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various acid


Artist : Various 

Label : WeMe Records 

various acid / 2x12"

Massive doublepack from the WM crew featuring various Rehplex stalwarts alongside new 303 twiddlers. Notable contributions from Chris Moss acid, Ed Dmx, Todd Osborn, Ceephax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert and more... Aceeed !

aqua team


Artist : Dj Stingray 

Label : WeMe Records 

aqua team / 12"

Of course best known as the Dj of most mysterious Drexciya, Sherard Ingram (aka Urban Tribe) has been a strong pawn in the resistance of underground music... Now, out of the shadow of Detroit's underground, one of the godfathers of the electronic scene joins forces with Belgium's underground label Mw/Wm. Immediately, the first track is confirming Dj Stingray's Drexciya's membership while the second track is a dive into the (un)known abyss. And further with robotic and futuristic anthems... Killer release !

aqua team 2


Artist : Dj Stingray 

Label : WeMe Records 

aqua team 2 / 2x12"

Advanced underwater electronics by Dj Stingray from Detroit. Known for his collaborations with Drexciya (as the official drexciyan dj), and also know for his works with Carl Craig (on Retroactive and Planet E as Urban Tribe) and his collabs with old time friends Moodymann and more of the Detroit house producers. This is some deep almost industrial electro techno from the motor city and Stingray presents another double pack (after his release on Richard James' Rephlex label recently) with some raw, no nonsens dark shit from a dark (and some say doomed) city.. Essential !

perfido incanto


Artist : Federico Leocata 

Label : WeMe Records 

perfido incanto / 12"

Italian audio/visual artist Federico Leocata, born in 1987, releases here his 1st ep on WM in the WeMe313 series. Inspired and sponsored by Heinrich Mueller (aka Arpanet, Der Zyklus, Dopplereffekt), he creates an uncluttered and cold electro, totally honest and whole-hearted, flawless. Each song has a well defined role in the structure, leaning on a square rhythm, opppresive bass, frightening tunes, giving a futuristic and fantastic music as a result. This first record suggests a prolific future for this young artist. Tip !

experiment defined


Artist : Gedankenexperiment 

Label : WeMe Records 

experiment defined / 12"

Gedankenexperiment (German for 'Thought Experiment') is a one-time project by Beta Evers & Heinrich Mueller. Both have already worked together (with 2 others) for the project "Zwischenwelt"; their album on Rephlex is due beginning of 2011. For Gedankenexperiment Evers & Mueller designed a hypothetical situation and followed the structure of a typcial experiment to explore its consequences.. Check !



Artist : Dj Stingray 313 

Label : WeMe Records 

f.t.n.w.o. / 2x12"

Double vinyl housed in wicked wraparound sleeve in poly jacket. A balaclaved Dj Stingray stares at you from the operating end of a rifle. The image that greets you on 'F.T.N.W.O.' (F*ck The New World Order?) primes the listener for fight or flight. Stick around and you're in for a proper taste of Detroit electro. Sherard Ingram ain't f**king around here. His follow-up to Uttu's 'Imping Is Easy' takes a harder, darker tack, setting the scene with paranoid vocal samples before launching a stream of highly efficient, uptempo dancefloor strikes, that urgent, adrenalizing sound he's capitalised over the last 15 years; body-bouncing bass, bone-splintering 15mm snare strikes and lacerating electro synths synched to exacting, urban-militant standards. Practically worth it for the solo techno mission "Remote Viewing" alone, but fans of that darker Drexciyan sound will not be disappointed elsewhere...

valhalla rising


Artist : Various 

Label : WeMe Records 

valhalla rising / 2x12"

Weme present the dark-as-hell soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn's viking tale, 'Valhalla Rising' (2009) for the 1st time on any format. Refn's longtime sound design collaborator Peter Peter alongside Peter Kyed, Douglas MacDougall, and Giles Lamb are responsible for its range of gloomy, dramatic, windswept atmospheres, scoping expansive dark ambient soundscapes along with shorter unused cues of droning organ and darkwave synth passages. RIYL Deathprod, Lussuria, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Wicked Messenger...

black planet


Artist : The Valley & The Mountain 

Label : WeMe Records 

black planet / 12"

Wm swiftly follow the amazing NRSB-11 album and that dark-as-hell 'Valhalla Rising' o.s.t. with The Valley And The Mountain's debut ep of greazy, cozmik electro boogie. The label's description of 'Marvin Gaye and Tangerine Dream together in an elevator in Detroit' may be pushing it a little, but there are some dapper grooves within, 3 each side ranging from space explorer boogie of "Manifest (The Landing)" to Aran Daniels' ruddy, revving bassline and Carpenter-esque chords on his "We Do So Should You" mix, and over to the weird, wobbly boogie of "Sweat And Honey" or the muggy bump of "Black Planet". Try it ;)



Artist : NRSB-11 

Label : WeMe Records 

commodified / 2x12"

Drexciyan spawn, NRSB-11 (aka Gerald Donald & Sherard Ingram) proceed their stunning debut 12" with this full album of dystopian Detroit electro. Now joined by Zwischenwelt's Penlope Martin and Popsimonova's Lana Jastrevski on vocals, Mssrs Dopplereffekt and Stingray have realised a near-perfect vision of 313 sonic fiction (easily one of the finest to emerge their broken but determinedly valiant home city in years). As with Jeff Mills' more recent, ambitious Axis projects melding speculative story-telling and cinematic composition, NRSB-11 evokes rich imagery with a mix of cryptic and poignant movie dialogue and a production style balancing rugged, super bass-heavy electro rhythm with bleakly romantic synth arrangements. But where Mills has his eyes turned to the skies, NRSB-11 extrapolates its inspiration from socio-economic reality, inferred by track titles such as "Consumer Programming", "Living Wage" and "Austerity". It's the soundtrack to a near future or even present where deserted streets are scanned by quadrotor sentinels and crenellated financial institutions are policed by hired security armies, manifesting a heightened state of tension in the EBM alert of "Globalization" and the over-caffeinated jit of "Shadow Corp", whilst the likes of "Dead Civilization" with its deeply pessimistic film samples and skulking groove, or the icily emotive "Bioethics" best reflect its unshakable feeling of paranoia and despair. A massive recommendation to all afro-futurists, Detroit fiends and sci-fi/sonic fiction freaks. Tip !!

broken sd140 - part II


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : WeMe Records 

broken sd140 - part II / 12"

DMX Krew in effect. Manning his busted SD140, electro Ed follows up that demented 'Cerberus' 12" for Power Vacuum with a friendlier touch of Rephlexian melody and groove taking in the squirrely electro-boogie of 'Honeydew' and a vintage-sounding, '91 style breakbeat raver named 'Dramatic Exit' alongside the caustic window fashion of 'Spoookey' and the delicious techno-funk fantasy, 'Superficial Appearance'. Tip !

another portal


Artist : The Valley & The Mountain 

Label : WeMe Records 

another portal / 12"

A 2nd outing on Belgium's WeMe Records for the mysterious Valley and The Mountain project. Mystery is no barrier to quality though, as these 6 tracks offer variations on a simple theme of technological experimentation. Serenely beautiful techno abounds, particularly on "Bleed" a simple 4 bar riff being fed through simple modulations and permutations throughout the track's duration. "Echoes" is more staid, yet no less affective. "Post-American Music", with its looped vocal samples and syncopated kicks, dallies around the political without sacrificing groove, while "Time" is the most frenetic here, gurgling vocals and noodling solos meeting multi-octave repetitions. As if Marvin Gaye & Tangerine Dream together in an elevator in Detroit !



Artist : Black Narcissus 

Label : WeMe Records 

varla / 2x12"

Released on Belgium based label WM, this new 2xLP from electro moniker Black Narcissus, otherwise known to Rephlex appreciators as Jodey Kendrick. This is a follow up on his promise a year ago laid out in mini album Black Narcissus X of going heavier and darker in on his beats compared to the electrofunk skewed output that came from the Jodey Kendrick named releases on Rephlex. 'Varla' is by no means an easily listening experience in a very good way, it's full of raw metallic tinged machinic power that you love Underground Resistance for. Without compromise. Brut, Faster, Sexy and with Drexciya influences. Will leave every one KO !!!

the derelict


Artist : CN 

Label : WeMe Records 

the derelict / LP

Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik returns with his 3rd full length album as CN with 'The Derelict'. The sequel to his 2011 concept album 'The Expedition Beyond' (Wil-Ru Records), 'The Derelic't unravels a new chapter in the story of a space traveller wandering the galaxy in his starship only to crash-land on a foreign planet and encounter new lifeforms. The shuffle of crisp airy high hats and punchy robotic rhythms lay down the framework for CN's signature cosmic sound. Beautiful hardware based electronic sounds paint a colorful soundscape with blissful arpeggios and soothing washed out synth pads over groovy moving bass-lines, creating lush atmospheric listen that is as chill as it is suitable for the dance foor. 10 new tracks of highly melodic motivating braindance music to get utterly lost in... This limited edition LP features cover art by Adam Burke and design by Eric Adrian Lee. Limited to 500 copies, here on black vinyl !



Artist : Black Narcissus 

Label : WeMe Records 

fatale / 2x12"

If the 1st Black Narcissus' album did not knock you out, this 2nd double LP could address the problem by being more precise where it hits..!

sports / tools


Artist : Radio-Logg 

Label : WeMe Records 

sports / tools / LP

Stian Gjevik (EOD,CN), passionate and curious about electronic music, found in a Trondheim thrift store a tape of the Norwegian legendary project : the educational music 'Sports/Tools'. He contacted one of the two composers called Dildrian Schrodinger. He has managed to negociate with him a deal for a vinyl license with WM Records. We can find in this project ordered by the Norwegian state all an experimentation work with electronic machines from the 80's. It is sometimes accompanied by a clumsy singing quite modern at that time. Boombasstic !!



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : WeMe Records 

renormalon / 12"

Gerald Donald is back under the Der Zyklus alias for more futurist darkside electro experiments: his signature sound. Where the project's sound may have been more varied on previous releases, the 'Renormalon' LP goes more for the downbeat and sometimes completely beatless and it's really quite brilliant because of it. We really liked the intergalactic ambience of "Interference Pattern" (which would have sounded great on the Event Horizon soundtrack), the dramatic and isolated arpeggiation of "Photopolymer" (beautifully haunting!) and the evil wall of sound delay of "Optical Distortion" which reaches near psychedelic moments and capturing that ghost in the machine like only Donald can. Limited edition on clear vinyl..

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