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Artist : De Frontanel 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

grotesque / 10"

Charles de Frontanel (known as the boss of GRAHN GEEN-YOL Records, the 70's electro label which recently resumed his activities in collaboration with Invasion Planete) is back with a new masterpiece of electronic weirdness. "Grotesque" is a dark moral tale, a sweet & sour fantasy which subtly combines vintage electro sounds, acoustic instruments ("La Curieuse Parade") into nine minimal pieces of both picturesque and chilling quality. Highlights are "Elephantiasis", "Le Partenaire" and "Grotesque". The experience of this record is enriched by the great artwork, the gatefold sleeve in which it comes and the six inserts (cards with drawings fitting the theme). Limited record to 275 copies.



Artist : Wermut 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

hoffnung / 10"

First release by this Hungarian-Austrian project on their own label. Hoffnung take us into a world of pessimistic heroism where forgotten poets ("Quand La Nuit Tombe") meet minimal-wave dancefloor anthem ("Hoffnung") or melancholic ballads ("Lucia’s Song", "Eli Eli"). From time to time folkloristic melodies and influences are used ("Sombres de Sang"), which gives Wermut their special distinctive sound. Superb ! Limited record to 297 copies.

in memoriam


Artist : Ich Wollte Ich Könnte 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

in memoriam / LP

Here comes the long-awaited first album by Wermut’s side-project Ich Wollte Ich Konnte, originally planned on the now defunct label Invasion Planete. Just as Musique Au Mètre, In Memorian is a work of re-interpretation essentially based on instrumental pieces by the obscure new-wave artist Johanna Liebhart, re-arranged and put to words by Laszlo P.S & Sofia E.R. 9 deeply melancholic cold-romantica-electro songs exploring the themes of martyrdom and sacrifice, and the fading glow of distant golden ages. So pour yourself a glass of French wine, allow your mind to drift back in time and dance in the darkest night before the mirror of your soul...

todesblei salonfahig gemacht


Artist : Various 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

todesblei salonfahig gemacht / LP

Ten heroes of contemporary electronic music pay tribute to the sounds which enchanted their tormented childhood : Death Metal anthems, Black Metal mayhem, Grindcore purulence and other riffs from hell. Ten classics of the genre entirely revisited, between minimal electronic, wave, ambient and experimental. An excellent Various compilation from the Dutch label Treue Um Treue.

echo trip


Artist : Dr. C. Stein 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

echo trip / LP

Dr. C. Stein was involved in several Dutch electro projects of the 80's such as Thromboh, Doxa Sinistra and especially Ende Shneafliet, from which he was an original member. This LP contains a selection of unreleased analogue tracks from him and all dating back to the years 1983-1988. C. Stein’s crystalline music, cool and bright at the same time, will remind you of times long gone when pastels, Italian suits and studied casualness were hip. So close your eyes, picture yourself racing along the seashore in a white Testarossa on a soft summer evening and let the Doctor play for you... Limited to 300 copies.

the nervous split


Artist : Fiendish Fib / Wermut 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

the nervous split / 10"

Toulouse-based duet Fiendish Fib appears here with unreleased material from the late 80s / early 90s, restored from the original demo-tape: seven post-punk industrial anthems, between Coil, Pseudo Code, The Residents and early Die Form. For their Teutonic response and homage to these tunes from the past, Wermut choose to reveal the electro-punk side of their versatile personality, with dance-floor orientated songs in the vein of the “Hoffnung” LP. Limited edition of 317 copies.



Artist : Echo West 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

kreuze / 2x10"

Here is a collection of unreleased tracks by Echo West recorded between 2002 and 2006 on the german label Treue Um Treue. This original 2x10" takes the listener on a foreboding journey from catchy electro-wave anthems to cold longing requiems, a solemn and vibrant march from hopeful spring to desperate winter. Echo West puts the occidental martyr to music on his darkest record to date. Limited edition of 318 copies.

liège in the spring


Artist : Dr. C. Stein 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

liège in the spring / 10"

Second chapter of Treue um Treue’s collaboration with synthesizer magician Dr C. Stein, Liège in the Spring presents a new selection of songs which, like the analogue gems released last year on Echo Trip, were all initially recorded between 1983 and 1988. But this time the mood is different, more versatile and adventurous. Here solemn and experimental, there playful and dance-floor orientated, this second vinyl appearance gives a fuller measure of the artist’s multiple talent...

retours d'acide - a new beat acid house flashback


Artist : Various 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

retours d'acide - a new beat acid house flashback / LP

20 years after the birth of the New Beat genre, the world seems plunged in a new kind of Cold War, time has come to pay tribute to the sound of an era. For the second volume in the tribute-sampler series, Treue Um Treue invited 8 artists from the European minimal electro, post-industrial and techno scene to shamelessly leap back in time and create their own new beat & acid house tracks. The result is a versatile album featuring EBM influenced tracks in early new beat fashion, classical new beat anthems, hypnotic acid house loops as well as more pop influenced, neo-new beat performances. Massive Impact limited to 320 copies !

for sale


Artist : A2 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

for sale / LP

Great new minimal elektro album from A². The sound of A² is heavily influenced by D.A.F. like beats, old style EBM dancefloor anthems and contemporary minimal electro sounds. This album is much more dancefloor orientated as all of his previous work. Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies. For fans of the genre a Must Have !

todas las ultimas cosas


Artist : Novy Svet 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

todas las ultimas cosas / LP

Do not expect here the bohemian combat folk or mediterranean neo-cabaret which have become the band’s trademark, because as wilful and unpredictable today as they ever were, Novy Svet delivers with this last opus what might also be the biggest tour de force of their career: “Todas Las Ultimas Cosas” is an uncompromising, all electronic minimal wave opus, quite unlike everything even the hardcore fans will have heard from the band before… An album which would fit more appropriately in the flexi-pop than in the post-industrial section of your record shelves, along with Dark Day, Njurmännen and Ende Schneafliet, or Pierre Normal to name a more contemporary band... 100% electro, 100% Novy Svet : the Viennese band seal their career with a flourish ;)



Artist : Ad Absurdum 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

ausuferung / LP

After his infamous appearances on the "Todesblei Salonfahig Gemacht" and "Retours d’Acide" compilations, Ad Absurdum (aka the Giorgio Moroder of black minimal chiptunes, aka the Grand Master of viking synthie pop), is back with a whole new album of his own. Locked up in his cellar with his faithful Amiga 500, our lonesome bard has spent the past couple of years brewing up for us the most improbable new brand of weird but cheerful minimal electro with a definite all-over black metal feeling... Add to this cocktail a couple of Coil-esque ambient tunes and a medieval rhythmic noise anthem, and you’ll have before you a whole new experience in electronic music, reminiscent in its discarding of genre boundaries and guaranteed dancefloor efficiency of the likes of Njurmännen… So put on your corpse paint and slip in the workbench V1.3 : for here come true German black minimal chip tunes !

fossilized in concrete 1995-2006


Artist : Alone 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

fossilized in concrete 1995-2006 / LP

Created as an attempt to document an alternative history (or shall we say another dimension) of popular electronic music, Alone from Belgrade have been active both as a performing and recording project since 1994 and already have to their credit numerous tape and CD-r releases, including 5 full-length albums. Their style, eluding any pre-conceived categorisation, is a unique brand of high-tech electro-wave, allying the pathos and weirdness of Kirchohmfeld, the complexity and killing beat-programming of Lassigue Bendthaus and the unpredictability of Pierre Normal. This lp is a selection of 9 tracks spanning a period of almost 12 years, from the first demos down to the latest album. Definitely pop but never easy, futurist and neo-romantic at times, Alone’s music remains through the years as unfamiliar and utterly compelling as the post-apocalyptic landscapes it tells us about. Like a voice from the outer world, Alone takes us to the nexus in time and space where each may find their Golden Path. Limited to 318 copies !



Artist : Johanna Liebhart 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

damals… / 10"

Mysterious and long-forgotten electro-wave diva of the early 80's, Johanna Liebhart disappeared in largely unknown circumstances back in 1999, leaving behind several unreleased albums. Even if her name is not familiar, some of you will already know her style from Ich Wollte Ich Könnte’s 1st album, which was inspired by, and largely based on some of her compositions. The tracks on this 10” are all taken from her early tape recordings, and probably represent some of her most emotional and intimate works, as simple and modest in their beauty as the personality of their creator was facetious. 7 neo-romantic analogue synth pieces, entirely instrumental. Sacral, minimal and utterly desperate, like the disclosing of someone’s secret chapel, or the hidden garden of a run-down doll-house. Limited to 277 copies only..!

from diy with love


Artist : Narrow 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

from diy with love / LP

1st official vinyl release of the now defunct Croatian duo Narrow. Born in the late 90's, Narrow retired last year after over a decade of sonic excursions, and no less than 14 self-produced cassettes and CD-r's on their home-label Aside Thorns. Inspired by the collage and improvisation aesthetics of the likes of TG and Cabaret Voltaire, the music of Narrow is pure DIY, acknowledging cut’n’paste and lo-fi analogue sound processing as both a working method and a source of inspiration. No studio and hardly any computer here : the duo’s weapons of choice are a couple of tape decks, an old walkman and actual synths and effects with which they create a sound that takes us back to the heyday of tape-industrial. The 10 raw gems selected for this requiem are highly rhythmic, noise-informed minimal pieces, sometimes mutating into catchy electro songs which carry in them both post-punk echoes and angst-pop promises. Limited edition of 310 hand-numbered copies on white vinyl + insert !!

at the gate


Artist : Ich Wollte Ich Konnte 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

at the gate / 7"

It is written that somewhere between dawn and noon, in a place bright like the sun, there is a door... 3 years after "In Memoriam" lp, Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte are back with a 7"ep inspired by Saint John the apostle and the symbolism of the solsticial gates. Whilst thematically closer to tradition than in their previous works, IWIK stay musically true to their own brand of cold and melancholic electro-wave, as the 4 new ballads on this record follow in the steps of the acclaimed debut lp. Esoteric cold-romantica at its best ! Limited edition of 366 hand-numbered copies in fully printed spined jacket + inserts ;)



Artist : Dolina 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

untitled / LP

Long overdue debut album of the Franco-Belgian electronic trio, known for their contributions to various samplers ("Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten", "Radio Resistencia" on Enfant Terrible and "Circuit d'Actes" on La Forme Lente), as well as many live appearances since their creation in 2006. While their music undeniably carries the heritage of French cold-wave (think Die Bunker & Trisomie 21), their synth ethics are more akin to those of David Harrow or N.O.’s Gillian Gilbert. With their brothers in arms Pierre Normal they share a taste for carefully arranged lyrics and electronics, but if their take on French chanson is equally synth-driven, it is also far more sombre, flirting at times with angst-pop and even bat-cave. Powerful anthems, ghostly waltzes and chilling sweet-sour ballads, served by male and female vocals in French and English, haunt the grooves of this eponymous 1st lp, which reveals the band as one of the spearheads of the cold synth-wave renaissance. Limited to 320 copies only !

down in the mine


Artist : Fiendish Fib 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

down in the mine / LP

The beginning of the 2010's. 3 years after the 'Nervous Split', Fiendish Fib return to TuT/RuR with a retrospective Lp, the outcome of a long search into the depths of the Franco-German duo's secret tape-archives. Here are 22 songs of DiY subterranean post-punk, dada lo-fi art-rock, state of the art tape industrial, home-made teen-horror-movie soundtracks, potlatch drinking symphonies, darkly alienated proto-techno and sheer bat'n'roll insanity. A 50 minutes trip down Fiendish Fib's memory mine, which takes us back to the days of tape-overdub abuse, radios turned guitar effects, MS 10 bleepadelica and vintage beat box worshipping. Enough to send shivers of delight down the spine of every Insane Music or Ptôse aficionado. "Et en avant la musique.."

gold in blei


Artist : Teatro Satanico 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

gold in blei / 7"

Here is the latest alchemical endeavour of Teatro Satanico, the cult Italian project whose devilish wit and magick electronics have been the talk of the post-industrial scene for the last 20 years. On "Gold in Blei", they chose to invoke 2 of the most infamous female figures of Germany’s recent past, 2 parallel destinies, 2 deep wounds of the German psyche: Ulrike Meinhof, the fallen angel & Ilse Koch, the uprising demon. Staged with all the flavour and cruel humour of a morbid nursery rhyme, this unseemly yin yang put to a post-revivalist technoid beat shows the duo as unpredictable and irreverent as ever. So, who is casper and who the devil? Don't expect them to tell you. The choice is yours between an EBM party at the Stammhein prison and a 6AM ecstasy overdose at the Lagerkommandantur! Deutsch-Italienische Freundschaft or hermetic electro Bunker musick at its best...



Artist : Ame De Boue 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

l'inconfort nécessaire / LP

Debut album and 1st ever release by Ame De Boue, the solo project of Dasz, one of the 2 men-behind-the-machines in the Franco-Belgian outfit Dolina. If the familly resemblance cannot be denied (especially in the nag for sweeping, synth-driven cold-wave anthems), Ame De Boue's music is also more personal and intimate, with a raw edge and an urgency which command the listener's emotional involvement on each track, from the dancefloor orientated electro songs to the eerie 3rd wave ballads and the more introspective, angst-laden waltzes. A distant sense of threat and a definite claustrophobic mood pervade the album, relieved here and there by touches of black humour, echoes of 80's new-wave and electro-punk surges. Welcome to the Saturday night's ball on the isolation ward!



Artist : Strahlenzentrum 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

zentralautomantik / 10"

Strahlenzentrum was started in 2007 as a minimal electro side-project of N.Strahl.N, the post-industrial outfit by prolific German sound-artist M.W. Löhr. After a self-titled debut on Tosom and a 2nd album on Licht Und Stahl, both in very limited CD-r/tape editions, 'Zentralautomantik' is the project's 3rd opus and very 1st appearance on vinyl. Featuring 4 brand new pieces and 2 tracks from the former album 'Zentralebene' remixed by Wermut, this mini-LP is inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann's dark romantic tale 'The Sandman', whose man-machine motif finds a new sonic expression in Strahlenzentrum's very own brand of cold, sparse and hypnotic electronics. Rhythmic analogue patterns between early industrial and late 3rd wave slowly build up into repetitive, trance-inducing instrumental compositions, somehow calling to mind Indian ragas, like the reflection of divine and human wisdom in a machine's mind..

musique atomique sans surveillance


Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

musique atomique sans surveillance / LP

ADN' Ckrystall (aka Erick Moncollin) surely does not need much of an introduction. Every self-respecting minimal-wave fan and synth nerd will have heard of the French synth-wizard who jammed with Tim Blake and Vangelis on a MS-20 prototype in the late 70's and whose 1982 cult album 'Jazz' Mad' is considered a landmark in the history of underground electronic music. After a pause in the 90's (during which Moncollin became active in the trance and ambient-techno scene under the name Dr. Strange), several brilliant albums were released in the 2000's on Anna Logue Records, La Forme Lente and Erick's own ADN and Ysil'Prod labels. Treue um Treue presents the project's 6th full-length. 'Musique Atomique Sans Surveillance' is a highly skilful, playful yet authentic blend of 70's prog synth, early 80's minimal electro and 90's techno, flowing with ease from library lounge music to spacey weird-wave to electronic exotica, reminiscent at times of Bernard Szajner and Claude Larson. The spiciest note of this delicious psychotropic cocktail is of course Erick's unmistakable, demented yet committed Deutsch-Frenglish lyrics, which make of ADN' Ckrystall such a unique experience.



Artist : Modern Witch 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

hollywood / LP

The story of Modern Witch began 6 years ago in Denver, Colorado, when graphic artist Mario Zoots, singer Kristy Fenton and house veteran Kamran Khan started recording experimental music together on an old VHS camera. In the space of a few years, a couple of very limited tape and CD-r releases on labels such as Disaro and Clan Destine Records, and a series of spooky performances both in Europe and on the American continent, the trio has become a true underground reference for creepy, ritualistic dance music, in the muddy but oh so fascinating waters between witch-house and minimal-synth. Treue um Treue presents a selection of their best tracks for the 1st time on vinyl, on 2 twin-LPs of which this is the first. Drunk on 80's coldwave, bathed in suburbian occult decadence and haunted by dead celebrities, 'Hollywood' is a feast of thaumaturgic synth lines, nonchalant but captivating mpc 1000, sequences, drugged-out spoken words and ghostly voices. American angst or minimal doom electronics at their best!

participer à une observation


Artist : Enid Fleurette Et Poussiere 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

participer à une observation / 7"

Enid Fleurette Et Poussière is the 1st musical endeavour of a man who, without being a musician himself, has dedicated most of his life to music; a man whose perspective until now has been that of an indefatigable seeker of lost musical treasures, and whose work has been instrumental in the revival of the 804s electronic underground: Jörg Steinmeyer, better known in minimal electro circles as Dr Kernkrach. Aided by Joachim Saleina on guitar, he delivers on this debut 7" 2 tracks of pure 80's reminiscence: side A swings between early 80's Diy industrial à la Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide-like no-wave neurosis, while side B is all murky weirdo batcave in best Trop Tard style. 'Participer A Une Observation' is conceived as the soundtrack to a series of black and white photographs, taken by Jörg both at home and abroad along the years and presented here in a 16-page booklet. True 80's music from a true 80's man!

la que sabe


Artist : Bruta Non Calculant 

Label : Treue Um Treue 

la que sabe / LP

After the wonderful 'World In A Tear' LP released earlier this year on Cititrax, Treue Um Treue presents the 2nd album by Bruta Non Calculant, thus resuming their collaboration with the French duo of Alaxis Andreas G. (once known as Le Syndicat Electronique and mastermind of Invasion Planète) and his blood brother V-Y (Age, Swesor Bhrater, De Frontanel). From Iosophis to Shiny Black Mater, many eclectic projects have charmed and surprised us since Alaxis Andreas G. made his discreet reappearance on the musical scene. But none has had the fullness, maturity and deeply unique musical voice of Bruta Non Calculant, which appears as a sublimation of all that has come before, like the completion of an alchemical great work. Leaving behind the folk elements present in 'World In A Tear', this new album blends with instinctive ease hypnotic 3rd wave rhythm box beats, big muff fuzz and esoteric lyrics into a masterpiece which is both lyrical and intensely ritual, drenched in this aura of mystery characteristic of the brothers’ recent works. Thematically inspired by the myth of the wolf-woman, 'La Que Sabe' ('The One Who Knows') is an album about initiatory death, the passage through the wolf's cave leading up to spiritual rebirth and Liberation. It proves Alaxis Andreas G. to be one of the few contemporary artists capable of constant renewal, each new step on the musical path as thrilling as ever. Huge !!

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