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9:15 to nowhere


Artist : Jetlag 

Label : We Rock Like Crazy 

9:15 to nowhere / 12"

Jetlag founded by Darrin Huss (Psyche), James White (Crème Records) and Dave Rout (ex-member of cult 80's group Rational Youth and now Datafreq) released this 12" in 2006 on the german label We rock Like Crazy (RIP). The track to get is without any doubts the original "9:15 To Nowhere" produced into a superb efficient modern wavey electro genre of today. Listen !



Artist : Jewels Of The Nile 

Label : Desire Records 

pleasure / LP

Debut album from Jewels of the Nile, a trio out of Portland with an obvious influence from the dark Northwest. Formed early in 2010 by Meghan Christine & Jessy Montaigne (Subtonix) while playing in their other project Magick Daggers, the 2 bonded over a common love of more primal, downtempo electronic music, also sharing double air in the stars, combining to create a spark of desire to form something that allowed the freedom of complete exploration in music and the world. The 2 are joined by Amity Givens on electric drums and floor tom, bringing driving beats and a dynamic live performance. The music transcends boundaries of dark electronic dance beats, to hints of tropical upbeat tango rhythms, laced with psychedelic reverb and infectious new-wave hooks in others. Lyrics are at times span into a deeper velvet clad register, bringing the suggestion of a more sensuous gnosis. The textures of the multiple synth layers range from pensive organ sounds to bell-like island melodies over tribal beats. Ace ;)



Artist : Job Sifre 

Label : Knekelhuis 

bestaan / 12"

Job Sifre is one of the guys bringing new blood into the Amsterdam scene. 'Bestaan' is the follow-up to his recently released debut on the new Artifical Dance label. Charged with a pharmaceutically-enhanced restlessness, this new 12" goes on darker, tuffer, kinkier than Sifre's previous 12", gradually bringing the energies to simmering point with the smudged EBM roil and blunted Dutch vox of "Bestaan", then working a wicked ruts of White House White-styled jakbeat in "Zodiak" and the sourer, metallic recoil of "Mars Express", and properly making your body wurk with the pendulous tattoo, "Zeno Dicho" before sloping off into the darkroom with the slower disco admission, "At Least We Try". Beautiful complementary artwork by Stefan Unkovic. Tip!!



Artist : Jocke & Elliot 

Label : Kust Musik 

regnbågen / 12"

Jocke & Elliots debut release which features the beautiful synth-pop tracks "Regnbågen" and "Stadens Labyrint". Jocke is an established producer from Gothenburg, and the beautiful young voice is from Luke Eargoggle's son Elliot. Classic electro-pop for all the fans of Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt. Lovely record !



Artist : Joe Crow 

Label : Dark Entries 

compulsion / 12"

Joe Crow is a post-punk musician from Birmingham, England. He was a member of legendary Brum band The Prefects, and hung on long enough after the name-change to appear on a couple of early Nightingales singles. In 1981 Joe began his solo career and recorded a 2-song demo "Compulsion" and "Absent Friends". Joe sent copies of the finished recordings to Cherry Red, who thanks to Lawrence of Felt, ended up releasing the single in 1982. An edited version of the single would later appear on the compilation 'Pillows & Prayers' that collected songs which originated as 45s or eps. Martin Gore of Depeche Mode subsequently covered "Compulsion" on his 'Counterfeit' ep in 1989 forever solidifying its status in the cannon of UK melancholic synth-pop. "Compulsion" and "Absent Friends" were originally intended as a double A-side. Composed, performed and recorded by Joe on an 8-track reel-to-reel at Sinewave Studio, Moseley Village in February 1981. Joe plays everything: guitar, bass, Boss Dr. Rhythm, Bee Gees Rhythm Machine, Wasp synthesizer, bongos stuffed with towels and an old tin tray for a snare drum. Everything was borrowed. "Compulsion" is an imaginary suicide note, a meditation on loss and grief. Its dark twin "Absent Friends" is an anti-song: no verses, choruses or middle-eight, some willfully odd chord progressions and plaintive yet melodic keyboard motif. Both songs are a spectral hybrid of alternating childlike and cynical vocals over lo-tech basement electronics with profound lyrics. This expanded 12" reissue adds 3 unreleased bonus tracks on the B-side taken from a mini-album of 9 songs, recorded at the same time as "Compulsion". Originally titled "Ken Blagdon Sings" with music by Joe Crow and lyrics by photographer Brendan Jackson, as a birthday present to the latter's girlfriend, Jacqui Neave. The whole session lasted one day and the line up was Brendan Jackson (alias Ken Blagdon; vocals/percussion), Joe Crow (vocals/bass/guitar/Boss Dr. Rhythm/Wasp synthesizer), Mark Rowson (drums), Helen Rowson (alto saxophone), Eamonn Duffy (Nightingales bassist; squawks) and Legs Akimbo (technicals). The jacket is an exact replica of the 1982 edition enlarged for the 12" format, featuring front and back photos of Joe from a dawn beach shoot at Hayling Island, Hampshire, England. Each copy includes a 2-sided newsprint insert with lyrics, never-before-seen photos and liner notes by Joe Crow and Robert Lloyd of the Nightingales. These songs are perfect new wave / post-punk tracks, full of attitude and dark romanticism.



Artist : Joe Garrasco & M.M. 

Label : Dark Entries 

action / 12"

Italo-disco duo composed of Domenico Ricchini and Joe Garrasco. Domenico formed his 1st rock band in 1974, and 4 years later his 1st disco band. During the early 80's he produced records under various names like Delanua, Bob Salton and Sylvi Foster. In 1983 he took the alias Joe Yellow and started recording with the producers Roberto Turatti and Miki Chieregato to release one of the biggest italo-disco singles "Lover To Lover". In 1985 he teamed up with Joe Garrasco, a Dj at Free Club a Super Dancing Discotheque in Braone, Italy. Their 1st composition together was another hit single for Joe Yellow, "I'm Your Lover" released in 1986. In spring 1986 the duo began working on a new song for a yet unnamed side project. They spent a few days at 33 Studio in Milan and recorded "Love Sex For Sale" with Jimmy Mc Foy on vocals. This project was titled Garrasco's and the single was released in 1986 on Fuori Di Testi. Unsatisfied with the mix, they booked a fresh session at Regson Studio in Milan to re-record the song. The result was re-naming the projecting Joe Garrasco & M.M. (for the band Marita – Marillena) and the song as "Action" released on Out Records in 1986. All 4 mixes display dark, driving melodies with surging synthesizers that build to a climax for the chorus. Jimmy sings back and forth between English and French about a finding love after a night of dancing under the moon. Both instrumental mixes display more adventurous electronic arrangements than their vocal counterparts. The other mix of "Love Sex For Sale" employs a vocoder spoken introduction that sounds like Vincent Price narrating a horror movie and showcases a female freestyle rap by backup singers Lidia Salvetti and Cristina Scara. Each record comes in a full color sleeve featuring the original cover art from both singles on the front and back plus a postcard with a photo and notes.

give me a break


Artist : Joe Maran 

Label : ZYX 

give me a break / 12"

Italy, 1983. The best moment for Joe Maran to create some hot fizzy italo-disco for the floor..Original copy released on the huge ZYX label. Tip !

lover to lover


Artist : Joe Yellow 

Label : Baby Records 

lover to lover / 12"

In 1983 Joe Yellow (aka Domenico Ricchini) started recording with the producers Roberto Turatti and Miki Chieregato to release one of the biggest italo-disco hit "Lover To Lover". He was later produced in 1985 by Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente, possibly the best producers of italo-disco at the time. Tip ;)



Artist : Johanna Liebhart 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

damals… / 10"

Mysterious and long-forgotten electro-wave diva of the early 80's, Johanna Liebhart disappeared in largely unknown circumstances back in 1999, leaving behind several unreleased albums. Even if her name is not familiar, some of you will already know her style from Ich Wollte Ich Könnte’s 1st album, which was inspired by, and largely based on some of her compositions. The tracks on this 10” are all taken from her early tape recordings, and probably represent some of her most emotional and intimate works, as simple and modest in their beauty as the personality of their creator was facetious. 7 neo-romantic analogue synth pieces, entirely instrumental. Sacral, minimal and utterly desperate, like the disclosing of someone’s secret chapel, or the hidden garden of a run-down doll-house. Limited to 277 copies only..!

I don't remember now / I don't want to talk about it


Artist : John Bender 

Label : Record Sluts 

I don't remember now / I don't want to talk about it / LP

Very rare debut Lp by John Bender who released 3 Lp's (+ 'Pop Surgery' & 'Plaster Falling') and then disappeared without a trace. Primitive electronics that hearken back to early Cluster, Harmonia, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and Faust. Originaly released on Record Sluts in the early 1980 in Cincinnati, here is a 180g. vinyl bootleg and advertised as being a 'limited edition' release of 100 copies. Act fast !

plaster falling


Artist : John Bender 

Label : Record Sluts 

plaster falling / LP

Extremely rare minimal wave album from the mysterious John Bender. 'Plaster Falling' consists of material from tapes 34 to 45 and was recorded between mid-1979 and mid-1981. 8 sexy tracks of incredible lo-fi minimalist electronic groove. Reminiscent at times of a darker Bruce Haack, this album is super fuzzed out and surreal electronic goodness. Bender has a voice unlike any other. Regular edition without the sleeve covered in plaster.. Highly Recommanded !

pop surgery


Artist : John Bender 

Label : Record Sluts 

pop surgery / LP

This very rare 3rd album by John Bender from 1982 is a change in style (more experimental), better sound quality as well, but still very Bender and a brilliant album in its professionaly printed fold out sleeve. Absolutely winning, home-brewed experimental electronic-pop, presented in impeccable, homemade fashion! 180g. vinyl bootleg and advertised as being a 'limited edition' release of 100 copies. Act fast !

escape from new york (original motion picture soundtrack)


Artist : John Carpenter 

Label :  

escape from new york (original motion picture soundtrack) / LP

The cult original motion picture soundtrack composed and performed in '81 by Carpenter and sound designer Alan Howarth. They did the best work with using only a handful of electronic instruments that perfectly captures the film's dystopian setting. A truly energetic, effective and enduring sci-fi score. In one word : exceptional.

assault on precinct 13 (the original motion picture score)


Artist : John Carpenter 

Label : Record Makers 

assault on precinct 13 (the original motion picture score) / CD

Now available again on CD. John Carpenter's classic 1976 score is quite easily one of the most sought-after, sampled and inspirational soundtracks to have emerged from the independent cinema scene over the last 30 years. It's been sampled by everybody from Afrika Bambaataa to Bomb The Bass, I-f, Dead Prez and countless others. The CD book includes interviews with Carpenter and stills from the film. High demand is expected from musical history buffs and breaks-seekers alike – be quick and stay happy..

the garden


Artist : John Foxx 

Label : Get Back 

the garden / LP

Foxx’s second album The Garden ('81) reveals a true genius of the so-called New Wave, already set for the musical revolution of the early eighties. Unlike his solo debut, The Garden is not a pure act of experimentation but tries to collect many influences such as The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music and various apparently incommensurable legacies, tied together by Foxx’s majestic lyricism and voice. Nice !



Artist : Joie Noire 

Label : Desire Records 

1 / LP

Joie Noire is the new project by Parisian producer, engineer, dj Jérôme Caron (aka Blackjoy). With Blackjoy he produced nice and groovy disco tracks for the last decade or so and for Joie Noire he is introducing his dark side. A motionless journey shaped by the likes of Can and Weather Report to Carl Craig and Plastikman to name a few. Further influences span from Indian music, science fiction soundtracks, and the arpeggio laden early 80's Tv show themes... Under a bright light, these dark jewels, fashioned in solitude, reveal far subtler arrangements than found in his previous albums. Back to the future in a way... It includes a great Sylvester cover "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight". Vinyl version limited to 300 copies on black vinyl with deluxe download mp3 dropcard & pvc bag. Test it ;)

ep 3


Artist : Jollymusic 

Label : Illustrious 

ep 3 / 10"

Classic modern minimal electro/italo-disco remix tracks of Jollymusic (aka Francesco de Bellis and Mario Pierro) by Alden Tyrell and The Parallax Corporation (aka I-f and Intergalactic Gary) and also Adult (aka Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) from Detroit. Essential Highly requested track. Very few copies in stock !



Artist : Jonas Palm 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

decompositions / LP

Jonas's 1st album 'Ze Wörmnest' (Piglet Records) was recorded and released in 1980... After that release he recorded the songs for this album, which was supposed to be released as the sequel and titled 'De-Compositions', and inspired by early Can and Popul Vuh... The main instruments were Korg synthesizer DV800 and MS10 supported by a Casio keyboard of the cheapest kind. The rhythms were created with the DV800 and a modified Boss DR-55. Wonderful analogue ambient music recorded in 1981 & previously unreleased. 1st edition of 300 copies!

betcha bootz


Artist : Jonni Mogul 

Label : Bazooka Joe 

betcha bootz / 7"

7" red vinyl. 80's style. Quality minimalistic and futuristic electro-pop full of energy and freshness by Jonni Mogul on The Rorschach Garden's label Bazooka Joe.

silence ever after


Artist : Joy Before The Storm 

Label : Atemporal 

silence ever after / LP

Re-issue of one of the most unknown and interesting projects from the 80's synth-pop & darkwave scene Joy Before The Storm, and their sole and impossible to find LP 'Silence Ever After' edited in 1985 , now remastered and with a new jacket and insert including all information of the band. Joy Before The Storm formed in Madison (Wisconsin) in 1984 by Matt Anderson (voice and synths), Kevin Kaulson (synths) and Dan Mckay (drum programming-rhythm box), Silence Ever After was written, recorded and mixed during the summer of 1984, using now-classic synthesizers, Arp Solus, Roland SH09, Korg KR-55B and Roland CR78. Limited 30th anniversary edition of only 320 copies..

love will tear us apart


Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Factory 

love will tear us apart / 7"

Absolute Cult Must Have by this 'no need to present' uk legendary band. Recorded in 1980, Joy Division's posthumously released second album "Closer" and especially the single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" became the band's highest charting releases...Here is the 7" nice packaged re-issue version. Essential

an ideal for living


Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Enigma 

an ideal for living / 7"

'An Ideal For Living' is the debut ep released by Joy Division in 1978, shortly after changing their name from Warsaw. All tracks were recorded at the Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham, on December 14, 1977. This superb reissue released on black 7" vinyl is a legendary item that has it's own place in the history of punk / new-wave. Tip !



Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Rhino Entertainment 

closer / LP

Closer is the second and final album by post-punk band Joy Division, released July 18, 1980, 2 months following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. The record was originally released on the Factory Records label as a 12" lp and reached #6 on the UK Albums Chart. Very dark, this album has reached a cult status in the post-punk and rock history. Cult re-issue album !



Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Factory 

transmission / 7"

US superb 7" re-issue of this legendary single originally released in 1979 by the cult Joy Division UK band. Red purple record in a beautiful sleeve... Nice !

love will tear us apart


Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Factory 

love will tear us apart / 12"

Exclusively imported for the European market, this is a mega limited US 12" re-issue featuring the no-need-to-present "Love Will Tear Us Apart", for the first time on vinyl !!!



Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Factory 

atmosphere / 7"

According to us, one of the best Joy Division's single reissued here on transparent green vinyl, with tri-fold out poster with a very rare Ian Curtis photo as seen on Anton Corbjn's 1988 video of "Atmosphere". The poster is printed on linen cloth paper. Essential piece of music !!

peel sessions


Artist : Joy Division 

Label : Strange Fruit 

peel sessions / LP

"The Peel Sessions" is a collection of the 2 Peel Sessions recorded by Joy Division in 1979 for influent Dj John Peel's radio show on BBC Radio 1. Previously the recordings were available on 2 ep's of the same title, released in 1986 and in 1987. None of the songs had been released before the transmissions. The cover has the famous "Tube" photo by Anton Corbijn. Green & white vinyl reissue ;)

presents darkroom traxx


Artist : Junior Rafael 

Label : Mighty Robot 

presents darkroom traxx / 12"

Junior Rafael is a 43 year old chicagoan of Puerto Rican descent. A music box regular in its mid 80's heyday, Junior started making his own tracks at the end of that decade, but his insistence on projecting his upfront sexuality through his music meant that he found it hard to get his tracks onto vinyl. These tracks (recorded in 1991) would have remained lost forever were it not for a chance meeting and discussion with one of the Mighty Robots. Junior is delighted that his music will finally find an audience, 16 years after he laid down the tracks..

we like moroder (rmxs)


Artist : Jupiter Black 

Label : Clone 

we like moroder (rmxs) / 12"

Great remix of the Jupiter Black "We Like Moroder" release. 2 remixes by Divider and Starcluster (actually the same guys.. who delivered 2 of the coolest remixes!). The A-side is the Divider which is a real peak time version with a massive bassline. The flip gives us an amazing Starcluster remix which stays more true to the original: italo-disco style of Giorgio Moroder. Smooth 808 beats and a phat analogue basslines and spaced out synth lines. Check !

hold me


Artist : Jupiter Black feat. Fred Ventura 

Label : Clone 

hold me / 12"

The 2nd Jupiter Black release (aka Michael Black also know for his Unit4 project and John Jupiter). Comes in great artwork from Syd Brak. Jupiter Black collaborated with italo-disco cult hero Fred Ventura for this great hot tune ! Very reminiscent to the golden period of 80's italo-disco with its innovative production skills and catchy basslines and melodies but with the energy of the current electro and house productions. Big plate !

treutronics '81


Artist : Künstler Treu 

Label : Kernkrach 

treutronics '81 / 7"

Limited edition vinyl-single released in 2005 on the German Kernkrach label in a 7” cine-cam film reel and small leaflet. Tracks of early (very early) works recorded once upon a time by a young (very young) Kuenstler Treu (former member of Der Plan). Cool One !

new deal


Artist : K-Rock 

Label : Rephlex 

new deal / LP+7"

"New Deal" is an ace collection of oldschool electro (think of Drexciya & Dopplereffekt), techno and house with that all important braindance ingredient to fry the kids minds. 12 tracks cut on 12" and 7" that kicks off with the Jamie Principle vibed electro cut "Baby Wants To Ride", dark and brooding electro with classic dirt-rave basslines and sleazy vocal drops. "Eastern Promise" opens to a flurry of arcade firepower blips before the TR-808 drums kick in. Melodies straight from the irdial school and some well freestyle drum programming. "Black On White" drops the house energy, percolating light acid basslines fight with the 808's full range of presets, the all important cowbell taking centre stage. On the 7", Kelly is aided and abetted all the way by vocalist Linda Lovelace, 4 tracks spannered in the best way, jungle breakbeat 2step rave pop anthems one and all,"Up & Down, Up & Down" being the standout. Having previously released two 12"s on Ed-DMX's Breakin' label a release at last on his true home Rephlex is long overdue. In addition, the cover makes play with some late 80's hardcore b-boy style, reminding me of Chris Morris' parody on "The Day Today" as Fur-Q. Top value fun for all the freaks and a classic reminiscathon for us old'uns. Mental essential. ;)

hardedged industry


Artist : K-Rock 

Label : Breakin' Records 

hardedged industry / 12"

Picking up where 1999's 'September Eighteen' left off, the 2nd release from K-Rock (2001) is here featuring 2 deep'n'dark new tracks produced by Kelly Barnett & DMX Krew's Ed DMX, and 2 spiky remixes by Detroit's Adult. Quality electro!

give me your heart


Artist : Ka-Zan 

Label : Peecker Melody 

give me your heart / 12"

Classic & rare italo-disco produced by Mauro Marchi. Includes vocal & instrumental and comes with picture sleeve. Original copy !!

vpro radionome - april 2 1982


Artist : Kaa Antilope 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

vpro radionome - april 2 1982 / 12"

Kaa Antilope from Belgium is possibly one of the better kept secrets from the 80's. Known to few people but loved by those. The reason is simple... this band was unique with their wonderful neo romantic, playful and melancholy sound. Their songs are best described as experimental synth-pop with a poetic touch. Only one 7" record was released in 1982. Even today their music stands out with its very special sound of its own. There has not been a single other band since the 80's that can be compared to Kaa Antilope. This live studio session was done as part of the legendary RadioNome radioshow broadcasted by the Vpro in the early 80's. The session has been tranfered from the original tape and is edited and re-mastered to make it available for the ultimate listening pleasure the songs ask for. Limited to 500 copies !



Artist : Kaelan Mikla 

Label : Fabrika Records 

untitled / LP

Kælan Mikla is a 3-piece punk/no-wave band from Reykjavík slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments. The band consists of 3 girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past 2 years. The band was formed after winning 1st place in a poetry slam held by the city library in january 2013. They have since then played multiple festivals as well as touring Europe. Kælan Mikla are known for their dark melancholic sound, most of the songs consisting only of heavy bass, drums and screams with some softer, melodic synth parts in-between. The band lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance. 'This trio has moved from being a post-punk outfit of bass, drums and vocals into bold new territory. Chilling, neurotic synth loops paired with ass-end bass and some positively haunting vocals, their sound has evolved into something darker, stronger, capable of taking us from the everyday world into the gauzy barrier between us and our nightmares. Like watching a forgotten reel of film shot at a haunted house, you come away from seeing them live wondering if it's really over, as you can still feel icy fingers reaching towards you. A 1st taste of their brilliant soundscapes , the title "Kalt". Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl including a 12x12" textsheet.



Artist : Kaelan Mikla 

Label : Fabrika Records 

untitled / LP

Kælan Mikla is a 3-piece punk/no-wave band from Reykjavík slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments. The band consists of 3 girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past 2 years. The band was formed after winning 1st place in a poetry slam held by the city library in january 2013. They have since then played multiple festivals as well as touring Europe. Kælan Mikla are known for their dark melancholic sound, most of the songs consisting only of heavy bass, drums and screams with some softer, melodic synth parts in-between. The band lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance. 'This trio has moved from being a post-punk outfit of bass, drums and vocals into bold new territory. Chilling, neurotic synth loops paired with ass-end bass and some positively haunting vocals, their sound has evolved into something darker, stronger, capable of taking us from the everyday world into the gauzy barrier between us and our nightmares. Like watching a forgotten reel of film shot at a haunted house, you come away from seeing them live wondering if it's really over, as you can still feel icy fingers reaching towards you. A 1st taste of their brilliant soundscapes , the title "Kalt". 2nd edition repress, not numbered at the back cover.



Artist : KAN3DA / 240 Interceptor 

Label : Stilleben 

untitled / 12"

Review to come..!

split ep


Artist : Kania Tieffer / Family Jewels 

Label : Hex Grammofoonplaten 

split ep / 7"

Kania Tieffer does not need an introduction... This ep was imagined and planned for a long time. In the end it came out as this: the last record ever by Kania Tieffer and the first record ever by the new project of the same musician, called Family Jewels. While Kania Tieffer was always crazy, twisted and trashy electro-pop, her new project Family Jewels is like a Crystal Castles zonked out of their heads on acid. So be prepared for this next attack!



Artist : Kansas City Prophets 

Label : Control Tower 

ignition / 12"

This is, without a doubt, the best Control Tower Record (run by Radioactive Man and The Dexorcist) to date. All tracks are electro killers ! Thick, rich, minimal electro. Solid through. Better get it quick ! Kansas City Prophets is an artist to look out for. The sound of the tracks are a kind of minimal compared with the rest of the releases on this label. This of course doesn't mean it rocks like ! Especially the "Sample and Hold" track is really fat. Cool One !



Artist : Karl Kubler / Raison Future 

Label : Invasion Planete 

split / LP

Dark minimal electro split mini-LP with Karl Kubler & Raison Future. Brand new, original copies of this rocking plate. 1st time in stock and the earliest IP release thats still available, some of the last copies...

paradise island


Artist : Karl Lukas Pettersson 

Label : Acido Records 

paradise island / 12"

The latest Acido release sees the full debut of Karl Lukas Pettersson, aka Gothenburg's premier electro exponent Lukas Karl Pettersson who previously featured on Dynamo Dreesen's label back in 2007 under his familiar Luke Eargoggle alias. As Karl Lukas Pettersson, the Swede is evidently looking to explore a sound less trodden with both "Paradise Island" and "Travel The World" crafty concoctions formed from various elements of primitive wave. These 2 tracks are essentially variations on the same idea. Both trundle along with leaden kicks and muddy synths, brilliantly offset by crystal clear twinkles of melody that occasionally cut through the mix. On both, a childlike voice eerily repeats the titular phrase. The chords are catchy, the sound design exquisitely imperfect. But as with Acido's best records, its the overall personality (at once campy and avant-garde) that makes these tracks so good ;)

try out


Artist : Kas Product 

Label : RCA 

try out / LP

Kas Product was the result of a meeting between American jazz singer Mona Soyoc and French electronic musician Spatsz. This is their first album recorded in '81 at Sunrise Studio in Switzerland containing the hits "Never Come Back" and "So Young But So Cold". Could best be compared with works by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Joy Division, Taxi Girl. Must have !



Artist : Kas Product 

Label : More Over 

1981-1983 / 4x12"

Because Kas Product had a huge importance among the French musical landscape overtime, Ici d’ailleurs called the band to reissue their 2 1st albums on a new sub-division called More Over. Original track list will be graced with tracks from different eps (nowhere to be found today), split up on the 2 albums. Although 'Try Out' and 'By Pass' have been reissued several times these last 30 years in CD version, that's not the case regarding vinyl edition that remains today collection recordings. Then, after 3 decades of waiting, More Over is offering for the 1st time these albums in a wonderfull limited box. Must-Have!



Artist : Kassettenfachentstauber 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

untitled / 10"

Strange but pleasantly amusing new band exploring minimal bleep tunes with a very nice authenthic German 80's touch. Even an expert will not be able to tell this music was made now and not 25 years ago. Next to the three tracks on vinyl the packaging features a cassette tape with two more tracks. For the true freaks of that obscure sound a Must Have !

sky of mirrors


Artist : Kaval 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

sky of mirrors / LP

Mechanical rain, black acid crystals and pagan rituals. Kaval is channeling a twisted scenario from a safe house. Look to the sky and watch a dazzling reality unfold. Rich synthesizer music for the enlightened listener. 'Sky Of Mirrors' is a seductive piece of occult soundtrack music made by Roberto Auser and Ian Martin. Eclipse music for eclipsed people! Soundtrack in the style of John Carpenter, David Lynch.. Essential ;)



Artist : Kavinsky 

Label : Record Makers 

1986 / 12"

Retro with a capital 'R', Kavinsky is the kind of guy you'd find donning a red-leather jacket, downing a can of Quatro then heading off out for a night down the local arcade. Aiming squarely at this period, "1986" ep is an homage of sorts to the year in question; bringing swathes of synths and coin-op aesthetics to bear on his thundering electro detonations. Welding together slivers of Vangelis, Moroder and Carpenter's finest soundtracks, the likes of "Wayfarer" and "Dead Cruiser" sound just how computer games should have; creaking under the weight of electronic muscularity and sonic excitement. Backed up by Ed Banger's Sebastian taking on previous single "Testarossa", this is a rose-tinted view of a decade that most of us remember primarily for Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. Simply Atomic...

teddy boy ep


Artist : Kavinsky 

Label : Record Makers 

teddy boy ep / 12"

Kavinsky’s "Testarossa Autodrive" could be easily decribed as 'heroic house'. A fierce, edgy, powerful track that is getting the remix treatment from Detroit based Arpanet (aka Dopplereffekt) and Mr Oizo. Once again, expect the unexpected, but you can dance to it ! Arpanet "Nightdrive Rework" is a must for true electro lovers and is one of his best remixes. Sweaty ;)



Artist : Kavinsky 

Label : Record Makers 

nightcall / 12"

The zombie strikes back with a new ep. After months of studio work on his forthcoming album, he & Record Makers have decided to release "Nightcall" as an apéritif. This is the 1st song Kavinsky provides vocals for, a duet you might say, featuring the zombie and his girlfriend, aka Lovefoxxx from CSS! The song was produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and mixed by SebastiAn. The remix of this song, by a mysterious Dustin N'Guyen, is an outstanding pop song that everyone can enjoy. On the other side, Kavinsky has produced the fantastic "Pacific Coast Highway", in which we follow a ghostcar on the highway. The remix job is by French avant-garde producer Jackson. His epic 9 minute long version is unmissable... Limited edition with gatefold cover. Hit!!

structures ep


Artist : Keen K 

Label : Das Drehmoment 

structures ep / 12"

Keen K, well known for his ep "Urlaub Am Strand" on lo-fi stereo, is back. 6 tracks of highly elaborate and well arranged electro, a deep bass grounded sound, garnished with elaborate sequenzer lines, wicked breaks and the hi-fi sound quality, he is famous for. Ranging from intelligent electro to high speed old schoolish themes. Electro at its very best! Limited to only 200 copies. You know what you have to do...

the spiral / connection flight


Artist : Keen K & P. Muench 

Label : Perfect Stranger 

the spiral / connection flight / 12"

High energy electro discoïd tracks on this French new label. Masculine disco tracks by Keen K (aka Divider) and P. Muench (aka The Rorschach Garden, Rasputeen..) featuring cool remixes by Makina Girgir, Polygamy Boys and Divider. Limited run of 300 copies on clear vinyl. So you'd better be fast...

split dimension 1


Artist : Keen K / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 1 / 12"

'Split Dimension 1' is the new Radio Cosmos project, consisting in tracks from 2 artists (here, Keen K & Infinity Night), and based on the same theme.. This 1st edition pay attention to space electro-disco-pop; moog-esque.. ! Jarrien, & synthetic vocal experiences. Limited to 250 copies only !!

split dimension 2


Artist : Keen K / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 2 / 12"

Keen K., Kinky Roland (vocals) & Infinity Night will take you on another melodic trip into italo romantics! Inspired and fascinated by the golden age of italo-disco (1983-85) these guys could be considered the nu-romantics of italo-disco. Needless to say these tracks were created completely on old analog synthesizers. Very nice!



Artist : Kehrschliefe 

Label : Polytechnic Youth 

8trk / 7"

The Kehrschleife recordings originated from the Mauer park fleamarket in Berlin about 3 years ago, (bought by Allan Murphy of Midwich Youth Club, and cleaned up from the original cassettes by him), they appear to be back-ups of the original Kehrschleife studio master tapes. The tapes are labelled (in German) NDR TV/SFB TV/Radio Bremen themes and Idents and in each cassette case is an A4 sheet detailing the track title/recording date/intended broadcast recipient, with a Kehrschleife/Wolfgang Tilner-Barlow Logo letterhead. According to the stall holder, the tapes were bought as part of a job lot of 70's studio equipment from in the Uhlenhorst area, in the 80's and passed on to him by a relative of the original job lot buyer. Little is known about Tilner-Barlow although the stall owner remembered the name 'Kehrschleife' as being a band from the late 70's Hamburg Neu Deutsche Welle scene. Murphy's research has turned up scant information such as Tilner-Barlow's name on the end credits of a few different 70's German TV shows and a Rest in Peace notice at the end of an 'Arbeit Heute' show from 1984 on YouTube as well as the music appearing on a home video recording of Berlin in the 70's (with apparently numbers stations recordings embedded)". A fabulous 8-track ep, playing at 45rpm in Polytechnic Youth house bags and sure to fly out super quick. Be fast on this one ;)



Artist : Keine Ahnung 

Label : Dark Entries 

untitled / 12"

Keine Ahnung was a quartet from Wörth am Rhein, Germany formed in 1980. The original line up was Rolf Schmuck, Franz H. Rodenkirchen, Elke Fuchs and Olaf Schumacher. Hermann Kopp from Stuttgart, a friend of the band, contributed a composition on their 1st LP and became a full member in 1985. Taking cues from Conrad Schnitzler, Tuxedomoon and Dome, the band members shared a common interest in industrial, pop, avant garde literature and cinema. Their controversial name translates to 'Don't Know' or 'Haven't Got A Clue' in German. The quartet would record 3 LPs in 6 years, 2 of which remain unreleased. In march 1983, Keine Ahnung recorded their self-produced and financed debut LP in 2 days in a small studio in Stuttgart (12 hours total). The mixing was done in 1 day in a studio in Karlsruhe, april 1983. The self-titled LP was released later that summer on their own PASSIV label in an edition of 1000 copies. This record obtained recognition far beyond the German borders. Keine Ahnung in the studio and live were completely different. Studio time was expensive in these days, so the music was minimal electronic pop, expertly crafted and razor sharp man machine music. The live sound utilized more complex synthesizers, tapes, guitars, metal percussion and custom built electronics. The beats and bass lines came from the Roland 606/303 duo triggering a KORG MS-20 for the bass drum. The track "Funkbild DPA" is a spontaneous 'live in the studio' recording, that gives a hint of what the live sound was like. All 4 members would take turns singing and playing the instruments. The vinyl is housed in an exact replica jacket designed by Rolf Schmuck, featuring black & white texture and cartoon drawings the band members. Each copy includes a double sided insert featuring lyrics, notes and photos of the band.



Artist : KeinMenscH 

Label : WSDP 

untitled / LP

In 1982 Virgin announced this LP on the back of their legendary 7", but due to the lack of commercial success Virgin decided to cancel the release of that LP at all. 25 years later, WSDP label released this first LP by KeinMenscH!. 15 Tracks with finest German new-wave synth stuff originally recorded in 1982. Featuring the classic KeinMensch!/Süchtig 7". This has been the real Neuedeutsche Welle at it's very best!!!

automaton ep


Artist : Keith Tucker 

Label : Puzzlebox 

automaton ep / 12"

Review to come..!

hey hey guy (special Nunk rmx)


Artist : Ken Laszlo 

Label : Memory Records 

hey hey guy (special Nunk rmx) / 12"

Review to come..!



Artist : Kennyboy 

Label : Folie Des Grandeurs 

eastendboy / 12"

Born & bread in the Belgian City by the Sea, Oostende (East End), Kennyboy delivers an anthem for the 'Eastendboys', covering an old Pet Shop Boys anthem and turning it into a genuine italo-electro slammer! Produced with only old analog gear, oldschool style.

power and darkness


Artist : Kepeslap 

Label : Falco Invernale Records 

power and darkness / 12"

Képeslap is the project run by ImiAFan & Makina Girgir. The "Power And Darkness" ep displays their recent work made thru interweb between Slovakia and France. Outstanding minimal electro synth/wave tracks..!! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies pressed on white vinyl. Top ranking ;)

kerrier district 2


Artist : Kerrier District 

Label : Rephlex 

kerrier district 2 / 12"

First part of the Kerrier District 2 series by Luke Vibert. 3 futuristic & happy Rephlex-style italo-disco house tracks for maximum fun on the dancefloor. Sweet !

keyo laboratories


Artist : Keyo Laboratories 

Label : Crème Organization 

keyo laboratories / 10"

Behind the alias Keyo Laboratories there is Sami Liuski also known as Bangkok Impact. This 10" is the new wave of discofutures, performs in the same way as Detroit's calculated misuse of Europop, all whispering and faux androgynous whiteness. The flip has 3 tracks in marked contrast, a sinister minimal killer, not fierce but dark in execution and feel, strings add an air of creeping menace, well spooky, into a short disco mixing tool. Lastly, a melodic vocodered houser with a late summer feel, a good builder for fashionatas.



Artist : Kim Ki O 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

dans / 12"

The Turkish girl band Kim Ki O was already present on the Enfant Terrible compilation "Radio Resistencia". Next to that they released 2 very limited cd-r’s by themselves and already toured in Scandinavia. "Dans" is the official debut of Kim Ki O and features 6 lo-fi pop songs which at times are extremely catchy but never too easy or slick in anyway. At other times the music is more tranquil and becomes hypnotic dream pop that will soothe you, but hasn’t a single dull moment. Kim Ki O’s music is perfect lo-fi indie pop with that vibrant touch of the modern metropolis Istanbul they come from. Very evident are the New Order inspired melancholy melodies, the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone like cheap and charming electronic rhythms and that special 4AD sort of quality throughout the songs. With this debut mini album the band launches themselves into the world of music. Kim Ki O is for sure a band to keep an eye on.. ;)



Artist : Kinder Aus Asbest 

Label : Dodsdans Rekords 

inside / 12"

Some of the best tracks we've heard in 2011. Oldschool minimal-synth, nostalgic but with a glimpse of the future. Limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies..!

covered in dust


Artist : Kindest Lines 

Label : Wierd Records 

covered in dust / LP

"Covered In Dust" is the debut Lp from Louisiana's Kindest Lines, opens suitably with a beat that sounds a lot like like an industrial rendition of The Ronettes 'Be My Baby'. Brian Wilson cited that song by the legendary New York girl group as the greatest pop recording ever, and many refer to it as the perfect example of Phil Spector's 'wall of sound' production. Those artists established many of the templates for how modern music is made, but what still stands out is the sense of that music having been simply dreamed-up. With organic washes of layered melodic guitars and lush songcraft, this New Orleans-based trio is definitely doing some dreaming of their own. Kindest Lines are blazing a unique path into an enchanting realm of darkened electronic indie pop that is at once welcoming and foreboding. Huge ;)

this face


Artist : Kinetic Ideals 

Label : Dead Wax Records 

this face / 12"

In 1983, after the release of their last known output (the splendid 'A Personal View' ep), Kinetic Ideals recruited a new drummer, Patrick Duffy, firing their Oberheim DMX drum machine shortly after. With flesh and blood behind the kit again, new songs were written and 3 of them were recorded at Toronto's Wellesley Studios in the spring of 1984. The 'This Face' session contains some of their strongest material yet but back then no record company stepped up to provide the band a home and all the songs remained unreleased. Almost 30 years later, Dead Wax Records release here the 'This Face' ep, featuring the 3 session tracks, plus an additional song recorded at Toronto's Manta Sound studios later in the winter of 1985. They have been digitized from the original master tapes & carefully remastered to sound just great with all their original analogue glory. Patrick Duffy also designed the whole artwork for the release, which is presented in gorgeous clear vinyl, housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve. A short run of 420 copies !



Artist : Kirlian Camera 

Label : Dark Entries 

uno / LP+7"

'Uno' is a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo Bergamini founded the project in Parma in 1979, initially naming it Suicide Commando, before discovering another project using the same name. By 1980, Angelo had recruited singer Simona Buja, keyboardist Fabrizio Chiari and bassist Mauro Montacchini. Their demo cassette, 'Dawn', attracted the attention of Italian Records, a popular independent label. The following year, Mauro left the band and was replaced by Giorgio Vecchi, and the band recorded their first mini-LP, 'Kirlian Camera'. 'Uno' compiles the 4 songs from the mini-LP on Side A and the 6 songs from the demo cassette on Side B. Also included is the bonus track "Minitech", originally recorded in 1981, presented for the 1st time on vinyl as a gold-stamped flexi-disc. Kirlian Camera's clean, minimalist new wave is marked by strong haunting melodies, slow moving synth washes, and stark, dramatic vocals. Housed in the original jacket featuring a painting of a royal Italian noble on the front and black and white photos of the band on the back. Each copy includes a 2-sided postcard with a never before seen photo of Angelo and Simona taken from an early concert. Must-Have ;)

helden platz


Artist : Kirlian Camera 

Label : Dark Entries 

helden platz / 12"

'Helden Platz', a long out of print 12" maxi single from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo Bergamini founded the project in Parma in 1979 and named it after an electronic device that photographs the electromagnetic halo around objects and living beings. By 1980, Angelo had recruited singer Simona Buja, keyboardist Fabrizio Chiari, and bassist Mauro Montacchini. Their demo cassette, 'Dawn', attracted the attention of Italian Records, a popular independent label. Over the next few years the band would release their st mini-LP, 'Kirlian Camera', the full length 'It Doesn't Matter, Now' and the singles "Communicate", "Edges", and "Blue Room". The latter was a significant hit, eventually landing them a deal with Virgin Records. By 1987 the line up consisted of Angelo Bergamini on all instruments, Charlie Mallozzi on electronic drums and Simona Buja on vocals. Virgin wanted the band to provide another hit single in order to exploit the success of 'Blue Room', refusing to release the band's less commercial material. In 1987 the band went Lark Studio at Carimate Castle, Italy to record with italo-disco producer Oderso Rubini. Thanks to the insistence of Bergamini, the label agreed to release "Helden Platz", German for "Heroes' Square', in 1987. The song features Kirlian Camera's brand of dark wave, marked by haunting melodies, slow moving synth washes, and orchestral strings. The song features the stark, dramatic vocals of Simona Buja, who sings about the 'blue blood of winter' in a tale of Germany and Austria during World War II. Included here is the extended 12" mix, the 7" edit, plus the original B-side "Burial", an instrumental that evokes a funeral procession soundtrack. It is housed in the original jacket, featuring a photo of a headstone from Zentralfriedhof Cemetery in Vienna. Each copy includes a 2-sided postcard with lyrics and photos of the band.



Artist : Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

weltuntergangsstimmung / LP

After several albums on top labels Kraak and Conspiracy, KTAOABC releases their 5th album 'Weltuntergangsstimmung' on Zeal and OnderStroom Records. The new record isn't the drone folk album you might expect from the band. Their newest shows us a whole new and different side. Frontman Stef Heeren recorded the songs for 'Weltuntergangsstimmung' with an old drumm machine, analogue synthesizers and guitar. And An Pierlé adds wonderful backing vocals on a few songs. Kiss The Anus.. still is the hypnotising and apocalyptical band, but transformed overnight into a new new-wave band. Whaooo!!



Artist : Kit n C.l.a.w.s. 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

desertofsameness / 12"

Kit n C.l.a.w.s. is a project by 2 experienced musicians in the fields of dance and psychedelic music. Teaming up was probably one of the better ideas they had for a long time as the music this duo serves us is simply amazing. Deep trance indulging moody house tracks with acid influences. Still this acid never becomes industrial as techno can be but stays on the psychedelic side of things. Slow trippy stuff to dance and dream away on. Headmusic for the dancefloor. Limited to 200 copies !

screams to god


Artist : Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons 

Label : Dark Entries 

screams to god / LP

Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons formed at a basement rehearsal studio in Stockholm, Sweden during the spring of 1980. The band consisted of Anne Taivan (vocals), Helena Lönnqvist (synthesizer), Iggo Karlsson (synthesizer), Jackie Pazda (bass), and Mats Wigerdal (drums). After a few concerts, Kitchen booked some free studio time and recorded their 1st single "Serve You!" in 2 days. 6 months later Patrik Lindvall (guitar) joined the group and the band recorded their 2nd single "Ice Cream To God" in early 1981. Kitchen's sound was getting darker and heavier and so was the mood in the band. Anne shortly left and was replaced by Iodine Jupiter on vocals. This new line up recorded a few songs for local compilations. The band broke up in november 1981 before recording their debut LP. 'Screams To God' collects Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons 2 7" eps, 2 compilation tracks as well as 3 demos from 1980 never before released on vinyl. Kitchen were part of the new Diy generation starting bands, making self-produced singles and rapidly breaking up. Their sound echoes the speedy chaotic energy with the synthesizer as its driving pulse. Anne's vocals are barely understandable but they have a sense of urgency. They didn't sound like any other band in Sweden at the time, having more in common with American bands, Devo, The Screamers and Pere Ubu. The vinyl comes housed in a full color spot gloss jacket with a photo of Anne with bright magenta hair. Each LP includes an insert with liner notes, song descriptions and photos. Although the group burned out after a year, this compilation shows their energy and attitude to be just as liberating and unusual today. Nice one ;)

taking nothing seriously


Artist : Klangstabil 

Label : Heckengäu 

taking nothing seriously / LP

The music on 'Taking Nothing Seriously' is very emotional and personal. There is everything from great ambient tunes to hellish, distorted industrial madness reminiscent of powernoise band Haus Arafna, especially tracks like "Kill All Lifeforms" and "Push Yourself". Still Klangstabil also manages to weave atmospheric and melodic structures into the inferno, and this gives the whole album a lurking feeling of despair underneath the aggressive waves of sound. Rare collector Lp ;)

the album


Artist : Klement 

Label : Contre Cœur 

the album / LP

Fresh !!! New Style !!! 1st own LP by Klement. 3 years after having released "Drunkstyle" and "Now Your Time" on one of the two Aerobic Audio compilation, here are 6 high energy tracks of electro-synth-pop-wave, including an overpitched cover of Depeche Mode's "Shake The Disease" single at 180 bpm... Future Classic ;-)

new life


Artist : Klement 

Label : Ego Twister 

new life / LP

'New Life' is gathering 15 tracks from French producer and singer Klement, previously released on various labels between 2003 and 2009, along with yet unreleased titles. Get his first eponym ep, and the tracks from his label compilation Contre Coeur, and you will obtain a real anthology, the complete and essential works from Klement ! Everyone will find something in his retro futuristc anthems, at the same time witful and restless, or through one of his splendid cover track (the unexpected "The Stomp" from Old Dirty Bastard, or his own federative renditon of The Cure "Boys Don't Cry"). Against the trends and clichés of electro, the musical choices of Klement are strong. The use of a radical minimalism (sharp rythms, a few cuting edge synths, an inspired singing) leave us alone with the essence of his songs : crystal clear and heady melodies ("Derby", "Into Your Arms"). The kind you remember long after you left the dancefoor ;)



Artist : Kline Coma Xero 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Debut full length release of Kline Coma Xero. A self-titled LP influenced largely by the sterile and isolated iconography of authors such as Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and JG Ballard (from whence the bands name is derived). Formed in 2012, Kline Coma Xero is a group whose work embraces elements of early minimal synth wave with distinctively thoughtful lyrics and evocative melodies. Kline Coma Xero's Tony Williams has had his roots planted in various projects in the past, spanning a realm of styles from experimental noise, tape loops and early industrial. Using a writing style that employs the use of hardware sequencers driving analog instruments rather than computers, Kline Coma Xero produces a uniquely oblique interpretation of past-meets-present in modern electronic music. Previously Kline Coma Xero debuted in 2013 with the track "Left Behind" which was included on the 'Circuit D'Actes 3' (La Forme Lente label) compilation which is the opening track on this LP. The 2nd track "Rewind" is amazingly catchy and reminiscent of the best hybrid of analog synth-pop overlaid with Front 242 style vocals. Other standout tracks are the 2nd side opener "Mannequins" with it's razor sharp lead synths as well as the dark and brooding "Casualty Ward". Kline Coma Xero will certainly appeal to fans of analog minimal synth, EBM, and the more melodic side of industrial as well as specific acts such as Fad Gadget, Suicide, John Foxx, or Martial Canterel. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight colored splatter on opaque white vinyl and features a bonus LP insert. Limited edition.

3 alte leider


Artist : Klingelton 17 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

3 alte leider / 7"

The second release on the NLW side label for old and forgotten music pressed in a very limited quantity. This time 3 old tracks from Klingelton17 were discovered and put to vinyl. Minimalistic electronic tracks with a Neue Deutsche Welle touch. All three songs are from 1987. A nice collectors item to go with the other 7" from Klingelton 17. Limited to 150 copies only in green vinyl !



Artist : Klingelton 17 

Label : No Label 

trümmertruppe / 7"

Klingelton 17 is one of the obscure 80's DDR bands in the field of NDW / minimal music. This 7" was pressed in the 90's but never really distributed and sold. The music of Klingelton 17 is a mix of NDW and authentic minimal, somewhat in the style of Matthias Schuster. The songs on this record were recorded during the mid/late 80's and breaths that atmosphere very well. "Trümmertruppe" is a long and extremely minimal track with a clear rhythm and some melodic elements. On top of that classic vocoder vocals are delivered. It is a very nice and catchy track you will recognize immediately as a relic of the 80's. On the B-side are 2 more tracks. "Ich Erhoffe More Ein Leben" is more playful as "Trümmertruppe" and a bit more new-wave inspired. This 7" is a cult piece, it is a great surprise it has been recovered after all these years. Only 150 copies were pressed so it is a true collector's piece ;)

playback with a switch - a cassette anthology 1978-1982


Artist : Kloot Per W 

Label : Walhalla Records 

playback with a switch - a cassette anthology 1978-1982 / LP

Kloot Per W, 'The Cassettoman' is back! Originator within the Belgian rock, this time with his ultimate cassette anthology. Anyone can now discover or rediscover this piece of Belgian pop history. This album breathes the punk spirit of the early 80's, the period when everything was possible, record companies and radio stations were no longer needed, nobody could slow down Kloot and this time of what was once the artistic highlight of Belgian pop history, a period that may never have been equaled. Enjoy one of our key players, 'The Cassettoman' that started it all: Kloot Per W! Limited edition on 180g vinyl with insert..

sex wars ep


Artist : Kloot Per W 

Label : EE Tapes 

sex wars ep / 7"

The 8th installment in EE Tapes 80's vinyl series is about Belpop legend Claude Perwez (1955). Former member of The Misters, The Employees, Polyphonic Size and current live member of Lavvi Ebbel, but without doubt fabulous solo as Kloot Per W, an all-round self-taught musician and pioneer of home-taping since the late 70's ! 'Sex Wars ep' presents 4 tracks from 'Sex Wars' (cassette 1980), for the 1st time on vinyl, absolutely brilliant for your ears! Let it swing ! Strictly limited to 250 copies.. Standard edition ;)

single girl


Artist : Knight Action 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

single girl / 12"

A big forgotten Chicago club hit from 1984! Pre-house release from Knight Action which came out at the very beginning of electronic dance music. Before house was house... before techno was born and when club music was just called disco. "Single Girl" was a big hit in Chicago clubs like the Music Box and was played by Ron Hardy and all the Hotmix 5 guys (Farley, Mickey Oliver etc.) and its still a big collectors item. Made with the 1st electronic instruments and without any pretentions... just made for the fun of making music. "D-Rail" is one of the very 1st steps to jacking house music. Another (almost) forgotten piece of dance music!?



Artist : Koban 

Label : Weyrd Son Records 

vide / 12"

Koban is a storm that has been gathering over the Pacific Northwest since 2011. After an ep and full length recording behind them, the Vancouver-based duo is striking out again with a new 6-song ep on Weyrd Son Records this time, gaining sound and fury in these brooding new tracks. Koban naturally and seamlessly genre bend, their punk roots buried deep under layers of melded synth, goth and post-punk. This creates a unique sound which is simultaneously full and sparse, atmospheric and uneasy. A drum machine creates a baseline over which moody interchanging vocals and blown-out guitar noise quickly and organically oscillates. Their lyrics give a wink and nod to their influences and feature songs sung in French for an icy touch. Koban leave you with a feeling of being utterly new and a sense of déjà vu. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on 140gr black splatter vinyl.!

abject obsessions


Artist : Koban 

Label : Avant! 

abject obsessions / LP

Koban is a young duo hailing from Vancouver, Canada. They had their 1st album out on Broadway To Boundary back in 2013 but it really was their 2014’s ep on Weyrd Son Records that got our attention. Now their 2nd full-length is ready and with it Koban achieved to extend and improve the great results of their previous 'Vide' ep. Cold yet catchy dark post-punk driven by caustic drum machines, featuring French-speaking female vocals and English-speaking male voice, powered by synths and guitars as sharp and dangerous as a rusty blade..

computer pervaded society


Artist : Kobol Electronics 

Label : MinimalRome 

computer pervaded society / 12"

An entity created through the trans-oceanic mixture of Detroit techno and early 80's European electro, Kobol Electronics combines electronic experimentation and convincing 4x4 rhythms, without samples or virtual synths. Just pure analogue synthesis. A project initiated in 1997, it only became fully shaped five years later, after the death of James M. Stinson, from whom the work was inspired. A decade after conception it is now released on the Roman label. Each LP is numbered and comes with a custom-made cover. Pure Sh** !

dynatron ep


Artist : Kobol Electronics 

Label : Stilleben 

dynatron ep / 12"

Amazing purist electro from Kobol Electronics. Limited to 100 copies on plastic white vinyl. It's more fun to compute!

komarken electronic research center


Artist : Komarken Electronics 

Label : Stilleben 

komarken electronic research center / CD

High quality electro tracks from Komarken Electronics. This is a limited Stilleben album on CDR in DVD package. Perfect energizing sounds and format for driving ;)

granular material ep


Artist : Komarken Electronics 

Label : Solar One Music 

granular material ep / 12"

After his debut album on Stilleben, Komarken Electronics drops his 1st vinyl release on Solar One Music. Deep and unique electro featuring an Exaltics remix. Limited to 200 copies only on clear vinyl !

komatrohn ep


Artist : Komatrohn 

Label : World Electric 

komatrohn ep / 12"

3 dark and freaky analogue electro bombs and a big surprise to pump da floor. Cool !!!



Artist : Kompleta 

Label : Feedback 

ministar / 10"

Released in 2001 to 150 copies, this low fi electronico romantico pearl is one of our favorite record. Kompleta, boss of the tiny Feedback label, gives us his definition of minimal music. Few notes for such an intense emotion. This record is the reflect of the huge musical culture and influences of this underrated artist. We love it !



Artist : Konstrukcija 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

untitled / LP

More than a side-project, Konstrukcija stemmed from the reunion of Stropu Jurka (Strops, VSKB, but also the radio show Intervilnis) & Gatis Druvaskalns (Starpliktuve, Celmlauzis) in spring 2011 when the latter returned from a 2-year long stay in the Netherlands. He brought his friend back a Casio MT-40, which he had bought for the modest sum of 5€. They started jamming and within a few days recorded several tracks for which the Casio, a Korg Monotron, an Estradin-230 and a diy noise box were utilized. In the end they came up with a full unreleased album. The texts allude to all their friends who have left Latvia to live abroad, as well as to those who have left forever by jumping from the cable-stayed bridge (Riga). Their sound is very reminiscent of the analogical minimal electronic wave in the vein of early pioneers such as Kraftwerk, El Aviador Dro or Yellow Magic Orchestra to which they added that indescribable Latvian frostbitten atmosphere from a country where the winter temperature may fall to -30º C and winter lasts for half of the year.. That was it officiall.. not until december 2012 when they started playing again in order to get prepared for a set which would be performed 2 months later in Paris, following an invitation from Les Sons Paranormaux. It is then that they very naturally thought of inviting Erlends Paičs (who had already been active within VSKB a few years earlier, most notoriously for a series of live sets programmed and organized by the above-mentioned organization). During the rehearsals of the set they partly covered their older tracks while improving their quality. By then a cozy relationship had been established between LSP and Thierry Müller, and the organization dared the band to once more cover a track by Ruth which had been played by some of the members a few years earlier, and for which the original singer would come on stage during the gig. Watchwords: "Polaroid/Roman/Photo" which has also been included here in its studio version. Back home they played one more set and that was it. That was when LSP and Brouillard Definitif offered them (in 2013) to release their debut album. New tracks were recorded and added to some older ones, this is what is presented here..

native state


Artist : Kontravoid 

Label : Cititrax 

native state / 7"

6th release on Cititrax, Native State by Canadian artist Kontravoid. The name Kontravoid belongs on a limited run cassette circa 1980-something, the type of tape buried in lost upstate dustbins of pre-MIDI analog electronics, wedged between Cabaret Voltaire and Das Ding. The dark industrial and new-wave influences are strong on ex-Crystal Castles drummer Cam Findlay's new project—his voice is scary, like an echoing underwater growl—but the underlying pop melodies always afford a degree of breathing room. After departing as writer/producer for Toronto band Parallels, Findlay has settled into a music venture he can call his own, assuming the identity of this masked alter-ego for what appears to be a permanent ride. On his debut self-titled album, Kontravoid turns to analogue synths to create a dark, brooding pop masterpiece. His brilliant vocals emit a dystopic low-grown, often running through warped effects accompanied by exceptionally stirring arpeggiated synths and washes of sound. Modern touchstones could parallel the likes of John Maus or Trust, but Kontravoid's vision is a much more twisted one, embracing goth influences and yielding a monstrous result that is harder to define. Despite its sonic vampiricism, Kontravoid's music leaves plenty to dance and lose your mind to, but the imagination here goes way beyond these activities exclusively. The tracks presented here, Native State (stream the video) and Cut To Cleanse are exclusive 7" only versions. The record is pressed on clear blue vinyl and comes in a hand silkscreened sleeve, limited edition of 999 numbered copies.



Artist : Kontravoid 

Label : Tarantula X 

untitled / LP

Released back in the spring, the debut album from former Crystal Castles drummer Cameron Findlay's project Kontravoid has proven to be a lot more rewarding than we would have given it credit for at 1st blush. Our initial impression (that although it has some good moments the LP is kind of brief and homogenous) remain valid, but over multiple listens the flaws seem less glaring, and the character of the record more appealing. Arriving in the form of punky-electro by way of early post-industrial, Kontravoid establishes its template, runs with it, and bails before it grows stale or wearisome. One of the best album of 2012!

digital dance


Artist : Kord 

Label : Rasynth I Blekinge 

digital dance / 12"

Timeless electro-pop, italo dance feeling. Limited edition of 200 copies...

I play my flute


Artist : Kord 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

I play my flute / 7"

Rather obscure Swedish weird minimal synth act (aka Johan Sturesson, boss of the Råsynth I Blekinge label), who already released before on the Börft label. You get here 2 great minimalistic synth tracks. One a bit down tempo and the other more up tempo but both strange but wonderful melodic and playful. Highly Recommended !

soviet stars


Artist : Kord 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

soviet stars / 12"

The solo project from Johan Sturesson (from Frak and Monster Apparat). Synths + drummachines + vocals. Some real killer dancefloor-hits on this hard minimal to analog synth-pop mini-LP. First edition of 300 copies.. Strong :D

absence of fear


Artist : Kord 

Label : Borft 

absence of fear / 12"

The more fanatical Frak fans out there will already be well aware of this latest release on Börft which sees group member Johan Sturesson donning his Kord guise for a quite excellent mini album of haywire electronics. 'Absence Of Fear' is his 1st solo release on Börft since 1998 !! Though there was a 7" issued through sub label Djuring Phonogram back in 2007, and is ripe with bleep laden electro and techno that benefits from the mastering skills of Andreas Tilliander and Jan Svensson. Across the 6 tracks Sturesson veers through moments of contemplation, abstraction and outright dancefloor brilliance with "Trainwreck" and "In Absence" cuts the more adventurous selectors will cherish. This is masterpiece for the synthetic smooth winter or anytime... Limited edition of 400 copies.

we live in this


Artist : Kord feat. Annie Gylling 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

we live in this / 12"

The musician behind Kord is an original member of Swedish cult electronic/acid oufit Frak and producing music since the late 80's. With Kord he produces a more synth-pop minded kind of music (most of the time). For Gooiland Elektro he teamed up with his partner in crime/love and came up with this raw elektro ep. These tracks are the perfect mix of crazy and twisted electronic music (a signature of his Frak work) and dancefloor orientated sounds since the late 80's. So we get served unpolished dance tunes with hints of EBM, new beat and (minimal) elektro. Non stop primitive disco for sure! Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl !



Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Capitol Records 

trans-europe-express / LP

Another jewel produced by the german band in 1977 : "Trans-Europe-Express" belongs to the Hall of Fame. This track would be the starting point of many new music styles : Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Ambiant... Absolute cult record. Minimum sounds for maximum effect.



Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Capitol Records 

radio-activity / LP

One of the first electro music album of all times (1976) ! The Magnificients, The Creators, The Genius : Kraftwerk. Futuristic electronic synth-pop, with the most outstanding sounds for that time. But even nowadays, Kraftwerk remains very fresh. Always copied, Never egalized ! Terrific pure and precise minimal electro : emotional at its best. One of the earliest album of the band ! One of the most eclectic too. Including the universal theme : "Radio-Activity". New and under blister ;-)

expo 2000


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Kling Klang 

expo 2000 / 12"

These recordings are the result of an order passed for the 2000 Universal Exposition in Hannover. The sound remains really kraftwerkian, purely synthetic, always with this look on the huge past of this band (robotic sound, dancing, perfect melodies). The 3 different remixes of "Expo2000" are all really interesting and clearly identified. The very funky hit "Mix 2002" is a Must Have ! It seems like Time stopped in 1986, even 1991. Ralf and Florian's sensibilities remain the same as their early years. Good Dope !

musique non stop


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : EMI 

musique non stop / 7"

Taken from the album "Electric Café", this is the end track of every live concerts of Kraftwerk. A classic for every fans of the synth pioneers.

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