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Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Kommando 6 

eruption / 12"

Here is the third release of Beta Evers, the second on her own label Kommando 6. She has always fused her dark elektro music with classic EBM and acid influences. This is still present on this new EP : bouncing electro tracks with analog synths and dark sweaty bassment style music. A-1 : "Don't be afraid" is a down tempo EBM track and the vocals are very much done in an 80's tradition. This track is a good example of how modern EBM can still sound authentic. A-2 : "Move in my Body Rhythm" is more acid influenced, and features dark and pounding beats with some vocals by XNDL. B-1 : "Eruptive" is a rather slick and poppy track, somewhat in the futurepop style. B-2 : "Destination Lost" is a very deep dark and slow moody track. Recommended !



Artist : Beta Evers 

Label : Kommando 6 

passion / 12"

This is the rare (330 copies) and first release of the Kommando 6 owner's label : Beta Evers, the spider's queen from Germany. In spite of the lack of knowledge and practice of its instruments, this records from 2001 give us a really fresh and pure feelings. We can easily recognize his typical slowed down tempo EBM with his acid bass lines between hundreds. We love it with passion, don't miss this gem !

junk mail


Artist : MANASYt 

Label : Kommando 6 

junk mail / 12"

"Junk Mail" is a 4-track EP released in 2003 on which the act Manasyt manifests its dark and distorted electro on the obscure German Kommando 6 label (run by Beta Evers). The overall sound is a bit hectic due to the lively rhythms, distorted beats and noisy sounds. Doomy synth layers in the background give the tracks a dark atmosphere. Original minimal electro record that has its roots in the tradition, but is not too predictable. Massive One !



Artist : Alex Norinh 

Label : Kommando 6 

unrest / 12"

From Melbourne - Australia, this new artist on Kommando 6 comes with 4 atmospheric, minimal electro tracks. The ideal soundtrack for a dark rocking underground science-fiction movie..Limited as always. Be Fast !



Artist : Der Unsichtbare / Charly Kent 

Label : Kommando 6 

echtzeitreise / 12"

One of the last release of the German electro specialist label with an excellent track "Licht" by Charly Kent. Produced in the true Kommando 6 electro style : dark, minimal and raw. The industrial undertones and the vocals give it an original twist. Listen !

rude tunes


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

rude tunes / 12"

The third 12" by Dystronic on the Kommando 6 label is a continuation of his typical style and sound : phat and distorted bass lines, spacey synth-sounds and dark male voice. Very unique piece of todays electro music. Dope !

electric nights vol. 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Kommando 6 

electric nights vol. 2 / 12"

Second part in the series delivering raw quality electro from all over the world by Weltwirschaft (Othello Rec.), Polygamy Boys (Bunker, Beautycase Rec.), Erikoismies, Moon Disco, Manasyt, Alex Norihn. Limited to 400 copies.

mein zeichen


Artist : Charly Kent 

Label : Kommando 6 

mein zeichen / LP

When you are familiar with the dark and mostly distorted electro sounds from the Kommando 6 label, you will need some time to get accustomed to this record. The sound of Mein Zeichen by Charly Kent is in comparison with the other Kommando 6 releases quite light. Besides that the recognizable minimal electro sound is also not very present. His music is still minimal. The beats go on in the same rhythms during the greatest parts of the tracks and the melodies and sound are kept subtle and simple, like in "Tod der Fliege". But donít expect the dark and distorted, almost industrial sounding electro like Manasyt and Ra-X produce it. Anyway, this record deserves to be heard. This album just needs some time to grow on you. Devotees of the dark and harsh K6 sounds will most likely not appreciate this release. But this record is recommended to people who are open to explore some new sounds within the dark electro spectrum...

raw deal


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

raw deal / 12"

Dystronic is a project that from the beginning has been part of the Kommando 6 circle, both as Dystronic, and as part of Radikale Analoge Fraktion. This ep features raw electro with clear beats, often sounding like coming from a drum kit, and acid like bass lines. "Getaway" and "Reanimation" are the more up-tempo tracks but still not quite suitable for the dancefloor. "Fallout" and "Raw Deal" are slower and due to that darker and more haunting. Rare nowadays..

leben und tod


Artist : Ra-X 

Label : Kommando 6 

leben und tod / 12"

Ra-X is the Dutchman Vincet Koreman, who is also known as a member of the bands The Travoltas and Speedboat F.C. The dark electronic music that he makes under the moniker Ra-X has little resemblance to these 2 projects. For years he has released his music through well known labels as Bunker and KK Records. With "Leben Und Tod", released by the German dark electro label Kommando 6, Ra-X proves to be part of the European electro top. Opening song "Die Wahrheit" is a distorted and gloomy electro track that every devotee of the genre will instantly like. It is a good dance track and, in any case within the genre, an original piece of music. The tin can and industrial sound of this song is also evident in "Smack City Sewer Anthem". Songs like "1987" and "Viper" are more traditional with typical bleeps and nice doomy synth layers. "Leben Und Tod" is again an excellent release in the Kommando 6 series..!



Artist : Black Spider Clan 

Label : Kommando 6 

underworlds / 12"

Black Spider Clan is the project by Beta Evers and Dystronic. Opening track "Living In A Twilight" is a rocking electro piece with some punk and NDW influences. The sensual singing of Beta Evers, the steady beat and the sleazy sound makes this track very attractive. Although this song is more classic electro orientated, it comes quite close to the electro-punk of the latest Vanishing album. "Broken mirror" and "Debiler Drang" are somewhat slower, but equally dark, or maybe even darker, then "Living In A Twilight". These 2 tracks are also more typical electro. "Keiner Kommt Hier Lebend Raus (da qui non esci vivo mix)" is another smashing and rocking electro song. This track was already on the "Dark Connections" compilation on Kommando 6 in a different version. The Italian vocals on this version makes this song very sexy. Even though Black Spider Clan has a dark sound, this ep is pretty catchy. A record you just have to love as an electro freak ;)

the brainiac ep


Artist : TecRoc 

Label : Kommando 6 

the brainiac ep / 12"

Due to a large demand and many requests this long sold-out ep by TecRoc was reprinted in the small ammount of 300 extra copies. TecRoc's electro style is dark and raw (like that of many Kommando 6 artists). His music has also some references to old-school black electro like that of Afrika Bambaataa and Cybotron. This is very evident in the tracks "Freeze" and "Syntopia ≠Brianiacís Theme". The vocals and basslines show some clear influences of that. TecRocís music is only mostly darker then that of these classic electro musicians. You wonít be dissapointed ;)

dark beat detector


Artist : Various 

Label : Kommando 6 

dark beat detector / LP

Review to come..!

electric nights vol.1


Artist : Various 

Label : Kommando 6 

electric nights vol.1 / 12"

Review to come..!

rough reality


Artist : Dystronic 

Label : Kommando 6 

rough reality / 12"

1st Dystronic release on the now defunct Kommando 6 label. Dystronic is a one-man-project from Augsburg (Germany), delivers here 6 electro(nic) tracks with rhythmic, raw & powerful analogue electro; with influences from wave & punk to death metal ! Limited & now rare..

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