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Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

irresistible / 12"

Look out guys! The Exaltics are back... and they are taking over the planet! Short, sharp, electro styles in the form of "Irresistible" and "Calculate" devised to strike the target head-on, while the brooding, soulful, even graceful, techno gloom of "Relentless" warns of impending doom... Dark times... dark vibes. Limited edition includes matte poster print. Really nice work !

we are not your friends...


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

we are not your friends... / 12"

Solar One Music's, The Exaltics, make their vinyl debut for Last Known Trajectory. Dastardly dark electro styles, a stark sci-fi fuelled edge and hard beats, all within wide, futuristic parameters. "The Hunch" is quite possibly the deepest, darkest soundtrack to space that we have heard in a long, long time. This track is a real mind-blower, a soundtrack that etches itself into your psyche. Introverted soundscapes lead in the more techno-orientated "The Clash Next Round", an awesome and dare I say it, epic piece of work, clocking in at almost 8 minutes. Gorgeously presented in futuristic packaging, this ep is sure to be a hit with the cult army of Solar One fans. Strictly limited edition of 200 copies only..!

lights in the horizon


Artist : Alek Stark 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

lights in the horizon / 12"

Alek Stark teams-up with some of electro's freshest talent for this potential electro hit. The original version here is a full-on workout to get down to, with agitated vocal and hard beats; while next in line is the totally sublime "I Can See The Lights" featuring Victoria Lukas of Zerkalo (Heinrich Mueller & Victoria Lukas). Not to be over-shadowed however are 2 stealthily executed reworks from Proto 70 and Jauzas the Shining; most definitely forward thinking electro for the body and mind. Limited edition vinyl with matte poster print. Check !

solar lifestyle ep


Artist : AS1 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

solar lifestyle ep / 12"

Pure and sexy electro from one of the finest guys on the electro scene right now, AS1 emerges from the shadows for his 2nd vinyl ep on Last Known Trajectory. Including a selction of Transient Force favourites, the vibes here are futuristic, dystopian, often desolate and intense, but every step of the way is pure electro soul! Strictly limited edition...

the jupiter cycle part 2: jupiter lucetius


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the jupiter cycle part 2: jupiter lucetius / 12"

"Emergent Behaviour" is what one might determine the calm before the storm, as we dive into the second instalment of "The Jupiter Cycle", as the drifting ambience and somewhat ominous synths proceed "Abstract Thought", itself a stubborn barrage of hardened electro beats, rigid stabs, crystalizing and melding into an explosive mayhem and of course, "The Ghost In The Machine", if anything a more traditional styled, yet irresistible electro hit. "The Deep" showcases Hadamard in a distinctly experimental mode, where all the fine details are tuned to perfection for maximum atmosphere. Finally, drifting into "The Collective" and "Satellite Swarm", both gliding onwards and ever deeper into pure ambience, the latter closing piece eloquently preparing the audio stratosphere for the next chapter in The Jupiter Cycle... Special limited edition pack includes the 2nd in a series of collectable posters. Really cool release !!

the jupiter cycle part 1: jupiter summanus


Artist : Hadamard 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the jupiter cycle part 1: jupiter summanus / 12"

The 1st phase in the breath-taking new musical project from Hadamard, who of course we know from earlier projects via Bunker, Transient Force, Mighty Robot and more recently featuring on compilations via our friends at Solar One Music. As we enter Hadamard's universe of 'The Jupiter Cycle', we hear a synthesis of straight-up electro coalesce with spellbinding ambient and experimental futurism, to create an overall Bladerunner-esque environment. From the offset of our journey, "Approach", dramatically defining the musical landscape with its soundtrack-like and impending atmospherics; "Entry Point", a stealthy, sneering electro fiend – expect no mercy here; "Magnetodisk" – is unpretentious, energized electro, providing a slightly more upbeat pause between the more serious overtones of "Offerings from Io" – electro straight from the core of Jupiter's volcanic moon; whilst "Outpost Jupiter" and "Transition to Chaos" are most definitely someplace far, far in the future, as this piece can only leave the listener possessing a sense of introspection regarding the technological evolution of our generation. A stunning variety of styles on this special limited edition pack including the first in a series of collectable posters. Nice ;)

hell transformation screens


Artist : Shemale 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

hell transformation screens / 12"

Astounding new material beamed via Shemale's Atomic Allotment, concealed in an outermost shadowy recess of darkest Hyperborea. The musical paintbrush creates a harsh, barren landscape for 'Hell Transformation Screens', as deeply brooding electro and dramatic synthesisers propel each musical journey in its own unique style. There is an indescribable and mystifying tension which builds within the work of Shemale, the opening cut, "Dead City Photographs" being a prime example. The soundbite here simply cannot pay justice to this tack as a whole, as the intro is quite simply outstanding, with deadly, steely synths preparing the listener for an unmistakable and impending doom, which is ultimately realized in the dense, desolate sense of desperation interpreted in the final ambient-drones of "Tomb". Converted followers of the atmospherically articulate Shemale will need no further persuasion, as this will undoubtedly be a compulsive steal, but for those with an appetite for the darker side of 21st century electro, then there has never been a better moment to plunge into the shadows of Atomic Allotment... Special limited edition pack includes matte postcard insert. Tip !!!

we are not your friends... (annihilate the planet)


Artist : The Exaltics 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

we are not your friends... (annihilate the planet) / 12"

The Exaltics return to planet Earth... This time deadlier than ever before, continuing to fight the negative effects of the human race on our hosting planet. This latest slab of black wax for Last Known Trajectory features "The Hunch", remixed into a totally blinding, otherworldly piece of ammunition straight from The Exaltics' universe, combining pounding beats, dastardly dark acid riffs with devastating 'end of the world' strings. The Exaltics also enrol the assistance of techno ally, Hadamard, who delivers a sweeping, yet quite beautiful track - disjointed acid, somewhat laid-back beats and not to mention the killer component – those immensely rich, dank and deadly deep subs. Intense! Very limited stock..

die reisen


Artist : Visonia et Dopplereffekt 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

die reisen / 12"

Jaw-dropping electro-pop debut from Chilean producer Nicolas Estany aka Visonia, including a stunning hook-up with Dopplereffekt. Boding very well for his imminent debut album, 'Impossible Romance', this single introduces a full fledged new artist paying dues to his influences: Depeche Mode, Detroit electro, classic synth-pop) with incredibly fine-tuned finesse and respect. Alongside Dopplereffekt on "Die Reisen" he plays out a beautifully poised and ice-cool electro-noir waltz that's just left us for 6, whilst flipside yields 2 solo productions: the sublime melancholy and palatial grandeur of "Antarctic Love" and the almost-too-perfect DM vibes of "Impossible Romance". Unmissable limited transparent vinyl !!

nuclear invasion


Artist : Jauzas The Shining 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

nuclear invasion / 12"

Hectic dystopian stuff abound as Last Known Trajectory proudly presents the very exciting 'Nuclear Invasion' ep from Jauzas The Shining. Featuring once again the seductive vocals of Victoria Lukas alongside the remix talent of none other than Heinrich Mueller. From the bustling drama of the title track, to the highly hypnotic "Crockett", impending doom of "Reality" and stark, edgy shenanigans of "Bohrium", this ep has it all !

the man from another place


Artist : Federico Leocata 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

the man from another place / 12"

This exceedingly creative and talented recording artist from Italy now presents his 1st release for Last Known Trajectory with a stunning 5-track EP of stark, cinematic, ice-cold electronix, sounding as if created from deep within the science laboratories of space. Stunning work from this upcoming and clearly gifted and artistic individual. Limited pressing. Be Fast ;)

in existendo


Artist : Inkamera 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

in existendo / 12"

Solo project of the multi-talented Victoria Lukas, who of course you may well be familiar with from her previous work as Zerkalo, performing alongside the legendary Gerald Donald. Here, the 1st Inkamera release demonstrates Victoria's clear understanding of what constitutes a solid and balanced musical project. "Superpartners (Photon Photino)" & "Death Doesn't Exist" are both spacey, electro drivers with a distinct European feel, the former being quite upbeat, while the latter rendering a slightly darker more sinister air. "I Can Speak" provides a volatile contrast with its crazy, freestyle electro beats and rhythms, whilst both "Human Terms" and "Potentia" showcase Victoria's quite distinctive, totally unmistakable, seductively hypnotic vocal to a backdrop of gorgeous electronics. A superb solo debut from Lukas..



Artist : Visonia 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

opal's sunflowers / 2x12"

Chile's Nicolas Estany is back with another album of sublime darkwave electro following 2014's fabulous 'Impossible Romance'. There are all the hallmarks of Visonia's singular sound that are on offer once again, from the energetic devil's dance of the opening track "Beyond The Clouds" or the aptly titled "Melancholy" through to brooding gothic slow jams such as "The Owl" and title track "Opal's Sunflowers". All featuring the most razor sharp of arpeggios, haunting Carpenter-esque strings and truly epic vocal performances throughout. Limited pressing on dark blue marbled vinyl in in deluxe full colour picture sleeve.. It's all quite brilliant really !



Artist : Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

shadows / 12"

Collaboration project between Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas featuring Ekman and Orgue Electronique. Lukas, drawing upon personal sensations, melds diary-like lyrics into dreamlike ambiance and textures, beautifully fusing with the infectious electro-pop grooves of Jauzas The Shining. Songs encapsulating lost love and longings for sensation, emotional stimulation and experiencing feelings through those of another are conveyed via vocal pieces, "Cold Sweat" and "Coral Eyes". Ekman contributes a driving, acidic groove version of "Cold Sweat" more apt for the dancefloor, while Orgue Electronique pushes the electronic pop vibes into Chicago-esque house territory. Limited edition !



Artist : Synth Alien 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

memories / 12"

After strong releases on Interstellar Tracks and Le Galassie Di Seyfert, Last Known Trajectory proudly welcomes Synth Alien to its roster. 'Memories' is an excellent 4-track set of shimmering spacey, timeless, soul-infused electro. Limited edition on gold vinyl with full colour picture sleeve !

time rewind


Artist : Inkamera 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

time rewind / 12"

Brand new Inkamera ep on Last Known Trajectory! Inkamera's fresh, fluid and often poetic twist on electro is evident via all 6 tracks on this striking release. Including the gorgeous "Skylar" and "No Dead Men's Cries" (feat. Bogdan W. Rousseau). Pressed on clear white vinyl and featuring artwork by Anaïs Boudot. Beautiful job ;)

ram expansion


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

ram expansion / 12"

Debut ep on the quality Last Known Trajectory for DMX Krew, an artist which requires no introduction. "RAM Expansion" itself is a heady electro tune with a sunken load of synths at its disposal, while "Experiment 5" is classic DMX; mad modular-like patterns surrounded by menacing drums. You also got the weird and wonderful bleeps of "Quantum Computer" on the A-side, whereas the flip kicks off with a fiery techno punch in "Division By Zero", heads to more AFX tougher and abrasive territories via "Rubout", and ends on high-tec electro stroll of "Bad Vibes". This is no nonsense dance music at its finest. No sh**!

storm | evolution I


Artist : In Sync 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

storm | evolution I / 12"

Evolution of In Sync's undisputed UK techno classic, namely "Storm". In Sync is Lee Purkis, co-founder of the legendary Fat Cat record store in London and a highly-respected figure among the early underground scene. Here, lovingly reinvented by who both In Sync and Last Known Trajectory consider to be some of the finest, and in some instances perhaps most understated artists in the business of true electronic music, LKT proudly presents reinterpretations of this legendary track, alongside new versions of accompanying tracks, "Warm" and "Subway Route". Split over 2 separately available 12" eps, on this, part 1 of 2, we have stunning reinventions from E.R.P. (aka Gerard Hanson), Maarten van der Vleuten (Evo-Lute Muzik) and Ramjac (of Irdial vintage).

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