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laut und deutlich


Artist : Synthenphall 

Label : WSDP 

laut und deutlich / 7"

Reissue of a 3 tracks taken from a cassette, released in Germany in 1981 by a synth-"pop" band feat. Andi Arroganti (future member of Duotronic Synterror). A-side : "Paul" is really minimalistic. It has some synthesizers and sequencers on it which sound great. B-side : "Auf dem Teppich" is totally D.A.F., Der Plan or Liaisons Dangereuses like. Minimal bedroom analogue-synth electro-pop strictly limited to 300 copies with a full-color sleeve.



Artist : V2 Schneider 

Label : WSDP 

document / LP

2nd Longplayer from Rosenheim, featuring the 2 tracks of the "Wilde Gier" 7" and some other brilliant tunes. Edition of 250. Be Fast !



Artist : Hessen Ganz Gross 

Label : WSDP 

untitled / LP

Six Songs taken from their one and only cassette release on the Diskret label, recorded in 1981. 20 Minutes of pure minimalism containing the minimal-synth hit "Unter der Achsel" track wich appeared on the rare "Kassettentäter Vol.1" -bootleg-LP. Highly limited release, be fast !

produkt eines langweiligen wochenendes


Artist : Bodenpersonal 

Label : WSDP 

produkt eines langweiligen wochenendes / LP

This is the legendary Bodenpersonal from Berlin. Those guys were part of the very very first Kassenttentäter (bootleg of German minimal synth stuff from 1979-1983) scene in Germany. This LP is featuring the complete C-20 Cassette they put out in the early 80's. 6 Songs including the classic "O-Ton" track. Killer ! Highly limited release, be fast !



Artist : KeinMenscH 

Label : WSDP 

untitled / LP

In 1982 Virgin announced this LP on the back of their legendary 7", but due to the lack of commercial success Virgin decided to cancel the release of that LP at all. 25 years later, WSDP label released this first LP by KeinMenscH!. 15 Tracks with finest German new-wave synth stuff originally recorded in 1982. Featuring the classic KeinMensch!/Süchtig 7". This has been the real Neuedeutsche Welle at it's very best!!!



Artist : Die Klopferbande 

Label : WSDP 

barbarei / LP

This release features Klopferbande legendary tape (thanks to WSDP to make it available on vinyl support) which was released on the wellknown Datenverarbeitung label in '81-'82. Die Klopferbande sounds kinda like darkwave with synth-elements and is sometimes punky too. Highly limited to 200 copies in silkscreened jackets.

blau und grau


Artist : Frauen Von Avignon 

Label : WSDP 

blau und grau / 7"

7 minimal-synth blasts on 7" vynil taken from their "Blau Und Grau" tape, originally released on the obscure legendary Diskret label from Cologne in 1982. Limited edition of 200 copies

die welt der musik


Artist : 4 Kaiserlein 

Label : WSDP 

die welt der musik / LP

4 Kaiserlein released so far only music on a compilation during the 80’s on the famous ZickZack label. So, finally there is a real record by this band. The music is minimal synth-pop with a typical crazy 80’s NDW twist to it we like. The lo-fi sound quality just makes the music even more charming. Fan or collector of obscure 80’s electronic music you will just have to love it !

nur der gute darf leiden


Artist : Säurekeller 

Label : WSDP 

nur der gute darf leiden / LP

13 smash hits including the great "Party King" track from this fine German minimal electro band. These songs from the '80's are finally available on this very limited vinyl album. You'll get some minimal-synth, some punk, some weird noise and some rap too! Neue Deutsche Welle at it's best ! Highly limited as usual on WSDP.

this is an insane insane world


Artist : Various 

Label : WSDP 

this is an insane insane world / LP

Interesting release as usual on the German label WSDP with a compilation of 11 songs recorded by Belgian artists from the early 80's. Sometimes weird and avantgardish this compilation also contains unreleased productions and also some nice minimal-synth tracks like "Nostalgien" by Human Flesh or "Ivanovitch" by Bene Gesserit. Limited to 300 copies.

heute: kühl


Artist : Chemische Ameisen Scheisse 

Label : WSDP 

heute: kühl / 12"

Finally a new release is born out of the WSDP womb...the 12"maxi by Chemische Ameisen Scheisse. Originaly born as a Cassette-Only release in 1981 on Kommt Noch Schlimmer Tapes. The baby features the complete 6 song Cassette and comes with handstamped labels and a silkscreened cover including a booklet, so you can all singalong. The band was featured on the “anz Einfach”ome years ago. As WSDP is going back too the roots, the record is limited to 200 copies and will not be repressed. Buy now or cry later......



Artist : Siedlerheim 

Label : WSDP 

westhafen / LP

Finally the long awaiting album of Siedlerheim is ready for the world. There are 10 songs on the LP from various cassettes released from 1980-1982 on the legendary Kompakt Produkte label from Berlin. Some of the songs are taken from the legendary Plassette. The sound is typical 80's style synth mixed w/some punk/funk..

diedrich diedrichsen wird gettet werden


Artist : Georgie D 

Label : WSDP 

diedrich diedrichsen wird gettet werden / LP

Georgie D was originally released in 1982 as a C40 cassette on the Datenverarbeitung label from Bonn. Some call the music pre-techno. Georgie D was also a member of the legendary Pension Stammheim. Rare record ;)

kalter lärm - weiße stille


Artist : Deutschdenck 

Label : WSDP 

kalter lärm - weiße stille / LP

Deutschdenck was one of the 1st cassette releases in Germany and originally released on the legenday Pure Freude label in 1980. Deutschdenck is featuring Ralf Dörper who also was in S.Y.P.H., Die Krupps and later on in the allmighty Propaganda. The music? We woud describe it as potential dangerous. If you listen to it too often it may causes mind diseases or probably opens a door to another dimension...

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