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3- jahrtausend


Artist : Geisterfahrer 

Label : NLW 

3- jahrtausend / 7"

Legendary German obscure new-wave/ndw band from the 80's. 3 songs between minimal-electro, analog-techno and new-wave influences. The all driven by heavy punk orientations. Unique...

souvenirs aus der zukunft


Artist : Notstandskomitee 

Label : NLW 

souvenirs aus der zukunft / 7"

Malte Steiner from Hamburg works for round about 20 years as musican, sound-researcher and artist with several musical projects like Das Kombinat, Elektronengehim, Konform and of course Notstandskomitee had some club hits mostly in the dark-wave scene, but have a good name in the more experimental electro scene, somewherebetween techno and minmal-electro, and academic circles too. All 4 tracks show the more mainstream side of Notstandskomitee ans surelly will be hits on all minimal electro gigs in a near future !



Artist : Experiment Nnord 

Label : NLW 

untitled / 7"

These 2 tracks shows the more poppy side of this German band with some minimal-electro influences. They are not too close to the good old typical new-wave sound of the band and so seemed to be the perfect choice for a release on Hamburg-based NLW label. Intelligent German lyrics and male/female vocals, combined with gorgeous melodies show Experiment Nnord as an outstanding act. "Neue Welt" is a one of the greatest singable song ever !

nix los


Artist : Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. 

Label : NLW 

nix los / 7"

Minimal-Electro/NDW von Carol Stecker und Haiko Herden aus den Jahren 1983. raw and rare !

komm, wir gehn nach hollywood


Artist : Sonnenbrandt 

Label : NLW 

komm, wir gehn nach hollywood / 7"

A teaser for the upcoming album: two tracks that will not appear in this version on the expected debut LP. Neo Synthie Deutsche Welle mixed with elektro pop for the dancefloor.

hamburg hit-news 2006


Artist : Various 

Label : NLW 

hamburg hit-news 2006 / 10"

Brrrrrr... Here is a brilliant 10" with 9 beautiful tracks between 80’s electronics, ndw and synth-pop. Highlights go to Sonnenbrandt with a superb synth-pop gem untitled "Herz Aus Geld", and the "Science" track signed by Oppenheimer Analysis taken from a cd-r released in 2005. Dope ! Released in a limited grey marble vinyl.

zukunft / erlösung


Artist : Audiodakt 

Label : NLW 

zukunft / erlösung / 7"

NLW label discovered and publishes the first 2-track single of this mysterious project Audiodakt from Germany. Twice magnifying glass-pure minimal electro sound, how one knows it from the early 80's and loves.



Artist : Im Namen Des Volkes 

Label : NLW 

volksmusik / LP

It is the second release of early material from IM NAMEN DES VOLKES on NLW, recorded between 1979 and 1982, and remastered by Matthias Schuster himself in 2007. These songs incorporate the essence of analogue minimal electronics: rough and weird analogue synthesiser sounds, monotonous sequences, simple melodies and vocoded voice, somewhere between DAF and DER PLAN. Highly recommended !



Artist : Chromatron 

Label : NLW 

untitled / 7"

Contemporary minimal elektro tunes with a punky attitude is what Chromatron serves us on this 7". The songs are catchy and will bring some action to the dancefloor as well. And... this is a really nice designed collectors item. Limited to 300 copies in grey vinyl.



Artist : Bal Pare 

Label : NLW 

sommerwind / 10"

Bal Paré was originally active between 1980 and 1989 (if even under aliases) and founded in Hamburg by Matthias Schuster (aka Im Namen Des Volkes & Geisterfahrer), Kirsten Klemm and Jan T. Krahn. They created some of the most beautiful analogue electro-pop songs ever (“Palais d’Amour”, “Les Mots”, “Rien Ne Va plus”) and now Matthias has revived the project (if only solo) and fortunately (and also incredible) he was 100% able to capture the original sound and atmosphere while concentrating on the catchy side of things, thus creating the perfect Bal Paré record with 6 of his wonderful tracks ever ! To cut the short : perfect analogue electro-pop with most beautiful synth sounds and melodies and drum machine. A Must Have for everyone, limited to 500 copies !



Artist : Akustikkoppler 

Label : NLW 

fernmündlich / 7"

Collaboration of well known Hamburgian musicians Matthias Schuster (aka Im Namen Des Volkes, Bal Paré, Geisterfahrer, Das Institut), and Malte Steiner (aka Notstandskomitte, Konform, Elektronengehirn, Das Kombinat). Musically we get the perfect combination of both musicians plus some Kraftwerk influences or in other words: perfect catchy minimal-electro with wonderful high quality cover artwork... Get this jubilee release ;)

es leuchtet blau


Artist : Various 

Label : NLW 

es leuchtet blau / 7"

After the great 10" 'Hamburg Hit News 2006', NLW compiled their 2nd compilation called 'Es Leuchtet Blau' ('It’s Shining Blue'). The A-Side contains catchy minimal electro-wave tracks & the B-Side features danceable minimal electro, all with German lyrics and yet unreleased. Pressed on blue vinyl with insert. Huge !

nice to meet insanity


Artist : Vision Factory 

Label : NLW 

nice to meet insanity / LP

Vision Factory was a late 80's solo project of musician Gregor Pichotka from the 'Ruhrpott' area of Germany, which released the heavily sought after 7" 'Bird From Fez / Tremendous Mates' in 1990. The song "Tremendous Mates" was also presented on the 1st 'Abby' CD compilation and became a small club hit. The music is influenced by acts like early The Klinik, Transparent Illusion, Throbbing Gristle and Die Form and can also be compared a bit to acts like File Not Found, Silent Signals and Nejet Nok. All songs are recorded between 1986 & 1989 and yet unreleased. The remastering of the original audiotapes was done by Matthias Schuster (Bal Pare, Im Namen des Volkes...). This record is a 2012-must-have for all fans of minimal-electro (even with some industrial influences) ;)

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