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Artist : Porn. Darsteller 

Label : Invasion Planete 

private / 12"

Kult minimal electro-pop creations by the tall and romantic artist Porn Darsteller from the French subversive Invasion Planete crew. Record already Classic ! Largely 80's influenced, Porn shows how to transmit emotion and creativity through music. This LP could have been an original movie soundtrack. A eminent artist in today's electro landscape, he has one the most finest touch ! Rare record with no repress. Very few copies in stock !

4th anniversary


Artist : Various 

Label : Invasion Planete 

4th anniversary / LP

The French minimal electro label Invasion Planete celebrated their 4th anniversary by releasing a compilation album on which various home acts have contributed a song as a birthday gift. This is the best birthday present the label themselves and electro minded people could ask for. Just as the other releases by Invasion Planete the music on this record is high quality minimal electro. Good rhythms and nice melodies provide both the listener and the dancer with a nice moody (but never over the top dark) atmosphere. Essential !!!

second traitement


Artist : In Aeternam Vale / Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Invasion Planete 

second traitement / LP

Album containing on A-side the original tracks from a great french act from the 80’s wich were originally released on tape between 1983 and 1989. B-side is a rework of the same 4 tracks by Le Syndicat Electronique into a more experimental style. The highlight is certainly the poppy wave track "A.I.W." by In Aeternam Vale themselves. Highly recommended.



Artist : Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Invasion Planete 

lebenspornografie / LP

Original soundtrack released in 2005 of the independent violent, sexual and philosophical Edwin Brienen movie: Lebenspornografie. 9 tracks ranging from dark deep soundtracky soundscapes to the more minimal electro we're used to from LSE. Quality release, limited handnumbered to 294 copies, including black and white insert + poster. The last statement by Le Syndicat Electronique !



Artist : Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Invasion Planete 

philosophie / 2x12"

Cult electro album by the French master A// from 2003 ! Electronic, minimal & political masterpiece containing 17 deep quality vocal & dark insane analogue minimal wave body-pop tracks. Originally limited to 1000 copies, here's the last chance to get one of the very few original copies back in !!



Artist : Karl Kubler / Raison Future 

Label : Invasion Planete 

split / LP

Dark minimal electro split mini-LP with Karl Kubler & Raison Future. Brand new, original copies of this rocking plate. 1st time in stock and the earliest IP release thats still available, some of the last copies...



Artist : Various 

Label : Invasion Planete 

demain / 7"

Rare and original copies of minimal wave / electro split release by Le Syndicat Electronique, Perverse Teens, Porn.Darsteller, Krom-Y. A black & white photograph is included inside the sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.

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