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zeux, das sein muss


Artist : Various 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

zeux, das sein muss / 7"

First release on NLW's brand new vinyl-only sub-label, this exciting and dangerously addictive little record presents 4 minimal-trash-electro-wave tracks from today (2007) and yesterday ('84, '86), from 4 projects by or with Haiko Erden. All 4 are equally effective "earworms" and each listening to this record carries a 12-hour-good-mood-gaurantee. Definitely a thrilling debut!

3 alte leider


Artist : Klingelton 17 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

3 alte leider / 7"

The second release on the NLW side label for old and forgotten music pressed in a very limited quantity. This time 3 old tracks from Klingelton17 were discovered and put to vinyl. Minimalistic electronic tracks with a Neue Deutsche Welle touch. All three songs are from 1987. A nice collectors item to go with the other 7" from Klingelton 17. Limited to 150 copies only in green vinyl !



Artist : Marion Grando 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

untitled / 7"

New release on NLW sublabel, and as weird and charming as ever ! Marion Grando was an Hamburger duo back in 1981. They had one live performance and only recorded the 6 tracks presented here. Strange analogue sounds like a mixture of avant-garde, industrial and minimal-electro, somewhere between Cabaret Voltaire, Dive and Esplendor Geometrico...Limited as usual !!!



Artist : Duo 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

untitled / 7"

Duo!!! was Kai A. Knipper (lyrics) and Matthias Klein (music) from Berlin, who recorded these lovely Casio-pop tunes in 1986-87, on a cassette recorder in their living room. As for Casio-pop, it is understood that this is not really synthesiser stuff, but made with these cheap little keyboards for kids with their very own, strangely enough, very melancholic sound. Duo!!!ís tracks are just wonderful, and for those who love this sound, the melancholy, the ultra diy and lo-fi sound and some weirdness, simply a must ! As a comparison, maybe think of Charles Lindbergh n.e.v. Come in lilac-brownish vinyl, with crazy photo and limited to 150 copies only.

mal glucken, ob's klappt...


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

mal glucken, ob's klappt... / 7"

Another nice little record from Schallplatten Aus Lurup, the side label from NLW. Although these songs were recorded live in 2007 at the Kernkrach Festival they are originally from the 80's. These live recordings show the great lo-fi electronic diy attitude of this act. Maybe the singing is out of tune at times but it is simply excellent dada synth-pop. Tip ;)



Artist : Various 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

diskret-label / 7"

This time a very special release ! Writer and artist Frank Apunkt Schneider (author of "Als Die Welt Noch Unterging") listened through old tapes of the legendary cassette label Diskret from the early 80's and compiled a fine record of disturbing wave and NDW sounds, of course in close collaboration with the original musicians and label-people, so it is 100% an official release. All recordings are originally from 1981-1983 and everybody who likes the early releases of Kernkrach and WSDP (and even the "Kassettentšter" lp), will love this small piece of the early German tape-scene. Top record ;)

dance with the butterflies


Artist : Various 41/2 Meets The Hormonic Calves 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

dance with the butterflies / 7"

Another nice obscurity from the German new-wave scene. This band with the much too long name was completely unknown to us before this 7" arrived. Like with all releases from the Schallplatten Aus Lurup label this record is ultra limited (only 150 copies), and the sound of the band is lo-fi... very lo-fi. The recordings date from 1989-1991. Also as expected this is not music for the average listener. As with the other releases on this label it is for collector's and die hard fans of the genre only. Nice little record !

mir will das kranke zeux nicht munden


Artist : Various 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

mir will das kranke zeux nicht munden / 7"

For its 10th single-release, the small but qualitative label Schallplatten Aus Lurup decided to make something very special. Here's the 2nd part of their very 1st release 'Zeux, Das Sein Muss' that was a 4-track sampler with beautifully-angled minimal music that was sold out very quickly. Here it is, another 4-track sampler in the same vein & limited to 150 copies with color-photo insert!

maerchenliebe (einmal die prinzessin sein)


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

maerchenliebe (einmal die prinzessin sein) / 7"

Brand new single by Charles Lindbergh N.E.V.! Once a fine synth-pop track with female vocals and once a fragile minimal electro instrumental track (a re-recording from 1983). Limited to 150 copies on red vinyl with a photo insert..!

dummes zeux kann man viel reden


Artist : Various 

Label : Schallplatten Aus Lurup 

dummes zeux kann man viel reden / 7"

4-track 7"ep compilation including a new-wavey minimal-casio-sound taken from the 1986 Tape 'Cindy S.' from Anti Trust (aka Haiko Herden); also a dancable minimal electro-wave taken from the 1987 Tape 'The End' from The Unrealizable Wish. On B-side we have an extremely catchy kindergarten pop with lovely girl's voice from 1989/90 from Perverse Names & Bottles Of Beer and also a casio-pop lovesong from Cabra (1985), that won't leave your ears for a long time. All 4 tracks are little loveable hits. If you like the '2 Hemden & 2 Hosen' 7" series from Kernkrach, you are also right here to explore nearly unknown minimal gems. Handnumbered edition of 150 copies on coloured vinyl including photo insert and download code ;)

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