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Artist : 77tm 

Label : Mecanica 

spam / 12"

Arising from the underground of Neukölln in Berlin, this Polish-Danish duo brings pulsating beats and bass lines together with vintage synthesizers and analog drum machines, as well as self-customized and bended low-bit instruments. 77™ takes a conceptually different approach to each release, which usually is visually supported by experimental videos/animations. Their remix for Millimetric's 'Negative Leaders' ep has been released on Space Factory Records. Black vinyl limited to 250 copies. Includes A2 full color poster.



Artist : Alles 

Label : Mecanica 

post / LP

Debut album of this minimal electro-pop project from Łódź (Poland). Transparent vinyl limited to 500 copies. Lyrics insert. Includes new mastering and one new song "Fala". Postmodernizm, postpunk, postkomunizm, wielki Post!



Artist : Aga Wilk 

Label : Mecanica 

moon / 12"

Aga Wilk (aka 77™) is back with this new ep. A-side includes 3 songs full of analog synths, cold bass lines and vocoder vocals. B-side is reserved for some remixes. 1st by Flemming Dalum, a Dj and producer based in Denmark and devoted to italo-disco. 2nd one by David Carretta, famous French Dj and producer. And the last one by Fotoplastikon, a cult underground project from Poland. Limited to 300 copies with foldover jacket.

cromosomas salvajes


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Mecanica 

cromosomas salvajes / LP

One of the most influential Spanish techno-pop bands from the 80's is finally taking back to life one of their most successful albums. Originally released in 1985, 'Cromosomas Salvajes' marked a big step forward on the career of El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados. While keeping their message in support of the working class, nuclear energy and futuristic vision, this work had a top production, more dynamic compositions and included some of the fans favorites: "Himno Aéreo", "La Ciudad En Movimiento" and "El Color De Tus Ojos Al Bailar". This new pressing has been restored and remastered from the original tapes. This beautiful LP edition comes in yellow vinyl with gatefold jacket with an exclusive postcard, one sticker and includes all tracks from the original issue plus the B-side "Tejidos" and the unreleased track "Europa Arde En Mi Interior" that was originally composed for the famous Eurovision song contest. Limited to 400 copies !



Artist : Absolute Body Control 

Label : Mecanica 

wind[re]wind / 2x12"

Absolute Body Control was formed by Dirk Ivens in 1980 and joined by Eric Van Wonterghem just after releasing their 1st single "Is There An Exit?". Achieving an underground cult following, the band took their influence from bands such as Suicide, D.A.F and the UK electronic scene. After a few years, the band members all went their separate ways finding success in other influential acts such as The Klinik, Dive, Sonar, Monolith and Insekt. In 2007 ABC re-formed and released 'Wind[Re]Wind' on a very limited picture disc LP and later on CD including updated & re-recorded versions of their best tracks. Modern sound recording techniques blend seamlessly with the classic roots of low-fi electro. Now, almost a decade after the 1st pressing, 'Wind[Re]Wind' is relunched including all the 13 tracks from the CD plus 2 new versions ("Waving Hands" and "The Man I Wanna Be") and a live recording from WGT 2007 (previously available only on a limited CD). Repress edition limited to 520 copies on black vinyl. No words necessary, pfffff..!



Artist : 77tm 

Label : Mecanica 

p.i.g. / 12"

'P.I.G.' (Post-Industrial Geometry) is the 2nd ep by 77™. It's a dive into old-school electro and minimal synth. Includes a cover of Dupont's "Let's Rock" from the classic 'Breakin'n'Enterin' original motion picture soundtrack from 1983. Limited to 300 copies on transparent clear vinyl.



Artist : Aga Wilk 

Label : Mecanica 

kosmos / 12"

Aga, half of 77™, explores with her solo project slower and more disco oriented vibes. Vintage synthesizers and vocoders are used as means for spreading the cold disko spirit. This release contains an amazing cover of "Wunderbar" by the cult artist Christiane F. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.



Artist : Flash Cero 

Label : Mecanica 

1988 / LP

Flash Cero started in Madrid back in 1986 by Logytself (synths) and Fan Dl Kaox (vocals & synths). With only a Roland Juno 60, one Casio 5000, a Simmons electronic drum machine, some effects and basic equipment they started to work. Fran Null (keyboards) and Javier Cruz (percussions) joined the band few weeks later. In 1987 Flash Cero recorded a demo with 6 tracks and started to play shows and look for a record company. Months later the band finally got a contract with a spanish label to record and release their debut album '1988'. 27 years later this influential and cult techno-pop album is back to life. '1988' has been remastered from the original tapes and a new artwork has been created with graphic material from band private archives. Limited to 350 copies. Includes insert with photos and liner notes.



Artist : Flash Zero 

Label : Mecanica 

conspiracy / LP

Repress of the 2nd album by this Spanish act originally released in 1989. After their debut '1988' the band experienced some changes in their name, line-up, language and tendencies. Flash Zero moved from techno-pop to EBM influenced by Front 242 and the Belgian music explosion of the late 80's. Vinyl limited to 250 copies on clear green color including all tracks from the original version and a download code with lot of extra tracks. All tracks have been carefully restored and remastered.



Artist : Alles 

Label : Mecanica 

union / 7"

2 nice & new compositions from this minimal-synth duo from the post-industrial city of Łódź (Poland). Limited and numbered to 320 copies on black vinyl. Fold over sleeve with ultra-violet coating. Includes download code.



Artist : Synths Versus Me 

Label : Mecanica 

<1987> / 12"

Synths Versus Me is a prolific duo formed by Vanessa Asbert & Nico Cabańas. They have already a bunch of releases edited by Oráculo Records. This is minimal synth, EBM and cold-wave from Lloret de Mar (Spain).



Artist : Group A 

Label : Mecanica 

70+a= / LP

Group A's Throbbing Gristle-influenced industrial synth-noise as always grown hand-in-hand with their arresting, conceptual live performances, making albums difficult artefacts to assess. From their noisy debut 'A' in 2013 to the same year's follow-up 'Initiation', there was a clear progression though, and their new 3rd album, '70+a=' is a further step forward. Group A's music always operated in the realm of minimalism, but they now wield the same limited range of tools with greater assurance and control, not to mention greater musicality. Sayaka's violin, which used to be limited to harsh, scraping atmospherics now on tracks like "We Are Surveyors (Ver.2)" flirts with tone and melody. That confidence also feeds into a newly assured approach to the minimalism and repetition that defines much of Group A's sound, with the "Yami -Saitei No Taisei-" a simple, sparse opening track that resists the temptation to fill out the sound with noise and ends up all the more atmospheric for its lack of atmospherics. The 8-and-a-half-minute "Kikaika" kicks off with a similarly sparse approach, but demonstrates Group A's growing accomplishment with deploying small shifts in the sonic layers to dynamic effect, its minimal synth-pop bass gradually overwhelmed by a building cacophony of samples. Dynamics and discord will only get you so far though, and on '70+a=' Group A also surprise by showing a nascent talent in more straightforward aspects of songwriting. Labyrinth may take the form of an abstract drone, but its superficially amorphous structure gradually reveals an Enoesque, Velvetsy ebb and flow that goes beyond soundscapery. Somewhere in its black mechanical heart "Suffocated" is an actual for real pop song (in the early 80's French minimal wave Kas Product sense at least). While Group A undoubtedly remain in thrall to their impeccably cool influences, '70+a=' also shows a group continuing to push their own creative envelope. Over the relatively short period since their 2013 debut, they have grown from a wild, raucous live conceptual art experience into something far more musical, and they don't appear to be slowing down.

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