flexible views ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : KONDI 

flexible views ep / 12"

Luke Eargoggle returns on this home grown Swedish imprint to deliver 6 tracks of upfront 808 electro. The vintage Eargoggle sound is in full effect, drop stabbing analogue basslines over solid 808 electro beats, vocoder's and swirling analogue strings adding to the plastic vibe. Future Classic !

we are still searching


Artist : Gosub 

Label : KONDI 

we are still searching / 12"

After several releases on the Frustated Funk and Device labels, the founder of the electro miami based label Isophlux come back here with a beautiful 5-track EP. Drexciyan inspired sounds with superb melodies on it. Recommended to hear it in your car while looking at the landscape !

solve the system


Artist : The Consumer 

Label : KONDI 

solve the system / 12"

Amazing, cold and mysterious science-sounds is probably the first words to come, when listening to this new piece of art from the dark caves of Scandinavia. The Consumer has returned with the 3rd ep which is again slightly different from past productions; Your Soul For Access and Financial Advisory. Drawing parallels to both the world of Dopplereffekt and Arpanet it still manages to be very different and The Consumer has quite well establish his/her/their own sound based on different emotional feelings, techniques and creativity according to the use of analogue and digital expressions. Perfect!



Artist : Rutherford 

Label : KONDI 

cessna / 12"

Beautiful deep electro release from Gothenburg-based artist Rutherford, on our favourite Danish electro outfit : KONDI. More raw analogue journeys, classic electro stylings and a true love for those deep aquatic synths. 6 tracks for all Drexciya lovers !

atari nightshifts


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : KONDI 

atari nightshifts / 12"

"Atari Nightshifts" is an incredible strong and pure 6 track electro record with the sounds of the past and tomorrow. With phat analogue basslines, beautiful and sad melodies, Luke once again shows us his amazing skills when it comes to originality and love for oldschool production methods. "All Engines Work" is a class-result of this ! A true killer on the floor ! After months of hard work it might very well be one of the best Eargoggle 12" so far...

financial advisory


Artist : The Consumer 

Label : KONDI 

financial advisory / 12"

The Consumer seems to bring up some "advisory" with a wide range of styles going from the simple and raw oldschool side of electro to the more fine and digital sound combined with a lot of mad and dark lyrics that brings each track a little higher. 6 very different tracks with a lot of surrealism and 3rd dimension and still you find some tracks with a simple structure - keeping it all down to earth. The Consumer sound can be described as a unique atmospheric, but yet very dry and sharp sound that includes a lot of small crazy elements. Tip !

legendary days


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : KONDI 

legendary days / 12"

12" with tracks from this talent with strong parallels to the sound of Drexciya and Elecktroids. Without being a 100% copy of these classics Dynarec is able to fill in some very emotional and melodic workout that makes you wonder; how is he able to do that? Playing piano since he was 6 years old could be an answer to his performing skills. He created his own label with the more straight forward techno side of himself called Vaporwave. In fact Dynarec has never really been an electro freak. He just let things come and go. The 1st minute some soft and very melodic stuff, the other some real hard techno tracks with strong references to both Germany and Detroit. This ep is for sure an electro masterpiece that remind us of the aquatic world of Drexciya. Very nice and emotional tracks with an incredible use of bass, rhythm and pads that makes the tracks seem very simple, effective and still advanced enough to make them damn interesting ;)



Artist : Audio Riot 

Label : KONDI 

weltschmerz / 12"

In 2004, Ryan Brogan & Christian Bloch delivered 5 tracks of a mixture of Dopplereffekt-like electro and 80's vocoder electro-disco. Hit!

the outer rings


Artist : Jeremiah R. 

Label : KONDI 

the outer rings / 12"

Copenhagen purveyor of melodic electro soul KONDI Records finally resurfaces after almost a decade with a new batch of tracks from man of the moment, Jeremiah R. Sleek nighttime electro in a deep but spacious melancholic vein of The Other People Place and Drexciya's mellow aquatic dives. Includes an extended version of "The Outer Rings", which appeared back in 2011 on the ultra limited 'The 5th Dimension' album.

the miles without you


Artist : Anthiliawaters 

Label : KONDI 

the miles without you / 2x12"

Anthiliawaters has set out to explore the cold and almost isolated unknown with their stunningly lush Detroit-influenced album. Warm, jazzy synth pads supplying a melodic counterpart to the softly crunching, electro-tinged beats. A solid home listening fare for the living room that draws parallels to the beautiful and mysterious world of Drexciya and almost continues the journey of the highly popular The Other People Place 'Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe'. Being an almost unseen digital only release since 2008, the time couldn't be more perfect for a reissue for the vinyl lovers. Anthiliawaters will take you with them on their soundtrack to life. Making moments, not music for moments. Anthiliawaters is Gosub.

distress call


Artist : Vessel In Distress 

Label : KONDI 

distress call / 12"

KONDI Records gives you the 1st glimpse into the mind of the mysterious artist, Vessel in Distress. A full spectrum minialbum to suit robots and humanoids alike with it's remarkable twist of classic electro vibes blending the dry and the evocative, going both backward and forward in time. For the Stinson/Le Car heads.

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