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1982-1987 a compilation


Artist : Moss Garten / Vildsvanen 

Label : Domestica 

1982-1987 a compilation / LP

2nd half of the 70's and the 1st half of the 80's was armed with a unique string of sensationally great bands and musicians. There was no problem getting inspired. Inspiration came from such artist as Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, early Human League, DAF, Joy divison, David Sylvain, OMD, John Foxx, to name a few. And if that was not enough you could always listen to Kraftwerk, Neu or Brian Eno. Moss Garten & Vildsvanen was all about recording music, very few live gigs were performed. Live gigs did not seem to work very well, although billed together with Smithereens from New Jersey and already ledgendary Motörhead finally a decent gig was accomplished. The keyword was Diy. Recordings were all self-produced and mostly the audio engineer work was Diy styled. Always low on cash entailed limitation to which kind of studio could be used and the amount of time which could be spent on a recording. Most of the tunes was recorded and mixed in less than 2 hours and crashed tunes was sometimes reworked years later. You learned to prepare yourself before a recording. Lack of cash also excluded the use of very expensive synthesizers and drum machines, although pleased with my machinery you always wanted more muscles. These limitation was not bad – you became creative. These limitations became the framework together with your influences which gave the music its caracter, but in the end a recording and distribution contract, combined with a proper studio was the goal. Limited edition of 250 numbered copies including a sleeve-sized insert and booklet. Massive one..



Artist : Move 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / 12"

Long sought after by collectors and originally released in 1986 by a small independent label, the sound of this stellar full length is driven by sharp post-punk guitars, tribal rhythms and ghostly synthesizers, following the UK coldwave and post-punk tradition. Reflecting the realities of life in a city like Rome in the political landscape of the early 80's in Italy, Move were releasing also a couple of tapes and a split 12" with Gronge before dissolving into obscurity. The history of Italian post-punk begins around 1979, in some specific areas of the Belpaese. The productions were coming out from Pordenone and Bologna, with The Great Complotto and Italian Records influencing the rest of the territory. In a less organic way something began to arise in other parts of Italy, especially in the center-north where Florence, Turin, Milan and Rome were playing a crucial role. A forgotten classic, strongly recommended for fans of Joy Division, New Order, Section 25, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Gang Of Four. Limited edition of 400 copies, insert with lyrics included.

don't want to be you


Artist : Mr Pauli 

Label : Viewlexx 

don't want to be you / 12"

Here it is... The long awaited Mr. Pauli solo-ep. Four unbelievably raw-rocking neo-Italo monsters on one plate. This shiny black piece of wax will stay in your recordbag for a looooooong time!

935 lies


Artist : Mr Pauli 

Label : Clone West Coast Series 

935 lies / 12"

Ingmar Pauli with his masculine take on The Hague disco. Phat bass lines, vocoders, big strings and synth themes with its roots in italo disco and electro. Great tracks and probably the best Mr Pauli release so far ! The 2nd release on the Clone West Coast series... the series that will feature some of the big players of the Dutch west coast electro disco scene. Mr Pauli rocks !!!

jap fab


Artist : Mr Pauli 

Label : Clone 

jap fab / 12"

Mr Pauli (1 half of the Novamen ) with a very strong solo release. Amazing electro disco tracks with massive bass lines mixed with some new wave influences flavors. "Jap Fab" is only one highlight on this ep! "Questions" is a loose electro wave track with vocals by Nancy Fortune & Fred Ventura. "Pick Up The Phone" is another killer track. Vocals that will stick in your mind for days to come... This would have been a chart hit 25 years ago... Last track "Eva W." is a great modern electro disco wave track with a real bass line so nice it makes you wanna dance your ass off. Killer ep with some timless music !

electric appliances


Artist : Mr Velcro Fastener 

Label : Air Recordings 

electric appliances / 12"

Back to the source in the good old 80's tradition of minimal electro-pop : kicks and snares made by Roland, electro bass sound that opens up a sinuous way on the rythmic patterns of the rythm-box, C-64 melodies and breaks in Kraftwerkian atmosphere with 2 female and male voices trying to seduce themselves : "you're be my computer" followed by "you'll be my user". B-side : Plump Dj's remix ! Nice Shot !

thalesofmiletos 93-96


Artist : Mr Velcro Fastener 

Label : ELP Medien & Verlags 

thalesofmiletos 93-96 / 2x12"

Review to come..!

call me mister falcon / paper world


Artist : Mr. Clavio 

Label : Creme Organization 

call me mister falcon / paper world / 12"

Repress of the first ever Crème Organization record. Produced by Legowelt and Dj TLR. "Call Me Mr Falcon" is one very deep, evil italo disco track that will pop your ears and shake your booty ! Must have...



Artist : Mr. De' 

Label : Electrofunk 

superugly / 12"

After over 10 years of work as a producer and nearly 20 years of making electronic music, Mr. De' (aka Ade' Mango Henderson Mainor) has a sound drawn from a number of funk-based urban sounds, blending them together into a composite whole that emphasizes up-tempo booty shakin' over the chin-stroking styles of techno. Following the release of his debut album and the continuing success of Electrofunk Records, Ade has solidified his position at the forefront of Detroit dance music. Soon he began toying with drum machines and turntables, producing skeletal hip-hop tracks as a young teen. Today, Mainor is the originator of pure ghettotech. At the helm of Electrofunk's distribution arm, he also controls the destiny of his fellow ghettotech peers in Detroit as they try and spread their sound outside of the city. Whether or not the rest of the world is ready for this Detroit-bred, post-modern style of urban music is an unanswered question, but there is no questioning the fact that Mr. De' may just be the most important man in that crusade. Supersupersuperfunky electro ghettotech tracks. Essential..

the complete can you feel it


Artist : Mr. Fingers 

Label : Trax Records 

the complete can you feel it / 12"

Mr Fingers's classic from produced by the one and only Larry Heard. We really shouldn't rant on too much here, it's all been said already by nearly everyone with an interest in real classic Chicago house music.. Here with the original instrumental, Robert Owens mix, Martin Luther King mix and Chuck D. mix on 1 plate.. Just a milestone !



Artist : Mulletronic 

Label : Sewer Leak 

sexual / 12"

Sexual is Finnish Mulletronic's (aka Marko Kanala) first release. The mixture of old classics and newer technology gives this electro stormer ep, 4 original tracks both for rocking the dancefloor and also for home listening in an electro-disco synth-pop twist. We can easily recognize influences from Legowelt to even Kraftwerk. Nice Shot !!!



Artist : Multiplex 

Label : Human Shield  

momensch / 12"

The Human Shield Record Company spew forth a blocky gruel in the form of "Momensch", the latest release from electronic brothers, Multiplex. "Macao" kicks off the ep and whips up some serious foam while "My Synthesiser" merges that trademark electroid / idm crossover beautifully; great stuff. Next level melodies combined with back street drum surgery ask unanswerable questions. Closing track "Keep - X" winds things up nicely leaving you sweating and in need of a stiff drink and a roll up. So there you have it, the Human Shield Record Company once again steps in just in time to rescue the bloated hulk of electronic music. Try It ;)

tropical warrior


Artist : Muravchix 

Label : Dissident 

tropical warrior / 12"

Sebastian Mmuravchik is Ali Rrenault's partner in neo italo-disco sensations heartbreak who are soon to be massive. This is the 1st of many releases he has lined up for Dissident. An energetic and emotional soaked downtempo euro style masterpiece thats equally at home on the dancefloor or soundtracking a long lost episode of 'Miami Vice'. Check ;)

faded heart


Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

faded heart / LP

1st full-lenght vinyl of Mushy, the stage name of Valentina F., 26 years old sound-experimentalist rising from the dusty ruins of Rome, making music all by her lonesome since the year 2003. Mushy unveils here her double sided synth-wave and kraut-psychedelic soul, being deeply influenced by the works of Cocteau Twins, Minimal Compact, ect.. 'Faded Heart' is able to produce soundscapes which open the listenerʼs doors to strangely nigthmarish illuminated "nocturnal sacrality". The sound architecture reveals a charming world, made by the mixture of analog drum machines loops and an effect-processed bad off acoustic guitar found in a flea market with only 4 strings, burgeoning cold drones, tempestuous noises, spectral chants which rise at the surface. For the lo-fi atmospheres and the tales of lost loves, 'Faded Heart' might be considered the italian answer to the magnificient Zola Jesus release "The Spoils" on Sacred Bones. Home-recorded, 'Faded Heart' was lately mixed and processed at Mannequin studio with a full analog setup. Incredible !!



Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

breathless / LP

On 'Breathless' Italian artist Mushy takes the blueprint laid down on her debut 'Faded Heart' and blows it up to an analogue hd, a deep, evocative and immersive listening experience that cocoons the listener in sensory loss and ecstasy simultaneously. On 'Breathless' there's a sharper focus on the sound and textures of her craft. Legendary 4AD artists A R Kane feature on her single "My Life So Far", and indeed it's that label and much of the satellite work in the mid 80's that most informs 'Breathless'. While more understated than the likes of Liz Fraser or Zola Jesus, Mushy's vocals are ghostly, expressionistic and suggestive of a netherland just beyond the realms of dream. On tracks like opener "To Be Lost" there's a mournful, glacial shift of swooping synths and bass emphasising the lyrics' drift. The singular atmosphere pervades the whole record, never letting go, and on tracks like "Night Dress" it descends into a darker, lurking place rich in imagery. Elsewhere the precise snap of vintage electronics pushes and pull the listener into a hypnotised state that far surpasses Mushy's previous work. One of the best album of 2012, here on grey vynil repress!

my life so far


Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

my life so far / 12"

Shoegaze pioneer A.R. Kane makes a rare appearance on this compelling single from Valentina Fanigliulo's 'Breathless' album as Mushy for Milan's Mannequin. The melancholic beauty of "My Life So Far" appears in ghostly album and dub versions, sanguine vocals suspended in metallic guitar tendrils above a shy, recoiling bassline and mournful chorus of synth pads rendered in blissful misery. But the most haunting mix features the plangent touch of Rudy Tambala aka A.R. Kane, who suffuses an icy layer of crystallising electronics and chiffon guitar billows around Mushy's gorgeously opiated glossolalia and that heart-sinking bass. Exclusive to the B-side of this 12" and not on her 'Breathless' LP, "Phantom Love" offers a frosted instrumental parting with cold warehouse reverbs on code-murmuring machine rhythms and elegant pads recalling classic John Carpenter or Chris Carter. A seriously strong record limited to 300 copies, highly recommended ;)



Artist : Mushy / Meddicine 

Label : Weyrd Son Records 

split / 12"

Initially this Mushy / Meddicine split saw its release last year on tape through Meddicine's own label SixSixSixties Records. Both sides have a similar hypnotizing quality that is bound to intrigue anyone, yet are very different at the same time. Hailing from Italy, Mushy is like a siren; you know deep down that giving in to her seductive chanting will take you to a dark place, but you submit yourself nonetheless. Meddicine is a different kind of enchantress. Her music is overwhelming in a harsher, more straightforward way, seducing by pulsating sound and noise rather than vocals. In other words, this vinyl reissue offers a great combination of psychedelic synths and noise that will leave no one unimpressed.

schwarz morgen / zusammen


Artist : Musumeci 

Label : Mannequin 

schwarz morgen / zusammen / LP

Musumeci was one of the most rare and unknown Italian minimal-synth bands from the 80's. They formed in Turin at the beginning of 1985, from an idea of Mauro M. (synthesizers, ex-guitar player of Rude Pravo) and Franco G. (programming, ex-noise maker of Errata-S-Corrige). The group was founded as a link and expression of various experiences, aimed, at least initially, to highlight the individual personalities of the members. The formation settles after 6 months of testing with the final entry of Laura G. (ex-keyboardist of Rude Pravo) and Paul C. (voice of K Position). Musumeci were playing several shows, preceded by long monologues in which find space rumorism, electrical scans, voices, screams, etc. Presented here are the 2 super rare demo tapes that Musumeci recorded in 1985 ('Schwarz Morgen') and in 1986 ('Zusammen'), on their own label Zeltweg. Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl..



Artist : Musumeci 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / 12"

Musumeci tapes reissue, with their brutal body music plus, similar to DAF, CHBB and Liaisons Dangereuses, was one of the most acclaimed in the Mannequin Records 2013 productions. Here is 3 more recordings from their discography, all recorded live in 1985. Mauro Massaglia, founder member and lead synthesizer, describes the band's aesthetic as 'simple music, no solos, new sounds, all played at maximum volume possible'. Something that surely catch the attention of best Djs on earth, starting from TRAXX, the Chicago-based head of Nation Records, who redesign for Mannequin Records a raw live version of "Tag Fur Tag" with what he described as a 'ugly-tape Kode'. Massaglia recalls Musumeci's live shows as multimedia performances of a confrontational stripe, mixing rough sound collage with provocative visuals. The intention was to involve the viewer with 2 senses: ear and eye. Limited edition of 250 copies on red vinyl.

hypnotic tango


Artist : My Mine 

Label : Blow Up 

hypnotic tango / 12"

Original copy of this all-time italo classic with its futuristic acid accordion bassline and offbeat tangoish beatbox programming. "Hypnotic Tango" is clearly one of the most sensational track from the italo-disco golden aera. Simply a Must Have !!!

das omen (teil 1)


Artist : Mysterious Art 

Label : CBS 

das omen (teil 1) / 12"

Hybrid sounds and influences for this track released in 1989 by Mysterious Art. "Das Omen" is a fine mixture of New Beat and Italo. Big Rythm with stirring electrifying notes. Unexpected break with the sample of Carmina Burana. Pretty and exalting song !

wide apart


Artist : Mysterymen 

Label : Disko B 

wide apart / 12"

The 4 track 12" is a sexy debut indeed. It blooms around the live analogue synths with ominous vocoder overtones, driven along by flirtatious electro beats. With almost whistling bass-lines and whispering snares Mysterymen give a reminiscent of Shoegazing in stimulating new settings. If drone and techno haven't coincided in electronic music, it will do now. "Clapman" is pure teenage lust and best described as early Seefeel coming on land wondering why they can breathe... Jump !!



Artist : N.O.I.A. 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

a.i.o.n. / LP

'A.I.O.N.', in the tradition of Greek cosmology, was the personification of Time with the more famous Kronos corresponding to Saturn Latin. Revered as 'Lord Of Light', Aeon (AION) represented eternity, infinite time, as well as the succession of eras. Just time talking this new vinyl published by J.A.M. Traxx: somehow it shows how the same song, born in a given context in time and space (a marginal Italy of the late 70's sets in a still immature europe) can be re-interpreted 30 years later with a new spirit, remaining in part what it was originally, but also becoming another completely new thing (that didn't exist before)... The statue of the boxer from the Roman stadium of the marbles, pictured on the cover, is just Aion represented as an athlete who fights between light and shadow, past and future, divided in half just like in the inner label of this precious vinyl, in sharp contrasts and games of symmetries used in the graphics. Special edition on white vinyl limited to 200 copies and containing 4 reworkes original N.O.I.A.'s tracks from 1980 and 4 exlusive remixes !!

panic zone / dope man


Artist : N.W.A. 

Label : Electro Eternal 

panic zone / dope man / 12"

Re-release of some sought after L.A. electro !! N.W.A. are the most notorious rap crew in history of hip-hop. Their first 12"/lp included the last remnants of L.A. electro before things became strictly hip-hop. "Panic Zone" is without a doubt in the top 5 of coolest electro tracks from the west coast. Professor X (aka Arabian Prince) was still involved in this one. Must have !

nati per niente


Artist : Nabat 

Label : Hellnation 

nati per niente / LP

Review to come..!

futuristic abeba


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : Kindred Spirits 

futuristic abeba / 12"

Nacho Patrol (aka Legowelt), a banging 4 track 12” on a electronic space journey tipping the borders of raw afrobeat funk combined with deep house grooves. Limited run ! First 12” on the newly born Kindred Spirits sublabel : KSE, a sub-label for futuristic sounds, experimental electronic music and beyond. Future Classic...

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta)


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : MinimalRome 

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta) / 12"

This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) ''Italia Violenta'' cop movie was recently discovered when I bought the dusty reel tapes from a restaurant owner in Fiumicino, a seaside town near Rome. ''Panter 777'' aka ''Il Labirinto Di Roma Violenta'' aka ''The Maze Of Violence'', he told me, was directed by Gervasio Giardano in 1981 and was considered too (politically) explicit by the movie production company who dropped the project after the first screening. The soundtrack, an explosion of wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers, was composed by an obscure band called Nacho Patrol. The restaurant owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was one of the band members and composed most of the tracks. Hahaha...

presents... the africa jet band


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : M Division Recordings 

presents... the africa jet band / 12"

Nacho Patrol presents The Africa Jet Band, a 6 track ep of mind blowing afro-cosmic jams. Legowelt's side project Nacho Patrol surprised many last year with its great debut ! And this time its no different... incredible that this is all done by the same guy ! Legowelt's Nacho Patrol is moving from deep slowjam safari anthems, fuzzy psychedelic afro-funk to early NY Loft style atmospheres, join The Africa Jet Band as the traverse the darkest corners of the dark continent. Recommended !

the africa jet band experience


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : M Division Recordings 

the africa jet band experience / 12"

Nacho Patrol is back with the "Africa Jet Band Experience" ! Psychedelic excursions into lo-fi afro-exploitation, deep disco, mind-expanding fuzz guitars, synth trumpets and huge organs on this high intensity drama and adventure. Shanty town romance, vodou princesses, safari mishaps. Super limited edition pressed on orange vinyl..



Artist : Nacht'Raum 

Label : Kernkrach 

untitled / LP

Re-released of an extremely rare and expensive mini LP of Nacht'Raum on the German minimal-wave specialist label Kernkrach with their incredible 100% home-made sleeve. Sensation !

xp lore


Artist : Nachtzug 

Label : Possblthings Records 

xp lore / 12"

Nachtzug delivers captivating acid grooves over an analogue trackbed of IDM elegancy. Leipzig's Possblthings Records which is linked to the Possblthings store are doing a stellar job after their 1st strong release by Robyrt Hecht. This 2nd release is guaranteed to warm your hardware-driven hearts with its multifaceted tracks from uplifting braindance to spaced-out electro. Fans of DMX Krew, MNLTH, CPU Records and the likes are in for a treat!

sacred islands of the mad


Artist : Nagamatzu 

Label : Dark Entries 

sacred islands of the mad / LP

Highly limited 2nd cassette by British duo Nagamatzu for the first time ever on vinyl. "Sacred Islands Of The Mad" is a collection of 11 tracks recorded between december 1984 and march 1986 in London by Andrew Lagowski on synths, guitar, and drum machines & Stephen Jarvis on synths, bass and programming. Nagamatzu began in 1982 after messing around with old tape machines and drum boxes, making numerous contributions to international compilations and erratically releasing their own cassettes. Their music reflects his influence and incorporates carefully chosen samples from the Challenger shuttle disaster, Gregorian chants and films including "Dawn Of The Dead" and "The Omen". All the songs were recorded onto a Ferrograph reel to reel in a small room at their parent's house and some of the backing rhythms and sequencers were recorded 1st onto cassette and then the band played along live. Nagamatzu’s instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire and early New Order or Cocteau Twins. "Sacred Islands Of The Mad" is a complex, textured tapestry of sound full of dark electronics, fresh harmonies and danceable rhythms. All songs have been remastered especially for vinyl from the original cassette masters. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and including a newsprint zine full of fliers, gig tickets, ads, and photos.. Essential archive ;)

shatter days


Artist : Nagamatzu 

Label : Dark Entries 

shatter days / LP

Re-issue of the debut cassette by British duo Nagamatzu for the 1st time ever on vinyl. Expanded with 5 bonus tracks, 'Shatter Days' is a collection of 9 songs recorded between 1983 and 1988. Featuring Andrew Lagowski (SETI, Legion, Terror Against Terror) on synths, guitar, and programming and Stephen Jarvis (Pure Motorised Instinct, Terraform) on synths and bass with Andrew Fleck (synths, occasional vocals). Nagamatzu self-released their debut cassette 'Shatter Days' in 1983 after messing around with old tape machines, drum boxes and effects. They cite their early influences as SPK, Cabaret Voltaire and Joy Division. All the songs were recorded onto a TEAC reel to reel in the dining room at Andrew's parents' house. Some of the backing rhythms and sequencers were recorded 1st and then the band played along live during overdubs. These instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, early New Order or Cocteau Twins. Their sound is full of complex rhythm patterns and dark electronics. On the flip side of this reissue are 5 tracks featuring contributions to international compilations ('If God Had Meant Us To Dance He'd Have Given Us Legs', 'Three Minute Symphony, Life At The Top' and 'Total Recess 3') plus a previously unreleased song. The vinyl comes housed in jacket silver and black offset printed jacket featuring the Nagamatzu symbol from the 'Shatter Days' cassette. Each LP includes a 8-page booklet full of photos, reviews and an interview with the band from 1983. Finally rescued from the UK Diy cassette underground and restored, 'Shatter Days' presents a band at their productive beginnings..

above this noise


Artist : Nagamatzu 

Label : Dark Entries 

above this noise / LP

Nagamatzu were the British duo of Andrew Lagowski (SETI, Legion, Terror Against Terror) on synths, guitar, and programming and Stephen Jarvis (Pure Motorised Instinct, Terraform) on synths and bass. Formed in 1982 after messing around with old tape machines and drum boxes, making numerous contributions to international compilations and erratically releasing their own cassettes. Their name comes from a character in JG Ballard's 'Atrocity Exhibition' and their music reflects his influence. Nagamatzu self-released their debut cassette 'Shatter Days' in 1983 after messing around with old tape machines, drum boxes and effects. 'Above This Noise' is a compilation of 9 songs recorded in the period between the release of 'Sacred Islands Of The Mad' in 1986 and 'Igniting The Corpse' in 1991. It gathers tracks which surfaced on some of the international compilation cassette releases that the band were invited to contribute to in the 80's as well as some previously unreleased songs. The band's working method was for Andrew to 1st record a backing track, usually rhythm, sequence, samples. Then both members would layer more electronics, samples, guitar and bass over the top, recording the whole piece in one take. These instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, early New Order or Cocteau Twins. Their sound is full of complex rhythm patterns and dark electronics. The vinyl comes housed in jacket silver and black designed by Eloise Leigh. Each LP includes a fold out poster with liner notes by Stephen Jarvis and an early gig flyer. Finally rescued from the UK DiY cassette underground and restored, 'Above This Noise' presents 9 Nagamaztu tracks for the 1st time ever on vinyl.

from diy with love


Artist : Narrow 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

from diy with love / LP

1st official vinyl release of the now defunct Croatian duo Narrow. Born in the late 90's, Narrow retired last year after over a decade of sonic excursions, and no less than 14 self-produced cassettes and CD-r's on their home-label Aside Thorns. Inspired by the collage and improvisation aesthetics of the likes of TG and Cabaret Voltaire, the music of Narrow is pure DIY, acknowledging cut’n’paste and lo-fi analogue sound processing as both a working method and a source of inspiration. No studio and hardly any computer here : the duo’s weapons of choice are a couple of tape decks, an old walkman and actual synths and effects with which they create a sound that takes us back to the heyday of tape-industrial. The 10 raw gems selected for this requiem are highly rhythmic, noise-informed minimal pieces, sometimes mutating into catchy electro songs which carry in them both post-punk echoes and angst-pop promises. Limited edition of 310 hand-numbered copies on white vinyl + insert !!

arms of departure


Artist : Natural Assembly 

Label : Avant! 

arms of departure / 12"

Natural Assembly is a new 2 piece dark synth-wave group from London, consisting of J.Cannon & Z.Zsigo. Since the 1st demo tape released in 2011, when the band was Jesse's solo project, a few limited cassettes have emerged. The sound is somehow similar to what Lust For Youth and Contrepoison offer, still these guys have developed their own version of what we like to call industrial synth-pop, with Arms of Departure being the 1st major work. Influenced by Front 242 and New Order, pounding drum machines sustain liquid synthesizer melodies and reverberated vocals beat until decay. 6 tunes to mark a personal debut that will be the perfect soundtrack for your last days on Earth..

to be or not to be


Artist : Neal Howard 

Label : Future Sound R & R Records 

to be or not to be / 12"

Excellent chicago track released in 1988 and mixed by Bad Boy Bill with on it another good track "Perpetual Motion" mixed by Kevin Saunderson. Released on the famous Future Sound imprint created by legendary Dj Terry "Housemaster" Baldwin. Chicago Acid House explosion !



Artist : Neon 

Label : Spittle Records 

rituals / LP

From the beginning, the band’s music was perfectly aligned with continental trends; integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like Neon breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock'n'roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time. After a string of 12"s and a 7", the band finally released their 1st lp "Rituals" (originally released in 1985). This crucial album, which unquestionably represented the band’s creative peak, has now been re-released by Spittle not merely for the sake of the album itself, but also as part of a wider campaign to document the Italian new-wave scene. The 8 tracks that make up this digitally remastered reissue represent one of the most original possible journeys into the Italian underground. Obsessively rhythmic, like a pagan ritual, with the vagueness and asperity of primordial rock'n'roll and an inkling of late 70's / early 80's electronica; a cultured dance, officiously contaminated by the sound of guitars that lead us on our journey. This 'return to the scene of the crime' is essential in the rediscovery of one of the most sober and adventurous breeds of Italian rock. Tip !!!



Artist : Neon Eros 

Label : Err Rec 

untitled / 12"

Heavily inspired by early 80's electronic music, Neon Eros's 1st ep could be a B-movie soundtrack from that era with robotic beats and old synthesizers. That record will please analog synthwave, electro funk, library music and cold dystopian grooves addicts. French pressing on black vinyl in a plastic-protected custom glossy jacket. Includes unlimited streaming of Neon Eros via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

spam n space


Artist : Neongrau 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

spam n space / CD

Neongrau is Oliver Gerling from Germany bringing us a wonderful mixture of 80’s influenced electronics and modernist minimal electro-pop. Gary Numan and John Foxx are mentioned as main influences and this is indeed evident throughout the tracks ! “Short”, for example, has a deep Foxx-ish feel to it. Also there’s a bit of electroclash (“E-Chicks Hero”). All in all, no drop-outs really (apart from a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Photographic” which is maybe a bit weak) and for us maybe the German counterpart to Fisherspooner (“Lunar Motel”). One of the best CD album of the last months !



Artist : Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

hertzschmertz / 7"

2nd release on the new F.K.K. Musik label. Like the 1st one this is a smash hit when it comes to minimal-synth-pop. Super nice tunes with a good temp and lots of melody. This reminds us a lot of Das M but slightly more poppy and less NDW. Highly recommended!



Artist : Netzwerk Europa 

Label : Psi49Net 

untitled / 12"

Netzwerk Europa (aka Max Durante & Anthony Rother) producing another cool Kraftwerkian electro on the Psi49Net set up. A true journey into the realms of Anthony Rother typical electro style. Recommended !

netzwerk florida


Artist : Netzwerk Florida 

Label : Psi49Net 

netzwerk florida / 12"

Produced by Anthony Rother & Larry McCormick (aka Exzakt) in 2002, who team up as Netzwerk Florida to bring you a unique untitled electro breakin' twist on Anthony's own Psi49Net label. Quality stuff !


Artist : Netzwerk Florida 

Label : Monotone / 12"

Produced by Anthony Rother & Larry McCormick (aka Exzakt) in 2002, who team up as Netzwerk Florida to bring you a unique electro cut entitled "Earth Wind Fire". This top Monotone release has scratching female vocals from Joye Waldkoetter and a classic vocoder over a club killer bass beat..! Phat one.



Artist : Neu! 

Label : United Artists Records 

untitled / LP

Limited vinyl lp reissue of classic krautrock band Neu!'s landmark 1972 debut album, production by Can’s producer Connie Plank. Beautiful & dreamy !

neu! 75


Artist : Neu! 

Label : United Artists Records 

neu! 75 / LP

Formed by guitarist Michael Rother and percussionist Klaus Dinger, both veterans of Kraftwerk, 'Neu! 75' is their 3rd album and is a rather different album from the 2 previous ones. Much quieter and softer, the album downplays the rhythmic element and incorporates a stronger melodic element. The resulting atmosphere is almost pastoral, by their standards. Neu! used to be the dark side of cosmic music, but here they explore a lighter side of cosmic music. "Isi" is angelic music for piano, locomotive beat and Terry Riley-ain electronic dervishes. The trance in "Seeland" is due to both the minimalistic beat and the guitar's middle-eastern line, and the mixture sounds like the missing link between early Pink Floyd and early Brian Eno. The motorik beat returns in "E-Musik", but, again, the guitar and the keyboards dance on it with a gentle, melodic elegance. Neu! even speaks (or better, whispers) in "Leb's Wohl", a delicate sonata lulled by ocean waves that sounds like a slow-motion replay of a romantic ballad and abandons their trademark massive rhythms. "Hero" is a rock song, and an anthemic one, with strong echoes of the Stooges and the Rolling Stones. So is "After Eight". And they both predate punk-rock. Overall the album is a lot less experimental than the previous 2, but it may have helped insinuate Neu! into the mainstream.. Green vinyl reissue !

open-air cinema


Artist : Neud Photo 

Label : Pylon Records 

open-air cinema / LP

Essential 6 track LP from New York via Detroit minimal wave producer, who takes the kraut of Kraftwerk, the sublime groove of early New Order, and the funk of Liquid Liquid to create vintage electronic masterpieces. Sleeve has a classic Factory chic to it. Listen and get transported back in time. What a perfect mix ;)



Artist : Neud Photo 

Label : Pylon Records 

simulations / 12"

NYC's Neud Photo returns to Pylon for a new ep that is extremely limited to 200 copies!. Ranging from synth-wave / italo and electro. Neud Photo uses his signature style utilizing 808 electro-disco beats and an array of analog synths. Classic sounding tracks that with a timeless feel. Very strong and pretty essential! Comes on white vinyl with pink label edition. Must Have!

der dicke peter


Artist : Neue Krankenscheine 

Label : Kernkrach 

der dicke peter / 7"

Electronic, experimental, minimal, NDW from Germany published for the first time in 1984 on tape as Neue Krankenscheine from Trimmer Kassetten. 7" limited to 200 hand numbered copies on yellow/orange vinyl remastered from the C-60 original tape. Presented in aluminium sleeve silk-screened in pink and including 2 inserts..



Artist : Neugeborene Nachtmusik 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

untitled / LP

Some years ago an album by Dutch band Milligram Retreat was released on Enfant Terrible. The album got raving feedback from press and music enthusiasts. Sadly the project was short lived.. but straight after the project came to an end Maurice Hermes, the mastermind behind it, started his solo project called Neugeborene Nachtmusik. Now is the time to pour his debut album out over you. Residing in Berlin Neugeborene Nachtmusik has shaped his music more and more these past few years into an unique style of this own. Some results of this were displayed already on the various artists releases 'Exploitation', 'I Am Enfant Terrible' and 'Post-Everything'. This album is a pitch black experience, a shamanistic ritual and a dark trip which takes you by the hand and leads you beyond and back. You get served 6 long tracks with effective minimalism and trance indulging sounds. Influences from electro, techno, industrial, noise and (black) metal can be traced. The album is diverse but coherent in displaying the specific personal style of Neugeborene Nachtmusik.. Special artwork print, insert, limited edition of 200 copies!

komme was kommen mag


Artist : Neugeborene Nachtmusik 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

komme was kommen mag / 7"

Berlin based, but from Dutch origin, Neugeborene Nachtmusik has come up with 2 rather weird pieces. Dancefloor friendly, playful and bold. Call it Dada pop or anti-pop music. A different side of Neugeborene Nachtmusik as you might know from last years LP, but a seriously fun side. Minimal synth sounds but with a twist.. Limited to 200 copies !



Artist : Neural Circus 

Label : Mauerstadtmusik 

untitled / 7"

Another masterpiece of early 80’s UK minimal electronics. Neural Circus were from Harrogate (UK), and they released only one 7”ep in 1980 on the Luggage labe; ultra rare piece of vinyl ! Not only the rareness, but of course, its amazing raw and pure analogue electronics made this a so sought-after record, therefore great that Mauerstadtmusik rereleased this great ep in remastered sound plus adding the originally intended artwork to the package. The whole ep will cause orgasmic states in those who love Transparent Illusion, Bern Balders or Dark Day. So, no discussion : a true classic limited to 500 copies, definitely a Must-Have...

till it all fades away / percussive movement in streaming pulses


Artist : Neurobit 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

till it all fades away / percussive movement in streaming pulses / 7"

Neurobit was already present on the "Kamp Holland" compilation and in several reviews his track was picked as one of the highlights from that release. This is the 1st official release of Neurobit on Enfant Terrible. Expect some bleeping psychedelics like an 8-Bit version of Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley. Recommended to fans of minimal electronics, psychedelic music and chip tunes alike.. 8-Bit festival ;)



Artist : Neva 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

untitled / 12"

This emblematic trio from the scene between 1982 and 1991 was suggesting a music at half way between cold-wave and batcave rock. Weird live scenic-performances, minimal but nor minimalistic music, voices from graves, Neva never let anybody indifferent to such point the band was considered as the French "Virgin Prunes". They left behind them a discography composed by an unique 2-titled 7" and 2 tapes, today, requested by collectors from all over the world. Discover or discover back this band through this new picture vynil 12" containing 2 tracks from each tape period: "Individu" & "Fausse Conscience".. Tip !!

blue monday


Artist : New Order 

Label : Qwest 

blue monday / 12"

No words necessary...Just essential...



Artist : New Shiny Things 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

untitled / 7"

Re-released of two intense and emotional forgotten tracks by this US band originaly released as a 7" single on Blotto Records in 1982 which nowadays is impossible to find. Including the slightly weirder and previously unreleased post-punk track "Crayola Psychosis" (written in 1980, recorded in 1984). Great !

sex, drugs & more drugs ep


Artist : New York City Survivors 

Label : Dum Records 

sex, drugs & more drugs ep / 12"

NYC Survivors consist in Irwin Berg & Kim Rapatti (aka Mono Junk) from the much respected Helsinki (Finland) electro scene.. This is their 4th ep from 2004 released on Kim's Dum Records label which helped define a trademark Finnish minimal techno sound which quickly attracted fans from around the world. This sound grew out of a love for analog gear and a stark minimal production style. Nice record and remixes ;)

the game ep


Artist : New York City Survivors 

Label : Dum Records 

the game ep / 12"

Review to come..!



Artist : Newclear Waves 

Label : Desire Records 

untitled / LP

Debut album by Italian synth-wave masters Newclear Waves. Hailing from Rome, exploring droned out electro-pop territories with an interest for a refreshing hyperactive 80's new-wave, Newclear Waves' soundscapes seem to surround a fruitful visual-graphical imaginary which deals with mass consumption, apocalyptic visions, weird machineries, post-modernism and the order of chaos. A promising new coming in the universe of home made electronic avant-gardism. Tip!!

ruins / trying times


Artist : Newclear Waves / Opus Finis 

Label : Mannequin 

ruins / trying times / 7"

Newclear Waves is Alessandro Adriani from Rome, Italy, and Opus Finis is Ramiro Jeancarlo (synths, composition) and Carlos E. Oni (lyrics, vocals) from Miami, USA, joining forces on Mannequin’s third but first vinyl release. Both projects work with analog machines only, with a Korg KR-55 drum machine triggering directly the bass synth. A-Side “Ruins” is pretty monotone with no change at all in the bass note, but as Alessandro once put it, he’s making minimal electronic music, hehe, alrighty then ! Anyway, there is a cold voice as from some industrial / hard electro bands and some brighter tones here and there, too. The KR-55 pattern lets memories to Snowy Red arise, but Alessandro is a bit more dark and nihilistic. Opus Finis present “Trying Times” which is a bit more versatile and playful. Pretty cool track similar to way Martial Canterel works. Nice release limited to 300 copies...

destination earth (definitive version)


Artist : Newcleus 

Label : Dominance Electricity 

destination earth (definitive version) / 12"

The return of a legend ! One of Newcleus' deepest and sweetest tracks from the original album now available for the first time with vocals in its extended original form + the original, previously unreleased version of "Why". Also includes new remixes by Sbassship and Reeno. Sleeve by Bill Wray (known for his work on the 90's cult cartoon "Ren & Stimpy"). Timeless futuristic electro on black standard vinyl...

jam on it


Artist : Newcleus 

Label : Sunnyview 

jam on it / 12"

Wellknown electro cut by the famous Newcleus. What else to say than an essential record in oldschool electro-funk history. Still kicking ass today ;)

zombi holocaust


Artist : Nico Fidenco 

Label : Mannequin 

zombi holocaust / LP

'Zombi Holocaust' movie is another slice of Italian zombie craziness for the late 70's/early 80's. The film, released in 1979, was directed by Marino Girolami, and starred Italian zombie favorite Ian McCulloch. In contrast to the sleazy and gory action on the screen, the soundtrack of the maestro Nico Fidenco is a thing of beauty and great depth, with captivating musicianship on display. The soundtrack is a rich blend of electronic/synthesizer tracks, experimental electronics, soaring acoustic and orchestral numbers with tinges of Spaghetti Western soundtracks, frenetic drumming coupled with woodwind instruments, and chants and manipulated wordless vocals. This eclectic blend is skillfully woven together to create a soundtrack that is unique, richly textured, and one that can stand side by side with the best works of other great Italian soundtrack composers. The selection of the tracks was following a particular path, where dark synthesizers, drones and slow burning electronic beats have a voice in. It still sound totally modern, so it was totally natural for Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani to rework "The Magic Is In Progress", now transformed in a whole B-side 10 minutes dancefloor acid/ebm ride. Limited edition of 500 copies on red vinyl. TIP!



Artist : Nicolas Courtin 

Label : Erkrankung Durch Musique 

asteroides / 12"

Nicolas Courtin, a surgeon from France, is combining Detroit tightness with harmonies of French pop and something like the acid-house chords of Chris Kordas´s "Save The Planet". Nice ;)

transdance g.c.1


Artist : Night Moves 

Label : Domestica 

transdance g.c.1 / 10"

The mythical "Transdance" from UK duo Night Moves is given a much needed official issue by Domestica Records and the Barcelona label have spared no expense. A limited pressing of 400 clear blue 10"s come housed in hand printed and hand numbered sleeves accompanied by a leaflet with complete biography of the band. Despite the paucity of Night Moves discography, it's clear the duo of Michael Guihen and John Davis have had an everlasting effect on the canon of synth music with their much admired debut. Transedance was originally released as a limited 12" white label in 1981, finding favour on the dancefloors of Europe and New York City yet never really gained the wider exposure it richly deserved. Original copies of the GC1 pressing of "Transdance" still command slightly ridiculous prices so kudos to Domestica for this rather special presentation which features a previously unreleased demo cut "Life Up" on the flip.

transdance g.c.1


Artist : Night Moves 

Label : Domestica 

transdance g.c.1 / 10"

The mythical "Transdance" from UK duo Night Moves is given a much needed official repress by Domestica Records and the Barcelona label have spared no expense. A limited pressing of 400 clear blue 10"s come housed in hand printed and hand numbered sleeves accompanied by a leaflet with complete biography of the band. Despite the paucity of Night Moves discography, it's clear the duo of Michael Guihen and John Davis have had an everlasting effect on the canon of synth music with their much admired debut. Transedance was originally released as a limited 12" white label in 1981, finding favour on the dancefloors of Europe and New York City yet never really gained the wider exposure it richly deserved. Original copies of the GC1 pressing of "Transdance" still command slightly ridiculous prices so kudos to Domestica for this rather special presentation which features a previously unreleased demo cut "Life Up" on the flip. Edition of 400 copies, presented in a hand-made silk-screen printed cover sleeve. 2nd pressing on black vinyl including a booklet..!



Artist : Night Moves 

Label : Dark Entries 

transdance / 12"

All 4 mixes of "Transdance" by Night Moves as a tribute dedicated to the lives lost in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire on December 2, 2016. Night Moves was the brainchild of Michael Guihen, from South London. Inspired by seeing Tubeway Army perform on Top of the Pops in 1979 he placed an add to form a synth-based band in the NME. In November 1980 he was introduced to Denis Haines, formerly Gary Numan's keyboardist on the 'Telekon' album. Denis and Michael worked closely together, writing a number of backing tracks. One of these was the farewell song from Gary Numan to his band Tubeway Army, "Love Needs No Disguise". In exchange for this backing track, Denis gave Michael the studio time needed to develop "Transdance". The 1st version of "Transdance" was recorded in late Spring 1981 at Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey and within the week Michael had a recording deal with GC Recordings. This mix of "Transdance" was pressed onto a white label GC1 and was sent to clubs around Britain and Europe. In Summer 1981 he met John Davis (aka John Darc) also part West London's new romantic scene. They recorded the 2nd mix of "Transdance" at Matrix Studios in London early 1982, and John added the new bass line. This was titled 'U.K. Disco Mix' and released by GC Records. On this mix the backing vocals were sung by Eve Goddard, Adam Ant's ex-wife. In March 1983 Michael and John turned to New York's budding electro & hip-hop scenes to have Jay Burnett remix the 'New York Disco Mix'. Back in London, the duo disappeared into the cutting rooms at Utopia studios with Francis Usmar and emerged with the final dub edit 'Robot Rock'. All 3 later mixes were programmed with a Roland TR-808, some live drums, and one homemade handclap machine. "Transdance" was embraced by Chicago's WBMX, Hot Mix 5 and Ron Hardy as well in New York at Larry Levan's Paradise Garage and Tony Humphries' Club Zanzibar in New Jersey. It is considered a blueprint that traces the line from UK synth-pop to Chicago house and Detroit techno. Housed in the original jacket featuring a black and white photograph of 2 mannequins dancing set against a cantaloupe hue. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11" square insert with lyrics and drawings of all 36 victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire. Also included is a 6 page booklet with liner notes, original press kit sheets and photographs from the band's archive. 100% of all profits will be donated to the Oakland Fire Immediate Relief Fund.

new grave


Artist : Night Sins 

Label : Avant! 

new grave / LP

Born by members of hardcore bands Salvation and Mother Of Mercy, Night Sins is the aural proof that life does not walk so dark all over Europe alone. Emerging sometime around 2011 under the oppressive skies of Philadelphia, these overcast malcontents are fitly connected to a city engrossed in shadow-soaked vices and dilapidated architecture. Not to imply that there isn't a comforting sort of gloominess in this musical malaise as Night Sins frolic down a musical path originally cut by The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox, with enough hints of Pink Turns Blue, The Mission, and other extensions into 80's darkwave to produce memorable songwriting that stands on its own. Bass and drums punch through the mist thick as thieves, guitar lines circle like falcons overhead, minimal-synths street clean some of the residual dirt, and singer-songwriter Kyle Kimball's vocals confidently press through an intimate fog. There is a brilliant light in the midst of dimness, and Night Sins is carrying the torch. Comes on black vinyl with insert with band pics and lyrics.

afraid to cry


Artist : Night Sticks 

Label : Waving Hands Records 

afraid to cry / 7"

Night Sticks, as they intriguing define themself, is a 'completely obscure synthesizer duo from Sweden'."Afraid To Cry" is like something out from the 80's pioneeristic post punk / synthwave /minimal synth cassette scene. It opens and closes with a female/male conversation in the Swedish language, driven by a circular wave of synth sequences alongside a whispered voice repeating the refrain 'so I afraid to cry', alternated with 'so I afraid to try/die' variations, it's a mesmerizing and hypnotic fragile track that brings warmth and deepness to a usually cold genre, while remaining melodic and sophisticated, at the end it leaves me bizarrely with a pleasant minimal far melody of Visage's "Fade To Grey". The flip instead is a not less attractive, slighty EBM flavoured, danceable number which channels D.A.F.'s electro period with Alan Vega-like minimal punkabilly vocals. Tip !!



Artist : Nils 

Label : Tritt Record 

freispiel / 7"

"Freispiel" is a classic and fast typically German sounding minimal electronics tune in the vein of early Markus, Piefke & Pafke, Ti-Tho and the likes. Weird synth-sounds (like pin-ball machines), Casio VL-Tone, Roland TR-808 and brilliant minimalistic and propulsive bass-synth sequencer make this 7" a nice record for your collection. The B-side "Elvis" is unfortunately not worth mentioning or listening to (in my opinion). Limited edition and very rare !



Artist : Nimoy 

Label : Bunker 

untitled / 12"

Former Unit Moebius member Jan Duivenvoorden flies solo for this spaced out electro release from 2007. Eschewing the demands of the dancefloor in favour of a more cerebral approach, Nimoy starts with the spaced out synths of "We Are The Word" and the haunting electronic melodies of "1981". "Pigeon Is My Prey" sees Duivenvoorden give some concessions to Djs with low-slung rhythms and hissing percussion, while "The Orca Reunion" takes this approach a few steps farther with its low-slung acid and heavy claps. However, Nimoy sounds most assured when mining an introspective path and the melancholic synths of "Smoking" brings the listener back to its spaced out start. 2016 repress with basic artwork !

system of belief


Artist : Nina Belief 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

system of belief / 10"

Nina Belief is Tushna from Miami (USA), and already known from being the female half of Ronin, but here recording solo. She has already appeared with "Android Emotions" on the "We’re Punch Addicted" compilation CD (Punch Records) and is now delighting the world with 5 more fantastic songs from the realms of the analog synth underground. Like the other usual suspects (the analog synth freaks from the US : Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato Du Mal, etc..) she appears to only play original early 80's analog synthesizers and drum machines which gives this music much heart and soul, and authenticity. The music is cold and dark, due to the vocals some similarities to The Vyllies ("Exile Queen"), November Növelet, and also Anne Clark ("Ice In Air"). This is the 1st release on newly founded German label No Emb Blanc Records, actually a side label of Genetic Music. Well done, Tushna ;)



Artist : Nina Belief 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

shivers / LP

Review to come..!

feel the feast


Artist : Nina Belief 

Label : FlexiWave 

feel the feast / 7"

New release from no less then legendary Miami based synth genius, Nina Belief. After her last release, 'Shivers' on No Emb Blanc in 2013, it has been very quite around Nina but here she is back with 2 dark mesmerizing magic synth-punk tunes that will get any lace moving..

without your love


Artist : Nina Schiller 

Label : Rams Horn 

without your love / 12"

Nina is from LA and studied classical opera which is how she developed her chops. She worked in clubs around town. Her talent was never truly recognized.. Here is a chance to grab this nice disco gem from 1984 on the Dutch immortal Rams Horn imprint.

new era / tsar bomba


Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

new era / tsar bomba / 7"

The cult 80's Dutch band Nine Circles (of "What's There Left" fame) is back in the saddle with 2 new tracks and half a new line up (on these recordings Lidia Fiala is joined by Johanna Saleina). Nine Circles hasn't changed that much (the angst is still there, and the synths are still as dark as back in 1982). Only 150 copies, so act fast!

the early days


Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : Genetic Music 

the early days / 2x12"

The early demo recordings of Dutch 80's cult duo Nince Circles finally see the light of day! 'The Early Days' with 20 mostly unreleased songs from 1980-82 on 2xLP. All tracks have been remastered and it is including the '82 radio session. Massive release..

number not available


Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : EE Tapes 

number not available / 7"

New Nine Circles 7" vinyl. A new line-up with new challenges, starring Lidia 'The Rose' Fiala and keyboard with Per-Anders Kurenbach. "Number Not Available" already proved its cult status on YouTube with over 2,200 hits and is now finally available on physical format! Presumably not for long... Best kept secret maybe, "The Face Behind A Clown" was never posted before, but OMG, here is another smashing sad poppy song in the best Nine Circles tradition! Standard black copies limited to 250 copies ;)



Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : No Label 

alice / LP

No need to present this cult Dutch duo from the 80's (Lidia Fiala & Peter Van Garderen) still active nowadays.. This new album 'Alice' contains 12 songs, which were composed during the past 2 years, but the lyrics partly date back to the 70's & 80's. Some of these songs were already performed on stage, some will premiere on forthcoming concerts and some will never be played live. This is because all Nine Circles lyrics deal with things that happened in Lidia's life and songs like "Alice Don't Jump" are too emotional to be sung on stage. The song "The Shade Killed Her" is about Lidia's experience with some people in the music business who nearly managed to destroy her love for the music, but "This Is The Rose" tells that it turned good account and those people did not succeed. Per-Anders & Lidia are tuned with their feelings, so when Per-Anders sings "Haunted By The Past", he gets the same feelings as Lidia when she wrote the lyrics, because they fit also to his life. This is with many songs; being kindred spirits they are able to make music like it is coming from one soul.. Handnumbered cover with UV matt varnish print. Contains inlay with lyrics and photos, 1 poster, 1 sticker and 2 different postcards.. TIP !!!

control I'm here


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

control I'm here / 12"

An other Classic EBM track from Nitzer Ebb (1987). It souds like "Let your Body Learn" with subsersive lyrics. A clear inspiration for Le Syndicat Electronique at that time. B-1 : uptempo track with a more punk inspiration. B-2 : 7" version. Great One !

let your body learn


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

let your body learn / 12"

An agressive "hymn" from 1988 by Nitzer Ebb, with Front 242 they are the resourceful creators of the EBM (Electronic Body Music) genre. "Let your Body Learn" is the perfect track to get a frenzied crowd. B-2 : Instrumental B-3 : Hardcore mix. A Must !

hearts and minds (mix hypersonic)


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

hearts and minds (mix hypersonic) / 12"

"Hearts and Minds" released by Nitzer Ebb in 1989 (their most prolific year), builds a compelling soundtrack that exorcises their own sense of despair. It still sounds incredibly modern. Thses tracks have been a huge source of influence for lots of current artists that we won't named :-) Run to this Plate !

shame redesign


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

shame redesign / 12"

This is one of the really good single of Nitzer Ebb released in 1989 on the UK Mute label. Always in their engaged and agressive EBM style but combined here with also a touch a minimal electro-pop, "Shame" gives a really interesting compromise. B-Side : "Backlash" has a slower beat and sounds quite like Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Effective Quality ep !



Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

ebbhead / LP

Ebbhead finds the group bringing their new fascination with more traditional song approaches to greater heights. Douglas McCarthy's lyrics are much more of a story/narrative kind in this album than the endless commands of the past, while his voice, if still sometimes intentionally strained, shows much greater fluidity and range than before. Similarly, the killer arrangements show even more detail and variety. Good One !

let your body learn / control I


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : NovaMute 

let your body learn / control I'm here / 12"

Nitzer Ebb's classics getting remixed by Terence Fixmer & The Hacker. The Fixmer's version of "Let Your Body Learn" is more dance orientated, f-m style, so it’s kind of different from what Nitzer Ebb did. The Hacker's remix gives Nitzer Ebb's "Control I'm Here" a more smashy techno touch.. Fresh !

as is


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

as is / 12"

"As Is" was an awesome ep that was released in 1991 and coincided with "Ebbhead" lp. "Family Man" is just taken from the album but the other tracks stand out as being some of the best non album tracks ever by Nitzer Ebb. "Come Alive" should have been included on "Ebbhead" and it should have been its own single and video. The lyrics, vocals and drumming on this track are some of the best I have ever heard. "Lovesick" and "Higher" also should have been included and I have no idea what prompted the band to make this seemingly strange and odd decision.. This was the last great release from Nitzer Ebb before they just lost it completely !

basic pain procedure


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Pylon Records 

basic pain procedure / LP

Available now for the 1st time ever is Nitzer Ebb's 'Basic Pain Procedure' on vinyl, which many fans consider, the holy grail of their catalogue. This release which comprises some of their earliest material ever, was a cassette-only release that was primarily a tool to attract attention from record labels but was also available for purchase at the time. It was recorded in the Essex countryside in 1983, a year after the band played their 1st ever show at the Chelmsford YMCA, and was virtually the extent of their then live set. After this initial recording a slew of new songs were written that eventually went on to form the debut album, 'That Total Age', and, with the exception of "Home" which was reworked into KIA for the 'Belief' album, the 'Basic Pain Procedure' tracks were replaced never to be heard again. The release also contains a double sided insert with the alternate black & white cassette cover and rare photos and flyers from that era. Only 600 copies are pressed in total, here on black vinyl.!

cerebral player


Artist : Njurmannen 

Label : Konduktor Rekords 

cerebral player / 12"

First vinyl release of this Swedish project in 1986. A-side contains some tracks that are directly taken from their first productions made between '84 and '85 on cassette. Highlights are on the B-side with two great synth-pop stroll into the streets of "San Fransisco" to the Hell itself with "Tio Timmar I Helvetet" literaly Ten Hours In Hell. Recorded live in january '86 and boosted by the fury of synthetisers the last track "Realism" enclose this brilliant 12".

vem är pavul?


Artist : Njurmannen 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

vem är pavul? / LP

Finally, Njurmännen’s first release from 1984 is now available on vinyl LP. For all of you that not have heard the original tape this is the time to discover the roots of this artist and others who have heard it you know it´s a great piece of Swedish electronic music history. This album contains nice electro-pop melodies, real experimental raw songs and sounds for horror movies...Brrrr

masters 1992


Artist : Njurmannen 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

masters 1992 / LP

Originally released on tape in 1985. A bit ruffer sound than their 1st cassette and also the original mastertape was not in the best shape but still worth releasing it! Real special synth-pop, a sound only Njurmännen can make... Some weird dark sounds are also on the Lp. Limited to 500 copies & highly recommended !!!

dreams (early recordings 1980-82)


Artist : No More 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

dreams (early recordings 1980-82) / LP

As the title says this is a compilation of early (best ?) songs from this German band. It contains some unreleased demo versions and especially the original cult anthem of the dark-wave scene : "Suicide Commando". Essential record ! Limited record to 500 copies.

sunday mitternacht / a rose is a rose


Artist : No More 

Label : Rent A Dog 

sunday mitternacht / a rose is a rose / 7"

No More's 1st release on their own new label Rent A Dog is a double-A-sided single with "Sunday Mitternacht", a dark surrealistic clubnumber, they composed with Echopark producer Torsten Stenzel; and "A Rose Is A Rose" was supposed to be the title track of their 1982 ep. Finally this hypnotic track shines brightly in its new 2010 version. Nice come-back !

suicide commando


Artist : No More 

Label : Mannequin 

suicide commando / 12"

12" reissue of No More "Suicide Commando", one of the most influential singles that ever reach the underground surface in the past 35 years. Originally released in 1981 as a 7" single, and subsequently reprinted in 1984 as a 12" single with a different tracklist on the B-Side, the single was in the following years spreading internationally regardless of genres and scenes. A couple of years after these Germans recorded this, it spread like a virus to become a cult classic. The virus is still spreading to this day. No More were founded by Andy A. Schwarz (vocals, guitar, bass), Tina Sanudakura (synthesizers), Christian Darc (drums, vocals) and Thomas Welz (bass, vocals) in Kiel, a seaside town in the northern part of Germany. The 7" ep 'Too Late' was the 1st release in 1980 and was recorded in a small laundry-room with a 4-track TEAC (the ep was reviewed in the German SOUNDS-magazine as 'strangely, archaic music, brute sound that seems to be recorded with a purposely damaged 4-track'). After the departure of Thomas Welz at the end of 1980, No More worked as a trio until the end of 1983. During that period the band recorded the song "Suicide Commando", basically their biggest success. In the 90's the song entered the techno and electro scene, when it was remixed by Dj Hell and Echopark (Moguai & Torsten Stenzel). A minimal electro classic, highly recommended in a collectible limited edition of 500 copies. Exclusive for the Record Store Day 2015 ;)

a rose is a rose


Artist : No More 

Label : Dark Entries 

a rose is a rose / LP+7"

No More are a band from Kiel, Germany, founded in the summer of 1979. Their music is rooted in early post-punk / no-wave. No More began as a quartet with Andy A. Schwarz (vocals, guitar, bass), Tina Sanudakura (synthesizers), Christian Darc (drums, vocals) and Thomas Welz (bass, vocals). They self-­released their debut 7" 4 song ep 'Too Late' in 1980. The ep was reviewed in the German 'Sounds' magazine as "strangely, archaic music, a brute sound that seems to be recorded with a purposely damaged 4­-track”. After the departure of Thomas Welz at the end of 1980, No More worked as a trio until the end of 1983. As a trio the band explored musical minimalism and experimented with sequencers, drum synthesizers and rhythm boxes. There were no studios involved in the recording process. All recordings were made in bunkers, laundry rooms, cellars and rehearsal rooms. In 1981 the band released their 2nd single "Suicide Commando". The song spread internationally over the following years and became the band's biggest success. In 1982 No More released the mini­-album 'A Rose Is A Rose' on 10", described by NME as "made by a trio of young Germans who appear to have fallen out of Lou Reed's 'Berlin' album". Songs on this mini­-LP convey the desolate and bleak attitude of German youth in the early 80's. This reissue compiles all 8 tracks from the mini­-LP, both tracks from the 'Suicide Commando' 7" plus 3 demos from 1982. As a bonus each LP includes the original 'Too Late' 7" ep remastered and housed in an exact copy of the original jacket. The jacket is a replica of the original 'A Rose Is A Rose' 10" artwork designed by Stefan Brose, resized for a 12" LP and laid out by Eloise Leigh. Each album includes an 11x14 double-­sided, fold­out poster insert with photos and lyrics. As Dj duo Optimo said of "Suicide Commando": 'A song that refuses to die. A couple of years after these Germans recorded this; it spread like a virus to become a cult classic. The virus is still spreading to this day".



Artist : No Sleep By The Machine 

Label : Dödsdans Rekords 

quadrilateral / 2x12"

No Sleep By The Machine was formed in mid 2004. Influenced by the underground electro scene in the 80's, the Belgian scene in particular, and the new-wave. This album contains previous unreleased tracks and tracks taken from CD Ep's 1,2,3. One of the best heavier records we heard this year so far.. ;)



Artist : No Unauthorized 

Label : Camisole Records 

invasion / LP

No Unauthorized was a French band from Melun (south suburb of Paris) active between 1980 and early 90's. The band was omnipresent in the tape wave scene with almost 100 appearances on various labels like Bain Total, Insane Music , EE Tapes or V.I.S.A. Their music can be described as minimal synth-pop with smart silly French lyrics. Add an experimental Diy spirit and you have one of the most original French 80's band. Invasion is an 8 tracks tape album originally released in 1987 on Fraction Studio (home of Philippe Laurent and DZ Lectric) and is probably their most accomplished work. It captures all the personality and freedom of the group who had no taboo to ridicule any situation. Limited edition of 200 standard numbered copies with A4 insert. Splendid starting release for this new Camisole Rec. label ;)

en evig väntan


Artist : Noblesse Oblige 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

en evig väntan / LP

Minimal synth-pop hits that has been well hidden in the dark forest of Småland (Sweden), the band hailing from Växjö. This is a true treasure. Get it before too late, this will be a minimal wave underground classic, and thats a promise. Limited edition of 250 copies.

make room! make room!


Artist : Noi Kabat 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

make room! make room! / 7"

Limited 2nd edtion of 200 handnumbered copies on black vinyl, with download code.

response frequency


Artist : Noise Unit 

Label : Antler-Subway 

response frequency / LP

Noise Unit are Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber (members of Front Line Assembly with Mark Verhaeghen of Klinik). It's their 2nd collaboration, recorded in 1990. Some relentless industrial dance tracks here, like the opener "Agitate" or "In Vain", or some amazing spacey workouts like "Forgotten Realm" and "Feel The Anguish". For all fans of Klinik, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Skinny Puppy..!



Artist : Nomadic 

Label : Dopamine 

metro-mover / 12"

Dopamine follow-up the wicked Alpha 606 12" with this super-strong release from Nomadic, aka Alain Hernandez (Miami's master of $100 drum machines). On this debut ep a barely contained fury is fused with pure electro and intensive programming edits. With a pristine, unrelenting remix from the delicious Andrea Parker and an additional Alpha 606 guanabana remix, this is just great from start to finish. Get on it !

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