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Artist : Sixth June 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

everytime / LP

This is the superb debut album of this lovely duo Sixth June from Belgrade ! Their electronic dark-pop sound has been going around for quite a while...

system of belief


Artist : Nina Belief 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

system of belief / 10"

Nina Belief is Tushna from Miami (USA), and already known from being the female half of Ronin, but here recording solo. She has already appeared with "Android Emotions" on the "We’re Punch Addicted" compilation CD (Punch Records) and is now delighting the world with 5 more fantastic songs from the realms of the analog synth underground. Like the other usual suspects (the analog synth freaks from the US : Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato Du Mal, etc..) she appears to only play original early 80's analog synthesizers and drum machines which gives this music much heart and soul, and authenticity. The music is cold and dark, due to the vocals some similarities to The Vyllies ("Exile Queen"), November Növelet, and also Anne Clark ("Ice In Air"). This is the 1st release on newly founded German label No Emb Blanc Records, actually a side label of Genetic Music. Well done, Tushna ;)



Artist : Daybed 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

preludes / 12"

This is the long awaited debut ep from Berlin based newcomer duo Daybed !! The lovely Tim & Carla (New Zealand / USA) delight us with their catchy synth tunes topped with great female vocals. This ep includes the clubhit "Lack Of Light" ! Not to be missed, for sure ;)

artificial heart / frenzy


Artist : Soma Sema 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

artificial heart / frenzy / 7"

Review to come..!

parallel lives


Artist : Touching The Void 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

parallel lives / 7"

Touching The Void is a collaboration between 2 old veterans in the minimal-wave/synth-pop/electronic scene, now joining forces on an amazing release, the 7" 'Parallel Lives'. The 2 gentlemen in question, are Andy Oppenheimer (from Oppenheimer Analysis) and Mark Warner (from Sudeten Creche), and they formed Touching the Void in 2010 after working together in Berlin. Deeply beautiful

navigation lost


Artist : The Surreal Funfair 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

navigation lost / LP+CD

Based in Berlin, this solo-project was set up by Sascha Beyer. The Surreal Funfair claimed to be inspired by some famous musicians like The Residents and The Legendary Pink Dots. There for sure is a similar taste for minimalism. The sound is quite 80's inspired, which definitely appears on the debut song "Winnetou 1". The vocals are a little bit reminding us of Dirk Ivens, which is good a reference. "Mono" is one of the songs that got our curiosity. It's pure 80's vintage music. Other cuts are quite experimental and even moving on the edge of martial rhythms mixed with pop elements. Incluidng the CD version ;)

morgen über uns


Artist : Blackie 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

morgen über uns / LP

In 2012 No Emb Blanc stumbled across a Youtube video. According to the info this video contained music recorded in 1981 but the style of language did not match the year. No matter what, the song was good, but there was no information to find whatsoever about the band except a small note they were from Hamburg. Later it became clear 2 friends of Matthias Schuster (Bal Paré, Geisterfahrer etc.) were responsible for this electro/wave track. The other archive material was remastered also by Matthias Schuster. It's their debut album with some excellent EBM / synth-wave vibes. ;)

tear garden


Artist : Rossetti's Compass 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

tear garden / 12"

Rossetti's Compass is a dark electronic project originally created by Mark Warner, a former member of Sudeten Creche and Touching The Void and joined by Per Aksel Lundgreen. Mark Warner is a former member of Sudeten Creche and a current member of Touching the Void with Andy Oppenheimer. He created Rossetti's Compass in 2010 to allow exploration of different directions in music ranging for pure synth-pop through to dark and menacing electro. As the name, Rossetti's Compass, suggests, it both encompasses and points to a direction. A direction dictated by one's heart that doesn't need to conventionally conform to the standards dictated by the 'Art' establishment and one driven by passion, like the pre-raphaelite brotherhood founded in 1848.

the new coliseum (expanded)


Artist : Polaroid Kiss 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

the new coliseum (expanded) / LP+CD

New-wave electro-pop project by Brandun Reed, Ian Pickering and Sarah Blackwood (ex-Client, Dubstar). 'The New Coliseum (Expanded)', is a brand new 10 track compilation album & a prelude to the much anticipated full-length album 'Weakness Of The Beautiful Souls'. Collaborators & guest artists appearing on this album include Perry Bamonte (The Cure), Noah Warner (Film Composer), Martin Sköld (Kent) and Craig Grant (Union Of Knives). Including CD ;)



Artist : Nina Belief 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

shivers / LP

Review to come..!

afire afire


Artist : Liste Noire 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

afire afire / 12"

Liste Noire is an incarnation of the art-wave project Velvet Condom. Alice Gift and Oberst P. now joined by new member Kali on guitar and keyboard, play what they call 'disco noir'. This is the debut-ep of this Berlin-based French-Swedish trio.

violent rains


Artist : Minuit Machine 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

violent rains / LP+CD

Paris synth duo Minuit Machine have been working through the paces of dark, moody coldwave at a fair clip. Their 2013 debut ep 'Blue Moon' showed a keen ear for using synth pads and harmonics to strike a melancholy mood, and 1st LP 'Live & Destroy' showed them working in punchier and more uptempo tracks into the mix. 2nd full-length 'Violent Rains' connects all of these points and styles together quite smoothly, but perhaps more impressive is the emotional intensity communicated by its production and vocals. The style of the record is classic French coldwave, but the service into which the synths are pressed shows a keen awareness of how electronics have been used in all manner of dark music since that genre's heyday. Check the dead simple opening of "Battles": a heavily-gated drum track spits along plainly, and a simple broken arpeggio carries things along through the verse with aplomb. The desperate, anthemic chorus feels straight out of the early 80's, but the relative warmth and bounce of the synths which run through the verse make the whole affair much more immediate and present. Making classic archetypes feel contemporary in mood is perhaps a far trickier task than simply 'updating' a sound, but Minuit Machine feel very much of the current day. The vocals of Amandine Stioui, though, are 'Violent Rains'..I don’t want to say secret weapon (as they’re never hidden or downplayed in the mix), but the role they play in maintaining the otherworldly passion connoted by the instrumentation can't be understated. Comparisons to Clan of Xymox's Anka Wolbert, Kirlian Camera's Emilia Lo Jacono, and even Zola Jesus seem warranted, but it's what Stioui does with her naturally commanding register that matters. There's a defiant fatalism which runs through the record. 'You and me, we were doomed before we were born' she intones on "Everlasting", a tale of a self-immolating relationship which continues on in spite of itself. A more existential message of resistance is found on the aforementioned "Battles": 'There's no hero, no God to protect us / We're alone when the darkness surrounds us / Life is ours, no one will ruin it for us'. Even the less extreme moments on the record, like reflective character study "Honey", are given extra emotional heft by Stioui's vocals. The sheer volume of talented young dark synth acts on the rise in Europe can be staggering and nigh impossible to track at times. Influences are certainly worn on sleeves and Minuit Machine are no exception, but what separates the wheat from the chaff is whether those classic sounds are being imitated or used as a toolset for exploring themes and ideas which are come by honestly. The emotion of Minuit Machine’s music, rife with drama and gothic excess, leaves no question as to their motives. Buy It !

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