new-wave of sounds that came from Europe's electronic scene in the late 70's and early 80's, along the way referencing artists like Alexander Robotnick, Absolute Body Control, and Jean-Michel Jarre, to create an intoxicating nostalgia; and while often ultra-cool, sparse, and minimal, these tracks still pulse with sci-fi sensuality, as well as evocative, future-forward melodies! Essaie Pas also hail from Montreal, and the duo, formed in 2011, includes Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. While they mine similar sonic territory as their album-mates, on tracks like "De Menthe Liqueur Part ll", "Retox", and "CCAARRCCAAJJOOUU", Essaie Pas move in a more minimal techno direction, creating vintage club rhythms, itchy, paranoid melodic elements, and dryly delivered spoken vocals, for a music that bristles with dark, urban atmospheres, and late-night abandon! Vinyl copies of this record are limited to only 300, and it sounds like they are disappearing fast, so be sure to grab one while you still can!



Artist : Police Des Moeurs / Frank (Just Frank) 

Label : Visage Musique 

split / 7"

2nd installment in a series of 4 split 7" releases featuring a Visage Musique artist along with an international guest of their choice. For this edition, we bring you Police Des Moeurs's shiny new cut "La Politique De La Division" about the recent student uprising in Quebec along with "Les Belles Filles" by guest Frank (Just Frank). Whaoo!!

walking everywhere


Artist : Polyphonic Size 

Label : Virgin 

walking everywhere / LP

Cult Belgian band from Brussels we love. Here is their second album released in 1983 (the best year ;-). The whole lp is a kind of "world trip", from Europe ("Brussels Waltz"), to USA ("Le Rocker de la CIA"), via Africa ("Irrigation") and the Middle East ("Mohammed and Sarah"). In one word : Great !

earlier / later


Artist : Polyphonic Size 

Label : Minimal Wave 

earlier / later / LP

Selections from the prolific Belgian synth-pop band Polyphonic Size. Headed by Roger-Marc Vande Voorde, Polyphonic Size formed in 1979. In December of that year, they released their 1st record, the 'Algorhythmic ep' on Sandwich Records, an independent label founded by Michel Lambot. After a 2nd ep (Pragmatic Songs), Roger-Marc got in touch with Jean-Jacques Burnel, who offered to produce the next single, "Nagasaki Mon Amour". This 1st musical collaboration was followed by many others, including an outrageous and robotic cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic, "Mother’s Little Helper". After several line-up changes, the band finally consisted of Roger-Marc Vande Voorde (vocals, guitar, keyboards, electronics), Kloot Per W (bass, vocals), Martine Bourlée (vocals, percussions) and France Lhermitte (vocals, percussions). Dominique Buxin wrote nearly all the lyrics, but never appeared live on stage or on any record sleeve. Although Polyphonic Size and JJ Burnel were very close to each other, the band always kept its own personality, which was less dark and more European than the Stranglers. The 'Earlier / Later' LP are remastered selections, curated mainly from Polyphonic Size's early output as a band, from when they formed in 1978 to when they began working with JJ Burnel in 1980. The tracks on side A represent their early period were recorded between 1978-1980 and the side B tracks, recorded between 1980-1982, are representative of how their sound evolved whilst working with a producer. The LP is pressed on transparent red 180gr vinyl, housed in a heavy printed sleeve with text overlay printed on a clear vinyl outer sleeve, and limited to 999 hand-numbered copies.



Artist : Popsimonova 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

Popsimonova is the new upcoming queen of cold electro (wave). Her tracks are cold but with lots of energy. Intelligent constructed tracks to make you move but also to make you take a step back and let the music work on you in different ways. This is what they call electro beyond the former Iron Curtain. And this is what we move to on any good electro party... Tip!

die brücke


Artist : Popsimonova & Zarkoff 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

die brücke / LP+7"

Ideally in transit between yesterday and today, between adolescence and maturity, between an arcadian dimension and a more actual reality made of mirrors and metal. Here it is, the sonic trip for these 2 singular characters: Zarkoff & Popsimonova, a taste of sci-fi retro comics, as the bridge of hyena plisskinn in Carpenter's 1997 'Escape From New York' or the characters of the bridge of William Gibson, the master of cyberpunk american literature. The minimal futurstic attitude is deformed, exagerated, distorted, in some case it becomes just a cold expressionism, violent synthetic colours as the sky of Munich, but the scream this time is purely electronic... The bridge, this eternal symbol of passage, the union of opposite realities, in this case reflected itself in the music, with deep roots that lie in the past (for the analog instrumentation) and then leap into the future, materialized from essential and modernist musical structures. Each human being builds its own bridge, a piece at a time, and so it happens the magic of communication, it takes place. In 'Die Brücke' it happens in the ideal musical dialog between this 2 singular characters, with their composite way to write songs. In addition (only for the 1st 100 LP copies) a 7" with 2 songs taken from the LP, "Wall To Wall" and the instrumental "Azzurre", remixed and rearranged by L.A.S.'s Crime, another electronic duo borned in the 80's, as a subtle line between past and future. A special edition that will amaze you with its orange vinyl and shining package..



Artist : Porn. Darsteller 

Label : Invasion Planete 

private / 12"

Kult minimal electro-pop creations by the tall and romantic artist Porn Darsteller from the French subversive Invasion Planete crew. Record already Classic ! Largely 80's influenced, Porn shows how to transmit emotion and creativity through music. This LP could have been an original movie soundtrack. A eminent artist in today's electro landscape, he has one the most finest touch ! Rare record with no repress. Very few copies in stock !



Artist : Porn. Darsteller 

Label : Invasion Planète 

romance / LP

The last album to date of one of our favorite artists is a cult piece of electro. Released in 2002 on the French Invasion Planete label is as usual, inspired by the 70's and 80's erotic and weird movies. The pornoromantic guy delivers us 11 tracks of new romantic electro songs, with warm vintage synths, disturbed vocoder and slight pop sensibilities. Simply a Must Have !

I staggered mentally


Artist : Portion Control 

Label : Dark Entries 

I staggered mentally / LP

Portion Control is a British electronic and industrial band from south London. The trio of John Whybrew, Ian Sharp & Dean Piavani started out experimenting with electronics in 1980. Linking up with In Phaze Records, they released a number of cassettes and records before signing with Illuminated Records in 1983. There followed a series of classic 12" singles: 'Raise The Pulse', 'Rough Justice' and 'Go-Talk', which have become underground dancefloor hits. The band classifies their music style as Hard Rhythmic Electronics and were a major influence on Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Depeche Mode. Going back a few years, the band released their first official vinyl album 'I Staggered Mentally' on In Phaze Records in 1982. This album laid the template for the harder edged rhythmic industrial sound of the 80's and 90's. 'I Staggered Mentally' is as raw as electronic music gets. Dean Piavani's anguished vocals are the lone human element amidst electric drones, metallic beats and alien analog flickers. Lead synths and effects were created with the Roland SH-09 and RS-09. The rhythm section was provided by the Roland TR-606 and then brand new TB-303 Bassline. Pulsing rhythmic tones were generated using the sample and hold feature of the Moog Rogue. This album documents the band's transition from Cabaret Voltaire-inspired experimentalists into proto-EBM and electro-industrial pioneers. It remains a shockingly brutal and viscerally exciting statement. The jacket is an exact replica of the original 1982 edition featuring a pixelated man screaming. Each copy includes a 8 page, stapled pamphlet that contains press releases, concert flyers and photos circa the recording of 'I Staggered Mentally'. The perfect soundtrack for the harsh, even malignant, urban-industrial nightmare..



Artist : Portland 

Label : n5MD 

carqynes / 7"

Portland (aka Spencer Lytle) follows up his recent debut Minidisc with this 7" of conflicting moods. Between wavering chilled out hip-hop end mid tempo breakcore. Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl ;)

a new day


Artist : Portrait Bizarre 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

a new day / LP

Portrait Bizarre founded in 1982. This is their new album 'A New Day', offering 7 new songs and 3 '2011' versions of older songs: "The Invitation", "Ballad Of The Grave" and of course "Friends Could Be Friends" which is still a great song. Portrait Bizarre offers catchy, guitar oriented pop/rock/wave songs. They are back & stronger than ever! Sounds like? I have to mention Placebo, mainly because of the vocals. 'A New Day' is limited to 520 hand numbered copies and only available on vinyl..

the official anthology


Artist : Post Industrial Noise 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

the official anthology / LP

Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets present a collection of tracks by Post Industrial Noise. P.I.N. was an 'audio artsemble' conceived in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio by the trio Robert Crise Jr, Gerald F. Nelson, & Dana Riashi Ritchey. They started on a drum machine, guitars, and vocals but quickly evolved to one member on synths and 2 guitarists on occasional synths. Robert Crise Jr maintained a studio titled "The Center For Contemporary Realism" where he conceived most of the lyrics for P.I.N. Gerald F. Nelson was a local performance artist, and Dana Riashi (OSU art student) claimed to be the 'idea-mediator' between Robert & Gerald. Robert produced a flexidisc of P.I.N. material through an Ohio Arts Council grant and distributed it through the OSU art tabloid 'Dialogue'. The accompanying article from Cleveland's Spaces Gallery noted P.I.N. to have 'redigested their input from influence bands such as Tangerine Dream, PIL and Kraftwerk, to produce their own unique sound'. P.I.N. performed mainly in galleries and occasionally clubs at the time. They produced a cassette release and were soon feeling the pressure to specialize towards more concrete art performance or club venues. It was this pressure that soon led all activity of P.I.N. to a strangling halt unfortunately. Robert soon left Ohio for graduate studies in Detroit where he remains a 'future archeologist' today. Gerald & Dana then proceeded to form the outfit Near Paris. The output of P.I.N. could be described a more experimental/minimalist offshoot of new-wave with pleasant synth sequences blanketed in rich synth tones. Fans of Near Paris will obviously draw comparisons, but the overall feel of P.I.N. is a bit darker and possibly more lo-fi in all aspects. The opening track "Sketch" has a definite coldwave vibe with slightly echoed vocals over a subtle drum machine beat and monotonous synth lines. "Prelude" is a deep instrumental cut with synth and sample interplay resulting in a hypnotic slab of brilliance. The tracks on this collection have been restored from the original analog tape reel for this reissue. For fans of the previously reissued Near Paris and other synth outfits such as Chris & Cosey, early 80's new-wave, and even more edgy artists such as Suicide. Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight colored vinyl.

chants de lutte


Artist : PPF / ICK 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

chants de lutte / 7"

Side A tracks are cover versions of Bérurier Noir songs. Side B track is a cover version of Throbbing Gristle original. Limited edition of 300 copies. Raw & Tough

fix it in the mix / jam the box


Artist : Pretty Tony 

Label : Hot Classics 

fix it in the mix / jam the box / 12"

Superb slamming oldschool electro miami-bass tracks by Pretty Tony who also did the production work for classics like Debbie Debb and Freestyle ("Don't Stop The Rock"). Party electro that rocks every dancefloor.. Tip!



Artist : Prince 

Label : No Label 

controversy / 12"

Extremely limited re-issue combines 2 Peter Black remixes from the 80's. Check !!

when doves cry


Artist : Prince And The Revolution 

Label : Warner Bros 

when doves cry / 12"

This song is Prince's biggest hit... It was at the top of the charts for 5 weeks in the US ! This song is unique, it's a dance track with no bass line; it's very original and experimental and comes from the hit album "Purple Rain". The lyrics are genius, the beat is phenomenal and the guitar solo is supreme. It has been covered various times by various artists but none of them come close to this version. This song was written by Prince himself and is, in a word... perfect ! Classic masterpiece

split e.p.


Artist : Prisoner Of Love / Funken 

Label :  

split e.p. / 12"

This excellent split 12" treats you with beautiful melancholy electro sounds from Prisoner Of Love and italo influenced spacey electro from Funken. Wonderful sounds and melodies this EP is one to enjoy while relaxing. Limited to only 200 copies.

four tracks by private entertainment


Artist : Private Entertainment 

Label : White Denim 

four tracks by private entertainment / 7"

This is the debut 7"ep by Private Entertainment, a duo heading from Moscow, whom some of you might already know from their compilation appearances on Kernkrach and Weird Records compilations. Dark and at times noisy minimal electro with unmistakable 3rd wave and angst-pop influences, and nonchalant female vocals somehow reminiscent of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. A promising debut indeed !

motorik ep


Artist : Professor Genius / Speculator 

Label : Echovolt 

motorik ep / 12"

Professor Genius from Italians Do It Better fame and Specultor also known as Grackle, Galaxy Toobin' Gang, one half of Smackulator and they are now PG&S. They has paired up to create some very personal tracks... there are 3 collaborations and 2 solo tracks. Going somewhere between trippy krautrock to more psychedelic disco. Tip !



Artist : Profil 

Label : Genetic Music 

untitled / LP+CD

The Profil album has originally been released on the Welt-Rekord label in 1982 and with hits like "Berühren" and "Ich Liebe Dich" it has become a milestone in the German NDW genre. Heinz Robert Martin, the main man behind Profil, always would have loved to see the album come out as a picture vinyl and because it has also never been released on CD we are happy to present this nice package: the original album remastered on a picture LP including a full colour 21x21cm inlay with a version of the original artwork plus a postcard and sticker and including the CD featuring 3 bonus tracks (the maxi version of "Berühren" and 2 B-sides). Ace !

the red rope ep


Artist : Profligate 

Label : DKA Records 

the red rope ep / 12"

The 'Red Rope ep' makes it plain that Profligate (aka Noah Anthony), is one hell of a craftsman. It consists of 3 diligently constructed tracks that, in addition to boasting sweeping arrangements and complexly layered grooves, employ the essential components of synth-pop and EBM in ways that are fresh yet familiar. He's clearly a child of the recombinant age, who has clinical knowledge of how his influences are put together and, by extension, can be taken apart and reassembled. But this doesn't mean his music is cold and studied. Quite the opposite: it's exceptionally personal. On "From All Sides" and "Annihilated" Anthony's narcotized drawl veers between desperation and resignation, as clipped kicks, knotted static and phantom chords represent all the struggles and issues that so clearly vex him. Halfway through the latter, he moans 'I don't hear you at all' before his voice dissolves into a whirring loop of 'alls'. It's one of those definitive industrial moments when alienation actually sounds erotic. The heavy mood relents oh so slightly on nine-minute track "The Red Rope Again", which takes up the whole of side B. Yet that's only because Anthony, slipping into velvety echo, has submitted fully to the grinding propulsion that surrounds him. Limited to 500 copies with inserts..

spiralgalaxie (hubble telescope series vol. III)


Artist : Project STS-31 

Label : Solar One Music 

spiralgalaxie (hubble telescope series vol. III) / LP

Project STS-31 'Spiralgalaxie (Hubble Telescope Series Vol.3)' A clash of the Titans! Celebrating Solar One Music's 40th release and 10th anniverary, this split LP sees 2 stars under various disguises, Heinrich Mueller (aka Der Zyklus and various other projects) and German producer Robert Witschakowski (aka The Exaltics), back to back in a no return odyssey through the depths of the Galaxy. Expect nothing but contemplative and cosmic electro beats using original outer-space sounds from the Universe. Closing the Hubble telescope trilogy which brought to you Luxus Varta and more recently E.R.P. (respectively with the 'Everything Is Nothing' and 'Ancient Light' ep's), trippy 'Spiralgalaxie' will mark a new step in SOM's history. As usual, the final chapter of the series dedicated solely to Hubble and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA, comes with a beautiful cover print picture taken by the Space Telescope. Repress !



Artist : Projekt Ortsschild 

Label : Projekt Ortsschild 

jetzt$ / CD

A new great minimal-synth band from Germany who released their first track on the Doppelhertz compilation on Hertz-Schrittmacher....

a secret wish


Artist : Propaganda 

Label : Island 

a secret wish / LP

This is perhaps the finest pure pop album of the 80's. A tumultuous flow of electronica / noise / pop / germanic style reigned into perfection by Trevor Horn (producer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood). The most inspired track is the Dr Mabuse opus to close the album (over 11 minutes) but the inversion of Jewel / Duel, whereas the third track "Jewel" is the fourth "Duel" in noisy and adrenalised form. Please get it to understand our enthusiasm !

hit $ run


Artist : Proskool 

Label : Marguerita 

hit $ run / 12"

Awesome watery bassline proceeds to kick ass. The 4 tracks wobble all over the place yet stays firmly on the groove, not too much added, not too much taken away,. Proskool know where the groove is, and they aint messing with it. Classic Drexciya inspired sounds, not imitated very well by other artists, but indistinguishable here, a big up to the Marguerita crew for finding such talented artists, Large and Essential !

the third ep


Artist : Pseudo Code 

Label : EE Tapes 

the third ep / 7"

5th installment of the 80's series on EE Tapes! Here is the Insane label boss Alain Neffe producing another exclusive 7"ep, this time from Belgian's finest cult combo Pseudo Code. Emotional improvised sounds by a fabulous trio comprised of Xavier S., Alain Neffe & Guy-Marc Hinant. Nobody plays Pseudo Code like...Pseudo Code. Standard vinyl edition with insert limited to 165 copies!

blake n bite ep


Artist : Psi Spy 

Label : Pyramid Transmissions 

blake n bite ep / 12"

Psi Spy vs Formless's "locked" kicks it all off by injecting a eye seeking minature missile into your veins, which rattles through your maze like map emitting a heavy bass drum along the way. Battling red blood cells intent on kicking out the invader, sparks and pipe striking chords are sent out into the fray and alert others of the unwelcome visitor. Sending out massive jelly like waves of pulse aggressive battle waves, the tiny nanodroids all up inside blood stream, also attempt to ward off the crazy intruder, and their hits take effect on the evil craft. "Squirrel" also by Psi Spy vs Formless, is on a trip to wreck the party, and also smash the danceflor into a gillon plastic shards. It also plans to then form them into a huge circular ball of bleep fuzz bass and roll it into a busy civilian shopping centre, just for a laugh. Amiga party chaos for you to enjoy and revel in. "Grayam" is then unleashed on your friends and family, this time under the sole command of Psi Spy. It jumps right into your line of sight, and slaps, its metal heads with its thin sharp plastic hands, creating the perfect beatline for the bump fuzz acid melody, and glowing red eyes, that now glare deep into your brain. "Loco" takes a more simplistic line with computer related electro style calling, with a intelligent under rumbling, that self transforms itself at intervals into a beautiful lightshow that gives off a hidden code which only the man made can translate. Attacking simplicity at its very best. "Acidtrax" is in fact what the final track is named, and it doesn't use its name lightly. You are knocked to the ground, by a self propelling, ribbon like, razor wire acid snake, that is circling millimetres above your head, almost like a minature chinook, with a pilot having a repetitive attack fit. Cool track. This ep is a deep, healthy slice of machined programmed dancefloor goodness, that caused my tiny army of honed droids to flip and rotate around like a crazed shitbag. Its all good ;)

the influence


Artist : Psyche 

Label : Animalized 

the influence / LP

Great LP from 1989 composed by the legendary Canadian band named Psyche. 10 tracks between melancoly and darkness. Powerfull electro new-wave tracks that kick your ass move on to threatening deep trippin sounds with fat layers full of emotions. Original Copies on Animalized label. Very few copies in stock !



Artist : Psyche 

Label : New Rose 

uncivilized / 12"

Here is a wonderfull 4 track 12" by Psyche (Canada) from 1987. Still very fresh today. Psyche includes some electro italo influences in the hit "Uncivilized" combined with an incredible new-wave mood. Very good dancable track delivered in 2 versions (A1 and B1). A2 : good uptempo minimal electro track with an EBM touch. B2 : slow, fat, very very cool with a beautiful voice in the vein of Fad Gadget. TIP !!!



Artist : Psyche 

Label : We Rock Like Crazy 

x-rated / 12"

Wave heroes Psyche get their "X-Rated" track remixed by fine folks like the Weathermen (Poison), Bangkok Impact (Creme Organization/Putsch 79), Ra-x (Angelmaker), Cursor Miner (Lo Recordings) + smashing electro disco floorbuner by James White (Creme Organization). Listen !

re-membering dwayne


Artist : Psyche 

Label : Dark Entries 

re-membering dwayne / LP

At the end of 1981, brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss and schoolmate Dwayne Goettel performed for the 1st time as Psyche in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their live show was a combination of horror and electronics that was completely unprecedented in Western Canada. Although Goettel and the Huss brothers parted ways before Psyche was to release any material, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel's performances were preserved in the band's vaults. Now, 19 years after Goettel's untimely passing in 1995, Dark Entries Records presents 'Re-Membering Dwayne', the original Psyche-Dwayne Goettel sessions. All tracks were recorded and mixed on 4-track during a single day in march of 1983. Psyche's early material is visceral and abrasive, a far cry from the sleek, dark synthpop they'd later become known for. Like the body horror films of fellow Canadian David Cronenberg, Psyche disquietingly conflate the organic and the mechanical, calling into question the limits of the human form. Dwayne, who would join Skinny Puppy a few years later, contributes heavily to this more aggressive, disturbing sound. Each LP includes a 12-page booklet with excerpts from Darrin Huss' diary, unpublished photos of Psyche with Dwayne, and an essay by Darrin reflecting on Psyche's past and the Goettel legacy as well as lyrics. This collection is a glimpse at the early Canadian industrial scene and the roots of Skinny Puppy. Go take a walk in the past with an ear for the future; you just might learn something ;D

alien be-in remix


Artist : Psychic TV 

Label : Dark Entries 

alien be-in remix / 12"

Remix ep of Psychic TV's classic acid house song "Alien Be-In". Psychic TV was formed by Genesis P-Orridge & Peter Christopherson after the breakup of Throbbing Gristle in 1981. After various line up changes, the band shifted direction to dance oriented songs influenced by the Acid House scene in America. By 1988 experimental electronic musician Fred Giannelli, of Turning Shrines, joined the band and over the next 2 years started to record songs for 'Toward The Infinite Beat'. The album was a mix of deep, multilayered tracks full of bright and hypnotic dance numbers, providing the soundtrack to the rave culture that sprung up in the UK in the 90's. "Alien Be-In" was written in early 1989 on an E-mu Emax Sampler and an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer. Vocal samples were taken from a tape Germs drummer Don Bolles sent to Genesis. A didgeridoo rides throughout the song, heavily modulated by a Gristleizer creating a hypnotic effect. Near the end of the song the breakbeat slides out of time yet the band chose to leave this in because it sounded strange and fit the concept of the track. Genesis played a spaced out Echo Violin and the band used 360 degree panning rotation devices. For this reissue Fred Giannelli takes a stab at remixing the mono mix of the original sequence sourced from the Emax floppy discs. On the flip are 2 brand new mixes, the 1st from Los Angeles based producer, Silent Servant, who updates the classic with his modern brand of driving EBM techno. The 2nd remix is a team effort from Silent Servant and veteran producer John Tejada, that re-creates the original melody using a Roland TR-808 and TB-303, paying homage to early Chicago Acid House artists like Lil Louis and Robert Owens. The 12" is housed in a mind-alerting, metallic silver die-cut sleeve and a neon green label that pops through, featuring the psychic skull transformed into an alien cone head label all designed by Eloise Leigh. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11×11 square insert with black and white photo of the band from 1988 and liner notes by Fred Giannelli.

psylocity and friends


Artist : Psylocity 

Label : Psi49Net 

psylocity and friends / 12"

Anthony Rother’s critically acclaimed Psi49Net Label presents a hot new discovery from Germany’s electro universe. Part of the German Hip-Hop and graffitti scene, Psilocity producers Henrixx and Duniz started producing electro in the early 90’s. The title track is a rough analogue electro burner with crunchy dark beats and a devestating level of tweak. B-side tracks feature vocoded segments giving proceedings a slightly more electro-poppy feeling.

légère altération


Artist : Ptôse 

Label : Cartilage 

légère altération / LP

Great Lp compilation of this French band from the West of France. It contains 15 early tracks made between 1980 and 1984 on tapes that have become collector items since then. Ptose's music is strong and electronic but with humour and a definite commercial bent. Released on Cartilage a French brand new label dedicated to weird electronics releases. Limited to 250 copies.

early recordings 79-83


Artist : Ptôse 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

early recordings 79-83 / 2x12"

2xLP set on VOD (THE "early 80's" label specialist) with on it an absolutely great compilation of the French answer to the "Residents" : Ptöse with their early eighties minimal tape-material. 33 unbelievable minimal tunes first time on vinyl for our pleasure. Collector !

kaiserwetter ep


Artist : Punk Soul Loving Bill 

Label : Guym 

kaiserwetter ep / 10"

This German band with the weird name Punk Soul Loving Bill, plays "Neo Deutsche Welle" music. Six songs from 2005 less elektro pop orientated and slightly more rock influenced. Really nice discover !

the arsonist / and so remain


Artist : Pure Ground 

Label : Weyrd Son Records 

the arsonist / and so remain / 7"

Pure Ground is a minimal industrial/wave duo formed in Los Angeles in the spring of 2012. Members G. Holger & J. Short have over a decade of experience in both pop and experimental traditions. Making use exclusively of classic analog equipment, Pure Ground build a sonic template incorporating equal share of harmonious and discordant elements to drive their strain of rhythmic electronics. Present day dystopian realities and contemporary warfare influence the bands lyrical themes, with reference to 20th century science fiction and horror. Not limited to music composition, the band also makes forays into analog video work, much of which can be seen projected behind them at performances and in album art. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on 40gr black vinyl, cardboard sleeve with gold foil printing. Get it fast ;)

standard of living


Artist : Pure Ground 

Label : Avant! 

standard of living / LP

'Standard Of Living', the new LP by Los Angeles's Pure Ground, finds the duo moving further into the whirring electrical storm only suggested at by their more minimalist previous recordings, creating a soundtrack to a crumbling culture full of provisional one-two rhythms and syncopated bursts of white noise, complimented by grim arpeggiated melodies. Pure Ground have created a niche in the L.A. hard electronics underground making exclusive use of analog hardware to arrive at their sound, which straddles a fine line between early EBM on tracks like Poison and Second Skin, owing inspiration to Belgium's Klinik and Front 242, and more melancholy minimal-synth on downers In Silence and Tides. The one element that binds the new LP is the undercurrent of experimentalism pervasive in every song, which at times comes to surface on tracks like The "Glory Of Absence", which merges the convoluted rhythms of In Phaze era Portion Control with an industrial din and vocal delivery reminiscent of European power electronics groups like Genocide Organ. Lyrical themes focus on the disharmony between the natural, even spiritual, world, with the human dystopia of the post-industrial wastes, and the contradictory sensations of bliss and desperation, ecstasy and fear, bred in this climate. This is music for the end of days. Limited edition of 300 copies with inside-out jacket & printed inner sleeve..!



Artist : Pure Ground 

Label : Avant! 

giftgarten / LP

Pure Ground is a minimal industrial/wave duo formed in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2012. Making use of a great assortment of analog and digital hardware, Pure Ground creates hard electronics teaming with rhythmic white noise and unsettling melody as the backdrop over which the group explores lyrical themes of present-day dystopian realities, sleeplessness and the supernatural, and the eventual triumph of the natural world over a human civilization in rapid decline. Not limited to music composition, the band also makes forays into analog video work, much of which can be seen projected onto them during live performances and in album art. Limited edition of 300 copies with thick jacket & printed inner sleeve..

count doekoe


Artist : Pussycat 

Label : Crème Organization 

count doekoe / 12"

More wacky electro booty antics from our favorite Rotterdam tuinbroeken hooligan crew, this time a 4 track ep with a strong anti drugs message in the tradition of "Crack Killed Applejack". Also includes a remix of the Katendrecht anthem "Are You Ghetto Enough" from Seymour 'De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig' Bits. Tip !

ficcion disco


Artist : Pyrolator 

Label : Ata Tak 

ficcion disco / 7"

Pyrolator was the solo guise of German synth experimenter Kurt Dahlke, best known as a member of the groundbreaking (if underexposed) post-punk/synth pop band Der Plan. Like that group, Pyrolator was chiefly inspired by the synthetic sleekness of Kraftwerk and the dissident surrealism of The Residents, fitting squarely into the emerging German new wave movement...Here is its most leftfield disco orientated release...

difference that makes a difference (elektronische werke part 2)


Artist : Q-Chip 

Label : Solar One Music 

difference that makes a difference (elektronische werke part 2) / 12"

Absent since sharing space with Ali Renault on the split LP for Bunker back in 2012, the artist known as Q-Chip resurfaces in style with 'Difference That Makes A Difference', a 12" platter for Solar One Music that continues the label's 'Elektronische Werke' series. Much like last year's inaugural 'Elektronische Werke' release from Frenchman Dynarec, Q-Chip uses the series to explore the darker, unhinged end of the electro spectrum across 4 productions. In Q-Chip's world, the future is a place of paranoia and crumbling civilisation, be it the harsh synth lines and snapping 808 rhythms of opening track "Pleasure Anxiety" or the more classicist take on subaqueous electro bounce that permeates the title production and "Sence Data". Fat one ;)

goodbye horses


Artist : Q. Lazzarus 

Label : Mon Amie Records 

goodbye horses / 12"

Reissue in honor of 25th anniversary of the original release written by William Garvey, and sung by Q. Lazzarus. This track was 1st released via the 'Married To The Mob' soundtrack, and notably featured in 'Silence of The Lambs'. The single has been long out of print, but now for the 1st time in years, it is available again on 12" vinyl b/w a haunting collaborative cover by Domino Records artists Hayden Thorpe of 'Wild Beasts' and Jon Hopkins. According to Garvey, 'the song is about transcendence over those who see the world as only earthly and finite. The horses represent the 5 senses from Hindu philosophy and the ability to lift one's perception above these physical limitations and to see beyond this limited earthly perspective'. Fitting with the original meaning, Hayden and Jon capture the transcendence of the original track in all its melancholy and profound glory. Essential !!

q1 deluxe edition 1980-1983


Artist : Q4U 

Label : Dark Entries 

q1 deluxe edition 1980-1983 / LP

Q4U was born the winter of 1980-1981 in Reykjavík, inspired by the British punk movement. It's original members were Elínborg Halldórsdóttir (Ellý) (vocals), Berglind Garđarsdóttir (Linda) (vocals), Steinţór Stefánsson (guitar), Gunnţór Sigurđsson (bass), Helgi (drums) and Már (synthesizer). Helgi and Már soon left the band and Helgi was replaced by Kormákur Geirharđsson (Kommi) on the drums. By early 1982 they self-released a full length cassette, 'Skaf Í Dag' and appeared in the documentary Rokk í Reykjavík, which showcased the Icelandic punk scene. This version of the band ended and only 2 members continued on. In the summer of 1982 Ellý and Gunnţór recruited Óđinn Guđbrandsson (guitar) and Árni Daníel (synthesizer) from the band Taugadeildin. Their drummer was replaced by a Roland TR-808 drum machine they named Elísabet II, signaling a change in the group's sound toward synthesizer-driven post punk. In august 1983 Q4U reinstated Kormákur to record a final set of demos and then called it quits. This compilation collects 16 songs from 1980-1983. Side A features the original 6 songs from the 'Q1' ep, plus 2 songs from the 'Rokk Í Reykjavík' soundtrack. Side B collects 4 demos from 1982 and 4 demos from 1983, all presented on vinyl for the 1st time ever. Q4U began with a stylish, aggressive punk image before experimenting with drum machines and synthesizers, which almost nobody did in Reykjavík at the time. The later sound had gothic leanings,often compared with Siouxsie and the Banshees and Xmal Deutschland. Their body of work is united by the powerful vocals of Ellý, who mostly sings in Icelandic about controversial, political experiences, much like Ari Up of The Slits. The vinyl comes housed in a full color jacket using the original artwork from the 'Q1' ep. Each LP includes a double sized fold-out poster with lyrics, photos and drawings by the band plus a Q4U sticker! 30 years after their break-up Q4U are finally getting the vinyl reissue treatment they deserve, shedding a light on this pre-Riot grrrl act, more relevant today than ever..



Artist : QEK Junior 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / 7"

New contemporary minimal project from Germany. This is the debut record on Herzt-Schrittmacher (sub-label of Kernkrach). 4 awesome tracks of minimal electronic music with a dancefloor attitude and nice mood. Even for Kernkrach standards this record comes in a very special packaging (cut-out 'Camper' and inlay). Limited to 300 copies !



Artist : QEK Junior 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

druschba / LP

Review to come..!



Artist : Quadratschulz 

Label : Shipwrec 

ww303 / 2x12"

Quadratschulz delivers his debut album 'WW303'. 10 tracks make up this vision, a vision of lazers, pulsing neon and gleaming chrome. Arcade game memories. Curls of acid. Electrofunk vocals. Synth-wave chic. And even some past greats. All are lovingly folded together in this rich and diverse collection. Styles are juxtaposed. 303 bars throb and strings soar in the lilting "Der Rasende Roland" whereas "Robotic Dancer" struts to a future-world funk. Quadratschulz sculpts his sound with a wonderfully warm and autumnal quality, as in the cascading synth showers of "Ferrofluid." Yet there are colder moments, the frigid flows of "Kran" sprouting into the chilly house tones of "Piloten", a tribute to the groundbreaking LFO is also included. Bleep festooned chicanery is the offering as "Ring The Bell" takes you back to the infamous warehouse parties of 90's Britain. And if that weren't enough, the 2xLP also comes with downloads for some cracking remixes by DMX Krew, Andreas Gehm, Kettel, Chris Moss Acid and Posthuman to name but a few. A wide angle view of Quadratschulz's unique sound.



Artist : Qual 

Label : Avant! 

sable / LP

Qual is Lebanon Hanover's bassist and vocalist William Maybelline. With his solo project he aims to examine his personal view on music, Maybelline moved from the pop touch of well-known and respected main band of his to cruise the slums of darker and even more extreme electronics. To quote William's own words, Qual is about vile visions, despaired in a frowning black tower of pain. Concealed yearns of a desolate heart, trying to scratch that unscratchable rotting itch from within. Centuries of sorrow drenched in gloomy electronics that palpitate like human passions. A call for help. 33rpm black vinyl LP edition housed in UV glossy jackets. Comes with lyrics insert and free digital download coupon..

cupio dissolvi


Artist : Qual 

Label : Avant! 

cupio dissolvi / 12"

Lebanon Hanover's bassist William Maybelline is back with his solo project. After the debut album 'Sable' from 2015, Qual strikes back with a 3-track 12" maxi-single. Each one of these new songs explore a different dimension of Maybelline's approach to body/wave electronics. The title-track "Cupio Dissolvi" is what we may already call classic Qual: gloomy and throbbing, synth-driven and labyrinthine. "A Bloody Blob" explores new martial slants, with war-like timpani and a marching robot gait. "Rape Me In The Parthenon" is a 8 minute long dancefloor mayhem anthem scanned by some pounding techno drumbeat and EBM snare and pads. By far the most extreme track Qual recorded so far. “Buried in flowers with hands of gold / Buried together we'll never mold” shall be thy epitaph here, as well as your message engraved on virgin vinyl. Limited to 500 copies !

love tempo


Artist : Quando Quango 

Label : LTM 

love tempo / 12"

Reissue with Quando Quango, the seminal 80's electronic dance combo of Hillegonda "Gonnie" Rietveld and Mike Pickering. This 12" features versions of 3 of their best known singles, produced or mixed by legendary New York maestro Mark Kamins: Love Tempo (1983). Atom Rock (1984), here in the rare spacey US dub version, features guest guitar by Johnny Marr of The Smiths. And Genius (1985). Tip !

pas de pitié


Artist : Querelle 

Label : FlexiWave 

pas de pitié / 7"

Querelle is a Brussel based duo consisting of one half of :Codes and one half of Jeunesse Fantôme. Excellent debut single consisting of 2 dark synth-pop bangers with super vocals reminding you of the Jenuesse Fantôme & :Codes classics..

the opium den (parts V-VIII)


Artist : Ra-X 

Label : Mighty Robot 

the opium den (parts V-VIII) / 12"

The 2nd release on Scotland's Mighty Robot label sees Ra-X deliver the concluding parts of his outstanding "Opium Den" series; a twisted journey through deepest, darkest Europe, via the misty mountains of Kashmir and the seedy smoking dens of Shanghai. This time the Angelmaker is going straight for the heart with some of the most emotionally charged electronics we've heard in years. Pressed on pure, refined, white vinyl. Cool...



Artist : Ra-X 

Label : Angelmaker 

remixxes / 12"

This 12" contains 6 Ra-X classics, remixed by Ra-X's own favourite producers and friends from the field of electro and electronic music. The moods and music range from slowtech and dub all the way to hard and extreme electronic warfare beats and the many styles inbetween. Limited on white vinyl.

leben und tod


Artist : Ra-X 

Label : Kommando 6 

leben und tod / 12"

Ra-X is the Dutchman Vincet Koreman, who is also known as a member of the bands The Travoltas and Speedboat F.C. The dark electronic music that he makes under the moniker Ra-X has little resemblance to these 2 projects. For years he has released his music through well known labels as Bunker and KK Records. With "Leben Und Tod", released by the German dark electro label Kommando 6, Ra-X proves to be part of the European electro top. Opening song "Die Wahrheit" is a distorted and gloomy electro track that every devotee of the genre will instantly like. It is a good dance track and, in any case within the genre, an original piece of music. The tin can and industrial sound of this song is also evident in "Smack City Sewer Anthem". Songs like "1987" and "Viper" are more traditional with typical bleeps and nice doomy synth layers. "Leben Und Tod" is again an excellent release in the Kommando 6 series..!

keine richtung ep


Artist : Raderkraft 

Label : Testlab Records 

keine richtung ep / 12"

Testlab recently opened its doors, welcoming guests with a tape of demos and live tracks from a hometown institution. In the 80's 'De Koer' was a haunt for wave artists, industrial interlopers and synth stalkers. And after that walk down memory lane the fledgling label is ready for a contemporary take. Raderkraft, a project by Willem Stinissen, caught the ear of Eddy de Clercq, a pioneer of the Netherlands wave scene and boss of Testlab. And on listening to 'Keine Richtung' you can hear why. Cold, yet surprisingly playful, "Das Leben" is a synth track that seems to smile at the serious situation it finds itself in. Vocals sternly scold plodding melodies in a strangely parental manner. Racing on rapid fire rhythms is the speeding joy of "Wir Sind Zufrieden". Notes are stark but that tongue in cheek element is again present, that touch of the early experimenters coming to the fore. "Der Rundgang" follows the same sprinting percussion. Arpeggios rumble through rain soaked streets, neon flashing in snare rolls and cascading chords. "Keine Richtung" taps into Club Lederhosen's post-punk past. Brash and bold bars are hammered by beats. Vocals are scorched by distortion and static. The track is fast, sweat stained and fiery and dripping in angst. Stinissen mentions his love of pre-MIDI sounds and Raderkraft certainly has an uncluttered style. The coldness of electro is ever present, but there is also a freewheeling quality to the ep. With respectful nods to past fixed forms, this stripped down outing has that individual streak that makes it stand out from the angular crowd.

la ley (del desierto - del mar)


Artist : Radio Futura 

Label : Ariola 

la ley (del desierto - del mar) / LP

Great Spanish new wave / synth-pop album from Radio Futura released in 1984. Radio Futura cinsisted in Luis Auserón (bass), Santiago Auserón (vocals & guitar), Enrique Sierra (guitar), Javier Pérez Grueso (vocals). Nice..

seul / mort à venise


Artist : Radio Romance 

Label : Virgin 

seul / mort à venise / 12"

Radio Romance was born in Lille (north of France) in 1978-79. Their 1st tape recording appeared on the compilation "From Brussels With Love" among other Belgian and British bands. They quickly met musicians from Taxi-Girl with whom they recorded this one and only 12" vinyl single produced Mirwais at that time. 20.000 copies were sold before the band splited in 1983. Here is a chance to grab that rare record now..

sports / tools


Artist : Radio-Logg 

Label : WeMe Records 

sports / tools / LP

Stian Gjevik (EOD,CN), passionate and curious about electronic music, found in a Trondheim thrift store a tape of the Norwegian legendary project : the educational music 'Sports/Tools'. He contacted one of the two composers called Dildrian Schrodinger. He has managed to negociate with him a deal for a vinyl license with WéMč Records. We can find in this project ordered by the Norwegian state all an experimentation work with electronic machines from the 80's. It is sometimes accompanied by a clumsy singing quite modern at that time. Boombasstic !!

dive and lie wrecked


Artist : Radioactive Man 

Label : Rotters Golf Club 

dive and lie wrecked / 12"

Keith Tenniswood goes rampant with the bass and beats, 3 tracks of seriously stripped electro, hoover-esque noises and sick basslines. "'ave That" romps through bassbins, and will destroy floors, while my choice of the 12" is split between 2 tracks, "Basskick Element" with its serious 808 kicks given the decay treatment and "You Can't Catch Me" with a drum'n'bass variation. Top styles !

lydernar e.p.


Artist : Random Fluctuations 

Label : Kromode Records 

lydernar e.p. / 12"

Interesting electro-techno ep released in 1995 by Random Fluctuations (aka Marco Repetto) on the Italian Kromode label. Raw and syncopated Detroit orientated techno tracks with great drum programming. The ending opus is a soft and spacy bubbling Idm gem to feed your brain !

minimal scheissegal


Artist : Rasputeen 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

minimal scheissegal / 7"

Rasputeen is a side project by well-known electronic music activist Philip Münch, known for his works in The Rorschach Garden or with Keen K. Rasputeen is like an out of control version of Rorschach Garden, not so melodic and just much weirder with lyrics that must be heaven-sent… Solid minimal electro with some similarity to DAF maybe. Limited to 300 copies !

dancing on the Berlin wall


Artist : Rational Youth 

Label : Rams Horn 

dancing on the Berlin wall / 12"

Cult track released in 1989 on the Dutch deviant discoďd Rams Horn label, and taken from the "Cold War Night Life" album (Yul Records) of the Canadian band Rational Youth. "Dancing On The Berlin Wall" is 100% electro and built aroud a very famous Kraftwerk's loop you will recognize by yourself ;-) Strong lyrics of course ! Oldschool powerful electronic music that sounds very modern aimed to get your head of the ground. "Close to Nature" is a cool, deep artificial musical trip that demonstrates the perfect skills of this band which is still active nowadays. They used perfect machines. Absolutely fabulous !



Artist : Rational Youth 

Label : Capitol Records 

heredity / LP

The album "Heredity" was released in 1985. The decision to release this album under the name Rational Youth was Capitol's, although Tracy Howe concurred at the time, because he had never wanted to become a solo artist. "Heredity" was an eclectic and freewheeling collection, which, although something of a deviation from the classic Rational Youth analogue synthpop style (especially in its use of guitars), was released to great critical acclaim in Canada, and yielded the hit "No More And No Less", as well as the singles "Call Me", and "Bang On".

the future is now in your hands


Artist : Red Fetish 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the future is now in your hands / 7"

Red Fetish was a minimal electronic pop outfit founded by Neale Potts & Mike Richardson from Stoke-On-Trent, UK, presenting here 4 classic minimal electronic synth-pop hits recorded back in 1982-1983 using a rather minimalistic set-up comprising a Korg KR-55, Korg 770, Korg SD-900 and Yamaha CS-10. This one little beauty is especially for those into a more raw and unpolished analogue synth sound in the vein of early Neon Judgement, Neural Circus, Spotch Forcey or Transparent Illusion. Limited edition in solid red vinyl, full colour UV varnished sleeve, full colour labels and double-sided postcard with lyrics and additional infos ;)

a derangement of synapses


Artist : Red Fetish 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

a derangement of synapses / LP

Hand-picked selection of home recorded demos from Stoke, UK's Red Fetish. Armed with a Korg 770, Yamaha CS10, Korg Rhythm 55, a guitar here and there and a Teac 244 4-track recorder, the band consisted of Neale James Potts & Mike Richardson. Red Fetish featured members from All The Madmen and Decades By Night and later evolved into The Cone and Tiger Club. These tracks were recorded in 1982-83 and all culled from various cassettes that the band recorded. The tracks for this special release (technically not a reissue) were hand picked by Medical Records out of a large demo collection (often multiple versions of certain songs). Red Fetish was heavily influenced by UK late 70's new-wave as well as rock staples such as Pink Floyd, Beatles, and Hawkwind. The songs are built from very minimal and sparse synth lines yet the overall feel is interestingly dense and warm. Standout tracks include the playful and futuristic "Modern Age" and "The Last Man". A few of these tracks were previously released (different version) on a 7" on Anna Logue (Germany) but most have been largely unheard until now. Sprinkled in amongst the catchy vocal pop songs are quite a few very warm and synth heavy instrumentals as well such as "The Immortals" and "Blaze". This collection will absolutely be another piece of the highly intriguing and ever-deep well of minimal synth acts such as other contemporaries Oppenheimer Analysis, Twilight Ritual, Iron Curtain, and the like. Certainly fans of early Human League (especially The Future), early cassette culture wave and similar will enjoy this collection immensely. Remastered from cassette by Martin Bowes. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight half and half colored vinyl (red and white) with sleeve design by Steve Lippert. Limited edition release.

relaxed in upstate rain


Artist : Red Violet Red 

Label : Domestica 

relaxed in upstate rain / LP

In the summer of 1985, soundengineer Gary Zeftig records Red Violet Red at Music America Studios. They self produce and record 8 songs on 24-track analog 2" tape. Game Hen presses 2 of the songs to 12" vinyl single. 300 records are released including "12 Miles Of Sky" & "Candy Cane". Each record cover is hand painted with a green photo sticker and hand-numbered. A basement flood at Game Hen destroys 50 records making the original 250 records harder to collect. The song "12 Miles Of Sky" charts high on many US college radio stations. One year later Red Violet Red breaks up for creative differences, right before a record deal was offered. In 1986 Jeff & Lyle form the cult collector dark-wave band Eleven Pond. Cedric joins the alt-rock band Claude Rains. Jerry goes back to his family's stone cutting business. 25 years later, a Brooklyn Dj discovers the Red Violet Red 12" single and is currently playing "12 Miles Of Sky" to the minimal synth dance crowds at Weird in NYC. In Spain, Domestica Records discovered these unreleased gems and made this album finally available, 26 years after they were recorded... Enjoy!

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