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urbi et orbi


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

urbi et orbi / 12"

Excellent 4th release for Rome-based label MinimalRome. A joint collaboration between MinimalRome artists and “foreign” producers such as Luke Eargoggle (Sweden) and Ra-X (Holland). Analogue electronic music with some of the main protagonists in the so-called “new wave of electro” scene. Dope !

computer pervaded society


Artist : Kobol Electronics 

Label : MinimalRome 

computer pervaded society / 12"

An entity created through the trans-oceanic mixture of Detroit techno and early 80's European electro, Kobol Electronics combines electronic experimentation and convincing 4x4 rhythms, without samples or virtual synths. Just pure analogue synthesis. A project initiated in 1997, it only became fully shaped five years later, after the death of James M. Stinson, from whom the work was inspired. A decade after conception it is now released on the Roman label. Each LP is numbered and comes with a custom-made cover. Pure Sh** !

broken pots hill vol.3


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

broken pots hill vol.3 / 12"

The LP Volume 3 is the MinimalRome's 5th release and features seven different producers and styles ranging from electro to acid techno to ebm and nu disco, all glued by the rough sound of analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Dope !

my old red car


Artist : Composite Profuse 

Label : MinimalRome 

my old red car / 12"

Brand new release from Italians best electro label, Composite Profuse also released on Bunker. Vocoded intimist lyrics hold by fat analogue basslines and old school electro rhythms. Four pieces of warm and deep electronic music. Recommended !

hidden secret space


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

hidden secret space / 12"

Minimal Rome latest release with a collaborative project "Teslasonic" paying homage to the inspired inventor Nikola Tesla who innovated in the realms of electricity and magnetism, an accolade based in image and sound. "Hidden Secret Space" moves from a number of points, from a dark minimalism with a slice of space to deep cerebral electronix. Great record !

vicolo cieco


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : MinimalRome 

vicolo cieco / 12"

After the completion of the "Studium Amphorae" trilogy, Heinrich Dressel returns with a 4-track release. A compendium of crime-o-rama deliberate violence, with the Legowelt connivance. Maybe the 1st chapter of a new Dressel series ? Check..!

urbi et orbi II


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

urbi et orbi II / 12"

After 3 years the second chapter of the various artists compilation Urbi et Orbi ! This time with the Romans Composite Profuse and Fdbk, and 2 great tracks from Rude 66 and Mick Wills. Don’t miss this one !

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta)


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : MinimalRome 

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta) / 12"

This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) ''Italia Violenta'' cop movie was recently discovered when I bought the dusty reel tapes from a restaurant owner in Fiumicino, a seaside town near Rome. ''Panter 777'' aka ''Il Labirinto Di Roma Violenta'' aka ''The Maze Of Violence'', he told me, was directed by Gervasio Giardano in 1981 and was considered too (politically) explicit by the movie production company who dropped the project after the first screening. The soundtrack, an explosion of wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers, was composed by an obscure band called Nacho Patrol. The restaurant owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was one of the band members and composed most of the tracks. Hahaha...

watch yourself


Artist : C-34 

Label : MinimalRome 

watch yourself / 12"

New MinimalRome release by C-34 with remixes Mick Wills (International Deejay Gigolo), Heinrich Dressel, Feedback and a C-34 vs. Andreas manipulation.. Check !

ego & psycho


Artist : Andreas Herz 

Label : MinimalRome 

ego & psycho / LP

Spooky, soundtrack electro, full of creeped-out synths and dystopian sound designs, from MinimalRome. Andreas Herz is up there with zombi as far a scorer for imaginary 80's horror films, coming up with some evocatively old-school synth lines on "Ecole Des Cadavres", while "Rebis" dips into kitsch with what sounds like an alternative take on the theme tune from "Knightrider". The appropriately titled "Sinister" is a hefty, pounding track, with serrated-edge synths, horrifyingly unpleasant vocoders (think Davros with a chest infection) and a 4/4 drum pattern that's tantamount to being walloped over the head for four minutes. Repress without sleeve. Be Fast...

escape from the hill


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : MinimalRome 

escape from the hill / LP

The second release by Heinrich Dressel, "Escape From The Hill" begins with an incredibly lovely electronic introduction; "The Bright Side" is a vaguely spooky piece of cinematic kosmische musik, leading into a title track that reveals an astutely observed italo-electro hybrid. "Porticus Aemilia" might bring to mind the music of Zombi, albeit with a little more emphasis on a machinated electronic sound. The suggestion of kitsch, 80's horror/sci-fi soundtrack references is yet more pronounced on "Lost Into The Horrea Sulpicia", before a big, chunky synth melody takes centre stage on "Sailing From Ripa Grande". Finally, "The Dark Side" marks a return to the sinister soundtrack electro sounds that Dressel seems to be so well versed in. Fat One ;)

the spark of prometheus


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

the spark of prometheus / 12"

This is the 2nd experiment from the Teslasonic lab. This time Teslasonic descends into the bowels of the globe to bring forth its hidden sounds and to unlock the imprisoned and immense energies. The task is to subdue the devastating "Spark Of Prometheus" and the thundering bolt of jove, annihilating time and space. From the dark depths of electro to the bright regions of the cosmic sounds. Intense !



Artist : The Hacker 

Label : MinimalRome 

haunted / 12"

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave ! Limited to 250 copies. The Hacker, l'homme de l'ombre, comes from a long way. "Haunted" is a Kraftwerk-style electro track, with an 808 punching pattern counterpointing a deep analogue bassline enveloped in rich, harmonic pads. Bringing cold atmospheres, in the mood of Dopplereffekt. On the B-side, the Feedback remix is an acid techno razorblade, coming straight from the sound of Rome traditional path. Also the Banda Banetti remix (a new MinimalRome open project) gyrates in the techno domain, with a deeply revised version of the original. A cluster of analogue sounds put together in a supercompact killer tune, designed for the sickest dancefloors.. Nice shot !

latch, fasten, secure


Artist : Solvent 

Label : MinimalRome 

latch, fasten, secure / 12"

'Latch, Fasten, Secure' is a new 3-track 12" by Canada's Solvent, known for his melodic electro and vocoder pop releases on Ghostly, Morr Music, and his own Suction Records. For MinimalRome, Solvent debuts a new approach, so please don't expect any sweet Solvent melodies this time; in fact, don't expect any melodies at all. Here Solvent delivers 3 tracks of pure Bunker/Rephlex-style acid, monotonous and pounding. "Fasten" is the most straight-up acid track present, nothing but 707/606 percussion + x0xb0x squelch. "Latch" and "Secure" are more dark, abstract, dirty. "Secure" is epic madness, clocking in at over 16 minutes; at times slow and prodding, elsewhere growling furiously in sheets of distortion. Every track has been edited down from hour+ long hardware studio jams, with the computer acting strictly as a multi-track audio recorder. Solvent's customized acid box, a heavily modified x0xb0x, features heavily on every track, alongside classic techno boxes like the 808, 101, and Pro One. Limited to 250 copies only..!

electrical oscillator activity


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

electrical oscillator activity / 12"

3rd experiment from the Teslasonic lab. A 6-tracks journey through some of the most notable inventions of the Serbian genius. An electronic ode to electricity, its applications and its revolutionary place in the history of mankind. Limited to 300 copies! No repress!

trame due


Artist : Various 

Label : MinimalRome 

trame due / 2x12"

"Eux sont de ceux qui trament en accordant desseins sur dessins". MinimalRome is back with the 2nd volume of 'Trame' compilation. A full lenght 2xLP release gathering Legowelt (aka Phalangius), Heinrich Dressel, Alessandro Adriani, Ian Martin, Teslasonic, Polysick, C-34, Iron Blue and David Kristian among others. Traveling through these 18 ambient cosmic tracks from true heirs of library music, you'll expand the surrounding space. Limited to 300 copies.

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