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stilleben 016


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 016 / LP

Really good compilation on the Luke Eargoggle's Stilleben label from Sweden, released in 2002. A1 : space electro disco track by Polytron for romantic robots. A2 : electro italo track. A flight into the Milky Way composed by Vulva. A3 : synchopated minimal electro by the master from Sweden Luke Eargoggle. Typical voice of his own and faithfull derising. B1 : pumping electro disco track by Monkeyshop (aka Eargoggle + Rutherford). Dancefloor Killer ! B2 and B3 : minimal wave electro sounds by Erase and Neutrum. Quality music.

my ranch is your ranch


Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

my ranch is your ranch / 12"

"My Ranch Is Your Ranch" is composed by 5 tracks of acid dripping funk tracks, with classic synth lines, ace drums and that certain x-factor that wins your head over. This is one of the best Rutherford's ep released on the providential Stilleben label (run by Luke Eargoggle). Rare and Out of Print record. You'd better be fast on this one !

romance is the panter


Artist : Catnip 

Label : Stilleben 

romance is the panter / 12"

2 classic sleazy and fat electro dancefloor filler released by Catnip (aka Legowelt and Luke Eargoggle) in 2002 on the best Swedish modern electro label Stilleben. "Romance Is The Panter" is a really massive hit, clearly electro-italo-disco orientated with the cheazy shitty lyrics and voices of its creators. "Mr Catch Ghetto" is in the same powerfull vein but a bit more obsessional. A Must Have !

bored dudes society


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Stilleben 

bored dudes society / 7"

Record produced by Luke Eargoggle in the end of the 90's and which is also the last 7" on Stilleben records before they were staring to make 12". This one is a mixture of obscure electro and acid techno. Rare so Out of Stock everywhere record. Tou know what to do !

silent bassment stalkers


Artist : Rutherford & Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Stilleben 

silent bassment stalkers / 7"

Made in 1999 by the two swedish gentlemen we love. One of their first release with what they do best as usual : creating a dark ruined electronic landscape. For us one of their best releases to date, two tracks but just epic ones ! Very limited to 200 copies.

mama loves me / lonewolf


Artist : Luke Eargoggle / Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

mama loves me / lonewolf / 7"

Early Stilleben releases recorded in 1999 with a dirty raw mood on it. Hard beats with crazy acid sounds (the Hague touch) must transform any human dancers to crazy freaks for sure. Great ! Very limited and pressed on a marble colored vinyl.

2: because of glory


Artist : Achilles 

Label : Stilleben 

2: because of glory / 12"

Second release from Luke Eargoggle under his "Achilles" alias. It delivers us here an amazing 12" with 6 tracks on it produced into a dark atmospheric disco madness... Released in 2003, it's time to get it now !

arcadia ep


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Stilleben 

arcadia ep / 12"

Arcadic electro from Holland on our favorite Sweden’s obscurest labels. Funking rolling electro disco tracks from The Hague. Orgue Electronique recorded this 6 track ep spiced with ice cold minimal electro and disco with fine driving sequenses wich will make you crazy. Make shure you check this hard to find record released in 2002.. Dope !

the future of communication


Artist : Vcs2600 

Label : Stilleben 

the future of communication / 12"

VCS2600 from Finland delivers one of the purest and best electro records with an scientific feel and future bass. Stilleben records from Sweden is back and this is exactly what stilleben records is all about. Finest Electro Bass!



Artist : Catnip 

Label : Stilleben 

catacombus / 12"

5th and last release of the Catnip's (aka Legowelt & Luke Eargoggle) serie. Italo-electro monster killer.. Stalkers rmx on the flip, dark freaked out electr.. Big Tip !!

stilleben 045


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 045 / 12"

After some quiet years Stilleben Records is back. This Various 12" goes on in exactly the same style as earlier records from Stilleben. A mix between electro and electro disco. Many records are planned and in the making right now for the future to be heard. This 12" has a nice mix from E.R.P's more 4/4 and harmonic melodies to more stiff electro-funk from up north. Here we go...

komarken electronic research center


Artist : Komarken Electronics 

Label : Stilleben 

komarken electronic research center / CD

High quality electro tracks from Komarken Electronics. This is a limited Stilleben album on CDR in DVD package. Perfect energizing sounds and format for driving ;)

electro databahn


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

electro databahn / CD

Another pure doppler electro release, but in a cd package from Gothenburg's Stilleben label. All tracks are exclusive and never released before. Limited to 150 copies only… Essential !

exit / entrance


Artist : 8-Bit Rockers 

Label : Stilleben 

exit / entrance / 12"

8-Bit Rockers is Sami Liuski's (aka Bangkok Impact) electro side project and finaly delivers an 6 track ep on the quality Stilleben label. Not quite sounding as 8-bit anymore as his first release but rocking Nordic electro, very deep and unique with hints of Drexciya, Model 500 and Dopplereffekt. Recommended...

gothenburg electro city 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

gothenburg electro city 2 / 12"

New Stilleben electro killer compilation with 6 frsh tracks, all produced in Gothenburg (Sweden) at Luke Eargoggle's kingdome. Pure tracks in the vein of Dopplereffekt produced by artists from the Databahn area. Badabooom..

one muscle to fall in love


Artist : Achilles 

Label : Stilleben 

one muscle to fall in love / 12"

8-bit electro vibe and pulls out all the synths for an 8-bit battle. 6 trax of crazy beats and noises are available and the opener "Two Achilles In One" heads of with Sonic the Hedgehog synths and phat analogue basslines squelching away, joined by dark vocals making all sorts of weird and wondeful noises, a party-esque opener. The spannered manner of the synths holds all the character on this 12", almost stretching the notes and warbling them to extremes give’s the 12" a certain insane feel, check "Dancing Shadow" with its unforgettable bassline, a brilliant groove is eked out of the machines. Check !

niagara flow


Artist : Monkeyshop 

Label : Stilleben 

niagara flow / 12"

Monkeyshop (aka Luke Eargoggle & Rutherford) delivered here 3 tracks of vintage sounding electro-disco hybrids. The main cut gives it off italo-disco stylee; lots of analogue synths and drums with a gliterball construction to reach for the floor. The flipside delivers 2 choice cuts: the 1st an almost permanent drum roll loop propelled by some cool analogue synths titled "The Monkey", and the 2nd, and most definitely the stand out, an electro cut titled "Ancient Cables". This ace electro number mutates sharp beats and top synths with delayed and heavily reverbed melodies that plays along and echoes around it delivering a superb vibe. Nice..

welcome to gothenburg


Artist : Volfram 

Label : Stilleben 

welcome to gothenburg / 12"

First solo release from this very fresh electro producer after been working with Luke Eargoggle on "Audio Warrior" (album on Bunker). Very deep and minimal electro 5 track ep. Great stuff from Gothenburg (Sweden) ;)

v/a electro


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

v/a electro / 12"

From Vcs2600 most electric, electro future perfection to Faceless Mind going Ibiza disco style to Kobolt Electronics beautiful bass poetry on side A... to... the B side with 240 Interceptors wikked brain Kraftwerk, Högsboboogey electro freakiness entered with KAN3DA's fine, sophisticated computer workout that Erase totally squeeze and bend with his fine and raw production! Limited yellow repressed copies.

jor 2 ep


Artist : Mono Junk 

Label : Stilleben 

jor 2 ep / 12"

Stilleben proudly present: Kim Rapatti's amazing sounds on white, 'snowhite' vinyl. Pure dope stuff limited to 130 copies only...



Artist : Hisingen Electro vs. Petrovski 

Label : Stilleben 

monoworld / 12"

Debut 12" for Hisingen Electro & Petrovski. Extremly good electro record and exactly what Stilleben wanna be about. Pure strong visions and great electronix music, limited to 100 copies only!! Future is here..

dynatron ep


Artist : Kobol Electronics 

Label : Stilleben 

dynatron ep / 12"

Amazing purist electro from Kobol Electronics. Limited to 100 copies on plastic white vinyl. It's more fun to compute!

telewerk 2


Artist : Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen 

Label : Stilleben 

telewerk 2 / 12"

Taken from 'Telewerk 2' forthcoming 12" on Stilleben Records 2011. Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen getting down in the studio and bringing "real" hip-hop back to the people. Lyrics, in Swedish, are about how to make nice and tasty pancakes while having analogue fun! Our favorite new Stilleben releases ;)



Artist : KAN3DA / 240 Interceptor 

Label : Stilleben 

untitled / 12"

Review to come..!

lightwriters infovox ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Stilleben 

lightwriters infovox ep / 12"

Earogoggle & Inkinen produced track in their signature mind bending style. Highly limited picture disc mini-LP. Recommended..!



Artist : Martin Matiske 

Label : Stilleben 

robotermusik / 12"

Another limited diy release from the Stilleben camp. This time with cool scientific electro tracks produced by Martin Matiske. Recommended for those who like Japanese Telecom and the likes..

stilleben 041


Artist : Obergman 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 041 / 12"

New release on Luke Eargoggle's Stilleben label by Ola Bergman. 6 strong cuts of finest doppler robotic electro tracks. Killer ep in a criminially low quantity of 200 copies !

mini lp


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Stilleben 

mini lp / 12"

8 tracks of mastermind DMX Krew on Stilleben Records. Electro for the people! Love! Powerful white funk limited to 200 copies only. Be fast !

data surge


Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

data surge / 12"

Electro from Swedish producer Rutherford. Produced in Gothenburg in 2014. Versatile release with a smashing closing track named "Three Hours". Limited to 200 copies !!

toleranzgrenze ep


Artist : Das Muster / Mumm 

Label : Stilleben 

toleranzgrenze ep / 12"

Finally after some years Das Muster form nothern Germany gonna join the Stilleben family of pure electro! Lurking in the shadows of Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt he delivers a fantastic collection of songs that will smash the future with his electronics and precise machine funk. Welcome to the world upnorth and Das Muster !

stilleben 046


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 046 / 12"

Stunning 6 track compilation record with loads of funky and icey electro from the scandinavian parts of the mind. From listening to the dancefloor feel free to discover the teamwork glued together from Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Germany & France...

propagande ep


Artist : The Hacker 

Label : Stilleben 

propagande ep / 12"

Finally we can announce that The Hacker is onboard at the Stilleben ship with some amazing electro that lurks in the shades of Kraftwerk and other fine electronic acts, but with his own significant style and signature. 3 electro songs and one more italo/electro-disco that was hidden on a old hard disk. We are very happy to continue the electro journey on Eargoggles Stilleben with this strong and beautiful release... Let The Hacker guide you on a path...

stilleben 051


Artist : Various 

Label : Stilleben 

stilleben 051 / 12"

Another compilation from Luke Eargoggle's Stilleben Records that keeps on releasing the purest electronic music. Jensen Interceptor and Obergman are 2 familiar names in the electro game but on this 12" Hiltipop and T-Error will also show their vision and style.. and it is reckless!! Killer electro..

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