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radius 002


Artist : Various 

Label : Radius 

radius 002 / 12"

Second sampler of taken from compilation "Theme From Radius". This time including 4 beauties: First up is all time electro/italo classic Alexander Robotnick "Problèmes d'Amour", has been sampled by everybody and their dog... Furthermore the 3 others are a bit more obscure italo tracks, that will not fail to impress the afficionados of all things electro/beat/wave... Especially The Immortals "The Ultimate Warlord" is a surefied dancefloor anthem...

radius 004


Artist : Bijou 

Label : Radius 

radius 004 / 12"

For their fourth release, Radius Records (who previously brought us a fine selection of Italo disco nuggets) deliver a dancefloor electro four tracker! Side A's "Robodisco" delves into Kraftwerk-esque beats with old school stabs, vocoder voice snippets and a terrific 80s melody - an anthem in the making dare we say? On the B-side Bijou serves you a lush 70s space disco track "Styll'o Jaune" with "Styll'o Rouge", Jaune's evil twin and it's bone-crushing electro b-line and lush overtones make this an absolute party stormer! You've been warned!!

cybernetic love


Artist : Casco 

Label : Radius 

cybernetic love / 12"

Radius brings us the ultimate italo love potion. Dating back to 1983, Salvatore 'Casco' Cusato’s very 1st track still hasn't lost its electronic seductive power. The bald professor from Clone and Klakson gave it his own personal spin, a most efficient timebomb that will make every dancefloor tremble in pure cyber-orgasm...



Artist : Xenon 

Label : Radius 

galaxi / 12"

Radius 011 delivers one the most spaced out classic italo-disco tunes out there. The timeless "Galaxy" by Xenon will turn every sweaty dancefloor into a disco spaceship. Slow and seductive beats, spacy synthlines backed up by a driving bassline and cosmic guitars. The release comes with 2 Idjut Boys edits, giving the original a most sexy spin, with plenty of dubby delays and smoked out effects. This space disco classic from 1983 is now once again within reach of italo afficionados without having to pay ridiculous amounts on eBay. Definitely a must-have in any disco collection..!



Artist : Sun La Shan 

Label : Radius 

catch / 12"

Radius continues its Superradio series with one of the deeper but bigger tracks from the Superradio catalogue. Every self-respecting disco Dj has hammered this gem for years. "Catch" by Sun La Shan. The best way to describe this track is to picture yourself Visage and Moroder working out together in a gym staring at a Blondie poster. "Catch" is most definitely a seminal piece of work combining disco and new-wave in a sexy and sleazy molotov cocktail. The ep comes with a stripped down dub version and a Gent based Disco Devil remix. Tip !!

dance, prance & boogie


Artist : Supersonic Lovers 

Label : Radius 

dance, prance & boogie / 12"

Radius's 20th release comes with 3 boogie-friendly cuts with deep New York disco influences, delivered by Italian duo Supersonic Lovers. That's Luca 'Dj Rocca' Roccatagliati, known for his Ajello project, and Marcello Giordani, who released on Players Paradise and Mule Musiq. If you like to boogie on funky analogue basslines and gently house your body on deep intoxicating grooves, both tracks are between NY disco & italo-disco, this may be the perfect Radius cut for you ;)

what I did on my summer holidays


Artist : Trippy Disco 

Label : Radius 

what I did on my summer holidays / 12"

Radius 10th release with deep italo-disco inspired tracks by Irish producer Niall Connolly (aka Discopia). "Miami Playa" has some very authentic italo sounds combined with modern nu-disco and gets pretty intense during the chorus, also included is a very nice 'beatless' version. "Mote I Verdensrommet" and "Fifteen To Frankfurt" sound more like modern disco, think Lindstrom meets Alden Tyrell. Ace !

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