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posztapokaliptikus almanach


Artist : Adam Berces 

Label : Sincronica 

posztapokaliptikus almanach / LP

Ádám Bérces' debut album consists of 12 excellent songs. Already the 1st one, "Be Vagyung Programozva", shows in what direction the whole album will go. It is dark, very dark, almost too dark for minimal wave (Bérces himself calls his music 'cold minimal electronics') and makes you feel as if you were in an abandoned factory. Most of the lyrics on 'Posztapokaliptikus Almanach' are sung in Hungarian. The song "Jövökép" is a co-operation between Ádám Bérces and another minimal wave artist from Hungary, Gáspár Kornél, whose project is called Új Látásmód Fúzió. To conclude, Bérces' album 'Posztapokaliptikus Almanach' is an amazing hit collection, in case you are either into very dark analogue electronic music or a fan of cyberpunk. The exceptional Hungarian language gives the album an alienation effect for non-Hungarian listeners. Whaoooh !!

astros prometidos


Artist : Equinoxious 

Label : Sincronica 

astros prometidos / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Equinoxious 

Label : Sincronica 

cosmódromo / LP

'Cosmódromo' is the 2nd vinyl project, and LP debut of Mexican Rogelio Serrano. An album totally based on electronic old born in the late 70's to middle of 80's, staying true to the sound created by analog synthesizers mainly influenced by projects as Jean Michel Jarre, Aviador Dro, Klaus Schulze, The Cure, Kaftwerk, The Human League, Martial Canterel, Das Ding, among various other groups and genres, from electro minimal to synth-pop or coldwave. A project inspired by the artistic currents of Futurism, Science Fiction, Creationism, and the Space Program of the Ancient Soviet Union, which will transport the listener to the nostalgic sound electronic of the most underground stage of the 70's and 80's. Limited edition LP pressed in 140gr vinyl of 320 hand numered copies. Reverse cardboard sleeve, includes picture insert 12"x12" with biography and lyrics and black paper bag and download coupon.



Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Sincronica 

regroupage / 2x12"+7"

ADN' Ckrystall is a very famous project new-wave / minimal synth that started in the early 80's in France by artist Erick Moncollin. From then until now has been a benchmark as far as electronic music is concerned, with a unique musical vision and philosophy, with a very special and distinctive style that has made of ADN a highly personal and soulish project. An artist who is not influenced by the contemporary minimal, because Erick Moncollin leads from the late 70's doing this style that has prolifered so much in these last years, is ADN' Ckrystall loved by the great record labels and fans of electronic music underground from each and every one of the continents that populate this planet. For this same reason of being a very primitive artist in this style was not nearly influenciado and went benchmark for many combos and groups that arrived after, especially in these last times. Limited edition double LP pressed in 140gr vinyl of 265 hand numbered copies with 2 insert 12" with history of 'Regroupage' compilation, information, and lyrics. Limited edition exclusive 7" with 4 new songs of ADN' Ckrystall, 265 hand numbered copies with colour sleeve and pvc cover. Includes insert with lyrics. This release also includes Astro-Postal with hand numbered serial number, and download coupon in colour paper. Includes a exclusive ADN' Ckrystall postal designed and sealed by Erick Moncollin !

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