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galaxy toobin


Artist : Galaxy Toobin' Gang 

Label : Creme Organization 

galaxy toobin' / LP

The cold and beautiful synths of Galaxy Toobin' Gang are transmitted through the same feeric wave-spaces as those of Laurie Spiegel, Terry Riley or Tangerine Dream and convey perfectly the sensation of simultaneous wonder and alienation that the members of the Peabody expedition must have felt when flying between the abnormally regular shapes of a monstrous mountain range hidden deep into the heart of a eternal screaming whiteness. Galaxy Toobin' Gang's debut album is a truly timeless sounding piece of work created by Elliot Lip and Speculator. Tip !!!

split lp series #4


Artist : Garçon Taupe / Legowelt 

Label : Narrominded 

split lp series #4 / 12"

Side one brings Garçon Taupe, "Wittenburg" ep with some Commodore, amiga influenced electonica with a touch of acid. Split side is for Legowelt, "Land Rovers In Astrophysics" ep. 4 tracks in the well known Legowelt style... West Coast disco, electro jack shizzle. Not to be missed..

the white spider


Artist : Garcon Taupe 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

the white spider / 12"

Here is another best kept secret from The Netherlands: Garçon Taupe. This musician has been around for quite some time but released only a few tracks yet; mostly on Dutch label Narrominded, and these released tracks are quite elektro orientated. This 4-track ep is all about acid, techno and elektro beats go hand in hand to make up party music pur sang ;) This is simply a great piece of acid music which will appeal to fans of Ceephax Acid Crew and acid trax in general.. Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !

original soundtrack


Artist : Gary Blanchard 

Label : Domestica 

original soundtrack / LP

Official reissue of the extremely hard to find 'Original Soundtrack' album by Gary Blanchard. Less than 500 copies of this analog keyboard solo effort were originally pressed, and less than 200 still exist. The album was written, produced and distributed in Gary's hometown Baltimore between 1986 & 1987. Gary Blanchard began playing guitar in the late 60's and soon became a regular on Baltimore's folk circuit. Then on April 19 1986, Gary came home from a peace benefit show, turned on the TV, and saw Laurie Anderson on Saturday Night Live. After 20 years, Gary decided he wanted to do something different. He bought a $100 Yamaha PSR keyboard, complete with autochord and drum machine, and began to experiment with writing in new ways. Rather than having conventional song structure, the music was more open. The words were sometimes spoken, and sometimes sung. Gary also began writing poems and vignettes to include in his performances. While these songs were not as overtly political as his folk-style songs, they commented on life in the 80's with a uniquely cynical Baltimore view. (Many thought Gary was influenced by Baltimore filmmaker John Waters, especially given Gary's love of pink flamingos, but Waters was not an influence on the music.) Gary began to search out other performers to help him bring this material to the stage; at the same time he started working with producer Erik Steensen to create a recording of the music along with some of the spoken word pieces. The album 'Original Soundtrack' was released about the time Gary did his 1st performance with The Generic Art Ensemble. Since the program was called, generically, SHOW, Gary decided to name the soundtrack album, 'Original Soundtrack'. The very 1st performance at Baltimore's 8x10 Club was a 2 person program with dancer Joan Mosca. Soon the Ensemble also featured Cynthia Gaver on keyboard, Stephanie Waters, a talented sculptor, as a performer and 2nd dancer, and Renee Zorn, who joined right before the ultimate performance of SHOW as sound technician; she later worked as a performer with Gary on the programs 'Experiments In Low Budget Technology' and 'Natural State'. After a break from performing while getting belated college degrees, Gary returned to performing in the early 21st century, back to the singer/songwriter style of his past. Gary feels that the 'Generic Art Ensemble/Original Soundtrack' days gave him an ability to open up his writing. His recent albums feature guitar, but many songs do have keyboards added to give them a fuller, less folky sound. This reissue includes numbered insert with complete biography and track-by-track notes by Gary Blanchard himself. Front cover artwork hand pasted on sleeve..

I am a vocoder


Artist : Gay Cat Park 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

I am a vocoder / 12"

Highly sought after italo classic, originally released on Il Discotto Productions in 1982. Fantastic song about what being a vocoder is like. One of the funniest & sneakiest but best italo-disco records ever now in the rebound on the Clone Classic Cuts !

synthetic woman


Artist : Gay Cat Park 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

synthetic woman / LP

Previously unreleased songs by an icon of italo-disco & synth-pop. Gay Cat Park is an Italian duo consisting of Graziano G. Ravizza & Davide Gatti. At the tender age of 14 with an obsession for electronics and a dream, they crafted the hit 'I'm A Vocoder'. Using very primitive toy-like keyboards modified to makeshift synthesizers early on, this masterpiece and floor-stomper was a success. Though they recorded many other records in the studio with other artists under a variety of different names in the more popular vein, there were sadly no further releases in the style of Gay Cat Park or under that moniker. Their tracks were home-recorded and not considered 'commercial' enough in those times. Influenced heavily by Kraftwerk, Tomita, and Depeche Mode, their tracks were astonishing and are presented now on this compilation of hand-picked tracks from that era. Overall, the LP has a very lovely Diy warm aesthetic. Limited edition of 650 hand-numbered copies and including a special insert with liner notes by Dave Segal. Essential !!!

experiment defined


Artist : Gedankenexperiment 

Label : WeMe Records 

experiment defined / 12"

Gedankenexperiment (German for 'Thought Experiment') is a one-time project by Beta Evers & Heinrich Mueller. Both have already worked together (with 2 others) for the project "Zwischenwelt"; their album on Rephlex is due beginning of 2011. For Gedankenexperiment Evers & Mueller designed a hypothetical situation and followed the structure of a typcial experiment to explore its consequences.. Check !

3- jahrtausend


Artist : Geisterfahrer 

Label : NLW 

3- jahrtausend / 7"

Legendary German obscure new-wave/ndw band from the 80's. 3 songs between minimal-electro, analog-techno and new-wave influences. The all driven by heavy punk orientations. Unique...



Artist : Geneva Jacuzzi 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

technophelia / LP

1st full length LP in 5 years by L.A.'s Geneva Jacuzzi. To say Jacuzzi is a multifaceted artist would be an understatement. She is well known for her uncompromisingly obtuse synth-driven pop and one-of-a-kind performance art that is comprised of one time only spectacles and installations. Her works have been presented in famous art institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA and numerous other venues across the globe. She has developed a very focused cult following in the art AND music scenes. She was originally well known for her multitude of self-released home recordings but also released a full length 'Lamaze' in 2010 on the Vinyl International to much acclaim. Not to mention her track "The Sleep Room" featured on The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol 2. 'Technophelia' is the culmination of a hybrid of DiY and professional studio recordings (with the help of esteemed producer Chris Coady) that resulted in this exquisite album. Features the soon-to-be-hits "I'm A T.V." and "Cannibal Babies". Lovers of unique and left-field wave such as Gina X, Ronny, and the like will be transfixed by the raw, oozing newness of it all. All tracks recorded/performed by Geneva Jacuzzi with additional production by Chris Coady at Sunset Sound Studios. Mastered by Josh Bonati. Presented on high-quality 180gr heavyweight white vinyl.



Artist : Genevieve Pasquier 

Label : Disorder 

pulse / 7"

Geneviève Pasquier was already known from her contribution to the industrial-power electronics formation Thorofon but as solo artist she has been active for some years as well. Eventually she made noise influnced industrial soundscapes, and later on she moved more towards dark minimal electro. Her unique enchanting voice and her mastering of various aspects of electronic sound showed an artistic and above all unique sound. Her music is perhaps not easy to digest for some, yet anyone will surely find it fascinating. Her voice doesn't let go easily, it crawls under your skin and together with the confronting electronics it is an important part of the overall sound that is being created. Taste it ;-P

diedrich diedrichsen wird gettet werden


Artist : Georgie D 

Label : WSDP 

diedrich diedrichsen wird gettet werden / LP

Georgie D was originally released in 1982 as a C40 cassette on the Datenverarbeitung label from Bonn. Some call the music pre-techno. Georgie D was also a member of the legendary Pension Stammheim. Rare record ;)



Artist : Gertrud Stein 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

blümchen / 7"

2 brand new songs from this fantastic musican from Switzerland. If you missed the 7" limited to 100 copies on Hertzschnitt, here is another chance to experience his crazy minimal electro-synth melodies in a pure German style.. Hand-numbered and stamped copies, selfmade artwork sleeve with insert, knife and "back-puck", design vinyl colour. Nice collector item ;)

get it boyz


Artist : Get It Boyz 

Label : Bunker 

get it boyz / 12"

Another gratefully received Bunker repress. The title track is fully paid up, card carrying, certified rampant bass monsta, Miami in the Hague style, with high grade dope scratches and fly edits from Dj Overdose and Technician and all round b-boy don status assured. True ghetto tech with all the bits, will have you attempting headspins, even against doctor’s advice. You know it makes sense. The Shit !



Artist : Ghibli 

Label : Dark Entries 

I'm looking for you / 12"

Ghibli is the solo project of musician, producer, and vocalist Alberto Garbelli, from Milan, Italy. At the age of 23, while reading a comic book, he encountered the word Ghibli, which is the name of the wind of the North African desert (and also a Maserati car model). Inspired by Klaus Nomi and Nina Hagen, he began to sing in an operatic fashion. During this time Alberto would frequent the local discotheques. Watching the unique mix of performers and dancers, Alberto lost his inhibitions and was inspired to become an artist. "I'm Looking For You", the debut single from Ghibli, was released on Durium Records in 1985. The song features Roland synthesizers and Linn Drum machine punctuated by Yamaha DX-7 chimes/bells. The lyrics focus on the perpetual search for the perfect lover. What many think are female backup vocals is, in fact, Alberto's falsetto voice. On the B-side is a shorter instrumental version, stripped down to an ominous chant, making for a more driving track. "I'm Looking For You" was mixed by producer and musician Tony Carrasco, one of the Djs at Studio 54 in New York, who initially took Alberto into the studio to record. Housed in an exact replica of the original jacket, which features a portrait of Alberto in a suit and bowtie. Each copy includes a postcard with lyrics and notes, plus a bookmark with the hand-drawn Ghibli font.

mr. bossa suicide


Artist : Ghost Arcade 

Label : Ghost Arcade Ltd 

mr. bossa suicide / 7"

Chicago's Ghost Arcade have a weird / snappy dynamism. Like the most heavenly trip to the dentist’s office, the title track "Mr.Bossa Suicide" hypnotizes the listener with swirling bossa rhythms while "4 Koto", a buzzy surf rock jam, steadily drills through their teeth. "Sickness and Lies" is a favorite amongst fans, due to its catchy lyrics and screaming, harsh synth lines that rival electric guitars, and stompy cheerleader beats. Finally, "Marley’s Ghost" is an industrial reggae gem that is intended to disturb, amuse, and confuse while it chugs, thumps, and sputters along. Test it, you won't regret it...

nice mover


Artist : Gina X Performance 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

nice mover / LP

Quintessential 1st album by Gina X Performance. Gina X Performance was composed of the charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals/lyrics) along with famous German producer/musician Zeus B. Held and backing band. Released in 1978 on various labels including EMI, 'Nice Mover' has been out of print on vinyl format since 1980. Zeus B. Held has previously worked with the band Birth Control and has recorded multiple solo albums as well. 'Nice Mover' has been an internationally regarded electro/disco record with various tracks appearing on compilations throughout the years. The track "No G.D.M." (a tribute to famous gay actor/writer/personality) was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic and remains a commonly heard track on better DJ sets to this very day. It is made up of an infectious slow driving disco-esque beat with perfectly aligned and arranged synth accompaniments. Gina's unmistakable and truly unique vocals and lyrics set this record apart from its contemporaries. Tackling controversial subject matter such as transgenderism, exhibitionism, and other fetishes , this record has left a deep mark on the history of new-wave and electro/disco. The title track "Nice Mover" is a cosmic sequenced synth hit and also has appeared on various compilations. The bouncing "Be A Boy" is a high-nrg dancefloor cutter that illustrates the internal thought processes and daydreams of a female longing to become a male. "Black Sheep" continues this theme and is a very catchy number with bonus sheep sounds to keep it interesting... The closing track "Tropical Comic Strip" starts off with peaceful cricket samples and piano and builds into a bombastic production that is a fitting close to the record. Master recordings provided by Zeus B. Held and remastered by Lafayette Masters, Freiburg. Officially licensed from Mr. Held (KGBeat Productions) directly. This is a seminal work of electro/disco/wave and is essential for fans of late 70's wave-synth-disco crossover and the like. Original reproduction artwork is preserved on the front and back. Presented on high quality 180gr 'bone' colored vinyl in a limited edition pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Includes bonus insert with liner notes and interview by Kurt B. Reighley.



Artist : Gino Soccio 

Label : WEA 

s-beat / LP

Canadian disco producer Gino Soccio (aka Kebekelektrik) who has a huge Italian heritage, played acoustic guitar, drums, synthesizers. In addition, he handles horn and string arrangements as well as lead vocals. Gino began studying piano at the age of 8. By the age of 18 Gino had begun renting electronic keyboards and synthesizers to use in his own home studio. Here is his 2nd album released in 1980 (one of his best albums). High quality disco with very good vocals and a really nice rock'n'roll drive.. "The Runaway" is a true classic. "Rhythm Of The World" is like a B sci-fi movie, done disco. "Running In Circles" is more disco-pop, a,d "S-Beat" is just hop-along nonsense, but we like it. "Love Is" is of course, the longer version mixed from previous album. If you are into high-quality, non-cheesie disco; then this one is a must have ;)

the question, the answer - pop


Artist : Girls Under Glass 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

the question, the answer - pop / LP

30 years later, they are coming back. After a great live act during the WGT 2016 in leipzig, Brouillard Définitif is very proud to present you a vinyl limited edition reissue of their greatest demo tape originally released in 1986. Watch out for these 9 killer tracks !! White vinyl version (limited to 100 copies in a total edition of 300).

hadrian's wall ep


Artist : Gladio 

Label : Mighty Robot 

hadrian's wall ep / 12"

Danny Wolfers Gladio project is back with 5 new roman smack jams straight out of segedunum. Caligula in the bathhouse with seven ways to jack. the sound of legio xx valeria victrix. Almost sold out everywhere, be quick on this black vinyl repress ;)

slave of rome


Artist : Gladio 

Label : Bunker 

slave of rome / 12"

Repressed ! Available for the 2nd time since 2003 ! Raw and rocking Chicago-like 6 tracker.. One of the craziest and most cult side projects from Legowelt. Do not miss this one ;)



Artist : Glass Domain 

Label : Clone 

untitled / 12"

One of the coolest releases from Detroit which never got an official release. Related to Drexciya and Dopplereffekt ! 2016 repress..

dawn of the dead


Artist : Goblin 

Label : Dagored 

dawn of the dead / LP

The original soundtrack recording for this 1979 US cult movie by horror director George A. Romero (the epic sequel to his legendary "Night Of The Living Dead"). Music is from the Dario Argento Director's Cut version. Essential !



Artist : Gold Zebra 

Label : Visage Musique 

untitled / LP

Montreal dark disco duo Gold Zebra impressed us a couple of years back with their appearance on a label compilation, and now the group have finally lined up their debut album. The self-titled album consists of 10 songs, including an "Intro", "Outro" and "Interlude". A couple of the tracks from the aforementioned sampler compilation re-emerge here. The material was recorded in Montreal over a period of more than 2 and a half years from April 2011 to December 2013. Production was handled by the band's own guitarist/synth player JP Richard, who mixed along with JB Valiquette. Pressed on white vinyl. Gold foil stamped back cover. Includes digital download ;)



Artist : Gold Zebra / The Golden Filter 

Label : Visage Musique 

split / 7"

1st in a series of 4 split 7" releases featuring a Visage Musique artist along with an international guest of their choice. In this 1st edition, 2 shiny new cuts are presented: "Dark Musique" by Gold Zebra and "Quiet Town" by The Golden Filter. Following a successful collaboration with GZ's remix of TGF's track "Mother", it's now time for the Zebras to host their NYC counterparts. Splendid !

we are still searching


Artist : Gosub 

Label : KONDI 

we are still searching / 12"

After several releases on the Frustated Funk and Device labels, the founder of the electro miami based label Isophlux come back here with a beautiful 5-track EP. Drexciyan inspired sounds with superb melodies on it. Recommended to hear it in your car while looking at the landscape !

low volume lovers


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

low volume lovers / 12"

Shad T. Scott (aka Gosub) returns with "Low Volume Lovers" features 4 tweaked electro-tech tracks that somehow can't stop reminding us of the classic Other People Place album, brimming with that textured Detroit musicality underneath a shimmering splice of electroid strands built for the floor. If you're into that or the more tempered Drexciyan destroyers, this will fill in the gaps very nicely indeed. Ace...

watchers from the black universe


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Citinite 

watchers from the black universe / 2x12"

Miami’s Gosub (aka Shad T. Scott) returns with "Watchers From The Black Universe", his 1st full-length album since the 1999 Isophlux classic, "A Collection Of Mind Frames". With his string of timeless electro singles on respected labels Frustrated Funk, Point One, Kondi and Device; Scott knew it was time to take the Gosub project to the next step in its natural progression. Using nothing but ancient analog technology and his trademark low-slung basslines and melodies, Gosub explores further into the unknown. Top LP !!

the last time...


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Citinite 

the last time... / 12"

"The Last Time..." is the new ep from the much respected Miami artist, Gosub. Expanding on the electro-funk experiments from his previous releases, these tracks are a sleazy stab at predicting funk’s future. The intro track, "The Broadcast", appears in instrumental form on the vinyl, and sets the tone for the ep with its laid back slide. "The Last Time I Saw You" picks the pace up, setting yearning synth work against an oscillating electrofreak backdrop, whilst "Towards Your Middle" sounds like the kind of music that exhausted sexdroids would power down to. "Black Nova In G" is a jazzier interlude and evokes the soundrack to a flight through the cosmos. But "Eyes Of Nimrud" reminds us why we are here – with a nervous synth designed to induce dancefloor spasms, this is electro-funk at its filthiest. "Keep It Raw" rounds out the ep and in effect summarises a tenet of this release – with a minimum of parts, funk is at it’s most effective when it is stripped down. Incredible..

night mal'ach


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Transient Force 

night mal'ach / 12"

Transient Force is releasing a milestone of an ep with the "Night Mal'Ach". Gosub (aka Shad T. Scott) focuses on the signature, dark melodies and moody sounds that characterize electro. He cleverly composes an extremely catchy record, while maintaining the raw analogue sound and sensibility of a seasoned veteran. Limited to 500 black copies !



Artist : Goudron 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

stiletto / 12"

Goudron is a brand new signing for Interdimensional Transmissions (after Ersatz Audio shutting down). In this 5-track Ep, Detroit musician and visual artist Ron Zakrin shows that he is truly the King of the synth riffs, with music that is wholly synthetic, yet with all the energy of pure Detroit rock. Watch for this ep in a limited edition hand screened sleeve !

civil symmetry


Artist : Goudron 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

civil symmetry / 12"

Goudron is back with his second 12" on Ersatz Audio entitled "Civil Symmetry" featuring 5 new songs presented in a one of a kind jacket. The jackets for "Civil Symmetry" were created by hand using the laborious technique of block printing, then hand numbered and signed by the artist. Outstanding wave inspired electro and definately one of our favourites..



Artist : Grackle 

Label : Strange Life 

genres / 12"

New release on Legowelt's Strange Life Rrecords. Grackle (aka Speculator) is known for his great radio show on east village radio. This is a collaboration with Legowelt and Musiccargo (who's previous release on Ammontilado was licensed by Prins Thomas for his Eskimo album and Serge for the Box Jams compilation). Grackle did deliver some nice nu-school space disco kraut rock kind of tracks. Big one for all the cosmic and nu disco heads out there. Highly Recommended !

desert acid ep


Artist : Grackle 

Label : Supersoul 

desert acid ep / 12"

After some ace releases for Legowelt's Strange Life label, Grackle visits Berlin's Supersoul imprint with 4 tracks of qualified deep disco. Musiccargo gives "Desert Acid" an ace remix sounding a little like Talking Heads with extra synthbass, while his original version is a menacing club cut with shades of John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream. The Sombrero version adds cinematic touches of Balearic guitars and lapping rhythms, and Grackles original track "We Are It" trips out on a brilliant psyche-disco vibe. Great ep!

early recordings 77-83


Artist : Graf & Zyx 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

early recordings 77-83 / LP

GRAF+ZYX are an interdisciplinary art group from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Inge Graf and Walter Zyx who are still working together today. In '81, under the name of ZYX, they released the LP "Trust no Woman" and several cassettes. On this new LP, VOD german label compiles some of their synth-pop and minimal electronics tracks from rare cassettes. The result is a wonderful mixture between DAF ("Track 7"), Fad Gadget ("Flipper"), Soft Cell ("Reise In Die Südsee") and early Cabaret Voltaire ("Easy Way To Freedom"). TIP-TOP !

the sacred project


Artist : Graham Philip D'Ancey 

Label : Minimal Wave 

the sacred project / 12"

Special 12" release by a UK artist named Graham Philip D'Ancey. This all white ep project consists of 4 tracks, all of which have been remastered and sound incredibly warm and full. The 1st track was originally released in 1981 as a 7" entitled 'Sacred Heart'. Aside from the single, Graham released several LP's in the early 80's, one called 'Alluma', a pure analogue synth soundtrack style lp. He also did a library LP called 'Chinese' with some unusual instrumentation plus a couple of killer electronic cuts. Very interesting and worldly stuff. Limited to 500 numbered copies..

sarah good


Artist : Gregory Windrum-Scoggin 

Label : W|S Collective 

sarah good's lament...... / 12"

"Sarah Good's Lament......" is the 1st 12" produced, composed, programmed (and sung) entirely by ex-Shortwave Mystery synth aficionado & composer Gregory Windrum-Scoggin. This time round he's using his actual birth names rather than a pseudonym which leads us to believe he is proud of his work! This 12" release hearkens back to Mr. Windrum-Scoggin's mid-to-late teen songwriting years and the influences that inspired him (think of Tony Mansfield's new musik, early OMD and Human League). In this he amalgamates all things 80's 'synth brittania' with modern production methodology and techniques to craft a sound that is uniquely both, melancholic in its darkwave signature undertones yet is still in keeping with a songwriting style which Scoggin honed with his group The Shortwave Mystery in 1983. In this, he somehow fuses the aforementioned early influences with the modern era, keeping the elements of song structure, melody, verse and meter while mixing genres he would later explore and help to define such as house, disco and EBM. One listen to Sarah Good's Lament, and we think you will understand that Windrum-Scoggin's new work not only tells a sad tale of mans cruelty to his fellow man, but uniquely brings your mind to another time and place. Fantastic :)



Artist : Group A 

Label : Mecanica 

70+a= / LP

Group A's Throbbing Gristle-influenced industrial synth-noise as always grown hand-in-hand with their arresting, conceptual live performances, making albums difficult artefacts to assess. From their noisy debut 'A' in 2013 to the same year's follow-up 'Initiation', there was a clear progression though, and their new 3rd album, '70+a=' is a further step forward. Group A's music always operated in the realm of minimalism, but they now wield the same limited range of tools with greater assurance and control, not to mention greater musicality. Sayaka's violin, which used to be limited to harsh, scraping atmospherics now on tracks like "We Are Surveyors (Ver.2)" flirts with tone and melody. That confidence also feeds into a newly assured approach to the minimalism and repetition that defines much of Group A's sound, with the "Yami -Saitei No Taisei-" a simple, sparse opening track that resists the temptation to fill out the sound with noise and ends up all the more atmospheric for its lack of atmospherics. The 8-and-a-half-minute "Kikaika" kicks off with a similarly sparse approach, but demonstrates Group A's growing accomplishment with deploying small shifts in the sonic layers to dynamic effect, its minimal synth-pop bass gradually overwhelmed by a building cacophony of samples. Dynamics and discord will only get you so far though, and on '70+a=' Group A also surprise by showing a nascent talent in more straightforward aspects of songwriting. Labyrinth may take the form of an abstract drone, but its superficially amorphous structure gradually reveals an Enoesque, Velvetsy ebb and flow that goes beyond soundscapery. Somewhere in its black mechanical heart "Suffocated" is an actual for real pop song (in the early 80's French minimal wave Kas Product sense at least). While Group A undoubtedly remain in thrall to their impeccably cool influences, '70+a=' also shows a group continuing to push their own creative envelope. Over the relatively short period since their 2013 debut, they have grown from a wild, raucous live conceptual art experience into something far more musical, and they don't appear to be slowing down.



Artist : Group A 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / 12"

Berlin-based, Japanese industrial synth duo Group A's debut on Mannequin Records. Tommi Tokyo & Sayaka Botanic play pinball on your synapses with the body-sparking metal dance jabs of their eponymous debut as Group A for Mannequin. Over the last few years the duo have built up cult acclaim thru a tight handful of self-released CDrs and tapes and their incendiary live shows in Tokyo and more recently Berlin, which they now call home, bringing them to their 1st record proper. A-side is given to the zinging bullet train momentum of "T.O.P.", where they hammer out a martial tattoo of drum machines, shark-toothed 16th note arpeggios and robotic vocals which, rather brilliantly, work at the intended 45rpm for brisk pacing, or at 33rpm +8, if you're that way inclined. Think Factory Floor meet radioactive buttplugs. B-side, they channel that energy into something like a distant, numbed echo of The Neon Judgement's 'The Fashion Party' with illegible vocals delivered by an 8-bit gremlin, then trap your swede in a maze of psychotomimetic delays to emulate the most intense nitrous buzz of yer lyf.

back up


Artist : Grupo Q 

Label : Atemporal 

back up / LP

In 1981 Sevillian musician Fernan Carmona (composition, keyboards and vocals), after his 'Bola' project, starts writing songs more technologically in what will be the germ of Q, also known as Grupo Q. In May 1982, after the incorporation of Alberto Guerra (keyboards and vocals), Mario Cánovas (programming and sequencers) and Francisco Cánovas (electronic percussion) make their 1st concerts in Jerez. Sign contract with Ariola-Eurodisc and in September of the same year, they recorded 3 themes for a 7" and LP in studies AudioFilm of Madrid, with production of Alain Milhaud: "La Nueva Generación", "Cuenta Atras" and "Sigo Esperando". The first two formed part of his first single, playing compulsively for months in the Spanish radio stations, which gave them a certain notoriety coming to live gigs with groups like Mecano. Grupo Q was the first in Spain, as a quartet, which exclusively used keyboards and electronics with the direct sound of the era, which came to be called techno-pop. When they were to complete their second single "Sigo Esperando" and prepare the LP, the record company rescinded the contract to engage in that it included a female singer, to which Grupo Q refused. This eventually precipitating the breakup of the band, although Fernan continued the project alone and continued writing songs, four of which were published in 1984 in the Sevillian label Pañoleta Records, within a 12" unrepeatable called 'Cine De Miedo'. After this, Grupo Q disappears until today. The songs collected here by Atemporal, whilst being simple demos, they are sign of the true talent of Fernán Carmona, songs composed between 1981 and 1983 which were forgotten and give us the true dimension of what Grupo Q was 'an attempt to get out of the vicious circle', as they said.

angoisses & divertissement


Artist : Guerre Froide 

Label : Brouillard Définitif 

angoisses & divertissement / CD

This was Brouillard Définitif’s first release, and has sold out pretty quickly. Therefore a second edition has been made available, for good as this is simply a brilliant album all through: “Guerre Froide comes back with a new line-up: Yves Royer and Fabrice Fruchart as the origins, and also has a newly-welcomed bass player: Samuel Druon. The CD is essentially made up of new tracks which have been freshly recorded and mastered between Dec 2006 and Mar 2007. The album is melancholic, gentle and marvellous. It is a tribute to great writers from past centuries, such as Saint Exupéry, with a track called "Saint Ex", and Arthur Rimbaud with "L'éternité". It also includes cover songs for older tracks such as "A corps perdus" by Pour L'Exemple, the legendary "Demain Berlin", and "Romance" which is a rendition of "La Chanson d'Ian", a track taken from their demo released in 1980.” (BD promo text)

abrutir les masses


Artist : Guerre Froide 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

abrutir les masses / LP

3 years already after the release of "Angoisses Et Divertissement", Brouillard Définitif is happy to present you, in collaboration with Guerre Froide’s label Flashbacks Futurs, their 2nd album "Abrutir Les Masses" is definitely orientated into the future, still dark but featured of many more rich sounds. Between the tracks "Hypnose" and "Canal Historique", the band attracts us in their personal universe. Well approched lyrics, mindblowing music, attractive refrains, inspired by the society in derivation such as the track "Des Illusions" shows it. Even "Identité Variable" or also "Le Fil" does explains that. Sometimes the mood is more close-friend as on "L'Expérience", a kind of strange variation of a certain "Espérance". We found on this opus somemany tracks already played live, or unreleased till now such as "Sauvage" and "Abrutir", or which are present on the mCD released some months ago with the tracks "Nom" and "Entre Nous", here provided on the new album with a different mixing. Guerre Froide pulls us toward to some new unexpected musical horizons, with various inspirations. 10 tracks showing us that the band still have many things to tell us ;)



Artist : Guilt 

Label : Electric Voice Records 

untitled / LP

There are some records that speak for themselves, but others, bark and bawl as if something more than your simple satisfaction was at stake. With their 1st effort as Guilt, Halifax's Matthew Grimson & Craig Leonard have assembled an astonishingly unique cycle of robust industrial music from little more than synthesizer and electronics, drum machine, and Grimson's sputtered prose-poetry. By foregrounding this last element the album aligns itself with other records that similarly privilege the demented musings of their literate masterminds such as Stephen Jesse Bernstein's 'Prison' album. Guilt conjures a more mutant music through the stretched notes, plosive bursts, and maniac cadences of Grimson's unique delivery..



Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Kernkrach 

untitled / LP

Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth from Switzerland were approximately less than 18 years old when they released the self-produced LP album "Portrait" in 1983, which is one of the most wanted old-electro releases nowadays. This new release on the German electro-freak label Kernkrach is a collection of wonderful vintage-electro songs from 1982 to 1984, taken from old 4-track tapes that have been rediscovered per chance. This LP is released in a strictly limited edition (300 copies) and sold out every where so you'd better be fast !



Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Guyer's Connection were a Swiss duo that started making electronic music in 1982. Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth were merely 14 and 15 years old and were armed with simply 2 synths, a drum machine,and a 4-track tape recorder. They are best known for their highly-sought after self-produced and released album "Portrait" in 1983. It is now considered a classic minimal synth pop masterpiece. Several other members joined the band in 1984 and worked together for some time. Philippe Alioth has been very active in the music business writing, producing, and running a Swiss studio as well as running a Swiss label (Sonic Content). This extraordinary collection of tracks was discovered in a dark recess of Philippe's achives of 4-track tapes in his studio. The tapes were recorded from 1982 to 1984 but were rediscovered in 2005. A portion of the songs were restored,remixed and remastered. Medical Records in collaboration with Philippe Alioth is proud to present another presentation of these glorious tracks. Featuring 13 tracks (including several never before released and a few reworked versions of tracks released in 2005), this will appeal to all lovers of minimal-synth, electro-pop, flexi-pop, and the like. Standout tracks include the vocoder tinged "Discoqueen II", the hyper-catchy "Är Isch Schön", and a slightly modified version of "He Sabine!". New tracks include an interpretation of a German children's song and "Macky Messer" featuring words by Kurt Weill. The LP features newly created front and back artwork. Presented on 180gm green vinyl in a limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies. Must-Have !!



Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Minimal Wave 

portrait / LP

Reissue of the seminal 1st album from Swiss wavers, Guyer's Connection. Tibor Csébits & Philippe Alioth formed Guyer's Connection in Basel, Switzerland when they were only 14 & 15 years old. At the time they were in a new-wave rock band called Kurtzschluss which they decided to break from in order to make purely electronic music. They began with 2 synthesizers, a drum machine, a 4-track tape recorder and a multitude of ideas. They channeled their unique and humorous vision into their 1st album, entitled "Portrait" which they produced themselves and self-released in 1983. Over the years, the album became a highly sought after minimal synth cult classic. It stands alone as one of the strongest examples of Swiss minimal-wave, and probably the only one that is in Baseldytsch. The Portrait reissue is presented in a high quality gloss sleeve, with artwork to match their original sleeve design from 1983. The record features newly remastered audio pressed on 180gr black vinyl, as a hand-numbered edition of 999. Must-Have!

a prelude to destruction


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Bunker 

a prelude to destruction / 12"

Janko Bartelink is a new artist on the Bunker Robot Dystopia series. He brings stunning dark industrial techno/electro atmospheres and soundscapes. Raw, minimal electro grooves from this wholeheartedly brilliant label. Touches of darkness and plenty of Dopplereffektian influences. Wicked synths and chord progressions. You know what to do ?

untitled (the moral core)


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Bunker 

untitled (the moral core) / 12"

6 tracker with more dark robot music and ambient soundtrack electro, heavy stuff !

ignorance is bliss


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Transient Force 

ignorance is bliss / 12"

Limited repress of this early release on Miami's Transient Force imprint featuring Hadamard at the controls of this assembly of probing, cyber-electronic sketches. An alias of Janko Bartelink from Holland who is already known for his productions for the Bunker Robot Dystopia series. His harsh, dark and robotic sound explorations will appeal to anyone into the music from Der Zyklus, Vmax or Frustrated Funk. Nice one again !

studio gangster ep


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Mighty Robot 

studio gangster ep / 12"

The sound of oldschool hip-hop, grinding funk, tweaked out electro and static acid seeps under the door of the Studio Gangster. Inside, Hadamard sits with his headphones on, in a world that's more dirty and brown than diamond bling. He's freaking his machines to create a concept production, an account, a soundtrack to a life best not lived. In the words of the King of Apeldoorn... Whaooh !!

the jupiter cycle part 2: jupiter lucetius


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the jupiter cycle part 2: jupiter lucetius / 12"

"Emergent Behaviour" is what one might determine the calm before the storm, as we dive into the second instalment of "The Jupiter Cycle", as the drifting ambience and somewhat ominous synths proceed "Abstract Thought", itself a stubborn barrage of hardened electro beats, rigid stabs, crystalizing and melding into an explosive mayhem and of course, "The Ghost In The Machine", if anything a more traditional styled, yet irresistible electro hit. "The Deep" showcases Hadamard in a distinctly experimental mode, where all the fine details are tuned to perfection for maximum atmosphere. Finally, drifting into "The Collective" and "Satellite Swarm", both gliding onwards and ever deeper into pure ambience, the latter closing piece eloquently preparing the audio stratosphere for the next chapter in The Jupiter Cycle... Special limited edition pack includes the 2nd in a series of collectable posters. Really cool release !!

the jupiter cycle part 1: jupiter summanus


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the jupiter cycle part 1: jupiter summanus / 12"

The 1st phase in the breath-taking new musical project from Hadamard, who of course we know from earlier projects via Bunker, Transient Force, Mighty Robot and more recently featuring on compilations via our friends at Solar One Music. As we enter Hadamard's universe of 'The Jupiter Cycle', we hear a synthesis of straight-up electro coalesce with spellbinding ambient and experimental futurism, to create an overall Bladerunner-esque environment. From the offset of our journey, "Approach", dramatically defining the musical landscape with its soundtrack-like and impending atmospherics; "Entry Point", a stealthy, sneering electro fiend – expect no mercy here; "Magnetodisk" – is unpretentious, energized electro, providing a slightly more upbeat pause between the more serious overtones of "Offerings from Io" – electro straight from the core of Jupiter's volcanic moon; whilst "Outpost Jupiter" and "Transition to Chaos" are most definitely someplace far, far in the future, as this piece can only leave the listener possessing a sense of introspection regarding the technological evolution of our generation. A stunning variety of styles on this special limited edition pack including the first in a series of collectable posters. Nice ;)

the ass in bass (elektronische werke part 3)


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Solar One Music 

the ass in bass (elektronische werke part 3) / 12"

Working under the Hadamard guise, Dutch artist Janko Bartelink has built up quite the collection of sleazy data soul with releases on Bunker, Transient Force and Last Known Trajectory that all combine icy electro rhythms with ghetto-guttered lyrics. The amusingly framed 'Ass In Bass' marks Bartelink's debut proper for Solar One Music (he contributed to their SOM Compilation Vol 2 back in 2009) and presents a further development in his muscular approach to electro. From the techno-like insistency of "All I Think About" to the undulating analogue arpeggiated bass and vague subverted euphoric synths of "My Cool", Hadamard's message and heavily processed carnal urges are crisp, clear and ultimately crucial. Tip !!

hat say fly! / hat say streuner!


Artist : Half A Twin 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

hat say fly! / hat say streuner! / 7"

Yet a new release on the FKK label. 2 absolute synth-pop dancefloor hits by this German duo. Coloured vinyl with small insert & limited to 150 copies !

unreleased & demos 1984-1986: 25th anniversary edition


Artist : Handful Of Snowdrops 

Label : Domestica 

unreleased & demos 1984-1986: 25th anniversary edition / LP

Long time before Handful Of Snowdrops released their 1st and mythical album 'Land Of The Damned', this cult band originally from Quebec City had produced, since their beginnings in 1984, an amazing amount of demos, although they had never managed to attract the interest and attention of the big record companies, despite their originality. In that moment, there was not a background or collective in Canada where they could fit... these are the very significant words of Jean-Pierre Mercier, co-founder of the band, in a recent interview in the digital magazine '': "Quebec City was not known for its strong music scene, to say the least. It gave us a kind of freedom and infused us with a carelessness that I’m still grateful to." It was never a reason to give up music, on the contrary; 2 years after their formation, they recorded their most famous song, "Gabrielle", in a different version, in a little study in their hometown, which was later included in their 1st album. With this album we wanted to gather a compilation of some of their best unreleased songs, compounded in different moments but which have the same essence, always encouraged and led by Mercier brothers. All the songs are, up to now, totally unpublished, with the exception of 2 demo versions former to their 1st album ("Face To Face" and "Gabrielle"), and they have been remastered with an enourmous care, as usual, by Yves Roussel. Limited edition of 250 copies, no repress. Includes an insert. Tip !

land of the damned: 25th anniversary edition


Artist : Handful Of Snowdrops 

Label : Domestica 

land of the damned: 25th anniversary edition / LP

It was more than 25 years ago that Handful Of Snowdrops, a pioneer band and a model to follow in the Canadian Electronic new-wave, released its 1st and mythical album 'Land Of The Damned', which, with own effort, has become an essential and cult piece of music to worship especially amongst all kind of true collectionists and music-lovers, into the most gothic, electronic and darkwave. It can be observed in the growing interest all over the world towards this 1st album, self-produced in 1988 and was reedited in 1990 by the record label C'est La Mort for the American version, a company which disappeared in the 90's and was largely inspired by the UK label 4AD, which introduced many other groups, also pioneer and high-quality, such as The Arms of Someone New, M-1 Alternative, the wonderful 'Voices...... of a Summers Day' by Room Nine, or the remarkable saga of compilations 'Doctor Death's'. Unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult to obtain a copy of 'Land Of The Damned' in good conditions, and even more difficult to have it at reasonable price. For all that, today Domestica introduce us the official reedition of their debut album in vinyl format, carefully remastered and redesigned for the occasion. Limited edition of 250 copies, no repress. Includes an insert.. Tip !!

clean tables have to be burnt


Artist : Hard Corps 

Label : Minimal Wave 

clean tables have to be burnt / LP

Full length LP release entitled 'Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt' by UK legends Hard Corps, a band we've been long time admirers of. Aside from their releases on Survival and Polydor, Hard Corps gained some notoriety for their unique and uncompromising live shows throughout the 80's. It was the juxtaposition between their hard edged industrial sound and the fragile and enigmatic vocals of French frontwoman Regine Fetet that created an unusual dichotomy, lending to their strength of character as a band and thus allowing them to stand out from the rest. The band went on a major tour with The Cure in 1985 and Depeche Mode in 1988, before finally disintegrating. Now for the 1st time ever, rare unreleased versions of Hard Corps tracks from the 80's have been remastered and are being made available. 'Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt' is a 180gr vinyl pressing limited to 999 copies with double sided inner sleeve featuring a beautiful group shot and all of Regine's lyrics. HUGE !!!



Artist : Hard Corps 

Label : Minimal Wave 

rarities / LP

Strictly limited edition release of rare tracks by UK legends Hard Corps. They were true innovators of the 80's UK synth-pop scene. Apart from their releases on Survival and Polydor, Hard Corps gained some notoriety for their unique and uncompromising live shows throughout the 80's. It was the juxtaposition between their hard edged industrial sound and the fragile and enigmatic vocals of French front woman Regine Fetet that created an unusual dichotomy, lending to their strength of character as a band and thus allowing them to stand out from the rest. A 12" white label, released by Survival Records, containing the hammering rhythmic attack of "Dirty" and the softer, melodic, pulse of "Respirer" (To Breathe) was circulated around London's dancefloors. In no time a wave of attention hit them and throughout 1984 and into 1985 they dominated the independent pop charts. John Peel championed them on his infamous late night Radio One show and they headlined at his ICA Rock Week in the Mall, London. By 1985 Hard Corps had signed with major label giants Polydor. This enabled the band to work with a couple of their favoured and respected producers, Martin Rushent (known mostly for his exceptional work with the Human League) and Depeche Mode producer and Mute Records supremo, Daniel Miller. These sessions provided the public with just one single due to the labels non-promotion, "Je Suis Passée", a sweeping arrangement of breathtaking beauty, combining pumping sequences and sheer power of emotion of Regine's voice. The band went on a major tour with The Cure in 1985 and Depeche Mode in 1988, before finally disintegrating. As a follow up to 'Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt' (2012), 'Rarities' compiles the outtakes and demos that were left behind. Tracks that truly never saw the light of day. They have finally been remastered and released as a cassette and 12" vinyl (edition of 300). The vinyl is pressed on 180gr clear vinyl, accompanied by a numbered 8" x 10" photographic print of the band..

super xevious


Artist : Haruomi Hosono 

Label : Pick Up Records 

super xevious / 12"

Rare ep released in 1984 by Haruomi Hosono (one of the 3 members of Yellow Magic Orchestra). Super Xevious is the original soundtrack of the old computer game of the same name. A-side : "Super Xevious" is a very creative pure electro track for that time, full of different sounds mixed together with short breaks in a perfect harmony. B1 : "Gaplus" is rather a more minimal 8-bit electro synth-pop. Fairy evolutive tail presenting spaceships battles. B2 : "The Tower Of Draga" is an 8-bit classical recovery for a happy end adventure. Run to that plate !

al-naafiysh (the soul)


Artist : Hashim 

Label : Cutting Records 

al-naafiysh (the soul) / 12"

Here is a great example of a track that has over the last two decades become the true bench-mark by which all Electro & Hip Hop should be judged...Hashim -"Al Naafyish" (The Soul) embodies everything a great Electro cut should have... fat beats, ruuude bass synth, and mad vocoder. You should have this!

penthouse and pavement


Artist : Heaven 17 

Label : Virgin 

penthouse and pavement / LP

Formed by two ex-Human League members (Martyn Ware, Ian Marsh), Heaven 17 combines with this album from '81 good old analog instruments and funk-like basslines. Typical 80's New Wave sounds with style and relevance !

how men are


Artist : Heaven 17 

Label : Virgin 

how men are / LP

1984 saw the release of the 3rd Heaven 17 album, "How Men Are", which reached number 12 in the UK charts. It is very plush, but not americanised in sound (like the variable "Pleasure One"). There are jabs and jibes aplenty here lyrically, during quite turbulent times, most against a great musical backdrop. "5 Minutes To Midnight" is a suitable starter, with gasps and hooligan chorus yells, and leads you into the rest of a more melodic album than the previous 2. We personally love "This Is Mine", "Flamedown" and "Shame Is On The Rocks", with nods to their past still aplenty, amongst some incredible vocal harmonies. "Skin I'm In" could equally be about aging or love, and "That's No Lie" could also be about love failing, or something far more politically potent. Maybe not quite as incisive or influential as their first 2 albums, this still shows their craft off well; Buy it whilst it's easy to get hold of !

the luxury gap


Artist : Heaven 17 

Label : Virgin 

the luxury gap / LP

On "The Luxury Gap" from 1983, Heaven 17 made tremendous strides in production and arrangement from their 1st album. Honestly, a little bit of the soul of the band was lost in the process, but this record still sounds great. It has some of their best work, "Let Me Go", which is probably their best known song in the US. "Temptation" is their biggest UK hit and thanks to guest vocalist Carol Kenyon sounds nothing like the rest of the album. With this album the band moved firmly away from the techno-pop / synth-pop that the Human League had embraced and turned into UK soul-funk-r'n'b. But in their own style. Every track on here is catchy yet quirky. Have fun with it ;)



Artist : Heckmann 

Label : Complete Control Productions 

coldwave / 12"

A 4-track 33rpm ep with extremely danceable, masterfully produced EBM & Techno beats. This beautiful piece of vinyl is set to become a true collector’s item. Here's what Mr. Heckmann himself has to say about the release: "Growing up with music from the post-punk and newly rising synth scene in the late 70's and early 80's, I was always a huge fan, follower and admirer of the genres. I did many unreleased cassettes in the 80's, ranging from industrial, experimental, synth-pop, darkwave etc., but they were never officially released. When I started professionally with techno I always used the influences from those days and combined it to my own genre, EBM-techno that was adopted by many to follow. Sometimes I just take a few instruments, in the case of this ep it was EML 101, Korg MS50, MS20, SQ10, modified EKO Ritmo 20, Casio MT-40, ARP Sequencer, Electro Harmonix Effects, Boss Effects, Coron Effects, Tape Echo, and just record and produce in the spirit of those early days with this and no computer. So this Heckmann 'Coldwave' ep is the straight result of having fun and twiddling knobs and there's already more finished".

vicolo cieco


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : MinimalRome 

vicolo cieco / 12"

After the completion of the "Studium Amphorae" trilogy, Heinrich Dressel returns with a 4-track release. A compendium of crime-o-rama deliberate violence, with the Legowelt connivance. Maybe the 1st chapter of a new Dressel series ? Check..!

escape from the hill


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : MinimalRome 

escape from the hill / LP

The second release by Heinrich Dressel, "Escape From The Hill" begins with an incredibly lovely electronic introduction; "The Bright Side" is a vaguely spooky piece of cinematic kosmische musik, leading into a title track that reveals an astutely observed italo-electro hybrid. "Porticus Aemilia" might bring to mind the music of Zombi, albeit with a little more emphasis on a machinated electronic sound. The suggestion of kitsch, 80's horror/sci-fi soundtrack references is yet more pronounced on "Lost Into The Horrea Sulpicia", before a big, chunky synth melody takes centre stage on "Sailing From Ripa Grande". Finally, "The Dark Side" marks a return to the sinister soundtrack electro sounds that Dressel seems to be so well versed in. Fat One ;)

sighing melodies thru the graves


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Mannequin 

sighing melodies thru the graves / LP

New LP release from Heinrich Dressel (aka Valerio Lombardozzi), the italian producer and mind of one of the best techno-electro labels around, MinimalRome. After some marvellous releases on Legowelt's Strange Life and MinimalRome, Heinrich Dressel is finally celebrating the use of vintage synthesizers and driven electronic machines, holding elements of electro and ambient at the same time, but breaking from the genres too, deeply inspired by Heinrich Dressel, the pioneering German archeologist sent to study in the holy city in Monte Testaccio, who drew what is now a major tool for study of Roman amphorae, the 'Table of Dressel'. Heinrich Dressel is placed in a sort of limbo where John Carpenter meets Drexciya, a sonorous journey through the darker side of the electro, taking the commands of the Elka synthex, one of the most impressive polysynths in the history of music, planned and manufactured by Mario Maggi in the early 80's. Musically speaking, 'Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves' can be described as a captivating hybrid of styles, mixing the chilling-menacing mood of the 70's-80's lo-fi funkadelic horror soundtracks to outerspace synthesised soundscapes in a pure classy vein. This is cryptical-kosmische psychedelica with a nice electro retro touch and avant-minimalist vibes. An important contribution and a propulsive cinematic affair. Limited edition of 300 copies on 140g white vinyl!

mons testaceum


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Mannequin 

mons testaceum / LP

Originally released by Legowelt's Strange Life label on CD-r back in 2007, 'Mons Testaceum' finally has its 1st vinyl press on Mannequin Records. 'Mons Testaceum' together with 'Escape From The Hill' and 'Completion Of The Amphoras Table' represented the 1st of a trilogy dedicated to the 'Monte Testaccio', an artificial mound in Rome composed almost entirely of testae, fragments of broken amphorae dating from the time of the Roman Empire. The sound of the album is moving somewhere hidden between Fabio Frizzi and Goblin, thanks the extensive use of the Italian (better Roman) legendary synthesizer Elka Synthex in every single track, with touches of the Berlin electronic school, “mixed with irresistable futuristic soulfunk synth solos (Kool and the Gang goes cosmic!)”. Impressive stuff in a limited edition of 400 copies..

waterproof theory


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

waterproof theory / 12"

While nowadays underground music hits are being selected and pushed through applications that analyze and calculate the amount of followers, friends, likes, hits, posts and traffic on social media, music is getting more and more isolated from it's original function, being prostituted by companies that don't even listen to the actual content itself. So while they are counting likes and chase the next past hype we still try to focus on the actual essence of the game: music. The limited series of Frustrated Funk's ever growing catalog now sees MinimalRome chief Heinrich Dressel explore aquatic territories below the surface of mud streams that rise high in the Apennine Mountains and flow to find their way to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ancient legends of the Tiber River tell stories like the one of Rome's founders, the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were abandoned on it's waters and where they were rescued by a mystic she-wolf. Dressel tries to capture these great legends that lurk in the depth and surround the Roman area. Great music comes from great minds. Great minds are inspired by great stories. And no technical application can count or analyze the importance of that!

the styx swamp


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Barba Records 

the styx swamp / 12"

Roman producer (and a force behind MinimalRome label) Valerio Lombardozzi known as Heinrich Dressel returns to Barba with a 2nd release titled 'The Styx Swamp'. Heinrich has a unique way of combining classic techno and electro sounds with elements from the beloved Drexciyan universe and John Carpenter leitmotifs, and making them come together in a manner that both moves your body and pushes your mind beyond the point of awareness. As with the previous record, 'Lurking Underwater', here he pulls off the move with the same efficiency and without sounding like he's repeating himself. "Gray Slope", "Sailing The Nether Waterways" and "The Styx Swamp" are all quite moody and deep, rich with sound and thick with vibe. However, the tracks feel equally at home in 4 am techno situation and a heady afterhours affair. He truly is a master of crafting hybrids whose influences get so flawlessly embedded that it's hard to point them out. If that's not enough, 'The Styx Swamp' got a treatment by Nigel Rogers (aka Perseus Traxx), a multi-faceted producer and a mighty live act performer. Nigel stayed respectful to the original but made the original's bouncy groove into something more direct and reduced, while retaining the same feel conditioned by lead synth's hypnotic quality. We're known to give a little bit of extra love to our releases so (as all before) this one's pressed onto a heavy duty 180gr vinyl and beautifully packaged in an original artwork by EmaEmaEma.

witch / zanzibar


Artist : Helen 

Label : Dark Entries 

witch / zanzibar / 12"

Dark Entries Editions reissue series continues with a double A-side of the 1st 2 Helen maxi singles, "Witch" and "Zanzibar", as a 4-song ep. Helen was an italo-disco studio project that consisted of various producers, songwriters, and vocalists from Italy in the 80's. The 1st line-up included popular italo producers Piero Cairo and Massimo Noe, known for their work with Joe Yellow, Den Harrow, Pink Project, and Dharma to name a few. They were joined by prolific italo session vocalist Elena Ferretti. "Witch" was originally released in 1983 on Out Records, a label distributed by Discomagic Records. Signature Linndrum and Simmons drums create the driving rhythm track while Elena's powerful vocals tell the haunted tale of a witch and her magic. In 1985 the 2nd incarnation of Helen recorded the song "Zanzibar". The vocal version was written by Ennio Ronchelli (keyboards) and Roberto Barocelli (guitar, bass), with singer Daniela Paratici. This line-up was heavily influenced by the 'Afro' movement made popular by Dj Beppe Loda. 'Afro' refers to the Cosmic musical trend of slower disco records featuring African drums and rhythms. The 'Afro mix' of "Zanzibar" was produced by Dj Daniele Losi and Roberto Lodola, with additional live hand drums and sticks by Nigerian percussionist George Aghedo. The vinyl is housed in the original jacket from the "Witch" maxi single, featuring artwork by Elena Feretti. Each ep includes a fold out poster with the nude female model. Hmmm..

a tape


Artist : Helena Hauff 

Label : Dark Entries 

a tape / 2x12"

'A Tape', a double LP of early work by Helena Hauff, a Dj and record producer based in Hamburg, Germany. At university she studied fine art, physics, and systematic music science. She previously was a resident at Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club, where she hosted a night called Birds and Other Instruments. As a selector she weaves energetically between electro, new wave, and EBM. Her music, often recorded live in one take, has a raw intensity to it. She debuted with an ep on Werkdiscs back in 2013 followed by records for Lux Rec. and Bunker sublabel Panzerkreuz as well collaborative projects Black Sites with fellow Pudel resident f#x and Hypnobeat with James Dean Brown. 'A Tape' is a compilation of Helena's earliest recordings from 2011 and 2014, originally released on limited cassette by Handmade Birds in 2015. Clocking in at over 50 minutes, this collection spans Hauff's musical universe, from jacking acid-techno to krautish zone-outs and scuzzy feedback interludes. It's tempting to consider it Helena's debut album, but she views these tracks as mostly forgotten sketches left on the cutting room floor. It a gripping collection of deep, sinister analog synth sequences, industrial dissonance, and heavy percussion. Her equipment set up was a Roland Alpha Juno 2, Juno 60, TB-303, TR-707 and TR-808. Both of the discs end with Hauff stepping outside of the intentionally stiff, robotic rhythms, instead showing her skill at crafting less conventional electronic sounds. The record is housed in a custom made jacket designed by Eloise Leigh, featuring a checkered graphic and black lines, highlighted by yellow and green for maximum visual tension. Each copy includes a double-sided postcard with notes.

future shock


Artist : Herbie Hancock 

Label : Columbia 

future shock / LP

This 1983 album from Herbie Hancock was a big risk for this huge native jazzman player with going for the hip-hop sound and he succeeded. The 6 original songs composing "Future Shock" are dynamite, edgy and very creative for that period. Its mix of urban jazz and the turntable scratches of hip-hop was very unique. The interplanetary hit "Rock It" is still played over 2 decades later ! The album is very keyboard oriented, but Hancock kept the jazz style intact on most of the songs.

sunday morning fever


Artist : Hercule 

Label : Hercule 

sunday morning fever / 12"

One of the most valuable and rarest italo-disco 7" of all time gets a timely reissue on Dj friendly 12" vinyl. What you have here is a remastered, cleaned up version of this quirky funk disco nugget that sounds as dope today as when it was released back in 1978. Limited to 500 copies..



Artist : Hessen Ganz Gross 

Label : WSDP 

untitled / LP

Six Songs taken from their one and only cassette release on the Diskret label, recorded in 1981. 20 Minutes of pure minimalism containing the minimal-synth hit "Unter der Achsel" track wich appeared on the rare "Kassettentäter Vol.1" -bootleg-LP. Highly limited release, be fast !



Artist : Hieroglyphic Being 

Label : Mathematics 

if / 12"

Acid-house hero Adonis vs. Jamal Moss.. 5 track 12'' full of bangin acid and newskool chicago sounds. Classic acid tracks from this Ghostly International producer on his own label. Raw analogue acid riffs over hypnotic beats ! Must have for the acid freaks.

scientific purpose by historical research


Artist : Hieroglyphica 

Label : Automatik-Datamatik 

scientific purpose by historical research / 12"

"Zeta"... we do not even know where this sign is coming from....long forgotten hieroglyphic technosis fragments; discovered and encrypted by our scientist as the voice of Hieroglyphica. Super limited edition of 88 one-sided 12" vinyl-copies; each copy comes with a handsprayed "Zeta" + numbered sheet. Orange vinyl edition !



Artist : Hisingen Electro vs. Petrovski 

Label : Stilleben 

monoworld / 12"

Debut 12" for Hisingen Electro & Petrovski. Extremly good electro record and exactly what Stilleben wanna be about. Pure strong visions and great electronix music, limited to 100 copies only!! Future is here..

pièce radiophonique


Artist : HNN 

Label : La Forme Lente 

pièce radiophonique / LP

HNN is the 'mirror project' of Gregg Anthe (from In Broken English), born around 2005 after the vanishing of Morthem Vlade Art. It displays an electronic music with cinematic qualities without losing anything of the hymnic side of the last MVA productions, like the soundtrack of an imaginary retro-futuristic movie, between Blade Runner & a “(das Himmel über) Berliner” Bowie. Or when John Foxx meets Moroder in the heart of Metropolis...



Artist : HNN 

Label : La Forme Lente 

l'île nue / LP

If Hsilgne Nekorb Ni (aka HNN) has only released one single album in 2011 (La Forme Lente) titled 'Pièce Radiophonique', and also a split 12" together with Philippe Laurent released on Electric Voice Records (featuring Jeff & Jane Hudson), mastermind Gregg Anthe is not a new comer. For proof, look at the tracklisting of the remixes album of 'Pièce Radiophonique' : In Aeternam Vale, ADN'Ckrystall, Das Ding, In Trance 95, Kas Product or Bonjour Tristesse. The gratefulness of his peers. Since 1995, he is active in Morthem Vlade Art and In Broken English with Yannick Dangin Leconte. The man with the sharp dark look is single-minded and run his HNN project with Emmanuelle Desmonts-Roudgé on the path of a synth-pop influenced by Kraftwerk and also by the great French minimal synth tradition enmbodied by Jacno. Here is his 2nd album 'L’Île Nue' with artwork signed by Moonassi. Astonishing !!



Artist : Hoffnung & Psyche 

Label : Kernkrach 

untitled / 7"

Minimal-synth wave from Germany. Hoffnung & Psyche is some of the greatest minimal-synth sound in a low-fi style. Songs taken from a cassette only album recorded in the years 81-82. A-side : "Sie bleibt kalt" absolutely fantastic sound with girl vocals that remains the best of Anne Clark compositions with Stefan on keybords (also member of Frohliche Eiszeit). Strange almost pop-song ! B-side : "das Auto" is a surprising instrumental track which sounds like Der Plan. Very cool and recommended ! Record limited to 315 copies with spray painted, handsewn cloth sleeve with one of a kind photo attached ! TIP



Artist : Hong Kong Counterfeit 

Label : Emperor Norton 

emotion / 12"

Hi-Nrg & eurodisco inspired electro-disco tracks by NYC duo John Langdon & Katya Casio aka Hong Kong Counterfeit (aka 'Lectronix). Plastic sounds and cheesy female vocals from 2002. Tip !!

focus on light


Artist : Hord 

Label : Giallo Disco 

focus on light / LP

At Giallo HQ they 1st noticed H ø R D whilst searching for tracks for the fictitious 'Wild In Blue' o.s.t., and his music has gone on to be some of the best we've ever heard, so much so that we jumped at the chance to release the debut album by this incredible artist. 8 reverb-soaked-urban-gothic melancholic songs, between synth-shoegaze and violent EBM, 'Focus On Light' is a beautiful heartbreaking LP that will resonate strongly with fans of pornography-era The Cure, Joy Division and classic Nine Inch Nails. Like the soundtrack to some insane X-Files or pre-Millennium cyberpunk movie. Strange days indeed. Art by Warren Lynn, photo titled: Avian Shadows. Layout by Eric A. Lee. Mastered by Brassica. Includes download code..

ep #2


Artist : Hord 

Label : Anywave 

ep #2 / 7"

Hørd is a darkwave project founded in 2013 by musician and video-artist Sebastien Carl in Bordeaux. His music is a deeply melancholic and epic synth-wave, oscillating between efficiency and pondering, influenced by fantastic movies and film noir. After a 1st ep and many tracks released on Romance Moderne, Giallo Disco, Anywave, The Scrap Mag, as well as a remix for Winter Severity Index, Hørd's 2nd ep is this 7" single with 2 devastating sides: "Speak", an ideal hit single with ice-cold reflections, and "Let Them Burn", a technoid anthem for a deadlock party..

pop corn


Artist : Hot Butter 

Label : Barclay 

pop corn / 7"

Back into 1972, the band named Hot Butter became cult since they invented a mix up of sounds : electro-synth with pop. First of all times electronic tracks in History ! First synths notes, very simple and minimal, a quite kitsch with the samba drums but still very efficient and charming.

gone away


Artist : How I Quit Crack 

Label : Answering Machine Recordings 

gone away / 7"

Performance artist Ernestina Forbis emerged from a hazy black light fog to deliver us this dreamy minimal single. It lays lush veneer over a caterwauling noisescape; the synthesizer syrup is poured over cavernous drum machine echoes, narrated in a whisper. Limited to 300 copies on randomly mixed colored vinyl. Ace !

second hand emotions and half forgotten feelings


Artist : Human Flesh 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

second hand emotions and half forgotten feelings / LP

Human Flesh is a long lived project of Alain Neffe. The tracks presented here are all unreleased songs recorded in the mid 80's. With a wide range of unconventional instruments Neffe & his compadres create their own dark & twisted world. WIth a lot of improvisation & cracked up minimal synth going on this makes up a great album. Besides synths & rythm boxes we hear zither, bells, strings, tarang, ocarina, Yugoslavian voice, reel to reel tape scratch & more. Unique..!

the future from the past


Artist : Human Puppets 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

the future from the past / LP

New album from a Greek duo released on the 90’s and now side sub-label of Kernkrach. As the title said the music is clearly inspired by the 80's. Minimal-synth, cold wave in the vein of Absolute Body Control and great stuffs like that. Highly recommended !

t.v. eye


Artist : Human Puppets 

Label : 5th Floor Ent. 

t.v. eye / 7"

Founded in april 2010 in Athens, 5th Floor Ent. is a small indie label, focused on releasing records of bands playing DiY electronic, synth-punk, punk and similar music. Their 1st release, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies is Human Puppets "T.V. Eye" 7" with 2 tracks recorded live in studio. They sound more raw synth-punk than their excellent previous LP and 7" releases, more minimal electro-synth orientated.. But this 7" is one the best release of 2010, for sure ! Be fast..

sounds of solitude


Artist : Human Puppets 

Label : 5th Floor Ent. 

sounds of solitude / LP

3rd release on this great Greek label. Here is the 2nd album of Human Puppets 'Sounds Of Solitude'. Somehow different from their debut album, 'Sounds Of Solitude', combines the band's distinctive, raw, minimal synth sound with crystal clear, new-wave elements and post punk references. This is definitely a more mature and avant garde side of the band,yet true to the d.i.y. philosophy and the all-analogue spirit. After listening to this record as it is, you'll get a bittersweet pinch to your heart,widely known as melancholy. We call it minimal synth. Limited to 300 transparent vinyl copies(hand numbered).

sessions 84-88


Artist : Humanoid 

Label : Rephlex 

sessions 84-88 / 2x12"

Aceeeed!! The infamous Humanoid Sessions from Future Sound of London's Brian Dougans. With a history stretching back to the earliest days of acid house, Brian Dougans has produced prolifically under various pseudonyms, one of the earliest being Stakker. Famous for the massive "Humanoid" hit, this release opens with the "Snowman Mix" of Humanoid, a subtler mix, not as full on but still harbouring all the ingredients that made the track such a winner. There are 23 tracks listed across the album, many being short interludes that work well in bridging the mayhem and syncing the tracks together with broken beats, dsp style noises and vocal chop ups that are quite similar to the interludes on the "Eurotechno" 12". An inspired release from Rephlex, and a fantastic archive of a bygone era. Awesome :-O

self titled


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

self titled / 7"

1st 7" vinyl single of this old-school synth / darkwave band formed by K-K- (ex-Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). This is strange, but wonderful release, electronic experimental in very accessible form. "Self-Titled" is the heavy darkwave hymn not far out of place on some John Carpenter soundtrack. And b-side is hand-carved by the band, making every copy of the release unique. Limited numbered edition of 300 copies.

a/b (other side / the other)


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

a/b (other side / the other) / 7"

Huminoida are from Finland and are apparently heavily in debt to Depeche Mode & Nine Inch Nails. Aside from the darkly intoned, faintly gothic vocals, "Other Side" is quite splendid, reminding me of some of the finer moments of the Trumpett label, dystopian electro wave, juddering, jagged electronic pulses, soul-searching synths...It's very 80's inspired but very well done. "The Other" is a slow paced brooder that is faintly reminiscent of "Fade To Grey" in its chord progression but once again sounds like a wistful analogue electro sketch recorded as a paen to a dying robot prince or something. If you like the gear on Enfant Terrible then this well futuristic looking 7" package will be right up your alley. Limited to 300 in a slightly fetishistic transparent package...

loves you ep


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

loves you ep / 7"

Huminoida is an electronic pop band operating in the triangle of old-school synth-pop, darkwave and sheer weirdness. 'Huminoida Loves You EP' is the 3rd 7" single from this solo project of former Neuroactive vocalist K-K-. Although Huminoida makes music in the spirit & guts of wonderful synth pioneers like Fad Gadget, Human League, Coil, Soft Cell, Foetus, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Suicide..etc, it’s take on synth-pop / krautrock is highly original, following only the vision of it’s own. Limited edition of 300 copies with a fold-out sleeve !

mystic summer


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

mystic summer / 10"

Huminoida is an adventurous electronic / dark synth band from Finland. Huminoida was founded in 2007 by K-K- (formerly a vocalist of electro-pop band Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). "Huminoida" is an odd, poetic Finnish word meaning "to hum", "to make a humming noise", which seemed appropriate and original enough for a band name. Merging the melodic elements of synth-pop, emotionally charged vocals, analogue warmth and willingness to experiment, Huminoida creates an unusual blend of beauty & brutality, dreams & reality, pop & obscurity. Once you've heard one track, you haven't heard them all! Huminoida releases are rather works of art than products, handicraft as much as a records can be. During the slow process of writing and recording the 2nd full-length album there's going to be a string of ep releases. The 5-track 'Mystic Summer' ep is the 1st of the series and it's released as limited edition numbered (200 copies) 10" clear vinyl + CDr set. Once again Huminoida introduces a varying selection of styles and moods ranging from the summery synth-pop of "Time And Space" to the underlaying creepiness of "The Boatman". The accompanying CDr includes also a smooth electro-pop remix by Flux Fin. Nice !

intoxicating spring ep


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

intoxicating spring ep / 10"

Genre-eluding Finnish synth band Huminoida releases 'Intoxicating Spring EP' as 10" transparent vinyl + CDr set. This is the 2nd in the 'Seasons' series that started with last year's 'Mystic Summer EP'. 7 tracks of synth-pop anthems, electronic obscurity, science fiction, the beauty & brutality, all Huminoida ingredients are there. Beautiful handnumbered edition of 200 copies.



Artist : Humour Malade 

Label : Brouillard Définitif 

untitled / LP

After two CD releases here is the first vinyl record support for this new french label called Brouillard Définitif with an album by Humour Malade. Strongly inspired by the Coldwave movement, this band created in the whole more than 100 tracks during the period 1988-1992. This LP contains some of them and a nice cover of "Exercice One" by Joy Division. Strongly recomended !



Artist : Hval Mus 

Label : Pneu 

sum / 12"

This 2-men project from Brussels mixes a pulsating dark electro very much in the Invasion Planète style with ambitious, bitter-sweet lyrics in the best tradition of the French chansonniers. The fruit of this unholy union is not only deliciously refreshing but also terribly efficient, with just the right proportions of purpose and decadence. And I'm pretty sure you've never heard anything quite like this before... Definitely Recommended !

aliens ate my synthesizer!


Artist : Hyboid 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

aliens ate my synthesizer! / 12"

Following his appearance on the "Chicken Accelerator" compilation, Hyboid makes his solo debut on the mini-lp "Aliens Ate My Synthesizer!": 9 tracks that were produced under dubious circumstances in the interstellar mental asylum MFB-502. And you can definitely tell! Be advised that you are about to experience intense synth melodies and excessive sawtooth basses ! Limited to 240 copies.. here, on blue transparent vinyl.

where androids come to die


Artist : Hyboid 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

where androids come to die / 12"

On a quest for his ancestral roots our hero suffers a CPU arrest. Unable to recover, certain death is only a matter of time. This record is wrapped in a funeral card which has to be presented at the entrance to the funeral party. 180gr white vinyl limited to 200 copies. Tip!

I am the enemy


Artist : Hyde vs. Exzakt 

Label : Monotone 

I am the enemy / 12"

Written and produced by Todd Walker & Larry McCormick hyde takes a break from recording with partner Jackal to team up with Exzakt for some no-nonsense electro goodies on Monotone 3 tracks of bristling electro here, with the collaborative track, "I Am The Enemy", kicking things off with a booming subbass, rolling synths, crisp breaks, and a great vocal stab on the flip you get a solo cut each from the boys, with both cuts going the darker, moodier electro route also comes with all the individual parts for "I Am The Enemy" for added mixing pleasure!

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