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j.a.m. traxx 003


Artist : Various 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

j.a.m. traxx 003 / 12"

Awesome 5 track 12" influenced by the neo-chicago style. Comes with contributions by the likes of Jack Curtu, Elec Pt. 1, Punknown, Perseus Traxx and Lost In The Sound. Limited to 300 copies only. Tip!

mutatio (modified)


Artist : L.A.S.'s Crime 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

mutatio (modified) / LP

Formed by Sandro Marchetti and Maria Elena Brogi and active during the second half of the 80's, L.A.S.'s Crime are named after Oscar Wilde's tale 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime',a short semi-comic mystery story that was published in 1891 along with 'The Canterville Ghost', 'The Sphinx Without A Secret' and 'The Model Millionaire'. This particular name reflected Sandro's way of conceiving the lyrics. Take, for example tracks like "Land Of Nothing", "Silent Words" or "Infect Dawn" coming from the 'Inanitas' tape, they are written in a style that remembers poems or late nineteenth literature. They produced 6 demo tapes during those years ('Five Lies', 'Anomaly', 'Inanitas', 'Electa' and 'Korobi') plus 'Abyss 43', an unreleased album, and during the last 20 years their music was hard to find. The last year the label Mannequin released the track "I'll Merry Go Round" on the 2nd volume of 'Danza Meccanica' compilation and after few months issued a band compilation containing 13 tracks coming from their 1985-89 demos. These releases revamped the audience's interest into the band. It was time for Sandro to try something new and started to work on the old tracks just to give them a new life. Thanks to J.A.M. Traxx we have 'Mutatio (Modified)', a vinyl album limited to 300 copies containing 7 reworked versions of old songs remixed by L.A.S.'s Crime themselves, FerDJ Dms (Ferdinando Maggio remixed 'Epode' along with the band) and DMKD (Canadian band formed by David Kristian and Mary Davidson that remixed 'Flax Girl Room'). Using always the original synthesizers, Sandro added and substituted some sounds succeeding into giving to the songs more strength and energy keeping also the original atmosphere. If with the compilation 'Disphoria 1985-1989' you discovered the music of a good electronic cold-wave band, on 'Mutatio (Modified)', you'll be carried away by the final result, as they sound powerful compared to some of the nowadays bands that are in love with those sounds but they are part of the original scene... Tip !!

mater proditus


Artist : Antoni Maiovvi 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

mater proditus / 12"

In the last couple of years the italo-horror influenced producer Antoni Maiovvi focused his efforts on 12"s and ep's and also created his own label Giallo Disco Records along with Gianni Vercetti Balopitas (aka Vercetti Technicolor). At the moment they released a split ep and 2 solo ep's. Anyway, Maiovvi switches from italo-disco influenced catchy tunes to Carpenter influenced synth horror atmospheres. This new ep released by the Italian label J.A.M. Traxx contains 3 versions of "The War Of Self Defence" (the original version plus 2 remixes), "Music Makes A Good Pet" and "Theme From Maiovvowitz ('88 Redux)". The original version of "The War Of Self Defence" is a good upbeat dance electro tune with melodic hooks while the Against Dave remix is more influenced by house and it has also a TB-303 acid bass line here and there. The Drvg Cvltvre remix, instead, is a dilated electro version which filter the vocal line with echo and delay and is focused on the arpeggios and the drums. "Music Makes A Good Pet" sounds more 70s and creates a nice tension thanks to the distorted vocals which play with the synth arpeggios. "Theme From Maiovvowitz ('88 Redux)" recalls us the late 70's/early 80's horror movies soundtracks you found at the end titles. Strong !!

j.a.m. traxx 005


Artist : Various 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

j.a.m. traxx 005 / 12"

J.A.M. Traxx is back with various artists from the gothic era, a mixture of acid, horror disco, electro-wave. 6 tracks recorded on vinyl & limited to 300 vinyl colored copies, with paper insert. Including a 'ghost' track. You can't miss this one ;)

j.a.m. traxx 004


Artist : Various 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

j.a.m. traxx 004 / 12"

Cool new J.A.M. Traxx, taking in more styles.. Tip !!

j.a.m. traxx 001


Artist : Various 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

j.a.m. traxx 001 / 12"

Limited to 300 copies. 12" with contributions by the likes of Ennio Colaci, Punknown, E-dward!, Meschi and Tiger Mask. Last copies, don't sleep!

j.a.m. traxx 003


Artist : Various 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

j.a.m. traxx 003 / 12"

5 track ep limited to 300 pressings ! Contributions by the likes of Punknown, Humandrone, Elec Pt.1, Alternativ 2 and Tiger Mask. Last copies, don't sleep!

die brücke


Artist : Popsimonova & Zarkoff 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

die brücke / LP+7"

Ideally in transit between yesterday and today, between adolescence and maturity, between an arcadian dimension and a more actual reality made of mirrors and metal. Here it is, the sonic trip for these 2 singular characters: Zarkoff & Popsimonova, a taste of sci-fi retro comics, as the bridge of hyena plisskinn in Carpenter's 1997 'Escape From New York' or the characters of the bridge of William Gibson, the master of cyberpunk american literature. The minimal futurstic attitude is deformed, exagerated, distorted, in some case it becomes just a cold expressionism, violent synthetic colours as the sky of Munich, but the scream this time is purely electronic... The bridge, this eternal symbol of passage, the union of opposite realities, in this case reflected itself in the music, with deep roots that lie in the past (for the analog instrumentation) and then leap into the future, materialized from essential and modernist musical structures. Each human being builds its own bridge, a piece at a time, and so it happens the magic of communication, it takes place. In 'Die Brücke' it happens in the ideal musical dialog between this 2 singular characters, with their composite way to write songs. In addition (only for the 1st 100 LP copies) a 7" with 2 songs taken from the LP, "Wall To Wall" and the instrumental "Azzurre", remixed and rearranged by L.A.S.'s Crime, another electronic duo borned in the 80's, as a subtle line between past and future. A special edition that will amaze you with its orange vinyl and shining package..



Artist : N.O.I.A. 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

a.i.o.n. / LP

'A.I.O.N.', in the tradition of Greek cosmology, was the personification of Time with the more famous Kronos corresponding to Saturn Latin. Revered as 'Lord Of Light', Aeon (AION) represented eternity, infinite time, as well as the succession of eras. Just time talking this new vinyl published by J.A.M. Traxx: somehow it shows how the same song, born in a given context in time and space (a marginal Italy of the late 70's sets in a still immature europe) can be re-interpreted 30 years later with a new spirit, remaining in part what it was originally, but also becoming another completely new thing (that didn't exist before)... The statue of the boxer from the Roman stadium of the marbles, pictured on the cover, is just Aion represented as an athlete who fights between light and shadow, past and future, divided in half just like in the inner label of this precious vinyl, in sharp contrasts and games of symmetries used in the graphics. Special edition on white vinyl limited to 200 copies and containing 4 reworkes original N.O.I.A.'s tracks from 1980 and 4 exlusive remixes !!

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