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the rapist


Artist : Scorpion Violente 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

the rapist / LP

After a 1st remarkable effort in 2010, the punks with synths of Scorpion Violente return with the mini-LP 'The Rapist' on Teenage Menopause. Scorpion Violente is a good provocative lexical field: 'The Rapist' thus, but also tracks as "Fugue De Pute Mineure", "The Cherrypopper".. combined with cheap 80's porn pictures. The mosellan duet digs the same groove since its debuts: dirty synths, military beatbox and scattered voices lost for humanity. That smells warm beer. It feels debauchery. It is glaucous as a backroom of Budapest. But nevertheless this is so good! From the first notes of "Pumping Iron", the poison infiltrates, insidiously. Melodies picked by Scorpion Violente are simply unstoppable. You have only one will: dance, but guts sight. In the middle of the mini-LP, appears the tearing UFO "Strychnine". Almost pop. Rather moving. Follows the eponymic piece "The Rapist", which finally turns out to be the softest track of the record in spite of its threatening title. We assist a high Mass psyche of more than 11 minutes on the dancefloor. High sensitive guys they are ;)

nuit de noce


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

nuit de noce / LP

Essaie Pas (aka Marie Davidson & husband Pierre Guerineau) 1st LP 'Nuit De Noce' released through Teenage Menopause Records is a similar collage of dark synths, sequencers, bilingual spoken word, and minimalist structure, but with an addition of twangy guitar and a greater tendency toward pastiche. "Carcajou" establishes the pace with Esquivellian offbeat block hits and a YMO-worthy synth lead. 3 minutes into the song, the coarse bass line shrinks to a short pulse, and a menacing synth drone begins to wail; Marie's voice begins to flake off into fibers of delay; the bass mutates into a grinding burst. A gloomy void has opened in the midst of the loungey structure that they started out with. In a Belgian interview back in November, Pierre & Marie explained their name as a reference to Charles Bukowski's epitaph, 'Don't Try' describing how while it at 1st glance seems negative, but under scrutiny it reveals an encouraging meaning. "It means 'Do it!' 'Have no fear!'" The anecdote shows a fascination with the coinciding moments of optimism and gloom that manifest themselves inversely during the course of the album. The songs on 'Nuit De Noce' pull from a set of upbeat italo-disco and syrupy film score references to wring out an underlying sense of anxious tension and brooding melancholia. Essaie Pas tap into the sinister undercurrent of Giorgio Moroder's basslines. Even when Moroder's bass lines are smothered in guitar solo cheese and cloying synth timbres, they still retains a sense primal metaphysical dread and an uncanny valley quality to the synthetic timbre. For those of us who are coming around to Essaie Pas post Davidson familiarity, 'Nuit De Noce' is an absorbing counterpoint to her solo material; it's groovier, more disparate, but equally captivated by the paradoxical connection between dark fantasy and life affirmation. Limited to 500 copies !

danse sociale


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

danse sociale / 7"

New 7" single from the Canadian duo. Millimetric freezy synth-pop. Comes in an eyestabbing artwork plastic cover. Let's slide the record in its sleeve !! Limited edition of 500 ex. Includes unlimited streaming of "Danse Sociale" via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

vices et mensonges


Artist : Violence Conjugale 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

vices et mensonges / LP

Violence Conjugale is back after 4 years of almost vinyl silence vinyl. Almost because we should not forget the small gift for Xmas 2014 'In The Depths' which will set the tone of 'Vices Et Mensonges'. Less minimalist, but darker. 'Vices Et Mensonges' talks about all these grave diggers of hope, the counterfeiters, the organized but granted lie.. The 1st track "ACABM" show clearly its hand. A pessimistic view but sadly realistic too. 11 pieces reporting a decline totalitarianism in all its forms, declared or insidious. 11 songs that speak of the violence of life, intimate or collective. However a survival instinct remain among this. Amputated but not dead yet. As evidenced by the music structured around harsh rythm boxes, more elaborate than previously. The synthetic composition is far less minimalist too. No more kraut accents like in their 1st album. However be careful, Violence Conjugale do not stray from its line.. Here, it's uptempo, it turns, it's more dancing. As carried in a spiral. We are short-winded. A warmer synthetic frame but with darker voice. Cynicism at its best ;)

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