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love inside


Artist : Fan Of '83 

Label : No Label 

love inside / 7"

The first Fan of '83 single saw the light in 1991 with Fan of '83 still being a one man project. Kinda Chicago House bass mixed together with dancing synthie-pop. Really old school but still very refreshing..

breaking and entering


Artist : The Radio Crew 

Label : No Label 

breaking and entering / 12"

Incredibly rare soundtrack to the '83 cult documentary about the west-coast breakdance and music scene in L.A. Yes this is a bootleg but how else do you think you'd ever get hold of this ? (We don't see a reissue happening anytime soon). The music is what you can expect from a killer line-up like this (Ice-T, Egyptian Lover, Super AJ and Chris "the glove" Taylor). Crazy and innovative oldschool electro with most of the tracks being pretty minimal sounding like really (we mean Really) good bonus tracks. Get it now because this stock won't last for long!

the parasite


Artist : Roithamer 

Label : No Label 

the parasite / LP

Analogue-sounds and vocoder-voice, recorded 2007-2008 in Münster (Germany). All lyrics are taken from the book "The Parasite" by Michel Serres. Published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2007. Originally published as "Le Parasite" (Grasset & Fasquelle, 1980). Roithamer noise is a tribute to his work. A record not to be missed !

young sick & beautiful


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

young sick & beautiful / 10"

An ep of re-edits by Ivan Smagghe of Black Strobe fame with an unreleased Rub'n'Tug mix of the Beastie Boys "New York City" based around Steve Miller's "Macho City". Get in there while you can, particular fans of the Arthur Russel school of Disco. One for the comsic disco-heads out there. This will get you jumping across the dancefloor all night. Ace !

clean / surrender


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

clean / surrender / 7"

US private import. Only 500 of this superb picture 7" record have been made showing awesome pictures of the band taken by Anton Corbijn. Truely a collector item to be framed. The "Clean" version is amazing... Don't miss out !

trans-europe express / i.c. love affair


Artist : Kraftwerk / Gaznevada 

Label : No Label 

trans-europe express / i.c. love affair / 12"

Repress of a hard to find classic Italian disco track and a superb endless break of Kraftwerk's classic "Trans-Europe Express" !

nouvelle bretagne


Artist : Denner 

Label : No Label 

nouvelle bretagne / LP

Fantastic debut LP from Denner "Nouvelle Bretagne" in stock ! Denner is the new cold guitar wave group masterminded by Gilles Le Guen from Rennes (France), with Adam Humphreys and Mike Pate from Brooklyn on guitar and bass respectively. Here is the true essence of the seminal spirit of cold-wave; the restrained, romantic sound of the frozen, expansive rocky, wind-blown cliffs and arid, wildly alive, icy fields that compose the landscape of the Brittany region of northwestern France. Inspired equally by the originary cult bands of the Rennes cold-wave scene in the early 80's: Marquis de Sade, Complot Bronswick, End of Data, Tanit etc... Denner presents an undeniably contemporary collection of 8 epic tracks one could only righty name as a new cold sound for an old cold world. Adam's richly textural, shimmering, soaring guitar textures alternatingly backed by both drum machine and a live high-end-heavy kit summoning the ghost of the great Martin Hannett provide a perfect backdrop for Gilles' echo-laden, affirmatively mournful voice, effortlessly switching between Frence and English and drowning in the massiveness of the world. This opus is perfectly balanced, ranging from downtempo, spaciously introspective tracks (the dramatic, chill-inducing opener "Nouvelle Bretagne", "I Sold My Bones", "In Limbo"); privately fragile, jewel-like love ballads("You Seem So Far Away"); to aggressively melodic, humanistic sing-a-long tracks for early morning bar brawls amongst friends("Antimeridian", "Cold in Rags") Denner do it all on this album... These will be gone in 5 minutes, hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to grab one before they are... Beautiful full-color jacket with 18"x24" fold out insert poster, complete with free download link to MP3s of the entire collection! Very Rare forever...

dreamtime / electro blues


Artist : Peter Black feat. Kate Bush 

Label : No Label 

dreamtime / electro blues / 12"

Ultra limited US 12" ! A-side has Kate Bush samples the flip features New Order's "Your Silent Face" as part of Peter Blacks' "Electro Blues". Nice record..

star peace


Artist : Droids 

Label : No Label 

star peace / LP

The Droids beamed down to planet Earth in the year 1978. Yves Hayat (aka Droids), was a young label manager at the seminal French disco label Barclay in the 70's. "Star Peace", originally released in 1979, is his concept to the classic sci-fi movie Star Wars out that year. Featuring the French space synth classic "(Do You Have) The Force", in both parts, this lp goes from strength to strength with spaced out lullaby’s "Interspace" & "Tchoung Fou", before kicking back into the groove with "Be Happy" an assault to the senses with its manic synth lines running riot over heavy funk overtones. The flip kicks off with "Shanti Dance" parts 1 & 2, sleezy robot-funk work outs that are inter-joined to make a 6 minute continually evolving piece of music. The closing 8:30 minute "Renaissance De L’Amour" is a tour de force of cinematic synthscapes, bleeps, bloops and world rhythms, before dropping in the drums 6 minutes in to ignite any dancefloor. This is light years ahead of its time. Classic must-have ;)

1/2 mechanism 1/2 organism


Artist : The Spectrometers 

Label : No Label 

1/2 mechanism 1/2 organism / 10"

Cool follow-up to their 1st LP from 2008 by this French minimal electronics, old style industrial, post-punk band. Haunting soundscapes with industrial touches of Throbbing Gristle, psychedelic elements of Silver Apples and some repetitions of Suicide. Stylish but unpolished... really a perfect blending of elements and styles... You should not miss out on this one. Check ;)

electro classics


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

electro classics / 12"

Hot bootleg for US oldschool electro-funk & early hip-hop classic anthems. From NY to west coast, baby.

electro classics vol. 2


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

electro classics vol. 2 / 12"

Even more essential 80's classics... the time when it all began : early breakin electro mixed with early hip-hop & electronic funk. Here is a chance to grab absolute cult tracks at faire price ;)



Artist : Prince 

Label : No Label 

controversy / 12"

Extremely limited re-issue combines 2 Peter Black remixes from the 80's. Check !!

demos & alternate versions


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

demos & alternate versions / 2x12"

Not much infos on this unofficial release edited by an obscure japanese D.M. fan-club. Double LP with classic Depeche Mode hits but all in a completely different orchestration than the originals.. All these unplugged songs sounds new to the listener. Fantastic !

cosmic excursions


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

cosmic excursions / 2x12"

New repress of this bootleg 2x12" taking you on a journey into deep disco, italo-electro & proto-techno, with 9 rare classic tracks. Must-Have for sure ;)

sonntag ist mein freier tag


Artist : Die Ganze Wahrheit 

Label : No Label 

sonntag ist mein freier tag / 7"

Review to come..!



Artist : Klingelton 17 

Label : No Label 

trümmertruppe / 7"

Klingelton 17 is one of the obscure 80's DDR bands in the field of NDW / minimal music. This 7" was pressed in the 90's but never really distributed and sold. The music of Klingelton 17 is a mix of NDW and authentic minimal, somewhat in the style of Matthias Schuster. The songs on this record were recorded during the mid/late 80's and breaths that atmosphere very well. "Trümmertruppe" is a long and extremely minimal track with a clear rhythm and some melodic elements. On top of that classic vocoder vocals are delivered. It is a very nice and catchy track you will recognize immediately as a relic of the 80's. On the B-side are 2 more tracks. "Ich Erhoffe More Ein Leben" is more playful as "Trümmertruppe" and a bit more new-wave inspired. This 7" is a cult piece, it is a great surprise it has been recovered after all these years. Only 150 copies were pressed so it is a true collector's piece ;)

bird from fez


Artist : Vision Factory 

Label : No Label 

bird from fez / 7"

In a creepy vault we explored a few original pressings of this minimal electro classic from 1990, which is really scarce and expensive. The records are from the original pressing and unplayed, the cover is a reprint of the original artwork. So order quickly, if you want to get this rare masterpiece for a fair price..

the muse


Artist : -Y- 

Label : No Label 

the muse / 7"

Self-released by the band. Limited edition of 300 copies on hand stamped cardboard cover. 2 songs: "The Muse" & "Fun Fun Fun" by the big boys ;)

kassettentäter vol.9


Artist : Various 

Label : No Label 

kassettentäter vol.9 / LP

'Kassettentäter' (cassette offender) is a compilation of rare and mostly forgotten records from the early 80's. It's a tribute to the German cassette underground scene. Latest in this series of super-obscure synth/primitive NDW/experimental artists, mostly only previously "available" on cassettes. Ultra limited edition of 100 copies, with liner notes.. Grab it while you can !



Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : No Label 

alice / LP

No need to present this cult Dutch duo from the 80's (Lidia Fiala & Peter Van Garderen) still active nowadays.. This new album 'Alice' contains 12 songs, which were composed during the past 2 years, but the lyrics partly date back to the 70's & 80's. Some of these songs were already performed on stage, some will premiere on forthcoming concerts and some will never be played live. This is because all Nine Circles lyrics deal with things that happened in Lidia's life and songs like "Alice Don't Jump" are too emotional to be sung on stage. The song "The Shade Killed Her" is about Lidia's experience with some people in the music business who nearly managed to destroy her love for the music, but "This Is The Rose" tells that it turned good account and those people did not succeed. Per-Anders & Lidia are tuned with their feelings, so when Per-Anders sings "Haunted By The Past", he gets the same feelings as Lidia when she wrote the lyrics, because they fit also to his life. This is with many songs; being kindred spirits they are able to make music like it is coming from one soul.. Handnumbered cover with UV matt varnish print. Contains inlay with lyrics and photos, 1 poster, 1 sticker and 2 different postcards.. TIP !!!

the light is ours


Artist : Luminance 

Label : No Label 

the light is ours / 12"

Luminance is the one man project of (DA) from Brussels. This singer and multi-instrumentist proposes a debut ep called 'The Light Is Ours' and it's very interesting! It's a blend of synth-pop, minimal wave, cold-wave with touches of psychedelia. Echoing drums, vaporous vocals, droning bass lines, sparkling analog synth melodies: you think of OMD and The Cure, but more modern, in the direction of Led Er Est and Martial Canterel. The track "Facts Without Emotions" is a fantastic song, a real upbeat dancefloor killer! You also get more experimental songs, like "Rare Are The Ones": the slow, hypnotic beat and heavy reverberating vocals convey a deep ghost-wave feeling, a but like In Death It Ends or The Soft Moon. "Exercise", on the other hand, is an... exercise in style reminiscent of Kraftwerk with its robotic beats and vocoder vocals. "Les Loups" is a beautiful, psychedelic ballad; too bad the guitar riff is more than slightly inspired by Lullaby (The Cure). "The Light Is Ours" has the same ethereal quality and takes you on a nice trip adorned by subtle drum machine sounds and shimmering synthetic tunes. In a nutshell: a great debut ep. If you like modern minimal wave, rush to buy the ep !

misereality - ep


Artist : Fallen Apart 

Label : No Label 

misereality - ep / 12"

Fallen Apart was a German gothic-wave band founded in 1994 out of the ashes of a band called Funeral Address. It was the initial project of Echo West (aka Silent Signals). Recorded 5.1999 in Gelsenkirchen and released in 2000. Label stolen from Currey Beardsley, ca. 1897. Cover stolen from Koloman Moser, 1899. Background vocals "Great King" A.D. 1297. This release comes in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered, here on white vinyl. Includes a 12"x12" sized lyric-sheet. Be fast !

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