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Artist : Hypnobeat 

Label : Dark Entries 

prototech / 2x12"

Dark Entries & Serendip Lab have teamed up to release 'Prototech', the 1st vinyl retrospective by German electronic trio Hypnobeat, recorded 1984-86. James Dean Brown and Pietro Insipido formed Hypnobeat in 1983, but it was the addition of Victor Sol only a few months later that found the project reaching, as Brown puts it, "the desired level of technical sophistication". In time, Tobias Freund also lent his talents (and equipment) to this loose-fit sonic scheme, where the protagonists sought a new, electronic manifestation of mankind's tribal music roots. 2 cassette releases surfaced–1985's 'Huggables' and 'Specials/Spatials' the following year. By this point the Frankfurt-based group had already explored fiercely mechanical creative expression through various configurations of hardware and personnel, revolving around core ingredients such as the TR-808, TB-303 and MC-202. The project lived on in spirit as Brown activated Narcotic Syntax in the 90's. While a more modern, digital concern, rooted in the Perlon label family, NS still channeled the Hypnobeat concept of a 'new tribalism', not least on their 'Provocative Percussion' double 12" released in 2006. For all the punky veneer, there are instances where these tracks reach staggering levels of sophistication, not least on "Slash! Buffalo Eats Brass" with its intricately programmed 303 lines and nimble beats that sound a far cry from most machine music made in 1986. Prescient "Can God Rewind?" is also dazzling in the complexity of its percussion and the richness of its synth lines in C as they throb out a bastardised version of acidic disco straight out of the rhythm collider. Elsewhere, some tracks are more primal in their execution. Visceral opening track "The Arumbaya Fetish" was a cathartic venting of Brown's least favourite sound on the 808, the iconic cowbell, while the astounding proto-acid miniature "Moon Jump" places limber 303 lead lines in a hail of thunderstruck patterns. "Kilian" has a stripped down quality that speaks more to the industrial era that Hypnobeat was conceived in, and "Mission In Congo" is a raw, reverb-soaked drum workout that captures the percussive-obsessive nature of Hypnobeat perfectly. 6 of the 7 tracks selected on this collection were primarily powered by two 808s. "I am amazed that the release sounds like we really had a plan back then.." states Brown, but this accidental magic is in fact the raison d'être of Hypnobeat. They weren't the only ones prefiguring the next big revolutions in electronic music in the mid 80's, but there certainly weren't many artists stumbling across modes of expression that sound so relevant today. Housed in a jacket featuring cave engravings by Pietro Insipido of an archer and animal printed in a wallpaper pattern style designed by Eloise Leigh. Each copy includes an transparent insert of an x-ray photograph from 1984 of Romulus Cœurque holding the circuit board of a BOSS DR-55 rhythm machine.

oxygene / bormaz


Artist : Hypnosis 

Label : ZYX 

oxygene / bormaz / 12"

Hypnosis were an Italian synth-disco band from the early 80's, born in Parma and founded by Stefano Cundari. They were particularly popular in Germany, thanks to a Vangelis cover of "Pulstar". "Bormaz" and "Oxygene" were 2 tracks released on a 12" in 1983 with the latter being written by Jean-Michel Jarre. About as catchy as it can get, incredible..!

bubbleboy remixes


Artist : I Satellite 

Label : We Rock Like Crazy 

bubbleboy remixes / 12"

Released in 2004, this 12" limited edition of 500 copies in clear blue vinyl is the first release on the German label We Rock Like Crazy. It includes the original version of "Bubbleboy", a sweet electro-pop production, and 6 additional versions/remixes of it by various European electronic artists, tracing the life of Bubbleboy from his happy beginnings to his dark and lonely end. Superb !



Artist : I Signori Della Galassia 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

iceman / LP

Reissue of the very rare and sought after 1979 opus by Italy's I Signori Della Galassia. 'Iceman' has been long out of print for over 30 years fetching very high prices on the collector's market. I Signori Della Galassia (translated as The Men Of Galaxy) is best described as a sonic hybrid of space disco/cosmic meets Italian progressive pop/rock. They were founded in Savona in the late 70's. Played with analog gear such as a variety of synthesizers as well as traditional guitar and drums. It is a very rich and diverse LP with multiple interesting twists and turns. The opener "Proxima Centauri" is a space disco odyssey with super-catchy synth melodies over driving disco beats mixed with hypnotic passages. The title track "Iceman" is a fusion of Italian pop and space disco which makes for an interesting combination. Other tracks have a completely different feel with elements of prog and experimental rock overtones. "Archeopterix" is another standout track with washing synths, warbling filters, and gentle backing vocals. The LP contains 2 bonus tracks (at the end of each side) which were released as singles at the time ("Luce" and "Eliane"). The LP features preserved front cover artwork and slightly modified back cover original artwork (at the artist's request). This LP will surely appeal to lovers of Space, Rockets, Kraftwerk, Milkways, and Zodiac. Presented on 180gr silver opaque high-quality vinyl in a limited edition of 650 copies. Be Fast ;)

portrait of a dead girl 1: the cause


Artist : I-f 

Label : Disko B 

portrait of a dead girl 1: the cause / 12"

Repress of this classic modern dark electro tracks by the founder of Viewlexx Bunker CBS (NL) named Interr-Fearence (I-f) from 1997. A1 : very dark aggressive electro track. Recurrent and Powerfull, very efficient. Killer Beat. A2 : Absolute Classic ! One of the most impressive track we've ever heard. very minimal dark electro with a deshumanized evil voice. A real Scotch ! Inferno ! B1 and B2 are more in a minimal techno style. Phat but a bit linear. Cult classic raw & hard electro beats with nerv breaking synth lines and cool vocoder vox. Must have !!

playstation #2


Artist : I-f 

Label : Disko B 

playstation #2 / 12"

Discoish electro with a great vocal by Helga la Blaque, absolute winner !! Here is the repress edition..

portrait of a dead girl part 2 : the conclusion


Artist : I-f 

Label : Disko B 

portrait of a dead girl part 2 : the conclusion / 12"

Back in !! Repress of this classic from I-f. Including deep and well licked tracks, "The Search", "Torment", "The Man With The Stick" and the "Endtheme" with dark vocals by Gitane Demone. The essential second part of an amazing story...

the man from pack


Artist : I-f 

Label : Disko B 

the man from pack / 2x12"

Repress of this long unavailable I-f's 2nd and last album produced into a more dark and minimal range than his 1st Lp. Songs like "Secret Desire", "Theme from PACK", "Midnight-Connection To Mars", and the wonderful "Floating Away In A Hole Darker Than Yours" are simply odd, fantastic electro productions. Massive album with stunning electro dope shit !

fucking consumer


Artist : I-f 

Label : Disko B 

fucking consumer / 2x12"

Repress of this awesome 1st full lenght-album released in 1998 from the Dutch electro producer I-f (from Den Haag). With primitive electronic equipments, I-f transferred sounds from the 80's to the here and now. Dark, moody, atmospheric electric productions including the hit "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" wich is I-f's entry to electro anthem status and the Carpenteresk "Assault On Radio Radical". Run baby run !

space invaders are smoking grass


Artist : I-f 

Label : Viewlexx 

space invaders are smoking grass / 12"

Classic electro anthems by the boss, "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" and "Secret Desire" + the vocal version of "Playstation" !!! 4th track is "Us & Ours & You & Yours" feat. Dj Overdose and Alden Tyrell. Essential plate ! Here on repress..

portrait of a dead girl 1: the cause


Artist : I-f 

Label : Viewlexx 

portrait of a dead girl 1: the cause / 12"

Remastered 2017 edition of this cult classic by I-f. Raw harder electro beats with nerv breaking synth lines and cool vocoder vox. Including "I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less". Groundbreaking Dutch westcoast punisher from 1995. Must-Have !!

the brown elbow conspiracy


Artist : I-f 

Label : Viewlexx 

the brown elbow conspiracy / 12"

Valuable remastered reissue of this groundbreaking & hard to find Dutch westcoast collectors item (only 100 copies were made) from 1997. Outch !!!

rites of passage


Artist : Ian Martin 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

rites of passage / 12"

Ian Martin should be no stranger to people who are into elektro and trippy electronics. With releases on Bunker, Panzerkreuz and Strange Life his reputation is quite settled. For Gooiland Elektro he came up with 4 tracks filled with dark beats. From pounding to spacey elektro and EBM influenced with industrial tendencies.. Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !

rape of orchids


Artist : Ian North 

Label : Neo Records 

rape of orchids / 12"

Ian North solo project member of a punk band in the late 70's - playing CBGB's shows with The Ramones and Talking Heads - and heavily influenced by Kraftwerk created this pioneering synth-pop gem during the year '82. Amazing 4-track in the same field of electronic music as John Fox, OMD, The Human League and The Normal. Original issue... not many copies.



Artist : Ich Bin 

Label : Poutre Apparente 

obéis! / LP

Ich Bin was an electronic body music / electro project from Mulhouse during the 1990’s. They released their music on tape and later on cd-r through the PNEU label. Now their first tape is re-issued on vinyl for them first time. What you get is a very raw and aggressive sound which really hits you in the face. "Danger" is a stomping minimal dance track in the best authentic EBM tradition. Of the same quality is "Industrie Lourde". A few other tracks leave room to breathe, which is necessary. Very nice to see this music finally on vinyl !

in memoriam


Artist : Ich Wollte Ich Könnte 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

in memoriam / LP

Here comes the long-awaited first album by Wermut’s side-project Ich Wollte Ich Konnte, originally planned on the now defunct label Invasion Planete. Just as Musique Au Mètre, In Memorian is a work of re-interpretation essentially based on instrumental pieces by the obscure new-wave artist Johanna Liebhart, re-arranged and put to words by Laszlo P.S & Sofia E.R. 9 deeply melancholic cold-romantica-electro songs exploring the themes of martyrdom and sacrifice, and the fading glow of distant golden ages. So pour yourself a glass of French wine, allow your mind to drift back in time and dance in the darkest night before the mirror of your soul...

at the gate


Artist : Ich Wollte Ich Konnte 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

at the gate / 7"

It is written that somewhere between dawn and noon, in a place bright like the sun, there is a door... 3 years after "In Memoriam" lp, Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte are back with a 7"ep inspired by Saint John the apostle and the symbolism of the solsticial gates. Whilst thematically closer to tradition than in their previous works, IWIK stay musically true to their own brand of cold and melancholic electro-wave, as the 4 new ballads on this record follow in the steps of the acclaimed debut lp. Esoteric cold-romantica at its best ! Limited edition of 366 hand-numbered copies in fully printed spined jacket + inserts ;)

la parade des sans illusions


Artist : ICK 

Label : Enfant Terrible 

la parade des sans illusions / 7"

ICK is a well know French name in the industrial music world. Since a long time he is also involved in minimal electronic music. On this 7", ICK displays his perception on contemporary society. His dreams and fears about political power, youth and the future are crafted into fierce minimal elektro tracks with punk and industrial influences. This is the first release on the new 7" only Petit Enfant series. Check ;-)

les actions rétro-actives


Artist : ICK 

Label : La Nouvelle Alliance 

les actions rétro-actives / LP

3rd album from this radical nihiltronix French project. Limited to 300 copies. Absolutely insane and dark…For mature ears only !



Artist : Ike Yard 

Label : Desire Records 

nord / LP

Back in 1981-83 New York based Ike Yard were amongst the leading acts within the booming post-punk / no-wave scene. After Ike Yard split in 1983, former member Stuart Argabright went to West Berlin where he worked with members of Malaria, DAF & Liaisons Dangereuses. Now 26 years later the 3 original members have regrouped and recorded new material to be released as 'Nord'. Musically Ike Yard picks up where they left. Still strongly influenced by the early post-punk / no-wave scene that they once were an important part of, side by side with fellow acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, Ike Yard does manage to show a somehow lighter, more melodic side to their sound. And production wise the sound of Ike Yard anno 2010 is definitively richer, more detailed and perhaps even accessible. 'Nord' contains tracks recorded in producer Paul Geluso's studio in New York, and draws inspiration from band members extensive travelling in Europe and mainly Japan. Tip!!

remixes ep1


Artist : Ike Yard 

Label : Desire Records 

remixes ep1 / 12"

This 12" heralds Desire's vinyl reissue of Ike Yard's self-titled album. Originally released on Factory America in 1982, Ike Yard was a product of the New York no-wave scene, but also stood very much apart from it, then as now. Propulsive, paranoid, aggressive electro minimalism, with as much attention paid to the mixing board and effects processors as to vocals, guitar and synth. At once starker and more fully-formed than virtually all other contemporaneous post-punk music. Desire's 2012 edition represents the 1st ever vinyl reissue of this classic, prophetic album. Following his remixes of Raime and Vatican Shadow, and his own 'In A Syrian Tongue' ep, Regis re-enters BEB's orbit with a brooding, sinewy, immaculate swung version of Ike Yard's 'Loss'. This is no 21st century techno makeover; Ike Yard's music requires no such updating. It sounds more like Regis sneaked into the The Ranch in '82, thrashing out a mix on the desk there and then. On the B-side, hypermedia researcher and artist Konrad Becker (aka Monoton) supplies an engrossing dub mix of Ike Yard's 'NCR'. Like Regis, Becker preserves the sound and spirit of the original tapes, twisting them into a compulsive groove wrought out of desiccated breakbeats, pressurised synth edits and immense sub-bass detonations. Ike Yard was originally a quartet comprising Michael Diekmann, Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton and Fred Szymanski. The group are active again after a 28 year hiatus, without Szymanski; their most recent album is 2011's 'Nord', and they will be touring the US and Europe in Autumn/Winter 2012. This is a 12" vinyl release, limited to 700 copies on black vinyl, black inner-sleeve.



Artist : Iko 

Label : Democratic DanceBeat Records 

'83 / LP

Iko was a minimal/synth/wave outfit from Canada. The most notable release by the band is their LP simply titled '83', which was released on a small Canadian disco label called Manhattan-Formula. Not much is known about the group due to little information in their record sleeves and little to no traces of information about the label they released on. Anyway, this is one of the most unknown yet amazing creations in the entire history of minimal wave and electronic music. Lots of simplistic lyrics, abstract and experimental sounds, and at the time, extremely groundbreaking techniques on the synthesizer. Their sound is hardly new or unique some 20 years later. A true "cult" of this genre. Try this album for a trip down electro lane! This record comes with 2 extra tracks that were never officially released. This collectors limited-reissue comes in edition of 400 copies. Here are the very last ones (without sleeve)!! !!!


Artist : Iko 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

'83 / LP

Medical Records is beyond elated to finally present to the world the 1st official reintroduction and reissue of the iconic IKO '83 LP. This coveted album by minimal synth aficionados around the globe has been out of print and very rare since it's original release in 1982. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, IKO has always been shrouded in mystery. All 3 members come from an academic background (electroacoustic composition, etc), and they met at the University of Montreal in the music department. Taking from their collective influences of 60's pop, prog and minimalist composers as well as early industrial, they played in a few early bands before solidifying the all-synth incarnation of IKO in it's definitive lineup. The LP was originally released on Manhattan Formula. Other than Rational Youth, the Montreal synth scene was small, and the band broke up not too long after it's release. Over the years, it has slowly achieved cult status of the highest order and now fetches inflated collector's prices on the open market. It even prompted an unauthorized bootleg LP a few years ago. The master for this very special reissue is transferred and EQ'ed from the master analog tapes. The opening track "Approach On Tokyo" sets the mood with it's electro hooks and almost 'Trans-Europe Express' synth parts. "Gonadotropic Synthesis" is an amazing slow and beautiful synthy melodic number which blurs the lines between love song and a lecture on hormonal interplay out of a medical textbook. "Digital Delight" is a fast paced dance floor favorite with cyborg lyrics and catchy hooks. The LP contains one never before heard bonus track "Jungle City" which is a bit of a more ominous and dark track as compared to the other album tracks. This LP will appeal to the legions of people who have been patiently waiting for an official reissue as well as the un-initiated fans of classic synth-pop, Kraftwerk, early Human League and the like. Features a bonus insert with interview and retrospective by Dave Segal. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight half and half yellow and black vinyl. Essential !!

sans folie


Artist : Ilegalne Emocije 

Label : Hertzschnitt 

sans folie / 7"

New release of the Hertzschnitt imprint (Kernkrach's sublabel), from Ilegalne Emocije (aka Nikola Vitković & Tamara Dinić) which is an electro-punk band from Belgrade (Serbia), active since 2004. Beautifull single released in february 2010 & ultra limited to 100 copies, as usual..

undisciplined strips of emotions


Artist : Illustration Sonore 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

undisciplined strips of emotions / LP

1st contemporary artist on Medical Records with the Paris-based Illustration Sonore. The duo, consisting of Dasz (also in Dolina and Ame De Boue) and Christina (aka Froe Char), expertly craft dark and atmospheric songs laced with unbridled passion in the context of synth-laden melodies, dominant percussion and pensive vocals. Illustration Sonore started in 2010 and have played many concerts in Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. Illustration Sonore uses variations of electricity to control oscillators and frequency modulations. Best described as synth-gaze, dark-wave, or no-future pop, Illustration Sonore recorded this full length LP in 2013. The opening track "Ulysses", sets the mood with uncompromising intensity and passion with serious low frequency tones and catchy synth drenched hooks. The dreamy and brooding "Our Bodies" starts the B-side and is a definite standout tracks. The wonderful and melancholy pop track "Flying Lights" is also included on the LP and was previously featured on the lovely compilation 'Circuit D'Actes 3' on the French La Forme Lente imprint earlier this year. The relentlessly apocalyptic "Cannibals" is yet another magnificent track worth mentioning here. For fans of EBM/synth-heavy industrial crossover, lovers of Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, modern synth-wave and the like, these tracks will not disappoint. Illustration Sonore has no fetishism for the old nor obsessions for the new, and they draw their inspiration in synth-pop and surrealism. Presented on high-quality 180gr ultra-clear heavyweight vinyl. Features bonus LP insert with lyrics. Front cover design by Temple Vengeance. Limited edition.



Artist : Im Namen Des Volkes 

Label : NLW 

volksmusik / LP

It is the second release of early material from IM NAMEN DES VOLKES on NLW, recorded between 1979 and 1982, and remastered by Matthias Schuster himself in 2007. These songs incorporate the essence of analogue minimal electronics: rough and weird analogue synthesiser sounds, monotonous sequences, simple melodies and vocoded voice, somewhere between DAF and DER PLAN. Highly recommended !



Artist : Im Namen Des Volkes 

Label : Plastic Frog Records 

klassenklobbe / 7"

4-track vinyl 7"ep from the Hamburger minimal electronic act Im Namen Des Volkes (aka Matthias Schuster). Classic D.A.F., early Front 242 inspired synth-punk. Recorded between 1982 & 2011. Limited to 200 copies, including a postcard.



Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Dominance Electricity 

commando / 12"

Excellent 12" from the Finnish duo Imatran Voima in pure oldschool electro style including sick vocoders. Comes with additional Sbassship remix, bonus beats and another great new track called "On Speed". Also check the beautiful picture sleeve... Highly Recommended !

in out / techno slut


Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Monotone 

in out / techno slut / 12"

Finnish Imatran Voima re-introduces two of their biggest cuts with "In/Out" and "Techno Slut". Remastered then Remixed on the US Monotone label. On A-side sits the 2 original masterpieces with a new level of quality. On B-side we find the first cut remixed by Jackal(of Jackal & Hyde) but don't be confused when you hear this unique sound coming from one of the electro masters as he outdoes himself once again. The second track really slaps with Exzakt & Dynamik Bass System teaming up with some German Floridan melting bass... Booom

welfare state of mind


Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Mighty Robot 

welfare state of mind / 2x12"

First full lenght album on the scottish label Mighty Robots. "Welfare State of Mind" is a dark, disturbed and distorted shanty town of music. Imatran Voima has created high velocity, beat loaded, acid absorbed, pieces of squalid electronix. A really cool and twisted electro funk release from this year !

american splendor ep


Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Golden Dice 

american splendor ep / 12"

With this new label's first release, the standards are set high. straight from the dirtiest dungeons in Finland hails the well-known duo Imatran Voima . They bring three hefty slabs of electro-funk to the table aimed directly at dancefloors all over the planet. As a grand finale, Golden Dice Records asked Freddy "The Edit" rivera from Brooklyn, to cut up "American Splendor". He released some of his edit-magic on it in an oldschool freestyle fashion of doing it. Aggressive and raw, the style of editing is called multi-editz ...brace's e-e-e-e-edit time ! Coming to wreck your speakers...

group sex


Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Tellektro 

group sex / 12"

"Group Sex" is a funky electro track in the vein of Zapp. On the flip, a collab with Bass Junkie bringing 2 hard & dark electro tracks… Killer release from 2004 made by the best today's Finnish electro producer. Tip !!!

techno slut


Artist : Imatran Voima 

Label : Tellektro 

techno slut / 12"

Last copies of this very soughtafter 3rd release on his own Tellektro Records label by Finnish Imatran Voima. Clearly inspired by oldschool vocoder electro but with a modern twist. 3 great tracks of robotic electro-boogie..

légy a falon


Artist : Imiafan 

Label : 4mg Records 

légy a falon / 12"

First vinyl release on the tiny but quality 4mg Canadian label with 7 tracks, including 4 reworks of "Legy a falon" wich is a danceable track with a clear nostalgic retro 80’s touch. Best remixes come from Alien Skull Paint with a driving bass a la Beta Evers (Kommando 6) and Marc Houle (half of the 2vm project with Veronica Vasicka) on "strawberry dream" track. Really nice

epidémia / someone else (rmxs)


Artist : Imiafan 

Label : 4mg Records 

epidémia / someone else (rmxs) / 12"

A truly amazing release of great remixes by great artists as Beta Evers, Makina Girgir, Keen K and Sneak-Thief. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies, these various electro styles tracks (from electro-disco to more electro-wave) will feed your brain for a real long time, for sure...



Artist : Imiafan 

Label : 4mg Records 

neurozone / LP

1st LP from Slovakian Imiafan. For this release Imrich collaborated with Keen K, Clive Pierce (ex Hard Corps), Adriana Vegh, Charles Kent, Dario Seraval (Borghesia) and Peter Baarends (aka Sololust). 'Neurozone' contains 6 new tracks and a 2nd version of the opening track "Remember Yourself". All the tracks are based on a dry electronic sound that is influenced by oldschool EBM sounds as well by minimal wave. The opening "Remember Yourself" is a cool tune with syncopated rhythms, analog squared bass lines and nice pads with the melodic Peter Baarends' vocals. "Is It Fiction" is an upbeat electronic 4/4 track with hard beats and a nice mysterious atmosphere where Sololust melodic vocals enrich the whole result. "She Leaves" mixes throbbing bass frequencies, different cool synth layers that form a catchy web of floating electronic sounds where, again, Sololust sings passionately. "Words Strong As Blood" is the hardest track of the lot, maybe the most EBM sounding, this also thanks to the characteristic Borghesia deep timbre vocals. "Soldier" is a mix from Devo and Die Form but in a kinky way. It sounds cold and sharpened as a knife. The "Utrecht" version of "Remember Yourself" is really different from the other one, more minimal and cold and it's as nice as the original version. The LP is closed by "Program", an atmospheric track which mix synth noises and effected bass guitar and it's a cool cold wave track. The right way to say goodbye. Limited to 274 copies. Check!

split ep


Artist : Imiafan / Machinepop 

Label : 4mg Records 

split ep / 7"

Released in 2006, this ep is a collaboration between the 2 labels Electronic Obsession and 4mg Records. Imiafan tracks are more minimal electro-wave orientated whereas Machinepopones are rather raw very minimal electro. Pressed in 250 numbered copies with different sleeves and inserts at both labels. Quite good, try it ;)

resonant escape ep


Artist : Impakt 

Label : Solar One Music 

resonant escape ep / 12"

After his epic full length album 'Resonant Escape' on Solar One Music, Impakt returns with the 6-track vinyl version from this album. Filled with 4 new tracks and 2 already 'Resonant Escape' album tracks. Fantastic journey through Impakts own world..

holland tunel dive


Artist : Implog 

Label : Dark Entries 

holland tunel dive / 12"

impLOG was the solo project of Don Christensen after leaving New York no-wave group The Contortions in 1979. He began making music using found sounds, a Univox drum machine, guitar stomp boxes, Casio keyboards and percussion instruments. Eventually Don gave a demo tape to Charles Ball at Lust/Unlust Records, who loved it, and released the 'Holland Tunnel Dive' b/w 'On B'way' 12" in 1980. "Holland Tunnel Dive" is a monotone lament, with a narrator reciting a list of all that is missing in his life along to a sparse, mechanical beat. A variable speed Milwaukee drill creeps its way into the song, eventually reaching cacophonous levels. After 4 minutes of industrial motorik, an upbeat saxophone riff breaks out unexpectedly, unsettling the listener even further. On the B-side is a deranged version of the Lieber and Stoller show tune "On Broadway", featuring lead guitar by Jody Harris of the Contortions. The record perfectly captures the dark and seedy vibe of downtown New York in the early 80's. The jacket is an exact replica of the original. On the front cover is an illustration of a hydraulic pump against a taxi-cab yellow background. Each copy includes a double sided insert with lyrics, never before seen photos and liner notes by Don Christensen. Strong record !



Artist : In Aeternam Vale 

Label : Minimal Wave 

untitled / LP

The 4th release of the serie to celebrate Minimal Wave's 4 Year Anniversary is a full length album by cult French band In Aeternam Vale. Having made over 200 recordings, I.A.V. were one of the most prolific bands of the French underground scene. Headed by Laurent Prot and featuring Pascal Aubert, the band released many cassettes illustrated with Laurent's wonderful collage work. Their sound is extremely original, overflowing with character, and crossing between genres : electro, minimal, noise, and even garage. With the passing of time, In Aeternam Vale's work remains astonishingly powerful, cold and caustic with its uncompromising minimalism, but also provocative and capable to smash your ass on the dancefloor. The record is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl and comes in a heavyweight matte jacket with cover artwork by Laurent. Already cult !!!



Artist : In Aeternam Vale 

Label : Minimal Wave 

dub / LP

2nd volume of selections from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. Culled from a vast archive of recordings, these tracks were originally self-released on various cassettes by the band's frontman Laurent Prot between 1985-1988. The sound ranges from early EBM / industrial to gristly cold-wave to dark reverby guitar psychedelia. This record illustrates the stylistic range that, through experimentation and fearlessness, Laurent Prot and Pascal Aubert were capable of producing. Limited edition pressing of 999 hand-numbered copies, housed in matte heavy weight printed sleeve and black paper innersleeve. Whaoh..!

la piscine


Artist : In Aeternam Vale 

Label : Minimal Wave 

la piscine / 12"

2nd 12" single from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. This one is in the same vein as the 'Dust Under Brightness / Highway Dark Veins' 12". The single features an epic, pioneering, late 80's underwater techno masterpiece called "La Piscine" (1989) accompanied by a slow, dark, drugged out 15 minute number on the flip side entitled "Calling Somewhere" (1990) – which sounds especially relevant today. Neither of these tracks have ever been released before. The pressing is limited to 999 copies, here pressed on 160gr black standard vinyl, accompanied by a hand-numbered matte printed sleeve. Pheeew!

machine à laver / ultrabase


Artist : In Aeternam Vale 

Label : Minimal Wave 

machine à laver / ultrabase / 12"

3rd 12" single from French favorites In Aeternam Vale. This one is in the same vein as the 'Dust Under Brightness' 12" and 'La Piscine' 12". The single features 2 more epic, pioneering masterpieces. "Machine A Laver" is a 12 minutes of pure electronic hypnotica. And the flip side is a more straightforward 127bpm 11 minute number entitled "Ultrabase", which is an unashamed slab of innovative dub techno from 1990, existing completely outside of its genre. Neither of these tracks have ever been released before. The pressing is limited to 999 copies, all pressed on 160gr clear electric blue vinyl, accompanied by a hand-numbered matte printed sleeve.

gnd lift


Artist : In Aeternam Vale 

Label : Minimal Wave 

gnd lift / 12"

4th 12" single from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. This one features another monumental 14 minute techno masterpiece called "Gnd Lift". On the flip side are 2 pure wave tracks, "J'ai Mangé Des Nerfs" and "Animals Don't Mind". "Gnd Lift" is a slow building hazy hypnotic track with heavy atmosphere, fitting perfectly on a smoke filled dance floor. "J’ai Mangé Des Nerfs" is a classic vocal driven synth-pop track with the grit characteristic of In Aeternam Vale's 80's cassette works. The 12" closes with "Animals Don't Mind", a slow and deeply emotive smoldering darkwave track that speaks directly to the heart, this one feels the most personal thus far. The 'Gnd Lift' 12" shows us all sides of In Aeternam Vale, his strengths lying in his ability to create both techno masterpieces and classic underground wave tracks, moving seamlessly from one to the next. None of these tracks have ever been released before although In Aeternam Vale has been performing them live recently with much acclaim. The pressing is limited to 999 copies, all pressed on 160gr clear transparent deep purple vinyl, accompanied by a hand-numbered matte printed sleeve...

je ai dissous


Artist : In Aeternam Vale + Anneq 

Label : Minimal Wave 

je ai dissous / 12"

Unique collaboration between one of our long time favorite artists, In Aeternam Vale & Anneq, a stunning young Madrid-based vocalist originally from Minsk, Belarus. In Aeternam Vale & Anneq met in 2011 and began to collaborate in 2015. In Aeternam Vale, originally from Lyon, has been making synthesizer based electronic music since the early 80's, when he began to self-release many of his recordings on cassette. As the years went on his cold and caustic synthpunk sound, often primitive and hypnotic evolved into rhythmic, throbbing music for the dancefloor, his own unique style of techno. On this record, In Aeternam Vale & Anneq come together to create 2 very different versions of the same track, one fit for the club and the other a more intimate version, for quiet listening at home. "Je Ai Dissous", the opener, is a dark smoky track with a hypnotic, cyclical underlay reminiscent of early industrial music while the Page R version of the same track trandscends the floor and becomes completely filmic. Anneq's seductive vocal is suspended in a beatless, cavernous void. Side-B opens with "Tendencia", a very classic catchy minimal wave style track, sung in Spanish. The V6 version of Tendencia again focuses on Anneq's voice set in a darker, slower more atmospheric melody. The 4 tracks culminate in an elegant and thoughtful collaboration from these 2 strong talents that complement one another so well. The 'Je Ai Dissous' ep is pressed on 160gr deep purple 'spilled' inside electric blue transparent vinyl, limited to 999 copies and housed in a gloss printed sleeve..!

second traitement


Artist : In Aeternam Vale / Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Invasion Planete 

second traitement / LP

Album containing on A-side the original tracks from a great french act from the 80’s wich were originally released on tape between 1983 and 1989. B-side is a rework of the same 4 tracks by Le Syndicat Electronique into a more experimental style. The highlight is certainly the poppy wave track "A.I.W." by In Aeternam Vale themselves. Highly recommended.

analog witch


Artist : In Death It Ends 

Label : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

analog witch / LP

Limited edition of 600 copies with insert and download code. Here on white vinyl.

storm | evolution I


Artist : In Sync 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

storm | evolution I / 12"

Evolution of In Sync's undisputed UK techno classic, namely "Storm". In Sync is Lee Purkis, co-founder of the legendary Fat Cat record store in London and a highly-respected figure among the early underground scene. Here, lovingly reinvented by who both In Sync and Last Known Trajectory consider to be some of the finest, and in some instances perhaps most understated artists in the business of true electronic music, LKT proudly presents reinterpretations of this legendary track, alongside new versions of accompanying tracks, "Warm" and "Subway Route". Split over 2 separately available 12" eps, on this, part 1 of 2, we have stunning reinventions from E.R.P. (aka Gerard Hanson), Maarten van der Vleuten (Evo-Lute Muzik) and Ramjac (of Irdial vintage).

cities of steel and neon


Artist : In Trance 95 

Label : Minimal Wave 

cities of steel and neon / LP

'Cities Of Steel And Neon' is a compilation of early tape recordings by Greek electronic pioneers In Trance 95. In Trance 95 was formed by Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis when they were just 18 years old. From its inception, the duo shaped their sound using portable analogue synthesizers and drum machines, becoming one of the 1st artists in the minimal synth / coldwave / EBM vein to come out of Greece in the 80's. They released 2 singles, 1 12", and 1 album as well as appearing on several compilations at the time. Now for the 1st time ever, songs from their vast archive of unreleased 4-track tape recordings have been made available. 'Cities Of Steel And Neon' features material recorded between 1988-1989: the unreleased 4-track recordings, the highly lauded 1st single "Desire To Desire / Brazilia", and a rare version of "21st Century European Temptation". The LP, an edition of 999 hand-numbered copies, is pressed on 180gram black vinyl and housed in a matte jacket with semi-gloss inner sleeve depicting 1989 video stills of the the duo. Nice one ;)



Artist : Indoor Life 

Label : Celluloid 

untitled / 12"

Indoor Life (aka Jorge Socarras & J.A. Dean) formed in San Francisco but later emigrated to New York City. Before releasing their 7 tracker eponymous allbum, they first released a 4 tracker 12" containing trombone, tapes and synthesizers. The music also contains heaps of silly noises and improvised bleeps and squawks. The lyrics (in English, French and German) are promising. Indoor Life were a synth-punk-funk artful project produced by... Patrick Cowley (who get us used to more cosmic disco records). Rare record stamped with the French glorious Celluloid imprint. True !

modern robot chorus


Artist : InfantTwo 

Label : Modal Music 

modern robot chorus / 12"

Collaboration of classical-trained kuwaiti Fatima Al-Qadiri and Brennan Green stretching an original 2 minutes piece into a disco opus magnum full of dramatic synth voices, underscored italo disco rhythms and accented arabic tones. Very cool NY disco stylee remix on the flip. We can easily say this is the hottest nu-disco release we've heard in quite a while. Buy or die !

dance to a dangerous beat


Artist : Informatics 

Label : Dark Entries 

dance to a dangerous beat / LP

Informatics were a post-punk electronic band from Melbourne, Australia formed in 1981. Michael Trudgeon, Valek Sadovchikoff, Steve Adam and Ramesh Ayyar met in the experimental sound studio while attending the same art school. Philip McKellar later joined the band in 1983. Between 1981 and 1985, Informatics recorded numerous tracks, mainly in a garage, using a 4-track tape machine and any electronic gear they could get their hands on. The band held a fascination for contemporary visual art and moving images and videos would accompany their live performances. The production elements in the videos reflected Informatics' philosophy on sound composition: the footage was entirely pirated from television ads, manipulated and then collaged to create new narratives that reinforced the music. Informatics came to work together through a shared fascination in electronic music and the capabilities of analogue synthesizers. In early performances, long before the advent of samplers, the Informatics used a collection of synthesizers and other analogue and hand built equipment. These were patched together to create a unique battery of sounds. Between january and november 1981 Informatics recorded their debut 4 song 'Dezinformatzia' ep but it was not released until 1983 . The track "Proximity Switch", later renamed "Accidents In Paradise" became popular in parts of Europe and was re-released in 1985. 'Dance To A Dangerous Beat' collects all 4 songs from the 1st ep, 2 songs from compilation appearances as well as 6 unreleased tracks on vinyl for the 1st time. Informatics early songs have a brittle, cold, disconnected feel made by a Roland SH-101, Korg MS-20 and a lot of processed guitar. The later songs utilize newer technology and ambient, synthesized melodies closer to their country mates Severed Heads. The vinyl comes housed in a full color printed jacket using the original magenta and grey artwork from 'Dezinformatzia' ep. Each LP includes a double sized 11x11 insert with photographs and liner notes by the band. 'Dance To A Dangerous Beat' recounts the history of these synth-punk pioneers a world away from their contemporaries in America.



Artist : Information Society 

Label : Mannequin 

insoc / 12"

The 'Insoc EP' contains the 1st official recordings from the legendary Minneapolis music collective Information Society led by founder/producer Paul Robb. Originally released on vinyl in 1983 the ep became extremely difficult to find. Now, for the 1st time since 1983, Mannequin Records is giving it a new birth on wax, this time including a bonus track "Charentiesm" never appeared before in any format, which is the 1st track ever recorded by Information Society in 1982. As the band tell, in March of 1983, they took 5 of the songs they been performing live and recorded them at Blackberry Hill studio in Minneapolis, in a part of town affectionately known as 'Dinkytown'. They had a huge plate reverb hanging in the basement. The legend says that they did all 5 songs, including vocals, in 14 hours, for $600, with no MIDI equipment, and only very minimal sequencers (not counting the drum units). The 'Insoc EP' is mostly a "live-played" electronic album. This was a 12", 45rpm vinyl disc. Only 100 copies were printed, and many of those were eventually thrown away. Equipment used on this ep included some of the best analog machines for sale at the time, like Roland TR 808, Roland Promars, Korg Ms 20, Moog Prodigy, Roland RS 09, Synare synth percussion pad and Electro Harmonix Minisynth. After emerging from the Minneapolis underground in the mid-80's, the group stormed onto the national scene with their international cult classic "Running", one of the most influential electro/freestyle tracks of all time and numerous Top 40 hits, notably the Number 1 smash "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)", as well as "Walking Away", "Think", and "Peace And Love, Inc.". A electro classic, highly recommended for fans of New Order, The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Yello, The Art Of Noise. First vinyl reissue ever after more than 30 years in a collectible limited edition of 500 copies.



Artist : Inhalt 

Label : Dark Entries 

vehicle / 12"

Debut ep 'Vehicle' from San Francisco synth trio Inhalt. For the purposes of this recording, Inhalt are Matia Simovich, Bryan Gibbs & Philip Winiger. On this ep many of the analogue synthesizers and drum machines Inhalt collects were used: Juno 60, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland TR 808. The powerful synth leads are influenced by Moroder and Jarre. The A-side features 2 vocal tracks "Vehicle" and "Walking On Glass" while the B-side showcases the instrumental versions "Fahrzeug" and "Hart's Theme". The A-side is heavily indebted to 80's dark synth tracks and use very dense production, big snares and powerful German vocals. On the B-side both instrumental tracks also work as Belgian new-beat style jams when slowed down from 45rpm to 33rpm and pitched up +8. Each LP includes a fold-out, double-sided insert with photos, lyrics. Tip ;)



Artist : Inhalt 

Label : Dark Entries 

occupations / 12"

Sophomore ep 'Occupations' from San Francisco based synth trio Inhalt. Consisting of European and East Coast natives– Matia Simovich, Bryan Gibbs, and Philip Winiger. Inhalt's core operative strategy is of sonic fidelity and integrity rather than nostalgia. Living through the rise of a surveillance society, neo-liberal agendas, and the permeation of the ephemeral into popular culture, Inhalt return with a focused commentary in the form of the 'Occupations' ep. The record was produced over a year and a half, and mixed in both Austria and California, employing the best of modern and vintage techniques and technology. The sound is Inhalt's interpretation of the border between the voice driven song form and the expansive, extended 12″ arrangement. It is informed equally by the soundtracks of John Carpenter, as much as the vastness and sheen of Trevor Horn. Inhalt wrote and produced the ep in their own Bunker Studio in San Francisco. The A side was mixed by Inhalt in San Francisco, while Side B was mixed with the help of Werner Freistätter in Türnitz, Austria. Each EP is housed in a specially designed jacket by Leo Merz and includes a lyric sheet.

in existendo


Artist : Inkamera 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

in existendo / 12"

Solo project of the multi-talented Victoria Lukas, who of course you may well be familiar with from her previous work as Zerkalo, performing alongside the legendary Gerald Donald. Here, the 1st Inkamera release demonstrates Victoria's clear understanding of what constitutes a solid and balanced musical project. "Superpartners (Photon Photino)" & "Death Doesn't Exist" are both spacey, electro drivers with a distinct European feel, the former being quite upbeat, while the latter rendering a slightly darker more sinister air. "I Can Speak" provides a volatile contrast with its crazy, freestyle electro beats and rhythms, whilst both "Human Terms" and "Potentia" showcase Victoria's quite distinctive, totally unmistakable, seductively hypnotic vocal to a backdrop of gorgeous electronics. A superb solo debut from Lukas..

time rewind


Artist : Inkamera 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

time rewind / 12"

Brand new Inkamera ep on Last Known Trajectory! Inkamera's fresh, fluid and often poetic twist on electro is evident via all 6 tracks on this striking release. Including the gorgeous "Skylar" and "No Dead Men's Cries" (feat. Bogdan W. Rousseau). Pressed on clear white vinyl and featuring artwork by Anaïs Boudot. Beautiful job ;)

we are strange loops


Artist : Innergaze 

Label : Touch Your Life Records 

we are strange loops / LP

This debut lp by Innergaze is chock full of rugged hand played analog synths lines, primitive drum machines, haunting vocals, and psychic jewelry. Call it synth-wave, call it punk, call it "metaphysical body music" or at this juncture whatever one sees fit, but this duo’s music goes beyond naming names for the sake of it. From the freaky, unrelenting opener "No Shame" to the Chris & Cosey-esque "La La La", this record creates many aural worlds to inhabit and explore. The title track "We Are Strange Loops" bubbles at a slow, hazy drug induced bpm, while "Illusions", with it's distorted almost guitar-like synth lines and stripped down 808 programming, brings things right back to the dance floor. The ideas and feelings executed here are a direct outpouring of what happens when the machines are turned on, played and recorded. One of the best record of 2010 !

mutual dreaming


Artist : Innergaze 

Label : Cititrax 

mutual dreaming / LP

New music from Brooklyn based synth duo Innergaze. Their 2nd LP, 'Mutual Dreaming' is a highly anticipated release and we're ecstatic that the vinyl is finally out. Innergaze drag us slightly further back into the glorious cradle of dance music. Their music, crushed and static, obscured by sound. EBM, coldwave, early techno fight it out for dominance of the drum machine. Casually brutal vocals force their way through from the Death Factory. As if Chris & Cosey's dalliances with the Eurythmics had conjured a restless pioneering demon to duet with Annie Lenox but had instead ended up consuming her. Celestial synths coexisting with the industrial landscape bellow. Limited pressing of 999 copies on 160gr vinyl, housed in a high quality full color printed sleeve featuring a collaborative artwork concept by Veronica Vasicka and Aurora Halal. Awesome!



Artist : Inox Kapell 

Label : Dhyana 

tourdoku / 7"

3 groovy electronics in a very special way (not that typical vip-styled bleeps here !) Strange, danceable, punkrocking electronics with singings in Japanese, German and special dialect expressions. Overdubbed and remixed live recordings on 33 and 45 rounds per minute, covered by a coloured comic-cover and a booklet. Untypical !

days of alcyone


Artist : Insomnia 

Label : Geheimnis Records 

days of alcyone / LP

One of the most well-hidden secrets of the Greek new-wave / darkwave society is about to be revealed 21 years after its 1st recording. Geheimnis Record's 11th release is the long awaited unreleased album of Insomnia from 1992, a true lost darkwave gem released for the very 1st time! Insomnia were formed in 1988 in Athens, Greece. Their 1st name was Isolated Figures but dropped out very soon, because of its very Joy Divisionish reminiscence sound. The band consisted in Aristos Vassilopoulos on vocals, Kostas Brellas on synths, George Aggelopoulos on guitars, Mihalis Papanikolaou on bass and John Kaoudis on drums. After rehearsing with lots of different drum players, they ended up to collaborate with Nikos Hantzopoulos (later drum player at the 90's band Closer). Their sound is fully influenced by the early 80's new-wave and post-punk bands of that era (Mecano, The Danse Society, Bauhaus etc..) and of course from the atmospheric 4AD sound that dominated around the years 1983-1986. They gave some unexpectedly successful live concerts from 1989 to 1992 and they managed to fill several times the then newly founded AN club at Exarchia square, in downtown Athens. During the fall of 1991 they reached an agreement with Warner Music and entered the studio to start recording a full LP album. The result of these recording sessions is the album 'Days Of Alcyone', back then scheduled to be released, according the record company's plans, during the winter of 1992. A test-pressing record was cut and everybody in the band waited for the date of release, but it turned out to be a postponement race because of the arguments raised upon the music orientation of the band and the record company's obsession to re-record the vocals in the native Greek language. The band was unwilling to succumb to Warner Music's pressures and as it's been proved this album was not meant to be released at all. Under these circumstances, Insomnia got tired of waiting 2 long years while they were playing the same songs over and over again to promote the record and having a load of new material that they could not record and move forward. Finally, disappointed because of the record company's inconsistence to release their album, they split up in 1993. Geheimnis Records brings to you this lost LP album in 324 hand-numbered copies, here on deep transparent red vinyl edition and containing a full colour insert with bio, photos and other details of the band..

sleeping city


Artist : Intelligence Dept. 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

sleeping city / LP

'Sleeping City' is the highly anticipated and Anna’s 2nd release in co-operation with the Mannequin label from Rome. Intelligence Dept. were Davide Carlotti, Susanna Zaghi, Stefano Panzera and Gian Paolo Di Federico from Ferrara (Italy). They only ever officially released 3, yet totally amazing tracks on the 'A White Chance' Lp compilation in 1984 on White Studio Recording. These tracks were "Sleeping City", "Too Late To Love" and "Anger (Inside)". In 1985 they recorded a 2nd 4-track demo entitled 'The Big Trouble' but not many people seem to have known about its existence. Intelligence Dept.'s music is a unique blend of melancholic 80's electro-pop with dark/new-wave basses and saxophone action while being fronted by a powerful female vocalist, the lovely Susanna. Intelligence Dept. surely had a great potential to become a bigger or more successful band, but those were the times, like many others they faded into obscurity… but were not forgotten, so here we offer them and you a 2nd chance with the retrospective compilations of the band's works. The vinyl version features all 4 band's compositions from the 'Sleeping City' cassette and all 4 tracks from the 'The Big Trouble' cassette. Whaoh..

extension de los significados


Artist : Interaccion 

Label : Domestica 

extension de los significados / LP

Interacción was a duo formed in the early 80's in Madrid by Carmen L. Fernández de Velasco & Jose Luis Iruretagoyena ,who worked in a multidisciplinary way with minimalist electronic music,image and texts through different methods ,including amongst them Mail Art. Their works were distributed through channels parallel to the system such as sales by national and international mail and in the few specialised places dedicated to this type of music,and also through international collaborations on foreign compilations. They released 2 cassettes: 'Extensión De Los Significados',which compiled works from 1980 to 1983, and 'Ancestrales' with sound material from the years 1984 and 1985. They also contributed to the sale and distribution of music tapes through Visión de Granada,and also of like-minded groups involved in the same scene. They released a video in 1986, called 'Lucis Et Umbrae' that was presented in the II Festival of National Video held in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in the section Videos a la Carta. Another tape with the same title was released with the sound material of this audio-visual work. Edition of 350 copies in LP format, including a replica of the original fanzine 'Con-secuencias' and an informative sheet. It comes in 180gr vinyl. Nice piece!

electromagnetic compatibilities


Artist : Interfunk vs. Robotron 

Label : Electronic Corporation 

electromagnetic compatibilities / 12"

No respite as this 5 tracker from Dortmund is heading straight for the playing out box. Synthesizer is all sleek lines, 303/808 action and skewed vocoders echoing Kraftwerk's all time classic "Numbers". "Automatik-Datamatik" is systematic and ruling data abuse, percussive updating of the seminal bleep track "Ital Anthem", in a dancefloor electro fashion and style. "Electricity" fairly crackles with it, whilst "Desireless" is the uglier, more forceful brother of Fischerspooner's androgynous exhibitionism. Dispassionate, synthetic and downright large shock out..

made of glass ep


Artist : Intergalactic Gary & Pasiphae 

Label : Bio Rhythm 

made of glass ep / 12"

The return of The Hague's black magician! It has been 13 years since The Parallax Corporation / The Conservatives projects together with I-f and now Intergalactic Gary's is back. I-G hooked up with a new musical partner, the lovely and talented Pasiphae from Greece and together they deliver 4 very well-crafted tracks of contemporary machine-driven techno / cold-wave romance, with the ecstatic title track "Made Of Glass" being the floor burner that will unite dancefloors worldwide. With the 'Made Of Glass' ep Bio Rhythm proudly presents the absolute 'crème de la crème' of the current Dutch West Coast dark scene. Black standard vinyl edition..



Artist : International Music System 

Label : IMS 

untitled / LP

Reissue of the highly sought after original Italian IMS Records release of International Music System’s self titled 1983 LP. One of the few italo disco albums worth owning and way ahead of it's time. Includes suh favorites as 'An English '93', 'Joke', 'Run Away' and Nonline.. Essential album!

dancing therapy


Artist : International Music System 

Label : Dark Entries 

dancing therapy / 12"

30th anniversary of "Dancing Therapy" by International Music System, often abbreviated as I.M.S. In 1983 Maurizio Cavalieri and Giorgio Stefani, the same musicians who brought you "Spacer Woman" by Charlie, created International Music System in Vicenza, Italy. Under this moniker, the 2 would release a pair of albums of stylized and syncopated electronic dance songs showcasing the still-evolving advancement of computer and keyboard-generated music. "Dancing Therapy" was released as a 12" single in 1984 on the Cavalieri's own Mr Disc Records. It utilized the Roland TR-808, Yamaha DX7 and Linn drum as the main percussion. Giorgio would hit the 2 sides of a metal triangle with a drum stick, creating the high pitched tone break throughout the song. Guest vocalist Rebecca McLain, an American ballet dancer, sings about getting lost in music as a means to escape from your troubles. The single anticipated the beats and sounds of Freestyle music as well as influencing the early house scene due to radio airplay on Chicago's WBMX. On the B-side is "Love Games", an electro dance song with breakbeats in the vein of Afrika Bambaataa that features Giorgio on vocals. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original artwork featuring an iconic photo with each band member in side profile view. Each copy includes a post card insert with lyrics and liner notes.

the black sessions - live


Artist : Interpol 

Label : Black Session Records 

the black sessions - live / LP

Interpol was created in New York City in 1998. The original line-up of the band was Greg Drudy on drums, Daniel Kessler on guitar, Paul Banks on vox and guitar, and Carlos Dengler on bass (he left the band in May 2010). Pressed on red vinyl, here are their "Black Sessions" recorded live at the legendary Black Sessions in Paris on August 27th 2002. Nice !



Artist : INTRZN 

Label : Charlois 

zones / 12"

Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo, is no stranger to collaborations. The New Yorker's latest sees him teaming up with Cristiano F. Grimaldi to form INTRZN, a partnership meshing a freestyle approach to melodies with cold rhythms. Their 'Zone' quartet is a twilight of fluctuating moods. Percussion is bare, allowing bright bars to shine and darker moments to fester. Music which in one breath is elated and uplifting and, the next, dejected and downtrodden.

tarantula scream


Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

tarantula scream / 12"

Lead by Steve Field, Iron Curtain was a minimal wave band from Santa Barbara that played regularly in the L.A. underground music scene. They were heavily influenced by The Cure, O.M.D., Joy Division & Kraftwerk. The band released several records in small quantities even though they had great fan base, hence over the years these releases have gained mass cult appeal which has driven the prices of used copies to fetch hundreds of dollars. After several years of searching for Steve Fields the front man of the group, Pylon Records re-issued their major mini-album titled "Tarantula Scream" including the massive hit "The Condos". Don't miss out !!!

desertion 1982-1988


Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

desertion 1982-1988 / 2x12"

This is Iron Curtain's complete vinyl output from 1983 to 1998 and adds Steven Fields solo 7" plus "The Condos" in a 1982 live version to it. There is just no bad Iron Curtain song to find, they are all fantastic. Also quite unique Steve's motivation for writing such socio-critical lyrics. Includes the 'Terror Story / Anorexia' 7" (1983), 'Tarantula Scream' 12"ep (1984), 'Like A Family / Telephone' 7" (1985), 'Shadow / The Burning' 12" (1987), "Legalize Heroin" 7" (1988). Nothing left to say but a must-buy for any lover of dark minimal electro-wave, on clear red vinyl edition !



Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

artifact / LP

Iron Curtain was mainly Steven Fields from USA, with some support from Doug Norton, Bruce Cooper and a few other guests. For us, simply one the best acts ever coming from the States with some 4 vinyls output in between 1983 to 1988. The mood Iron Curtain did create is just enthralling, the unique monotony of drums and bass lines are like a trademark and are simply never boring. There is a darkness and a melancholy in those songs in which we can completely drown and find comfort. On 'Artifact' early previously unreleased demos and live tracks are compiled, and there is just not a single drop out. While the songs are mostly electronic they do remind more of Joy Division or early Fra Lippo Lippi maybe. Also there's early versions of "First Punk Wars" and their probably most well-known track "Condos". Strong advice : get it while you can ! 350 copies are quite few for this release.. Here on dark blue vinyl ;)

like a family / telephone


Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

like a family / telephone / 7"

The original "Like A Family / Telephone" 7" was Iron's 3rd vinyl release back in 1985. "Like A Family" was basically made up based on the usual and typical Iron Curtain formula, but added some synthetic Kalimba and saxophone to the sound. "Telephone" is more synthetic than before, melancholic and good as always. The 7" is coming on beautiful transparent royal blue vinyl, and also being a rarity soon too, only 200 copies were made and no repress will be made. Better get this one while you can ;)

terror story / anorexia


Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

terror story / anorexia / 7"

The original "Terror Story / Anorexia" 7" was Iron Curtain's 1st vinyl release back in 1983. "Terror Story" is an almost claustrophobic track, melodic angst as Steve mentioned once, while the chorus almost gives hope in a dark and cold world full of sick people. "Anorexia" then is one of Iron’s most classic tracks setting straight the direction of many tracks to follow: stripped down drums, a monotonous yet lovely bass, some Moog synths, and great vocals dealing with serious topics. It’s one of the tracks you will love and play until your own death. So, cult classic, and while you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the original, better get this one while you can. This reissue is coming on beautiful transparent dark green vinyl, and also being a rarity soon too, only 200 copies were made and no repress will be made...



Artist : Iron Curtain 

Label : Pylon Records 

shadow / 12"

The original "Shadow" 12" was the artist’s 4th & final vinyl release back in 1987. Beautiful and haunting dark wave with drum machine, dominant smooth bass and guitars on both tracks, simple but as always so effective. This reissue adds the previously unreleased tracks "Miami Beach" to the track list, an early live track dating back to 1982 and recorded at Club Iguana, which is purely electronic, dark, cold, and monotone, you will just love it ! Apart from the great music you'll get a rather unique vinyl colour as there are many (white, red, golden marbled, pink marbled, yellow marbled..). Also going to be a rarity soon, too, as only 300 copies were made and no repress will be made..



Artist : Ironing Music 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Reissue of a very obscure Australian gem from the 80's. Ironing Music were a 3 piece band from Brisbane. They originally formed in 1984 as a result of their collective love for New Order, Human League and eventually Jean Michel Jarre and Cabaret Voltaire. Comprised of bass and electic guitar, Yamaha DX-7, melodica and an 808, they recorded a 12" single as their sole outpt in 1985 in a limited run of 250 copies (obviously excruciatingly rare now!). It was recorded in their bedroom studio with at Teac 4 track. The video clip for the hit "Shopping Bag Women" was played on several national and local television music shows. They also recorded demos in hopes of landing a LP deal which unfortunately didn't attract any takers at the time. They actually only played 3 gigs and were forced to disband after one of their members fell ill in 1986. The LP presented here included the original 4-track single as well as hand picked demos which nicely congeal to form a well rounded LP documenting the band's brief existence. They can best be described as lo-fi synth-pop with an emphasis on excellent pop songs and interesting synth/instrument arrangements. The 1st track "Shopping Bag Women" is infectiously catchy and just screams to be worn out in the club. Fans of early to mid 80's synth-pop and new romantic will fall in love. The tracks have been lovingly remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, London. Features original reproduction of the front cover painting. Presented in a limited edition on 180gr colored vinyl.

one 3 four


Artist : Isinglass 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

one 3 four / 12"

Isinglass was Jérémie Arrobas and Michael Gabriel, from Montréal, Canada. Both were members of Men Without Hats in the early 80's, before going on to form Isinglass in 1982. Unfortunately they never got any records out, but fame sometimes comes late and now with Anna Logue Records. Equipped with a nice small setup of Roland SH-2/TR-808, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Korg Lambda ES-50/Poly-61 and guests on drums and guitars (Pierre Lacoste, Marc Perusse, Hendrica Verheyden, Mike Lynes) they recorded a couple of songs from which 4 tracks have been chosen for inclusion to this 12"ep. Limited edition, printed hansaboard outer sleeve and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with lyrics and credits.. Whooo !!

sur une cigarette


Artist : It & My Computer 

Label : Crème Organization 

sur une cigarette / 12"

It & My Computer aka Le Syndicat Electronique under his modern synth-pop alias. This hard to find 12" begins with a fresh modern melancolic track " Sur Une Cigarette" followed by a more Carpenteresk song "Blanc Et Disco" and concluded on the B-side by a real cool electro twist production "Les Machines Parlent". Killer !



Artist : Itäväylä 

Label : Rikos 

lp / CD

Psychedelic post-rock electroblues, the sound of Easter 2004. Debut CD from Itäväylä, an orchestra led by R.Barracuda (member of Imatran Voima). A flowerchild of Rikos and Kostamus Records born under a bad sign and engineered by Mesak, the soundtrack of the future boozers is here. Including extra remix by Jori Hulkkonen !

supersonic (rmx)


Artist : J.J. Fad / The Unknown Dj 

Label : Streetheat Music 

supersonic (rmx) / 12"

Super phat oldschool electro classic, from 1988, produced by Dr Dre and Arabian Prince getting remixed with great rhymes and beatboxing. Includes 2 more down tempo oldschool tracks. Must have for fans of oldschool electro-funk ;)



Artist : J/V/N/ Machine 

Label : TRUST 

ep / 12"

Obscure minimal electro released 2002 on 300 numbered copies on the Austrian TRUST imprint run by Dj Glow (aka Georg Lauteren, aka J/V/N Machine). Quality electro !

when shadows move


Artist : Jacket Weather 

Label : Synthetic Shadows 

when shadows move / LP

"For kids in the 60's, the moment of inspiration was when they heard The Beatles for the 1st time," Jacket Weather frontman Timothy Gassen says. "For me, when I heard Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" for the 1st time in 1981,I was hooked on making pop sounds with synths." Gassen formed the pioneering minimalist-electro-wave act Jacket Weather in 1982, mixing dual Casiotone keyboards, real bass and drums; with the desolate imagery of the Arizona desert. "I loved the contrast of synths with human percussion and the sensual backdrop of the desert," Gassen adds. "We thought the tension of my cold, distant vocals and synths with the bombastic rock rhythm section made our sound unique." Described in their day as a cross between Joy Division and Young Marble Giants, with some Wall Of Voodoo mixed in, Jacket Weather etched their own minimalistic sound. Staccato, expressionistic vocals accent the snake-like mingling of the Casiotones, while a steady dance pulse backs the eerie mixture. Equally enraptured with euro synth-pop, English post-punk and Los Angeles punk-wave, Jacket Weather found inspiration from such opposites as Our Daughter's Wedding to the Suburban Lawns for their Casiotone symphonies. The band recorded a cassette album in 1982, released a 6-song vinyl ep in 1983 (titled 'When Shadows Move') and also recorded a complete album that remained unreleased until now. Original session producer Gassen recently found all the master tapes, from early demos to the ep tapes, and the unreleased album, re-mastering and assembling them all into a collection that has been unheard for 30 years. It's the dark and mysterious Casiotones of Jacket Weather that finally take center stage, 3 decades since they 1st drifted through the Arizona night. Limited edition of 400 copies !

secrets of the world


Artist : Jackie Ransom / Luster & Beta Evers 

Label : Zerohour Doom & Glamour 

secrets of the world / 7"

Moving right along, Ransom's side "The Killer Inside" is a murderous fantasy delivered over a haunting and simple synth melody with some decidedly cheeky and retro Casio drumbeats that evoke, at least for me, when MIDI got a resurgence earlier this century for homebody musicians and locally to the great work put forth by Jeremy Kolosine and Futurisk. In any case, this is solid minimal wave with an almost gothic undertone. No stranger to Germany's always burgeoning electronic music scene, Beta Evers teams up with Luster to produce an equally haunting but perhaps cheerier take on undying love for their half of the wax. Although her side is certainly more up the alley of darkwave and/or post new-wave, it's still, like the counterpart, a song that sticks with you. Although most split 7"ers are made to 'save' money on behalf of the bands and labels involved, it is nice to see one where the music showcased is of a complementary nature. Overall, this is a well-executed project and an excellent introduction to both of these artists and to the vinyl-challenged. BIG Tip !!

dimension 106


Artist : Jackmaster Corky 

Label : Crème Organization 

dimension 106 / 12"

Back to jack with Jackmaster Corky (who sounds very much like Legowelt, which doesn't necessarily mean it is Legowelt..). Probably one of the best Crème Jack releases with a dark track with a haunting string and a classic chicago bassline. Nice building and garantueing more then 5 minutes fun on the dancefloor.. Unforgettable !



Artist : Jacno 

Label : Celluloid 

rectangle / 7"

Alltime classic French electronic gem released in 1979 by Jacno. A-side : "Rectangle" is a universal minimalistic synth melody that has been a lot recovered. B-side : "Anne cherchait l'Amour" is a funny electro synth-pop song in duo with his favorite singer Elli Medeiros with whom he will lead the rest of his career under the name Elli & Jacno. Cult anthem !



Artist : Jago 

Label : Dark Entries 

I'm going to go / 12"

Jago was the studio project of Michele Violante created in Milan, Italy in 1983. The line-up also included Luciana Cirrillo aka Kynsha, who wrote lyrics and sang back up vocals. The name Jago comes from Iago, the main antagonist in Shakespeare's 'Othello'. In those years, Michele produced a lot of songs and published material for Full Time Records. "I'm Going To Go" was recorded at Forum Studio in Rome in 1983 and released on Full Time the same year. He made an electro-funk demo with a Gibson Les Paul, but during practice the song became soulful funk but arranged with new wave electronics. The song revolves around a slick atmospheric bassline, driving electronic percussion, and tight rhythm guitar and synths. The setup for the recording was a Casiotone MT-40 keyboard, Boss DR-55 and Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machines, an Akai cassette recorder, and a Revox A77 for multi-tracking. Lead vocals were done by session musician Bruno Kassar, delivering Kynsha's playful lyrics along to the lead melody. Also on the A-side is the instrumental Version which became a hit in New York after Larry Levan played it repeatedly at the Paradise Garage. Full Time asked Levan's long time friend Frankie Knuckles to make a remix. It was released in 1985 as the 'Plant Mix', and is included here on the B-side. This was Frankie's 1st released remix, although the record label misspelled his name as 'Frankye'. The remix clocks in at over 8 minutes, and is a dub edit made using the stereo master of the instrumental track. The record comes housed in a newly designed die-cut jacket by Eloise Leigh, updating the purple and blue color scheme of the original Full Time label. Each copy includes a double-sided postcard insert with lyrics, notes, and a never seen before photo of Kynsha from 1982.

ellis island


Artist : James White 

Label : Creme Organization 

ellis island / 12"

Fourth Creme eclipse released in 2003 by Canadian producer James White. Classic electro styling with searing production. For jocks and snobs alike. Deep, warm, bright and broken with precision. Simple dark electro tracks for the freaks !

computer power


Artist : Jamie Jupitor 

Label : Egyptian Empire 

computer power / 12"

Produced by the Egyptian Lover, electro doesn't get much better then this. Only Jamie Jupitor can do a song about the power of his computor without loosing his cool... Includes vocal and instrumental versions… An oldschool Must Have !!!

crimes on the dancefloor


Artist : Janitor Of Lunacy 

Label : Mannequin 

crimes on the dancefloor / LP

After almost 30 years, here is one of the best electronic cold-wave bands from Italy, already included in the much acclaimed 'Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987' compilation. Janitor Of Lunacy were an Italian new-wave electronic band, active in Brescia from 1981 to 1986, composed by Kovre, Claudio Asserini and Gabriele Farina. With this line up, they produced a demo tape in 1983 entitled 'Crimes On The Dancefloor', which was very well reviewed by the Italian music press. Thanks to such great feedbacks, the band was choosed for various compilation of the era, including VM, Komakino and Magnetique, playing many live shows in historic clubs like Xenon in Florence or Odissea 2001 in Milano, sharing the stage with Weimar Gesang and some others Supporti Fonografici related bands. In 1986 they entered in studio for recording their 1st full-lenght for this label, album publicized by various magazine but that never saw the light of the day, due to artistic divergences. The band broke up shortly after! Tip ;)



Artist : Japanese Telecom 

Label : Intuit-Solar 

untitled / LP

Originally released in 1999, here is the limited repress of 500 hand numbered copies for this incredible record from the Dopplereffekt - Drexciya camp. Classic Must Have electro dope ! …also features one extra new track called "Asian Amazons"

nuclear invasion


Artist : Jauzas The Shining 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

nuclear invasion / 12"

Hectic dystopian stuff abound as Last Known Trajectory proudly presents the very exciting 'Nuclear Invasion' ep from Jauzas The Shining. Featuring once again the seductive vocals of Victoria Lukas alongside the remix talent of none other than Heinrich Mueller. From the bustling drama of the title track, to the highly hypnotic "Crockett", impending doom of "Reality" and stark, edgy shenanigans of "Bohrium", this ep has it all !

dressed as stone ep


Artist : Jauzas The Shining 

Label : Shipwrec 

dressed as stone ep / 12"

6 tracks make up Jauzas The Shining's latest vinyl offering. Brutal basslines stand, arms folded, in front of snapping snares, distorted notes bucking under immense mechanic pulses. To help drop the temperatures, to push the punishment, dynArec and Raw Jay have been drafted in to add their own eclipsed emotions to the mix. Dark skies, brimming with rain and heavy metals hover across this record, pin pricks of light piercing the charcoal heaven before diving back into the ink-stained sonic psyche of Jauzas.



Artist : Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

shadows / 12"

Collaboration project between Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas featuring Ekman and Orgue Electronique. Lukas, drawing upon personal sensations, melds diary-like lyrics into dreamlike ambiance and textures, beautifully fusing with the infectious electro-pop grooves of Jauzas The Shining. Songs encapsulating lost love and longings for sensation, emotional stimulation and experiencing feelings through those of another are conveyed via vocal pieces, "Cold Sweat" and "Coral Eyes". Ekman contributes a driving, acidic groove version of "Cold Sweat" more apt for the dancefloor, while Orgue Electronique pushes the electronic pop vibes into Chicago-esque house territory. Limited edition !



Artist : Jeff & Jane Hudson 

Label : J & J Records 

flesh / LP

Proud to present you a very rare album from '83 by this phenomenal legends of minimal synth sounds from Boston (USA). All unique and amazing. 11-song vinyl LP, including "Operating Instructions", "Fat of the Land", "Help Me", "Los Alamos", "Pound,Pound". An essential record for any 80's record-owner fetishist (like us). Masterpiece !



Artist : Jeff & Jane Hudson 

Label : Dark Entries 

flesh / 2x12"

Dark Entries & Captured Tracks have teamed up to re-issue this gold gem from the 80's, in a deluxe edition remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley directly from the original master tapes. Lp 1 is the 'Flesh' Lp and Lp 2 features the "No Clubs" and "Special World" singles plus the 'World Trade' ep. Jeff & Jane Hudson are a husband/wife duo from Boston who got their start in the art punk band The Rentals in 1977. The Rentals broke up in 1980 and Jeff & Jane relocated to Manhattan where they opened for Suicide and quickly signed with no-wave label Lust/Unlust. Their 1st single "No Clubs" was released in late 1980 and showcased a lo-fi avant garde all synthesizer band. The 'World Trade' ep came next in 1981, expanding their brand of post-nuclear electronic pop. Their vocals qualities were distinct; Jeff quivery and drug-addled while Jane more detached and icy. The duo reached their pinnacle with 1982′s seminal 'Flesh' Lp. Perhaps one of the US biggest achievements in the entire synth movement of the 80's. The music was electro-pop with Jeff's lyrics flirted with technology and politics, while Jane wrote about cultural and psychological situations. Completely self produced by the band, the record has since been oft-cited as a groundbreaking and pivotal Lp of the post-punk era, who's original copies are now heavily coveted by collectors. Completing the discography is the 'Special World' 7" released in 1983 before the band emigrated back to Boston and stopped recording and performing. Each double Lp set comes in a gatefold sleeve with unreleased photos, original artwork and a lyrics sheet. Masterpiece !!

in my car / computer jungle


Artist : Jeff & Jane Hudson 

Label : Electric Voice Records 

in my car / computer jungle / 12"

This 12" single features 2 brand new tracks backed with alternate club mixes from classic electro-pop husband & wife duo Jeff & Jane Hudson. In 2011 Captured Tracks and Dark Entries teamed up to re-release a deluxe version of their 1983 debut LP, 'Flesh'. The new record also contained rare singles material and select tracks from 'World Trade ep' (1980). This reissue re-established Jeff & Jane as one of the most innovative and compelling bands of the 80's synth movement in America. Featuring drum machines, synthesizers and the occasional slash of guitar, they created music with both emotion & complexity. Conceived from the remains of their late 70's punk band the Rentals, the duo left Boston, for exploration in the New-York no wave scene in 1980. They hold the honour of opening for bands like PIL, Suicide, Siouxie & the Banshees, Duran Duran, Fad Gadget, Lydia Lunch and Sonic Youth. After 30 years, the married artists are still together happily making music. They currently teach video at the Mass MoCA and manage a vintage art & deco store on campus. 1st pressing limited to 500 coloured vinyl. Original artwork by Jeff Hudson !



Artist : Jennifer Touch 

Label : Lunatic Records 

untitled / 12"

Leipzig's Lunatic opened its vinyl doors last year with Uncanny Valley's Cvbox. The German imprint, born from the club night of the same name, is extending its reach with a new ep and artist. Jennifer Touch (aka Jennifer Ulrike Ochlich), is not a well known name. She has featured on a couple of records here and there but is debuting a self-titled ep. The style of this ep is very hard to pin down. New-wave and synth-pop are immediate influences, but there's a cold electro seam running through the 12". "You" is distant, bars and percussion coming from an isolated and mechanical place with vocals echoing into recesses. When melodies are unveiled they are stark yet honeyed, but soon subsumed by bass and heartache. "Astra" opens the flip. A heady, swirling piece of fractured synth-pop is on offer. Chords swim, claps crashing against breathy vocals. The closer is the most emotional of the trio on offer. "Boom" crosses deep notes with staggered keys, lyrics weaving their way between crisp snares. The ep doesn't come from the wings of contemporary synth-wave, nor is it coming from the traditions of the dancefloor. The bitter sweet compositions will undoubtedly be appreciated by a wide audience, but they might also lead to some brow furrowing amongst the local crate diggers.

the outer rings


Artist : Jeremiah R. 

Label : KONDI 

the outer rings / 12"

Copenhagen purveyor of melodic electro soul KONDI Records finally resurfaces after almost a decade with a new batch of tracks from man of the moment, Jeremiah R. Sleek nighttime electro in a deep but spacious melancholic vein of The Other People Place and Drexciya's mellow aquatic dives. Includes an extended version of "The Outer Rings", which appeared back in 2011 on the ultra limited 'The 5th Dimension' album.

jabberwocky ep


Artist : Jerome Hill 

Label : Don't 

jabberwocky ep / 12"

Don't Recordings strikes back with a 4 track ep from label boss Jerome Hill that follows on nicely from his remix on the previous "Luke's Anger ep". From the battle-rave assault of "Vorpal Swords" to the charming quirk of "Whiffle" and the heavyfooted grooves of "Ready Now" and "Bandersnatch", these tracks have been road tested for months at clubs and parties including Tresor (Berlin), Circuito (Sao Paulo) & UglyFunk (London), and can be trusted to do the business at any style of techno dancefloor. The secret being left of centre riffs and basslines and intensely catchy tunes, jugular style arrangements managing to be both straight up and wonky as hell at the same time. 4 frumious tracks of slithy techno !



Artist : Jersey Devil Social Club 

Label : Environ 

magnifique / 12"

Morgan Geist at the controls of this cover version, reprising a high camp disco classic from the early 80's in a live band does disco fashion, nuevo electro-disco, retro edit business is clearly the inspiration, with Anabella Donatella enlisted for fabulous vocals, live bass and conga and Geist's highly distinctive touch manning the studio board. Fairly devious funk, and the latter half of the twelve begins to really stretch out into disco dub territory, which is exactly where we start becoming most interested ! Environ rocks once again.

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