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Artist : Flesh Graey Display 

Label : SDM 

untitled / 7"

Staccato du Mal from Miami (USA) under his another solo project called Flesh Graey Display. Two short but intense darkwave tracks in the vein of Silent Signal and Martial Canterel. Listen !



Artist : Opus Finis 

Label : SDM 

untitled / 7"

Here is Staccato du Mal from Miami (USA) under another solo project called Opus Fini. Less minimal and more raw, dark and also dancable. Remind us some production of A˛ on Genetic Music. Recommended !

foto sin fin / l


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

foto sin fin / l'armée des ombres / 7"

2 short but intense darkwave tracks by this new Miami producer Staccato du Mal who appeared on the excellent Weird compilations 3xLP. Closely similar to Silent Signal or Martial Canterel stuff. Recommended !



Artist : Xeno and Staccato 

Label : SDM 

cara's kiss / jardins d'été / 7"

New fresh duo formed by Staccato du Mal aka Opus Fini from Miami (US) for the instruments and Xeno a young artist, photographer from New York for the vocals called Miss Liz Wendelbo. The track to get here is Jardin's d'été, a very good synth-pop production with a really cool and dark atmosphere we like. Halloween is not so far (look at the sleeve) ! Bzzzzzzzz

labios trémulos


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

labios trémulos / LP+7"

Release after release, each new soundtrack is even better than the previous one. Whole of the new tracks from this album count amongst his most minimalist, analogue dark and emotional works. Side 1 and most of Side 2 + the 7" are absolutely stellar. A must-have for any electronic music enthusiasts who like to have some Tangerine Dream / Lustmord / John Carpenter and a bit of reproduction era Human League in their collection. The track "One Night" the only piece with vocals on the release sounds like an un-credited guest appearance by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel). Real masterpiece of modern futurism.. 2nd edition repress limited to 100 copies on black vinyl !!!

les amants


Artist : Staccato Du Mal 

Label : SDM 

les amants / LP

Live studio recordings on 1 stereo track (additional synth on "Cold Stare") using the following self made / modified 70's-80's analog machines: Logan string Melody II, Korg770(3), Korg800DV(2), Multivox-8100(2), Staccato-1 sequencer, Kr55, Roland Cr68, Cr5000, Tr66, Jx3p, EML-101, 200, Boss Dr55, Lem-10 tape delay. Studio Staccato 2007-2015. Sketch by Kelly Blorstad. Limited to 300 copies only !!

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