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Artist : Cute Heels 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

Cute Heels has been called 'the new blood and spirit for the next step in techno music' by electro/techno pioneer Juan Atkins. If he is or not is not the question here, as Cute Heels delivers a solid ep filled with industrial, EBM and techno influenced electro. Tunes with a pounding rhythm demanding you to move.. ;)

dunkel vor den augen uns


Artist : Schwefelgelb 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

dunkel vor den augen uns / 12"

Schwefelgelb is a techno duo from Berlin, but they play techno in their own way... This is Großstadtmusik, like an updated version of DAF. Techno Body Music if you want it or not; raw proto EBM but done with the aesthetics and technology of today, and moving into bleepy techno in the later-day LFO style. But more important, this is non-stop decadent party music. :D



Artist : Ekman 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

nervous / 12"

Hailing from Holland Ekman has been haunting the dancefloors for some time now with his deformed acid influenced dark and nasty slow electro and techno tunes. His music is fitting in perfect in between drugged out techno and new beat / early techno stuff, and even some classic electro touches can be found. Simply excellent for not your average dance party; but who likes average anyway ??



Artist : Popsimonova 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

Popsimonova is the new upcoming queen of cold electro (wave). Her tracks are cold but with lots of energy. Intelligent constructed tracks to make you move but also to make you take a step back and let the music work on you in different ways. This is what they call electro beyond the former Iron Curtain. And this is what we move to on any good electro party... Tip!



Artist : Tobias Bernstrup 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

destruction / 12"

If there is a new-wave of italo-disco Tobias Bernstrup is among the top of that. For years he has been perfecting his sound. He mixes italo-disco elements with classic synth-pop/electro-pop touches. This new ep is filled with dancefloor hits for the neo-romantics among us. Italo-disco turned into future pop smashers... Future classic!

les années folles


Artist : Various 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

les années folles / 12"

This record is a soundtrack for excentric nightlife, bringing back to life images of wild parties at artists workspaces in Paris in the 1920's, early mornings in Belgian nightclubs in the late 80's and driving classic Italian sports cars during long hot summer nights. But, this is not just a dream.. we are here to live this life. We serve you contemporary music to spice up your nighttime activities... music to dance to and to chill out on ! Limted to 350 copies!



Artist : Flying Bodies 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

Flying Bodies are Beta Evers & Charles Kent. They produced only 3 tracks together of which only one was released on vinyl before. Here are the other 2 tracks.. One a dancefloor smasher and the other one perfect for night drives on the highway. Dark, minimal electro to energize and sooth you :D



Artist : Sololust 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

untitled / 12"

A coherent but diverse 12" with 6 tracks in the typical Sololust style. Dark and moody but also spacious and full of emotion. An eclectic electronic music mix with influences ranging from EBM to electro to old school house and ambient. Perfect for early morning dancefloors and private afterparties...

club funny horse


Artist : Various 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

club funny horse / 12"

This is the sound of Belgian 80's nightclubs re-energized for the current scene, from dancefloor to darkroom. It is all here. Dark, dirty, raw and sweaty. For bodies to move on and minds to loose. In the strobelights, and beyond, no more words. Just beats and...

suggestive boy


Artist : Saralunden 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

suggestive boy / 12"

Among many other things Saralunden proves to be a dismal disco star. On this ep she sounds like a stripped down and darker counterpart of Sally Shapiro, presenting moody and sexy music which is in some ways similar to the italo influenced stuff Chromatics is doing, and with the same twisted erotic vibe of Pulp. This is dirty disco and we like to dance to it and make out on it. Limited to 200 copies !



Artist : Various 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

freikörperkultur / LP

This is a celebration of the body on every level. To free the body is to free the mind, and this is the perfect soundtrack for getting you on the way. From hi-nrg influenced synth-pop to new school coldwave and from harsh body beats to trance indulging spacious elektro. You are invited to the party but only if you can say goodbye to prudence ;)

under cover of the night


Artist : Rude 66 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

under cover of the night / 12"

Rude 66 does not need an introduction... This Dutch acid and elektro veteran has been around for a long time. Being part of the old school acid scene from The Hague with releases on legendary label Acid Planet and he is one of the originals (again) when it comes to the new-wave of electro in the late 90's. Especially for Gooiland Elektro he has created this dark elektro ep. 2 vocals tracks on the A-side with Beta Evers and Sololust appearing as partners in crime, and on the B-side 2 instrumental almost trance like tracks. This is were elektro, acid (beat) and a touch of old school gothic come together!

we live in this


Artist : Kord feat. Annie Gylling 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

we live in this / 12"

The musician behind Kord is an original member of Swedish cult electronic/acid oufit Frak and producing music since the late 80's. With Kord he produces a more synth-pop minded kind of music (most of the time). For Gooiland Elektro he teamed up with his partner in crime/love and came up with this raw elektro ep. These tracks are the perfect mix of crazy and twisted electronic music (a signature of his Frak work) and dancefloor orientated sounds since the late 80's. So we get served unpolished dance tunes with hints of EBM, new beat and (minimal) elektro. Non stop primitive disco for sure! Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl !



Artist : Kit n C.l.a.w.s. 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

desertofsameness / 12"

Kit n C.l.a.w.s. is a project by 2 experienced musicians in the fields of dance and psychedelic music. Teaming up was probably one of the better ideas they had for a long time as the music this duo serves us is simply amazing. Deep trance indulging moody house tracks with acid influences. Still this acid never becomes industrial as techno can be but stays on the psychedelic side of things. Slow trippy stuff to dance and dream away on. Headmusic for the dancefloor. Limited to 200 copies !

rites of passage


Artist : Ian Martin 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

rites of passage / 12"

Ian Martin should be no stranger to people who are into elektro and trippy electronics. With releases on Bunker, Panzerkreuz and Strange Life his reputation is quite settled. For Gooiland Elektro he came up with 4 tracks filled with dark beats. From pounding to spacey elektro and EBM influenced with industrial tendencies.. Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !



Artist : Le Chocolat Noir 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

autonomie / 12"

LCN (aka Le Chocolat Noir) was present on the 'Noblesse Oblige' compilation (Gooiland 23) with a sweaty EBM influenced track. On this 4-track ep you can expect dark and cold elektro sounds. It is reminiscent of Invasion Planète and Kommando 6 output but with a cleaner and more modern sound. Still if you like(d) these early 2000's elektro sounds you will love this too! This ep follows up on the steady stream of releases LCN has been putting out lately. Among them on labels as Frigio Records and Return To Disorder, but this is probably his most dark and freaked out release up till now... Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !

the white spider


Artist : Garcon Taupe 

Label : Gooiland Elektro 

the white spider / 12"

Here is another best kept secret from The Netherlands: Garçon Taupe. This musician has been around for quite some time but released only a few tracks yet; mostly on Dutch label Narrominded, and these released tracks are quite elektro orientated. This 4-track ep is all about acid, techno and elektro beats go hand in hand to make up party music pur sang ;) This is simply a great piece of acid music which will appeal to fans of Ceephax Acid Crew and acid trax in general.. Edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve !

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