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der tonimpulstest


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Gigolo 

der tonimpulstest / 12"

Absolutely legendary and corking first Der Zyklus (aka Dopplereffekt) 12" on Gigolo Records. "Der Dammerung Von Nanotech" is a classic cut, sharp arpeggiated blips and bleeps create a fine rhythm under the crisp and tight electro beats. "Der Tonimpulstest" has a harder edged winner with the title track, a tad darker, and heavier and you have a perfect compliment for this damn fine 12" !

scientist mixes


Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Gigolo 

scientist mixes / 10"

Originally released on the Detroit Dataphysix label in 1995, this is one of the most famous android pop track ever re-released, and a truly vintage Gigolo 10" record in its original. For Kraftwerk's fans : A Must Have !!!

glowing in the dark


Artist : Experimental Products 

Label : Gigolo 

glowing in the dark / 12"

Reissue of this superb track by Experimental Products, a two member synthesizer group from Philadelphia founded in 1982. Founding members Mark Wilde and Michael Gross are pioneers of analogue synthesizers and drum machines. The original version of "Glowing in the Dark" is on here + an obnoxious remix by Play Paul which is best to be ignored. A truly timeless slice of electro-wave... not to be missed !

new deutsch


Artist : Various 

Label : Gigolo 

new deutsch / 2x12"

"New Deutsch" is compiled by Thomas Bar and DJ Hell, and documents the variety of the first explosion of synthetic music from Germany in the early 80's, from the small production editions of indie singles beside big chart hits. Treasure trove of long out-of-print gems from Christof Glowalla, Der Plan, Stratis, Weltklang, No More, Pyrolator, Za Za, Echowest and more. Classic !

half mute


Artist : Tuxedomoon 

Label : Gigolo 

half mute / LP

Recorded in 1979, "Half-Mute" was Tuxedomoonís first LP, originally released on the Residentís Ralph label. Now reissued by the steaming Gigolo label, "Half Mute" has been time and time again cited as a huge influence on the German electronic new wave synth scene. Drum machines, minimal organs, sax and bass feature heavily here. Tracks such as "59 To 1" come as close to funk as the band ever got. The rest sounds like folk singers on acid listening to Morrisey, which isn't bad, but just isn't right. For a slice of experimental history check this out, though it's heavy going, donít say we didnít warn you...



Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Gigolo 

gesamtkunstwerk / 2x12"

One of the best and most influential electro albums. Originally released tracks on the obscure Detroit Dataphysix Engineering records from Detroit in 1995 and later as the "Gesamtkunstwerk" album here on Gigolo Records. Highly eclectic and unusual sounds together with scientific/sexual/political lyrics; a modern masterpiece. Must have !

constellation mixes


Artist : -UHU- 

Label : Gigolo 

constellation mixes / 12"

Very much a musical tribute to the great lost Drexciyan circle, the eastern European house Dj -UHU- brings his bloc-rocking sound to Gigolo Records. Enthralled to the shimmering end of the electro spectrum, "Kinetic Energy Part 1" is like a loved-up translussion, as synths bounce and steel beats rattle, whilst "Kinetic Energy Part 2" is either a Kraftwerk pastiche/homage depending upon your perspective. On the back both "Jupiter Family" and "Virtual Network" are sparse and energetic stumps of classic Gigolo dancefloor action. Nice ;)

champagne! ep


Artist : Miss Kittin & The Hacker 

Label : Gigolo 

champagne! ep / 12"

The reigning queen of the electroclash revival, Miss Kittin's debut ep with partner-in-crime The Hacker, proves to be a miss who is distinctive enough to take the 80's-influenced genre to innovative levels. Mixer Magazine has included the artist in their top wrap up of 2002. Includes the infamous x-rated singles "Frank Sinatra" & "1982". Electroclashic !

first album


Artist : Miss Kittin & The Hacker 

Label : Gigolo 

first album / 2x12"

The 1997 single "Frank Sinatra" is more shocking for its spot-on electro atmospherics than for its lyrics, proving that Hacker's punk years were a valuable tutorial for success 2002-style. Throughout, Hacker spins weird little theramin squirms, horror halo tones, and chunky beatbox handclaps, while Kittin discourses about trading sex for cash ("Stock Exchange"), ambitious disco queens ("Nurse"), and, of course, the burlesque life ("Stripper"). First Album is really a one-song affair, but its alluring message is so kitschy, kinked, and campy, the song never sounds the same.. Nice !

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