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hand-picked fragments


Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : Suction 

hand-picked fragments / LP

WHAO ! Deep pure minimal electro at its best by the German Skanfrom (member of Bakterielle Infektion). This synth maestro delivers us an amazing LP released in 2002 on the Canadian Suction label. One of our favorite artist. No artificial show, just intense emotional synth melodies. Sometimes slow, but also fast tempo. Unique Style. Very Very cool. We Support It !



Artist : Lowfish 

Label : Suction 

eliminator / LP

One of the best record (2000) of the Canadian electro/IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) label : Suction Records. Lowfish delivers us a pure minimal deep electro album, sometimes in a IDM style. Perfect accurate sounds which confer real part of modern electro quality on it. Sounds like Skanfrom on some tracks. A Must Have ! The auditor is brought in an incredible intense flying atmosphere. We support Suction !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Suction 

vendetta / 12"

Vendetta is a vocal 5-track ep from GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik from Vienna - Austria). Electro-pop music that would not sound at home on the International DJ Gigolos label (this is not techno music dressed in black leather and florescent pink gloves, no). Timeless variety electronic music. Here GD Luxxe takes the sound of classic-era New Order as a starting point, and makes his own statement for 2002. Honest, memorable, and sincere tracks for the home and for the dancefloor !

assorted pieces


Artist : Various 

Label : Suction 

assorted pieces / 10"

Released in 1999, the owner of the label (Solvent & Lowfish) from Canada call upon some friends from abroad to help them fill this 10" slab of vinyl with four (well, five, sort of) tracks of the blissful electronics you've come to expect from the Suction brandname. A good release for your long and cold winter nights.

now we are dead


Artist : Lowfish / Solvent 

Label : Suction 

now we are dead / 12"

Toronto based electro melody makers Lowfish (aka Gregory de Rocher) and Solvent (aka Jason Amm) are celebrating the passing of their co-owned record label, Suction Records, with a tour and a release entitled "Now We Are Dead". A pure analog electro synth killer ep for what is becoming a fetish piece on a now cult label, in the vein of A.D.S.R... R.I.P. :°°-(

1000 corrections per second ep


Artist : Lowfish 

Label : Suction 

1000 corrections per second ep / 12"

Lowfish one of Canada's most prominent electro producers with his strongest work "1000 Corrections Per Second". This is his third album released in 2003 and closely similar of "Soothing Sounds for Robots" LP by Skanfrom. Clinical production style is both very "new school electro " and built on the DNA of early new wave/EBM genre. Nice !

maintain the tension ep


Artist : Lowfish 

Label : Suction 

maintain the tension ep / 12"

Lowfish (aka Gregory de Rocher) delivers us 6 tracks of precision drum machine electro-pop. "Maintain The Tension" refers to a certain set of glorious knobs on one of Lowfish's prized vintage synthesizers.. This is classic Suction robot pop, and Lowfish's rich and timeless synth-pop melodies make these clubhits more akin to Depeche Mode circa 1981, than to Gigolo Records circa 2002, that's for certain. Forget electroclash, this is electroclass! Fantastic Robot music from Canada ;)

snow robots remixed


Artist : Various 

Label : Suction 

snow robots remixed / 12"

This 12" serves as a vinyl sampler for Suction's retrospective CD compilations, Snow Robots Volume 1 & 2. Snow It features 6 remixes of the Suction backcatalog by 6 diverse, carefully chosen robot music ensembles. These artists offer unique and infectious reinterpretations of original tracks by Solvent, Lowfish, D'Arcangelo and Tinfoil Teakettle. Adult's rmx is a mutant techno-pop from Detroit with deadly deadpan vocals. Skanfrom's rmx is a minimal robot-pop from Berlin with melancholy melodies. Mat-101's rmx is a videogame disco from Rome with bonus boom. ISAN's rmx is a soothing electronica from Essex with pingpong chimes. Perspects's rmx is a funky electro-pop from Detroit with tight beatbox gymnastics. Lali Puna's rmx is a moody moog-pop from Munich with paranoid female vocals. Superb 12" compilation from 2001 sold out everywhere else ;)

rdjcs5 ep


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

rdjcs5 ep / 12"

'RDJCS5' is a new 4-track 12" ep by Solvent. Each and every sound on this record came from RDJ's old CS5, painstakingly programmed and multi-tracked by Solvent over the course of several months. The limited capabilities and sound palette of this humble little synth provided quite a challenge, but ultimately the results are not merely an exercise in technical synthnerdery; 'RDJCS5' speaks more of Solvent's musical kinship to thee Analord. Opening track "Curtains" bears similarity to early Rephlex signing Bochum Welt, while "Radiator", "Mould" and "Tassels" each contain hallmarks of the classic AFX sound. At the same time, each track also sounds distinctly and unmistakably 'Solvent'. The 12" vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies, in brown chipboard sleeve with sticker, and also contains an additional noise-drone piece at the end of side B. Entitled "Sandpaper", this cut will be individually hand-etched by Solvent, for a 1-of-a-kind cut/click/loop experience. Nice ;)

hello tinnitus / a little thing gets by


Artist : Lowfish 

Label : Suction 

hello tinnitus / a little thing gets by / 7"

New 7" single from Canadian electro mainstay Lowfish, a preview of his forthcoming 'Hypersensitivity' Lp. This double-A-side 7" is actually the 1st new Lowfish release since 2008. While his last 2 albums could best be described as serene and clinical, electro at it's most austere, Lowfish's return to Suction Records, the label he co-runs with Solvent, also marks a return to a more melancholic electro-pop sound. This is not new territory for De Rocher, but it's been a while since we've heard this kind of direct, fragile emotion from Lowfish. In fact, with their slow, head-knodding 808 beats and wistful synthesizer melodies, these songs could best be described as electro-ballads. "A Little Thing Gets By" is almost cute, until the strings fade in pure heartbreak. "Hello Tinnitus" meanwhile, is the most pure slice of synth-pop that Lowfish has delivered since 2002's 'Theme to Parked Cars', a firm Lowfish fave for many. While Kraftwerk remains the pivotal electro music reference, only a few electro artists can rival the masters' keen sense of melody and emotional depth. Lowfish is one of those rare electro artists, and this 7" makes that case clear !!

the absence of a canary


Artist : Ceramic Hello 

Label : Suction 

the absence of a canary / LP

Suction Records reissued Ceramic Hello's seminal 1981 LP, 'The Absence Of A Canary'. A long-time cult favorite among fans of obscure 80's synth-pop, this LP remains a highly sought-after by minimal-synth vinyl collectors. The LP has been painstakingly remastered, transferred from perhaps the last sealed copy of this LP in existence. Although this won't be the 1st official reissue of the LP, it is the 1st time it will be reissued in its original single-LP format, with the original artwork. Must-Have !!

new ways - music from the documentary


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

new ways - music from the documentary 'I dream of wires' / 2x12"+7"

Solvent's 6th full-length LP, 'New Ways: Music From the Documentary I Dream of Wires'. Solvent is the venerable recording alias of Toronto's Jason Amm, and after more than a decade of releasing music through esteemed labels Ghostly International and Morr Music, 'New Ways' marks the return of Solvent to his own Suction Records label, his 1st album for the label since 1999.

For the past 3 years, Solvent's obsession with synthesizers and electronic music has taken him on a new path, a journey deep into the world of modular synthesizers. Serving as producer, co-writer and interviewer for 'I Dream of Wires', a documentary about the history, demise and resurgence of the modular synthesizer, Solvent's Jason Amm has played a pivotal role in creating one of the most talked-about and revered electronic music documentaries in recent years. Currently making the rounds (on Blu-Ray/DVD) is the 4-hour hardcore edition cut, with the theatrical cut of 'I Dream of Wires' set to premiere in the spring.
Before he came on board as producer, Solvent was commissioned by 'I Dream of Wires' director to create an original soundtrack for the film. At the time, Solvent's relationship with modular synthesizers was conflicted. Of course, he had long been lured by these elusive, esoteric machines, but was also weary; he wondered if these instruments would be a step away from music making, towards a lifetime of expensive, obsessive tinkering. So many electronic musicians have fallen into the modular "black hole", never to be heard from again... Solvent took on the soundtrack LP as a challenge; determined to expand his synthesis palette with the new possibilities of modular, but with a firm focus on completing a body of work. The result is 'New Ways', heard prominently throughout the film, and created, programmed and composed entirely on modular synthesizer systems. Through some generous loans, Solvent was given access to several large-format modulars during the course of the album, including a classic vintage Moog System 15. But the real revelation came from his own newly-acquired, contemporary Eurorack system; for the 1st time in many years, Solvent found himself thinking outside the "vintage synth" box. The album title is not only a continuation of 'I Dream of Wires' nod to Numan. 'New Ways' also pertains to Solvent's all-new modular synthesizer toolkit, introducing many new forms of synthesis to his arsenal of electronic sound. In many ways, the modular synthesizer caused an artistic reset, bringing Solvent's sound full-circle; as on his late 90's Suction Records albums, 'New Ways' doesn't revel in the classicist synthpop motifs or vocoder-pop of Solvent's Ghostly catalog, but instead on focusses on making strange sounds sing. 'New Ways' is Solvent's return to instrumental, headphone electronica. From the harsh, idm/hip-hop hybrid of "Burn The Tables", to the radiophonic menace of "Sender", Solvent showcases the modular synthesizer as perhaps the ultimate tool for noisy, alien soundscapes. Alternately, Solvent's penchant for sweet, heartbreaking melodies can be heard clearly alongside the intricate modular sound design on standout cuts "King Vincent", "Pattern Recognition", and "LPGs Over Hawaii". 'New Ways' also includes 'I Dream of Wires' theme song, "Themogene", a soaring piece of epic synthesizer minimalism already heard by the 250,000+ people who have seen the documentary trailer to date. Essential !!



Artist : Skanfrom 

Label : Suction 

postcards / LP

New full-length album by Skanfrom (his 1st album since 2002). Skanfrom is Roger Semsroth from Berlin, best known for his purist minimal techno project Sleeparchive. Before Sleeparchive, there was Skanfrom.. Skanfrom 1st appeared in the late 90's, releasing limited edition 7"s on his own A.D.S.R. label, part of a small movement of Diy labels influenced by the melodic, experimental electronica output of labels like Rephlex, Skam, and Warp. Skanfrom's music displayed a particular affinity for the lush, melodic electro of Bochum Welt, an early signing to Aphex Twin's Rephlex label; you could practically call Bochum Welt the blueprint for Skanfrom's sound. But there was something a little different about Skanfrom.. Unlike Bochum Welt, who claimed influence from big shiny 80's producers like Trevor Horn and Thomas Dolby, Skanfrom was also listening to a lot of raw synth-wave music; the influence of early Depeche Mode ("Speak And Spell"), Kraftwerk ("Radioactivity"), and obscure bands like Vice Versa and Ceramic Hello clearly set Skanfrom apart from his idm contemporaries. Skanfrom found a likeminded home in Suction Records, who were releasing records by Solvent and Lowfish with many of the same musical references. In 2002, Skanfrom released his debut album on Suction Records, 'Hand Picked Fragments'. A lot has changed since 2002, but in Skanfrom world, 2014 is very much the same. 'Postcards' is full of the same pure and melodic electro(pop) that made Skanfrom so special to us from the start. As it was in the beginning, Skanfrom produced 'Postcards' using little more than his beloved Roland SH-101; this classic vintage monosynth, with it's minimal layout and pure analogue tone, remains the ideal instrument for Skanfrom's enduring, synthetic sound. Hallelujah !!!

new ways remixed


Artist : Solvent 

Label : Suction 

new ways remixed / 12"

'New Ways Remixed' - 4 songs from Solvent's soundtrack album for the acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary "I Dream Of Wires", remixed by 4 artists that were interviewed for the film: Chris Carter, Orphx, Bronze Teeth & Martial Canterel. Industrial music legend Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Chris & Cosey) turns in a suitably industrial-strength techno monster that wouldn't sound out of place in a set by Perc or AnD. Canadian duo Orphx (Sonic Groove Records) augments their signature dark techno sound, building to an acidic crescendo, while newly minted duo Bronze Teeth (Diagonal Records), featuring ex-Factory Floor member Dominic Butler, continues the acid with biting squelches that pop from abstract clanging percussion. Although widely regarded as the kingpin of the modern minimal synth scene, Martial Canterel (Dais Records / one-half of Xeno & Oaklander) delivers an uncharacteristic slice of brooding electronica, more 'artificial intelligence' than 'minimal wave'. Nice plate !

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