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synthesize me


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthesize me / LP

Really cool first compilation album on previous web download-only label Radio Cosmos based in Toulouse (Fr) specialising in electro, synth-pop, italo disco and wave. 9 new tracks by Antilles, Makina Girgir, Lasertanz, Keen K & Doriane, Welwirschaft, Alkali Tanz, Divier, Aldo Bergamachine, Orbitfighters. Limited to 500, handnumbered, comes with special artwork by well known comic artist Gil Formosa. Check !



Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthstation / LP

Follow up to the "Synthesize Me" compilation, here is the 2nd compilation with a selection of talented artists producing 9 fine synth-disco sometimes more wavy pieces ! This album is limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl and with another stylish sleeve-design by Gil Formosa. Really good work ;)

synthetic memento


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synthetic memento / 2x12"

Finally the third in the series of Radio Cosmos typical compilations and the good news first : nothing changed, for good, of course ! Like before we are being served wonderful danceable, dreamy and melodic electro-space-pop and italo disco tracks for your ecstatic dance trips through space. Already now another classic of the genre ! Be Fast ;)

synth planet


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synth planet / 2x12"

The Radio Cosmos label is obsessed with all analogue synthezisers, the label seeks for emotions in the melody and tries to find some sort of synergy from classic music pieces from Bach or Beethoven but of course in it's own original space cosmos universe. Strictly limited to 360 handnumbered copies with beautiful artwork by Gil Formosa. Highly Recommended !

split dimension 1


Artist : Keen K / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 1 / 12"

'Split Dimension 1' is the new Radio Cosmos project, consisting in tracks from 2 artists (here, Keen K & Infinity Night), and based on the same theme.. This 1st edition pay attention to space electro-disco-pop; moog-esque.. ! Jarrien, & synthetic vocal experiences. Limited to 250 copies only !!

split dimension 2


Artist : Keen K / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 2 / 12"

Keen K., Kinky Roland (vocals) & Infinity Night will take you on another melodic trip into italo romantics! Inspired and fascinated by the golden age of italo-disco (1983-85) these guys could be considered the nu-romantics of italo-disco. Needless to say these tracks were created completely on old analog synthesizers. Very nice!

split dimension 3


Artist : Captain Now / Infinity Night 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

split dimension 3 / 12"

Captain Now (aka Hans Biorn Blian) & Infinity Night (aka Frederic Bergamaschi) team up to release this 3rd chapter in the 'Split Dimension' serie. Clearly inspired by 80's American synthetic moods sounding like Jan Hammer or Giorgio Moroder. In the vein of tv soundtracks such as 'Miami Vice' or 'Scareface'. the 6 tracks have been made thanks to Sequencial Circuit Prophet-5 , Yamaha DX7 , Roland Juno 60. Huge!!!

synth dimension


Artist : Various 

Label : Radio Cosmos 

synth dimension / 2x12"

Robert Maschke produced cover art that should give you a hint of what to expect from this 11 tracks double LP compilation, namely star gazing italo thick on the synthesis and notions of space travel and futurism. Across the 4 sides, 'Synth Dimension' essentially grants a quartet of highly regarded synth explorers 12"s to show their wares with Keen K, Kid Machine, Astro Chicken founder Hyboid and Infinity Night all involved. Limited edition ;)

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