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la forme lente 1


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

la forme lente 1 / LP

The first lp of the French new La Forme Lente label, released in january 2009, is a mix of 10 bands from France and Belgium, mastered by Franck A (ex-guitar player of Corpus Delicti, currently in Press Gang Metropol, Curl, who has also worked for Gary Marx from Sisters Of Mercy & Helsinky, the drummer of Cranes) at Marylin Studio (Cagnes Sur Mer, south of France). All the titles are unpublished & recently composed except "Je Mourrai" (lyrics by Boris Vian) which has just been published on the Belgian Pneu label. A-Side is more instrumental new-wave / rock orientated whereas B-side is much more electronic with minimal wavy moods... Very Good one !



Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : La Forme Lente 

orgasmatron(ic) / LP

This is the last ADN' Ckrystall (aka Erick Moncollin) album, limited to 500 copies, with insert & signed card (for the first 180 copies only..). Co-production between La Forme Lente & Ysil' Prod, including hit-bombs as "Merde Merde Merde", "Things" "Sometimes", "Flesh" "Mr. Z" & more... Totally analog, old machines rules and rocks ! Not just "another" album, but THE Album (with cover'art by Thierry Moreau), for all afficionados, fans and lovers of authenticity of analog equipment. Frenchy class, punky, sexy but chic !!! One of the best album of the moment...

circuit d'actes


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

circuit d'actes / 12"

3rd release on La Forme Lente.. 2nd compilation.. Maxi format was chosen this time to emphasize these 4 synth-wave pearls.. A pop-wave debut for Bonjour Tristesse and Automelodi and a more cold-wave orientated B-side for Dolina and Frank (just Frank). Really active acts with concerts, LP's to come.. The sleeve has been created by Svet_9 (already known for his work with Brouillard Définitif). One of the best record of 2010 ;)

circuit d


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

circuit d'actes 2 / LP

The latest compilation from La Forme Lente! A full LP with 10 songs split between 5 bands! Featuring :Codes, Nihiltronix, Makina Girgir, Former Airline, Ssleeping desiresS. Gorgeous fold out silk screened cover very limited to only 30 copies in brown edition !

pièce radiophonique


Artist : HNN 

Label : La Forme Lente 

pièce radiophonique / LP

HNN is the 'mirror project' of Gregg Anthe (from In Broken English), born around 2005 after the vanishing of Morthem Vlade Art. It displays an electronic music with cinematic qualities without losing anything of the hymnic side of the last MVA productions, like the soundtrack of an imaginary retro-futuristic movie, between Blade Runner & a “(das Himmel über) Berliner” Bowie. Or when John Foxx meets Moroder in the heart of Metropolis...

on not knowing who we are


Artist : Bonjour Tristesse 

Label : La Forme Lente 

on not knowing who we are / LP

You will probably remember Bonjour Tristesse from the 'Circuit d'Actes' compilation, to which they contributed the fabulous "Partners In Crime". The Swedish act is back with a 1st full-length album and 9 tracks of excellent synth-pop with italo undercurrents, showing a sequencing mastery worth the likes of David Harrow or Vince Clarke. The atmosphere oscillates between dreamy neo-romantic and pulsating dancefloor efficiency. The perfect music for a nightly drive along deserted suburbian streets. Recommended!!



Artist : Makina Girgir 

Label : La Forme Lente 

torment / LP

'Torment' is the long awaited 1st full length album from Makina Girgir that just came out on La Forme Lente. Makina Girgir, also known as AratkiLo, is a solo project from Toulouse, France. In 2007, the debut ep 'The Spell' was released on Das Drehmoment and other tracks also appeared on various compilations like 'Dance With Us!' and 'Synthesize Me' in 2007, 'Circuit d’Actes 2' in 2011 and 'The Future Echo Tapes' in 2012. Faithful to the original spirit, every song is mixing cold and spacey sounds with warm and haunting melodies. Often urging you to dance, robotic rhythms and piercing synth riffs are contrasting in sweet and seducing harmonies. Mechanical sequences are arranged with deep and spacious soundscapes in a way that won't leave anyone indifferent. Female spoken words, processed through icy effects, are also making this record even more slick and sexy. Definitely getting off the beaten paths, Torment has a modern edge that I found original and refreshing. Every listening got me totally absorbed with the head in the clouds, ironically taking me away from life's torments.. Limited to 400 hand numbered copies with screenprinted artwork.

circuit d


Artist : Various 

Label : La Forme Lente 

circuit d'actes 3 / LP

La Forme Lente are stalwarts of contemporary synth-wave. The French label has created a platform for modern artists exploring the sounds of new-wave, minimal synth and analogue pop. One of the pillars of the imprint, one of its main methods to bring new names to eager ears, is their 'Circuit D'Actes' compilations. 5 years after the 1st edition of this series comes the 3rd, 'Circuit D'Actes 3'. As ever La Forme Lente have dug deep and unearthed some new growth talent. Kline Coma Xero introduce themselves with "Left Behind". Beats race as arpeggios rise and fall; scorched undertones meet atonality and tear streaked vocals for a fiery first. The musings of Illustation Sonore follow. Snares are measured as synth layers are built against tinted lyrics. The track mirrors Electro Pop, catchy with a tempered energy. Position Parallèle, of Hau Ruck!, are next with "Pop Mortem". The immediate comparison is Automelodi. It might be the vocals en Francais, but the softness of chord and gentleness of touch throw up further similarities—delicate and fragile electronics. EBM arrives with Post Mortem. "Amorf /verzió/" is a pulsating piece of factory floor soaked angst. Brittle and raw. Shiny Black Mater, formally Le Syndicat Electronique, emit the weird warblings of guitar and psyche machinery. Kline Coma Xero return on the flip for another excellent installment. Grit sits next warmth, angst beside contentedness and caustic before comfort. Illustration Sonore offer "Violence" and EBM class is the product; the vocals are reminiscent of Adult. whilst the synth tones come straight from SPK. Position Parallèle maintain their lightness of touch with "Si Je Te Croise…," an exquisite work of analogue laden pop. By the looks of things, Új Látásmód Fúzió may be the only artist on the compilation who isn’t French. The Eastern European drops heavy chords and guttural vocals for a dark and powerful piece. The dredging lament of “Roses and Ashes” finishes. Shiny Black Mater reinvents Ring-a-Ring-o’-Roses to a pitched back dirge. It can be extremely difficult to see past the smoke of the wave scene. New artists are surreptitious and imprints often clouded, some not even having websites. La Forme Lente, and their Circuit D’Actes compilations, help to navigate the listener towards gleaming aural islands and analogue ambrosia. This third installment has a focus on synthesizers, verging into EBM and Industrial in parts. Ten tracks of addictive, emotional and even grief-laden electronics. A rich and varied assortment of excellence from this French imprint.



Artist : HNN 

Label : La Forme Lente 

l'île nue / LP

If Hsilgne Nekorb Ni (aka HNN) has only released one single album in 2011 (La Forme Lente) titled 'Pièce Radiophonique', and also a split 12" together with Philippe Laurent released on Electric Voice Records (featuring Jeff & Jane Hudson), mastermind Gregg Anthe is not a new comer. For proof, look at the tracklisting of the remixes album of 'Pièce Radiophonique' : In Aeternam Vale, ADN'Ckrystall, Das Ding, In Trance 95, Kas Product or Bonjour Tristesse. The gratefulness of his peers. Since 1995, he is active in Morthem Vlade Art and In Broken English with Yannick Dangin Leconte. The man with the sharp dark look is single-minded and run his HNN project with Emmanuelle Desmonts-Roudgé on the path of a synth-pop influenced by Kraftwerk and also by the great French minimal synth tradition enmbodied by Jacno. Here is his 2nd album 'L’Île Nue' with artwork signed by Moonassi. Astonishing !!

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