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Artist : Ohne Unter Titel 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

untitled / 7"

3 track minimal electro industrial Ep of this former project of Sprung Aus Den Wolken called Ohne Untertitel. Expect some very minimal NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle : "new german wave") and early experimental-industrials sounds. If you like Einstuerzende Neubauten, you will love this historical lesson in German industrial music. Obscure music extremely limited to 200 copies released on the very private Vynil-on-Demand label.

don't tell me stories


Artist : Die Unbekannten 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

don't tell me stories / LP

Darkwave legendary bands formed in June 1981 by two ex-pat Brits living in Berlin. All songs on this lp are recorded between '81 and '83, taken from a long time out of print EP with some additional recordings. The sound is at times very post-punk, like on "Radio War" wich is available in a live version from the legendary "Konzert zur Einheit der Nation" (Concert for the Unity of Germany). On the other hand "Don’t Tell Me Stories" or "The Game" shows a more traditional coldwave / darkwave side of the band. Highly recommended !

dreams (early recordings 1980-82)


Artist : No More 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

dreams (early recordings 1980-82) / LP

As the title says this is a compilation of early (best ?) songs from this German band. It contains some unreleased demo versions and especially the original cult anthem of the dark-wave scene : "Suicide Commando". Essential record ! Limited record to 500 copies.

early recordings 79-83


Artist : Ptôse 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

early recordings 79-83 / 2x12"

2xLP set on VOD (THE "early 80's" label specialist) with on it an absolutely great compilation of the French answer to the "Residents" : Ptöse with their early eighties minimal tape-material. 33 unbelievable minimal tunes first time on vinyl for our pleasure. Collector !

a skeleton / cupboard situation


Artist : Colin Potter 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

a skeleton / cupboard situation / LP+7"

Colin Potter has been involved within the world of underground music since the late 70's. He founded one of the earliest minimal synth cassette labels in the UK (ICR). VOD released here his early 80's tape-compilation material plus his early 80's tape-works including minimal-synth hits like "I Am Your Shadow" or "We are So Glad". Limited edition of 500 copies !

the absence of a canary v1.1


Artist : Ceramic Hello 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

the absence of a canary v1.1 / 2x12"

Re-released of the original masterpiece album The Absence of a Canary including demos and unreleased songs recorded between 1981 and 1984 by this great synth-pop duo. No need to say more a must have !

tapes 81-89


Artist : Absolute Body Control 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

tapes 81-89 / 5x12"

5xLP from the pionnering minimal/synth-pop Belgian act Absolute Body Control containing the all 5 tape-releases on Body Records from '81-'89, some excellent live bonus material and the fantastic "Is There An Exit" track released in 1981 on a highly collectable 7" since a long time. For collectors, admirators whatever... A Must Have, Run baby Run ! Limited numbered edition of 600 copies.

early recordings 77-83


Artist : Graf & Zyx 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

early recordings 77-83 / LP

GRAF+ZYX are an interdisciplinary art group from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Inge Graf and Walter Zyx who are still working together today. In '81, under the name of ZYX, they released the LP "Trust no Woman" and several cassettes. On this new LP, VOD german label compiles some of their synth-pop and minimal electronics tracks from rare cassettes. The result is a wonderful mixture between DAF ("Track 7"), Fad Gadget ("Flipper"), Soft Cell ("Reise In Die Südsee") and early Cabaret Voltaire ("Easy Way To Freedom"). TIP-TOP !



Artist : The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

untitled / LP

LP compilation by this pioneering Sheffield synth-pop band featuring all their rare 7" on a-side ("Synthesizers The Story So Far", "Is All I Need?" "Front") and unreleased material on b-side. All tracks date back to '80 to '82, so this is pretty much a pioneering electropop work. Musically, they're more at the early Depeche Mode side of the fence. We like it a lot !

cassettencombinat west-berlin 1980-81


Artist : Various 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

cassettencombinat west-berlin 1980-81 / 3x12"+7"

Kiddy of sprung is compiling the ultimate box with lots of material of his legendary early eighties cassettencombinat-label from berlin. incl. sprung aus den wolken, a.v.borsig/sentimentale jugend, leben und arbeiten and many more. Triple LP of the early 80s German underground creativity in heavy duty box, totally state-of-the-art presentation from VOD. TIP : Including 7"

prototype ----- plus garage tracks


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

prototype ----- plus garage tracks / 2x12"

Experimental Products (aka Mark Wilde & Michael Gross), is a synth duo from Philadelphia. In 1984 they released the 3 song 12" ep "Glowing In The Dark", considered today as a classic synth record. 2 years before this hit single, they released a lp titled "Prototype" (300 copies), which became later an obscure minimal synth collector record. VOD has made a high quality re-issue of this cult lp. A-side contains 5 unreleased songs from 1985, all synth-drum machine, again produced with 8-track gear this time in a band spare bedroom. B-side contains 6 songs from a 1983 live performance. Last copies !

when the night is cruel (1979-1988)


Artist : Mark Lane 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

when the night is cruel (1979-1988) / 2x12"

This wonderful package includes 2 chocked full lp's of 80’s tracks (29 in all), that include rare songs previously not made available on vinyl, never heard and previously unreleased material, as well as classics from that era that have not been available on vinyl for nearly 3 decades. The 2 discs will be packaged in one of those 70’s style gatefold covers first popularized by the progressive bands of that time. It contains rare Mark Lane photographs and liner notes that include interesting facts about each track. It is limited to 600 copies making these beauties extremely rare...

tracks to glow in the dark


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Vinyl On Demand 

tracks to glow in the dark / 2x12"

This double-lp is the 2nd lp of Experimental Products on V-O-D Records. It contains all their previous official vinyl releases on lp #1 plus more ultra-rare or unreleased minimal-synth and dance-classics on lp #2, plus a live in the Studio performance from 1985.. Essential archive !

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