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where is carlos


Artist : Unit Black Flight 

Label : Strange Life 

where is carlos / 12"

Deep Dark Disco release from Unit Black Flight (another Legowelt's alias ?). All tracks lean towards the John Carpenter soundtrack sound - atmosphere adds to the moody, sceptical feel - a bit like the Squadra Blanco release. Ultra cult deep slowjams in darkness. Run on this monster release !

data cat


Artist : Faceless Mind 

Label : Strange Life 

data cat / 12"

Here is the first record of a new collaboration between swedish guys from Gothenburg Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen, released on the Legowelt label Strange Life. Hot futuristic afroscandinavian electro trax from the computerwelt. DopplerEfect inspired ! Solid limited 12" to 500 copies.

in for the kill


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Strange Life 

in for the kill / LP

After releasing numerous classics such as Novamen's "Lies" (with Mr.Pauli), The Hasbeen's "Make The World Go Away" (with Alden Tyrell) and Dreamdisco's "Take Me Home", the "Dose" is back with another haunting solo lp on Strange Life. And this might very well be Overdose's magnus opus so far. Beautifull filmic melodies and TR-808 beats tell us stories where Charles Bronson and John Carpenter deal with Soprano's mobstyle adventures somewhere in a cold war 70's timeframe. Tragic, defeatistic drama only Overdose can deliver...Very Nice ;)



Artist : Grackle 

Label : Strange Life 

genres / 12"

New release on Legowelt's Strange Life Rrecords. Grackle (aka Speculator) is known for his great radio show on east village radio. This is a collaboration with Legowelt and Musiccargo (who's previous release on Ammontilado was licensed by Prins Thomas for his Eskimo album and Serge for the Box Jams compilation). Grackle did deliver some nice nu-school space disco kraut rock kind of tracks. Big one for all the cosmic and nu disco heads out there. Highly Recommended !



Artist : $tinkworx 

Label : Strange Life 

coelacanth / 12"

One of the finest deepest tearjearking jams ever to come from the brains of the legendary american producer $tinkworx ! "Coelacanth" is a piece-de-resistance of soulfull technoblues where moody synth riffs play over an irresistable funk bassline. On the other side we find the track "Amira" another huge deep detroit techno jam where basic channel-esque chords evaporate over a sauce of delicate electronics. 2 beautifull tracks with which $tinkworx continues the great american techno legacy. To finish everything off there is a Syncom Data rmx of the track "Coelacanth" where the bassline is squeezed out to the max !

flamingo world


Artist : The Chicago Shags 

Label : Strange Life 

flamingo world / 12"

Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt, African Jet Set Band) and his long time buddy Orgue ELectronique tram up again for a new Chicago Shags release ! One of the rare vinyl releases on his own Strange Life label ! And what a release..phew !! You can't go wrong with this...

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