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Artist : Absolute Body Control 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

wind[re]wind / LP

Released on Minimal-Maximal (Dirk Ivens brand new label), this LP by Absolute Body Control features completely new versions with top quality sounds of 10 of their best known tracks, recorded by Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem at the Prodam Studios in February 2007. Essential ! Picture vinyl limited to 525 copies.

shadows in the dark


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

shadows in the dark / LP

Dirk Ivens (aka Klinik, Absolute Body Control..) and Minimal-Maximal label has produced yet another, soon to be infamous, top-notch Belgian electro vinyl. Strictly limited to 500 copies, Šnd moreover strictly limited to Belgian electro talents, beautifully united on this heavy-vinyl picture edition. Coming from the land of beer and chocolates, this selection of very promising discoveries in the interesting Belgian electro scene, all carefully hand-picked by electro-pioneer Dirk Ivens himself, will surely get you back on track with what's moving and moreover what's coming ;)

mindless intrusion


Artist : Absolute Body Control 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

mindless intrusion / LP

'Mindless Intrusion' is a collection of remixes, whose original versions can be found on the latest album 'Shattered Illusion'. The 10-track album also holds 2 exclusive extra tracks. The vinyl is available in a hand numbered edition of 520 copies on 180gr vinyl. Be fast on this new ABC Lp ;)

close circuit connection


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

close circuit connection / LP

'Close Circuit Connection' is a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks by Belgian new-wave and electro bands from the 80's and compiled by Dirk Ivens himself.. Fantastic limited edition of 520 numbered copies. There will be no repress..!

a new day


Artist : Portrait Bizarre 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

a new day / LP

Portrait Bizarre founded in 1982. This is their new album 'A New Day', offering 7 new songs and 3 '2011' versions of older songs: "The Invitation", "Ballad Of The Grave" and of course "Friends Could Be Friends" which is still a great song. Portrait Bizarre offers catchy, guitar oriented pop/rock/wave songs. They are back & stronger than ever! Sounds like? I have to mention Placebo, mainly because of the vocals. 'A New Day' is limited to 520 hand numbered copies and only available on vinyl..

the 15th floor


Artist : Parade Ground 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

the 15th floor / LP

'The 15th Floor' dates back to 1989, there is a pervasive sense of nostalgia when listening to this album. It is very much a product of its time as each synth and drum machine patch sounds rather dated, the production of the guitars, bass, and vocals having a primitively subdued quality quintessential to the tools and techniques of the period. Not that this in any way hinders the appeal of the album, which surely stands up next to such classic gems as Nine Inch Nails' 'Pretty Hate Machine' or Front Line Assembly's 'Gashed Senses & Crossfire', with just enough melody and rock texture that recalls the likes of New Order's 'Technique'. While 'The 15th Floor' may not necessarily hold up to today's standards of production and sound quality, it is at least an enjoyable listen and a pleasant trip down EBM memory lane..

stained impressions


Artist : A Split-Second 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

stained impressions / LP

1984 was a pivotal year for A Split-Second. Originally a new-wave high-school band playing covers and a few own compositions, the 1st line-up disbanded as composer, singer and bass player Marc Ickx went more electronic with a primitive sequencer and drum computer. Without previous studio experience, he started recording 'Stained Impressions', a demo tape recorded in single takes with cassette-to-cassette overdubs. Largely raw and primitive, 'Stained Impressions' provides an interesting look into the genesis of one of the most influential alternative electronic bands of the 80's, and the variety and experimentation that marked this era. Limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies, 180gr vinyl, plus insert. White Vinyl !

we never said you


Artist : The Neon Judgement 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

we never said you're no good / LP

The complete recording of a live session broadcasted directly in stereo on national radio in 1984 combined with 2 very rare tracks is available now for the 1st time on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal. Enter The Neon Judgement. Dirk Da Davo's and TB Frank's band certainly has been affected by this double time-effect. Although these Belgian Leuven-based musicians have often been considered the founding fathers of EBM, the high-tech genre form the early 80's, combining industrial and electro music, from which later originated new beat and techno.. About a quarter of a century after the 1st single "Factory Walk" (1982) The Neon Judgement appears to be overtaking time. The band's creative model (electronic music with a rock approach) now exists in many forms and varieties. Furthermore The Neon Judgement's music seems to have been rediscovered by a new and younger generation of hip musicians from all over the world. Today, renowned artists such as Dave Clarke, The Hacker en Tiga often emulate the bands early work. Although time seemed to have forgotten about The Neon Judgement, it also re-instated the band as a hot act. The rough 80's wave music inspires today's hip electropop. Finally the band is credited for its groundbreaking pioneering work, and even after 25 years the music is far from being outdated. Limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies, 180gr vinyl, no repress..

close circuit connection II


Artist : Various 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

close circuit connection II / LP

A selection of rare and unreleased material by some of the best names of 80's and 90's electro acts, compiled by Dirk Ivens (member of Klinik, Dive, Absolute Body Control, Sonar...) on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal. In a collectors limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, on 180gr vinyl, no repress..

invicta max


Artist : Section 25 

Label : Minimal Maximal 

invicta max / 10"

1st available as a 4 track download-only ep 'Invicta' through Peter Hook's Hacienda Records, now an exclusive release as a 10" extended with unreleased material and an outstanding remix done by Absolute Body Control on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal. In a collectors limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies, crystal clear vinyl, no repress..

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