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private archives 1 : new-wave hits 85-86-87


Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Ysil' Prod 

private archives 1 : new-wave hits 85-86-87 / LP

New ADN' Ckrystall material with 6 tracks, all unreleased (2 in a different version to the Kernkrach 7") from 1985 to 1987. Following 'Jazz' Mad' (1981 to 1983), 'In-Edit' (1984), ADN' Ckrystall change to ADN' with the following line-up, in mid-1985: David Gillmann on bass guitar, Jane Caresse on vocals & tambourine (until 1986, remplaced by Do in 1987), Tibo Tornabene on simmons drums, joined by Olivier Espero on sax. The tracks presented here were recorded on a simple tape-recorder put on the floor, in order for us to have a real exact idea of what were ADN's lives and rehearsals. There's also a bonus track "Ah La La !", with Tushna Pirongelli (aka Nina Belief) on vocals & synth. Limited edition of 180 signed & handnumbered copies including hand-made and painted cover, 10 pages insert full of photos & press' announces, flyers.. Beautiful work, as usual ;)

private archives vol. 2 : 1988-1989-1990


Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Ysil' Prod 

private archives vol. 2 : 1988-1989-1990 / LP

Unreleased tracks from the crazy times of the end of the 80's (including the only document of the last apocalyptic ADN' La Catastrofe and JGB & The Wankers live-meeting). At this time, bands in Toulouse were punk-gothiq-new wave-cold wave-indus-rock-pop-new romantic-bat cave-expé-garage-noisy.. etc... and ADN' was ADN', always with his analogiq synths, rythm computer and a lot of 'spaghetti-jacks', the tracks here are a good representation of these mythiqs instants and legendaries lives. Limited 180 signed copies, stamped & handnumbered + insert 18 pages & color-poster-cover.!



Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Ysil' Prod 

méta-bag / LP

The trilogie beginned with 'Jazz' Mad', followed by 'Minilab' is finally achieved here with 'Méta-Bag' composed & played with the same equipment & under the same conditions as 'Jazz' Mad' in 1982. 300 copies only with a splendid full color insert of 8 pages..

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